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Happy Birthday, Kakashi! I started this story on Kakashi's birthday and I shall end it on his birthday. ^_^


They woke up early to quiet tapping on Sasuke’s lone window. Sasuke groaned and Kakashi got up to look at the small bird tapping there.

“D’sn’t op’n,” Sasuke mumbled.

The bird hopped back when Kakashi appeared in the window, but then she hopped forward again and tweeted a bit before flying off.

“Hokage summons. For both of us. She must have heard the rumors and/or the bird didn’t find me at home.”

They got ready—Kakashi glad he’d brought a spare uniform with him yesterday—and headed off.

Kakashi took a detour and arrived in the Hokage’s office several minutes after his lover. He did have a reputation to protect.

Tsunade did not look impressed.

“You weren’t at home, Kakashi, so I assume the rumor I heard is true,” Tsunade said.

Sasuke narrowed his already squinting eyes. “Do you object?”

Tsunade sat back. “You are the last of a powerful clan, a founding clan of the village. You are the next in line for Hokage. It’s concerning.”

“It’s my clan, my bloodline, my life. I intend to have children, but that is my business.”

“Um, I don’t think it’s wise to have this conversation this early in morning,” Kakashi interjected.

“This is my life, and I won’t have you dictating it. I’m in love with Kakashi and I won’t have you or anyone else interfering.”

Kakashi was worried; Sasuke was already on edge. He’d confessed to feeling isolated and alien, he was irritable in the morning, and he’d just yesterday said he was ready to bolt. He really didn’t want Sasuke pushed into a corner. As much as he hated the idea of becoming Hokage and how ready he really was to leave with Sasuke, he didn’t want to have to leave Konoha.

Tsunade looked at Kakashi with anger. There was irritation and accusation in her eyes. How could he, a respectable man and a levelheaded and restrained adult, acquiesce to this little brat?

“Hokage-sama,” Kakashi said in his most reasonable tone, “I do love Sasuke. I intend to become Hokage, but if I’m seen as unfit because of our relationship, I will step aside. Sasuke is considered an adult and he doesn’t feel pressured by me to do anything, not even showing respect in mission briefings. We’re far from the first same sex couple in the village, but I know I would be the first Hokage in such a relationship, or at least an open relationship.”

“We’re both bisexual,” Sasuke continued. “I will produce children, so you can rest assured about my clan. I also want Kakashi to have children. I will not get married unless I’m allowed to marry Kakashi, but I will revive my clan. What objections do you have?”

“It’s unseemly, but I have no reasonable objection. It’s clear you both set off the rumors and you want to be open about this. If a majority of the village raises objections, I will have to nominate someone else as Hokage.”

“I’m fine with that,” Kakashi said.

Tsunade nodded. “I do have a mission for your team this morning as well. I need all these sensitive documents delivered to the Daimyō, so I want your team to deliver them. There’s no reason to think people know about these documents, but I want them protected just in case. The rest of your team should be waiting for you.”

Sasuke nodded and Kakashi accepted the satchel of documents and headed off to their normal meeting spot, Kakashi taking a longer route, of course.

Naruto and Sakura behaved normally as Kakashi explained their mission.

It was a normal mission, no complications. However, when they arrived, the Daimyō wanted to meet with them. They were the legendary team who defeated Kaguya. Naruto the great hero, Sasuke the last Uchiha, and Kakashi the next Hokage. He also insisted they have dinner with him. They ended up having to get rooms for the night.

That’s when things got awkward.

As they normally did, they got two rooms, one for Sakura and a double for the boys. Sakura had a little smile as she went to her room, but once the three men entered their double room, Naruto got nervous. The other two picked up on it quickly.

“We’re not going to do anything,” Sasuke said. “Relax.” He dropped his gear near one of the beds.

Kakashi couldn’t help teasing both his subordinates. He hugged Sasuke in an exaggerated way and complained, “You’re so cold, Sasuke-kun.”

Sasuke tolerated the embrace for two seconds then struggled out. “Get off.”

Kakashi sense of humor worked and put Naruto at ease. That and the reminder how prickly Sasuke was—there was no way he’d be affectionate with anyone where he could be observed.

After half stripping and taking turns in the bathroom, Kakashi and Sasuke laid down with their backs to each other, Naruto taking the other bed. Having Naruto in the room did cool down their sex drive. They didn’t even try to touch the other. They’d had enough sex to abstain for a few days anyway.

They returned to Konoha during the day. Kakashi wasn’t apprehensive; it hadn’t been long since they started rumors, but they hadn’t been met with any distain yet.

Izumo and Kotetzu nodded to them in a friendly, supportive manner as they entered the gates. As they walked toward the Hokage tower, people stared, but nothing felt hostile. He felt bad for Sakura for the attention she was getting just for being in their company. Naruto wouldn’t care; he was used to negative attention and wouldn’t hold it against his teammates. However . . .

“Naruto, Sakura, you can go on home. Sasuke and I can report in.”

“It’s okay,” Sakura said. “I’d like to see Tsunade-shisho.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen baa-chan in a few days.”

Sasuke actually gave a small smile at their support.

In front of the Hokage’s desk, Naruto and Sakura stood at either side of Kakashi and Sasuke.

“We had no problems,” Kakashi reported. “We delivered the documents safely and spent the night.”

“Very good.”

“Shisho,” Sakura said, “you’re not angry with Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei, are you?”

Tsunade sighed. “No. They explained themselves already. I still intend to recommend Kakashi to succeed me, but I cannot nominate a Hokage the shinobi of the village do not respect and the citizens revile. I’m not saying that’s the case,” she said quickly when Naruto opened his mouth to object. “We shall wait and see how people react. I have no plans to replace Kakashi as successor. I am glad you two are supporting them. I know the four of you have very strong bonds and I’m glad you accept each other. I’m actually impressed that you two aren’t trying to hide your relationship. Being open and honest about it will make it more palatable.”

Kakashi was sure she did not find their relationship ‘palatable’, but she was being magnanimous to them face to face. She would not interfere. Whether because it wasn’t worth it to her, or she was aware that Sasuke was one insult away from running away again, Kakashi didn’t know and didn’t really care as long as she didn’t drive Sasuke into a corner. He, for one, didn’t need her approval and Sasuke wouldn’t give two fucks about anyone’s opinion of him. That thought made him smile behind his mask.

“We are honored by your support,” Kakashi snarked.

He heard the sharp exhale through Sasuke’s nose that was as close to a laugh that Sasuke would attempt in public.

Tsunade scowled and gestured for them to leave.

“Sensei,” Sakura chided when they were out in the corridor.

He just shrugged. He got a ‘laugh’ from Sasuke, so it was worth it. “I don’t want to be Hokage anyway. I say we just push Naruto the head of the line.”

Sasuke scoffed.

“Hey,” Naruto complained.

“We both got our promotions without even passing the lowliest chunin exams,” Sasuke said. “Sakura is the only one who earned her promotion. You aren’t ready.”

“Sasuke,” Naruto gritted.

Kakashi sighed, but they all knew this was merely friendly teasing by both young men.

“I’m going to head out,” Kakashi announced.

Sasuke whirled on him, about to speak, but he shut his mouth.

“I have errands to run. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said to Sasuke.

Sasuke was impassive, but the way he just stood there for a moment it was obvious he was surprised Kakashi was leaving without him. Then he saw his hand; Kakashi was giving him signals telling him that he wanted to check the rumor mill and he wouldn’t becoming over tonight.

Sasuke remained with Naruto and Sakura while Kakashi left.

Kakashi went home and showered. He used soap that would hide his scent from those like himself and the Inuzuka who had heightened sense of smell and identified people that way as much as by sight. He dressed simply then put in his contacts, his eyes becoming a soft grey. The decals which he’d cut from a sheet to perfectly cover his scar were easy to apply. A little makeup on his eyelids erased the scar completely. He combed his hair down and bobby pinned the wig in place. His long green coat and pale scarf finished the ensemble.

Sukea was looking back at him through the mirror. “I guess I’m never to be rid of you,” he said, his natural voice sounding strange coming from the brunet.

The rumors had spread and simmered; it was time to find out what people were thinking about them.

Time for a late lunch. Ramen sounded good. He headed for probably the single most popular spot in Konoha.

Kakashi understood Sasuke’s caution when approaching this place. Naruto might as well pay rent here. But the blond must not be hungry yet.

“Ah, welcome, Sukea-san,” Teuchi greeted. “No Sasuke today?”

“Nope. Sasuke’s preoccupied. I’m sure you’ve heard.”

“I thought if he were dating anyone, it would be you. He only comes here with Naruto or you. He’s never even been here alone with Kakashi-san.”

“No, we’re just close friends. He’s probably far more private with Kakashi-san.”

He ordered a bowl of ramen. He was the only patron because of the in-between hour.

Teuchi was talkative when one was obviously respective to it. “You know, it is strange those two together. I remember Kakashi-san coming in here with the three of them when they were still just kids.”

“So, how do you feel about the situation?”

“Kakashi-san’s been coming here since I opened about fifteen years ago. I feel like I know so many people of this village very well from the time they spend here. There are several who I can tell are no good. I would never spit in anyone’s food, but I may not cook the noodles as perfectly for them. Naruto is one customer I would never disappoint by undercooking a single noodle. Kakashi-san is another customer I would never want to disappoint. I don’t believe there was ever anything wrong with the relationship between you and Sasuke-kun.”

It took Kakashi three heartbeats to catch what Teuchi just said. Then he remembered: Teuchi had seen his face once. He must have put it together.

“Me?” He asked, hoping that maybe it was a mistake.

“I thought you looked familiar. I realized it the second time you came here with Sasuke, Kakashi-san.”

“You have shinobi observation skills. I trust you won’t tell anyone; this is my favorite disguise.”

“Your secret is safe with me. It’s not my place to judge your relationship, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I’ve seen Sasuke eat here probably fifty times and it’s rare he’s completely relaxed and open. If you find the person who makes you happy, I don’t think you should let that person get away.

“I think I realized Sasuke was in love with you before you did. I happened to turn around and saw the way he looked at you. It was the first time you two came here for dinner—as Sukea-san. Sasuke looked surprised, then fond. Then he realized what he was feeling. He smiled and looked down. You were looking at your food the entire time. I hadn’t realized who you were at that point, but I knew that whoever you were, Sasuke fell in love with you in that moment.”

“The first time we ate here? That was when it happened? Huh. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one taken by surprise. Thank you, Teuchi-san. It’s good to be able to pinpoint it.” He smiled wistfully. “It wasn’t long after that that Sasuke confessed his feelings. He moved in for a kiss as quickly as an ANBU with a kunai. I fell in an instant. I’ve only been falling more in love as time goes on.”

“I see it in you as I did with him. I may not be trained in body language and spying as you shinobi, but I’ve been standing behind ramen counters most of my life and I’ve seen everything. I remember you as a child with your team, before you got that scar. I remember Yondaime and his wife coming here while she was pregnant with our little Naruto. You and Naruto and Sasuke and Sakura. Jiraiya and Tsunade. All the kids of Naruto’s generation. Iruka and Sandaime. I’ve seen so much from behind this counter. I can see when a man is in love.”

Kakashi lowered his head in respect. “Thank you, Teuchi-san. For everything. Your ramen, your kindness, and your observations.” He lifted his head. “You know, I was here opening day, but got called away on a mission and didn’t get to try your ramen that day, but don’t think I wasn’t standing in line with half the village.”

Teuchi bowed his thanks to Kakashi. “So, you came here to try and gage how people feel about your relationship?”

“Yeah. So, what have you heard?”

“People are surprised more than anything. There’s a little derision, a little disappointment that you both are taken, but nothing outright vicious. There are even a few people who are titillated by it.”

Kakashi smiled. “I’m glad that the people of the village aren’t bigoted. That will make everything so much easier. Of course, that also means I still have to be Hokage.” He slumped and groaned. “Hey, you don’t think you could do something to make people disapprove of me becoming Hokage, could you?”

“Afraid not.”

“Oh. Okay.”


Early evening, he decided to go for a drink. Kakashi was hoping he could eavesdrop on some gossip and maybe strike up a conversation with the bartender or a random patron. He was known as Sasuke’s friend, but this was his best disguise. If no one wanted to gossip with him, he’d come back with a new one.

He headed for the same bar in the same restaurant where Sasuke first invited Sukea to join him for a meal. The bar was separated from the main dining room by a short wall that left passages at either end so that staff and customers could easily go from one to the other.

He was shocked when a woman came up to him shortly after he sat down to start a conversation.

“You’re a friend of Uchiha Sasuke, right?” the woman asked as she sat next to him.

“Uh, yeah.” He’d seen this woman before but had no idea who she was. He could deduce from her appearance that she wasn’t a shinobi—she didn’t have the muscle for it, nor any callouses on her hands.

“Let me pay for that drink,” she said as she signaled to the bartender.

“In exchange for . . .”

“Gossip. Is it true that Uchiha is dating Hatake Kakashi?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

“Damn it,” she hissed.

“Had your eye on the Uchiha?” he asked.

“No, he’s too young for me. No, I had my eye on Kakashi.”

If Kakashi had had anything in his mouth, he would have spit it out. “Really? If you were attracted to him, why didn’t you approach him? He’s been bachelor for years.”

“Well, an active shinobi isn’t much of a partner. Once he became Hokage though. Strong, attractive, powerful, and the Hokage, who wouldn’t want him?”

“Attractive? You’ve seen his face?”

“No, but what you can see . . . Is their relationship really serious? Uchiha is so young. I mean, if they were civilians, their relationship would be illegal. And I heard that Kakashi had spent the night with a few women. Is he gay? I’ve heard people talk and they aren’t surprised Sasuke’s gay—apparently he had all the young beauties running after him and he always ignored them.”

Kakashi had been wrapped up in this conversation and surprised to hear that this woman had been attracted to him, that he missed the fact many people were focused on them. He realized they now had an audience.

“It’s very serious. Neither are actually gay, they’re both bisexual.”

“So, you’re saying there’s chance.”

Kakashi had to release a small laugh. “No. They are madly in love.”

There were a few disappointed sighs coming from behind them. Kakashi looked to see half a dozen women and two men looking dejected. Seeing as this was the restaurant he and Sasuke came to the most, he wondered how many people were here for that reason, to see the couple themselves or corner Sukea as this woman did.

“It’s a relationship built on the fact they have so much in common and the bond they developed a few years ago. Sasuke fell in love first and Kakashi hesitated to requite him, but he fell in love pretty hard. I really don’t think anyone or anything can come between them.”

She let out a long breath of defeat. “Oh, well. I guess I missed my chance. What about you? You’re pretty cute.”

Kakashi laughed nervously. “I’m hung up on a lost love. I’d be a terrible boyfriend.” He rubbed—gently—at the back of his head.


He was glad she gave up quickly; she probably hadn’t been serious at all.

She was about to get up when she looked back at him. Her expression made him lean back a bit. “It isn’t Sasuke, is it? We’ve all seen you having dinner with him but never with anyone else. He doesn’t even go out with Kakashi that we’ve seen.” She was obviously part of a group that gossiped about them. She seemed to come to the conclusion without a response that she was right. “Oh, you poor dear. Well, we all know how you feel.”

He blinked at her and let out a brittle giggle. “No, no, it’s nothing like that. We’re just close friends.”

“Of course, you are,” she said with pity.

Kakashi decided he’d accomplished his goal. With his drink paid for, he finished it up and left. Of course, that made him look guilty, made it look like that woman had hit the nail on the head. Had their flirting and adoring looks been observed? Maybe it would have been best to hide their relationship and make it seem like it was Sukea Sasuke was in love with. No, that would have been too much work. He headed home.

He was always careful when approaching his apartment dressed as Sukea, always alert to avoid being seen. He sensed someone loitering in the hallway on his floor before he reached the stairway landing. He peeked up through the safety railing to see who it was and was shocked to see Sasuke standing next to his door.

Sasuke had changed and was leaning back against the wall with his head down and eyes closed.

Kakashi dropped his precautions and came up the last of the stairs to his floor. “What are you doing standing out here?” he asked in a low voice so his neighbors wouldn’t hear.

“I gave you permission to break into my apartment, but you didn’t give me permission to break into yours.”

Kakashi let him in and took off his wig.

“So, what did you find out?” Sasuke asked.

Kakashi rubbed his hair back to life. He thought about that woman and the others who expressed disappointment that they were both off the market. “I thought you were joking that you knew of women who were attracted to me.”

“I wasn’t. The two I can name are ­­­­Kohada, the woman who runs the sushi place, and Shizune.”


“She does that coy thing with her eyes when you’re around and she blushed when you smiled at her once. I guess there was also that spy, Hanare. I’ve also noticed a few other women who stare at you the way the girls used to stare at me.”

Kakashi huffed. “Anyway, people just seem curious or disappointed. Teuchi figured out who I am, by the way. He said he overheard some derision, but nothing vicious. I don’t think we have to worry about anything.”


“Were you anxious? I didn’t expect you to come over. I might have been out longer. I planned to be, but this woman halfheartedly came onto me and when I rejected her, she accused me—Sukea, I mean—of being in love with you. Made me uncomfortable so I left.”

Sasuke smiled at that. “I wasn’t really anxious. I was just . . . lonely. Maybe we have been spending too much time together.”

“Well, you have my permission to break in when you want.”

“Mind if I stay?”

“I’d like you to.”

“Get cleaned up and change. The one thing I never liked about Sukea was that coat.”

“Oh. I wore it because I don’t own a lot of civilian clothes. Covers them up.”

“And the scarf?”

“I’m not used to having my throat exposed.”


Kakashi took off the scarf and coat then went into the bathroom to remove the rest of his disguise. He came back to find Sasuke sitting sideways in his desk chair, his arm propped on the back of the chair reading Icha Icha Paradise.

Sasuke looked up and snapped the book closed. “This is trash.”

“But it’s entertaining trash,” Kakashi halfheartedly defended. “It gets better. The set up in the first book took some time, but once the main characters start courting, it becomes a tale of blossoming love.”

“And pornography.”

“It’s not that bad,” Kakashi sulked.

Sasuke opened the book at random and read, “’He was entranced by her heaving breasts, the subtle jiggle to them as he—’”

“Alright, alright,” Kakashi stopped him, blushing. “Icha Icha Violence is far more graphic, but Tactics is a masterpiece. The day Naruto gave it to me, I read it twice. It’s my favorite, but I have a lot of nostalgic affection for Paradise.”

“Which one has the chair sex?”

Kakashi stuttered. “Um, uh, Tactics.”

Sasuke smirked. “I can’t believe you still read them.”

“I do have Paradise memorized. Tactics too. Violence I’ve memorized most of it.”

“Wait, you haven’t been parroting lines from these with me, have you?”

“No,” Kakashi laughed. “But if you’d like . . .” He moved closer and acted sultrier and more intense. “’The truth is what I want. Do you love me?’”

Sasuke leaned away, dubious. “Yes.”

Kakashi broke character and slumped in disappointment. “Not the most poetic response. Jiraiya wrote a much more flowery answer.” He got back into character. “‘The truth is that you love me then?’”


“You suck at writing romance. The next response is ‘Really, I love you.’”

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at him.

Kakashi gestured to encourage him. “You say, ‘Really, I love you.’”

Sasuke sighed. “’Really, I love you.’”

“Your part continues with: ‘I will prove it when darkness falls. Come to my place and once, just this one time, I will do anything your hormones desire. No one will be here for an hour yet, so we hardly have time for me to show you my love now, but I can kiss you, my cute peanut.’”

“This is terrible.”

“This is romance. ‘A pale preview of my love.’” He leaned down to put his face close to Sasuke’s.

“I’m not kissing a mouth spouting that shit.”

“’I’m losing you, and in doing so, I am lost.’”

“Move. Away.”

Kakashi straightened up, laughing. “Did you eat already?”

“Yeah. I assumed you did.”

“I did. I’d like to say we could spend the time until bed having sex, but I still haven’t recovered from all the sex we’ve had this week.”

Sasuke smirked at him. “Agreed. As you said before, this started as a friendship, not a sexual relationship. We have to be able to do something other than fuck.”

“Guess I need to buy a shogi set.”

“Or Go, I’ve played both. I brought herbal tea, we can at least have tea.”

Kakashi smiled softly at him. Itachi loved tea as well. He wondered how much of Sasuke’s interest was based on his brother’s old hobby.

Sasuke went to the kitchen and Kakashi stared at him. It wasn’t sexual, just a feeling of satisfaction. Just seeing him made him happy. He felt a needy hollowness that could never be filled no matter how many times they touched or had sex. And yet, he felt enormous satisfaction and affection for him just by looking at him.

Sasuke wore a casual kimono with no undershirt despite the cold spring weather, leaving his chest bare to the elements and the eye. He normally wore a belt around the waist, changing to a thin rope belt from the thick purple one he wore with Orochimaru. Tonight, it was left open. The way Sasuke stood with his arms close or crossed kept it closed. From behind, Kakashi saw it was hanging open. He thought he should ask Sasuke to wear a tank top under his kimonos from now on. He wasn’t beyond jealousy.

Sasuke turned to him once the water was on the stove. Kakashi’s eyes were pointed low on Sasuke’s body making Sasuke smirk.

“Just the sight of you makes me happy,” Kakashi said.

Sasuke’s kimono was indeed open showing his well-muscled abdomen. Kakashi’s eyes traced every line and noted the way the muscles moved when he breathed. He swallowed. He looked up to see Sasuke’s eyes aimed at his throat.

Sasuke walked up to him. “So, wearing the mask makes your throat sensitive?”

“I don’t know about that. I’m just as uncomfortable showing it as my face.”

Sasuke took another step to lick at Kakashi’s throat. It made Kakashi shudder.

“No? Maybe that’s why you like kissing me so much, you keep your lips covered.”


Sasuke kissed him. Kakashi was swept away as he always was. Sasuke stroked his neck. Never weather beaten, never wind chafed, his neck and throat were indeed tender.

As the kiss ebbed away, Kakashi said, “I thought we agreed no sex tonight.”

“This isn’t sex. But if you do get an erection, I’m willing to help you with it.”

Kakashi put his hands on Sasuke’s cheeks. “I adore you. Even if we never had sex again, as long as I can see you, have you in my life, I can live on that alone.” He brought him in for another kiss.

Sasuke’s smile disrupted the kiss. “I think I would die if I couldn’t sleep with you again.”

“Am I that good a lay?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“They could carve your beautiful face and I’d still love you. As long as you can still fuck,” Sasuke whispered.

Kakashi laughed. “I’m glad to hear it,” he chuckled. “So, I can grow as old as Sandaime, but as long as I can still fuck, you’ll still fancy me.”

“I will always love you.”

“That’s the only thing that worries me, that one day you’ll find me too old.”

Sasuke looked at him fondly. “Never. If I was disfigured, lost all my looks, would you still love me?”

“If you were disfigured and I could never fuck you again, I would still love you. I would still adore you.”

“I may not be this good looking in a few years’ time. I might end up looking like my father.”

Kakashi felt a mine field. But Sasuke didn’t seem to get depressed. “I might be put off a little if you ended up looking exactly like him, but that wouldn’t make me love you less. I don’t think that will happen; you look more like your mother.”

“Guess that’s how I scored a straight guy.”

“That had little to do with it.” Kakashi thought about that. “As lovely as you are, that’s not why I fell in love with you. It was how you opened up to me. I fell in love with what you showed to Sukea. That’s why I couldn’t tell you the truth; I knew you didn’t want to open up to me, but to him. I fell in love with you not your looks. But it doesn’t hurt.” He smiled. “What about me? Sukea or me. What made you fall in love with us?”

The quickness of the answer showed that Sasuke had considered this before. He probably agonized over why he loved Sukea and Kakashi after Kakashi confessed. “Your acceptance. Sukea didn’t hate me or resent me for what I did. Whether you do resent me or not, you do accept me.”

“I do.”

“We understand each other in a way no one else ever can.”

Kakashi nodded softly. “We do.”

Sasuke leaned his forehead against Kakashi’s. The boiling of the water pulled him away. Sasuke prepared the tea leaves while he let the water cool a bit.

Kakashi couldn’t just stand there, he came up behind Sasuke and put his arms around his waist. “Let’s go out to dinner tomorrow. You and I. Teuchi and that woman who halfheartedly came onto me noticed we haven’t gone out on a date yet.”

Sasuke understood. “Alright.”

Kakashi kissed his hair.

Not having a table and seats other than his desk, they sat on the floor against the wall. Sasuke drank with his left hand and Kakashi with his right as they sat shoulder to shoulder chatting through two cups.

When they went to bed, it took some time to comfortably entangle their limbs in Kakashi’s small bed, but they quickly fell asleep even with them breathing in each other’s faces.


They trained during the day with Naruto and Sakura. Kakashi noticed that they both looked at them a little differently. Naruto was amused and happy for them. Sakura looked a little sad, but not spiteful.

They went to their separate homes to bathe and change and met at their favorite restaurant, Kakashi making his lover wait only two minutes.

Kakashi had purchased some nice civies that morning since he had few and didn’t want to look anything like Sukea. No green, no scarf, and no long coat. Leaving off his headband left his hair falling wildly over his forehead. He wore a violet, long sleeve shirt and black pants. By the look in Sasuke’s eyes, he must look good.

They were shown to booth toward the back for their privacy, though there was no full privacy in a place like this. Their normal waiter came over and was shocked to see Kakashi and not Sukea.

“Kakashi-sama, welcome!”

“No ‘sama,’ please. I’m not even Hokage yet and please don’t start then either.”

“Of course, Kakashi-san.”

They ordered drinks and Kakashi acted like he needed to consult the menu.

Sasuke appeared uncomfortable. He was straight backed as he sat there without looking at the menu, not needing to.

“Not ashamed to be seen with me in public, are you?” Kakashi asked.

“No. I just feel . . . watched.”

Kakashi looked around and there were a few people sneaking looks at them. Nothing hostile, just curious.

“Well, I’m very happy to be out with you. Our first date!” He said it quietly, but enthusiastically with closed rainbow eyes.

That disarmed Sasuke and made him smile. “I guess it is.”

When the waiter returned, Kakashi took on a puzzled mien. “What’s good here?” he asked Sasuke.


“You order for me.”

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at him, but he obeyed, ordering something Sukea had ordered. He acted annoyed but Kakashi could tell he was in fact relaxing.

For Kakashi’s part, he knew he had to behave differently than Sukea, but he found that easy. Sukea was anxious and self-deprecating, he’d been afraid of his deception being seen and uncomfortable with Sasuke’s affections. Kakashi was confident and happy. He had nothing to hide anymore, and he had the most valuable thing in the world. Not riches or power or influence, he had Sasuke’s love and that was worth the world to him.

That thought made him pause. When Obito, as Tobi/Madara, told Kakashi, Tenzou, and Naruto the truth about Itachi, he had said that Sasuke’s life was more precious to him than the village. Kakashi agreed. Naruto was similar, though he would always seek a way to preserve both, but when pressed to it with no other option, Naruto might choose Sasuke. Naruto’s love was plutonic, Itachi’s familial, Kakashi’s romantic, but they all felt the same. Sasuke felt alone in the world, but he was greatly cherished by three people.

Kakashi had been staring fondly at Sasuke for a minute now. “If you weren’t so open about it, and if I didn’t reciprocate, your staring would be creepy.”

Kakashi’s smile just intensified. “I’m just thinking how much I love you.”

Sasuke tried to look annoyed, but he couldn’t kill the smile on his face. Even those not trained in reading body language could see Sasuke’s feelings. He shut his eyes and his head tilted down with a small smile. He opened his eyes and looked up before he raised his head. He couldn’t have flirted more successfully if he’d been trained in seduction as a kunoichi. They could both relax and show their affection for each other.

So often, Kakashi’s smile and light air was nothing more than an act, but now his smile and lightness and playfulness was genuine. His reconciliation with Obito and his brief reunion with his father had eased the deepest shadows of his soul, but it was Sasuke who blew the last remnants of night from his spirit. He was genuinely happy. That just made his smile broader.

Sasuke seemed to forget the people watching him.

“I hear Ōnoki is still refusing to retire,” Sasuke changed the subject.

“Ha, that man will never retire. He’ll die with that hat on. The fact he did what he did during the war was incredible.”

“You’ll be the most likeable of that bunch. I respect Ōnoki and Mei—they did nearly kill me. The Raikage did some damage. Gaara’s talented. I have to admit that was an impressive group of Kage.”

“What about the Hokage?”

“Danzo? Or you or Tsunade? I respect you. Tsunade is a talented medical-nin. No comment on the other. I don’t want to ruin my good mood.”

Kakashi laughed.

They talked about nothing for the rest of dinner and decided to go their separate ways afterward, spend the night in their own beds. Mission in the morning.


Tsunade decided that the next Hokage needed to come with her to the next Kage meeting two weeks later. Kakashi was summoned one morning and told to pack for an extended mission. He would accompany her as a part of the meeting and as one of her bodyguards. Sasuke and the others would not be joining them.

Kakashi was bored out of his skull, but he participated a little and learned a few things. He was looking forward to returning to Team Kakashi.

But then, Tsunade hauled him in to prepare him for the transition to Hokage without him being able to go on a mission with his ex-students again. He wasn’t even aware his last mission with his team would be his last mission. For three days she forced him to not only shadow her, but to actually do her work. He wasn’t getting full nights’ sleep. He was beleaguered as he entered his apartment. He was so out of it that he didn’t sense the person in his room; he was startled when a black-haired blob moved in his bed. It was Sasuke turning and sitting up when Kakashi turned on the light.


“Eh? You’re not going to be coming home this late all the time as Hokage, are you?”

“Um, no. Not if I can help it. Tsunade’s just being a slave driver right now to prepare me. What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you. It’s been a week. I thought we could . . . you know. But it got late so I just went to bed. You probably need to sleep.”

Kakashi smiled warmly at him. “I am tired. But you know what would help me sleep?”

Sasuke smirked at him. “Get cleaned up and I’ll help you with that.”

Kakashi did so. He came out of the bathroom naked, happy to see Sasuke was nude as well. He shut off the lights and came over to sit on the bed with his lover.

Sasuke quickly crawled onto Kakashi’s lap and made out with him, rubbing his body against him.

“I should warn you,” Kakashi said between kisses, “I’m pretty sure I’m going pass out after one orgasm.”

“Then I’ll make the most of it.” He licked Kakashi’s chin then his nose. “How do you feel about letting me suck you off?”


Sasuke dropped to his knees in front of Kakashi who opened his legs to give Sasuke access to his cock. He was still embarrassed, but after so many weeks, they were much more comfortable with each other now. And, having done it himself, he wasn’t as worried that Sasuke would find it disgusting.

Far from it, it seemed. Sasuke began by swirling his tongue around the head of Kakashi’s hard cock, then he slipped his lips over the head and gave it a suck. Kakashi felt a spirt of precum shoot from his cock. Sasuke brought his hand up to rub his thumb against the base.

Sasuke’s lips slid further down the shaft, his tongue rarely loosing contact with the sensitive underside of his cock. He hollowed his cheeks and Kakashi could feel the smooth insides like silk on his cock.

Sasuke began bobbing. Kakashi could feel Sasuke’s tongue come up to guard his throat, the same problem Kakashi had his first time. Sasuke was right, it felt great, the head of his cock bumping up against the rough, yet soft, barrier. Sasuke bobbed several times like that before he relaxed his tongue and throat. He took it slow, taking Kakashi deeper little by little. Sasuke dropped his tongue, but it was still sealing the back of his throat, yet now the head of Kakashi’s cock was pressing into Sasuke’s soft palate.

Kakashi leaned back a bit in bliss and put a hand on Sasuke’s hair. He didn’t grip, just let it lay there.

Finally, Sasuke let his throat open completely, Kakashi’s cock sinking the rest of the way in. Sasuke now had him fully engulfed, his lips around the base of Kakashi’s cock. He didn’t stay there for long, fighting his gag reflex and pulling away. He licked his lips and dove back in. He got into a comfortable rhythm taking Kakashi all the way, then few short bobs, then deep throating him again.

“Sasuke,” he warned. Sasuke didn’t stop. He sucked harder and moved his tongue more. Kakashi did grip Sasuke’s hair then. Kakashi came with a shuddering breath. Sasuke softly sucked until Kakashi’s cock deflated.

“Fuck,” Kakashi breathed.

Sasuke stood up with a superior smirk on his face. “Any good?”

Kakashi shot him a glare. “You need to ask?”

“I enjoy positive feedback.”

“Yeah, it was good.” He looked at Sasuke’s hips and noticed he had an erection. He was tired but was determined to do his duty to satisfy his lover. “I know I can’t get it up again tonight.”

“That’s alright.” Sasuke straddled his thighs again. He leaned close and started jerking off. From the redness of his cock, Kakashi figured he’s been masturbating while sucking him off.

It didn’t take Sasuke long to groan with his own climax. He opened his eyes to Kakashi’s sleepy ones. “You can go to sleep now.”

Kakashi smiled at him and kissed his swollen lips. “Thank you. I love you.”

Sasuke pulled him down to the mattress. “I love you too.”

Sasuke twisted around so that they could spoon in the small bed. Kakashi was out within moments.


The day was finally announced: Kakashi was finally going to become Hokage. They’d avoided any drama, and no one opposed his ascension. In fact, the couple didn’t encounter any bigotry after they leaked their relationship. There was some awkwardness, but people accepted that the two of them were together.

It was a lovely summer day. It was warm but with a wind keeping the summer heat off. Kakashi waited up on the roof with a few others. Tsunade, Shizune, Naruto, Sakura, and a few dignitaries milled about, all wearing white jackets with the fire symbol on their backs. Kakashi wore his normal shinobi clothes without the vest, headband, or gear since he would be donning the robe once it arrived. Sasuke volunteered to retrieve Kakashi’s new Hokage robe, but he hadn’t arrived yet.

Tsunade was wearing her own Hokage robe and held the hat in her hand. She was chatting with Shizune and Sakura. Naruto stood near Kakashi, more nervous than Kakashi. Kakashi was resigned. He stood with his hands in his pockets, slouching.

There were two people missing from this ceremony: Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura, members of the Council. That had been Kakashi’s request.

Kakashi had met with the Council and Tsunade several days ago to discuss the ceremony.

“I have two requests,” Kakashi announced. “You know Uchiha Sasuke is my lover. He isn’t too fond of the Council. Would you both step down and retire? I will of course seek your counsel when needed, but I am reluctant to accept the same counsel that approved the Uchiha Massacre.”

Utatane sighed. “Very well. This is a different era.”

“Despite that,” Mitokado said, “we have experience that you should not dismiss out of hand.”

“I understand.”

“What is your second request?” Mitokado asked.

“Please do not attend the ceremony. Sasuke will be there. He blamed Danzo more than anyone else, but he resents the whole Council. I think he’s forgotten you even exist, so I’d appreciate if we kept it that way.”

Both Council members nodded. They had more blood on their hands than even Kakashi, the former ANBU. Most of it was Uchiha blood. They stayed home today.

Naruto was complaining about how long Sasuke was taking retrieving the robe. “You’re rubbing off on him in a bad way,” he whined.

Kakashi let out an embarrassed chuckle. “At least I’m not late,” he defended.

When Sasuke finally arrived on top of the Hokage tower, he looked annoyed.

“The old lady couldn’t finish in time so . . .” Sasuke opened the robe and presented him with a robe with the “six” patched on.

Kakashi sighed. He didn’t care that much, but that was just perfect. Sasuke helped Kakashi put it on. He looked over his shoulder but couldn’t see the patch.

Tsunade came up to them. “Finally. Fitting that we’d start late. Let’s begin.” She put on her hat.

Kakashi sighed and took his place just out of sight of the crowd below while Tsunade came up to the edge of the roof and took off her hat.

“Now, we will now begin the inauguration of the Sixth Hokage. I, Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage will presiding over the ceremony today.” She paused for applause. “May I present, the hero of Kannabi Bridge, General of the Third Division in the Forth Great Shinobi War, the Copy-nin, Hatake Kakashi.”

Kakashi walked up beside her. There was a great amount of cheering and fireworks. This was only the second time the post was ever passed along without the death of the previous Hokage. Truly a reason to celebrate.

Kakashi was so relieved that Gai was down there in the crowd and not up here. Even from this distance, he could see the man crying in his wheelchair and he thought he could hear him proclaiming something about youth.

Tsunade handed him the hat and he put it on, lifting his head now as the Sixth Hokage.

That was it. He was Hokage now. He backed up and turned to see his students standing there, smiling. Even knowing how much he didn’t want this job, they were happy and proud.

“Congratulations, Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto said.

“Congratulations, Kakashi-sama,” Sakura corrected.

Sasuke just stood there with his arms crossed, his eyes closed with a serene smile and said, “Hn.”

“Please, don’t be formal with me. No ‘sama’ or ‘lord’ or anything like that.”

Sasuke’s face morphed into an evil smirk. Kakashi knew he was going to be teased with those titles for a while.

They all heard the click of a camera and turned. Sukea lowered his camera.

“Sukea-san!” Naruto exclaimed. Sasuke’s mouth dropped open and Sukea took a picture before Sasuke could regain control.

“I snuck up here to take a few photographs, if that’s alright with you, Hokage-sama.”

“Sure. But not for publication, just for us.” Kakashi maneuvered his former students into the same configuration as their original team photo with Sasuke on his right, Naruto on his left, and Sakura in front of him. Sakura was more sedate, and the boys were smiling rather than angry. Kakashi was smiling as much as he had back then.

“I want one of just the three of them, if you wouldn’t mind,” Kakashi said. The three teenagers got in close for another photo.

“One of just you and Sasuke?” Sukea suggested.

Sasuke started to move away, but Naruto grabbed him and forced him next to his lover. The other pictures were normal, this one was uncomfortably intimate.

“I’ll bring you the pictures once their developed,” Sukea said. “I better leave before ANBU tries to arrest me for trespassing.”


Sukea leapt away and Sasuke glared at Kakashi briefly.

The other dignitaries came over to congratulate Kakashi. After about ten minutes of all that, Kakashi turned to Sasuke. “I’d like to speak with you in my office.”

Sasuke was stone-faced, but his lover could see a tad bit of concern. They went down his new office alone.

Kakashi sat behind his desk, still wearing the hat and robe of his new office. Sasuke stood in front of his desk like any normal subordinate shinobi.

“I wanted this to be my first act as Hokage,” Kakashi began. “We’re in the dawn of a more peaceful age, but I don’t trust it. I want someone I can rely on, someone I can put all my faith in, someone who can and will do whatever is necessary. I want you to become my sword, my shield, my hidden kunai. I’m not putting you in ANBU, but you’ll serve a similar purpose. When I don’t need you for such missions, you can continue in the normal ranks, taking normal missions. You can say no, but I hope you’ll be my right hand.”

“Sounds to me like you want someone who understands the dark side of the world, who will do what others might balk at.”

“Yeah, to an extent. It won’t all be assassinations. It might be a message I can trust to no other or intelligence gathering I trust you to get.”

“I accept. With Root dissolved, am I your new Danzo?”

“I wouldn’t put it that way, but . . . yeah.”

Sasuke gave a nod to affirm that he did indeed accept Kakashi’s request. Then his formal, emotionless mask dropped, and he came around to the side of the desk. “That was your first order as Hokage. I have a suggestion for your first act.” He tipped the hat back a bit, leaned forward, and kissed Kakashi’s masked lips. Kakashi pulled his mask down so they could kiss properly. They were slow to part.

“Congratulations, Lord Hokage,” Sasuke whispered. He straightened up. “Go celebrate. I know there are fifty jounin who want to buy you a drink.”


Sasuke was right. Kakashi was dragged around by countless shinobi of all ranks, even a few of the older genin. Many members of ANBU left their masks at home and treated him to anything he wanted. He gave Naruto, Sakura, Gai, and Tenzou his undivided attention when they found him. He was definitely king for a day.

At some point, he realized Sasuke had arrived at the party. It was dark outside and Kakashi had no idea how long the partying had gone on. Sasuke didn’t approach him, just stayed against the wall, sipping on a beverage and taking the occasional rice ball. Kakashi turned back to this particular gathering of former and current ANBU.

Eventually, Kakashi was stuffed and swimming in alcohol. He knew he should probably call it a night, but he didn’t even know how to get away at this point.

“You’ve had enough,” Sasuke said, putting a hand on Kakashi’s shoulder. “I’ll make sure he makes it home.”

Everyone gave him a final congratulations as Sasuke led him out.

Kakashi leaned on him and Sasuke urged him to put a supporting arm around his shoulders. “Thanks. I don’t think I would have lasted much longer,” Kakashi struggled to say.

“Sometimes I wonder if you have a stomach like Naruto’s. I knew they’d crowd you around all day. I was prepared to extricate you.”

Kakashi hummed a small laugh at the military phrasing.

They walked for some time. It must have been later than he though because the streets were quiet. He didn’t really focus on where they were, trusting in Sasuke to take him home. But then they stopped on an unfamiliar street. Kakashi looked up at a large house with a decorative stone wall around it. The wall was just under five feet, so one could see over it if they wanted to but did give a feeling of privacy to it.

“Where are we?”

“Home,” Sasuke said simply and opened the elegant, but sturdy, wrought iron gate.

“Home?” He followed Sasuke through the sizable front lawn to the front door. Sasuke opened it and turned on the light. The room was pretty baren.

“I bought the property while you were at the Kage conference with Tsunade and then had this large house built. I haven’t had the time to buy all the furniture. I moved all my stuff, but I just brought a change of clothes for you from your place.”


“We’re a stone’s throw from the Hokage tower. This way you can be home in minutes. That is, if you want to move in with me.”

Kakashi blinked. What? He did drink a lot tonight.

Sasuke smirked at the, masked but clear, confusion on Kakashi’s face. “Come on, I think you’re about ready to christen the new toilet. You’re turning green.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”

Sasuke put a supportive hand on Kakashi’s back as he vomited a fairly large amount of alcohol.

“Kakashi, I love you and that’s why I’m about to do this.”

That confused the shit out of him. Then Sasuke punched him in the gut, making him throw up even more.

“You are probably still going to get some level of alcohol poisoning,” Sasuke said. That hurt and had been a little more brutal than necessary, but he understood why Sasuke did it.

Sasuke helped him clean up and strip after the brief tour of the new bathroom, and then guided him to large new bed in one of the echoey, under-decorated bedrooms.

“You can give me an answer in the morning. There’s a trash can right here if you need to hurl during the night.”

He knew saying it would be almost comedic in the situation, so he grabbed Sasuke’s wrist to force all Sasuke’s attention on him. “I love you. Of course, I’ll live with you.”

Sasuke smiled. “I’d kiss you if you didn’t reek of alcohol.” Instead, he poked Kakashi in the forehead. “Goodnight, Lord Hokage.”


It was suggested to me a long time ago by “ovoriel” with ‘Hopelessly’ that I do “a sort of separate-scenes-one-shot-series thing” and I have seen that in the works of “SasuNarufan13”. I will do that with this fic. I believe the “Sukea” storyline ends here, but I want to continue in this version of the universe, to see them have children and raise them. So, if you know SasuNarufan13’s story “Of Silver Linings and Blue Yonder” you know it is a collection of short stories—“omake”—in no chronological order, happening in the past, present, or future of the couple’s lives, pretty much as they occur to the writer. I will do that with this story in a separate ‘story’. Its title is Shashin. The first chapter is available now.

If your curiosity is peaked to read SasuNarufan13’s work, please leave her some comments (maybe mention who sent you ^_^). But I will warn you, it’s mostly A/B/O mpreg (my omake story will not be mpreg, by the way). I really enjoy her work. I recommend “The Grass is Green on the Other Side” and its sequels, “The Sacrifice” and its sequels, and “The Tailor and the Prince” and its sequels.

Recreation of Icha Icha Paradise and Tactics from snippets from Chapter 407, Naruto episode 101, Naruto Shippuden episode 154, and just the “peanut” thing from Boruto episode 95 (that episode was too cringe for me to watch all the way through).

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