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They hadn’t moved much, Kakashi was still using Sasuke’s chest as a pillow when he woke up, but he’d pulled his arms from underneath Sasuke’s back, probably to keep them from going to sleep or Sasuke pulled them out from under him.

The window faced the west, so there was no direct sunlight, nevertheless, the bright morning light provided a soft glow to the room.

This time he wasn’t the first to wake up; Sasuke was awake and caressing his hair again.

“That’s a nice way to wake up,” Kakashi whispered.

“I had dreams I was trapped under a collapsed house. There was a beam across my chest.”

Kakashi laughed.

“You’re heavy.”

“So are you.”

“I didn’t sleep on you.”

“You can next time.”

“Get off me; I’m going to make breakfast.”

Kakashi sat up and realized Sasuke was human this morning. His surprise showed on his—bare—face.


“You’re . . . You’re normally grumpy in the morning. You usually don’t speak a full word for like two hours.”

“I’ve been awake long enough.”


“I’ve been awake for like an hour.”

That embarrassed him. Had Sasuke been watching him sleep for an hour? Of course, he couldn’t see his face with it pressed against his chest. Still, it was embarrassing. He rubbed his face.

Sasuke sat up. Kakashi was going to stand to let him to leave the bed, but then he realized he was completely naked. He wasn’t normally shy, but he felt particularly self-conscious with Sasuke, mostly because they had had sex last night.

His hesitation was a dead giveaway. Sasuke huffed with amusement. He scooted closer to him until their bodies touched. He leaned into him and hummed contentedly.

“Let me assure you, you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Sasuke whispered.

That made Kakashi blush and that made Sasuke laugh.

“I should have told you before,” Sasuke whispered right in Kakashi’s ear, “you were amazing.”

Sasuke kissed his heated cheek and slipped out beside him. Kakashi was frozen until he heard the bathroom door shut, not even sneaking a glance at Sasuke’s equally naked body. He fell face first into the bed, mortified. But he couldn’t stop a smile from forming on his lips.

Before Sasuke could return, Kakashi got up to find his boxers. He also pulled his pants on. He needed something to hide behind. He really wanted to put his shirt and mask on but struggled with the idea. Should he completely dress? Was that insecure? Or was it was more polite to dress for breakfast? Did Sasuke take any clothes with him? If he came out completely naked and he was completely dressed . . . Why was he panicking over this?

He hadn’t put anything more than his boxers and pants by the time Sasuke emerged from the bathroom. Kakashi busied himself with gathering his shirt and headband so he wouldn’t look at Sasuke who he was sure was naked. Sasuke didn’t rummage through his dresser though, he came up beside him to fetch his kimono off the floor. It took Kakashi’s full willpower not to look over at him. Sasuke was taking his time, teasing him.

“Just get dressed,” Kakashi whispered. He heard Sasuke huff and then the slithering of silk as Sasuke put the kimono on. Sasuke slid a hand over Kakashi’s bare back as he made his way to the kitchen.

Kakashi took his turn in the bathroom. Without a toothbrush, he made do with just rinsing his mouth out. When he came out, he decided to put his shirt on.

It wasn’t long before Sasuke started bringing out their meal. It was a full breakfast with salted salmon, rice, miso soup, tamagoyaki, and broiled eggplant (he obviously had leftovers from making the eggplant miso soup the night before) served with bonito flakes.

“You spoil me,” Kakashi sighed.

“I like cooking, but it’s a waste to put so much effort into a meal for one.”

“I’m glad to give you the excuse,” Kakashi said with a smile.

Kakashi thoroughly enjoyed the meal, concentrating on tasting everything for the first few minutes. Then he started thinking.

“So . . . what are we going to tell Naruto and Sakura?” Kakashi asked.


“I don’t think we can hide this forever and they’ll be offended we didn’t tell them.”

“I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about it. You’ve worried enough. I agree we should tell them, but otherwise, I’m content that our private lives remain private. Eventually, the whole village will learn of it, but right now, let them think I’m dating Sukea if they think I’m dating anyone at all.”

“Please don’t flirt with Sukea in public; I don’t think I could handle it.”

“I’m not that shameless. Well, I am and I might, but not when anyone is looking.”

“I’ve always had the feeling you three would lead me to an early death, but this isn’t what I was expecting.”

“You can deal with the stress, ojii-san.”

Kakashi narrowed his eyes which made the already smiling Sasuke laugh. That disarmed him. He wasn’t angry at the teasing, but he couldn’t even pretend to be when Sasuke laughed. He really was in deep.


At last, they could have dinner in public again without tension since Sasuke came on to Sukea. With Sasuke’s forgiveness and Kakashi acceptance, they could enjoy each other’s company with more ease.

“What will you do when you’re finally allowed to retire?” Sasuke asked while they ate at their favorite place.

Kakashi mused. “Buy myself an island,” he said wistfully.

Sasuke snickered.

“By that time, I’ll probably need to soak in a hot spring at least once a day. Even now that sounds heavenly. What about you?”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be allowed to retire, but I’d concentrate on my family.” His eyes grew distant. “I’m not even seventeen. When you look at the numbers, I won’t be retiring for a long, long time, but the experience makes it feel like I should start considering it. I’ve experienced too much, done too much, seen and heard so much—I’ve lived a full lifetime in less than two decades.”

“I know how you feel. This last war wore me down. I feel far older than I am as well.”

“It’s only been about six months. Seems like years.”

They fell into silent remembrance.

“Well, I highly doubt we’ll see another war anytime soon,” Sasuke said.

During all their dinners together, they never encountered anyone they were acquainted with beside Teuchi, who minded his own business. Tonight, however, Kakashi felt himself being stared at. He looked over to see Choji and his parents. Choji quickly looked away, trying to seem like he hadn’t been staring at him and Sasuke.

“I think I’ve been recognized,” Kakashi said.

Sasuke looked over for a moment. “But not as Kakashi. He and the others did work with us and Sukea to try and see your face. As long as it’s not Naruto or Sakura—those two would interrupt us—everyone else has the good grace to leave us alone.”

“Choji is one of the politest of your generation,” Kakashi said. “You’re still a rude little brat.”

That made Sasuke laugh. Choji couldn’t help looking at them hearing such a rare thing.

“You three were always rude to me.”

“You didn’t do much to impress us at our first meeting. You let yourself be hit by Naruto’s prank. We had no respect for you after that.”

“Well, that was partially my aim. I really sprung the trap to see if you three were working as a team or not. You weren’t,” Kakashi sighed.

“I wish I could apologize for being a brat, but I’m not sorry.”

“Well, I’m not sorry for always being late.”

“Or reading smut in front of us or acting disinterested in us or deceiving us—”

That was training. You never worked better as team back then than when you were trying to take my mask.”

Sasuke scoffed. “You were playing with us. You were having fun.”

“So were you.”

Sasuke smiled. “Yeah. I did.”

Sasuke caught himself. He was slipping into flirtatious mode. His fond smile fell, and he straightened up a bit. Kakashi couldn’t stop smiling at seeing Sasuke lose control and forget himself like that in public. Sasuke’s fond expression turned dark and he scowled at his dinner companion which only made Kakashi smile more.


They were both a little awkward when they walked outside. They’d spent the night before together and had sex. Should they spend the night together again or was that too much? Of the two, Kakashi was far more insecure and cowardly—at least when it came to their relationship.

“Goodnight. Maybe dinner again tomorrow?”

“Yeah. I’ll cook.”

“I feel like I should at least chip in for the groceries.”

Sasuke’s smirk was mischievous. “I’ll think about it.”

Kakashi bowed another goodnight and forced himself to go home.


The next evening, Kakashi was practically pulled through Sasuke’s door.

“No one saw you, right?” Sasuke asked urgently.

“No,” Kakashi answered, confused.

“Naruto and Sakura cornered me today.”


“Choji told them they saw me having dinner with Sukea. They want to see you. Him. They grilled me about how I met you again and what we’ve been talking about. They were quite pushy about it. They’re really excited to see you again.”

Kakashi already felt tired thinking about having to deceive an excited Naruto and a blushing Sakura for an afternoon. “If Sukea’s going to meet them, I should know what you told them.”

“Neither of them are the greatest shinobi detectives, but all they have to do is ask Teuchi at Ichiraku Ramen to know we’ve been having dinner together for weeks, so I told them most of the truth. I was eating alone, saw you walk in alone, called out to you, and we’ve been talking about politics and the situation in Konoha. Boring adult conversations. Not much more than that.”

Kakashi pulled his mask down and smirked. “You didn’t tell them you’re dating a twenty-nine-year-old man you once met when you were thirteen?”

He smiled. “No.”

Kakashi gave him a brief kiss.

When Kakashi pulled back, Sasuke’s expression fell a little. “To think that was nearly four years ago. So much has happened. So much has changed.”

“Yeah.” Kakashi pulled him into another short kiss. “A lot of things.” Kakashi wrapped his arms around Sasuke’s torso and Sasuke did the same around Kakashi’s shoulders. The kiss this time was long and thorough. Kakashi felt like he was melting into Sasuke, only his clutching hold on the younger man kept him from falling to his knees.

They broke apart panting. “It’s a good thing I waited to start cooking; it’d be cold by now.”

“I love you so much.”

Sasuke turned to finish making dinner.

Kakashi felt so much freer now in Sasuke’s apartment. He lay back on Sasuke’s neat bed while sizzling emanated from the kitchen.

It was still a small room but felt a lot less deary now. Maybe it was his own anxiety that made the room match his brooding. Sasuke had added a few things to brighten it, but Kakashi was sure he just felt more at home here now.

The smell of the food tempted him off the bed and to sit at his place. Gyoza was the highlight tonight.

“Itadakimasu. Wow, this excellent.”

“Thank you.” Sasuke sounded far away.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just thinking about my family—memory suddenly came back to me. I helped mother make Gyoza once. She was the one who first taught me how to cook. I just wanted to help her.” His sad expression turned fond. “Itachi knew I helped. He raved about how good it was despite the fact it was it was a sloppy mess. I couldn’t help smiling so much it made my cheeks hurt.” Sasuke had a smile, but his eyes shined. “Father caught on easily. He said it was the best meal he’d ever had, humoring me. Mother announced that I helped. When I was going to help clear the table, Itachi poked me in the forehead and told me he would do that tonight. I already did a good job.”

Sasuke rubbed his forehead. “It annoyed me sometimes, but then I realized it was Itachi’s way of showing he loved me. That poke usually came with an apology that he couldn’t spend time with me. ‘Sorry, Sasuke. Another time.’ ‘Sorry, Sasuke. Maybe next time.’ The last thing he did when he died was poke me in the forehead and say that there would be no next time.”

Kakashi ran his hand down Sasuke’s arm, offering comfort. Sasuke took a deep breath. “I’m alright. Usually, not a day goes by that I don’t think about my family, especially Itachi. But you know, I’ve gone full days without grieving because of you.”

Kakashi had no idea what to say to that. He just sat there dumbstruck with his mouth open. Sasuke had said the words, but that expressed far more than any other declaration of love.

“I wish I had your camera,” Sasuke laughed, his eyes still shining.

Kakashi took up Sasuke’s hand. He was on the verge of tears himself. The story and grief and that confession touched him. “I guess I haven’t thought much of my own griefs since this all started. As anxious as I’ve been, I’ve also been much too happy to grieve.”

Being ambidextrous, Sasuke easily continued eating with his left hand, allowing Kakashi to hold his right.

“I haven’t visited the Memorial Stone or my parents’ graves in a while.”

“I haven’t visited the Uchiha Memorial either.”

“Would it be . . . overstepping to ask . . . to go together?”

Kakashi looked at Sasuke’s face when Sasuke sniffed. Sasuke squeezed Kakashi’s hand, unable to speak. He drank some tea.

“You said you knew Itachi,” he said in a broken voice.

“I did. He was under my command for a while. He was so skilled he was promoted to lead his own team all too soon.” Kakashi hesitated. “He kept a picture of you in his locker.”

Sasuke’s eyes darted to Kakashi’s face.

“You were a cute kid.”

Sasuke looked away and locked his jaw. It was a minute before he regained his control. He let his hand go limp, prompting Kakashi to let it go.

“Are there any photos of you as a child?” Sasuke asked.

“Just my team photo. Wait, no. Kurenai or Gai might have some of the pictures from our academy days.”

“Of course, you’re masked in every single one, right? Sakura did say she looked through every photo she could find of you.”

“True. I wore the mask even before I entered the academy.”

“Shame. You must have been adorable.”

“I was,” he said with full confidence. That truly lifted the mood.


Sukea arrived early to the meeting with Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Sakura was the first of the three to arrive.

“Sukea-san!” She leaned forward with her hands behind her back like she was twelve again.

“It’s good to see you, Sakura-chan.”

Naruto and Sasuke arrived almost at the same time from different directions.

“Sukea-san, Sukea-san!” Naruto ran up to him. Kakashi straightened his back in a way to distance himself from Naruto’s eagerness.

Sasuke was sedate and looked bored.

Oh, how nostalgic this was. The three of them were taller, but in Sukea’s presence, they were thirteen again. Or maybe they never changed.

Sakura was a truly a strong woman, not just because she could destroy a mountain with a punch. Yet she wanted to seem feminine and leaned into it, mostly to attract the affections of a certain someone. Kakashi counted himself fortunate that he had watched her grow. Even if he hadn’t seen her struggle in the Forest of Death and her step up to defend those who were important to her, he’d heard about it from the girl herself, Ino and her team, and Naruto in bits and pieces. She went from a naive girl coyly trying to charm the boy she was crushing on, to a woman who had the confidence to stand shoulder to shoulder with men with god-like powers. She still crushed on Sasuke, but she’d gain a level of maturity that—hopefully—would allow her to give up on him and accept him merely as a friend, a brother. But she still thought she should hide her strength under girly femininity.

Naruto was full of energy and childlike enthusiasm. He saw the world as it should be and he dreamed and strove. He was by no means blind to the ugliness of the world—he’d lived it, experienced it—but he believed he could change it. He looked at this young world of burgeoning peace with hope and wonder—unlike Sasuke who was scared shitless of it. He was a friend to everyone, a bright shining star, if not a bit obnoxious at times, but even that lent to his charm.

Sasuke couldn’t be bothered. Or rather, he wouldn’t let anyone know he cared. A mask of cynicism and disinterest protected him from pain, all the while wallowing in it. Repressed or merely disciplined was hard to decern. Sasuke preferred not to show emotion, not letting anyone close enough to read his inner self. Showing enthusiasm was the same as showing a weakness to be exploited. So, he showed the world a mask of how he wanted to be perceived. Stoic and strong.

Kakashi wondered for a moment if that was Sasuke’s picture he just painted or his own.

He smiled his soft, sad smile, the one he was unable to hide without a mask. His eyes just weren’t used to looking happy unless he was forcing his closed, rainbow-eyed expression. It was over the top because he didn’t know any more than the act.

“No breaking to into the records room this time?” Sukea asked.

“I’ve only been pardoned for a few months,” Sasuke said. “Pissing off ANBU is probably not a good idea. I did look in the Bingo Books of other counties and he’s masked. In every single one. Even Orochimaru didn’t have a maskless photo. And Orochimaru stole everything. If I hadn’t seen half an inch of the photo in the records, I would serious doubt its existence.”

“Hehe,” Naruto laughed sinisterly. “I’ve been thinking about this mission. I have some ideas.”

Kakashi mentally sighed. This was going to be long day.


Kakashi was exhausted when he got home. Having a shadow clone going all day and both of them using ninjutsu left him tired out, totally drained. He unpinned his wig, took off his scarf and coat, and sat on his bed. Fuck the make-up and the contacts, he just wanted to sleep. His chakra stamina was never the highest.

Before he could pass out though, someone knocked on his door. He recognized the rhythm from the two other times he’d heard it since the war. Despite his exhaustion, he got up to let Sasuke in.

“I wanted to check on you,” Sasuke explained. “I know that had to be rough.”

“Yeah, I’m tired.” He sat on his bed again, ready to collapse despite his guest.

“Need anything?”

“A lot of things, but nothing you can help me with. I’m too tired to even eat.”

“At least take your contacts out.”

Even though Sasuke had never been further into his room than the foot of Kakashi’s bed in the main room, he quickly surveyed his surroundings and lead Kakashi to the bathroom as if it was his own apartment. He closed the toilet lid and pushed Kakashi to sit. He wet a washcloth and gave it to Kakashi to clean his hands to take out his contacts and placed the contacts case next him. He took the washcloth back as Kakashi pinched the soft lenses out.

Once Kakashi closed the case, Sasuke knelt in front of him to peel away the decals.

“This feels oddly familiar,” Kakashi quipped.

“Hn.” Next, Sasuke used the washcloth to gently wipe the make-up from Kakashi’s eyelids. It was far more affectionate than Kakashi would have anticipated from the Uchiha. Sasuke turned the washcloth and wiped down his whole face. Sasuke stood up, looking down at Kakashi’s tired, bare features. “Fuck, you’re handsome.”

Kakashi smirked. “I’m too tired to argue who is more handsome.”

That made Sasuke give a full smile. “But you are still an asshole.” He kissed his forehead. “Get to bed before you collapse in here.”

Kakashi nodded and staggered to his bed. He heard Sasuke cleaning out the washcloth as he stripped most of his clothes and crawled under the covers.

Sasuke came in. “Your bed is even smaller than mine. Please, get some rest.” He turned to go.

“Wait, you don’t have to leave. If you don’t want to.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Of course not. If you don’t mind how small my bed is.” The dorm-like extra-long twin was long and narrow; Sasuke’s was a full with enough width for them to lay next to each other.

“Why would I mind?”

Sasuke stripped down to his boxers, turned off the light, and climbed in next to Kakashi. Or rather, partially on him. Kakashi immediately passed out.


I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with plans for them to demask Kakashi. Whatever you think they could try, they did that. Really, one of the hardest parts of writing these stories is coming up with missions.

Kudos to those who caught the small Skyrim reference. And the Star Wars one in an earlier chapter.

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