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Kakashi knew his first meeting with Sasuke was going to be awkward. His mask was a blessing; it not only hid his true face but his emotions as well. He was a little disappointed that Sasuke’s eyes didn’t light up in the slightest to see him. Of course, Sukea was the one Sasuke was attracted to. His eyes wouldn’t light up for his captain. In fact, his eyes were already narrowed and looking more hostile than emotionless.

“Aren’t you out of excuses for being late?” Sasuke asked with irritation.

“I needed dog food, but the shops were still closed so I had to wait.”

Sasuke’s eyes almost smiled at his lame excuse. “I guess not.”

Naruto and Sakura were more used to Kakashi’s lateness and excuses so didn’t react.

Naruto turned and took a good look at Sasuke. Sasuke had shut his eyes and tilted his head down. Rather than standing straight ready to go on their mission, he looked like he was ready to fall asleep leaning on a railing.

“You look tired,” Naruto said.

That grabbed Kakashi’s attention. “Did you not sleep?” Kakashi asked.

“A little,” Sasuke said as he straightened.

Kakashi was a bit concerned. He worried his rejection of Sasuke’s advances bothered him or perhaps he feared he put their friendship in jeopardy. It heartened him and scared him at the same time. But that was the night before last, not last night.

“Are you good for a mission?” Kakashi asked.

“I’m good. It’s not like we’re going on S class missions here.”

“Take a solider pill if you have to.”

“I’m not that tired.”


Sasuke kept up and completed his part of the mission perfectly, but Kakashi was watching him closely and saw signs of fatigue. Once they finished their attack on the nuke-nin base, Sasuke didn’t sheath his sword with his usual flourish. He hadn’t killed a single person, but his sword was a little unwieldly. Kakashi was certain at least one man would die from his wounds. He didn’t think it would burden Sasuke’s conscience. Kakashi still found it remarkable that Sasuke didn’t like killing.

Maybe he wouldn’t skewer him when he found out Kakashi was Sukea.

With nearly a dozen prisoners due for a visit with Ibiki, Kakashi summoned his pack to help guard them on their way home. They couldn’t move as quickly as they did on the way out, so had to stop for the night. He gave Sasuke last watch. At least he slept; tried out by the mission Kakashi supposed.

When they arrived home, Sasuke insisted on helping escort their prisoners while Naruto and Sakura headed home. Kakashi let him preserve his pride. He looked ready to drop as they left the interrogation building.

“Go home and sleep,” Kakashi advised.


“Is there something wrong?”

The ‘hn’ he gave him this time was amused. With that, Sasuke went home.

Kakashi considered changing into his Sukea disguise and visiting Sasuke tonight, but he was afraid to look like a stalker appearing so often on the very day Sasuke returned from missions. Sasuke might start to wonder how Sukea always knew when he came home.

So, it was Kakashi who didn’t sleep well that night.

He asked to see the Hokage in the morning.

“I’d like to request a few days off for my team. Certain members are more tired than they would like to admit.”

Tsunade hesitated to think. “Naruto wouldn’t happen to be the one who’s tired, is he?”

“No, not at all. He’s a frantic ball of energy. A Rasengan given human form.”

That made Tsunade laugh. “Sakura?”

“She’s holding up well.”

“So, is it you or Sasuke? You look tired.”

“I was wrapped up in reading last night. It’s Sasuke. He’s determined to excel. I think he’s been overdoing it on the training fields. He doesn’t want to be shown up by Naruto.”

“I would like to send Naruto to Suna to firm up our alliance. I think a team with . . . Yamato, Sai, and Shikamaru will be a good group. Shikamaru and Tamari seem to be developing a relationship and Yamato knows how to handle Naruto. Sai will fill out the team. I’ll give Sakura some training and you and Sasuke can have the time off.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll summon the gaki and Sakura to let them know. You inform Sasuke.”


Kakashi arrived at Sasuke’s door as himself.

Sasuke opened the door, his eyes bright with welcome. But then disappointment crashed down when he saw Kakashi instead of Sukea. The dejection in his eyes hit Kakashi hard in the chest.

“I hope I didn’t wake you.”

Sasuke was dressed in a robe. “No. I was trying, but not asleep.”

“We’re going to take a break from missions for several days. Naruto is going with another team to Suna so we will have a little vacation.”

“I guess you and I aren’t cut out for diplomacy.” He seemed relieved.

“Really, Sasuke, is something wrong? You know you can talk to me about anything.”

Sasuke seemed to consider it, taking several second to answer. “I’m fine.”

“I knew a shinobi captain who used to say fine stood for ‘freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional’.”

Sasuke smirked. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, Kakashi.”

“Alright. But if you ever do need to talk, I’ll listen.”

“Thank you.”

Kakashi nodded to him then went home.

Should he visit him tonight? Kakashi thought better of it. He’ll wait another day.


A little before sunset, Sukea came to Sasuke’s door. Sasuke’s eyes were filled with the same excited welcome that had been aborted the day before.

“Have you eaten yet?” Sukea asked.

“No. I’ll meet you downstairs in a minute.”

Sasuke came down dressed in a very nice black outfit that wasn’t quite as formal as his last one but no less flattering. Kakashi looked fondly at him. Despite the brightness in Sasuke’s eyes, they were still dark from lack of sleep.

“Are you alright?”

“Tiring mission,” Sasuke lied. “I could go for soup.”


“That’s a little salty and heavy.”

“I know a good place.”


The kiss might not have happened. They talked as they had before. They ended up sharing a hot pot rather than ordering individual soups.

“We talked about having fun before,” Sasuke said, “what is it you do for fun?”

“Well, I guess you could say I’m something of a hypocrite; I don’t do too much. I work, train, read,” he hesitated, “take pictures.”

“Doesn’t make you a hypocrite. It’s easier to give advice than to take it. Even harder, sometimes, to take your own advice.” He brightened. “You should bring your camera next time we meet.”

Kakashi hesitated. He didn’t own one. He had only taken a handful of photos in his life. Fuck. “Sure.” He was going to have to produce some samples of his work too. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. But he smiled his sedate smile, as easy going and relaxed as ever.

“I think there are only four pictures of me.”

Kakashi chuckled softly. “That you know of. The girls must have taken a few when you weren’t aware of it.”

Sasuke smiled gently. “Perhaps. I only have one since I left all those years ago.”

“Your new profile picture?”

Sasuke nodded. “Official.”

“Would you like a less official picture?”

Sasuke’s smirk was all but dripping with malicious amusement. Kakashi worried just how unofficial Sasuke was intending. And yet, he didn’t find himself adverse to the idea. He wondered where that rental shop relocated to after the village’s destruction. Do they look at the film they develop? Was it possible to develop it himself? As a professional photographer, he should possess those skills. He internally sighed. He needed to pick his cover identities more carefully, make sure he had the right skills next time.

On the other hand, he wasn’t going to be going undercover anymore once he became Hokage, which would be soon. That depressed him a bit. He would be stuck in an office for the next few years. He would lose his team. He might lose his connection with Sasuke, unless he could preserve this relationship.

Sasuke tilted his head, silently asking what was wrong. He’d noticed the change in Sukea.

“Thinking about my age. Worried that I’ll have to retire soon.”

“How old are you?”

“Much older than you. By a decade at least. I had already retired from ANBU when you were a genin.”

Sasuke almost went doe-eyed at that. “I remember.”

That stuck Kakashi dumb. Sasuke’s . . . attracted to . . . older men? Who the fuck did Sasuke sleep with?

“You’re not so old,” Sasuke said. “But a shinobi’s date is short. We spoil as quickly as milk.”

“Either drunk up or thrown away,” Kakashi agreed.

“I guess it can go to other uses, but nevertheless, it’s a job for younger men. But this peaceful time will age us. No missions, no reason to stay fit, fit for a shorter time. I fear we will go extinct.”

They had spoken of this before. “The idea really bothers you. Isn’t peace worth it?”

“Perhaps. I don’t know any other trade. The prospect scares me,” he admitted. “Peace won’t last though. We will always be needed, but I fear fewer will choose this life and we will fall because of it.”

“Some of us are only a few generations away from farmers,” Kakashi said. “If the next generation chooses civilian trades, they and their children can learn to be shinobi again if needed. As long as some of us remain to train them.”

“Hn,” Sasuke agreed. “I think Kakashi understands these things, but Naruto . . . He believes in peace. I believe in power. He’s the sun of peace and I’m the moon of violence. I will be ready if the village needs me until the day I die.”

Kakashi had to smile fondly at his student. Naruto and Sasuke were certainly opposites, but they complemented each other. Even when Sasuke conspired to kill and destroy, it was for future peace, for the future of the village. Sasuke would be the guardian in the shadows if his counterpart in the sun failed.

“I pledge to be ready as well.”

“Did you fight in the recent war?” The question obviously just hit him.

“I did. I like missions, but I hate wars. I don’t think we’ll ever see the like again. And I’m glad of that.”

Sasuke was lost in thought for a minute, remembering those events. He was late to the party, but he was there when most needed. His eyes rose to Sukea’s face even before his mind returned. His eyes were empty, but not without life. He didn’t look haunted, just lost in memory. Kakashi feared he saw something in his memory imposed over his face that would expose him.

“I died that day,” Sasuke mused. “Bastard ran me though with my own blade. My own kinsman.”

Kakashi was too relieved to truly appreciate what Sasuke was talking about. It had been briefly mentioned that Sasuke had been as close to death as Naruto, but Kakashi hadn’t realized that essentially, both his male students had died.

“At first, I was angry and in denial. I wasn’t going to die. I didn’t want my brother’s legacy to die. I wanted to create a real village where people wouldn’t be slaughtered and manipulated and used the way my clan was. I was angry. But as I felt the life drain from me, all that was left was disappointment. So much I had wanted to do, so much I could do. I knew I was dying, and I was just disappointed.”

Kakashi wanted to commiserate with his student, but he couldn’t confess that he had really died once too—Sasuke might start to figure it out.

“I nearly died once. I woke up with a medical-nin working on me, so I may have died ever so briefly. I knew I was dying. But I actually felt fulfilled. There are so many people I failed to save, but I died saving one young chunin and I was proud. We needed to get this information to our superiors. I knew I couldn’t do it, so I told the chunin to run for it. I protected him. He got away. I was looking forward to seeing my friends again. It was weird waking up after that. I had made my peace.”

“Kabuto had brought me back. I met the Sage and gave me knowledge and power. I woke up with purpose. I didn’t really think about how I had actually died until a few days later. After the war, there was so much I had to think about.” Sasuke looked beyond weary. He seemed suddenly far older. At such a young age, his eyes reflected more grief and experience than a typical old man. Kakashi was nearly twice his age, but he felt like they were equals.

“I’m sure we’re not the only shinobi to survive looking Death in the eyes,” Kakashi said.

Sasuke smiled softly. “Naruto died too. I heard Kakashi did as well. At least the four of us are alive.”

Sasuke sagged back into the booth, his own thoughts exhausting him. His lack of sleep might also be catching up to him.

“Are you alright?” Kakashi asked with genuine concern.

Sasuke took a few breaths before he answered. “Yeah. There’s so much I wanted to do, but I’ve decided against them. I’m leaving so much in the hands of others. I think I can entrust the village with Kakashi once he becomes Hokage. And Naruto after him. I’ll just ensure that they do what needs to be done.”

“I believe you can trust those two.”

Sasuke sighed. “I fear what my place will be in a time of peace, but I would like some time to rest.”

“I feel the same.”

A sleepy hum escaped Sasuke.

“I’ll take care of the bill tonight,” Kakashi said and signaled for it. Soon, they were out on the street.

“Take a walk with me?” Sasuke asked.

“Alright.” Kakashi fell into step beside Sasuke, relieved they weren’t headed in the direction of Sasuke’s apartment. Or his own for that matter.

“I was worried you might not want to be around me after I came on to you,” Sasuke admitted.

It was getting rather late; the streets were practically empty, so it was safe to have this conversation.

“I was caught off guard, but I value our friendship too much to give up on it.”

“Thank you. I hope you consider it, but I want to preserve our friendship.”

“I can’t help but consider it. You are very desirable.”


“But. I’m way older than you and frankly you don’t actually know me that well.”

“True.” There was more implied after that, that those two things didn’t matter.

“If what you wanted was simply a one-night stand, it’d be an easier decision. But something more? That’s what scares me. I care about you too much to gamble it away.”

“I understand.”

They walked some ways in silence before Sasuke said, “I want to show you something.”

Sasuke jumped up onto a low roof and Kakashi followed. They jumped up higher and higher to the top of a tall residential building. Sasuke looked out to the west. Kakashi looked as well and was met with a beautiful view of the forest and horizon to rival the view from the top of the Hokage mountain. From here you couldn’t see most of the village and it was far more private than standing on top of the most prominent monument in the village.

“I like to come up here when I can’t sleep.”

“It’s a beautiful view.” And lonely, Kakashi thought.

Sasuke sat down, his back against a small enclosure with the door going down into the building. Kakashi sat next to him. Kakashi was glad for his coat as it was quite cold up here. Sasuke seemed impervious to the chill.

They sat in companionable silence for some minutes. Then Sasuke leaned toward him and his head ended up on Kakashi’s shoulder. He fell asleep.

For a second, Kakashi thought this was trap, that Sasuke planned to lean on his shoulder to show him what this kind of physical intimacy would be like. But Kakashi could tell Sasuke was genuinely asleep. If he came here when he couldn’t sleep, perhaps he often fell asleep up here. Despite that fact it was open, it felt isolated. This was one of the tallest buildings but only by a story to two. What made this spot special was that it was the last of the tall buildings on this side of the village; nothing obstructed the view to the west. And nothing overlooked it.

Kakashi wondered how many warm beds Sasuke slept in since he left Konoha almost four years ago. How safe did he ever really feel in Orochimaru’s bases? How often did he run away to somewhere less confining, somewhere no one could find him, where he could hear or see an enemy from far away? A vantage point like his with his back to a wall.

Sasuke turned more towards him, bringing his body closer to the source of warmth, adjusting his head on the soft pillow of Kakashi’s coat covered shoulder.

Kakashi felt confined at first, afraid to move lest he wake Sasuke. But then he found his presence calming and the scenery and feeling of isolation comforting. He settled in and his thoughts wandered.

He considered how intimate they already were. Kakashi knew so much about Sasuke, but Sukea almost knew more. On the other hand, Sasuke knew almost nothing about Sukea. And yet. What was it that truly made Sasuke comfortable enough to tell him so much, to open up the way he had, and to fall asleep and lay his head on his shoulder? What did Sasuke want in the end? A lover? Friend with benefits? The former was terrifying, and the latter was heartbreaking. Sasuke wouldn’t go so far, trust him so much just for sex.  

Sasuke woke with a sharp intake of breath. “I’m sorry I fell asleep,” he said as he moved back to sit against the wall again.

“It’s okay.”

“I guess I should go home and sleep. I don’t have missions for a few days.”

“Maybe I’ll come see you tomorrow.”

“I’d like that.”

It was a little awkward when they stood up to leave but jumped down to lower rooftops on either side of this one at the same time.

Kakashi walked slowly toward his home. He stopped to make sure he was not followed, then slipped into his sanctuary.

Safely behind his walls, he slowly pulled the pins from his wig. He reflected on their earlier conversation. Sasuke had died. Just as he had died. The Great Sage stopped Sasuke on his way to the afterlife, but Kakashi had met his father. If Sasuke had met his family, he might never have returned.

Kakashi had not lied, he was proud of protecting Choji. It was a good death. His father was proud, and he could confess his pride for his father; he was content to die. But then he was ripped away and brought back. Next time, his father would still be proud, but the next time, he could finally meet his mother.

But he and Sasuke were alive. There was potential for a life with Sasuke.

The hand on his shoulder, on his thigh, on his cock. Even if none were on his bare skin, Kakashi relished the feeling of the weight and heat of that strong hand. His imagination was amazingly helpful providing a simulation of what that hand would feel like on his bare skin. Touching him. Intimately. That didn’t even really mean on his cock, but his bare arm, his bare chest, his naked thigh. Then he remembered the hug. He wanted to feel that again. It was probably an embellishment by his brain, but he thought he’d felt safe. Sasuke was more muscular than Kakashi and his arms were sure and warm, his chest hard and broad. And he smelled good.

His mind was then embroiled by the kiss. He’d never felt ecstasy like that in his life. It was like his very soul had been caressed by his lips and tongue.

The repressed lust made Kakashi’s stomach cramp. He wanted to be with him, he wanted to ravage him, be ravaged by him. He wanted Sasuke to rape his very soul.

He stuck his side. The pain brought him out of his reverie and subdued his erection. But his longing wasn’t so easily extinguished.


Kakashi didn’t wear a full disguise today, just an anonymous henge. He found the photography shop and rented a camera and bought several rolls of film. Then he went around taking pictures, anything that was the least bit pretty. He hoped at least a half dozen would look like they were taken with some kind of skill.

He returned to the shop to have the film developed. It would take a few hours, so he spent the time reading up on photography. He eagerly checked the photos; they weren’t half bad. He doubted Sasuke had a better critical eye than him so he could pull this off. He even bought a book to mount the pictures in. Of course, he kept the camera for at least another night.

Sasuke was fully dressed when Kakashi came to his door that evening. He was waiting for him. Damn, that made Kakashi feel horrible.

“I can make dinner for us tonight if you like,” Sasuke said.

“Yeah. Going out to dinner so much is a little pricy.”

Sasuke smiled and let him in. Sasuke went to the kitchen while Kakashi removed his shoes.

Kakashi sat on his cushion near the wall, putting his photo album on the table and the case with the camera on the floor beside him then looked around the room. Kakashi was astonished; Sasuke had redecorated. There was an extra lamp, a new light-colored rug, white curtains, and he changed his bedcovers to light blue rather than black. He also had a potted peace lily in his kitchen and a money plant on his dresser. It looked like a whole new room. It was still close, but it wasn’t warren-like anymore.

It quickly grew apparent that Sasuke had everything ready to make dinner, further making Kakashi feel guilty. It wasn’t long before Sasuke brought the food to the table. Zōni soup and omusubi with okaka and tomatoes.

“Cold barley tea or hot jasmine tea?”

“Jasmine, please.”

Sasuke’s choice of zōni was telling to Kakashi: an auspicious soup normally served on New Year’s. Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Kakashi struggled for a moment to start conversation. They were normally in a restaurant where it felt easier to engage in small talk. This was far more intimate.

“How many days are you off from missions?” Kakashi asked.

“Not sure. Naruto was sent to Suna, so until he gets back, I guess.”

“Taking advantage of the time off?”

“Well, I redecorated.”

Kakashi laughed softly. “I noticed. Looks brighter, larger.” He had to stop himself from saying how much he loved the apartment Sasuke had when he was his student. The studio had more windows and those glass doors and balcony were beautiful.

“I’ve not done much else.”

“Not hanging out with your other teammates?”

“Sakura’s annoying. I might like her more if she stopped hanging on me and trying to be cute. I might respect her then. Kakashi’s probably reading smut and walking his dogs.”

Kakashi let a small laugh out but was a little put down by Sasuke’s words.

“That is unfair,” Sasuke immediately admitted. “I don’t know anything about what Kakashi does on his off time. I think he just uses those books to turn people away. He just fanes disinterest and distraction so people will leave him alone. I think. Or he’s just really into rereading the same smut all the time.”

“He used to read back in ANBU, but not that series. I don’t remember when the first book was written.” Actually, Kakashi did remember. He was twenty-two and in ANBU at the time.

“Can you tell me anything about Kakashi when he was in ANBU?”

“Hmmm. He started long before I joined. I heard that he never spoke to anyone unless he had to, never took his ANBU mask off even when he wasn’t on a mission. Very dark, depressed, and antisocial. Sometime after the Forth died, he finally started to get over his depression. Not entirely, but he started talking to his comrades and taking his ANBU mask off. He was surrounded by melancholy most of the time, but he was friendly enough when I knew him. He was a captain and well respected, but he didn’t like accolades. He always hated being called ‘sempai’.”

“That sounds like him. He isn’t narcissistic. Rather humble. I like that about him. He never flaunted his skills except when he was trying to prove a point to us. I don’t know if he hid his Sharingan because of me or because he didn’t want to show it off.”

“I wouldn’t call it humility. I think he truly doesn’t believe he deserves all the praise. That depression of his.”

“Hn. I can understand that.” Sasuke seemed to consider that seriously. Then he made an obvious effort to push that aside and try to be brighter in front of his guest. “Whether he approves or not, I respect him.”

Kakashi smiled. “Me too.”

Then Sasuke focused on his soup. “Did you know my brother?”

Kakashi froze. “I met him a few times, but I didn’t know him well. He was quiet and diligent. And very talented. I wish I could tell you more, but he kept to himself. Come to think of it, he was always hurrying home. Probably to you.”

“Reporting to my father more likely.”

“Are you so sure about that?”


“I brought my camera and some pictures I’ve taken,” Kakashi said to change the topic. “Most of my photos were destroyed in the attack against the village, but I have a few I’ve taken since then.”

It worked. Sasuke’s expression brightened. “I’m sorry to bring up my brother and getting depressed. Habit, I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing your work.”

Kakashi smiled softly at him, glad to cheer him up. He wished he could have done that as Kakashi. So many times, he wished he could have. Why did Sasuke respond to Sukea and not him? What was wrong with him? Sasuke respects him, but perhaps he doesn’t trust him. It took all Kakashi’s effort to keep the grief from his face. It made his smile even softer.

Sasuke was more eager to finish his meal so that he could see Sukea’s work. Kakashi tried to keep pace.

Once they were finished, Sasuke took their dishes away and Kakashi picked up the album. As Sasuke settled back down, he sat closer to Sukea. Instead of taking the album, Sasuke just shouldered in next to him and didn’t take the album. Kakashi opened it himself and Sasuke leaned in to look.

Uncomfortable at the proximity, Kakashi looked down at Sasuke’s blue black hair. If he lowered his head, he’d impale his eyes on those silky spikes.

Kakashi froze and let Sasuke turn the pages himself. He couldn’t even see what it was Sasuke was looking at.

“These all look recent.”

“Like I said, my older photos were lost. Most of the rest were not for me to keep.”

“I really like this one of the Hokage monument; you captured it at a perfect time for the shadows to highlight it.”

“Thanks. Um, do you want to keep it? I have the original film; I can always have another printed.”

“Yeah. Thank you.” Sasuke busied himself with taking the photo from the album. Kakashi still couldn’t move.

Sasuke finally leaned back to admire his new acquisition. Sasuke’s eyes were bright. He was lovely.

“Hn. This might be the last picture before it’s marred with Kakashi’s masked face.” It was obviously a joke, so it didn’t offend Kakashi.

Sasuke turned to face Kakashi, catching him in the act of staring at him. “Now you have to take my picture.”

“I’m not very good at portraits.”

Sasuke’s eyes grew evilly seductive. “What about landscapes?”


“I’m joking. I won’t be mad if it looks like crap; the lighting in here probably isn’t good.”

Kakashi wanted to flee. Right. Now.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m not asking for a gravure photo.”

Kakashi chuckled nervously. He carefully took the camera out.

“Where should I stand?” Sasuke asked.

“Perhaps in front of your clan banner? We need something in the background so it doesn’t look so sterile.”

“That seems too official.”

Kakashi pouted. “How about that peace lily? Put it on the dresser with the money plant and that will liven up the background.”

Sasuke got up to move the houseplants. Kakashi prepared the camera, so glad he read that book today.

Sasuke straightened his shirt and stood in front of his dresser. Kakashi tried not shake with nerves. If this photo was shit it would unmask him. So to speak.

Sasuke stood there, completely straight. Even to Kakashi’s unartistic eye, that was boring.

“This isn’t a profile picture,” Kakashi said. “Turn a little to the side.”

Sasuke obeyed, turning his head to look at the camera.

Kakashi took a picture. “Hmm. It would help if you smiled a bit.”

Sasuke smirked and Kakashi took the photo. “I think that will come out nice.”

Sasuke came over as Kakashi prepared to put the camera back in its case. There was suddenly two Sasukes. The shadow clone took the camera from Kakashi’s hands. The real Sasuke pulled Kakashi to the same spot where Sasuke stood for his picture. He wasn’t given much warning. He didn’t have an opportunity to smile before the photo was taken. He must have looked as surprised as if he’d been dunked in water. The clone then dumped the camera in Kakashi’s hands and poofed away.

“I’m looking forward to that one most,” Sasuke said.

Kakashi giggled nervously and knelt to put the camera away. When he stood, Sasuke was right next to him. The tilt of his head gave a clear signal of what he was asking for.

For a long, deep heartbeat, Kakashi froze. Then he leaned forward ever so slightly. That was all the permission the younger man needed. He pressed his lips to Sukea’s. It felt so good, Kakashi opened his mouth without thinking. Sasuke deepened the kiss. His legs felt weak, there was a tingling in his gut. He was becoming overwhelmed by Sasuke. He never knew a kiss could be so . . . enthralling, so insidious.

He was too afraid to touch Sasuke, but Sasuke had no such fear. One hand went to Kakashi’s waist to pull him forward, the other to his shoulder. He pressed a little closer so their bodies touched. Kakashi wanted to be swept away but . . .

Sasuke took a step, pressing Kakashi back. His knees buckled against the edge of Sasuke’s bed. Kakashi wouldn’t let himself be laid out, he put out a hand to remain sitting rather than lying. Sasuke put a knee between his thighs and leaned in for another kiss, his hands on Kakashi’s thigh and his shoulder.

Kakashi wasn’t conscious of the moan that escaped him. One hand still braced him, the other he tentatively raised to Sasuke’s elbow. Sasuke drew his hand over Kakashi’s thigh until he brushed his growing bulge. Then it cupped him. Kakashi wanted to suck Sasuke’s tongue deep into his mouth.

Yet, when Sasuke’s fingers traveled up to his neck and touched his hairline, Kakashi panicked about his wig and lightly pushed Sasuke back. He couldn’t stifle his nervous laugh.

“Ha, that was an excellent dinner. I’ll develop the film tomorrow.” A stuttering, little laugh escaped him, and he awkwardly stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Sasuke was taken aback by Sukea’s sudden panic and nervousness. Then amused by it.

“Hai.” Sasuke gave him a relatively chaste hug. Kakashi inhaled, smelling his hair. There was a warm scent of his skin reaching him from under Sasuke’s collar. His arms were strong and sure but didn’t feel like they would restrain him. In fact, Sasuke released him the moment Kakashi shuffled back and grabbed the camera case.

He was so flustered that Kakashi forgot to pick up the photo album. He would have run home if he wasn’t concerned about being followed. Kakashi was panting, nevertheless, when he reached the sanctuary of his apartment. He put his fingers to his lips.

He was in deep.

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