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Iteration’ is part of the space saga that began with ‘In the cold of space you find the heat of suns’ and continues in ‘Tales in Tarrasade’.

Thanks to Small Fox for being my beta. For this story he has also been my muse, suggesting a number of the ideas that have evolved to create this arc.

Apologies if the characters have grown differently in their new environment.

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This is posted in the Naruto/Sasuke section because it is part of a Naru/Sasu/Naru space saga. However, it does feature many other pairings (and a few threesomes). Some readers will be pleased to hear that this chapter includes some Naruto and Sasuke action.

Chapter twenty-two: Adventure

“An adventure?” Naruto queried.

“An adventure,” Sasuke repeated. “You, me and the children are going on an adventure.” He smiled. “This time we won’t be leaving the ship, but it will be an adventure just the same.”

Naruto’s eyes narrowed. “What will happen on this adventure?” he asked.

Sasuke shook his head. “If you knew that it wouldn’t be an adventure,” he insisted.

Naruto had to admit that Sasuke was well organised. He wondered how much time and how many of Uchiha’s resources had been invested in this adventure. Shikamaru just smiled and pressed his lips together when Naruto asked him about it. Kakashi had a gleam in his eye. Hamaki, Terai and Fu were up to something. Even Kiba was involved somehow.

Each child had a locator, sensible clothes, proper shoes and a backpack. In each backpack was water, meal bars, clean underpants and any toy currently judged essential.

Sasuke had a detector tuned to the locators. He and Naruto had pouches at their belts with first aid kits and other essentials. On their backs they had carriers for the purebred children; Sasuke’s had a place for one and Naruto’s two.

Breakfast had been eaten, heads visited, backpacks donned and the children were sitting on the crew room floor in two rows of five.

“Today we are going on an adventure,” Sasuke told them. “What are the rules for an adventure? Put a hand up if you know the rules.”

Ten hands went up; Naruto realised that Kiba must have briefed the children.

“Yoshimi-chan,” Sasuke decided. “What is the first rule?”

“Stay together,” Yoshimi answered.

“Very good, Yo-chan,” Sasuke acknowledged. “And the second rule. Keizo-chan?”

“Don’t speak to strangers.” Keizo told them. “Only go with crew.”

“Well done, Kei-chan,” Sasuke praised. “Who can tell me another rule? Kuuya-chan?”

“Listen to the leader,” Kuuya replied.

“Excellent Kuu-chan. Today I am the leader. Next time it will be your To-chan. One day it will be you.”

Ten pairs of eyes, nine blue and one amber, widened at the thought of being the leader.

“The special word for today is ‘Uchiha’,” Sasuke told them. “What do you do if you hear someone calling the special word?”

Hands shot up.

“Yasushi-chan?” Sasuke asked.

“Run to To-chan,” he answered.

“Excellent Ya-chan,” Sasuke told him. “If someone calls ‘Uchiha’ you run to To-chan. Now, we may have a few drills. Hikaru-chan, can you tell me what a drill is?”

“Yes, Papa,” Hikaru replied. “A drill is a practice.”

“Good, Hi-chan. A drill is when we practice something.”

Naruto was finally getting the point of the adventure. It was true that the adventure itself would be fun, but it was also about training the children to behave appropriately when they took them out of the household.

Sasuke opened the door between the crew room and the corridor. The corridor was dark, only lit by lines of small, coloured lights. There were blue, red, green and golden lights.

“Today is the blue adventure,” Sasuke announced.

It was, Naruto had to admit, wonderful. There were places when the children had to crawl and he and Sasuke wriggled on their stomachs. There were tunnels and bridges. There was a hole with a net across where they had to go around the edge. Whenever they reached an obstacle that Hikaru, Hoshi and Haru would struggle with, because they were physically so much weaker, less coordinated and slower than the others, Sasuke would ask them to decide what to do.

Hoshi caught on immediately. She asked to be carried. Sasuke sat on the floor and she climbed into the carrier.

Naruto was interested in the contrast between the three children’s reactions. The practical solution had not immediately occurred to Haru but he was happy to follow Hoshi’s example. Hikaru did not want to be carried, but he wanted even less to fail. He managed the first of the obstacles and then climbed into the carrier on Naruto’s back for the others.

They travelled for forty minutes, had a rest and then for twenty more. As they followed the path of blue lights along one corridor Naruto spotted a red flashing light in the distance.

Suddenly, to his surprise, Kazuki, who was out in front, yelled, “Uchiha!”

The children all rushed towards Naruto.

Sasuke picked up Kazuki.

“Why did you call ‘Uchiha’, Kazuki-chan?” he asked.

Kazuki pointed to the red flashing light. “Danger,” he announced.

Sasuke gave him a hug. “That was very well done, Ka-chan. I am impressed.” He turned to the others. “Never go into danger unless you are being led by an adult. Even then, you must listen carefully and do exactly what you are told.”

They approached the ‘danger zone’ cautiously, with Sasuke at the front, Naruto at the rear and the children clustered between. As they got closer Naruto could hear an announcement.

“Varying artificial gravity levels. Varying artificial gravity levels.”

He repeated the warning for the purebreds. Sasuke then signalled that they should all sit down.

“Does anyone know what ‘varying artificial gravity levels’ means?” he asked.

Haru was frowning. He raised his hand and Sasuke indicated that he should speak.

“Artificial gravity makes living on a ship be like living on a planet,” he began. “If you switch the artificial gravity off, there isn’t a down. Things wouldn’t fall.”

“That is right, Ha-chan,” Sasuke acknowledged while Naruto boggled at his young son’s understanding. “Today we are all going to find out about artificial gravity.”

The next flight of stairs down, where the red light was flashing and the warning was at its loudest, had been replaced by a slide. Naruto went down first. The force pulling him down was much less on the lower deck. He caught the children in turn as they came down the slide, put them on their feet and warned them to stand still. Once Sasuke was down they had a game of ‘follow the leader’ down the corridor while the children got used to the fact that the artificial gravity was set, Naruto estimated, at half of the normal level.

“The artificial gravity has been turned down,” Sasuke told them. “Now everyone except your To-chan is going to see how high they can jump from standing. Why isn’t your To-chan going to jump?”

The children laughed. Many hands were raised.

“Yes, Yuki-chan?” Sasuke asked.

“To-chan will hit his head,” Yuki answered.

“Quite right, Yu-chan,” Sasuke replied. “Your To-chan would hit his head on the ceiling.”

After a few attempts at jumping they continued down the corridor until they reached what Naruto recognised as the door to the zero gravity gym that Kakashi had recently installed on the Oak. Sasuke signalled that the children should all sit down.

“On the other side of this door we have switched the artificial gravity off,” he told them. “Now, I know that I feel sick when there is no gravity, so I am going to use a hypospray to make sure I am not sick.

“Your To-chan does not get sick when the artificial gravity is switched off, so he isn’t going to use a hypospray.

“If you are worried about getting sick, you can have the hypospray now. Or you can ask for the hypospray at any time. Don’t wait until you get sick.”

Haru’s hand shot up. Sasuke nodded that he should speak.

“Does Shi-chan get sick?” he asked.

Naruto smiled, remembering Shikamaru’s usual response to fluctuations in the artificial gravity.

“Yes, Haru-chan, Shika-san gets sick,” Sasuke told him.

“I want a hypospray, please,” Haru decided.

Hoshi followed suit but Hikaru and the others decided to wait. Sasuke treated himself, Hoshi and Haru while Naruto pressed the announcer.

The door opened to reveal a tunnel occupied by Hamaki, Fu and Terai. They fastened a harness around each child and tethered him or her to a safety line.

At the other end of the tunnel was a balcony. Between them, the adults shepherded the children along the tunnel and onto the balcony; pushing then back to the floor when their normal footsteps launched them into the air.

Beyond the balustrade there was a huge space, the height of which spanned three decks; the one they were on and the two below.

Naruto looked questioningly at Sasuke, who nodded. He landed on the rail with a perfectly judged jump, smiled and then pushed off.

The children watched, eyes and mouths circular as he flew across the space, turned himself in mid air and then pushed off the opposite wall with his feet. He sailed back across the space, somersaulted and landed neatly on the balcony.

“It takes standards of practice to be as skilled as your To-chan,” Sasuke told them. “You can start today.”

Each of the adults guided two of the children through a few simple zero weight manoeuvres. Hikaru never needed the hypospray, which surprised Naruto. Ryuu adapted the quickest; Hamaki, who he was with, gave him a longer safety line and they watched as he instinctively used it to help him change direction.

After fifteen minutes Naruto signalled to Sasuke that he felt some of the children were tiring. Yuki had his wide-eyed blinking look and Haru was actually napping as he floated at the end of his safety line.

“What next?” he asked.

Sasuke just smiled.

Waiting in at the other end of the tunnel was a people-sized replica of one of the children’s toy trains. There was an engine, driven by Kakashi, and two open carriages with benches on each side.

The kits were bouncing in delight. Even Yuki had forgotten he was tired. They piled into the carriages and sat on the benches.

“Where should we go?” Sasuke asked them.

“Home,” Hoshi answered immediately.

“Home! Home!” some of the others agreed and Naruto decided that none of them seemed disappointed that the adventure was coming to an end.

Soon backpacks and sensible shoes had been shed and the children were with Kiba in the playroom. Most of them went straight to one of the nests for a rest, Ryuu sat in Kiba’s lap and a few played quietly with toys.

“Ranmaru and I will cope with them for the midday meal and this afternoon,” Kiba told Naruto. “We’ll ask whoever is available to help.”

Naruto felt a little guilty about Kiba working an afternoon but Kiba hustled him out the door. Sasuke was waiting for him outside the playroom. He was carrying a basket.

“Kiba had most of the morning to himself,” Sasuke assured him. “And he’s probably looking forward to hearing about the adventure.”

Naruto relaxed. It was true that Kiba would enjoy listening to the children.

“What’s in the basket?” he asked.

Sasuke smirked. “Our midmeal,” he admitted.

Naruto decided that eating their midday meal in the bath had to be the most decadent thing he had ever done. Choza had shaped or cut all the food onto small pieces and Sasuke had arranged the bowls on a improvised cork tray that floated between them. Not for the first time, he was glad that he had lost the argument that it was unfair that they should have their own bathroom on the Oak as well as in the household in Tarrasade.

“The adventure was wonderful,” he admitted. “How did you come up with the idea?”

Sasuke popped a tiny tomato into his mouth. “I thought about my wilderness training. I hated it. Yet when we went to the island it was magical. I decided that I would have liked my wilderness training if it had been an adventure.” A small dumpling followed the tomato. “Also, I have been listening to Biwako-san about learning through play and how difficult the kits and Ryuu will find it to adapt to a conventional education.”

Naruto ate three dumplings in quick succession. He remembered his lessons at the orphanage; he had hated them and learned almost nothing. “We can’t go on an adventure every day,” he observed.

Sasuke shook his head. “Certainly not. It would lose its impact. I have asked Shikamaru and Neji to think about the problem.”

Naruto sometimes wondered if they were overloading Shikamaru.

“Dobe?” Sasuke queried.

“We ask a lot from Shi-chan,” Naruto admitted.

“He’s fine at the moment,” Sasuke assured him. “I know when I am pushing him too hard. He rubs his hand over his face and he snaps at me.”

Naruto was not sure if he was pleased that Sasuke realised or appalled that he was so familiar with the warning signs. “Maybe it would be good to stop pushing before he does those things?” he suggested.

Sasuke considered and then nodded. “I shall look for earlier indications,” he promised. “Have you finished eating?” he asked.

Naruto judged the gleam in Sasuke’s eyes. “I could eat more,” he admitted. “But perhaps that wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Sasuke smiled. “Perhaps not,” he agreed and stood up carefully so that he could move the tray to a safe distance.

Standing exposed Sasuke’s chest and ribs; the water lapped in and out of his navel and Naruto could see his prick bobbing prettily below the surface. He looked delicious. Naruto waited until the tray was down before reaching through the water, cupping Sasuke’s buttocks and pulling him close. He ran his tongue up his ribs and circled a nipple. It crinkled and produced a small, hard nub for Naruto to worry.

Under the water, one of Naruto’s hands gave up its hold and slid across Sasuke’s flank and the top of his thigh to claim his prick. A single touch and it was longer, harder and heavier in Naruto’s palm. He looked up. Sasuke’s cheeks were flushed with desire. His dark eyes were half-hooded, framed by his impossibly long eyelashes.

Sasuke felt Naruto’s tongue and lips on his nipple and then a hand closed around his prick. Naruto looked up at him with those amazing, glorious eyes. His whiskers flexed forward and the tip of his moist, pink tongue swept the central third of his top lip.

Sasuke’s world contracted as he focused on here and now and his Naruto.

He bent down and kissed him. Naruto’s response was unexpectedly submissive; he gave way until Sasuke had him pressed back against the edge of the bath and then parted his lips granting Sasuke’s tongue admission.

Sasuke thrust into his mouth, past the sides of his canines, skimming the pointed of his incisors, across the slightly rough surface of his tongue and the smooth roof of his mouth. He tasted the meal they had just shared.

Naruto gave a tiny whimper of want and Sasuke was immediately rock hard against the hand that held him.

He gave up possession of Naruto’s mouth to plant a string of tiny kisses along the line of his chin and down the side of the long, smooth neck. He could feel the beginnings of a purr in the skin beneath his lips. At the junction of the neck and collarbone he stopped and sucked. Naruto’s breath hitched.

Sasuke pulled away, admiring the small mark he had made on the otherwise flawless golden skin.

Too much of Naruto was under the water. Sasuke gave him a reassuring peck on the lips and then turned away, seeking the thick sheet of cork they had been using as a tray.

Bowls scattered but Sasuke no longer cared.

He pushed the edge of the cork under the water and slipped a hand under Naruto’s rump to lift him up. Naruto complained as he lost his grasp on Sasuke’s erection but Sasuke ignored it. He soon had Naruto where he wanted him, shoulders supported by the cushioned edge of the bath and the sheet of cork under his back and hips so that his prick and balls were perfectly displayed and excellently accessible.

“Teme?” Naruto queried.

Sasuke answered by licking the length of Naruto’s erection, from the base along the slender, curved shaft to where the pointed tip peeked from its foreskin. He took the head in his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. Naruto’s purr was back, louder. One of his hands clutched the edge of the bath. The other buried itself in Sasuke’s hair, encouraging him to continue.

There was a limit to the attention Sasuke could pay to Naruto’s penis without risking growling-possessive-Naruto; he was convinced that a waist deep bath of water and growling-possessive-Naruto was a bad idea. He risked taking Naruto deep into his mouth, gently sucking and humming. Warned by a tiny growl, he took Naruto’s wrist and gently pulled his hand away so that he could raise his head and release Naruto’s prick. Naruto whimpered; Sasuke kissed the inside of his wrist in apology.

Instead he nuzzled Naruto’s balls, marvelling at the feel of the silky fur that covered them. Massaging Naruto’s perineum with his thumb, he was rewarded by a ripple of raised hairs as Naruto scrotum tightened.

He looked up, past Naruto’s erection to his face beyond. His skin was flushed, his whiskers forward, his gaze unfocused. His lips were slightly parted. Sasuke could see the tip of a pink tongue behind sharp, white teeth.

He dived down and swept across Naruto’s anus with his tongue.

Naruto gasped. He pulled his knees up to his chest to give Sasuke better access.

Sasuke smiled. He planted one hand on each of Naruto’s firm, furred buttocks and spread his cheeks with his thumbs, exposing his target. Then he carefully ran the very tip of his tongue around Naruto’s puckered ring.

It twitched and Sasuke’s erection jumped.

A battery of short, firm licks and Naruto was mewling for more. Sasuke began darting his tongue into his hole and was rewarded by a purry moan.

Then a foot on his shoulder shoved him away. Naruto’s eyes were burning with need. In his hand was the bottle of lube.

Sasuke obediently held out his hand.

He knew he had to be quick or Naruto would take over and impale himself on Sasuke’s prick. A long, slick finger swiftly found Naruto’s button, which distracted him long enough for Sasuke to properly prepare his hole. Then the cork sheet was pulled away and Naruto, with a sigh of contentment, sank down Sasuke’s length and settled against him.

Sasuke echoed Naruto’s sigh.

They stayed that way for a while and then Naruto started to move, setting the rhythm and finding the angle. Once they started to hit Naruto’s button, Sasuke took over so that Naruto could abandon himself to sensation.

Sasuke settled to his task of sending Naruto into the place that was fluffy-soft-Naruto. Each stroke was judged against the expression on Naruto’s face, the noises he made and the feel of his passage about Sasuke’s erection. This was not about Sasuke’s climax, that was merely a welcome side effect, it was about gifting Naruto with pleasure.

Watching Naruto cross the threshold, the change in his expression, especially his eyes, and the softening of his body, gave Sasuke his permission to come.

Once the storm had passed Sasuke could focus on reality. Naruto’s arms were tight about his neck and his legs wound about Sasuke’s waist. Sasuke stood up, pulling him closer and supporting him. In this position Sasuke could carry him provided he was careful to stay balanced.

He walked up the steps they had installed inside the bath and then, carefully, down the other side. He managed to hit the button for the cleaning cycle of the bath; the rest would have to wait.

Then it was into the blowers, which were set to come on as soon as they detected a body. He briefly wondered if Naruto would be willing to let go and stand separately but that did not seem very likely. Instead Sasuke sank down onto the very solid stool that he had placed earlier for this eventuality.

Sasuke knew Naruto would be willing to loosen his grip once he was confident that Sasuke was not trying to put him down. He sat astride Sasuke’s lap and smiled when Sasuke lifted their arms so that the blowers could dry them off. Once his hands were released, Naruto began combing the tangles from Sasuke’s hair with his fingers.

Then there was the challenge of standing up from a sitting position. Over the last few standards, Sasuke had taken advantage of his maturing physique to build up his strength. He smiled slightly, wondering if Kakashi would be shocked that his unexpected commitment to training had been for this, so that he could lift and carry Naruto.

With a feat of combined strength and balance they were up and moving again. Sasuke heard the blowers switch off behind them.

Finally they reached the bed and Naruto settled into nest building. Sasuke proffered various items but, this time, Naruto was more focused on disassembling the bedclothes and using them.

Sasuke watched.

Then they were snuggled down together. This time, it would appear, it was a sleeping nest. Sasuke was pleased because it meant there was a good chance that Naruto would wake in time to help with the children’s bathtime and bedtime.

He kissed the top of Naruto’s head and thought back to the adventure. He remembered Hoshi gravely asking to be carried, Kazuki calling ‘Uchiha’ and Haru napping at the end of his safety line. He thought of the hands shooting up when he asked them a question and the kits’ reaction to the train. He recalled Ryuu’s talent in the zero gravity gym and Hikaru’s scowl as he insisted on tackling at least one of the obstacles.

He stroked Naruto’s fur and watched his beloved sleep.

He was the luckiest of men.

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