Rise of the Kamina clan

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Darkness had once again started filling the heavens above their small village when the young lord finished his paperwork. Sighing and knowing that it was just a matter of sleeping before the process started all over again he was starting to wonder if the positing of village leader was really necessary to his goals. Reminding himself that it meant he could be with any of his sexy wives the moment he requested it the young lord smiled renewed by that idea. Making his way up to his mansion the young lord was about to enter his bedroom when the arrival of his pink haired bride stopped the hand gripping a door.


“Welcome home master it's been a long day which means you're no doubt tired but we have a situation in our main hallway that needs your attention.” Sakura explained as the young lord gave her a questioning look in confusion. While he didn't mind it she'd never called him master before although looking at her current attire she'd never worn a collar before either. Grabbing the woman's hand she giggled a little before dropping onto her knees and handing the young lord an metallic leash. Clearly this had something to do with his dark haired bride's plan although what it was couldn't have been any more shrouded if they were using Genjutsu on him.


“Very well let's go investigate this disturbance you mentioned little pet.” Setsuna replied looking at her during those last two words hoping it didn't upset her. Nodding that it was okay because it was part of the game she motioned towards his main parlor before giving her leash a small tug. Grabbing the leash he pulled on it lightly but just enough to get her attention the young lord began making his way towards said parlor. When he finally reached the doors he looked back to see lust written all over the face of his pink haired bride and then pushed its doors open.


“Master you're back welcome home we caught these spies in your bedroom waiting for your return with knives.” Ino explained as the blonde haired woman pulled on a set of chains which ran up to his parlor's ceiling. Watching as it lowered both the dark haired woman and the blonde sand ninja into view the young lord couldn't help smiling at their chosen attire. Both girls were dressed in black leather outfits which restricted their hands and feet and possessed the emblem of leaf village of their breasts and pussies. Grabbing the blonde sand ninja he smiled at the gag in her mouth before giving her pussy a few little strokes getting her excited.


“See girls even the women of different villages can't resist being tamed into good little pets.” Setsuna explained as the dark haired girl and blonde sand ninja mumbled into their gags. Reaching into his own bag of ninja tools he pulled out a small kunai and using it sliced their outfits revealing their wonderful bodies. Grabbing both women's hips the young lord began fingering both of their pussies laughing at their resistance. Knowing it was part of the game and he was supposed to be playing a villain he continued fingering them until both had climaxed on his digits.


“Master is so kind deciding to let new sluts join his collection much like he did after my own failed attempt instead of simply executing them.” Tenten explained as the young lord smiled before pulling on the chains and lowering the girls just a bit more. Much as he enjoyed watching both girls struggle against their restraints he decided it was time for something a little more fun. Grabbing at his cloak and loosening it the young lord smiled as it fell away revealing his cock and making both girls resume their struggles. As the girls which he'd already tamed looked on he debated on which girl to enjoy first before settling on the blonde sand ninja.


“Welcome to our village hidden in the leaves and know you'll never be leaving.” Setsuna explained as the young lord shoved into the sand ninja's pussy making her cry out in lust and shame. Gripping the leash his current pets secured around her neck he used it to make sure the girl couldn't get away. Moaning with each thrust of his massive dick the girl couldn't believe she was actually getting off on being treated like a common slave. After several minutes the young woman moaned before climaxing on her new master's dick before he fired inside her.


“She's no doubt been fertilized master although no girl could resist becoming your slave.” Sakura explained still on hands and knees to sell her role in the game. Nodding that she was right he looked over to his dark haired bride who nodded that she was going to be next. While he'd never have figured the girl was into kinky stuff like this it had come as a nice surprise that was needed after his rough day. Grabbing her waist the young lord pulled her up against him and smiled rubbing his dick against her slit a few times but refusing to enter her.


“I know you the daughter of our village's second most esteemed clan, well don't worry there won't be any repercussions for your clan although its next heir will be spending her life as my pleasure slave.” Setsuna chuckled before shoving into his dark haired girl making the girl moan in lust. Giving her a look that said you're supposed to be a captured ninja the girl blushed and started fighting against her chains. Realizing it was pointless the girl lowered her eyes in shame knowing it didn't matter if her clan was safe because their heir was now the young lord's property. Watching as the girl accepted her fate the young lord smiled and gave her a few more thrusts before she climaxed and then he fired seed deep inside her womb knowing it would get her pregnant.


“We've gotten your room all set up master so break those girls in make sure they know it's your dick which is their new purpose in life.” Ino explained as the young lord nodded silently chucking at how bad the dialogue choices were in the game. Clearly it had been written by his dark haired girl because she'd never really watched much adult films and those she had were poorly acted. Grabbing their leashes he pulled both girls towards his bedroom knowing it was just a matter of time before defiant ninjas became sluts. Securing their leashes onto his bed he laughed knowing both girls were embarrassed at being restrained in the doggy position.


“Seems you girls need another ride.” Setsuna chuckled before his palm landed on some kind of paper. Grabbing it the young lord silently read the instructions before giving a nod that for his reward's sake he'd follow it. Making a few hand gestures both girls eyes widened knowing it was a Genjutsu meaning the young lord was attempting to brainwash his newest slaves. After he'd finished with the illusion he grabbed both women's gags pulling them out so he could hear their sexy moans before grabbing the sand ninja and pushing her onto his dick.


“Don't give in we must fight it or the young lord wins and the illusion will make us his slaves forever.” Hinata explained as the sand ninja riding his dick simply moaned in reply. Giving them both an exaggerated look he began thrusting into her pussy enjoying the sounds of her moans. While he'd deal with their badly written script in just a minute for now it was important he kept going inside his blonde slave girl. Moments later the sand ninja cried out in lust climaxing on his dick and seconds later he fired deep inside her knowing it would get her pregnant as well.


“Okay before we continue you both realize that's not how illusions work right it can't make you obedient?” Setsuna questioned as both girls flashed him annoyed glares making it clear he was ruining their game. Realizing that it was pointless to argue he chained the blonde haired girl's leash to his bed grabbing the dark haired girl's waist and lining his dick up with her pussy. Grabbing her waist the young lord smiled as he pushed into her making the woman cry out in lust. While she didn't care to admit it he felt wonderful and she knew it was just a matter of time before she was under his control as well.


“Master's cock is uggghh sooo big it's AMAZZZZING.” Hinata cried out as the young lord nearly jumped back in surprise. While he'd been expecting something over the top from her performance he wasn't expecting her to give that kind of response. Clearly she'd dropped the idea of playing their game and was know crying out in passion knowing it was just his dick that gave her pleasure. Moments later she cried out in lust climaxing on his dick before the young lord fired his seed inside her making the woman moan in pleasure.


“We now live to serve you master.” Both girls quoted at the same time as his new slaves positioned his massive dick between their breasts. Moving their breasts up and down along his cock the girls both moaned in pleasure as their new master smiled at them in satisfaction. After giving it a few more strokes both girls were delighted as his seed came out covering their breasts and faces making the girls moan in pleasure. Watching as both girls licked each other clean the young lord couldn't help smiling knowing he'd gotten wonderful pets from this little ordeal.


“Okay girls that's enough fun tonight let's get some rest tomorrow is a big day as we start preparations for the unity festival.” Setsuna explained as both girls nodded they understood before calling his other girls into the room. Watching as they all curled up next to him the young lord smiled knowing that it wasn't for a couple of months. Knowing that it was plenty of time for all of his girls to become pregnant with his children he was already planning a grand surprise for the closing event of the unity festival. Watching as the girls all curled up next to him the young lord was just about to dampen all the lights when his dark haired bride kissed him deep and looked into his eyes.


“Setsuna dear there's a favor your humble bride would like to request of you.” Hinata explained as the young lord smiled at her deceleration. Considering when they'd first met at least according to her she'd been too shy to even ask his name being this forward was unusual but welcome. Nodding that she could ask whatever the dark haired bride wished the girl kissed him again with passion before crawling onto his dick and lowering herself onto it. While he didn't exactly need her to be riding him while she made her request if the girl wanted more pleasure he wasn't going to deny her.


“Go ahead my dear.” Setsuna replied as the young woman started bouncing up and down on his cock moaning each time she lowered herself on it. Giving him yet another passionate kiss the girl made it clear she was overjoyed at being his wife and enjoyed their lovemaking. Crying out as she felt another orgasm ripple through her body she found herself climaxing on the young lord's dick knowing that bearing his children would be the greatest honor. Watching as the young lord resumed thrusting inside her she was reminded that along with being massive his stamina was amazing.


“Kurenai my old instructor is worried because she hasn't found a man yet I thought you could ask her to become a wife?” Hinata questioned as the young lord smiled at her idea. While he'd always found the woman to be incredibly sexy there was a part of him which believed the illusion proficient ninja would be off limits. Giving her a smile the young lord nodded that he would consider it before resuming his pounding of the dark haired woman. Realizing that his over brides were looking at them making love it was a little embarrassing until he realized it wasn't jealousy but lust that filled each girls eyes.


“Doesn't she have a lover in that one bearded guy?” Setsuna questioned as the girls all lowered their eyes in silence. Knowing that his girls wouldn't expect him to make a woman that already had a lover into his wife they must've had something else in mind. Watching as his pink haired bride got up and reached for a hand written file the young lord was shocked to find it contained info on the man who in his own timeline had been the woman in question's lover. Reading the note his insides felt like they had been pierced by a thousand icy needles.


“As you can see he died protecting your lordship from a dangerous criminal before they could even be intimate.” Hinata explained as the young lord sighed in frustration. While he'd always liked the dark haired Genjutsu specialist the man who'd died protecting him taught countless lessons which remained etched inside the young lord's mind. Realizing that since the woman had never been with him and was now completely alone he knew it was just a matter of time before she gave into despair. Knowing that since her would be lover had already died in this world he decided the best thing he could do was give her a life of comfort and ease.


“Very well bring her to my office tomorrow and we'll explain that she's to become one of my brides.” Setsuna explained giving a few more thrusts into his dark haired bride and then firing deep inside her womb. Moaning in passion the girl accepted every ounce of his seed refusing to let him go and keeping her legs around the young lord until he was finished. When they had finally completed their lovemaking the young lord smiled as the girls all curled up next to him enjoying being close to their lover. Grinning as he drifted off to bed he knew that come morning he'd be getting another beautiful woman as his bride.


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