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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’. There is also a one-shot ‘Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot’.

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Chapter ninety-two: Evidence

Neji settled into his chair in the control room of the security suite and began a systems check. Usually the monitors and speakers were connected to the rooms where they received guests. This time they were linked to the room where the evidence was displayed.

All this so they could watch the Zetsus as he examined the fragments of bomb they had found. It had taken Konohamaru most of the previous afternoon to set up and connect all the camera and microphones, even with Kamatari and Akemi assisting him.

Kisame and Sumaru were on guard duty; Sumaru was already present and Kisame was escorting the prisoner from his apartment. Itachi was with the evidence he had painstakingly catalogued. Beside each item was a tag. Bringing an enabled tablet close to the tag triggered a display of its analysis, including location of retrieval, proximity to other pieces and their current deductions.

Itachi, Kisame and Sumaru were wearing earpieces and microphones. Shikamaru had an earpiece. Neji pinged each of them, checking that the links were operational.

Kakashi entered the control room. Neji nodded but chose not to speak. Sasuke had not consulted Kakashi about allowing the Zetsus to see the evidence. Neji did not know what Kakashi thought about that, particularly coming so closely after his decision to unpod the children before Kiba was available to care for them.

He seemed resigned rather than angry. Finally, after minutes of silence, he sighed.

“You really believe that unpodding the children is for the best?” he grumbled.

Neji was quick to take the opportunity Kakashi was offering. “Yes. They need to be part of this and they will help keep all of us, but particularly Sasuke-sama, focused on what is important. I think the decision to leave the younger children podded is also wise. What do you intend to do about Ran?”

Kakashi stiffened.

“Maybe it would be best to wait until after Iruka-san was settled into the crew room,” Neji suggested. “When will that be?”

“Three days, if the regeneration continues to proceed smoothly,” Kakashi answered.

Perhaps the conversation would have continued but one of the monitors showed a door opening. It was Shika. He had Kotetsu with him. It looked like Kotetsu had come directly from the shop. He had his tool belt on and his goggles pushed up onto the top of his head.

“Did you know he was bringing Kotetsu?” Kakashi asked.

“No,” Neji admitted.

Kakashi did not question it. Neji was not surprised. Unlike Itachi, Kakashi had some grasp of how a typed-seven genius operated. Typed-sevens did not have intuition, they had deductive reasoning that included leaps that were incomprehensible to normal minds.

“Kakashi-san?” Itachi’s voice queried from the speaker linked to the personal microphones.

Kakashi activated Itachi’s earpiece. “It is fine, Itachi-san.”

They had already divided the fragments into those they were sure had come from the station and other. Shikamaru and Kotetsu began sorting the foreign fragments into groups. Kotetsu picked a piece up and pulled down his goggles to examine it.

“What’s special about the goggles?” Kakashi asked.

“What isn’t?” Neji replied. “Kotetsu, Shino and Shika have built a good-sized analytical laboratory into them.”

The door opened again and Kisame entered with the Zetsus. Zetsu smiled his crooked smile and hurried with his uneven gait over to where Shikamaru was standing.

“Stay calm,” Neji warned Kisame, Sumaru and Itachi over their links. “Remember, he is not behaving weirdly. This is perfectly ordinary behaviour for him.” Or them, he added in his head.

Kakashi checked that his microphone was switched off. “He gives me the creeps,” he admitted.

Neji deactivated his own. “It helps if you think of him as two people trapped in one body,” he advised. “It is possible, you know. A chimera made up of twins.”

Kakashi snorted. “Nice try, Neji-san, but chimeric twins are never both self-aware and chimeric monozygotic twins wouldn’t qualify as twins.”

“Conjoined twins where only the brain separated?” Neji suggested.

“There’s no evidence that there are two brains in his skull,” Kakashi argued,

“Would Rin-san tell us if there was?” Neji asked with a slight smile in his voice. “Medical confidentiality.”

Kakashi smiled in return. “Good one, Neji-san. What are they up to?”

“Shika’s introduced Kotetsu and now they are talking about the goggles. This will probably take some time,” Neji admitted.

They listened for a while.

“I only understand about one word in three,” Kakashi complained. “It’s a nerds’ convention.”

Neji did not comment. He enjoyed watching Shika exercise at least one facet of his mind.

“When do you think they will start looking at the evidence?” Kakashi asked.

Neji’s lips quirked. “When Shika remembers to ask them to,” he replied.

Kotetsu accepted Inryoku and Enerugi as readily as Shikamaru had hoped. The four of them were soon discussing the technicalities of miniaturisation. Another part of Shikamaru’s mind was processing how thin the Zetsus were and considering how he could make their lives better. Deep down, he was churning the question of who had caused the bombing.

He needed to know. Uchiha needed to know. He needed to be right, because Sasuke would kill the person Shikamaru told him was responsible.

People had died. Ma and Pa had died. Na-chan and Iruka-sensei had been gravely injured. This time there would be no grace and no mercy.

Trouble was, being 100% certain, even 95%, would take time. The more time he took, the harder it would be to catch the bomber.

Kotetsu was examining one of the foreign fragments. Shikamaru was intrigued; it was the second time Kotetsu had gone back to that particular piece.

“Kotetsu-san?” he queried.

Kotetsu gave a self-deprecating laugh. “I thought my tags were so novel,” he observed.

Shikamaru’s mind focused. It took all his self-control to maintain his unthreatening, laid-back demeanour. “They are,” he insisted.

Kotetsu displayed the fragment. “The material this is made of is essentially the same.”

The mathematical region of Shikamaru’s mind calculated the odds of someone coming up with the same anti-detection material in an overlapping volume of known space within ten standards. It was thirty-eight thousand times more likely that someone had found one of Kotetsu’s tags and worked from that.

They had only used the tags once; when Kabuto had been fleeing the Warren and they had been too busy to follow.

“Could it have been reverse engineered from one of your tags?” Shikamaru asked, choosing his words carefully.

Kotetsu put his hand out for Shikamaru’s tablet and brought it close to the fragment. There was a long silence.

“Yes,” he replied.

Shikamaru turned to Inryoku and Enerugi. “Could Kabuto manufacture a novel material from a sample without out-sourcing?” he asked.

They considered. “Nothing beyond what is possible with a top of the range synthesiser,” Inryoku answered.

He turned back to Kotetsu, who shook his head. “No way. You know how difficult it was to make.”

“Akatsuki has contracts with specialists,” Enerugi volunteered. “They make some of the materials needed for the mindprinters.”

“En-chan...” Inryoku chided.

“No. I want to help,” Enerugi insisted. “This wasn’t Pein. We know that because it could have killed Konan and the baby. No way would Pein have agreed to anything that would have endangered Konan and the baby. Pein’s dead. Orochimaru has killed him. Stop thinking about him.”

A surface part of Shikamaru’s mind was interested in the point that Enerugi was making. Another part was planning how to trick specialist material suppliers into allowing him into their records.

Maybe Klenn could help. He had analysed the mindprinter; maybe he had already sourced the novel materials it contained.

Thinking of Klenn triggered memories of the message of sympathy he had sent. It had been beautiful and sincere. It had helped, if only a little.

Kotetsu’s observation and Enerugi’s information had opened up hundreds of lines of enquiry. Shikamaru itched to get into the data streams. At times like these he questioned his long-standing decision not have an interface implanted.

“You with us, Shika-san?” Kotetsu asked.

Shikamaru smiled. “Absolutely, Kotetsu-san.”

Kakashi watched and listened. Based on the snatches of conversation that he had understood, Shikamaru was making significant progress. Putting the three best technical minds they had in the same room now seemed obvious. He sighed. Sasuke was right, his obsession with security blinded him to other, more productive, options. It was not as if being obsessed with security had prevented the bombing.

“Time to send in some coffee,” Neji murmured. “Do you want a cup, Kakashi-san?”

The caffeine sent Shikamaru and Kotetsu into overdrive. It also brought the more effervescent of Zetsu’s two personalities to the surface. Kakashi decided that Neji was correct; whatever the truth of the situation, thinking of Zetsu as two people made his behaviour easier to analyse and his speech less difficult to follow.

Listening to incomprehensible conversation was boring; Kakashi decided to watch Itachi instead. Every day Itachi was a tiny step closer to becoming the man he would have been without Fugaku; a trusted comrade, leader, lover and father.

Sasuke had given him that chance; he had put hatred aside and lifted the knife from his brother’s throat. He had decided that the blame for Mikoto’s death, and for all those who had died with her, had lain with Fugaku Uchiha. He had asked them to embrace the opportunity that fate had presented by wiping Itachi’s memory.

It had been a good decision. As personally leading the defence of the Warren had been a good decision. As taking in the Akatsuki renegades was proving to be a good decision. As, Kakashi admitted with a sigh, unpodding the children would probably turn out to be a good decision.

The children were the future of Uchiha. You did not create future leaders by putting them on ice every time things went wrong. They needed to stare into that tank, see their beloved To-chan and know that an enemy had almost succeeded in killing him.

If only there weren’t ten of them.

“Kakashi-san?” Neji was saying.

“Sorry, Neji-san. Could you repeat that?” Kakashi asked.

“Shika wants permission to play Go with the Zetsus in their apartment this afternoon.”

Kakashi frowned. “I would have thought he would be busy analysing what they have deduced,” he complained.

Neji just looked at him. Kakashi sighed. Of course Shikamaru could do both at the same time.

“Yes, he can go and play with Zetsu,” he agreed.

Inryoku would have insisted they have tea if he had realised how concentrated the coffee would be. Now he had to deal with En-chan on a caffeine high, jerking their head this way and that all the way back to their apartment and commenting about how handsome Itachi-san was.

Luckily he had enough sense to keep such observations within their head and to shut up completely when Inryoku reminded him that Itachi belonged to the big sharkman.

Once they were home, En-chan danced from room to room and Inryoku did nothing to stop him. It had been a good morning. They had spent time with Shikamaru and been able to help him. They had met Kotetsu, who was not boring and who had not minded that they were two people in one body.

Best, Shika-san was coming to play Go that afternoon.

Once Enerugi had calmed down they tidied up the apartment and ate some food because Shikamaru always asked them if they had been eating and neither of them liked lying to him.

“Lots of them love other men,” En-chan said suddenly.

“They are spacers,” Inryoku reminded him but he knew what En-chan was really saying. Pein had not approved of homosexual relationships; they had not fit with his vision of breeding pairs living on the land. Now they were free of his disapproval. “Who would want us, En-chan?” he added. “Even if someone did, we never fancy the same men.”

“You liked Itachi-san,” En-chan reminded him. “And I caught you eying Sumaru-san.”

Inryoku did not deny it. “You do not find Sumaru-san attractive,” he observed.

“Too young,” En-chan admitted. “Too pretty.” He considered. “Far too scary.”

Inryoku decided En-chan had a point; in an odd way the young man had been even more intimidating than the sharkman.

They were ready long before Shikamaru arrived. The apartment was clean and tidy; the Go board prepared and the tea tray set.

Shika-san looked tired. There were goggle marks around his eyes. Inryoku thought that he had probably been in the data streams.

He placed a basket on one of the tables.

“Goodies from Choza-san,” he told them.

“It is very kind of Choza-san to think of us,” Inryoku acknowledged. “How is Kiba-san?”

“Doing well,” Shikamaru told them. “Hana-san has been acting as a donor, which will speed up his regeneration.”

“Will it hurt Hana?” En-chan asked.

“Maybe a little,” Shikamaru admitted. “But Rin-san is as skilled as medicos come and will do all she can to control the pain. Hana will get top quality treatment. She’ll even get nanobots, because they will help her regenerate the donated tissue.”

Inryoku could tell that En-chan was reassured, which was good. Personally, he did not think that Hana would hesitate to do what was right, despite the pain.

Thinking about Hana reminded him how much he and En-chan missed Hana and Konan; far more than either of them had expected. They had not even seen Nagato-chan.

“Has Uchiha-sama reconsidered his decision not to allow us to see Konan, Hana and the baby?” Inryoku asked, even though he knew the answer.

“No,” Shika-san admitted. He looked guilty. “I confess I have not asked again.”

Inryoku felt bad. “I should not have said anything. Uchiha-sama must be very stressed. You all must be. How are you?” he added.

“Shika-san must be fed up with people asking,” En-chan objected.

Shikamaru managed a smile. “No, I know people ask because they care. It’s hard. My parents were always there for me. Now they never will be there again. I can’t quite accept it. Neji is looking after me.”

Inryoku wished he had a Neji and he knew that En-chan would be thinking the same. He decided to change the subject. He would tell Shikamaru what he had remembered Pein telling him.

“There is a man called Deidara. He is a bomber. He has worked for Orochimaru. Pein hated him, because he always wanted to destroy rather than build.”

Shikamaru perked up. “You know anything more about him?” he asked.

Inryoku shook his head.

“En-san?” Shikamaru checked.

“No. I didn’t listen to what Pein was saying most of the time. Are we going to play?”

It was only early evening and Neji was tired. Running the household alongside his other duties was exhausting. He would need to pace himself.

He told himself it would be easier when the Maple arrived.

It would have helped if Shika had kept his earpiece in and activated. Neji knew why he hadn’t; he did not want to be disturbed while playing Go with the Zetsus.

Shika felt guilty about the Zetsus being confined to the small apartment with so little to amuse them.

Neji packed a basket with clean linen and set out for the Zetsus’ apartment. The Zetsus weren’t good at looking after themselves. Haku had asked Kiba to visit when he went to the other apartment to check on the baby. Kiba would collect the worst of the mess and deliver fresh supplies.

With neither Haku or Kiba available, Neji would need to think of an alternative arrangement. Shika was right, it would be much more sensible to allow Hana to look after both apartments. He would continue to work on Kakashi. They needed Kakashi to see the Zetsus as a potential asset rather than a threat.

Until that time, someone had stop the Zetsus living in squalor. Given that he wanted to ensure that Shika was back in time for the evening meal, Neji had decided to multitask.

He pressed the announcer and waited. After a while the door opened. It was Shika with the Zetsus looking anxiously over his shoulder.

“See, it’s just Neji,” Shika said. “En-san was worried who it could be, given that Kiba is incapacitated.”

“Kiba-san is the only person other than Shika-san who comes to see us,” the Zetsus explained.

Shika stepped away from the door to allow Neji to enter.

“Are you going to introduce us, Shika?” Neji asked.

Shikamaru flushed; he had obviously forgotten that Neji had never met the Zetsus face-to-face. “Neji, this is Inryoku and Enerugi. In-san, En-san, please allow me to introduce my lover, Neji.”

Neji was careful to address the right-hand side, Inryoku, and the left-hand side, Enerugi, as separate people. They liked that. They smiled.

It was fascinating, even their smiles were different.

He insisted that they continue with their game while he sorted out the apartment. Most of the mess had been pushed into corners, probably because Shika was visiting.

Neji tidied and cleaned; it did not take long to make the apartment respectable. He finished up using some of the food Choza had sent to lay out a proper meal for the Zetsus.

Then he went to break the news that Shika was expected home for his evening meal. He watched all three of them memorising the arrangements of stones on the Go board.

The Zetsus had established a small tactical advantage, which was interesting.

“They need looking after,” Neji observed as they walked back to the crew room.

Shika sighed. “I know. I keep saying.”

Neji took his hand and squeezed it. “I know you do. I’ll speak with Sasuke. I explain to him how much easier it would be if the two apartments were linked so that Hana could look after them. I’ll do it as soon as Hana has recovered from donating tissue for Kiba.”

Shika squeezed back. “Thank you, Ne-chan,” he acknowledged before pulling his hand away and speeding up. “Hurry up,” he demanded. “I am hungry.”

Neji gave Shika a certain look. In response Shika started running.

Tired or not, chasing Shika was always fun.

Late that evening, well after the evemeal, Kakashi patrolled the household.

He had done so each night since the bombing; this was the fourth time.

He started out by checking on Asuma. He was worried about his friend. Asuma’s behaviour suggested that he was on the edge of breaking. Each evening Kakashi half expected him to be off in a bar somewhere, drinking himself into oblivion.

Instead he was where he should be, in the guest apartment with his children. Keitaro was asleep, Misora and Akemi were settled in their rooms and Asuma was in the kitchen.

He took out a flask and placed it on the table. Asuma fetched two small cups. They had not discussed it but there was no alcohol in the apartment other than the small amount Kakashi brought each evening.

After a shot each, Asuma stared into his cup. “Gai and Tatsuji collected as much as they could from the apartment today. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

“That was kind of them,” Kakashi suggested. “They would have liked being able to do that for you.” He looked around the kitchen, at the baskets of food Choza had sent. “Are you going to talk to the children about whether they want to rebuild the old apartment or start afresh?”

Asuma looked at him. “Should I?”

“I think that’s what Iruka would advise,” Kakashi replied. “Does Biwako-san have any advice on helping the children come to terms with it?”

“Yes,” Asuma admitted. “They each have something called a memories box. In it is a tablet and lot of space for other stuff.” He passed a hand over his face. “I’m meant to ask them if they want to show me what’s in it.”

Kakashi poured two more shots and waited.

“She left each of them a message. I didn’t know she had done that. Why? I am the fighter. I looked back. She redid them every five divs.”

Kakashi knew why. They were surrounded by men, women and children who had lost their mothers when young.

“To Kurenai,” Kakashi said, raising his cup.

“To Kurenai,” Asuma echoed.

After leaving the guest apartments, Kakashi checked the elite fighters’ territory in case any of them were there rather than in the crew room. It was unoccupied. It was also surprisingly clean and tidy; there wasn’t a towel or weapon out of place and every cleaning cycle was running. Kakashi suspected that Itachi had been around before him.

Next on his list was Sasuke’s office but on the way he saw a light in the laboratory Shikamaru, Shino and Neji shared.

Shikamaru was in the data streams. He was wearing goggle and earpieces. His hands, covered with a network of gold control wires, gestured as they shaped his virtual world.

Neji had fallen asleep at his desk. Kakashi hesitated before heading towards Neji, intending to wake him.

“Leave him,” Shikamaru whispered.

Kakashi jumped; he had been so sure that Shikamaru was in too deep to notice him.

Shikamaru’s hands wove patterns in the air, closing down his systems. “I wanted to finish something and he refused to go back to our room without me,” he admitted as he removed earpieces and goggles. “Could you spare a few minutes to talk, Kakashi-sensei?”

Kakashi agreed, wondering what was too urgent to wait until morning. He followed Shikamaru to the far side of the room, where they were less likely to disturb Neji.

“The information In-san, En-san and Kotetsu-san gave me opened new avenues of investigation,” Shikamaru began. “I am 73% sure that Orochimaru is responsible for the bombing and 37% sure that that a man called Deidara carried it out.”

Kakashi was surprised that Shikamaru was that sure it was Orochimaru. As for the name Deidara, that was new. “We can review the evidence tomorrow?” he queried.

Shikamaru looked at him in that particular way; the one that made Kakashi feel that he was connected with infinity.

“Before today I believed that I needed to be over 95% certain before Uchiha could take action against them,” he said. “Now I have decided it does not matter.”

Kakashi was not sure if he liked the sound of that. It would not have mattered to someone like Fugaku but Shikamaru? The Shikamaru he knew was exquisitely careful not to hurt the innocent. Had his parents’ death affected him so badly?

“It’s like the Snuffers,” Shikamaru told him.

That meant nothing to Kakashi. “Snuffers?”

“It did not matter if they were guilty of a particular atrocity because they were responsible for so many others.”

Kakashi knew he was missing something. He tried waiting.

“There aren’t any more Snuffers,” Shikamaru reminded him.

Kakashi frowned. He knew that. It was one of those odd bits of spacer lore that had started as rumour, become gossip and had now hardened into fact. Then, slowly, it sunk in. Shikamaru had eliminated the Snuffers. They had come to his notice because of Neji and now they were gone.

He had always thought of Shikamaru as weak and vulnerable. How much power could he wield when he wished?

“I have assembled dossiers on Orochimaru and Deidara,” Shikamaru explained. “They have both killed many people who did not deserve to die.”

Kakashi understood. “We can risk acting quickly,” he agreed, “because it does not matter if we are wrong.”

“Exactly. Can you help me convince Sasuke? Without mentioning the Snuffers. I don’t want Neji or Naruto or Iruka or anyone else knowing what I did to the Snuffers.”

Kakashi was happy keeping Shikamaru’s secret from all but one. “Sasuke knows?” he checked.

“He knows,” Shikamaru confirmed. “Tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Kakashi agreed.

He watched Shikamaru walk over to Neji and place a hand on his shoulder. “Ne-chan?” he whispered. “Time for bed.”

Kakashi went on his way, leaving the lovers together.

He pressed the announcer outside Sasuke’s office. As he expected, when the door slid open it revealed Sasuke still at his desk.

“Checking up on me, Kakashi-sensei?” he asked, gesturing towards a chair across the desk from where he sat.

Kakashi sat down. “Perhaps,” he evaded.

He knew he must be behaving oddly because Sasuke looked at him with Mikoto’s eyes and waited.

“Shikamaru told me about the Snuffers,” Kakashi admitted.

Sasuke’s expression went through surprise to understanding. ““I am glad he told you,” he admitted. “It’s a shock, isn’t it?”

Kakashi wasn’t sure how to respond. What should you say when you realised that your protégé had unfettered power? He settled for a nod.

Sasuke deactivated his desk and stood up. “Sake or bed?” he asked.

“Bed,” Kakashi decided. “I had a couple of whiskies with Asuma.”

They walked the small distance from Sasuke’s office to the crew room. The kitchen light was on. There were voices; too loud. Sasuke sighed.

Kakashi touched him on the upper arm. “You go to bed.”

Sasuke hesitated and then nodded.

Kakashi watched him go into his and Naruto’s room. He wondered if it felt as empty as his and Iruka’s. Then he headed for the kitchen.

Choza was correct; ten was a very small number. Kisame was with Itachi in their rooms. Asuma was with his children. Dan was with Rin. That left only Hamaki, Terai, Fu, Choza, Gai and Tatsuji sitting about the table.

At least there was food on the table as well as whisky bottles. Kakashi caught Choza’s eye and relaxed.

“Join us, Kakashi,” Gai boomed.

He took one of the unoccupied seats at the table. Hamaki poured him a whisky. Gai started singing, badly. Then Tatsuji joined in, which was a relief as even Gai fell silent to listen; Tatsuji had always had a beautiful singing voice.

Kakashi studied them. Hamaki, Terai and Fu had each other and Naomi. Choza was at the heart of the family and had Kiba. Now that Kunugi was gone, Kakashi only had Gai and Tatsuji to fret about.

Gai was Gai; that would never change. He did what he had always done; talked too loudly, sang badly and trained youngster after youngster. His latest charge was Akemi. Keitaro would follow and then some of the boys in Naruto’s litter. Not Misora; Kakashi was thinking of asking Anko to train her. Not Hoshi and certainly not Ran.

Kakashi was much more concerned about Tatsuji. Tatsuji had lost Kunugi, his almost constant companion, and C-san, whom he had adored. Even after all these standards, Kakashi had little concept about what went on in the soft-spoken fighter’s head. The most vicious of killers yet the most unassuming of men; Tatsuji remained an enigma.

Once things had settled, they would have to discuss whether it would be a good or a bad idea to look for a replacement for C-san.

A touch on his arm; it was Choza.

“We will be fine here, Kakashi-san. You go to bed.”

Kakashi nodded, knocked back his whisky, wished everyone a good night and headed for their room.

Iruka had the lights set so that they came on when someone entered the empty room. Kakashi shut his eyes and found the override by touch.

It was easier if he did not have to see Iruka’s things.

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