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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’. There is also a one-shot ‘Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot’.

Thanks to Small Fox for being my beta. For this story he has also been my muse, suggesting a number of the ideas that have evolved to create this arc.

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This is posted in the Naruto/Sasuke section because it is part of a Naru/Sasu/Naru space saga. However, it does feature many other pairings (and a few threesomes). Apologies to those who are expecting Naruto/Sasuke or Sasuke/Naruto every chapter.

Warning: this chapter includes an adult scene (anal and implied oral) within an abusive relationship between adults.

Kabuto and Orochimaru are hybrid engineers interested in Naruto and his origins. Kabuto, posing as a consulting scientist, got onto the Oak and stole the sample of Naruto’s stem cells from which the kits were cloned. When the kits and samples were rescued by Uchiha, Orochimaru was killed.

Want to know more? Read ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’.

Chapter eight: Akatsuki

Kabuto watched the holoprojection of the red haired, red eyed woman hovering over the control panel.

“There is not much to report,” she began. “Records of ships in and ships out of the private dock are attached. Occasionally members of the household visit the markets but never any of the principals.

“Principal One was observed visiting the Hunundau store with Principal Three and was, for a short time, in a room with other customers. They came in contact with a number of members of staff. Principal One showed a particular interest in a young female member of staff. I am pursuing.

“Their purchases are consistent with the theory that the household is focused on child rearing. According to official records, there have been no more adoptions, suggesting that it was a one-off.

“The financial records that are obtainable suggest that Organisation One is thriving. Rumours are that they are benefiting from unusually quick communication pathways.

“Subsidiary Eight and Subsidiary Four briefly visited Location One but returned to System H, presumably Location Five. They are assumed to be working on behalf of Organisation Two. Subsidiaries Twelve and Thirteen continue to go from location to location establishing offices for Organisation Two. Principal One had, to my knowledge, visited no new locations on behalf of Organisation Two.

“I wish I had better news for you.” The image bowed. “Your faithful servant.”

Kabuto punched a switch and the image vanished. Karin was an effective operative but Uchiha was laudably cautious; there had been almost no openings. When they had been given one, on Petersville, it had been wasted through Kimimaro’s arrogance.

He opened the next report. A holoprojection of Kagero appeared. For once she was as herself, a pretty and fragile young woman.

“At last something of interest, Kabuto-san. Kisame the sharkman was here, with Itachi Uchiha and four youngsters. They were crewing a ship called the Silver Leaf that was ostensively independent but registered as allied to Uchiha. They only briefly visited the residential section but gave their allegiance as Uchiha to one of the wardens, who asked them if they had a permit for the sharkman.” The image gave a small smile. “Imagine.

“Once they returned to the spacers’ quarter they were challenged for their cat. Again, one wonders if some humans have survival instincts. Needless to say, the challengers lost.

“Extensive enquires inquiries established that the harbourmaster’s office provided the captain, who apparently was one of the youngsters by the name of Inari, with copies of public records on tape.

“The other two members of the crew were registered as Konohamaru and Tayuya. The cat was, as customary, not named.”

Kagero’s image sighed. “Kotohime continues to behave irresponsibly. Uchiha’s interest indicates that she may have made the situation in The Warren so bad that it becomes a priority for the HDL.

“I look forward to your next visit, Kabuto-san. Please convey my respects to Orochimaru-sama.”

Kabuto wished that he could. He closed the holoprojection and began a search for the Silver Leaf’s movements. Then he consulted his chronometer; time for his daily humiliation.

He dressed smartly, armed himself and exited his ship, sealing it behind him. They had offered him accommodation on numerous occasions over the last two standards but he always refused it, insisting that he did not want to impose on their hospitality.

In truth he did not trust them. He had never trusted them and nothing he had learnt about the Akatsuki over the last two standards had changed that view.

They did not understand loyalty. He, Pein, did not keep his word.

They kept him waiting, as always. Sometimes it would be a few minutes. Often it was half a day or more. Occasionally he sat there all day only to be dismissed long after nightfall.

This time it was eight-seven minutes.

Once admitted he walked to the designated point. At least it was Pein himself and not one of his lackeys or, worse, one of the look-alikes.

Kabuto knelt, kowtowed and began.

“I come to you, Pein-sama, to ask you to reconsider,” he said. After two standards there was not much more that he could say.

“I have never made any decision on the issue that requires re-consideration,” Pein replied.

Kabuto was glad that his forehead was pressed to the floor and that he did not have to control his expression.

“Fetch a chair for Kabuto-san,” he continued.

That was different. He had never been offered a chair. A female dog-human hybrid brought it and placed it beside him. Kabuto waited. Standards serving Orochimaru-sama had taught him not to make assumptions.

“Please be seated, Kabuto-san,” Pein said softly.

Kabuto stood, bowed, sat on the chair and waited.

“I have decided that you are correct and that Uchiha is of interest,” Pein told him. “I have no interest in the hybrid, but Uchiha is reaching places it should not and taking too little time to do it. It reacts too swiftly in response to information it should not be able to find.

“Only four standards ago Uchiha was a spent force with a tiny fraction of the resources it once commanded. Now, suddenly, its fortune is multiplying and their intelligence gathering is impossibly efficient.

“Your assertion that it is the hybrid’s influence that makes Sasuke Uchiha so effective is probably incorrect but it is interesting. The information you have given me has been useful. Your decision to give me contact with the operative Orochimaru had amongst the Sunagakure had merit.”

Kabuto did not regret that decision; Sasori would never have recognised Kabuto as his superior.

“You have worked ceaselessly on your master’s behalf. Such loyalty is commendable. It should be rewarded.”

Kabuto tried to suppress the hope that was rising within him.

“Hana will show you the way,” Pein concluded.

Kabuto followed the dog-human hybrid. He had recognised the name. Hana was one of Amachi’s creations and must have been a gift from Orochimaru to Pein, or perhaps Konan.

The hybrid paused in front of a door, her hand on the handle.

“Konan-san gave me a message for you, Kabuto-san. She says that he had not been woken because that is best done by the one who is closest to him and that there is a hypospray beside the bed.”

Kabuto fought his mounting excitement. The hybrid opened the door and shut it behind him.

He was there, lying in a huge bed in the sumptuously decorated room. His black hair was spread across the pillow. His skin was exquisitely pale against the deep purple of the sheets.

His shoulders and upper chest were bare, suggesting that he was naked under the heavy bedcover.

Kabuto grasped the edge, where the sheet was folded back over the bedcover. Slowly, reverently, he peeled away the covering.

The new body was flawless. It was perfect. Of course it was perfect; it was him.

It had been over three standards.

Kabuto kissed the smooth shoulder and allowed his fingertips to brush across the flat stomach and down towards the soft, sweet penis; unenhanced and beautiful.

It was so tempting to delay. Part of him wanted to sleep beside the lovely, vulnerable body.

But it was too much of a risk. Pein might have cameras in the room. He had already given the man too much. He replaced the cover, found the hypospray and pressed it against the elegant, long neck.

Amber eyes, with their characteristic, vertical pupils, flickered open. The scientist in Kabuto noticed that the strange eyes, unlike the enhanced penis, had been coded in the genes. Butterflies in the hopeless romantic’s stomach fluttered.

“How long?” Orochimaru croaked.

“Over three standards,” Kabuto admitted.


“Pein delayed,” Kabuto told him.

“Damn dog,” Orochimaru muttered.

There was a silence. Kabuto waited, knowing that Orochimaru was assessing the state of his memory.

“The transfer is good,” he decided. “He must have done it immediately, which means he’s had me in stasis until now.”

He sat up. Kabuto moved pillows to support his back, careful not to touch skin without permission. Orochimaru settled back against them.

“Why now?” he asked.

Kabuto considered. “He has decided that Uchiha has something he wants,” he answered.

Orochimaru frowned. “He wants Bara’s hybrid?”

“No, Uchiha’s intelligence collecting techniques. They can also travel too quickly.” He paused. “Kiba went with them.”

Orochimaru hissed. “Damn dog took me down with his blowpipe.”

Kabuto had suspected, he had seen the wounds, but he had clung to the hope it had been Itachi Uchiha. “Itachi Uchiha slit your throat. Kiba froze your body.”

Orochimaru stared him down. “Still protecting the damn dog,” he accused. “As if the mutt knew what he was doing when he chose the freezer rather than the incinerator. Be useful. Find me something to drink.” His lips quirked into something resembling a fleeting smile. “Then you can blow me; a reward for being such a good boy.”

Kabuto knew it would not last; Orochimaru needed to fuck to prove to himself that he was alive and he would not risk touching one of Pein’s people. If they had been in one of their bases he would have used one of the cat-human hybrids but they were not and there was only Kabuto.

Or, perhaps, he was worried that Kabuto’s loyalty had become attenuated over the last three standards.

“The sooner I can get this sorry excuse for a cock seen to the better,” he complained, pounding into Kabuto’s arse; one hand with vicelike grip on his hip and the other fisted in his hair.

Kabuto much preferred this cock to the other but he was concentrating on locking his elbows to stop himself pitching forward onto his face and trying to shift his position to get some friction against his prostate.

“Nothing to say?” Orochimaru demanded.

“It is... ...a beautiful... ...cock,” he managed.

Orochimaru released his hair to grasp his other hip and finished with three mighty thrusts. Once his climax had passed he slapped Kabuto’s buttock before pulling out.

“At least you recover quickly from being fucked with it,” he admitted. “Which is useful given that yours is the only arse around.”

Kabuto’s erection was so hard that it hurt. He knew better than to touch himself but, maybe, if he was subtle, he could rub himself against the sheet.

“None of that,” Orochimaru snarled. “Or I’ll improvise a chastity cage for it.”

Kabuto did not want that. He whimpered.

Orochimaru sighed. “Turn over,” he ordered.

Kabuto felt the semen seeping from his anus. He hoped that he did not get into too much trouble for soiling the sheets. Perhaps he could ask Hana to find him fresh ones.

Orochimaru leaned forward, blew on Kabuto’s erection and then stroked the tip with the very end of a finger.

“Come,” he commanded.

Kabuto climaxed.

Orochimaru laughed. “Good boy,” he acknowledged.

“Kotohime has not reacted well to you being incommunicado,” Kabuto told him as they dressed. He was working through all the information in priority order and Kagero’s recent report had promoted The Warren. “She is releasing non-functional hybrids, including children, into the corridors. There is an anti-hybrid backlash. The Hybrid Defence League is likely to take an interest.”

“Those do-gooders,” Orochimaru sneered.

Kabuto steeled himself. “The HDL has had a change in fortune. The fox-human hybrid made an appeal on their behalf. It was surprisingly effective. Offices and sanctuaries are springing up in all manner of places.”

Orochimaru froze. “Show me a copy of this appeal,” he demanded.

Kabuto had one with him and, luckily, there was a projector in the room so Orochimaru did not have peer at the tiny screen of Kabuto’s portable tablet.

Orochimaru watched it in silence and replayed it. Then he turned and struck Kabuto across the face.

“This was important,” he hissed.

It was all Kabuto could do to stop himself raising his arms to protect his head from the next blow.

“This should have been first,” Orochimaru spat. “Before talk of hybrid hunting and spying on Uchiha and that foolish girl Kotohime. This is why the Bara hybrid must be under my control and not with that, that, that boy who does not know what he has.”

Kabuto suspected that the boy, as Orochimaru called him, knew exactly what he had; a prize beyond price that was turning all Sasuke Uchiha touched to gold and starlight diamonds.

“I apologise, Orochimaru-sama,” he said contritely. “My judgement falters without your guidance.”

Orochimaru put out a hand towards him. Kabuto stopped himself flinching away. This time the touch was gentle. A long, pale finger captured a drop of blood from his split lip and then, slowly, tasted it with a pointed tongue.

“There will be a medical kit in the bathroom. Make yourself decent before we dine with this Pein and his lady,” he ordered.

Kabuto hated the way that Konan looked at him; the pity in her eyes. How he envied her. She did not have to win each tiny scrap of her beloved’s attention; Pein adored her.

“The information that Kabuto-san had given us about Uchiha has been useful,” Pein was saying. He smiled. “And thank you for your generous gift of Sasori. He has proved invaluable.”

Orochimaru scowled at Kabuto.

Kabuto suppressed a shudder.

“I thought I had paid in advance for our agreement, Pein-san,” Orochimaru replied. “Yet it appears that you have insisted on additional payments over the last three standards.”

Pein smiled at Kabuto. “Playing with Kabuto-san is so amusing, as you know, Orochimaru-san.” He looked back to Orochimaru. “I shall make it up to you. I have someone in Uchiha.”

Kabuto struggled to believe it. His mind raced. Then he had it; the challenge for the Silver Leaf’s cat in The Warren. They would have been forced to take a cat as reparations.

Orochimaru smiled. “Excellent work, Pein-san. Of course, if you wanted to know about Uchiha perhaps you should have asked Kabuto-san. He has spent time on their ship. He has spoken with Sasuke Uchiha and his advisors. He has even examined the fox-human hybrid.”

Kabuto watched what little colour there was drain from Pein’s face leaving it almost as pale as Orochimaru’s. His strange irises, with their concentric circles, appeared to whirl with his anger.

“He did not tell you, Pein-san?” Orochimaru asked sweetly.

“No, he did not,” Pein admitted through gritted teeth.

Orochimaru speared a choice piece of meat with his fork and moved it slowly towards his mouth. His lips opened to admit it. He chewed slowly, appearing to savour the flavour, and then swallowed.

“That is, Pein-san, because he is my toy to play with, not yours,” he replied.

The next day they called a truce and began work. Pein himself was not present, although Kabuto suspected he was watching and listening. Instead they had to work with Zetsu, Akatsuki’s chief of intelligence.

Kabuto shivered. The man was bordering on the insane. The way he talked as if he were two different people was more than disconcerting. Kabuto thought of the more pessimistic of the two as dark Zetsu and his counterpart as light Zetsu.

It did not help that he painted half his face black, had green hair and sat in a chair that looked like some huge carnivorous plant. He even wore a lens that made one eyeball black.

Kabuto wondered how much of it was for show. If it were designed to keep them unsettled it certainly worked. Kabuto imagined Zetsu without the makeup and lens, his hair a mousey brown and dressed in normal clothes. He would fade into the background; ordinary and invisible.

“There are three interesting aspects of Uchiha,” light Zetsu began.

“Their ability to travel too fast, their ability to communicate too quickly and their phenomenal command of information,” listed dark Zetsu.

“The second could be an aspect of the first,” suggested light Zetsu.

“But the third is distinctly separate,” insisted dark Zetsu.

Kabuto looked to Orochimaru, who nodded.

“We have a compact Mulligan drive,” Kabuto admitted. “It is possible that they have a similar drive.”

“We have already assumed that to be so,” dark Zetsu answered. “They have two ships that must use ungated holes. One is a mother ship, the Oak, and one is a smaller ship, the Dart, which must have a compact drive,”

“These ships still travel too fast,” light Zetsu insisted. “So they use holes others do not use.”

“We must find out if they are holes others do not know or holes others cannot use,” dark Zetsu added.

Kabuto understood that. If they used new holes they must have a method of finding them. If they used holes others could not use it implied that they had new jump technology.”

“How did they get the compact drive?” light Zetzu was asking. “Do they know the source?”

“The Dart used to be owned by a man called Garner Parrad,” dark Zetsu answered.

“Who works for Klennethon Darrent,” Orochimaru observed.

Both Zetsus fell silent. If you wanted to live you left Klennethon Darrent alone. This was known from Centre to the Far Fringe. People, even whole organisations, who had proved themselves incapable of obeying this simple rule no longer existed.

Kabuto waited for the signal from Orochimaru and played his trump. “Klennethon Darrent held a private dinner for Sasuke Uchiha in Tarrasade. He bought a whole restaurant for the purpose.”

“Klennethon Darrent is an ally of Uchiha?” dark Zetsu queried.

“Perhaps not,” Orochimaru suggested. “Klennethon Darrent may have wanted to meet the Last Uchiha and his Naruto. Perhaps the Dart was the price of Uchiha’s attendance at the dinner.”

“I will add that to the list of matters that need clarification,” light Zetsu decided. “Now to the issue of information. Sasori believes that the plan to free Kaze from the slavers did not originate with the person who was given the credit.”

“Instead it was created by the entity the Sunagakure fancifully refer to as the ‘Wizard of the Data Streams’,” dark Zetsu continued. “It would appear that this entity sometimes works on Uchiha’s behalf. It is likely that this entity gives them their advantage in data accumulation and analysis.”

“Does the Sunagakure know when this ‘wizard’ first began operating in the data streams?” Kabuto asked.

“Sasori suggested that the first signs were eighteen standards ago,” light Zetsu answered.

It did not quite fit. Shikamaru was too young. “One of Sasuke Uchiha’s advisors is probably a genius. It could be that he contributes to this entity or organisation,” Kabuto suggested. “His name is Shikamaru.”

Light Zetsu frowned while his other self interrogated the Akatsuki’s database. “I have a copy of his application to cat,” he stated.

They watched it together. Then they went through the fine detail, including his educational record. Before they had finished, dark Zetsu had started to laugh in the way that even Orochimaru found disconcerting.

“Shut up,” he told himself. “So there was a type seven genius that no one spotted except Uchiha.”

Dark Zetsu’s laugh cut off suddenly. “Maybe even they did not realise what they had,” he commented.

“I am sure they do now,” Orochimaru observed.

“Zetsu tells me that his discussions with you were extremely useful,” Pein told them at dinner that evening. “We see our priorities as clarifying the mechanisms by which they travel too quickly and investigating the relationship between the entity the Sunagakure refer to as the Wizard and the type seven genius Shikamaru.”

“How soon will your spy in Uchiha begin supplying information?” Orochimaru asked.

Pein smiled. “Not soon. He must be thoroughly embedded. Until that happens we are interested in situations that may allow us to capture members of Uchiha or the Dart, or both.”

“The only cause that has tempted them out of isolation has been the HDL,” Orochimaru observed. “Kabuto and I will investigate possibilities in this area.” He smiled. “Feel free to investigate the Klennethon Darrent connection.”

Pein pretended to smile. “I think we will leave that well alone. Do not become a stranger, Orochimaru-san.”

Author's note

Hi, I have added this author's note late so I will be adding it to the next chapter too. Apologies to those who end up reading it twice.

In this fic I have the hybrids being characters from the anime that are either Jinchûriki (like Naruto and Gaara) or who have some other characteristic that suggested them for the hybrid role, like Kiba's close association with Akamaru or Kisame, who was already a sharkman. So far I have also used Roshi and Yugito.

I think I can use any of the Jinchûriki who have a vertebrate (mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian or fish) as their tailed beast, so that would be Yagura, Killer Bee and Han. I am less sure about the ones that have a slug or a beetle.

Does anyone know any characters from the series that they would think would make good hybrids? Connection to a vertebrate would be useful.

Also, is August a quiet time on the site or have I just lost readers as I moved from 'In the cold of space' to 'Tales in Tarrasade' and then to 'Iteration'? Feedback would be very much appreciated.

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