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To Be Hokage - Chapter 10: Do we need Approval ?


It's a typical day at the business for Konoha inhabitants. Sitting behind his desk, Hiruzen sighed as he released a puff of smoke.

He looked despondently at the stack of papers in front of him. The stack required his stamp and signature before making it to the relevant department.

He didn't have to proofread them as he was sure they were already looked over by various shinobis working in relevant departments before finally getting past through scrutiny by Kushina.

The majority of these papers were on civilian matters of Konoha. Some of them were from Kushina herself regarding issuing D ranks to several parts of the  Shinobi office compound.


Speaking of the redhead, Hiruzen marvelled at How Kushina was slowly getting more and more involved in various matters.

Ever since her trip from Hot-springs country that was two weeks ago. Kushina had been quite busy, he had seen her juggle between at least three departments on a daily basis. Apart from the Archives department, which seemed like her favourite. Apart from that, She assigned at least one hour from her daily schedule for civilian issues and shinobi issues. Her main focus was on issues especially faced by Kunoichis and second-string shinobis.


This, as a result, had caused her popularity among second-string shinobis and Kunoichis to rise tremendously. The archives department was not behind in terms. More and more personnel seemed to be interested in getting a position there in the archives department as Kushina spent around half of her time in the office there, all the while doing her work and listening to her new underlings. It seemed the majority of shinobis apart from Kunoichis, especially the second and third strings, had taken a liking to her. They mainly were those who got busy in menial tasks to run the village or take over as the replacement for the first line shinobis. Even while working in the office compound, they literally had the lowest chance of working with or coming face-to-face with the Hokage. They never had shinobi of really high calibre work in between them. So for Kushina to work between them was new to them, and her easygoing and helping attitude seemed to work wonders.

In fact, from the rumour mills, He had heard other departments complaining that they didn't get Kushina's attention as much as the Archives department.


Driving back his attention to the redhead, he had noticed some changes in Kushina. Especially in her dress styles in the past two weeks.

The change started a couple of weeks back. She had walked into the office in her usual skirt suit, albeit a new one. To be honest, he hadn't noticed the change immediately. It wasn't until she pulled out a scroll from a cupboard that he finally noticed her legs sans the pantyhose. At first, he thought that she was wearing a skin-colored one. But Kushina stretched up to pull out the scroll, causing her skirt to ride up slightly. It gave him ample time to look and admire her perfect figure. He also noticed a small black-colored mole behind her knee to throw out the notion of skin-colored hose. 

That day onward, he had tried to look at her inconspicuously as much as possible, from helping her in the name of teaching her about specific laws while sitting beside her to sitting with her at lunches whenever possible. 

He had even got her to add two sessions with him per week after work in her schedule. He still remembered her face when he proposed that.




Flashback a week earlier


Hiruzen and Kushina sat at the same desk. Kushina was looking at a scroll, and her face scrunched as she read through the contents. She had discarded her coat and was sitting across from him wearing a sleeveless white blouse with the top button undone.

"Some of these laws are really outdated, old-man," she said. 

The current topic of their discussion being the promotion of second and third-string shinobis to the top-level jobs. They really had a very tough road ahead of them. Hiruzen's sensei, the Nidaime Hokage, directly wrote most of these rules and laws. 

Hiruzen shaked his head. This was the third time in the past ten minutes that Kushina had objected and raised verbal disagreement at some of the rules. He put his pen down and looked at the redhead.

 He stood up as Kushina looked at him questioningly "come on, let's sit there" he pointed to vacant chairs on a small table where they recently had lunch. 

Kushina nodded and stood up, following him. As she was about to sit opposite him, he pointed to the chair beside him. 

Hiruzen noticed how her black skirt rode up a bit, giving him a view of her creamy thighs, especially around the slits, before she adjusted it. 

They then continued the discussion about the laws surrounding promotions of second and third-string shinobis.

"Look, Kushina, no one has bothered to update these laws as most of the shinobis in second and third strings hardly gain skills enough to rise through the ranks, and most of them are really happy there. Besides, if someone is skilled enough, they are generally scouted by various teams, " Hiruzen pointed out.

"You are wrong here, old man. Most of them don't bother about advancing through ranks because there aren't enough training facilities dedicated to them. If they don't have a clan to support, they just give up on extra training. I'm sure there would be much more interest if they were given opportunities. I'm hundred percent sure we will receive more credible shinobis to our premiere corps if they are given opportunities." Kushina spoke with fire in her voice. Her violet eyes shone with confidence. 

Hiruzen notices that she has leaned towards him, showing him a hint of her cleavage. He noticed how her breasts seemed to be more pronounced in this pose. While doing this, he also noticed a hint of her white bra holding onto her precious melons. "You may be right, Kushina, but who will put in the funds for training infrastructure, equipment, and where would we find teachers too. See, we are already stretched thin due to war. Moreover, we don't know if this is worth the effort."

Kushina frowned slightly, then leaned back on her chair, much to his internal charging. "But I know it will work."

"Maybe if you can come with a use case and a plan on how to accomplish this, then we can look into this, and I know it will take some funds to raise this infra up, so you may have to plan for how you will secure funds for this plan too" Hiruzen added.


Her eyes widened a bit. "This will take that much effort ?" she spoke as  Hiruzen nodded. "Stupid laws, but I will make the plan," she added confidently.

Hiruzen smiled. "Kushina, while I'm happy you are trying to find a way to bolster Konoha's forces. And I'm more than willing to assist you in the endeavour, but you will have to ask me about these laws after the day is over, not during our scheduled office hours. how about it?"


"After work ?" she pouted as her face scrunched in distaste at the suggestion. Usually, she was okay with suggestions like that she could have sent Naruto to the Uchiha compound or arranged someone to take care of him, but now she had additional responsibility for Karin, whom she had recently adopted in the family leaving her so early didn't fit right with her.

"Not daily, but you can write down all your doubts or topics for discussion. Maybe we can have a couple of sessions in the week," Hiruzen added.

"Guess that will have to do" She spoke with a bit of distaste as Hiruzen smirked internally at having her alone after hours.




Back to the present


Hiruzen smiled at that, and the first session was scheduled for this evening. Don't get him wrong. He had seen women nude even had the taste of fine woman like Tsunade, But something about Kushina had his motor running. Those little skin shows truly teased him and stroked his inner buried desire to rise. Her being so negligent to his hidden thoughts made this more exciting to him, oh how he wanted to mount her. "All these efforts better be worth it. Guess it will be more fulfilling when I finally ride her."


Elsewhere in the Archives library, the redhead in Hiruzen's thoughts sat on a long bench behind one of the standard large and long library tables. This has been her usual spot in the Archives library for the past two weeks, where she did her usual nominal tasks of the day alongside personal pet projects. In fact, it was here that most of the shinobis approached and talked to her about their problems. The incharge here had offered her to place a custom desk for her, which she declined. Something about the long bench, which three-four persons could easily use to sit, attracted her more than the standard chair and desk. Though she only sat at this one side with shinobis generally preferring to stay standing on the other side. However, some of them sat opposite her when they had the lengthier discussions. The spot was comfortably situated at one of the corners of the Archives library. A parallel row of shelves in front of her spot formed a small gallery that people used to walk up to her. She usually sat with her back against the wall at the center of the bench. Kushina was currently preparing questions for her session with the Sandaime in the evening. As she to a break, She picked up a water bottle and took some sips. She placed the bottle down and thought of the events transpiring in the past two weeks.


On the home front, Karin was settling into the new environment quite nicely. Naruto had readily accepted her, which made her less queasy, and she slowly started gaining confidence. Karin usually followed Naruto everywhere, which Naruto very much liked. Naruto even introduced her to everyone in the academy. Of course, he gloated this to his archenemy Hinata. Apart from this, she received Minato's message that he would be back this week. She was very excited for his arrival. These past two weeks, she sometimes really felt Minato's absence both physically as well as emotionally. The work front sometimes kept her too busy, but she still found time to entertain kids.  


On the work front, taking Mikoto's advice, she had walked into the office discarding her house the next day. She didn't notice much change. In fact, she felt better walking without one. She also didn't notice any overall change in people's behaviour around her. It felt pretty normal to her. 

Talking about work, she started a test project to train and promote second-string shinobis. She had managed to recruit three shinobis who were good enough to be part of her project and seemed highly motivated to participate in the test project. She was surprised by the sheer number of applicants who had shown interest in being part of her project, so after a careful and thorough check of applicants' profiles, she selected three recruits.

The first one was Ryoichi Ikasume from the Archive department, the chunin assigned to her during her first week in the archives. He had left a good impression on her, and his superiors had nothing but praises for him even though he was a bit overage for the candidates. His eagerness to prove himself caused her to relent and allow his participation. Besides, she definitely wanted someone from the archives department in her project.

The other was a seventeen-year-old chunin from the Internal affairs department named Takahiro Kamano. After the background check, it appeared that the poor boy was once a rookie of the year in his batch, only to be dropped to the second string after a mission gone wrong in his first month as genin. He had been cleared by medics fit for duty after two years of the rehabilitation process, but his skills had dropped considerably by that time. But the youth didn't give in and fought through ranks despite being put in the second string. He had just climbed to the ranks of chunin. Kushina felt he would have the desire and drive to be back in first string again.

The final was a no-brainer. She had selected the best kunoichi available from the lot, Yoko Watane, a brunette Twenty-year-old chunin working in the crypts department, and met her a few times. Her profile and ratings just suited her project fine.


As she contemplated the past two weeks, Her view about men's thoughts of her couldn't have been much wrong. Most if not all the men that approached her in the past two weeks fantasised about her. They were just there to watch and talk with her and, if possible, to get more out of that talk. 

In fact, at the very exact moment, The trio of genin from her first time in the archives department was making their way towards her. The trio of Haihuen, Baicho, and Shinsuke were still quite terrified of her. Throughout the last two weeks, they had tried to gather courage and approach their redhead boss. The other two were happy at admiring her from a distance as they saw her daily in the Archives library stretching and over stalls. But Baicho, the most foolish or courageous depending on who you ask, had been bugging them to approach her. Especially after he had noticed her without pantyhose. The trio had approached Ryoichi-san when they had heard Kushina selected him, but that guy was no fun. He had quickly shut them down when they had talked perversely about Kushina-sama. Seriously, that guy could do so much by being close to her. It was a pure waste of such a fantastic opportunity. Unfortunately for them, Ryoichi was a closet pervert, and besides, he didn't want to share his thoughts about Kushina-sama with them or anyone.


Finally, today, after many attempts on Baicho's part, they had made their way towards her. They noticed her typically busy corner is a bit quiet today. Usually, you could see some shinobis lingering around her spot whenever she's here, but fortunately, she seemed alone today. As they finally neared her position Baicho finally spoke in a hushed tone, "Careful, she seems to be a bit busy," pointing to scrolls and papers around her. 

The other two didn't speak but rather nodded. Soon they were within a few feet of the sexy redhead. They notice she is not wearing a jacket, instead is wearing a full sleeve white-colored shirt today. The sleeves had been folded to her elbows today. Her luscious red hair was tied in a neat bun. But before they could continue ogling her, they stopped as they saw her eyes turning towards them.


Kushina was in deep thought when she sensed movement near her. She looked up to see two of the genins from the trio of genins assigned to her during her first time in archives. She internally scowled as she noticed them checking her out but suppressed her bit of anger that was rising, but a small part of her liked it a bit too. She forced a smile on her face. "Haihuen, Shinsuke," she speaks. The duo is a bit startled as they look at each other, finding their third teammate missing. As they bow, their eyes widen when they see their third teammate, Baicho, lying on the floor opposite to where Kushina-sama was sitting. He didn't even look at them, but they both clearly knew where his attention was focused at.

"You can rise up, what can I help you with?" They realised that they had bowed for too long, so they slowly rose back up as they heard her speak. Sweat started to form on their forehead. Shinsuke finally spoke after some seconds of silence as they noticed impatience form in Kushina's face. "Kushina-sama, we were pondering if we- I mean us genins could also join the training program."


Kushina looked at them for a moment as their heartbeat skyrocketed. They tried hard not to look in the direction of their deviant teammate. They finally breathed in relief as she smiled and spoke, "Oh, you are interested" they quickly nodded, at which she continued, "While I'm happy at you showing interest, the program is on trial right now. When it's fully adopted, then you can register."

"Oh, When will the program be launched, Kushina-sama ?" Haihuen added in genuine curiosity and a bit of disappointment. While Shinsuke looked at him, 'why are you prolonging this session ?'

Kushina placed her finger on her chin as if thinking which they found quite arousing "Once the trial is complete, give or take next few months. We will analyse the results and launch it for the next batch." The duo by now had gotten a bit over their fear when Kushina added, "Where's your remaining teammate? You are usually always stuck to each other. I'm sure if you would apply as a team, you guys would be selected over other applicants."

And just like that, the fear was back, Haihuen unconsciously looked down and noticed Baicho, who was lying on the floor now with a lecherous grin on his face. It was Shinsuke that spoke this time, "He's gone to Daituske-san for submitting our last missions report Kushina-same, I'm sure he would also be excited to apply for this program." It was kind of true, Daituske-san was jonin in-charge for the archives library today here. They were initially here to submit a report to him before Baicho pulled them here. They waited with bated breath but sighed in relief when Kushina just nodded and picked up another scroll.


With that, they bow, "Thank you, Kushina-sama." They see Baicho too appear to back off as if he heard them causing them to internally sigh in relief and be pissed at the same time. With that, they turned slowly, walking away from her. It wasn't until they went out of her sight behind a shelf that Baicho stood up. 


As they quickly moved out from her hearing range, both Haihuen and Shinsuke spoke simultaneously, "What was that?" 

Beach just chuckled. 

Shinsuke had a tick mark on his forehead as the shinobis nearby looked at them with raised eyebrows, so he whispered, "Were you trying to get us maimed if not killed ?" 

Beach just chuckled more, and soon they were out with no one around. "Relax, no one got maimed or killed."

"Relax? Relax, he says after putting us alongside him in jeopardy," Haihuen supplied back.

"Yes, are you out of your mind? We agreed to your pestering and approached her. "Shinsuke points the finger at him. "What do you do? You ditch us and try to get a look up her legs," he almost shouted at Baicho's face.

"Yes, thank you, what a view it was, "Baicho smirks out. "Besides, You think of her abilities as kunoichi as infallible. I showed you she is just human and can be tricked after all," Baicho smiles and points out.

"Yes, by also tricking and using us," Hahuien supplies back.

"You guys were acting like a bunch of pussies. If I told you my plan, you would have never gone through it" Seeing the questioning look on their faces, he continued, "you guys know it's true. Don't even try to deny it."

Finally, Shinsuke says, "That doesn't give you the right to trick us even if it were true."

Baicho shakes his head. "Come on, do you want to fight? or you want to know what I saw ?"

Both Shinsuke and Haihuen looked at each other and sighed with Haihuen saying," We will let it slide this time next time you pull this kind shit, we will leave you then and there."

"Yeah, yeah, I got it. Take you in confidence before acting on the plan" Baicho spoke casually as his teammates nodded. "Now, you won't believe what I saw."


Flashback to few minutes earlier


As the trio moved towards sitting Kushina, Baicho quickly fell back and crawled behind them. He had this crazy idea spontaneously as they passed the row shelves, which he thought could be used for hiding. Seeing she was busy with her work and those bare legs seemed to invite him, he didn't think for a second before falling onto the floor. He hoped his team, if not for him, would at least work for their self-preservation while he worked on this. They stop, and he quickly moves forward and takes position right in line with Kushina's legs. 


As he slowly moves forward until his head reaches almost the seating bench. Pulling his head up, He finally notices her bare legs up close. She is currently seated with cross legs. He could see her knee-length grey skirt had ridden up a bit. It showed him a glimpse of her shapely legs and a bit of lower thigh. 

'Come on, move your legs.' Baicho thought as he felt her stirring up, noticing his teammate's presence. Her high-heeled toe moved left and right, drawing his attention.

"Haihuen, Shinsuke," He heard her say.

He tuned out his team's reply as he was focussed on her, especially at the junction of her crossed legs, mentally wishing them to part open.

Finally, as in after an eternity, she shifted a bit after hearing his team. She seemed excited with whatever they said. "Oh, you are interested," He heard her say as her legs untangled. He tuned out the rest of the reply as he was focused on her legs which now changed from cross-legged to ankle-crossed. He had got a glimpse of some of her porcelain-colored smooth skin till her mid-thighs before the skirt settled in.

'No, no, not like this, please part, please part,' he prayed.

"Oh, When will the program be launched, Kushina-sama?" He heard Haihuen ask internally, thankful they didn't bow out and leave early.

It seemed his prayers were answered as she uncrossed her ankles, and she finally parts her legs open. The skirt material stretches a bit as it rises from between her legs. He finally noticed the hem of the skirt, which had ridden a few centimetres up along with a small slit on her right thigh, finally showing its purpose. 

But his attention was quickly pulled from her thighs as her legs fully parted, showing him the view he very much desired.

'Yes, she isn't wearing any hose today, ooh black panties, hell yes !' he internally shouted as he saw her core hidden only by the material of her black panties. He notices her well-built and toned thighs. He tried to focus more on her mound, trying to get a glimpse of her pussy through the material but failed.

'Damn, why couldn't she have worn different colour panties. Even any other fabric would have worked better than this plain cotton ones'

As his team talked with her, he continued gazing up at her legs after. He continued tuning the talks out until she crossed her legs again, much to his disappointment.

"- excited to apply for this program. Thank you, Kushina-sama," he heard them say. It seemed his time was up. 

He slowly crawled backward as he felt his teammates moving. Soon they reached the first shelf, where he quickly dived behind it, Hoping he was clean in doing so, and she didn't notice him.


Back to present


"So there it was me getting a view between and up her glorious legs. Seemed like a great holster for my Kunai," Baicho commented as he finished his tale with a grin while pointing at between his legs.

"You lucky bastard, I reiterate. Next time you pull this kind of thing without involving us, I will sell you out; consequences be damned," Shinsuke spoke.

"Yeah, next time you try something, pull us in," Haihuen added.

"Haha, good to know. I was sure once I succeed, you will definitely support me." Haihuen spoke out while laughing out loud, "There are no rewards without risks. And now I have shown you she is not so high and mighty she can be tricked" he completed 

Shinsuke nodded. "Yeah, she can be tricked, there's a high chance we may be maimed or even killed, but rewards are equally high."

At this, Haihuen chuckled with a pervy grin. "I'm sure there are lots of men waiting to see more of her. How about we get hands on the latest camera tech available and try to get her photograph just not in our minds but immortalise her in a picture. I'm sure someone out there would pay us to get their hands on those photographs as well."

"I was right. You two are my worthy teammates" Baicho grinned and pushed his hand out, seeing the other two also stacked their hands over his. 

"To show Kunoichis are nothing but to be mounted," Baicho spoke out.

"To make her call out our name as we do her," Shinsuke called out

"To immortalise our adventure," Haihuen finally shouted 

 With that done, they all quickly moved their hands in the air " To true perverts."




As evening came, Kushina had Naruto, and Karin picked them from the academy and brought them to the Hokage office premises. A genin team was assigned a D rank mission to watch over and play with them. The genin team, as usual, was in quite a bad mood at having to take care of some brats, even if one of the brats was Hokage's son. But soon, they were pushed to their toes as Naruto and Karin kept defeating them in-game of Hide and seek with Karin's brilliant sensing the three genin had no idea how brats were avoiding them or how they so quickly caught them when they were hiding.


Soon as the office hours were over, most shinobi and staff at the premises started making their way out of the office. Kushina directed a chunin to collect her children as she made her way to Sandaime's office. Without knocking, she entered the office and found Sandaime reading over the damned orange book that she identified as one of Jiraiya's works.

Hiruzen tried to hide the book as quickly as possible but failed at the task spectacularly. "Kushina, you shouldn't enter the office without knocking. There could be some important meeting going on" he tried to distract her attention.

"This is my office too, Old-man, and there are no meetings scheduled today, especially at these hours. And don't try to divert my attention" She stomped towards his desk and soon reached his position. She brought her right hand forward. "Now hand that over" she pointed at the orange book that was in his lap.

Hiruzen sighed as he handed the book over "what are you going to do with it, Kushina-Kun. I didn't know you were interested in it," he added with a smirk.

A tick formed on Kushina's head, "I'm not interested in it. I will confiscate it, and I will soon burn it away," she almost shouted as she sealed the book in one of the storage seals on her wrist.

An expression of horror donned on Hiruzens face. "No, don't do it. It's the first edition of the first book in the 'Icha-Icha' series written by Jiraiya. It's the very first book published personally, signed, autographed, and gifted to me by Jiraiya."

A smirk formed on her face, "Good, that will teach you reading smut and trashy books in the office. You didn't have time to help me with my work but have time to read trash."

"It's not trash Kushina-chan. It is one of the greatest works of literature. Now please return it," Hiruzen almost pleaded.

Kushina smirked. "Yeah, and Jiraiya is not a pervert," she added. Seeing a depressed look on Hiruzen's face, she continued, "How about you agree to hear me, whenever I require," she added with a smirk.

"Now, Now you know I can't do that," Hiruzen quickly added.

Kushina realised she had him on the hook. "How about we have our next spar soon, and if you win, you can have it back if I win, you teach me whenever I ask."

Hiruzen immediately nodded, "I agree, I agree, but please don't harm my book. You don't know its value."

Kushina laughed at his pleading, "okay, I promise your book will not be harmed till we have spar" seeing him relax, she added, "Then once I win the spar, I will burn the book in front of you."

"We will see Kushina. Don't be red-faced when I spank you like the brat you have been today," Hiruzen adds with a grin.

"It will not be like last time, old-man. I will be ready for your underhanded tactics, so they will not work," Kushina spoke with a plain face, completely suppressing the thoughts of spanking during the last spar and after-effects of it on her then sensitive body parts. She didn't comment on spanking as she didn't want to give leverage and show him that it affected her.

"Rules will be the same as last time, Kushina. It will be simple Taijutsu only spar." he stressed on taijutsu as Kushina attempted to interrupt, he added," unless you don't think you can beat me."

Kushina wanted to argue, but she wasn't one to back down as the challenge was thrown on her face. "As you wish, old man," she accepted the challenge.

"So let's get to the agenda for today," Kushina added as she took a seat on one of the chairs and started unsealing the scrolls necessary for the topics  Hiruzen nodded and walked over to take his seat on the same side of her. He was thinking of casually touching her as he explained her various rules and cleared her doubts. 

In fact, he had been looking forward to this meeting. It was the very reason he was reading Icha-Icha to get in the mood, which was now slightly ruined as she had taken his precious. His precious was safe until the spar, which he was sure would win again.

He was again getting excited as he took a seat beside her, and he could easily smell the scent of her perfume. He imagined himself having touched her casually- His thoughts were again interrupted as there was a knock on the doors.


"That will be Naruto and Karin," Kushina spoke. She signalled the door to be opened. A chunin came with the mentioned kids in the toe. He quickly bowed to both of them before leaving.

Hiruzen internally frowned upon interruption at his 'fun' time, but he wasn't given any time to ponder as Naruto jumped towards him "Ji-chan," and soon he was into his arms. With Karin standing beside Kushina, looking a bit amused at Naruto's antics. Despite being with the Uzumaki family for the past two weeks, she still couldn't wholly understand Naruto.

"I'm sorry, old-man, I invited the kids over. They hardly see me these days, so I thought they would enjoy a bit of their time here."

Hiruzen internally cursed, 'Yes, they ruined my perfect plant and perfect evening today' but smiled nonetheless. "No worries, Kushina, I'm pleased to see young Naruto-Kun and Karin-chan here," he said as he put Naruto down and gave him candy somewhere out of his robes. "I'm too busy to see young Konohamaru, so I understand," he added though he internally shouted 'This is preposterous. First, she takes my precious book, and then she brings in her kids. What's next? Her husband?' he quickly silences that voice.


Kushina unseals a puzzle box and some board games and hands them to Karin. "Naru-chan, Karin-chan, you can play these while I work here with 'Ji-chan'" As naruto pouts, she adds, "After this, we will go for Ramen."

"Yay, ramen" Naruto pulls Karin to a corner as they sit on the carpeted floor, deciding what to play.

Hiruzen didn't reply to the 'Ji-chan' remark. He looked at the training plan that Kushina had written on one of the scrolls. "So Kushina, I  hear you have started the test project for second string shinobi promotions."

Kushina smiled. "Yes, I'm surprised that there are so many applicants. I had expected some interest, but this was an overwhelming response. See, I told you that they all would be interested." 

Hiruzen smiled. "Yes, that you did. I guess I was wrong." He spoke, 'Though I think most of them registered because it was who you asked,' he added mentally. "But now comes the major fight. Once we analyse the test results, You will have to secure funds as well as approval for the project. Without those, we can't implement it" seeing the questioning look on her part, he added, "Given the number of people who applied for just the test phase, I'm sure we will have lots of candidates. This will require the creation of an entirely new department. I am sure the team from the financial department would help you in the calculation of the projects according to your needs."


"So, who do I ask for funds? Clans? Village Council ?" Kushina questioned


"Normally Yes, but for the project of this scale funds requirement is quite high but that can be dealt with. Some of Konoha's clan and business can come together and may fund that. The clans and council will even approve of the project. But This will also require approval from Fire Daimyo's court."

"Aren't we separate from them? Does this come in the fire in Daimyo's jurisdiction? do they really have the right to interfere in our military affairs ?" Kushina quickly fired back.

"Yes, we are separate, but you have to realise this Kushina, projects of these scales are to be put in front of Fire daimyo's court. This training program will effectively increase Konoha's might by at least double. So he has to know it unless you plan to raise it like the root."


"No, not like the root," Kushina quickly added.

"So yes, we will have to get the fire court's approval. But it's all after we have data from the Test project," Hiruzen replied as he saw a bit of tension in her face.


He quickly closed in and placed a hand on her shoulders, not overly so as he had planned if they were alone. "Don't worry, I will introduce to Hokiado-san soon, he's ambassador to Fire court in Konoha. Seeing we are in a warlike situation, he was deployed here by Fire daimyo's court for easier and quicker handling of various requirements."


Kushina nods. "Thanks, old man," she beams at him.

Hiruzen smiles. "We will continue to talk about your pet project in the next meeting. Now how are you handling inter-clan affairs?"


"Ah, don't speak of those. I don't know how the clans can be so stubborn. Why can't the Inuzuka clan hunt in Nara forests, or why do Inuzukas want Nara forests despite having other areas to hunt." Kushina spoke in an irritated manner.

"Haha, welcome to silly problems that Hokage has to deal with. You will usually find you will have these kinds of problems from the clans-"


Soon as the discussion continued, Hiruzen provided Kushina with possible solutions to different problems she faced. He gave her at least two solutions to a problem alongside a brief explanation of laws and the loopholes that could be used. She was a bit awed by his answers.


As the discussion ended, Kushina invited Hiruzen for dinner. "So old-man? Want to come to have Ramen with us" she pointed to the kids and herself.


'If you were alone, then definitely yes,' He internal voice added

 "No, Kushina, I promised Konohamaru that I would eat with him tonight. If you would like, you all can come with me," he answered her

"Sorry, old-man can't do that maybe another time. I promised Naruto, and he will raise a storm if we don't go for Ramen Today."

With that, Kushina stood up and called for the kids. She quickly assembled and sealed their games, and then she bid him goodbye. Hiruzen sighed as he looked at her swaying hips. "Damn that ass and legs."




Kushina walked with Naruto on one side and Karin on the other side through the still quite busy roads of Konoha. Some people there quickly bowed to her, others quietly whispering among themselves, pointing to Karin.

Kushina ignored them as she asked, “So Naruto, anything interesting happened in the academy today ?”

“Yes, Karin-chan and that witch Hinata fought today, and Karin-chan totally won. ” Naruto grinned.

Kushina sighed internally. Naruto and Hinata had intense competition, and it seemed Karin was dragged into this. She looked at Karin, who blushed and looked away before speaking, “She called me a red-eyed witch. ”

As Kushina looked at her for further information, “Naruto and Hinata were having a spat. Sasuke pulled him away. I slipped up and called her blind.”

Kushina laughed out loud. It was the exact same thing she had said to Hitomi before they became friends. It seemed like history was repeating itself.






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