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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’. There is also a one-shot ‘Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot’.

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Chapter forty-seven: Three

Naruto woke and decided that today was the day. He studied the top of Sasuke’s head; the only part of him that stuck out from the bedcovers. Even if this was the day, perhaps this was not the moment to start; Sasuke hated being woken up early.

He slipped out of bed and padded over to the gestators. The displays indicated that they were fine but he viewed each baby anyway. At this stage there was not much to see, but Naruto liked to watch them developing day by day.

Washed and dressed, he joined Iruka-sensei for breakfast. Moegi had only just put his food in front of him when the first of the children arrived; Hoshi and Yuki.

The children now sat on high chairs at the main table. Each child greeted the adults in the room, collected crockery and cutlery, and climbed onto a chair. Usually the child who was first chose to sit next to Naruto but Hoshi sat next to Iruka, leaving the high chair next to Naruto for Yuki.

Naruto smiled at Hoshi and stroked Yuki’s head and back. Yuki purred softly and looked up at him. Ranmaru’s death had left its mark on the kit. He was quieter, his smile was seen less often and his eyes were too sad.

“Have you checked the babies, To-chan?” he asked.

“I have, Yuki-chan, and they are fine,” Naruto reassured him.

Hikaru and Ryuu arrived next, followed by Yasushi and Yoshimi. Then Kiba arrived in the doorway herding Kuuya and Keizo in front of him and carrying a wriggling Kazuki.

Naruto and Iruka exchanged looks.

Kiba deposited Kazuki in a chair and fetched his bowl and spoon. Kuuya and Keizo whispered their greetings and took their seats.

“You will need to find someone to look after Haru this morning, Naruto-san,” Kiba informed him.

Naruto twitched his whiskers. “I will see to it, Kiba-san,” he answered. “Kazuki-chan, do you have anything to say to Kiba-san?”

Kazuki looked at him. For a moment Naruto thought he might have misjudged it; if Kazuki was still angry he would refuse to apologise and the situation would escalate.

“I am sorry that I was bad, Kiba-san,” he admitted.

Kiba took a deep breath. “What you do or say can be bad, Kazu-chan. You could never be bad. I accept your apology.”

Some of the tension in the room dissipated. Naruto looked at his food and sighed. The sooner he went to speak with Haru the better.

“Is Haru bad?” Kazuki asked.

Naruto waited. This was not the moment to leave.

Kiba stiffened. “No, Haru is not bad,” he replied. “Haru often does things he knows he should not do.” He glanced at Naruto. “Like staying up most of the night.”

“I will speak with him, Kiba-san,” Naruto assured him.

Haru had washed and dressed himself and was sitting on his bunk waiting for his To-chan. Naruto could see how tired he was; his skin was sickly pale and there were black circles under his eyes.

Naruto crouched down so that they were eye to eye.

“Ship’s night is for sleeping, Haru-chan,” he reminded him. “Not for viewing a tablet.”

Haru looked at him with Sasuke’s eyes. Naruto did not know how they could be Sasuke’s eyes when they were blue, but they were. He sighed. “Change back into your pyjamas,” he ordered and then did most of it for him. He held up the covers and Haru lay down.

“You are going to catch up on some of the sleep you have lost,” Naruto told him. “Meanwhile I am going to talk to your Papa.” He tucked him in and kissed him on the forehead. “I love you very much, Haru-chan,” he assured him.

“I love you too, To-chan,” Haru whispered.

Sasuke was half awake when Naruto came in and sat on the bed. There was definitely something wrong in the way he was just sitting there.

“Dobe?” he queried, sitting up.

“Haru has been staying up at night,” Naruto answered.

Sasuke considered. “Maybe we need to review what he does during the day,” he suggested. “Should I talk to him now?”

Naruto shook his head. “He is too tired.” He managed a slightly wobbly smile. “I thought the new system was working,” he said.

Sasuke knelt behind him, wrapped his arms about him and hugged him. “It is. Haru is Haru,” he reminded him.

Naruto leaned back and gave him a look. It was not the type of look Sasuke was expecting but he was not opposed to going with what it was suggesting.

“Won’t we keep Haru awake?” he queried.

Naruto listened. “He’s already asleep,” he replied.

Sasuke loved being able to give Naruto more than one climax a day. He liked fucking Naruto as well as fluffy-soft-Naruto and growling-possessive-Naruto. It was hard work but it was fun.

“Maybe we should try a different position,” Naruto suggested once he was naked.

Sasuke rolled Naruto onto his back. “Later,” he promised. “This is a quickie.” He slid one finger past Naruto’s ring. It went in easily. He added another. “You planned this,” he observed.

“I wanted to go for three,” Naruto admitted. “Then Kiba got cross with Haru about the not sleeping and Kazuki went all defensive.”

Sasuke did not want Naruto thinking about the children’s problems; at least not during the next five minutes. He dived down and licked his erection from base to tip. Then he sucked the tip while reaching for Naruto's button. He could not quite reach it; Naruto growled.

He would have to be quick or they would be spending the morning in bed; stuck together by Naruto’s knot. He released the head of Naruto’s erection with an apologetic glance, hooked one of his legs over a shoulder and guided himself into Naruto’s hole.

It felt fantastic; tight and wet and warm. He studied Naruto’s face; his skin flushed with pleasure, his half-hooded, blue eyes unfocused with desire and his whiskers curving forwards.

Sasuke knew he was the luckiest man alive; it was possible he was the luckiest man who had ever lived.

He reached for the lube, congratulating himself for putting it in a pump dispenser that he could use one-handed. Then his slick hand closed around Naruto’s slim, curved erection.

“You with me, sweetheart?” he asked.

Naruto managed to focus. “Fuck me, teme,” he ordered.

It was a challenge. He needed to hit Naruto’s button, pump his erection, not come too quickly and not get distracted by how gorgeous Naruto looked or how delicious he sounded or the pain when Naruto managed to grab his hair.

Luckily the only thing that truly threatened his concentration was the amazing sensation of Naruto climaxing under and around him. It always pushed him over the edge but that was perfect, because by then his job was done.

He slumped forward. Naruto’s arms and legs were around him, hugging him. Sasuke nuzzled Naruto’s neck, enjoying the silk of his hair and the velvet of his skin.

He suppressed a grumble as Naruto pushed him to arms’ length and looking at him with a serious expression.

“What about going for number two now?” Naruto asked.

Sasuke started at him in disbelief, speechless, only to see Naruto’s whiskers twitch and his eyes dance.

“Got you!” he declared. “Your face!” he added.

Sasuke would have tickled him if he had not been in a post-orgasmic daze.

Naruto giving him a shower had Sasuke thinking that maybe a second attempt wasn’t such a bad idea. He would have suggested it if Naruto had not told him that Haru was awake.

“You go,” he told Naruto. “I’ll talk to Haru.”

Naruto’s whiskers twitched. “You sure?”

“Quite sure,” Sasuke assured him. “You can trust me.”

When he entered the nursery Haru was laying on his back in his bunk; probably daydreaming. Sasuke picked him up and sat in the rocking chair with Haru in his lap. Haru rubbed his eyes. Sasuke kissed the top of his head.

“Haru-chan, I thought you liked sleeping,” he began.

Haru looked up at him with Naruto’s blue eyes. “I do, Papa.”

“But you are staying awake at night. Why?” he asked. “Are you accessing the data streams?” If he was, Shikamaru was unaware of it, which would be extremely worrying.

Haru frowned. “Shi-chan would know and he would tell you,” he replied.

Sasuke had lived with Shikamaru for too long to accept that as an answer. “Haru, have you ever accessed the data streams without Shika-san catching you?” he asked.

“No, Papa,” Haru answered.

It was, Sasuke hoped, a sound start. “Good. Do you understand why we do not want you to have unlimited access to the data streams?”

Haru considered. “No,” he replied.

“There are many reasons,” Sasuke told him. “Today we will discuss three. Reason one is that you are a child and we want to protect you. We want to keep you safe from bad stuff. There is lots of bad stuff in the data streams. Part of being an adult is that you can look at stuff and decide if it is good or bad. Children can’t do that.”

“We can’t?” queried Haru.

“You can’t,” Sasuke confirmed. “It needs an adult mind and it needs experience.”

“Shi-chan builds filters to keep the bad stuff out,” Haru told him.

“And you break them,” Sasuke reminded him. “Repeatedly.”

Haru considered. “I could stop doing that,” he suggested. “What are the other reasons?”

Sasuke took a deep breath. “Reason two is that there are bad people out there. If you are out there in the data streams they might latch onto you and follow you back.”

There was a pause. “The bad people who killed Ranmaru,” Haru suggested.

Sasuke flinched. He held Haru a little tighter. “Yes. Them and others.”

“What is the third reason?” he asked.

Sasuke held his gaze. “Reason three is that you are too young and too inexperienced to know how dangerous you are. You could hurt people without realising what you are doing.”

Haru looked back. “Because I am clever,” he stated.

“Because you are clever,” Sasuke confirmed.

“Like Kazuki has sharp teeth,” Haru added.

“Like Kazu-chan has sharp teeth,” Sasuke acknowledged. “When he bites he does far more damage than he means to.”

“To-chan and Kiba-san have sharp teeth and they are super-strong,” Haru observed. “But they look after babies and only hurt bad people.”

Sasuke was encouraged. “They are adults. They have learned when to use their strength and when not to.”

“Like you use your power as Uchiha-sama carefully,” Haru suggested.

It was a leap Sasuke had not expected. “Like I use my power as Uchiha-sama carefully,” he confirmed.

“I shall stop breaking Shi-chan’s filters,” Haru promised.

Sasuke hugged him tightly. “That would be wonderful, Haru-chan. Now, if you aren’t accessing the data streams at night, what are you doing?”

Haru gave a little boy version of a sigh. “I do the stuff I like to do,” he admitted. “During the day I do stuff other people want me to do.”

Sasuke’s gut clenched. “Don’t you like the stuff you do in the day?” he asked.

“Some of it,” Haru told him. “I like the music,” he assured him.

Sasuke wondered if that were true. He lifted Haru off his lap. “You get dressed, Haru-chan. Then we are going to have a snack to make up for not having breakfast. After that we will go to my office and look through your schedule.”

They sat next to each other at the table in the galley, eating the snack Sasuke had made.

“Hi-chan will be jealous,” Haru said suddenly. “Because I spent time with you.”

It was a good point. “Maybe each of you should have a morning with me once every two divs,” he suggested.

Haru smiled. “That’s a good idea, Papa. That’s an Uchiha-sama idea.” He considered. “You might have to do something other than talking with Kazuki and Ryuu.” He frowned. “They will like the cuddles, though. Perhaps more cuddles and less talking.”

“I can manage that,” Sasuke assured him.

Kakashi was running a training session that afternoon, so it was the perfect time for Kiba, Naruto, Shikamaru, Biwako and Sasuke to meet up and discuss Haru. Naruto could tell from Sasuke’s scent and his expression that he was worried about offending Kiba, maybe even Biwako-san. He prepared himself to swallow any objections and back Sasuke up if it proved necessary.

“I think we keep forgetting how exceptional Haru is,” Sasuke began. “Partly because he now makes an effort to fit in with the rest of the litter, which was something he did not do when he was younger.”

“Exceptional or not, he needs to sleep at night,” Kiba growled.

“I agree,” Sasuke replied swiftly. “He has promised to sleep at night, Kiba-san, and to stop breaking your filters, Shika-san.”

“He has?” Shikamaru queried, obviously surprised.

“He has,” Sasuke confirmed. He smiled. “Maybe there is more of me in him than we thought. I was always ridiculously reasonable.”

Naruto wondered if it were that or whether Haru had wanted Sasuke’s approval. “That’s good,” he confirmed, “but why was he staying up?”

He listened to Sasuke’s explanation. It made some sense. Haru wanted some time for himself to do Haru things. There wasn’t enough during the day, so he did them at night.

“We have to find a way of allowing Haru to do Haru things during the day,” Sasuke concluded.

Kiba scowled. “We have tried allowing all ten of them to do what they like. It’s exhausting,” he reminded them. “You are not with them every day, Sasuke-sama.”

Biwako-san tapped her nails on the table. “We can do it. We introduce an opt-out for some of the sessions. The conditions for the opt-out are that the child tells us by the morning of the day before, that the child explains what they are going to do with the time and that we give the child permission.”

To Naruto’s surprise, Kiba smiled. “Other than Haru, Hoshi or Yuki, I cannot see any of the others using it,” he observed.

“Not Hikaru?” Sasuke asked.

“Not often,” Naruto confirmed. “Unless he is building something. He might if he was building something and he wanted to finish it.”

“What if Haru wants to use the opt-out for every session?” Shikamaru asked.

Naruto saw Sasuke steeling himself. “He can use it for anything other than Kakashi-sensei’s training sessions,” he stated.

Naruto blinked. Sasuke was not offering that as an option. He was telling them.

“He needs to be exercising real choice,” Sasuke explained. “If we have the content of the sessions correct, he will not want to opt out of them.”

Kiba was very still. “What if he wishes to opt out every session?” he asked. “Who will watch him?”

Sasuke looked at him. “We will have to trust him,” he said.

There was silence. Finally Kiba broke it.

“He has been much better lately,” Kiba admitted. “He can see that the others like the new schedule. He has tried to join in. We should try it.”

Naruto relaxed a little.

Sasuke smiled. “Good. Now, Biwako-san, I want you to stop trying to anticipate Haru’s learning. Check with Shikamaru-san how to make the learning programme truly open ended and merely monitor what he does.”

Biwako opened her mouth, closed it and then opened it again. “He’s bored,” she stated.

Sasuke had the grace to flush slightly. “Again, he’s doing the things you have chosen, not the things he would have chosen. I am not sure I understood what he was saying, but I think he wants to do a lot more mathematics.”

“He likes mathematics,” Shikamaru confirmed. “He likes it more than I do. He looks at patterns differently from me. He is interested in the patterns. I am interested in where the patterns warp or break down.”

“That is another thing,” Sasuke continued. “He needs to spend more time with you, Shika-san. You are the only person who can fully understand him, yet we restrict his access to you because Hikaru will be jealous. That is not a good reason. Hikaru will have to get over it and we will have to deal with the fall-out until he does.”

Naruto watched and smelt Shi-chan’s reaction to Sasuke’s words. The raw gratitude there was humbling. Naruto felt terrible. Shi-chan was his best friend but it had taken Sasuke to realise how much he and Haru needed each other.

“Also, we are going to introduce Papa-mornings. That is what Haru called them. Once every two divs, each child will spend a morning with me,” Sasuke concluded.

Naruto stood with Biwako-san and Kiba, half-listening to their discussion but really watching Sasuke with Shikamaru at the other side of the room. They were leaning towards each other, their foreheads almost touching but not quite because of Sasuke’s hand on Shikamaru’s shoulder. Naruto could tell that Shi-chan was upset. He could hear Shikamaru speaking but chose not to listen; what was being said was meant to be private. Sasuke’s reply was warm and deep. Naruto could tell that Shi-chan was comforted by it.

“Naruto,” Sasuke called. “Shika-san could do with a hug.”

He walked over. Shikamaru turned towards him and Naruto embraced him.

“I love my Pa,” Shikamaru whispered, “but he never understood me the way Sasuke understands Haru. He is so lucky to have the two of you as parents.”

Later, after the children were in bed and before the evening meal, Naruto asked the question that had been in his head most of the afternoon.

“Why won’t you hug Shi-chan?” he asked.

Sasuke stiffened very slightly. “I only hug you and the children, Naruto,” he answered. “You know that.”

“Occasionally you hug other people,” Naruto suggested.

“Very occasionally,” Sasuke admitted. “When they need a hug very badly and you are not about to give them one.”

“I hug people,” Naruto observed.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. “I just said that, dobe.”

Naruto refused to be deflected. “It is different between you and Shi-chan,” he insisted. “And you would prefer to start an argument than talk about it,” he added.

Sasuke slumped slightly and sighed. “Shikamaru and I have a very close relationship. When two people are that close it is easy for boundaries to become blurred. It is important not to complicate things.”

Naruto pondered for a moment before he understood. “You find him attractive. Like you find C-san attractive when he wears those tight pants for Tatsuji.”

“I have, occasionally, found Shikamaru attractive,” Sasuke admitted. He bit his lip. “When he is upset and he turns to me for support.”

“When he needs you,” Naruto clarified.

“When he needs me,” Sasuke confirmed. He looked at Naruto. Naruto looked back. “I thought it would upset you,” Sasuke admitted. “I know how possessive you are.”

Naruto considered. “No. It is Shi-chan and you choose not to hug him. You ask me to hug him instead.” He thought about it more. “Neji should do more for him.”

“Neji tries, Naruto, truly he does. Shikamaru is complicated, Naruto, like Haru but much, much worse.”

“He is Shi-chan,” Naruto agreed. “All you purebreds are complicated next to me.”

Sasuke was deeply relieved that Naruto had reacted so well to his admission. The very last thing he wanted was for his stupid urge to come between Naruto and Shikamaru.

Then Naruto had the audacity to claim to be straightforward. It was so ridiculous that he had to kiss him. “You, Naruto,” he told him between kisses, “are impossible. You are...” He kissed Naruto again. “ of the most unique...” There was another kiss. “...and complicated creatures that ever lived.”

“It is simple from this side,” Naruto insisted.

“Good,” Sasuke replied, deciding that kisses were not enough and taking off his shirt.

Naruto had his own clothes off in a heartbeat and was pulling off Sasuke’s pants. “Two,” he stated.

“Two,” Sasuke agreed. “What was this other position you had in mind?”

The new position was Naruto riding him. Sasuke had less to do, he only had to look after Naruto’s erection, but it was much harder to concentrate. Naruto looked incredible; a glorious, golden vision with sapphire eyes and moist, pink lips. He was riding Sasuke hard; writhing and twisting to ensure repeated hits to his button. It was difficult not to climax too soon; Sasuke merely grasped Naruto’s erection and allowed Naruto’s movement to do the work.

But there was still that wonderful moment when Naruto’s erection pulsed in his hand, precious fluid sprayed between them and Naruto contracted around him. Sasuke managed, somehow, to stay focused on Naruto’s face as his own orgasm stole the edges of his vision and, for once, his voice.

Naruto grinned down at him. “You did not scream,” he observed.

Sasuke managed some unintelligible grunt in reply.

Naruto reached for a towel and began to clean them up. “If you are quick we can have a bath before the evening meal. Otherwise it will have to be a shower.”

Sasuke found himself missing fluffy-soft-Naruto and growling-possessive-Naruto, neither of whom expected conversation directly after fucking.

Naruto leaned forward and kissed the end of his nose. “I’ll go get the bath ready. Then I will come back and get you.”

Naruto watched Sasuke from the other side of the bath. Every time he moved to close the space between them Sasuke would give him a look.

“I am not going to jump you,” Naruto complained.

“You said three,” Sasuke reminded him.

“After the evening meal will be fine,” Naruto assured him. He looked below the surface of the water and saw undeniable evidence of Sasuke’s interest. “Little Sasuke likes the idea, even if you don’t,” he observed.

Sasuke pretended to scowl. “Little Sasuke is stupid,” he growled.

Naruto decided later that evening that three times had been an excellent idea. Climaxing twice and a good meal had taken the edge off growling-possessive-Naruto’s lust. Naruto could feel him lurking, he had every intention of letting him out, but he could take his time.

He intended to use that time to reduce Sasuke to a begging, needy mess. The target had been for Naruto to climax three times. Sasuke had often done that. A target for Sasuke would be more like five, perhaps six.

It had been a long time since he had given Sasuke a blow job. That would be an excellent place to start.

Sasuke did beg Naruto to stop and he would, for a while. Then he would do something incredibly sexy and Sasuke would weaken.

Then, after the second orgasm of that session and his fourth of the day, Sasuke decided that growling-possessive-Naruto had to come out. He could live through five but he was pretty sure that six would kill him.

He started by managing to escape Naruto’s clutches and hiding in the head. It was cheating, but he was certain that Naruto knew every swirl and gurgle of the e-machine. He hoped to tease growling-possessive-Naruto into action without risking Naruto diverting them into another round before the main event.

It looked hopeful when he opened the door. True, Naruto was still on the bed rather than prowling, but there was a distinctly feral look in his eyes.

Sasuke put dignity aside. He cast his eyes down and looked up at Naruto through his eyelashes. Then he took three paces towards the bed before turning away and beginning to walk towards the bathroom.

“I’ll just get us some fresh towels,” he said. He could have said anything, he knew that. At that moment, all Naruto’s senses would be concentrated on his butt.

So it was not a surprise, indeed it was part of the plan, to be suddenly across Naruto’s shoulder and heading at speed towards the bed.

Naruto was growling, which was excellent. He was also very excited, which was a bit scary.

Only Naruto must have smelt his fear because he laid Sasuke carefully on the bed and nuzzled him and stroked him until he was relaxed and happy. He even made a mound of pillows to drape Sasuke over.

Which was good, because there was a much longer interval than usual between Naruto’s knot appearing and growling-possessive-Naruto climaxing.

Apparently a sixth orgasm did not kill him. It did, however, remove all capacity for coherent thought.

When he came to they were on their sides spooned together; held together by Naruto’s knot. Naruto was holding him tight and grooming his hair. Sasuke rubbed the golden, velvety forearm that was across his chest.

“I am fine, dobe,” he whispered and felt the tension ease from Naruto’s muscles. “I love you.”

Naruto purred.

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