Rise of the Kamina clan

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Making his way into the large office that contained mountains of paperwork the young lord sighed. While he'd known there would be a great deal of paperwork to deal with since every day meant even more paperwork today's looked especially grueling. Deciding it was better if he simply dove into work looking forward to the nights activity he found himself look at the weirdest paper he'd signed to date. Upon closer inspection he realized it wasn't any kind of legislation but a message to him from the dark haired wife of his love harem.


“I know working on the village's future can be stress for young lord so if you need any relief just say wildflower.” Setsuna read to himself as the young man smiled at the note. While the dark haired girl was more timid than any of his other brides she knew exactly what he liked. Grumbling before sitting behind the desk he grimaced and pulled out a pen then began signing documents knowing they were important to his village's future. Midway through his third stack of papers the young lord was feeling bored and more importantly needed a break so he asked the guard if they knew where he might find an exotic wildflower.


“Wildflowers are beautiful although you might want something better?” Hinata questioned as the young lord nodded and watched her come into the room. Dropping her outfit the young lord smiled at the sight of her boobs which were a good deal large than his pink haired bride. Moving onto her knees she put the young lord's impressive cock between her breasts and started moving them up and down. Groaning in satisfaction the young lord stared at her knowing the girl was shy but still his loving bride.


“I wouldn't have expected you to be skilled in these kinds of arts my love.” Setsuna moaned as the young woman smiled before taking his cock into her mouth. Continuing her titjob while sucking on his dick the young woman still couldn't believe their village's leader had chosen her to be another of his wives. Moments later the young man sighed before firing deep inside her mouth making the young girl swallow every drop. When she'd finished the girl licked her mouth enjoying how wonderful he tasted before the young lord pulled her up onto his desk before she placed a hand on his chest stopping him.


“Being taken from behind is kind of embarrassing and prevents me from seeing you can't we do it with me in your lap?” Hinata questioned as the young lord nodded that it was okay. Climbing into his lap the girl lowered herself onto his dick moaning as it entered her pussy. Much like the pink haired bride the girl wasn't a virgin although he assumed it was most likely been taken by him during their first experience. When she'd finally settled into his lap the young lord began thrusting into her enjoying the wonderful moans that escaped her lips


“I see and did my pink haired bride tell you about what you'll be doing from now on?” Setsuna questioned as the dark haired girl blushed and nodded. Grabbing a nearby piece of paper she wrote the words baby making on it before holding it up to him evidently to embarrassed to write those words. After showing it to him the girl moaned as he nodded and pushed deeper into her making it clear she would be getting impregnated. Giving her a few more bounces the young lord watched in delight as she climaxed before he fired deep inside her with the intent of knocking her up with his child.


“Raising a child with you sounds wonderful.” Hinata whispered into his ear while coming down from their love making. Making out with her the young lord wasn't surprised to learn that she enjoyed his tongue dominating her own. Knowing that she was a timid little mouse was actually quiet enjoyable since his other girls would no doubt be vocal in their desires of him. When they'd finished making out she began moving her waist again making it clear she wanted another round with her love.


“I see you really want my child.” Setsuna chuckled as the dark haired girl nodded blushing at his words. While the other girls knew that being his wife meant they'd eventually beat him a child she'd dreamed of being a mother for a long time now. Moaning as he thrust into her and began moving with reckless abandon the young lord couldn't help smiling at the look in her eyes. Clearly whatever the stone had done wasn't just affecting their bodies it actually heightened the feeling of love she'd always had for their young lord's touch.


“Assuming it's a girl I've already picked out a name Himawari if that's okay?” Hinata questioned as the young lord nodded that it was acceptable. Moving in her with great speed and passion the young woman cried out as she experienced another wonderful orgasm before he fired deep inside her. When they had both finished moving she kissed him with passion knowing it was just a matter of time before his child was growing inside her. Giving her butt a little squeeze the girl yelped in surprise before giving him a look that made it clear she didn't much care for that kind of playing.


“Sakura loves that but if you don't then we can avoid doing it in the future, wait a minute what if it's a boy?” Setsuna questioned as the dark haired woman blushed at his question. Writing down the suggestion for a name he couldn't help smiling noticing it was clearly a spin off of his own. Motioning to another piece of paper the young lord wrote down male and female before circling the female indicating he always wanted it to be a girl. Considering his pink haired bride was already certain their child was going to be a boy he felt it was only right that she be allowed to give him a daughter making things even again.


“I've got a wonderful evening of fun planned out for us but you'll have to wait.” Hinata explained pulling herself off his lap and redressing herself. Making it clear that he didn't like being kept in the dark but ultimately respected his wife's decision she kissed his cheek before walking out the door. Sighing as his eyes drifted back towards endless paperwork the young lord was about to start writing his signature again when there was a loud boom. Before he could even guess what the noise had been the young lord's guard came in making sure everything was okay.


“I know he's busy with paperwork or one of his wives but that doesn't matter our agreement states that he's to give me an audience whenever it suits me.” A loud boisterous voice explained as the young lord sighed knowing exactly who it belonged to and why she'd been making such a ruckus. Motioning that it was okay to let the woman come up into his office the door no sooner opened than he was caught in a death gaze. Walking over to his desk with a purpose she made it clear the young woman didn't take no for an answer before stopping at the chair right in front of him. Glaring at the nearby guard with enough venom he was surprised that it didn't kill him the young lord nodded it was okay and that he could leave.


“Good to see you Temari is there something your village needs or...” Setsuna began to question before the young woman's lips claimed his stifling his questions. When she'd finished kissing him the young woman stepped back and untied her outfit giving him a little wink. After she'd untied the final sting the woman pulled it off revealing her body to him but what caught his attention was the collar around her neck. Giving it a closer look he noticed it said Hokage's bitch and was about to question why she'd wear something like that when she got down and started kissing his dick.


“My village is fine but right now the only concern bothering me is how to get your cock inside me.” Temari explained as the young man smiled at the comment. Nodding that it was okay she decided to bypass the licking and kissing getting onto his lap and sitting down on his cock. Moaning in pleasure as it entered her the girl explained she'd been waiting far too long for him to be inside her again questioning if it was because he'd been too busy. Giving her a kiss the young man was surprised as it was his tongue's time to be dominated with her making it clear the sand ninja bride was in charge in their relationship.


“I see but what's the story with your collar.” Setsuna questioned as the young woman blushed showing the first sign of embarrassment. Considering the girl had barged into his office demanding to see him and began riding him without batting an eye it must have been something pretty serious. Giving him another kiss she moaned as the young lord started increasing his pace inside her enjoying the different yet wonderful feeling she provided. Moments later the girl cried out as she climaxed on his dick and the young lord fired deep inside her.


“As part of the hidden sand's agreement with your village after being soundly beaten in last year's unification games my brother promised that you'd get a sex slave from our village for an entire year but it was me who volunteered for the position.” Temari explained as the young lord chuckled at her comment. Getting a look that made it clear she wasn't messing around the young lord kissed her but couldn't shake the image of her begging for anything. When the kiss had finished the young woman lowered herself onto him once more clearly not finished with riding him. Moaning as they resumed her usual pace the girl was very different from either of his brides and he rather enjoyed it.


“I see well you're done wearing that collar but if you like them so much how about one that reads Setsuna's bride?” Setsuna questioned as the young woman looked at him in disbelief. Nodding before reaching into his desk and pulling out a collar the read just that and had a sand village emblem on it she grabbed it from him. Clicking it into place around her neck she moaned both at the feeling of her lover moving inside her and the knowledge she was going to be one of his many brides. After several more thrust the young lord fired inside her making the young woman blush as she realized that it was his second time firing inside her without a rubber.


“Is that why your pink haired bitch sent a letter telling me to bring my stuff and move into your mansion?” Temari questioned as the young lord nodded that she was correct. Moments later the girls lips were upon him again making it clear that she didn't mind living in his village from now on. Grabbing the sand village ninja headband around her navel and untying it she grabbed one of the many spare leaf village headbands and used it to make it clear she was now part of his village. Watching as she got up from his chair the girl asked him about their evening plans only to be shocked when he told her it would have to be another day.


“Hinata's going to be doing something unique for tonight and I can't just deny her.” Setsuna explained bracing himself for the earful of cussing he was certain would be heading towards him. Much to his surprise the girl didn't even mutter a single word instead keeping her eyes locked on him at all times. After several minutes of uncomfortable silence the blonde haired wife laughed before stating that his face looked hilarious when nervous. Grabbing her outfit she put it back on smiling before looking deep into his eyes and winking at him.


“Well looks as if you're getting a two for one special because whatever fun she's got planned is something your sand village bride wants to get in on.” Temari explained before grabbing her fan which she'd put down upon entering his office and closing the door. Much as he liked the idea of having two sexy women at the same time he didn't know if they would get along. Deciding it was probably better if he let the girls work it out for themselves instead of getting involved he returned to his paperwork. Knowing that he would have at least one sexy surprise waiting for him would make the day go by faster even if it meant signing another pointless regulation.


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