Rise of the Kamina clan

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Smoke poured from the village it's every hall ruined from the battle which had taken place mere hours ago. Gazing at the chaos and destruction around him the young man couldn't believe it was the village he considered the pride of any nation. Making his way down the street he could see countless medical ninja giving attention to whoever needed it and evacuating the wounded. Nodding at one of the ninja he knew it was just a matter of time before their village would rebuild although it would be a long and dangerous journey.


“Why is it every time there's even a moments peace it gets ruined by some giant monster or power mad idealist.” Setsuna grumbled to himself kicking another pile of debris away form himself. Much as he wanted to blame it on the nine tailed fox brat's power he knew it was more than just his fault. Considering their village was seen by many as the most prosperous and important one in their world it made sense others would target it. Walking past his favorite beef pot shop he could see its owners were doing everything they could to recover but it was uncertain if they'd make it.


“Get those wounded over to her ladyship's apprentice immediately.” Another medical ninja commanded as his subordinates nodded carrying a stretcher towards a pink haired girl. Within seconds the girl had covered their wounds good enough to make them no longer be in critical condition. Nodding at her the girl smiled back then laid hands on another ninja hoping the skills her mentor taught her would be enough to save their life. Rushing over to her the young man put a hand on the woman's back sharing enough chakra with her to keep the young woman going.


“I appreciate the help it's rough going helping all these wounded ninja.” Sakura Haurno explained as the young man smiled and complemented her work ethic. Considering the girl had been going for countless hours without a break it was a miracle she did fall over right this minute. When she'd finished getting the little power boost she needed the young ninja resumed his tour of the village hating every second of it. Maybe it was to be expected that someone would always be targeting their village but it didn't make the rage inside him diminish.


“Wouldn't even have to be using her chakra if those idiots would stop attacking our village.” Setsuna grumbled as he kicked yet another pile of rumble but with a little more strength than he'd intended. Watching as it sailed towards the forest where the Chunin exams were held on a regular basis he cursed himself before rushing after it. While he couldn't see it landing anywhere that might cause problem you could never be certain what kind of freak power was going to pop up next. After what felt like hours he could finally see the clearing where the rubble had landed and making his way over to it began clearing it off.


“Villages like yours will always be attacked because nobody every stops it.” A voice that cut into his soul like a thousand icy needles explained as the young man looked for it's owner. Glancing around the forest he couldn't see anyone but knew that voice was coming from something. Returning his attention to the pile of rubble he picked it up wishing it would be the last time he was ever required to do so. Gripping it tightly in his fist the young man reached back and threw it into the sky no longer caring if it landed somewhere awkward.


“Well yea but it's not like we basic ninjas can do anything about it.” Setsuna grumbled looking at his own reflection in the nearby water. Dark brown hair and blue eyes with a decent looking body he'd be lucky if he survived these pointless wars long enough to find a wife. Remembering back to the pink haired medical ninja and the smile she'd given him the young man wished he could spend just one night with her. Knowing that it was impossible he gathered some water and splashed it on his face knowing it was better if he didn't return home looking disheveled.


“Stopping at just one night seems kind of disappointing why not keep her for good?” Setsuna heard the same voice questioning as he dismissed it as nothing more than paranoia. Making his way back toward the village he was about to leave the forest when something shiny caught his attention. Walking over to it he picked the stone up looking at its dark gray surface and then nearly gasping as it turned bright red in his palm. Dropping the stone he was just about to leave it there when something made his eyes drift back towards the stone knowing it was probably dangerous but intoxicating.


“Doesn't matter if the dream is one night or a lifetime it's still just a dream.” Setsuna grumbled to himself as the rock continued pulsating that red aura. Knowing that it was just a matter of time before he was expected back home the young man couldn't shake the feeling of it somehow being important. Reaching down he gripped the rock watching as it changed from red to blue and finally pink which seemed a bit strange to him. Before he understood what was happening the stone was floating in front of him like some kind of prized medallion.


“What if that dream could become a reality?” Setsuna heard the same voice question only this time it didn't seem malicious. Watching as the rock continued floating in midair he was just about to see if there was chakra manipulation in play here or if this was something more unique. Reaching out to grab at the stone he watched in wonder as upon touching it he saw the entire history of their village being played out in front of them. Moments later the vision faded and the young man found himself entranced by the words of if that could be a reality instead of just his dream.


“I suppose that would be pretty cool so long as it didn't cost me something weird like being turned into a goat.” Setsuna chuckled as he put the rock inside his pocket and rushed back towards the village. Grinning as he walked past the pink haired medical ninja he blushed thinking about what he'd considered doing with and to her minutes ago before he reached his own house. Making his way inside he could already smell his mother's cooking making his favorite meal for dinner. Walking into the kitchen he was just about to ask what the special occasion was before his mother rushed towards him pulling him into a vice like hug.


“My little boy helping out with the village's restoration and even helping the medical ninja.” Miyuki nearly squealed as the young man pushed her away doing his best to recover. Despite nearly being crushed by several different monsters and even falling buildings nothing was quite as scary as his mother's hugs. According to his father she'd once broken a mans back just by giving him a squeeze and it was clear that her strength had barely diminished over the many years. Getting the entire family into the house long enough to help make an entire meal was a daunting task but when she declared it was dinner time everyone was the table in mere seconds.


“It's not a big deal mom they needed help so I provided it anyone would've done the same.” Setsuna explained blushing as his mother gave another look that made it clear she would be doting on him for a while. When they'd finished eating he returned to his room and placed the rock on his nightstand before reaching for the hot water and making sure his shower washed away residue from the walk around their village. After he'd finished with the red hot shower he walked out pulled on his favorite set of pajamas and curled up in the bed hoping the dreams would be of something other than war.


“My question went unanswered what if that dream could be made into a reality would you do it.” Setsuna heard the voice asking him as the young man reminded himself it was just a dream. Watching as the stone floated in front of him it was clear whatever spirit possessed it wouldn't be satisfied until he answered. Considering he'd just gone through an entire day of collecting rubble and helping medical ninjas it was no surprise his dreams were strange. Breathing in then out he sighed a little before his eyes fixated on the rock still floating there waiting for an answer.

“I suppose that if our village could go without being attacked long enough and my position was higher than just an average ninja than yea she'd be a perfect bride. Not just her either there are countless beautiful women in our village who'd make great brides does that answer your question rocky?” Setsuna replied as the rock floated in mid air until he was done speaking and glowed bright pink before landing in front of him. Deciding it was nothing more than exhaustion and frayed nerves the young man pulled his covers up over his body and drifted off to sleep certain tomorrow would be just as uneventful as the day which came before it.


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