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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’. There is also a one-shot ‘Silver Leaf Tales: Tying the knot’.

Thanks to Small Fox for being my beta. For this story he has also been my muse, suggesting a number of the ideas that have evolved to create this arc.

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Apologies if the characters have grown differently in their new environment.

This is posted in the Naruto/Sasuke section because it is part of a Naru/Sasu/Naru space saga. However, it does feature many other pairings (and a few threesomes). Apologies to those who are expecting Naruto/Sasuke or Sasuke/Naruto every chapter.

Chapter twenty-one: Littermates

Kamatari was fully awake at once. This was the day. Today members of Uchiha were coming to talk with him. If it went well he would go with them in their ship. Yagura-san had explained that he would be ‘on probation’. ‘On probation’ meant that they could send him back if they did not like him.

He leapt out of bed, grabbed his wash bag and went to the shower house. There he scrubbed himself using lots of soap even though it stank and it took ages to rinse it all away. He then went back to his hut and found his neatest clothes; he even wore some shoes.

Kamatari believed in making the most of any opportunity that presented itself.

This was how Kamatari had ended up here, in The Sanctuary, rather than hunting vermin, the job he had been produced to do. If Kamatari saw an advantage he took it. The only thing that stopped him was if his senses warned him of some imminent lethal danger.

He ate breakfast. Kamatari never skipped a meal; there had been too many times when no regular food had been available. He then went to meet the spaceship.

They had brought the biggest of the ships; the Sakura. Kamatari stood at the minimum safe distance and watched it land.

The interview, as Yagura-san called it, would be on the ship.

The airlock opened and various people disembarked. Kamatari recognised Shino and Anko, who had been working on upgrading the power plant and the communications systems, and Kisame and Itachi, who were working with the newly formed security squad. After them came a youngish purebred who walked purposely in Kamatari’s direction. He came to a halt at some four paces distance.

“I am Inari,” he said. “You must be Kamatari. I have been asked to show you over the ship and answer any questions you may have.”

Kamatari had not thought about asking questions. As soon as he did, his mind was bursting with things he wanted to know. Even so, he decided to wait. Yagura-san had warned him about listening properly and not talking too much.

The young man, Inari-san, was looking at him expectantly.

“It is good to meet you, Inari-san,” Kamatari tried.

Inari showed him around the outside of the ship, pointing out the various structures and their functions. Every often Inari would pause and Kamatari would ask a question.

It seemed to be working.

Then they climbed the ladder to the airlock where they were joined by a younger purebred about the same size as Kamatari.

This is Ranmaru, one of our cats,” Inari told him.

Ranmaru looked purebred to Kamatari. He even smelt purebred.

“Cat is slang for trainee,” Inari explained.

“It is good to meet you, Kamatari,” Ranmaru said.

Kamatari bowed, tongue-tied. Ranmaru was pretty, doe-eyed and submissive. If another male’s scent had not been all over him, Kamatari would have been flirting.

“Ranmaru is going to accompany us on our tour of the ship,” Inari explained.

Kamatari nodded, reminding himself that Ranmaru was already the property of another, more senior, male.

After the tour of the ship, during which he was introduced to a number of people, Kamatari found himself with the man that Inari had called Iruka-sensei. Apparently this was the man in charge of the trainees, so it was important that Kamatari made a good impression. Again, another man’s scent was all over him, this time that of the one-eyed man called Kakashi who Inari had acknowledged as alpha.

“Why do you want to join Uchiha, Kamatari-kun?” Iruka asked him.

Kamatari was ready for that question. “It is a wonderful opportunity, Iruka-san,” Kamatari answered.

Iruka was studying him. “And what if, after joining Uchiha someone came along and offered you an opportunity that was even better?” he asked.

Kamatari was about to answer that he could not imagine anything better when he stopped himself. His danger sense was telling him that the question was more than it seemed; his nose was twitching. He thought about what various people had told him about Uchiha.

“Uchiha is a lifetime commitment,” he said cautiously; it had been one of the things Inari had said.

Iruka seemed to be listening to something Kamatari could not hear.

“And what do you understand by that?” Iruka asked.

“Once you are in you don’t leave?” Kamatari suggested.

Iruka smelt disappointed.

Kamatari could feel the best opportunity of his life slipping away.

“I want this,” he admitted.

“Why?” Iruka asked.

Kamatari struggled to be honest. “I never met purebreds before who treat hybrids as people,” he began. “I want to be what I can be, not what a hybrid should be.” He took a deep breath and twitched his nose. “I guess you want more than that, but there isn’t any more. There’s that and there’s Naruto-san. Naruto-san is amazing. If I could be one tenth of what Naruto-san is, it would be ten times what I am now.”

Iruka was smiling at him. “Those were your own words, Kamatari-kun; we want to hear your own words.”

Kamatari’s nose twitched. “Yagura-san told me to be polite,” he admitted. “Tsume said I was to watch my language.”

Iruka laughed. “Polite is good, Kamatari-kun,” he agreed.

Sickler ran. He was late. The Meeting had been exciting and he had lost track of time.

He just made it; through the grill, along the ventilation duct, across the corridor and into his room. He breathed deeply. He could hear Ebisu’s footsteps approaching as he used his lock pick to relock the door. He could not afford to fumble.

It clicked into place. He was on his bed, covered by a blanket.

“You awake, Sickler?” Ebisu called.

Sickler sat up and pretended to stretch.

Ebisu unlocked the door. “Stupid new regulations,” he grumbled.

Sickler agreed; stupid new regulations indeed. For standards Sickler had happily lived in the room, done his job and been allowed out on his own when he wasn’t working. First Ebisu had been told he needed a permit in order to use Sickler. Then Sickler had to be marked; they had decided on a collar rather than a tattoo on his face. Next he had to be locked up during the night unless he was physically with Ebisu.

Han-san was right; it wouldn’t end until the Warren had been purged of hybrids.

A standard ago joining a pro-hybrid organisation wouldn’t have entered Sickler’s head. Now he sneaked out at night to meet with other hybrids. Last night he had heard Han-san speak for the first time. It had been all about how hybrids could not trust purebreds; about how they needed to claim what they had earned and live apart.

Sickler had been with Ebisu since he was a kit and had always trusted him. Compared to other hybrids he was treated well. But Ebisu wasn’t one to stand against the flow. He had bought the permit, collared Sickler and now he locked him into his room each night. When they had first watched Naruto-san’s broadcast Ebisu had worn a HDL badge, they both had. Since then Ebisu’s badge had become a ribbon, the ribbon had been hidden and, a div ago, Ebisu had discarded it, saying he could not afford to be caught with it.

The day Ebisu was told to get rid of Sickler he would do it; Han-san was right about that too.

“We’ve got a lot of jobs today,” Ebisu reminded him.

It was, as Ebisu had said, a busy day and Sickler was tired from being out most of the night. Even so, he worked hard. The clients were pleased at the numbers of traps checked or set and the displays of small, furry bodies.

A standard ago he would have been given extra credits and told to go enjoy himself. Now all Ebisu could do was take him to one of the few eateries that allowed hybrids in and buy him a tasty meal.

Two different squads came over and asked Ebisu for his permit. One of the men insisted on inspecting Sickler’s collar. Sickler had to stay absolutely still as the man fingered his neck with one hand and groped him with the other. He could smell the man’s arousal.

“Pervert,” Ebisu grumbled once they had gone.

As the second squad left the eatery, a blond man with a shock of hair over one eye slipped into an unoccupied chair at their table.

“Ebisu-san, Sickler-kun, my name is Deidara. I understand that you are the best vermin control partnership operating in the Warren.”

Ebisu swelled a little with pride. Sickler looked at the man in surprise. It was very rarely, if ever, that a purebred referred to him and Ebisu as a partnership.

“I would like to employ you to check my residence and place of work for vermin,” Deidara told them. “I suffer from nyfitsaphobia, fear of rats. I heard something last night and now I cannot settle. Could you fit me in this evening, for double your usual rate? If not, perhaps tomorrow?”

To Ebisu’s credit, he did check with Sickler that he felt up to an extra job that evening.

Sickler knew that there weren’t any rats; he would be able to smell them. Then again, if Deidara-san really did suffer from a rat phobia he would still need the place checked.

Not that Deidara-san was scared; Sickler would have been able to smell that as well.

He waited while Deidara-san persuaded Ebisu to sit in the kitchen and drink beer before showing Sickler into what he called his studio.

The space stank so much of chemicals that Sickler’s head swam.

Deidara-san turned back the edge of his jacket. On the inner surface was what Sickler initially thought was an HDL badge. On closer inspection it had an image of a black fist with red claws at the centre of the blue rosette instead of a simple button or a picture of Naruto-san.

It was the symbol of the Kaiju. The same symbol had been everywhere the night before, where Han-san had been speaking, and, increasingly, Sickler was seeing it scrawled on walls.

“Han-san saw you in the audience last night,” Deidara told him.

Sickler stiffened. The place had been heaving with hybrids. Who was he that Han-san should pick him out?

“You are an Amachi hybrid,” Deidara said simply.

It was true. Ebisu’s family had always worked in vermin control. They bought the best hybrids they could afford. Ebisu’s grandfather had bought the best kit available, an Amachi hybrid, and gifted him to Ebisu on his sixteenth birthday. It had been a sweetener for the news that he would need to find somewhere else to ply his trade.

They had moved to the Warren when Ebisu was twenty and Sickler six.

“We need hybrids like you in the Kaiju,” Deidara added.

None of it felt right. Deidara was a purebred. The room stank of more than paint and thinners. Why was Han seeking out an Amachi hybrid? Did he see one hybrid as superior to another?

Suddenly all he could remember of Han’s speech were the parts justifying violence.

“I shall think about it,” he answered cautiously.

Deidara’s nostrils flared. “It will get worse, not better. Tonight you sleep in a cage. What will tomorrow bring?”

Sickler did not reply.

Deidara forced a smile. “Of course you need time. We will be in touch.”

They were stopped by three squads on their way home. They insisted on seeing the permit, checking Sickler’s collar and taking down Deidara’s address.

“Could we leave?” Sickler asked suddenly once they were inside the tiny apartment that was all Ebisu could afford in a decent residential district.

Ebisu did not immediately deny the possibility.

Sickler took a deep breath. “I do not think they will allow you to keep a hybrid in the residential district much longer. Maybe you won’t be able to keep a hybrid at all.”

Ebisu let out a long, shuddering breath. “The permit costs so much, I am barely making ends meet. I shall contact Father and explain the situation. Given it isn’t my fault, he may lend me the credit we would need for two pods on a ship.”

Sickler was relieved. At least Ebisu had stopped deluding himself that the situation in the Warren would improve.

Kamatari resisted the urge to hide under the bed in the room he had been given.

It had been fine at first. The Sakura had been by far the nicest ship he had ever been on but it bore some resemblance to what he was use to.

Not so the Oak. His head was telling him that this was exactly what he liked about Uchiha; they believed a weasel-human hybrid like him belonged somewhere like this. The rest of him was yammering that he was completely out of place; either he would make a fool of himself or they would realise they had made a terrible mistake and his probation would come to an abrupt end.

Someone banged on his door. He jumped.

Three deep breaths later he opened the door. Standing there was the female trainee, Moegi, who smelt so much better than she looked. She was scowling at him.

“You should come and help with the evening meal,” she told him. “Make sure your hands are clean and come to the galley.”

Once in the galley Kamatari was reassured a little by the cook, Choza, who was friendly and smelt particularly good. He showed Kamatari how he wanted the different types of vegetables cleaned and prepared for cooking. Kamatari watched carefully and was soon sitting at the table surrounded by bowls of washed vegetables. He had helped cooks in kitchens before; it steadied him.

Then there was a familiar movement and scent and Ranmaru was there. He greeted everyone politely and started setting up another table at the other side of the kitchen.

“For the children,” Choza explained.

Kamatari did not know about any children.

Then they arrived and Kamatari could not take his eyes off them.

All but three were hybrids. Six were clones of Naruto-san, they smelt like him, and one was a wolf-human hybrid. The other three were clones, or near-clones, of Sasuke-sama.

They were raising hybrids like purebred humans, alongside purebred humans. They all wore the same clothes, with the Uchiha crest embroidered on them. Two of them had tails, but no one was acting as if it mattered.

If it were madness, it was a madness that made Kamatari’s blood sing.

Then Naruto-san was there. He smiled and nodded at Kamatari before heading towards the chair at the head of the table, only to stop when Sasuke-sama entered. The adult sorted themselves and ended up with Sasuke-sama at the head of the table, Naruto on one side and Ranmaru on the other.

A dog-human hybrid had entered after the children. He had been going to take one of the adults’ chairs at the table but had given his up to Naruto-san when Sasuke-sama entered. Instead he walked over to Choza, slipped an arm about his waist and hugged him.

So Choza had a hybrid lover and there was at least one more hybrid on the crew.

The children were looking at Kamatari, some with interest and some with suspicion.

“This is Kamatari-kun,” Sasuke-sama explained. “He is our new cat.”

“It is an honour to meet you, Kamatari-san,” they chorused.

Kamatari settled for standing and bowing, which the children appeared to like.

The dog-human hybrid sat down at the table a few places away from Kamatari. He smelt lovely, the same lovely scent that Kamatari had smelt on Choza.

“My name is Kiba,” he said. “I look after the children. I am also Gaara’s littermate.”

So he was an Amachi hybrid. Kamatari had met a scatter of those since finding his way to the HDL. They were always high-functioning. General opinion among hybrids was that Amachi had never allowed a hybrid with faults to develop.

“I am Kamatari. I am the new trainee,” Kamatari answered. “It is an honour to meet you Kiba-san.”

“I recognise you,” Kiba told him. “You are one of Amachi’s, like me. He liked working with mustelids. How old are you?”

So he was an Amachi hybrid. Kamatari found himself strangely proud. “Fourteen standards,” Kamatari lied.

Kiba just looked at him. “I know weasel-human hybrids mature more quickly,” he said but he was careful not to say that he knew that Kamatari was less than fourteen standards. “I may even remember the batch you were from. There were a couple of particularly feisty kits.”

Kamatari blinked. “You raised me?” he asked. That explained why Kiba smelt so wonderful.

“For the first fifteen divs. Then you would have been put into stasis and shipped to the local supplier,” Kiba told him. “This feels good,” he admitted, “like when I met Gaara.”

Kamatari’s eyes went to the table, to the children.

The same person who had raised him was raising Sasuke-sama’s purebred children. His head swam slightly. He felt breathless. His heart was racing.

“Kama-kun?” Kiba queried.

Kamatari smiled at him. “I did not know I was an Amachi hybrid,” he confessed. “I never expected to meet the person who raised me.”

Kiba smiled in return but tried to look stern. “I expect you to exceed expectations during your probation, Kama-kun. I want you to do both you and me proud.”

After that it was easier because Kamatari no longer doubted he belonged. Slowly he began to understand the crew and how it fitted together. Many of the nice adults and most of the young ones lived in Iruka-san’s crew room. There was Sasuke-sama, Naruto-san and the children. There was Kiba. There was Iruka-san himself and Kakashi. There was Shikamaru, who belonged to Neji, and Neji himself. There were the most junior member of the senior crew, Inari, Konohamaru and Tayuya, and the other three trainees, Sumaru, Moegi and Ranmaru.

Kakashi fascinated Kamatari. He was the alpha male of the crew but he chose not to be so. He stood aside so that Sasuke-sama could lead, even though he was too young to do so without Kakashi’s support.

The three people who made Kamatari feel uneasy lived in Haku-san’s crew room. There were Tatsuji and Kunugi, who were insane, and Inoichi, who was creepy. There were also Hamaki, Terai and Fu who lived for each other. There were Gai and Choza, who were nice. There was Kisame, the greatest hybrid fighter in known space, and Itachi, who was almost as fascinating as Kakashi.

Then there was Haku-san himself, who was magnificent.

The third crew room was run by Ibiki and Kamatari thought of it as the mixed crew room. There were three couples: Ibiki and Suzume; Shino and Anko; Rin and Dan. There was Tenten, who was an expert about guns and other weapons. There was Shizune, who kept herself to herself. Kamatari did not find any of the people in Ibiki’s crew room interesting.

Beyond the crew rooms lived Izumo and Kotetsu with their daughter Ayame, Asuma and Kurenai with their three children, Jiraiya and Tsunade, who were a couple, and an old woman called Biwako who asked the sneakiest questions.

Kamatari thought Biwako would get on well with Yagura-san.

Finally there was an exquisite creature called C-san, who made Kamatari feel very young when he was present but fuelled many of Kamatari’s fantasies when he was absent.

Kamatari wished that he had more than his hand and his imagination.

He watched Konohamaru and Ranmaru, in case Konohamaru was ever stupid enough to let Ranmaru go but it did not seem very likely.

He offered to fuck Moegi if she ever fancied something warm and breathing in place of her vibrator. She hit him but she did not really mean it. In fact, she seemed to like him better after he had said it.

Occasionally he fantasised about Tayuya but Kamatari had no illusions that he had a chance with her. Tayuya wanted Inari. Inari and Sumaru wanted Tayuya. Kamatari had no idea why Tayuya and Inari were not fucking.

He wondered if it was because they would have to move to Ibiki’s crew room and they did not want to.

Purebreds could be weird sometimes.

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