Rise of the Kamina clan

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Night had fallen before the young lord had finished working on the countless pieces of legislation. Groaning as he signed the final scroll for the day he could already feel his body relaxing and the idea of his wives begging for him. Nodding at the bodyguard standing outside the mansion's giant doors the guard smiled before opening it for the young man to whistle at the sight in front of him. Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tsunade, and Teneten were all standing there in sexy lingerie but what interested him most currently was the leash in his pink haired bride's eager hands.


“What are you hiding my love?” Setsuna questioned as the young man gave her a little smile. Watching as she pulled on the leash the young man couldn't help chuckling as the image of a blonde haired woman with decent sized tits and whisker marks on her face came into the room walking on hands and knees. Making her way over to him she grabbed at his pants looking to enjoy giving him satisfaction. Sakura quickly pulled on the leash pulling her backwards making it clear it wasn't time just yet.


“Our little pet is eager but you need to wait until master says it's okay.” Sakura explained as the young man looked at the girl chained to her leash. Naruko as her little collar read clearly loved being ordered around but he wasn't entirely sure if that was just her nature or the pink haired girl's training at work. Watching as the girl moved over to his pink haired bride's feet and sat down with her pussy against the cold floor he smiled. Grabbing at the pink haired woman's palms her lover pulled her into a kiss enjoying the feeling of her tongue making out for a good five minutes before he released her mouth and stared at the other brides.


“Sakura explained you wanted us to come live with you so our lovemaking didn't have to be secret anymore?” Hinata questioned as the young man nodded that she was correct. After giving them all sexy looks he motioned towards his bedroom indicating they'd finish discussing the particulars in his room. When they entered it he was surprised to find all of them had moved their stuff into his room including pillows with their names on it. Clearly the girls had wasted no time in moving into his bedroom and were going to be putting it to good use.


“Alright let's set a few ground rules each of you will get one night a week with me unless it's a threesome starting with my pink haired bride.” Setsuna explained as the pink haired girl nodded and pulled her lingerie off smiling at her lover's reaction. No matter how many times she made love with him the girl couldn't help enjoying that reaction. Running his eyes over her magnificent body he knew it was just a matter of time before her belly swelled with his child but right now it was about having fun. Motioning for her to join him on the bed she crawled up next to him making out with the young lord before pulling his coat off.


“Very well girls seems we're going to need patience until it's our turn.” Hinata explained grabbing the leash from the pink haired bride and pulling their pet towards the other room. When they'd left she returned her attention to making out with her lover as she removed the rest of his clothes. Seconds later they were both naked and kissing each other before her lover picked her up in his arms and carried her to a massive bed. Knowing that it was just a matter of time before they started making love he decided they needed to make one more thing clear.


“We'll be taking turns each night with making love but all of you will sleep cuddling up next to me.” Setsuna explained as the pink haired girl nodded at his words before giving him another kiss enjoying her lover's passion. When they finished making out she moved down towards his eager cock and began licking and kissing it enjoying how wonderful the young lord tasted. Moving it between her breasts she began moving them up and down along his dick while licking his tip. Suddenly there was an unusual feeling at her pussy and she felt the young lord's tongue exploring her pussy licking every inch of her sacred gates.


“My you haven't done that since our first night together my lord.” Sakura explained as she kissed his dick before returning to her blowjob. Moaning as she felt his tongue licking her most sacred place she was just about to cry out in passion before she felt the young lord fire his seed into her mouth. Swallowing the girl pulled off his dick just in time for an orgasm to rush through her body as she climaxed on her lover's tongue. Blushing at having released before she could pull away from his face the young lord simply chuckled before giving her pussy a kiss.


“Any reason the blonde girl is on a leash?” Setsuna questioned as the pink haired girl moved onto his cock and lowered herself onto it moaning as it pierced her. Bouncing up and down in passion she couldn't believe the man was going to be letting her become a mother in the near future. Moaning as he slipped in and out of her tight snatch the young lord groaned in satisfaction as she cried out in passion before climaxing on his dick. Never one to be satisfied with just one orgasm the young lord continued thrusting inside her enjoying his bride's sexy moans.


“She houses the night tailed fox an dangerous entity that needs to be kept under control.” Sakura explained as the young lord nodded that she was correct. Bouncing her up and down on the young lord's cock she moaned in passion before yet another orgasm claimed her reminding the young woman that her master knew everything that made her body quiver. Giving her a few more thrusts he fired inside her before the young woman's face lit up in passion with the idea of being impregnated by his powerful seed.


“What about enemy ninja couldn't the fox be a powerful weapon against them?” Setsuna questioned as the pink haired girl laughed at his comment. Crawling up to her master's level she pulled a thing of mouthwash from the nightstand knowing he couldn't stand her making out with him after his seed entered her mouth. Rising it back and forth inside her mouth she knew it would be worth it once she was making out with him. When she'd finished doing so the young woman kissed him with passion enjoying him squeezing the young woman's ass making her yelp in surprise.


“Our village hasn't been under attack in nearly six hundred years and that isn't likely to change anytime soon.” Sakura explained as the young lord motioned for him to mount her once more and the woman complied settling onto his dick. Moaning as it entered her pussy once more the young woman gave him a lusty wink before moving up and down on it moaning with each thrust. Grabbing the woman's hips the young lord began increasing his pace laughing as the young woman's mouth opened and countless moans of passion escaped. After what seemed like an eternity but was really only thirty minutes she cried out in lust before climaxing on his dick and waiting for his seed to enter her which it did in force.


“I see but peace hasn't weakened our ninja?” Setsuna questioned as the woman shook her head unable to speak after that amazing orgasm. When she'd finally recovered the young woman explained the last battle their village had faced was defeated in quick fashion and that had dissuaded any would be attackers. Grabbing her waist the young lord pulled her upwards before capturing her lips enjoying his wife's kisses. Moments later the girl chuckled as the young man smacked her butt again getting a little squeal of passion before her lover curled up pulling her against his chest.


“Not really because we've formed alliances with other villages to ensure they won't attack us. One of your brides is actually part of that treaty and we're still waiting for a reply from some of the other villages.” Sakura explained as the young man nodded that it was understandable that their village would make such plans. Knowing that she meant the girl from the hidden sand village it was just a matter of time before she arrived. Considering the distance between their villages it made since the girl couldn't make to his mansion in time to join her fellow brides. Grabbing onto her waist the young lord pulled her onto his dick smiling as the girl moaned expecting another ride.


“I've got a lot of work in the morning but you're going to sleep with me inside you from now on.” Setsuna explained as the young woman blushed at the idea her lover was suggesting. While she'd always known there was a good chance her lover would someday require her to do that but she'd been excited by the idea of being his woman. Now it would be clear to anyone who entered their room even if it was the bodyguard that they were busy in the act of loving each other. As the woman curled up against her lover's chest she couldn't wait for the next day and the fun he'd planned for his wives the rest of who crawled into bed next to him and curled up laying against his chest knowing in time all of them would be following the pink haired girl's efforts.

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