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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’. There is also a one-shot ‘Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot’.

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Chapter one hundred and twelve: Steps

Ran woke early.

Usually he stayed in bed if he woke early, or played in his room. He didn’t go to breakfast until the rush was over.

Today was different. Today Ir-chan got his legs back.

He washed and dressed. Usually he tidied his room but he decided to leave that. He pushed open his door, slipped out into the shared area and closed the door behind him.

The double door to Ir-chan’s room was closed. Ran hadn’t expected that. He hoped that he wasn’t too late. Ir-chan had said he could be there when they took off the supergens.

He crept up to the door and pressed his ear to it. What he heard reassured him that he had not missed anything; Ir-chan and Kashi-san were doing what Sumiko called zontal prancing.

They did a lot of that.

“You all right, Ran-chan?” Naruto-san asked. He was rolling from the room he shared with Sasuke-sama, through the shared area and towards the kitchen.

“I thought I was late but I’m early,” Ran explained.

Naruto smiled at him and twitched his whiskers. “Busy are they?”

Ran nodded.

“You could sit on the couch and wait for the door to open, or you could have breakfast with me, or you could go to the big litter’s nursery and try to wake Haru-chan,” Naruto-san suggested.

Going to wake up Haru sounded the most fun but he did not want to miss them taking off the supergens.

“I won’t let them start without you,” Naruto-san promised him.

The children were milling about washing, dressing and, in the case of Hoshi and Ryuu, tidying up. Only Haru was still sleeping. He was snuggled down in his bunk clutching his plushie, his hair sticking up in all directions and his long eyelashes curving against his cheeks.

Kazuki dashed out of the bathroom, on his way to the kitchen and food. He froze when he saw Ran, twitched his whiskers, flicked his tail and then resumed his journey.

“Try waking him,” Hoshi suggested. “Or Kiba-san will do it and it will be too quick.”

Ran knew what she meant; some mornings Haru seemed lost. Ran began trying different ways of bringing Haru out of his sleep, using his inside-eyes to judge success.

Gentle touches to various parts of Haru’s body worked best; a circle on his back, a brush on his wrist, a slight tug on his toe. Ran had to vary the pattern or Haru became used to it and sunk back into sleep.

Finally the eyelashes fluttered and there was the first flash of brilliant blue.

“Ran?” he murmured.

Ran folded back the covers, took Haru’s plushie from him and placed it in the corner. Haru sat up without thinking about it and Ran pulled Haru’s legs around so that he was perched on the edge of the bunk.

Haru rubbed his eyes, slid off the bunk onto his feet and headed for the bathroom.

“Perhaps you should visit every morning, Ran-chan,” Kiba-san suggested from the other end of the nursery.

Ir-chan’s door was open when they crossed the shared area on their way to the kitchen. Ran hurried over, wondering why Naruto-san had not called him.

Kashi-san smiled at him. “Naruto-san gave us your message.”

Ir-chan beckoned him over and gave him a hug. “Why don’t you have breakfast with Haru-chan?” he suggested. “Then come here and we will wait for Rin-san together.”

Ran thought that was a good plan. He hurried to catch up with Haru but he need not have worried, because Haru had saved him a place at the table.

He sat down. Breakfast with Naruto-san’s litters was chaotic, which was why Ran, like most people, usually avoided it. Luckily the worst of the milling about was over; the kits, Ryuu and Hikaru were intent on eating. As Ran sat down Kazuki was spooning the last of his food into his mouth.

He swallowed. “I have finished, To-chan,” he announced, tipping his bowl so that Naruto-san could see that it was empty. “Please may I leave the table?”

“Yes, Kazuki-chan,” Naruto-san replied and Kazuki was off, only pausing to put his bowl and spoon in the sink.

Yo-chan, Ya-chan, Kuu-chan and Kei-chan’s gobbling slowed as they accepted that Kazuki had beaten them to the first session on the new simulator.

Naruto-san had Teruko-chan on one side and Takara-chan on the other. Tsuneo-chan was between Teruko and Yuki. Yuki was trying to help him but Tsu-chan was having none of it, which meant that almost as much food was on Tsuneo as in him.

“Ran-chan can wake Haru up and get him out of bed without Haru falling back to sleep or grumbling,” Hoshi informed Naruto-san.

Haru looked at Ran in surprise. “Did you wake me up? I thought I woke up and you were there.”

Naruto-san smiled at Ran. “That’s because Ran-chan did it perfectly,” he pointed out. “It’s one of his gifts.”

The smile made Ran feel warm.

Soon Haru and the others had gone. Ran helped clear the table before leaving Naruto-san with the triplets and joining Kashi-san and Ir-chan in waiting for Rin-san.

He was sitting close enough to Ir-chan to know what he was feeling. Like with Haru, the fact that they touched often made it easy for Ran to make the link.

Ir-chan was excited and a little scared.

“I wish she would hurry up,” Kashi-san complained, looking towards the intercom.

“You will not call her,” Ir-chan ordered. “Removing my supergens is hardly urgent, Kashi.”

They waited a few more minutes and there was the click that told Ran that the intercom was about to work.

“Rin here. You ready for us Iruka-san?”

Kashi-san beat Ir-chan to the button. “Kakashi here. We’ve been ready for some time, Rin-san. Stop torturing us and hurry up.”

“Rin here. On our way, Kakashi-san,” she acknowledged.

Dan-san arrived with Rin-san, pushing a stack of three empty hover platforms; Ran guessed that they were to take the empty supergens away.

They started with the pieces around Ir-chan’s hips and thighs. Those parts of Ir-chan had not been damaged but that they had to be kept still so that the new bits connected properly to the old.

Rin-san was worried about Ran seeing Ir-chan naked but Ir-chan wasn’t. Ir-chan had explained that there was nothing special about being naked, or looking at someone naked, or touching someone naked. It was how you did those things that counted.

Ran understood that. It depended on what you were thinking and feeling. Rin-san looked at and touched Ir-chan as a medico. Kashi-san looked at and touched Ir-chan as a lover. Ran looked at him and touched him as a child; his child.

Rin-san opened the catches and separated the supergens. Then Kashi-san held Ir-chan up while Rin-san pulled away the supergens and Dan-san slid a cushion between Ir-chan’s bottom and the stand to take their place.

Ir-chan paled and sucked air.

“Ir-chan?” Kashi-san queried.

“Just stiff,” Ir-chan answered. “Really, really stiff. I’ll be fine.”

“Iruka-san, you must say if there is any acute pain,” Rin-san insisted.

“I shall. You said I would be stiff and I am,” he pointed out.

Next Rin-san moved on to the knee pieces. Once they were on the hover platform, Rin-san began undoing the boot-like supergen around Ir-chan’s left leg. Ran knew that this was the leg that had been chopped off just above the ankle.

The two-part boot came apart, showing the new foot and ankle for the first time.

Ran was rather disappointed. Except for the nails being too long, it looked ordinary.

“Should I try to move it?” Ir-chan asked.

“Let’s start by checking your reflexes,” Rin-san replied.

Rin-san used a little hammer to tap various parts of Ir-chan’s leg, which made it jump. Then, allowed or not, Ir-chan wriggled his toes and laughed before Kashi-san caught his foot in his hand and rubbed his thumb along the edges.

“Not one callus, Ir-chan, they are as soft as a baby’s toes.” He kissed the top of the foot.

Ran looked closer and saw what Kashi-san meant. The skin on the foot was pink and smooth.

Soon Ir-chan’s other leg was exposed, the nails had been clipped and Rin-san had declared that everything was working properly.

“What next?” Ir-chan asked.

“You have already realised how much your joints ache from the unaccustomed movement,” Rin-san told him, “and the muscles will fatigue easily. Don’t try to do too much all at once. Lots of massage and hot baths. If you pick him up, Kakashi-san, we’ll get the stand and the bed out of here.”

Kashi-san picked Ir-chan up and Ran saw that even that hurt him a little.

Ir-chan forced a smile. “Grab that cushion, Ran-chan, and put it on the chair.”

Ran put the cushion on the chair and Kashi-san put Ir-chan on the cushion. Meanwhile, Rin-san and Dan-san opened the doors to push the stand, the bed that had supported Ir-chan’s top half and the hover platform of supergens out into the shared area.

“Let’s see you take a few steps,” Rin-san suggested. “Then Dan and I will be off.”

Ir-chan stood up, steadying himself on Kashi-san’s arm, and took a one, two, three, four, five steps. He did not let go of Kashi-san but Rin-san was satisfied.

Kashi-san did not let him turn and walk back. Instead he picked him up and put him back on the chair.

“I am so stiff,” Ir-chan complained again.

“Hot bath,” Rin-san recommended. “If the bath isn’t available get them to swap or use Sasuke-sama and Naruto-san’s. Then a massage. Then some sleep. I’ll send up something to add to the bathwater and some liniment for the massage.”

Ran wanted to help. “I could get them,” he suggested.

Rin-san actually smiled at him, which was a bit of a shock. “Thank you Ran-chan. You could push one of the hover platforms back to the infirmary and bring the liniment and balm back.”

He chose the hover platform with the stand on it. Rin-san pushed the one with the bed and Dan-san took charge of the one with the supergens.

Ran imagined being a medico. It would be nice to make people better.

“Could I be a medico when I am older?” he asked as they walked towards the infirmary, guiding the platforms.

“If you want to be,” Dan-san confirmed.

“You are a special person, Ran-chan,” Rin-san replied. “Empaths are very, very rare. You may decide to do something that uses that gift.”

Naruto-san had mentioned his ‘gift’ that morning. It was unusual for anyone to mention his inside-eyes and now two people had done it in one morning. “What could I do?” he asked cautiously.

Rin-san frowned but it was a thinking frown rather than a cross frown. “Let me see. You could be a negotiator, because you would be able to tell if people were telling the truth.”

Ran did not think that was a good idea. He had to touch people to know what they were feeling. He did not want to touch strangers.

“You could be a therapist,” she continued. “They help people to adapt to new situations. Like if they have lost someone close to them or perhaps a feral child trying to live with people, like you.”

He liked that better. “Help people be less sad.”

Dan smiled at him. “Exactly,” he confirmed.

“Or you could help raise children,” Rin-san added. “Empaths are very good at that.”

Ran considered. There were parents but there were also people like Kiba-san and Biwako-san who cared for all the children.

“Or you could be queen of a crew, like Iruka-san and Haku-san,” Dan suggested.

Ran was beginning to see a pattern. Rin-san and Dan-san thought he would be good at looking after people.

He had been able to wake Haru up without making him lost or grumpy; he had used his inside-eyes to do that.

“I’ll think about it,” he announced.

“Good idea, Ran-chan,” Dan-san confirmed.

They finished the journey to the infirmary and Ran helped Dan-san sort out the supergens while Rin-san prepared the liniment and bath soak for Ir-chan.

Ran watched as Dan-san separated the supergens into smaller parts, he called them com-po-nents, and put them to ste-ri-lise.

“You could come and help in the infirmary sometimes,” Dan-san suggested.

Ran considered. “Can Haru come?”

Dan sighed. “No Ran-chan. Haru-chan’s curiosity gets the better of him. He fiddles with equipment and looks at things he shouldn’t. Rin-san does not trust him.”

Ran knew it had been a long shot; he had decided not even to ask about Kazuki.

Ran hurried back to the crew room as soon as Rin-san had finished filling the bottles. Kashi-san was already in the big bathroom, preparing the bath for Ir-chan. Ran shook each bottle and offered Kashi-san the one that sounded runnier.

Kashi-san did not take it from him. “How much do I add, Ran-chan?”

Rin-san had not said but there was writing on the bottle. Ran looked at it. Rin-san had divided the label into two. The top half said ‘bath’ with a word before it starting with ‘C’. He started to sound it out. “Co-mmu-nal.”

“That’s right, Ran-chan,” Kashi-san encouraged. “This is a communal bath. How much?”

Ran could see a word. It was bot-tle; bottle. There were some numbers before it written in a strange way. Ran suddenly remembered Haru telling him about frac-tions. “One-quarter?” he suggested.

Kashi-san was really pleased with him, Ran could tell. “Thank you, Ran-chan. We add one-quarter of the bottle. Do you want to do that?”

Ran did not think he could do that. He might tip in too much. “No,” he replied.

So Kashi-san did it. It smelled strong but not nasty.

Then Kashi-san went to get Ir-chan. He carried him and Ran noticed that Ir-chan was not saying that he could walk, so Ran guessed that walking hurt.

“Are you going to stay and talk to me, Ran-chan?” Ir-chan asked as he slipped into the water and sat on the shelf at the side of the bath. “Kashi has duties.”

“I do?” asked Kashi-san.

“You know you do,” Ir-chan told him. “Ran-chan can look after me. He will get you if I need you.”

It was nice. Ir-chan asked if he wanted to come into the water but Ran didn’t. Ir-chan sat on the shelf, then floated and ended up sitting on the shelf again.

They talked. Ran told Ir-chan about waking Haru up and about Dan-san asking if he wanted to help in the infirmary. He didn’t talk about what he wanted to do when he was older. He wanted to think more about that.

Then he thought about the label.

“I need to read,” he told Ir-chan. “Haru is teaching me but he’s not very good at it. He can’t remember learning. Could you teach me?”

Ir-chan smiled at him. “I would like that very much, Ran-chan,” he replied.

Iruka’s heart leapt when Ran asked him to teach him to read. From the start he had insisted that Ran should make his own decisions about what to learn and how to do it. However, as the divs had come and gone he had begun to wonder.

He had hoped that Ran would act like the other children; you gave them a few options and they were happy to pick one. Instead, Ran often turned down all the options. He did it so often that Biwako had questioned Iruka’s approach.

Iruka had held firm. He concentrated on the progress Ran had made; his speech had improved tremendously, he was much more confident socially and he liked to draw. He refused to worry that Ran was completely disinterested in mathematics, or learning to read, or making things, or how things worked, or even the new simulator that so fascinated the kits.

Now Ran wanted to read. Iruka did not know if he felt vindicated or merely relieved.

“We’ll start tomorrow,” he suggested.

Ran studied him with his huge brown eyes and nodded.

“I think I shall get out now,” Iruka decided.

“I’ll get Kashi-san,” Ran stated.

Iruka was convinced he could get out of a bath and into his room without Kakashi’s help. Soaking in the bath had loosened his joints. He felt much better. “I can manage,” he insisted.

Ran frowned slightly. “No,” he said and dragged a stool over to the intercom. He climbed up on the stool, pressed the button and spoke. “This is Ran. Kashi-san, please can you come to the bathroom.”

Iruka had to admit he was impressed. As far as he knew, Ran had only used the intercom once, back on the Oak, with Konohamaru helping him.

The intercom clicked. “Kakashi here. On my way.”

He insisted on walking but, Iruka had to admit, it was good to have Kakashi’s arm to lean on. As they approached the double doors, Iruka saw that Kakashi had already found a massage table and moved it into the room.

“You won’t need a bed in there,” Kakashi whispered, “because we will be sleeping together in our bed.”

It was a nice thought. Iruka was thoroughly fed up of living in one room. Even the bathroom had been a welcome change.

“Do you want to watch me giving Ir-chan his massage?” Kakashi asked Ran, who was walking behind them carrying the bathing supplies in a basket.

“No,” Ran answered. He followed them into the room, put the basket on the side, gave them what could only be described as ‘a look’ and went out again. “I am going to the playroom.”

Iruka found himself flushing.

“It’s almost like he’s giving us permission,” Kakashi murmured.

Iruka found the button and closed the door. “No, he just knows what we are like.”

Iruka woke after sleeping in his bed for the first time in four divs. They had followed Rin’s instructions; bath, massage and sleep. True Rin had not mentioned Iruka receiving a blow-job and a gentle but thorough fucking, but she had known them long enough to realise that it was bound to happen and she had not expressly forbade it.

He wondered what part of the day it was; not ship’s night because Kakashi was not beside him. He dug out a chronometer and discovered that it was mid afternoon.

He was hungry.

Taking things slowly, with many breaks, Iruka managed to get himself showered, dried and dressed. Then he headed out into the shared area, bound for the kitchen.

He did not make it. Choza intercepted him and he found himself settled on one of the couches in the shared area of his crew room with tea and snacks within easy reach.

He was still on his first cup of tea when Shikamaru appeared and sat down beside him. Iruka studied him. His skin colour was normal and the dark circles under his eyes mere smudges. His expression suggested that at least part of his mind was alert and present.

It looked like a good day.

Iruka was acutely aware that life had been hard for Shikamaru since the bombing. He blamed himself for the atrocity, grieved for his father, felt guilty about his mother, fretted about Naruto and struggled with Sumiko.

It was better lately. Iruka put that down to three developments; Haku getting Sumiko’s behaviour under control, having a treatment plan for Naruto and Klennethon Darrent choosing to stay in Tarrasade.

Before those three changes Shikamaru had been drowning and only Neji swimming beside him kept his head above water. Sooner or later Neji’s strength would have given out and the two of them would have gone under. Now they had the boat they needed to ride the storm.

“It is good to see you on your feet, Iruka-sensei,” Shikamaru acknowledged.

Iruka had left his feet bare. He circled them, flexing his ankles. “Nice to have feet, Shika-kun,” he confirmed. “How are things?”

The general question was an invitation for Shikamaru to talk. If he did not take it, Iruka would speak to Neji to find out what was wrong.

Today Shikamaru talked. There were bits about Sumiko and Neji, but it was mostly about how Klennethon Darrent had convinced the Committee that the new shaft was all about feeding his vanity rather than part of Shikamaru’s plan to give Naruto what he had asked for in Sublevel C.

“They think the charitable bit is just Klenn showing off,” Shikamaru explained. “He has them convinced that they are taking advantage of him when it is the other way around.”

Iruka smiled, more interested in hearing Shikamaru sounding happy than the ins and outs of Tarrasade politics. The truth was, Klennethon Darrent and Shikamaru between them were giving Tarrasade the most fabulous gift and it was sad that the Committee had to be tricked into accepting it.

“So when does building start?” Iruka asked.

“Straight away,” Shikamaru enthused. “We’re using the modular system we used for Haven but local labour. Wasabi engineering have been given the contract. Of course they are really happy about that because the work on the compound is almost complete.

“Now we have to get Jizenkai Security Service set up. I’ve set up a recruitment agency. It essentially Sakura-san, under the guise of Angela-san, along with the programmes I created when we recruited the allied crews. I hired a Hyuga for the interviews. I managed to get Neji’s cousin. Isn’t that great? We’re intending to hire ex-spacers, starting with the three that Angela-san has been using as bodyguards.”

Iruka let most of it flow past him but one detail caught his attention. “Neji’s cousin?” he queried.

Shikamaru grinned. “Yes, they are sending her because they want her to see Neji and persuade him to go back to Hyuga. What they don’t know is that she doesn’t want him to go back and that she warned us last time what they would do to him if he did.”

Iruka dug about in his memory. He had not met the woman but he remembered them talking about her. “Are you sure that it is safe for Neji to meet with her? Hyuga are experts at manipulating people.”

Shikamaru frowned and then smiled. “We won’t allow him to meet her alone, just like I’m never allowed to meet face-to-face with Klenn alone.”

Iruka was shocked. He had thought that Klennethon Darrent was a trusted friend. “Is that so?” he queried.

Shikamaru flushed and, in true Shikamaru fashion, started to babble. “He still wants me,” he confessed. “And he’s overpoweringly charismatic, like Kakashi-sensei but ten times worse. The truth is, I can’t be trusted, even though I know what a bad idea it would be.”

Iruka’s mind was spinning. He did not know what was worse: that Klennethon Darrent wanted Shikamaru, that Shikamaru wanted Klennethon Darrent or that Shikamaru still used Kakashi as his benchmark for desirability. “And Neji?” he asked.

Shikamaru just blinked at him, completely confused by the question. “I love Neji,” he replied. Panic flared in his eyes. “Neji understands.”

“Of course he does, Shika-kun,” Iruka said immediately, ashamed of himself for even hinting at the possibility that Neji would be upset. The last thing Shikamaru needed was to start doubting his relationship with Neji.

Nothing about Shikamaru was ever simple; Iruka should know that by now.

“Has there been any progress with the park?” he asked, deciding that a change in subject was desirable.

It worked. Shikamaru was happily telling him about the challenge of introducing birds in the park when Naruto rolled in with the triplets.

“Who’s supervising the playroom?” Shikamaru asked before Naruto and Iruka could even exchange greetings.

“Haku-san,” Naruto admitted and Shikamaru was off.

Iruka gave Naruto a questioning look as he parked the buggy, released Tsu-chan and lifted Te-chan and Ta-chan onto the couch.

“Shi-chan is worried about leaving Su-chan with Haku-san,” he explained, “but it would be fine. It does Sumiko-chan good to try to be low profile and blend in with the others.”

Iruka watched, listened and conversed. Naruto was managing to supervise the triplets, talk and raid Iruka’s plate of snacks. They talked about the children and Iruka told Naruto that Ran had decided he wanted to read.

Then Shikamaru was back with Sumiko. Ran, Haru and Kazuki were with him.

“You finished your sewing?” Naruto checked.

Haru and Kazuki nodded. Iruka doubted Ran had ever started whatever project Haku was doing with them.

Haru and Sumiko sat on either side of Shikamaru on the couch opposite, Ran sat next to Iruka and Naruto asked Kazuki to accept the ‘mission’ of stopping Tsuneo leaving the shared area.

Iruka gave up on conducting any meaningful conversation. Haru was telling them about his latest project, Sumiko was trying to hog Shikamaru’s attention and Kazuki was playing a chase game with Tsuneo, who was squealing with delight. Iruka sipped his tea, enjoyed having Ran close to him and played one of his favourite games; looking for traces of Naruto in Teruko and Takara’s Uchiha-ness.

That was made easier when Sasuke happened by. He scooped up Ta-chan and Te-chan and sat on the couch that was at right angles to the others. Tsuneo joined them, deciding that being hugged by Papa was even more fun than running away from Kazuki, at least for the time being.

Kazuki sat next to Haru on the couch opposite.

Iruka found himself studying the adults rather than the children. Naruto was fine. As he had told Iruka all those standards ago, the day they first met, the fox in him made him resilient. Or maybe, looking at Tsuneo, it was nothing to do with his fox genes. Perhaps it was pure Naruto. Even so, Iruka was glad that the first transplant had been a success, that the second had been rescheduled to be in less than a div’s time and that, if all went to plan, Naruto would be fully restored.

Iruka missed the growling and howling; they all did.

His attention moved to Shikamaru, who was listening to Haru and Sumiko at the same time. It was a very Shikamaru solution to Sumiko’s attention seeking. Iruka had never imagined Shikamaru as a parent. Being Haru’s special person had seemed about his limit; when he had taken on Sumiko, Iruka had thought that Neji would do most of it.

Instead Shikamaru had stepped up, determined to fill the hole his parents’ deaths had left in Sumiko’s life. Iruka was proud of him.

Then there was Sasuke. It was incredible that the brittle, isolated, damaged adolescent could have grown into the man before him. Maybe incredible was the wrong word; it was miraculous.

And the creator of that miracle was Naruto.

Then the room was filled with children as the rest of the big litter joined them, only to be suddenly deserted as they all moved into the kitchen for their evening meal.

As nice as it had been to have all of them around him, it was a relief when they were gone.

Ran was still beside him.

“Not eating with them?” Iruka checked.

Ran shook his head. “I want to eat with you and Kashi-san.”

Iruka was touched; it was less stressful for Ran to eat with the children than with the adult members of the crew.

They sat quietly, listening to the hubbub issuing from the kitchen.

Familiar fingers on his shoulder; Iruka tipped his head back to receive Kakashi’s kiss. It was gentle yet demanding and it went directly to Iruka’s cock.

Maybe Shikamaru was right; perhaps a ‘kakashi’ was a very appropriate unit for measuring desirability.

Kakashi broke the kiss and walked around the couch. Iruka saw him measuring Ran’s response before deciding to take a slight risk and sitting beside him.

Ran seemed comfortable between them; their son, sitting with his parents.

It was a very good day.

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