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Sasuke had rotated to face Kakashi by the time Kakashi woke up.

The calm look of sleep didn’t fit Sasuke well in Kakashi’s opinion. Sasuke wasn’t Sasuke without a glare, smirk, or expressionless mask. Or that smile he gave to Sukea more than once. Nevertheless, he was lovely. Kakashi shut his eyes, turned onto his side and cuddled up closer to Sasuke, and snoozed, loving the heat coming off his bedfellow, trapped by the blanket.

When he woke up again, Sasuke had cuddled in closer with his arm clutched around Kakashi’s chest. He stroked Sasuke’s hair. Sasuke didn’t wake up for another quarter of an hour.

First, Sasuke inhaled deeply then snuggled into Kakashi’s chest, making the older man smile fondly at him. But then, Sasuke started back. He squinted at Kakashi’s bared face and blushed.

“-ashi,” he groaned. He shut his eyes and rubbed at his matted hair. It was hard to gage Sasuke when he just woke up. No one knew that better than his teammates.

Sasuke crawled out via the foot of the bed and entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Kakashi rubbed his bare face and got up to grab his pants and shirt from the floor. He sat back down on the bed and never felt more awkward in Sasuke’s apartment.

A few minutes later, Sasuke reemerged wearing a warm looking robe that usually hung on the inside of the door, still not looking awake. They hadn’t had sex last night, but it felt like an awkward morning after. Kakashi didn’t know what to say or do or even what expression he should have.

For his part, Sasuke was scowling, his eyes narrow and dark, his lips turned down a bit in a frown. He looked downright hostile. The thing is, that was what he looked like every morning.

“Good morning,” Kakashi offered.

Sasuke grunted a response.

“You never did like waking up,” Kakashi commented with a nervous waver to his voice. “I remember you used to growl at me sometimes.”

Sasuke didn’t say anything. That didn’t mean anything; he rarely spoke in the mornings. And yet, it made Kakashi nervous.

“I know you like to be alone in the mornings. I’ll let you wake up at your own pace.”

Sasuke didn’t respond, so Kakashi just gathered his things and headed for the door.

Sasuke sat on the bed, looking at the floor, clearly not fully awake.

“Um, I will give you as much room as you want. I’m the one at fault here, so I don’t really have the right to ask for anything. I love you, but I will let you decide how things go from here.”

Sasuke looked up at him but didn’t say anything. Kakashi left.


Sasuke didn’t reach out to him that day. Or the next. They met up as a team the morning after that.

“Why are you on time?” Naruto demanded.

“Hmmm? Am I?” Kakashi said wistfully.

Sasuke wouldn’t look at him. He leaned back against the side of the bridge, his head down like normal.

“We’ve received reports of a bandit gang of nuke-nins working near the border. They’re particularly violent, killing most of their victims; that’s why a team at our level is being sent.”

“Why are there so many nuke-nins?” Sakura asked.

Sasuke’s eyes darted to Sakura, but he didn’t move his head.

Kakashi sighed. “Most deserted during the war and can’t return home.”

“Others might have been Orochimaru’s,” Sasuke added.

“Indeed. The few who survived counted seven shinobi. Our team has been going after the most dangerous criminals, so we’ve been getting all the nuke-nins. Ninja are far more dangerous than civilian thugs after all. I think there must be at a dozen in this group.”

“Perhaps more,” Sasuke added. He still didn’t look at his captain.

Kakashi nodded. He only let his eyes linger on Sasuke for a moment. His heart ached, but he wouldn’t let his emotions show.

“We’ll travel to the last place they were reported.”

Even as Sasuke straightened up to leave, he wouldn’t look at Kakashi.


They arrived in the evening and made camp deep in the forest to avoid detection. It was too cold in the spring up here not to have a fire.

To Naruto and Sakura, their relationship hadn’t changed a jot. But Kakashi was unsure what their relationship was at the moment. He knew he didn’t have any right to ask for anything and he’d promised to give Sasuke as much room as he wanted, but he really needed some reassurance that Sasuke wasn’t going to reject him. Sasuke slept on the opposite side of the fire. Kakashi couldn’t see him past the flames. He rested rather than slept.

In the morning, Naruto used his Senjutsu to find the bandits. A group were waiting near the road for travelers to ambush. Team Kakashi moved silently through the forest to flank the bandits.

As they moved closer, Sasuke signaled for them all to stop and hang back. Sasuke moved toward the group. He spoke before he revealed himself. “Shirohebi.” [white snake] That got the bandits attention. They took out their weapons but didn’t immediately attack when Sasuke stepped out.

“Uchiha,” the leader sneered. “I heard you were bagged and tagged.”

“Do think I would do anything unwillingly? I decided to go home,” Sasuke responded. “I heard rumors of nuke-nins working as bandits in this area. Are your entire group escapees from Orochimaru?”

“Yeah. You want to join up?”

Sasuke merely raised an eyebrow at that. “Is Arata with you?”

That made Kakashi’s heart freeze. He knew that name.

“Naw. No one knows where your toy ended up.”

Jealousy threatened to overwhelm Kakashi. It felt like his veins were burning. That burning threatened to become flames in his brain. And calling that man Sasuke’s ‘toy’ . . .

“So, do I know the names of anyone else in your little club?”

One of the other men spit in his direction. Sasuke didn’t even look at him or it. “I know it’s hard, Uchiha, but don’t be such a patronizing ass.”

“Probably. We’re a group of two dozen,” the leader said.

“Then why are you just robbing sheep?”

“We need money. It’s not like we can take C rank missions, ya know. But really, Uchiha, you were the captain of Orochimaru’s guard, you and Kabuto were Orochimaru’s right and left hands. In more way than one. We could use your leadership.”

“I won’t join you. My advice: if you haven’t burned all your bridges, just go home.”

“Like hell.”

“Do what you want.” Sasuke turned and walked away.

“Fucking arrogant Uchiha,” the second man growled.

“Calm down. He’d slaughter you before you could pull kunai. Be glad he didn’t decide to kill us all. Though I wouldn’t trust that he won’t later.”

Sasuke was a few minutes returning to the team. “We should attack once they return to their base so we can wipe them all out at once.”

“Weren’t they your comrades?” Naruto asked.

“No. Most were sycophants or psychopaths.”

Kakashi wanted to ask about Arata, but he remained silent and they watched and waited until the group retreated to their base.

The group were camped out more or less in the open. They gathered near a hill that had been cut through, leaving a short cliff that protected one side of the camp. The camp itself was a series of large and small tents.

“I will scout,” Sasuke said. “I know some of them.”

“Very well.”

Sasuke disappeared for nearly an hour.

“It’s taking a long time,” Sakura commented.

“Hn.” Sasuke dropped in behind her. “I was identifying all of them. Nothing to worry about. None of these are those with special abilities who Orochimaru gathered. These were just underlings and test subjects. Are we killing them all?”

“Yes. If that’s a problem for you, I don’t mind finishing them off for you.”

“I don’t care either way. Let’s just get this over with.” Sasuke took out his sword. He still hadn’t looked at Kakashi.

They took the bandits by surprise, but not completely. They thought Sasuke might return, but they didn’t expect three more shinobi.

Sasuke took on the man who spat at him earlier. Sasuke used his sheath to shatter the man’s jaw before following with his blade, slicing him through the chest.

It didn’t feel like they fought two dozen shinobi; they were done within five minutes.

“Is that really all of them?” Kakashi asked.

“Yeah,” Sasuke said. “The others fled. They won’t be a concern.”

“You convinced some of them to go home?” Naruto asked.

“I told you, I know some of them. I knew a few would prefer to return home. As we should.”

“That was really nice of you, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura said.

“The ones around Orochimaru were sycophants, murderers, victims, and people like me. I knew which ones to warn and spare. Intentions matter.”

That made Kakashi pause.

They gathered up stolen goods and supplies and headed to the nearest town. After they deposited the stolen goods and money, they headed back to Konoha.


Kakashi went home once they disbursed after the mission and started to strip away his equipment. The knock on his door surprised him. He set his headband down on his desk and checked his mask was fully in place before opening the door. It was Sasuke. Kakashi quickly let the younger man inside. He stood back awkwardly, dreading why Sasuke might be here.

“It’s only fair I tell you why I’ve been avoiding you. I can’t help feeling angry over this. You did betray my trust by not telling me the truth. But I don’t think I can blame you. I get it. I just need some more time to get used to the idea of being in love with Kakashi.”

“So, you’re . . ?”

“Angry. But I do love you. I just need more time. You are such an asshole.” The last he said with exasperation.

Kakashi looked down, ashamed. Sasuke came closer and peeled down Kakashi’s mask. Kakashi was startled by his closeness, however he did allow Sasuke pull down his mask.

“But you are a handsome one.” Sasuke kissed him.

Kakashi’s knees almost melted. He wished he could kiss Sasuke forever. People think of Sasuke and think of rage and power and aloofness. There was none of that here. Calm, languid, and thorough. Kakashi could only react to him.

When Sasuke started to pull away, Kakashi tried to lure him back, but Sasuke stepped back. For the first time Sasuke saw Kakashi, not Sukea, blushing with kiss-swollen lips and eyes hazy with euphoria. He gave Kakashi a moment to collect himself.

“Dinner, tomorrow. The usual place. Come as Sukea.”

“I will.”

Sasuke sucked in his lips to lick them. Kakashi wasn’t sure why that turned him on as much as it did. Sasuke left. Kakashi was lightheaded, feeling like that had been nothing more than a fever dream.


The next night, Sasuke was there at the restaurant where they first had dinner together. They were shown to a table. Their waiter came over and greeted them.

“Sukea-san, Sasuke-san, it’s good to see you again.”

They looked at each other. Perhaps they ate here too often if the waitstaff knew them by name. It had been some time though since they’d been here and were obviously missed.

The waiter left them in silence. Conversation just didn’t start up as it had in the past. It was uncomfortable silence.

Finally, Kakashi thought of something to say. “It looks like you won’t be losing your captain just yet; I heard there’s a Kage conference scheduled in a month and Tsunade is preparing to go. So, he has at least a month before taking over.”

“I’m glad. He’s a good captain and probably the only one who will put up with my shit. Even if he is an asshole,” Sasuke added.

Kakashi started to wonder if that was to be his nickname from now on. He did deserve it.

His expression must have fallen because Sasuke paused. “He’s also the only one I respect enough to be my captain. I’m not sure if I have the temperament to be a captain myself. It might be best if I go on solo missions after he leaves. No one else could wrangle me.”

Kakashi smiled. “Ha. That’s certainly true. Maybe he should get revenge on you by giving you a genin team.”

Sasuke scowled. “I don’t have the patience.”

Kakashi thought about how patient Sasuke was when Sukea was trying to avoid his advances. “I don’t know about that.”

After their food arrived, they were finally able to find things to chat about. They didn’t discuss anything personal in this somewhat public venue, but they were falling back into their comfortable conversations.

Kakashi paid the bill and they stepped outside.

Instead of inviting Kakashi to come to his apartment, Sasuke just said, “Goodnight.” That left Kakashi a little disheartened, but Sasuke said he just needed a little time.


“I don’t think we have a mission tomorrow,” Sasuke added. “Sushi?”

“I’ll be there.”

Rather than hopeful, Kakashi worried that Sasuke still preferred Sukea’s company.


They had dinner two more times. They were able to talk to each other easily again. But the fact Sasuke wouldn’t look at his captain any differently or ask him over was wearing on Kakashi. Though Sasuke’s expression was usually fond, Kakashi wore his soft, melancholy smile most of the time.

Kakashi didn’t know if he was worrying more now that he had confessed than before. Now, Sasuke could make a choice: Kakashi or Sukea. He seemed to be choosing Sukea. That’s alright, he thought. At least he hasn’t banished me from his life.

After their fourth meeting for dinner, Kakashi didn’t go home and shed his disguise. Rather, he wandered through the streets for a while. He understood a little of what Sasuke felt when it came to the rebuilt village. There used to be a bookshop right here. A street through that building. A wooden, featureless wall here. A convenience store here. Not anymore. Redesigned and rezoned. Of course, they were also further below sea level because of Pain’s attack. He got lost.

Luckily, it was easy to get your bearings in Konoha. Or at least, it used to be. Look up and find the monument. But now, there were buildings in the way. Kakashi had to walk a few more blocks before he could see the stone faces. Hashirama was the one nearest him. Then that meant the rooftop Sasuke showed him was just over there.

The rooftop was empty. Kakashi sat down with his back against the enclosure and stared out at the dark forest. Enough light escaped the village to highlight the shapes of the trees. It was silent save for the wind. It was truly peaceful up here.

Kakashi pulled the wig free and mused his hair back to life.

He looked up at the stars. The moon had not risen so the sky was black and fretted with stars ahead of him, though the light of the village created a nimbus behind him. Over the next hour, the radiance behind him dimmed as people went to bed and doused the lights. The stars shone brighter.

He could have been lulled to sleep if it weren’t for his thoughts. He had believed that Sasuke always loved him more than he did Sasuke. But perhaps that wasn’t true after their first kiss. Maybe since that moment it was Kakashi who loved the most deeply. Sasuke certainly loved Sukea but maybe it wasn’t as deep. He was still young after all.

“Strange seeing you half and half.”

The voice startled Kakashi considerably. He looked over to see Sasuke crouching near the edge, still hunched in the same pose as when he first landed from jumping up here. Sasuke stood and came over to sit beside Kakashi.

Sasuke could have left without alerting Kakashi if he’d wanted, but he joined Kakashi instead, settling next to him with his eyes focused on the landscape.

“Wig gets hot and itchy.”


The atmosphere made the silence easy. Kakashi figured Sasuke was here to help him sleep and he might just nod off.

“I’ve been thinking about why I feel so betrayed by your deception.” Sasuke had Kakashi’s undivided attention. “You did hide the truth; I feel deceived and I’m embarrassed by the way I came onto you. But the major thing is you having heard the things I said to Sukea. I feel humiliated. I didn’t want you to hear about my fears, I didn’t want to break down in front of you. But why does that bother me so much? I guess it’s like telling your friend you’re gay versus telling your father. I did love Sukea, if he rejected me that would hurt, but I’d have gotten over it; I loved him and valued him as a friend, but I hardly knew him. If you abandoned me because of something I told you, that would devastate me. I realized that’s because you are family to me. That’s also why I’m so uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping with you. You’re not really my father or older brother, but you are family to me. I care what you think of me.”

“There’s nothing you could say that would make me abandon you. Your actions made me believe I needed to stop you, save you, let you go, but I never stopped caring about you. I did love you as family. Now . . . I love you even more deeply. You didn’t say anything to be ashamed of. I feel ashamed that I never thought about what it must have been like for you to come home.”

“Hn.” Sasuke stood up after a minute. “Let’s go home. As nice as it is up here, it’s not a good place to sleep.”

The way Sasuke said ‘home’ made it sound like a shared place. Kakashi wished that were true.

Kakashi went to the opposite side of the roof as Sasuke.

“I meant, come home with me,” Sasuke said.

Kakashi turned to him, disbelieving.

“Better put the wig back on, just in case.”

Dumbly, Kakashi put his wig on, not bothering to secure it, and silently followed Sasuke.

“No sex tonight,” Sasuke announced as they took their shoes off in his genkan. “I’m still not ready for that.”

“That’s fine.”

“Go ahead and clean up.”

Kakashi obeyed, removing the rest of his disguise, quickly freshening up, and stripping most of his clothes. Sasuke replaced him in the bathroom and Kakashi sat on the bed, unsure what else to do.

When Sasuke emerged, he turned out the lights and climbed in around Kakashi then pulled him down with him. He cuddled into Kakashi’s side and for the first time in over a week, Kakashi’s heart unclenched and he fell into a peaceful sleep with his lover beside him.


The whole team was downright bored during the mission the next day. They’d gone on a few intense ones recently, but they didn’t consider an escort mission to really be a gift, even if they were being paid for a more difficult rank. The worst part was the slow speed they were forced to keep so they could keep pace with their civilian charges.

They arrived after sunset. It would only take them two hours to run back, but it had taken the civilians a whole day to make the journey.

“So,” Kakashi sighed, “should we head home or stay the night?”

“We stay only if Konoha is springing for three rooms,” Sasuke said. “Naruto’s too ‘active’ while he sleeps. I only slept the last time because I passed out.”

“Hey,” Naruto complained.

Kakashi chuckled. “We can be home in time for a late dinner if we leave now.”

They all agreed to just head home. So, it was late evening by the time they made their report to the night shift mission desk.

“Successful?” the chunin asked.

Sasuke glowered at him. “Never give us a C rank mission again, even if you’re paying for an A; the boredom is not worth it.”

The chunin giggled out of pants-wetting fear and marked the mission as complete.

Kakashi was amused. It had been a long day of boredom, so Naruto and Sakura were eager to leave. Sasuke loitered behind. “Dinner?” he asked Kakashi in the corridor.

“Love to.”

“In an hour. My place. Kakashi.”

Kakashi stalled. “Yeah, I’ll definitely be there.”


Kakashi didn’t wear his uniform, but he never went around in civilian clothes, so he decided to henge. He dropped it when he arrived at Sasuke’s door. He still wore his mask and headband of course.

Sasuke opened the door before Kakashi could knock. Sasuke was wearing his black kimono and hakama. He somehow made the formal dress look casual. There was always something very traditional about Sasuke, so it didn’t seem strange even if they were eating in. Kakashi remembered most of the Uchiha clan being like that: formal and traditional. He smirked at Kakashi. “You have a sudden habit of showing up on time.”

Kakashi rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I don’t want to antagonize you.”

“I figured you’d be on time. Dinner’s ready.” Sasuke stepped back and let Kakashi in.

“Forgive the intrusion.” He slid off his shoes and sat at his place while Sasuke brought out food.

“Knowing who you are, I know your taste even better now.” It was Kakashi’s favorite meal: salt-broiled saury and miso soup with eggplant. Sasuke rounded out the meal with onigiri, dressed buckwheat noodles, and a small salad. There was grated daikon, lemon, and shoyu to flavor the fish.

“Thank you,” Kakashi said with true gratitude. He pulled his mask down slowly, still not comfortable showing his whole face. He removed his headband as well. “Itadakimasu.” He was eager to taste the saury Sasuke prepared. “Excellent.”

“Thank you. It’s a little out of season, but I wanted to make this meal perfect.”

“It is perfect. Thank you.”

“I remember when I found out how much you loved saury,” Sasuke said as he poured the tea. He smiled at the memory. “It was in the autumn of course. We stopped at this roadside restaurant and they were advertising their saury. I never saw you so eager and happy. We tried to see your face, but you somehow ate three portions without ever showing your face. I noted you eagerly ordered eggplant miso as well. You ate almost as much as Naruto eats ramen.”

Kakashi chuckled. “Now that you mention it, I do remember that. You never really said what your favorite was or showed it like I did, but you always ate onigiri first and ate tomatoes whenever they were on the menu.”

“The first meal the four of us had after the war was when I was released from prison. You asked the restaurant to stay open after hours for us, so we’d be alone. Onigiri and sushi and a tomato salad. I don’t think I ever thanked you for that. People were still unsure of me; you were able to keep me out of sight. Thank you.”

“After learning about everything that led to your clan . . . I wanted to make sure you weren’t met with scorn or felt uncomfortable with people staring. Even though I thought about that, I didn’t consider just how isolated you felt.”

“I was trying to hide it from you.”

“Nevertheless, I should have seen it. You were my student, my subordinate, my comrade. When you became friends with Sukea, I regretted that we weren’t friends. If we had been, maybe I would have realized.”

“Even when I was an angry, snotnose genin, I wanted to be your equal. I’m glad we’ve had this chance to be friends.”

“Me too. Even if things don’t work out between us, I hope we can be friends.”

“I think we’ll work out. But yes, if nothing else, I don’t want to lose the relationship we’ve built.”

Kakashi concentrated on the food Sasuke made for a while. He felt Sasuke glancing at him a few times, but he didn’t want to look over at Sasuke that much. He wiped his mouth more than necessary, feeling so very exposed without any mask or makeup to hide behind.

Sasuke smirked and let one of his glances last much longer and made a bit of a show of turning his head to stop the stare.

Kakashi was uncomfortable with Sasuke’s flirting. He was never quite comfortable with it, but he didn’t think they were back to the relationship they had before he confessed.

Nervously he said, “You asked those nuke-nin about . . . Arata.”

Sasuke smirked. “Jealous?”

Kakashi hesitated to answer. “What if he was there?”

Sasuke suppressed a scoff. “I would have advised him to go home. There is nothing between us; I told you before. He was more frightened of me than in love with me and I was simply curious. He’d probably run as soon as he saw me. Not unlike you, I think.”

Kakashi nearly choked on that.

“You did try to run away several times. Of course, now I know why. I’m glad you stopped trying to run.”

“I was probably just as frightened as he was.”

“You have no idea how awkward it was. More than with you. He was almost too scared to get it up and I was a virgin.”

Kakashi became lightheaded. He didn’t want to hear about this, but he was morbidly curious.

“Of course, I wasn’t going to simper. I think that put him off too. It was not a romantic thing at all. He may have been shaking with lust, but we didn’t love each other.” Sasuke paused and shut his eyes, remembering. “I enjoyed it, enough to do it again. And again. But it wasn’t like it is with you.”

Kakashi’s heart was hammering.

“I had sex with Arata, but we weren’t lovers. Don’t give him another thought.”

“How can I not?”

Sasuke nearly rolled his eyes. “You want me to describe it to you?”

Kakashi’s face went slack and pale.

Sasuke laughed. “Even though I was the virgin, I had to take the lead the first time because he was scared stiff. It could have been a better first time. He wasn’t the only one who was attracted to me. I chose him because I knew I would be the dominant one even if he was much older than me. He wasn—”

“How much older?”

Sasuke sniggered. “Older than you. Over forty, I think. He was a washed-up shinobi who didn’t have any other options. You don’t really want a play by play, do you? It was awkward and barely enjoyable. He wasn’t half as attractive as you. Should I ask you about your ex’s?”

“Mine?” He was a deer in headlights. “Um . . .”

“I don’t really care. It’s not like you’ve been in a relationship. Right?”

“No, never.”

“I thought not. Me either.” Sasuke paused. “I’ve only had sex with Arata, Karin, and you. I didn’t love either of them, just you.”

“I’ve never loved anyone else either.”

Silence fell between them for a minute.

“I know I said I might never forgive you, but I do. You’ve always been sincere and never lied to me.”

That made Kakashi think. “Well, I did once, when I said I had a lot of hobbies.”

Sasuke’s smirk was nearly a full smile. “That was avoiding the question more than lying.”

They were able to calmly chat and finish dinner.

Sasuke took their plates away and returned with tea. Their conversation ended with the meal. Sasuke swirled his tea, neither of them sure how to move forward. The silence got to Kakashi first.

“I need to know, who is it you prefer? Me or Sukea?”

Sasuke smirked while he continued to swirl his tea. He turned to fully face his guest. “I’ve had time to sort out my feelings. I know who you are. I’d say I don’t love Sukea, but he’s a part of you that you only show to me. Everything I love about Sukea I love about you. But you are more handsome and more deserving of my feelings than a guy I met once when I was thirteen.”

Sasuke eased the table away as he had before and crowded Kakashi back against the wall and leaned in for a kiss.

Kakashi turned his face away. “My mouth tastes like fish,” he argued.

“So does mine,” Sasuke countered. He wasn’t blind, he knew Kakashi was insecure.

Sasuke sighed and put his hands on the sides of Kakashi’s face so that his thumbs bisected Kakashi’s eyes. “This is my friend, Sukea.” He lowered his hands to cover all of Kakashi’s lower face. “My captain and sensei, Kakashi.” Then he returned his hands to either side of his head, framing Kakashi’s entire, bare, face. “This is my lover, both of you.” Sasuke used this hold on Kakashi’s head to pull him in for a kiss. A gentle sucking of Kakashi’s upper lip and a few licks, Kakashi opened his mouth to lick at Sasuke’s tongue and then they sank into a sweet, languid kiss.

“But you still want to hang out with Sukea,” Kakashi said when the kiss ended. Their noses were nearly touching. Sasuke eased back a little.

“Like I said, people are used to seeing him and I together. If you and I start going out, people will probably put it together and realize you’re the same person. I don’t want you to blow your cover. You’ll need it especially once you become Hokage. If you wanted to go out and be unnoticed now, once you’re Hokage, you’ll need a disguise to get away from being called ‘Lord’ by everyone.”

Kakashi was taken aback. “I didn’t think of that.”

“I think I’ve given more thought to things than you give me credit for. I’m not just a normal horny teenager who wants to nail his crush. I’ve been agonizing over my split feelings for you and Sukea and I have reconciled those feelings. I’ve thought about my future and yours. I haven’t come to all the conclusions, but I have considered those consequences you’ve been so worried about. I’m not giving my heart blindly. I wouldn’t seduce any person without considering how that would affect us. Although, with Sukea, I had incomplete data.”

“Well, fuck. I didn’t think you were just brooding, but . . . I guess I believed the situation was stressing me out more than you.” Kakashi laughed self-deprecatingly. “It was selfishness that dug me in so deep, it’s no wonder I’ve been thinking selfishly.” He caressed Sasuke’s cheek and his head lowered, ashamed.

Sasuke grabbed Kakashi’s chin and forced him to look straight into his eyes. “Self-pity is selfish too. I know your faults better than anyone else, perhaps even better than you. You know mine well enough. Regardless . . .” He pulled Kakashi in by the chin to kiss him.

The feel of Sasuke’s tongue against his was exquisite. His spine felt like it was melting. Sasuke’s mouth lit fires in all his erogenous zones.

Sasuke eased back. “Stop worrying. I think the stress you’ve put yourself through since we started this relationship is punishment enough. I saw you the day you confessed. Now I know why you looked so horrid. The guilt was eating away at you, wasn’t it?”

“It was. I felt so horrible that I was deceiving you, but I’d never been so happy.”

“I’m to blame. You should have told me the truth, but I was the one who came onto you despite how nervous you were. I was toying with you, but my feelings were always sincere. It was just a lot of fun to flirt.” Sasuke paused. “I’ve always had a lot of fun with you. Four years ago, a month ago, a week ago. It’s why I loved Sukea. It was you all along, I love you for it.”

“No one ever made me feel special like you do. Rin tried, but we were both too young. Your flirting meant the world to me. I always felt unworthy of it, but it made me feel . . . happy. Only you and Rin ever made me feel loved.”

“Knowing you’re an incredible asshole and still love you, means I really do love you.”

“And I know you’re a brat, always have been, and yet I love you.”

Sasuke smiled. His next kiss was far more enthusiastic. There was no stopping this tonight.

Kakashi lost his hesitation. He pushed Sasuke’s kimono off a shoulder. Sasuke pulled at Kakashi’s shirt; Kakashi had to pull away to strip it. Sasuke didn’t dive back into the kiss, instead, he ran his hands and eyes down Kakashi’s chest. He hadn’t seen Kakashi’s body since he was a kid and never got the chance to really look at Sukea.

Of course, the ninja was chiseled. There were a few scars from a two decades of battles and of course those long, crossed scars from his fight with Obito. Kakashi always kept his body covered so he had no tan, nevertheless, Sasuke’s hands were a few shades paler than Kakashi’s sun-starved body.

Kakashi shivered and his nipples grew rock hard. Sasuke rubbed his thumbs over the hardened nubs. Kakashi didn’t even care that he was being looked at very closely which would normally make him self-conscious and rub his bare face.

Sasuke’s kimono was still off one shoulder exposing one of his perfectly sculpted pecs. He was so sexy like that. As good as Sasuke’s hands felt, Kakashi was enraptured by the sight of Sasuke. Sasuke noticed and shrugged his kimono off, letting it pool around him like a silk waterfall.

Kakashi reached out to touch his warm skin. He wasn’t that much broader than Kakashi or stronger, but Sasuke’s muscles were bulkier. Kakashi thought about Itachi; he had a slighter build like Kakashi. It struck him that the brothers could be built so differently.

Sasuke moved a little closer to make it easier for Kakashi to touch him, bracing himself with a hand on the wall over Kakashi’s shoulder. He was on his knees and therefore higher than Kakashi.

Of course, Sasuke had his scars too. Kakashi trailed his fingers down Sasuke’s chest and stopped dead when he felt the scar on the left side of his chest. He’d missed it last time because the scar was light and not raised at all. The wound that killed him. It was long and thin, just smoother than the rest of his skin, a shade pinker with a shine to it.

Sasuke knew what Kakashi was now fingering. He grabbed Kakashi’s wrist. “Don’t think about that now. I’m alive.”

“For a moment, I lost you both.” He caressed that scar despite Sasuke’s hold. “I once heard a mother say that she should have known her son was dead, she should have felt it. I didn’t understand what she meant until now. I could not have realized you had died, but I feel like I should have.”

Sasuke looked down at him with a sad smile. “You were busy. He missed most of my heart, nicked the side, went through more of my lung than my heart. It did still kill me, but not instantly.” Sasuke’s eyes drifted away. “I can still taste the blood in my mouth whenever I think about it.”

Sasuke’s arm was slack even as he held Kakashi’s wrist. It was nothing for Kakashi to move his arm. He took Sasuke by the neck and pulled him into a kiss. For a moment, Kakashi thought he tasted blood too. He would never lose Sasuke again. Once he became Hokage, he wouldn’t be able to be at his side to protect him, but he would find a way.

Sasuke settled down to sit on Kakashi’s legs, clutched at Kakashi’s shoulders, and returned the kiss. Kakashi could live on Sasuke’s kisses or they might sap him to death.

His breath was totally taken away when Sasuke pulled back.

“Dinner settled enough?” Sasuke said with equal breathlessness.

“Probably not for what you’re planning.”

“Still nervous? We’ve done this before.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll ever not be nervous.”

That just made Sasuke’s smirk larger. “Frankly, I don’t care if your stomach is settled, I can’t wait any longer.” He got up and held out a hand to pull Kakashi up too.

Sasuke moved to turn off the lights, but Kakashi caught him by his hakama and pulled at it, surprised to find nothing beneath. Finding that Sasuke hadn’t been wearing underwear made his cock pulse. He ran his hands down from the center of his back over his ass as his hakama fell away. His skin felt so good.

Kakashi dropped the rest of his clothes, leaving them both naked. If Sasuke forgave him and wanted this, Kakashi was not going to hold himself back.

But Sasuke slipped away to shut off the lights; they would be more comfortable without them.

Sasuke then dragged Kakashi to the bed. He lay on his back and Kakashi eagerly moved over him. The moon shone into the room brightly despite the small window. It was enough to see a blush blossom on Sasuke’s cheeks.

When their bodies touched, Sasuke flinched away and turned his head. That shy reaction was so different from the confident young man who seduced him. Sasuke put a hand on his chest to stop him from coming closer then used that hand to hide his face.

Kakashi deflated; so, they weren’t ready after all. “I’m sorry,” Kakashi said.

“What for?” Sasuke sounded honestly confused, dropping his hand to look Kakashi in the eye.  

Kakashi sat back. “This is my fault. You were so brash and confident and now . . . You’re hesitant about this. I do want to be intimate with you, but I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to be comfortable. Even if it’s never. I value our friendship more than anything.”

Sasuke rose up to lean back on an arm and smiled. “Remember when you said you hadn’t earned it?”


“You have.”

“But I didn’t want to hurt you so much you chang—”

“Get over yourself. I was more confident with Sukea because you were terrified, and I was completely in control. It was fun to tease you. But now you’re confident and I’m worried about losing control of the situation. I didn’t change; you did. I want this, yet doing it face to face is just mortifying; showing this side of myself to someone I greatly respect.” Sasuke had to look away saying that.

Kakashi couldn’t help smiling. “Now, you know how I feel without my mask.” He put his hand on Sasuke’s check and gently pulled his face closer to kiss him. Kakashi never felt so at ease when kissing Sasuke as he did now.

Sasuke broke the kiss to lean back and grab the lube. He sat up better so he was no longer leaning back on one hand and filled his palm with the lube. He started kissing Kakashi again and let the lube warm in his hand, then he wrapped his hand around Kakashi’s erection. His grip was loose, more preparing him than pleasuring him. It felt good, nonetheless.

Kakashi dropped his lips to Sasuke’s throat and then down his shoulder. He licked the smooth, unblemished skin there. He crowded Sasuke back down onto the bed.

“Kakashi,” he complained.

“I’ll keep my eyes shut the whole time.”

“That might the first lie out of your mouth.” They were both very much looking at each other’s faces. “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”

Kakashi scoffed. “You only think that because it’s a new sight for you. But you, on the other hand, I’ve seen your face since you were a kid and you’re still beautiful.”

It was Sasuke’s turn to scoff. “You’re just used to seeing your own face. If you weren’t always wearing that mask, you’d been raped by most of the women in the village by now. The only thing saving me is the aura of ‘I will fucking kill you if you speak to me.’”

“Death seems a reasonable price. I’ll try not to look. I’m not entirely comfortable with you seeing my face either. You need drapes.”

Kakashi kept his word and shut his eyes as he lowered his hips, seeking out Sasuke’s entrance. Sasuke had made no such promise. Whether Sasuke was staring at him or not, Kakashi believed he could feel his gaze.

Sasuke lifted his hips a bit to help Kakashi find his destination. He pressed in slowly, still uncomfortable by the difference compared to a woman. Sasuke’s body didn’t yield as easily, but it still yielded. The head of his cock sank into him, Sasuke’s body tightening around him causing him to groan. He pressed further into the younger man’s body. He was so tight, Kakashi was hesitant to go all the way in, but he wasn’t about to back out now. He let himself slide all the way in Sasuke’s enticing tunnel.

“Fuck, I don’t want to move,” Kakashi admitted.

Sasuke didn’t verbally respond, rather he thrust his own hips up and let them fall back to the bed. Kakashi’s breath was tremulous with pleasure. That little taste of heaven, feeling his cock slide through Sasuke’s hot, tight body, made him gluttonous for more. It only took that one little prod to make Kakashi lose any hesitation.

Sasuke pulled Kakashi closer, dropping Kakashi from leaning on his hand to his elbow. They sloppily kissed, but the movement of their bodies made it difficult. Their lips moved against each other’s face, occasionally grazing their mouths.

Kakashi’s other hand caressed Sasuke’s smooth side until Sasuke grabbed his hand and threaded their fingers together. Kakashi pinned his hand into the mattress and gripped his hand and used that leverage to fuck him harder.

Sasuke curled his legs up so that his knees brushed Kakashi’s ribs. He twisted his waist and clinched and unchinched his ass to contribute. Kakashi groaned.

He hit a particular spot making Sasuke sigh, “Kakashi.”

Hearing his own name and not Sukea’s excited Kakashi to no end. He reciprocated in the best way he knew. “I love you.”

Sasuke arched in ecstasy. He grabbed Kakashi by the back of the neck, no longer needing to care about a wig—not that he would have cared if there was a wig at this point.

Kakashi found his lips at Sasuke’s throat, his nose in his hair. The clean scent of Sasuke’s hair and the warm smell of his skin filled his senses. He smelled so good. That sliver of skin under Sasuke’s ear was begging to be licked. Licked and kissed. He grazed his teeth gently over the spot, though the rocking of their bodies jabbed his teeth in his neck a few times. Sasuke didn’t complain, just sighed and moaned.

“Harder, Kakashi. Fuck, you feel so good.”

Kakashi growled right in Sasuke’s ear. Sasuke gave a small cry and shuddered under him.

Eyes still closed, Kakashi raised himself up to have better leverage. He gave Sasuke was he asked for.

It wasn’t like it was last time. There was release of tension in this act, a loss of hesitation and doubts. It was far more animalistic than any of their times together. Sasuke relished Kakashi’s loss of control. Kakashi was turning from the timid older photographer into the virile shinobi who slaughtered enemy shinobi by the dozen.

They had both been hard for the past hour with all the little interruptions. It hadn’t been proper foreplay, but this was by far more of a culmination of their relationship than the first time they had sex. It left them both too close to the edge.

Kakashi came first. “I love you,” he breathed. Those words still had an effect on Sasuke, and they helped him climax a few seconds later.

Kakashi nearly collapsed on the younger man but fell to the side instead. Sasuke lowered his leg before Kakashi could force it down and wrench his hip. Kakashi shimmied down so he could turn back onto Sasuke’s body and lay his head on his lover’s chest. Sasuke started stroking Kakashi’s wild hair.

“You did say I could touch your hair now.”

“I did.”

Sasuke threaded his fingers into his unwieldy silver hair. “Your hair is even lighter than mine. Guess it would have to be to stick up that this.”

“I never was able to tame it without a lot of hair gel.”

Sasuke massaged Kakashi’s scalp with his fingers. “I like it.”

Kakashi relaxed. He loved having his hair petted and his scalp massaged. His father used to do it when he was kid. Rin and Minato each did it once when they were comforting him after Obito’s . . . ‘death’ and he was recovering from his injuries. Then that one girl he slept with in that town in the north. He didn’t mind her seeing his face since he’d never see her again and she didn’t know who he was; an anonymous one-night stand. She played with his hair after they had sex. Like this.

“Three,” Kakashi said.


“I’ve been with three women. Three one-night stands. I never really considered a relationship before now. Rin was the one I told you about who was serious about me, but we never got a chance to do anything about it.”

Sasuke continued to pet him. “Before now?”

“Yeah. That’s what you want too, right?”

“Yeah, it is. It’s just nice to hear you want that too.”

“What about your clan?”

“I’m considering my options. Don’t worry about it until I’ve narrowed them down.”

“I don’t want to get in your way.”

Sasuke let out a small huff of amusement. “My kids will need two fathers. You won’t be in the way. I just fear it’ll be a burden on you: being Hokage and dealing with a rowdy bunch of Uchiha brats.”

“I’ve never met a rowdy Uchiha, except maybe Obito. Moody and temperamental, they tend to fly off the handle and want to murder half the world on a whim, but rarely rowdy. I know they’ll be adorable. And I’m foisting the job on Naruto at the first available opportunity. I never gave any serious thought to a family. I thought I’d die before then. Raising children doesn’t sound so bad.”

“You already have experience with the worst kids, so I think you’d make a good father.”

“I think you will too.”

“I’m not ready though. A few more years.”

“Yeah. Wait until you’re at least twenty.”

“Hn. I’m not even seventeen.” He pondered for a minute. “Why do you wear the mask?” Sasuke asked wispily.

“I don’t remember why I started. I’ve always worn it. The suggestion I should stop made me uncomfortable. I’ve been naked in the baths, in the ANBU locker room, when bathing in the field, but I’ve never shown my face . . . to those who knew me. It gave me a unique disguise.”

Sasuke caressed the side of his bare face. “An excellent one. Even I couldn’t see through you.”

Kakashi hummed and dug his arms around Sasuke so he was holding Sasuke like a teddy bear or a pillow.

“Goodnight, Kakashi.”

“Goodnight, Sasuke-kun.”


So, I’ve decided to extend it a little longer. There was going to be an epilogue, but now there’s more chapters. ^_^

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