Rise of the Kamina clan

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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As the first rays of light entered the young ninja's eyes he stretched out expecting another boring day. Suddenly he realized that he wasn't in their family home but rather a very large mansion and that his mother wasn't making breakfast. Walking out onto the veranda he was more than a little surprised to see guards in front of the house but wasn't quite awake enough to question it. Making his way into the large dinning room he was greeted by his mother with a full breakfast in front of him.


“Breakfast is important but if you don't hurry your going to be late for you job.” Miyuki explained as the young man rubbed the sleep from his eyes and picked up a fork. Biting into a large and fluffy pancake he could already feel the wonderful healing effects of his mother's cooking washing over his body. Grabbing a piece of bacon he tore into the crispy delight enjoying its wonderful taste before grabbing another pancake. Suddenly it dawned on him that she'd mentioned a job and while he enjoyed helping the medical ninjas it wasn't exactly a paid role.


“Mmmm hey mom you mentioned something about a job but what exactly is this job?” Setsuna questioned as the woman chuckled at her son's comment. Grabbing another bite of pancake he wolfed it down enjoying the sensation of fluffy buttery perfection with syrup on top waiting for his mother to answer. When he'd finished breakfast she looked at him and gave him another of her world famous hugs before the young man looked back at her still confused. Running a hand over his forehead the woman checked his temperature to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with him then sighed at his joke.


“Very funny acting like your job isn't important now you'd better get moving it won't do for the Hokage to be late.” Miyuki explained as the young man just about choked on his fork. Clearly he'd never woken up or something was very wrong because it sounded like his mother hand just called him the leader of their village. As he questioned if she was alright one of the guards walked in from outside holding a white jacket in his open palms. Spelled out in kanji was his name making it clear the jacket belonged to him and the young man felt like the entire world was spinning.


“Since when is our family that important?” Setsuna questioned as the guard in question pulled the coat on over his body. After he'd finished he pulled out a chart which showed the entire lineage of their village's leader making the young man nearly collapse. What should have been filled with countless stories about daring warriors instead had their family clan name written on every slot. Realizing it had to be some kind of mistake the young man rushed upstairs looking for his common ninja outfit but couldn't find it anywhere making him panic.


“What are you looking for that old piece of garbage is history now.” Setsuna heard the voice saying as the looked at the rock still on his nightstand. Rushing over to grab it he watched as it floated in midair making it clear if there was anything left from his previous night's dream it was that rock. Giving a sigh of relief as the young man realized this was just a dream he walked down stairs and nodded that he was ready to go. Minutes later they were inside the Hokage's office and he was filling out paperwork like it was the most natural thing in the world.


“Okay so being the village's leader isn't so bad although it doesn't get lonely and stressful.” Setsuna muttered to himself as the guard who'd led him into the office muttered something into their headset. Returning to signing the countless regulations and other pieces of legislation in front of him the young man was surprised by just how much went into keeping the village running. Writing his name on another important document he was surprised when the guard announced that he'd be leaving shortly. Nodding that it was alright he returned to work deciding it was best if he knocked out a few more completely focused on his work until a familiar voice broke his concentration.


“Did you want to see me lord Hokage.” Sakura questioned as the young man looked up from his work and nearly knocked his chair over in surprise. Dressed in a red outfit that highlighted all of her beautiful curves it was cut off at the stomach just enough to show off her belly and a little of what rested just above it. Moving over to him she looked into his eyes and found herself looking at the man who she'd fallen in love with many years ago. Back then he'd been a mere Chunin but after working very hard the man was announced as the next Hokage not that it surprised anyone.


“Sakura you're here and in that beautiful yet kind of revealing outfit.” Setsuna questioned as the pink haired medical ninja laughed at his reply. Considering he'd been working there since early morning there was no doubt he was tired but in just a minute he'd be feeling much better. Walking over to his desk she winked before pulling her top off giving him a full view of her tits and while he sat there confused but excited she pulled her lower outfit down revealing she didn't wear any panties. Before he could even question what the girl was doing she'd walked over to him and dipped a hand into his pants stroking his dick.


“My you've been working hard now it's time for a little fun my love.” Sakura explained as she pulled his outfit down revealing his dick and loving the sight of it. While the young man had always considered himself decent it was much bigger than he remembered and evidently she like it. Getting onto her knees on the floor she kissed her lovers nut sack before running her tongue along it's entire length. When she finally reached his tip she gave it a little kiss before returning to his base and starting the process all over enjoying his wonderful taste.


“What are you doing?” Setsuna questioned as the young woman stopped her oral pleasuring and looked at him smiling. While her tits weren't exactly massive like the dark haired girl she called a friend they were good enough for her lover. Moving his dick between them she began moving her tits up and down making the young man groan in satisfaction before she licked his tip. After several minutes of rubbing them she got up from her knees and smiled before laying across his desk with the girl's pussy exposed for him to see.


“Giving my lover satisfaction.” Sakura explained as the young man stared at her in disbelief. Giving him a blowjob and using her tits was one thing but offering her pussy to him was a completely different sign of devotion. Wiggling her waist the girl smiled as the village leader grabbed her hips lined his dick up with her pussy but waited to make sure it was actually okay. Nodding that he could proceed the young man shoved into her pussy moaning in lust as it filled her completely.


“I thought for sure you'd be a virgin.” Setsuna muttered before immediately regretting the decision. Considering the girl had just bent over and was now letting him fuck the girl it wasn't exactly the best thing for him to question her about. Wrapping her arms around the back of his neck she explained it was okay for him to start moving and cried out in pleasure as he stated bucking her. Kissing him deeply with passion she let her tongue be dominated and led by her lover before their lips parted leaving the girl panting amazed by how wonderful his kissing and dick felt.


“I was until you decided to let me become one of your many sexy brides.” Sakura explained between pants as she felt her lover sliding in and out of her with ease. While she'd only ever been with him she was always amazed at just how well he could read her body and knew exactly what to do at just the right moment. Grabbing onto her waist the girl cried out in passion as her lover began thrusting into her like they were wild animals in heat. Moments later she cried out in passion as she felt herself climax on his dick while her lover continued thrusting inside her with a look of surprise.


“Who are the other girls?” Setsuna questioned still ramming himself inside the woman making her coo in pleasure. Reaching up and pulling him into another kiss she enjoyed making out with him before she felt another orgasm claiming her. Moaning in passion she found herself on the very edge of ecstasy before her lover fired deep inside her making the woman cry out his name. After they'd both finished panting she looked at him and smiled crawling up to him and kissing his lips.


“Well there's myself, Hinata, Tenten, Ino, Tsunade, Our favorite little pet and Temari whenever she visits our village.” Sakura explained as her lovers eyes bulged at the mention of the current or maybe it was now former Hokage. Giving him a wink the girl smiled and began licking and kissing his nuts once more before she licked his dick enjoying the wonderful taste of his seed. Groaning in satisfaction the young lord seemed a good deal more into her performance than he'd been just moments ago. When he motioned for her to stop licking the girl nodded and rose to her feet waiting for his next command.


“Did you say former Hokage Tsunade is in my list of beautiful wives.” Setsuna questioned as the pink haired girl burst out laughing at his comment. Clearly the man had bonked his head or something during their lovemaking because he'd just uttered the most ridiculous phrase of his entire life. Kissing him with passion she could feel him getting hard again and slid herself down onto his cock moaning as it entered her. Within seconds they'd picked up exactly where they'd left off knowing it was just a matter of time before they were both moaning in lust once more.


“She's never been anything more than your wife in fact no woman has ever held the rank of Hokage.” Sakura explained as the young man nearly doubled over from her statement. When he'd expressed a desire to be Hokage he'd never expected that she'd be removed from the history books as the first woman to earn such a position. Moaning as she bounced up and down in her lovers lap the young man suddenly thought of an idea that if successful would prove this was indeed the world he'd dreamed of last night. Gazing into her eyes the young lord smiled before gripping her waist thrusting into her with enough force to make the young woman start moaning his name without caring if anyone or everyone in the village heard them.


“Would you let me impregnate you??” Setsuna questioned expecting to get a rather powerful slap. Waiting for the blow which never came he was instead rewarded with a deep and passionate kiss from the pink haired medical ninja. Bouncing up and down with a newfound passion she was determined to make sure that what he'd just suggested wasn't him messing around with her feelings. Moments later she cried out in passion and then cooed as she felt his warm seed filling her pussy knowing it carried his offspring with it.


“All of your wives look forward to being impregnated but you'd said it would be after the next dedication ceremony.” Sakura explained holding the man she loved even closer to make sure her getting pregnant with his child couldn't be stopped. Gazing into her eyes the young lord smiled giving her a little smack on the ass which made her blush. Knowing that it was one of her favorite ways of ending their playtime together she giggled before climbing off him and looking at her lover dreaming of their child. While she'd expected that it was going to be a good deal longer before they started having children she was happy that he'd changed his mind and now wanted to start having them immediately.


“Dedication ceremony what's that about?” Setsuna questioned as the young woman looked at him like he was speaking nonsense. Giving her a nice little smile he patted the top of his head making it clear he'd taken a nasty bump during his last training session. Nodding that she understood the woman sat down in his lap laying hands upon his head and letting her chakra flow into his wound. Moments later she pulled her hands away and looked at him smiling at the adorable yet confused look on his face.


“We celebrate it every year to mark they special day when your ancestor ushered in an entire era of peace.” Sakura explained as the young man looked at her and smiled. Knowing that she'd reminded him of the important event which happened in just a few days she laughed before climbing off his lap. Giving him another look she licked her lips waiting for whenever he decided they were going to have another round of fun. Before she could leave however the young lord pulled her back into his arms and kissed her making the woman moan in passion.


“One last question my love what ancestor was it that ushered peace into our world.” Setsuna questioned as the young woman laughed at his comment before realizing he was being serious. Reaching into her draw she pulled out a mirror and handed it to her lover who nearly lost it when his eyes looked ringed instead of normal. Giving her a look that said it was important she remind him of everything instead of letting him guess the woman sighed before kissing him enjoying that wonderful feeling. After they'd finished kissing the woman looked back at him and smiled knowing that it wasn't his fault he'd been injured during the sparring practice.


“Kamina Madara.” Sakura explained as the young man looked at her shocked by those words. During his original timeline Madara had been the very definition of a warmonger but in this world it seemed as if he was celebrated as a hero. Giving his lover another look he decided that if it meant she was going to be his woman from now on he didn't mind that little change of history. Watching as she moved from his desk and began redressing he knew it was selfish of him to want more time with her since the girl was no doubt busy with her duties as head of the medical ninja. After she'd finished dressing she looked back at the man she called lover and their village called leader before questioning the reason behind the look of intense deliberation etched onto his face.


“Gather the rest of my wives and explain that from now on you'll all be living with me in the Hokage's mansion.” Setsuna explained as the woman squealed at the announcement. Until now they'd been living at their own houses giving him pleasure whenever the young leader needed them but this meant everything was changing. Moving all of them into one house could only mean he was getting ready to start a family with his beautiful wives. Grinning so wide he thought it might be permanently etched onto her face the woman smiled before taking off towards her station already writing chakra notes to her fellow wives.


“So enjoying your new life?” A voice that Setsuna knew all too well by now questioned as he reached into his pocket and withdrew the stone. Clearly it wasn't just some random stone if it had managed to transport itself inside his coat and moments later he realized it had done something far more important. Gripping it tightly he looked at the stone looking for any kind of identifying marker only to be surprised when it pulled out from his grasp. Making it clear that it didn't like being examined the rock's voice almost sounded female but that couldn't be right.


“Very much so although what's this about Madara being a hero and named Kamina instead of Uchiha?” Setsuna questioned as the rock shined a bright pink and he thought he'd heard a giggle coming from inside it.


“Admittedly that was me having a bit of fun but in short there is no Uchiha clan anymore it was replaced by the Kamina clan you call family. Madara being a hero instead of the villainous monster your people feared was just a bit of fun messing with history.” Setsuna heard the voice explained as he questioned what kind of being found messing with history fun. Nevertheless it was everything he'd dreamed of and now it was right here in front of him begging the young lord for his company. Deciding it was okay if the stone had changed a few things about history he was about to question if the stone had a name when it said a name into his mind. Akeno was the name he could refer to her by since evidently stone wasn't enough to make him feel comfortable.


Returning to his paperwork the young lord couldn't believe he'd have an entire harem of sexy waiting for him back at the mansion. As he signed another piece of legislation allotting funds towards building another hospital the young lord's mind drifted back to his conversation with the pink haired ninja. She'd mentioned something about their favorite pet but never explained who that was although if she was one of his brides it didn't really matter. Deciding he'd work through the rest of the day without any breaks in order to get back home to his mansion and the sexy women that called him lover he smiled knowing that even if history had changed a little this reality was a great deal better than what he'd left behind.


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