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Posting the first chapter of this story in honor of Kakashi's birthday!

Just because I don’t want to have to alter scenes to compensate for Sasuke missing an arm, he’s not missing an arm. Let’s pretend they didn’t obliterate each other’s arms in that final battle.


Sukea was born on a mission nine years ago. Kakashi needed a cover and created the personae of a photojournalist. He’d used a few other disguises over the years that revealed his face, but this was the one he chose to fuck with his students one day. He helped them spy on his own clone and try to find or take a picture of himself maskless. It had been a lot of fun and also taught the trio a little more about teamwork.

After that little escapade, he found other uses for it. It was a wonderful way to find out information that people wouldn’t tell Hatake Kakashi, but they would gossip with a random, no name photographer. People sometimes opened up for a journalist.

A few months had passed since the end of the war. Sasuke was home and had returned to Team Kakashi. Kakashi had successfully argued that there were too many important missions right now to take him off active duty and make him Hokage. Tsunade was well, so she will stay in her position a little while longer. With that reprieve, Kakashi relished his time with his grown students.

But there were times when he needed to get away from himself, go out and not be ‘Hatake Kakashi’ and just be a man looking for a drink. People watched Kakashi, wanting to see behind his mask, they gossiped when they saw him, or stopped gossiping. People acted very different around the famous Copy-nin. But no one noticed the lanky photographer. No one cared about Sukea.

Tonight, the brown-haired man with grey eyes chose an upper middle-class restaurant to drink at. He was on his way to the well-stocked and reasonably priced bar, when someone called out to him.

“Sukea.” The voice was deep and familiar. Kakashi turned to see Sasuke sitting in a booth by the wall.

“Ah, Sasuke-kun,” he greeted good humoredly.

“Want to join me?”

Kakashi was surprised by Sasuke’s invitation. He saw no reason not to accept. And it would be fun to deceive the young man again.

Kakashi sat down across from the sixteen-year-old. He was nearly seventeen. He couldn’t say that time had flown by since he felt the passing of every day since Sasuke ran away to train under Orochimaru, but time was moving a little more swiftly than Kakashi would have liked. He wished his students were still young and cute. And stupid. That made his smile at Sasuke more genuine.

Sasuke had ordered a full meal and had barely started. “I was only intending to have a drink at the bar,” Kakashi admitted. “But I think I’ll have a little something.”

“It’s been, what, four years since you tried to help us see Kakashi’s face?”

“Has it been that long? That was fun. Did you ever see it?”


A waiter came to take Kakashi’s order, including beer. If he was going to fuck around with an Uchiha, he wanted his wits about him; sake had the tendency to go to his head.

“I still think people would pay to see the famous Copy-nin’s face. But the man is too cunning.”

Sasuke smirked. “I bet the others would be up to another mission to unmask him.”

“Maybe sometime. Where are they? Why eating alone? I wouldn’t think you’d have trouble finding company.”

“I don’t have a lot of adult friends and my own generation aren’t great conversationalist.”

“Really?” This was peaking Kakashi’s interest.

“I didn’t grow up the way they did, I don’t have a lot of shared experiences since I was a reclusive orphan and then left the village for three years. I just don’t have anything to talk about with them.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

“I don’t really care. I’m not generally lonely. What have you been up to since I last saw you?”

“Little more than work.”

Sasuke gave him a sly look. “As a photographer.”


“I have a hunch you’re still a shinobi, but I won’t pry.”

“My work isn’t interesting enough to talk about, whatever it might be.”

And from there they just chatted. It was small talk that didn’t venture too far into either of their lives but alleviated the silence and loneliness they had expected this evening.

Soon, their meals were done. Sasuke insisted on paying. “I dragged you into ordering a meal. I’ll pay. I’d also like to see you again. I have a mission tomorrow. I’ll be back in three days. Would you like to join me for dinner again?”

“Yes, I would.”

Sasuke almost gave a full smile. “Three days, here, about seven?”

“I’ll be here.”

They went their separate ways. Kakashi took some pains to make sure he wasn’t followed home.

He had an unexpectedly pleasant evening with his student. He was looking forward to their next meeting.

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