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Kakashi felt amazingly awkward following Sasuke into his apartment. He knew there was only one reason Sasuke asked him over tonight and it wasn’t for a cup of tea.

Luckily, it seemed Sasuke was a little unsure as well. Rather than turning on Sukea the moment the door was shut and kissing him senseless, Sasuke turned on the light and removed his shoes. Kakashi removed his own, nervous that that might not be the only clothing he removed tonight.

Once their shoes were discarded in the small genkan, Sasuke hesitated a heartbeat then gracefully stepped in to kiss him. Kakashi’s eyes shut in ecstasy. Nearly his whole body was tingling.

The kiss didn’t last as long as Kakashi thought it would. Sasuke pulled away.

“Tell me, what do you want out of this relationship?”

That was a far more serious question than he expected. “More than anything else, your friendship. I enjoy our time together. But if I could have anything in the world without consequence, I would gladly be your lover. What is it you want?”

“The same. I’m not afraid of any consequences. I’m willing to be open about our relationship or hide it. I do want to continue my clan, but, if you’re willing, I want you at my side even then. I love you without reservation.”

Kakashi’s heart was breaking. “But there will be consequences. When you find out who I truly am . . . I will lose you forever, I know it.”

“How can it be that bad? If you had nothing to do with my clan’s deaths, the conspiracy against them, then why would I hate you?”

“Perhaps you won’t, but I’m too afraid to tell you. I don’t want to lose you. Not yet.”

“Even if I hate you later, why are you so afraid to have sex with me? You want to. Take advantage of the fact I don’t hate you now and I want to have sex with you. If I come to hate you later, the fact we had sex won’t turn the scale in any significate way.”

Taking advantage of him, having sex with him, might hurt Sasuke more. Even if they became no more than Hokage and subordinate, they would never be able to look each other in the eye again.

And yet, there was a chance Sasuke might be able to forgive him. There was a chance. Either way, he could taste bliss briefly before Sasuke either forgave him or hated him forever. If Sasuke was going to hate him, why did matter? Sasuke wanted this.

He brought up a hand to caress Sasuke’s cheek. He was pretty sure this would make it harder for Sasuke to forgive him later, but at least Sasuke would know how reluctant he was. The fact Sasuke admitted he’d been the slightest bit tempted to leave and the sympathy he felt for him earlier might have been corrosive to his resolve. Kakashi let himself be swept away. He kissed Sasuke in defeat.

It was filled with desperation on both sides. He needed to be with Sasuke. He needed to feel him, taste him, comfort him, protect him. He needed to show him how much he loved him. He needed to let the boy who felt so isolated and hated that he was loved. He was safe with him.

Sasuke started to undo Kakashi’s coat and Kakashi sought out the zipper to Sasuke’s shirt. Kakashi wore a simple blue t-shirt under his coat. Sasuke wore nothing under his zip up shirt. Sasuke aggressively stripped off his shirt while Kakashi eased his coat off and let it fall to the floor.

Sasuke’s hands moved up under Kakashi’s shirt. He expected Sasuke’s fingers to be cold, but they weren’t. His hands moved over his abs and the scars from his fight with Obito. His stomach muscles twitched at that.

He silently begged Sasuke to look at his scars, run his hands over them. Recognize me, he begged. Sasuke did explore Kakashi’s body, but he didn’t follow the scars to ‘see’ where they led and how they were shaped. Sasuke had this one chance to ‘unmask’ him. Instead, his hand strayed down to slightly push Kakashi’s pants down a few inches to feel the beginning of his bare hips.

Kakashi was more hesitant to touch him. Sasuke was shirtless while Kakashi’s was still hiked up his chest. Sasuke moved in closer so their bare stomachs touched. Kakashi opened his mouth wider to suck in a breath. Sasuke sucked on his lower lip while he tried to breathe. Kakashi opened his eyes to see Sasuke staring right back with half closed, sultry eyes.

Tentatively, Kakashi put his hands on Sasuke’s arms, feeling the smooth, sculpted muscle. Feeling that Sukea was relaxing, Sasuke pulled them closer together. Kakashi could feel Sasuke through their pants. He wasn’t jutting out obscenely, but he could feel the hardness against his own.

Sasuke did not push Kakashi’s pants any lower, just enough he could feel the swell of his hips. Though they had established consent well enough, he didn’t want to scare off the nervous older man. Rather, he pulled his hands away to drop his own pants, his boxers with them. He hooked his arm around Kakashi’s neck.

Kakashi became aware that Sasuke was completely naked so he pushed his own pants down. Sasuke peeled Kakashi’s shirt off. Now they were both naked, erect, and pressed against each other.

Sasuke finally stepped back. He shut the light off again, trying to put his soon to be lover at ease. Kakashi could only see the shape of him moving with the scant light of the moon as he walked to the bed. Kakashi had to navigate by memory around the table and its cushions. Sasuke pushed the bedding aside and stepped back, grabbed Kakashi’s arm, and guided him to sit. He prodded him back until Kakashi’s back was braced against the wall at the head of the bed, his hips squishing the pillows behind his back.

Sasuke didn’t have a headboard, just a mattress on a frame, so beside the pillows, Kakashi’s back was against the wall.

Sasuke straddled him, braced himself with a hand on the wall over Kakashi’s shoulder. Sasuke pressed his mouth to Kakashi’s.

Kakashi wondered why Sasuke was delaying—not that he wasn’t pleasantly drowning in Sasuke’s kiss. He raised his hands to Sasuke’s chest, feeling his strong body. One hand crept to Sasuke’s sure shoulder and his neck, then that thick, black hair. The smooth strands were cold. The chill in the night air barely touch them, the heat of their own desire and the other’s wrapped them in heat.

When Kakashi applied a bit of pressure to pull Sasuke a little closer, Sasuke shuffled forward on his knees, his right hand darted forward to grab Kakashi’s bicep to steady himself. Kakashi then realized why Sasuke had been delaying: Sasuke’s fingers were wet with lubricant. He’d been preparing himself.

Kakashi’s stomach sank. But his lust overwhelmed it. He never wanted anything as much as he did now. He’d never had sex with a man and truly, the physical pleasure wasn’t what he was desiring, it was the connection, the intimacy. He was to be with him, inside him, a part of him.

Sasuke’s slicked hand left Kakashi’s arm. He sat back, applied more lubricant to his hand, then wrapped his fingers around Kakashi’s length. Strong, slick fingers gripping and stroking him made Kakashi groan, his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in ecstasy. Sasuke rubbed his thumb over the head of Kakashi’s cock. Kakashi’s lower stomach tightened. He writhed. It was quite dark, but their pale skin glowed in the dim moonlight. Sasuke was watching his reaction with intense eyes.

“Stop, stop,” Kakashi begged. “Too much.”

Sasuke lowered his hand, leaving the head of his cock alone, but not releasing his grip on his pulsing shaft. His thumb could not stop moving though. It slid up and down as if absently. He kept Kakashi’s desire stoked but allowed him to come down from the brink.

Once, he felt his lover was ready, Sasuke shuffled back a bit and pressed both hands on Kakashi’s shoulders to make him shimmy down into the position Sasuke wanted. The pillows behind him now bracing him. In this position, Kakashi’s shoulders rested on the wall, his lower back against the bed. Sasuke sat on his thighs, but he could easily sit right on Kakashi’s erection.

He crept closer as Kakashi fully came back to himself. Sasuke’s cock was fully erect, straining and shinning with precum. Kakashi’s own hardness was insufficient to hide Sasuke’s even though it was towering from his hips. More than lube was shinning on the length, the head weeping enough precum that it looked more like cum.

Sasuke brought up the tube and poured a large dollop onto Kakashi’s cock. It mixed with his own essence and ran down all the way to his heavy balls.

Sasuke came closer, his cock brushing Kakashi’s. Then he raised his body up, moving his hips over his lover’s. The head of Kakashi’s cock drew over Sasuke’s scrotum, perineum, and finally over his ass. Sasuke settled down on Kakashi’s stomach.

Kakashi didn’t know where to look. Sasuke’s face high above him, his hard cock below, or his reddened nipples on that chiseled chest right before him. Kakashi pulled him gently forward to kiss one of those tantalizing nubs, to lick it and suck it into his mouth. Sasuke sighed and yielded to him, forgetting his intent and just leaning into Kakashi’s greedy mouth. Kakashi felt Sasuke’s heat against his abs.

Kakashi slid his hands to Sasuke’s ass. There was definitely hard muscle, but it was covered with a just enough flesh to make it pleasant to squeeze.

Finally, Sasuke pulled away and reached behind him to guide Kakashi’s cock to his entrance.

The smooth skin sliding over the sides of his cock was heavenly. He felt a thrill of panic, though, when he touched solid flesh. They were really doing this. Sasuke was arching back to hold Kakashi’s cock in place as he eased himself down.

Breaching him felt like nothing else. The seemingly solid flesh admitted him. So tight. Sasuke’s breathing increased in volume; he was taking deep, measured breaths. Whether it hurt or not, Sasuke didn’t stop. Kakashi thought he might cum when the head of his cock fully penetrated him and he tightened around the top of his shaft. Sasuke gave a small moan and hesitated. It seemed far easier for Sasuke to ease himself the rest of the way down, though he did so slowly.

Finally, Sasuke was sitting on Kakashi’s hips. He was towering over his lover, but he bent his back and pressed his hips even further down to look at his face.

Sasuke slid his hand down Kakashi’s arm and slipped his hand under his. He knit his fingers with Kakashi, gripping his hand. Kakashi opened his eyes to stare up into the dark pools, only lit up by the scant moonlight making Sasuke’s sweat moistened skin and the whites of his eyes glow. The feel of Sasuke gripping his hand overwhelmed him.

“I love you,” Kakashi whispered. He already knew from their last encounter how much that affected the younger man. Sasuke did shut his eye in bliss and let his head fall back.

Then Sasuke rose up an inch. Kakashi wasn’t anticipating the suction that caused. It was like Sasuke’s body didn’t want to let him go. But Sasuke quickly fell back down.

The expression of his face was hard to decipher. “Does it hurt?” Kakashi asked.

“Stings a bit. It’s been about a year. You’re a little larger than what I’m used to.”

That caused a tumult of emotions. He didn’t want to hurt him, but it felt so good. He was flattered that he was larger than his previous partner, but he also hated the fact anyone else had touched him, done this with him.

“I hate this position, but it gives me far more control,” Sasuke added.

Kakashi realized it must be stressful on his thighs. Honestly, Kakashi didn’t like this position either.

Sasuke started to slowly move, not only up and down, but back and forth, varying the way his body stroked him. Kakashi could feel Sasuke relaxing around him.

After a few minutes, Sasuke straightened, letting Kakashi’s cock slip out of him. He dismounted and Kakashi got the idea. They switched places, Sasuke laying his head on the bunched-up pillows and Kakashi moving between his legs. Sasuke helpfully brought one knee up and the other leg lay out to the side to give Kakashi enough room to join with him.

Reentering him felt better than heaven. Sasuke was looser and more relaxed, but that didn’t lessen the pleasure. He shut his eyes as he slid inside him. He wasn’t really religious, but he let out a whisper of, “Kami.” He missed the smirk that prompted on Sasuke’s face.

When he was fully inside the younger man, he opened his eyes and looked down at Sasuke’s face. His body was blocking some of the faint light, but he could see enough. Sasuke wasn’t in any pain, his eyes were bright and relaxed, his cheeks flushed, his lips darker than ever.

What am I doing? he asked himself. But that small voice of reason melted away as Sasuke reached out to grab his arm and pull him closer. Still inside him, Kakashi leaned down to kiss him. Sasuke remembered that Sukea didn’t like him trying to touch his hair, so he kept his hands his shoulders and neck.

Somehow, it felt like his love was increasing, overflowing within him. He wanted to do anything for Sasuke, to obey his every whim. He’d never been in a genjutsu that was meant to control him—only torture him—but he figured this is what it must feel like.

Kakashi started moving his hips. Ecstasy was the only word. He devoured Sasuke’s mouth as he rocked into his body.

He was gentle at first, unsure and nervous, but as the pleasure ratcheted up, he grew more relaxed and, not confidant per se, rather, his doubts and misgivings were lost in a sea of desire. Sasuke grunted with the force and pleasure. His clutching hands at Kakashi’s back became claws with blunts nails, but they did leave red welts as Sasuke felt his climax building.

Kakashi might have given some thought to ejaculating inside a female lover, but in the state of desperation he was in, he might not have. He released an unrestrained flow of semen into his young lover and gripped the bedding on either side of Sasuke’s head with the strength of a man strangling his dearest enemy. Sasuke ripped his lips away to gasp and pull in air as his own orgasm assaulted him. He groaned as his body tightened.

Sasuke relaxed first, his body settling into the mattress while panting. Kakashi blurrily looked down at him and was reminded of their last mission when Sasuke was panting so hard he had to tip his head back to claim enough air.

Kakashi felt as tired as he did after that fight. Somehow, sex and orgasm wore him out as much as fight against thirty S class criminals.

His erection softened and withdrew. Kakashi wanted to fall to the side but was hesitant to lay his sweaty body on the bedding pushed to the side.

In his hesitation, Sasuke put his hands on Kakashi’s jaw and brought him down to kiss him. It was the sweetest kiss of his life. Whatever hormones or endorphins were running through his blood made the kiss even more meaningful than ever before. He loved him and he felt that coming back through from Sasuke as well. For a long minute, there didn’t seem to be a way they could ever regret this. This moment was all that mattered. Neither cared about the sweat or smearing of lube or the streaks of cum on cock, stomach, ass, and thighs. Neither cared about the soiled sheet or anything else in the world. They were together.

Later, Kakashi would be grateful that he couldn’t speak. In that moment, he would have made every promise in the universe to Sasuke, none of which he could keep. And Sasuke could have asked of him anything. There was no rationality or consequence. He would have left with Sasuke that instant and resurrected Akatsuki if Sasuke suggested it.

But neither could even whisper what they both knew.

Exhausted and out of breath, Kakashi settled his body on Sasuke’s and lay his head on the pillow right next to Sasuke’s. He needed to rest, just for a moment. He shot his soul inside of Sasuke along with his semen. At least, that’s what it felt like. Sasuke put one arm around his waist to lay his hand on his back. A serene moment, only troubled by the roar of their breathes in the other’s ear.

Soon, life started to spread back through his body. Not only that, but he even felt his cock stir as it hung over Sasuke’s inner thigh. Sasuke felt it and hummed with amusement.

“Ready for round two?” Sasuke whispered.

Kakashi snorted his own amusement. “I will be soon.”

He turned and tried to lay between Sasuke and the discarded bedding. Sasuke scooted over but remained on his back. Now on his side, Kakashi ran his hand down Sasuke’s chest and stomach, petting him affectionately.

“I do love you so much. I adore you.”

“You know how much I love you,” Sasuke responded.

“Yeah, I do.” So much so, Kakashi was actually jealous of himself.

From the amount of light in the window, Kakashi reasoned the moon was directly above them now. The lower window frame reflected some moonlight into the room, lighting up the ceiling.

Looking out from the bed, over Sasuke’s body, the room seemed even smaller and more depressing. He finally asked the question that had been bothering him since he first entered the apartment. “Why did you choose this place? There are far better studio apartments than this.”

“It’s cheap.”

“You’re not lacking for money, are you? Even a lowly chunin could afford better.”

“No, I’m not lacking for money; I’m saving it. I chose the cheapest place I could find so I could hoard my money. If I’m to resurrect my clan, I’m going to need a sizable house. Or, if I have to flee, I’ll need money to sustain me and rebuild a life elsewhere.”


“Like I said before, there are plenty of people in this village who might think they are better off if the Uchiha go extinct. I’m ready to leave if it comes down to it.”

“I would do everything in my power to protect you. But if you did have to leave, I would go with you.” Kakashi meant that. If earlier he would have said anything, no matter how untrue, that he said with all sincerity.

Sasuke looked at him with grateful eyes, then turned onto his side to fully face him. He put his hand on Kakashi’s cheek. He didn’t try to disrupt the decal or the makeup, so Kakashi didn’t panic, just relished the weight and warmth of that hand. Sasuke rolled forward to press his lips to Kakashi’s.

He wanted him again. Their bodies had been cooled by the sweat from their previous bout, but now the heat between them was growing again. Sasuke moved so that he was on all fours. Kakashi got the hint. There was still enough lube and Sasuke was still relaxed.

Kakashi felt he was even deeper inside his lover this time. Rather than remain straight behind his lover, Kakashi leaned over his body and wrapped his arms around Sasuke. He could barely move more than rolling his hips, just some shallow thrusts. This was fine for the first few minutes of slow exploration, but he couldn’t keep it up.

He straightened, letting his hands run down Sasuke’s body as he did. They stopped at Sasuke’s hips and Kakashi put more force behind his motions. Sasuke moaned with only pleasure. He even started to rock back to increase the pace and force.

The thrusts eventually grew until Sasuke’s body was being pushed up the bed. He nipped that in the bud and just crawled up the wall so he was on his knees, his upper body pressed against the wall. Kakashi approved. He even wrapped an arm around him, using that to hold him relatively still as he battered him with his hips.

It took much longer for the to reach their climaxes, but they finally did, their body pressed as close together as possible with Sasuke’s back molded to Kakashi’s chest.

Sasuke half turned as he came down from his orgasm to kiss his lover. Kakashi kissed him with just as much desperation as Sasuke. They petered out, even more exhausted than the first time.

Kakashi helped Sasuke scuttle back and they lay down, Kakashi not letting go of his grip around Sasuke’s body. This time they didn’t just rest of snooze, they fell into a deep sleep, never untangling or covering themselves with the blanket.


Kakashi woke up with his cheek on Sasuke’s shoulder blade. The moon filled the window lighting up the room. He sat up and smiled down on his sleeping lover. Then he noticed the dark smudge on Sasuke’s skin. Slightly panicked, he carefully left the bed and went to the bathroom. There was enough light to see that his makeup and decals were still in place, just a little smudged. Being up, he eased the door shut to muffle the sound of him taking a piss.

He waited until the flushing ended to open the door, but all his caution was wasted; Sasuke was sitting up staring at him. That was a bit disconcerting since he was still nude. He was worried about the scars on his chest that might identify him, but Sasuke’s eyes were blurry and looking at his face.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” Sasuke didn’t sound sleepy, but his eyes were narrowed with sleep.

“No. I was trying not wake you. Since you’re awake,” Kakashi turned and wet a washcloth with hot water. He came over and wiped Sasuke’s back. “My makeup smeared on you. I might have drooled on you too,” he added with a laugh.

“If you always wear them, why not get them tattooed?”

“Easier to go undercover.”

“Why not take them off around me?”

Kakashi thought. “They make me me.”

Sasuke turned toward him and put his hand on Kakashi’s shoulder. The moonlight fell on Sukea’s face. “And the wig?”

Kakashi knew Sasuke would have to have recognized the fact he was wearing a wig. “Balding?”

Sasuke pulled Kakashi into a kiss. It wasn’t passionate or lusty, but sweet and slow. It made Kakashi smile as they parted.

“I won’t leave yet,” Kakashi said. “I do need to leave before dawn; I have to get ready at home. But I won’t leave yet. Let’s go back to sleep.” He kissed Sasuke’s lips briefly. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He pulled Kakashi down with him to the pillows.

Kakashi didn’t remember falling asleep, he must have the instant his head touched Sasuke’s pillow. The moon was gone, replaced by predawn light. Sasuke didn’t wake this time when Kakashi left his bed. He silently dressed and slipped out the door.

The morning was clear and cool. Kakashi felt light as he walked down the main street, the village still silent. He was happy. Even the knowledge this happiness could not last didn’t dampen it. He was resolved. He knew that he’d probably had the most wonderful night he’ll ever have. He had to tell Sasuke the truth.

Killing Kakashi and becoming Sukea was not the way. Sasuke respected him. He may not be like Sasuke’s father, but he was a type of father figure for him. If he died, Sasuke would lose another father. If Kakashi were to tell Sasuke that Sukea had died on a mission, Sasuke would be heart broken. Either lie would devastate Sasuke. And if he ever found out the truth, Sasuke would hate him.

No, he had to tell Sasuke the truth.

Kakashi took a deep, refreshing breath. He was resolved. He felt a peace much like when he saw Choji escape. He might die by Sasuke’s hand for this deception. He was ready. If he didn’t die, he was at least going to lose Sasuke forever. But maybe, just maybe, Sasuke would forgive him. Kakashi smiled. There was a modicum of hope left in his soul. For the first, and likely last, time in his life, he knew what it was to love and be loved. It was enough. He would never be happier. He was at peace. Sukea or Kakashi would die tonight.


AN: I really wanted Kakashi to liken the experience to a religious one, but I didn’t want to use the Western “Oh, God,” so I used “Kami.” I often have this problem of not want to use “god” in sex scenes and usually replace it with “fuck,” but I usually don’t like to invoke the kami. I have studied religion, including Japanese religions, but I’m still not comfortable being so familiar with Shinto’s deities/spirits.

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