Sinful Tales of Konoha

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Chapter 4 – Birthdays and Pranks


Two years later...


It's currently summer, the summer before Naruto starts his third year in the ninja academy. Kushina has been training him for about two years now. She started training Naruto around the same time that Naruto started his first year in the academy. She finished her training with him earlier this summer, meaning at the end of his second year in the academy. Kushina had thought that she would need to train him for all the five years which Naruto would attend the ninja academy, in order to be able to teach him everything she wanted to teach him. She had been very wrong about that, as Naruto had mastered everything she wanted to teach him, about half a year ago. The months after that, their training together has basically only been sparring, which is what Kushina used as a way to prolong her training with him, since she didn't want their time training together to come to an end. Last month, she finally let him go, as Jiraiya offered to train Naruto whenever he had free time.


Naruto then started training with Jiraiya, at least one day per week, which was usually on Sundays. After Naruto started training with Jiraiya, or by himself which he does most often, Kushina found herself to be bored out of her mind. Kushina, who is very mischievous by nature and a notorious prankster, just like Naruto, started pranking Naruto, Jiraiya and sometimes even Naruto's friends, although mostly Konohamaru, to cure her boredom. Naruto in turn, wouldn't just take that without retaliating, and neither would Konohamaru. That resulted in the two of them often teaming up to get her back. Jiraiya on the other hand, always got the worst pranks aimed at him and he didn't have any interest in retaliating, unless giving Kushina inappropriate compliments counted as that. But then again, he did that to any good looking woman anyway.


Today, Naruto is out training at his new training spot, which is located at the edge of his parents backyard. He is currently shirtless, which is how he prefers to train, and he is the middle of doing push ups on the grassy ground. While doing his push ups, he has been pondering about how he could get his mom back, for yesterdays prank. Kushina had brought home ramen from Ichiraku's for her and Naruto to eat for lunch. The problem was that Naruto's ramen had no ramen noodles in it, instead his bowl was only filled with rice, which was drenched in the soup.


“It's the Ichiraku's new bestseller, I thought you would want to try it!” Kushina had said, while laughing at Naruto, who in turn stared in horror at his defiled ramen bowl.


“Nobody messes with my ramen!” Naruto thought angrily, as he glared at Kushina, vowing to get her back. This was even worse than the time that Kushina woke him up by throwing garden snakes into his bed, saying “I thought you would like this since you like having snakes in your bed so much, ttebane!”, while a scared Naruto would climb the walls of his bedroom, to get away from the snake. Her comment was Kushina referring to Naruto having Anko over a lot, watching movies or playing games in his room. Anko and Naruto has even had sleep overs. Anko has a tendency of sneaking into Naruto's bed during those sleepovers, which is the reason why Kushina thought her prank was funny.


In the past, Kushina has woken up Naruto in more ways than just placing snakes or spiders in his bed. She has covered him in all kinds of sticky goo, such as jelly and jam. She has tickled him unconscious. She has even drawn immature sexual genitals on Naruto's face, in his sleep. That was all fine, it was all part of the game. But this recent ramen prank, was her taking things too far, in Naruto's opinion. You don't fuck with someone's ramen like that. That's just cruel and evil. To get her back, he has ordered his underling, Konohamaru, to come meet up with him. He is going to use Konohamaru to get back at her, in a way that he wouldn't be comfortable doing it himself. He also has some news for Konohamaru, which he knows that he is going to be happy about.


Naruto stopped doing push ups, when he sensed someone approaching his training spot. Since he had ordered Konohamaru to come here, he figured it was just him.


“Took you long enough, you little shit!” Naruto said in a rather rude tone, while using his favorite pet name for Konohamaru.


“Ara ara?” he heard someone respond, before a very beautiful woman entered the clearing that is his training spot. This wasn't just some woman, this is the woman who Naruto regards as the most beautiful woman in the village. She is someone who Naruto would love to date, but believes her to be way out of his league, mainly due to their age difference. He is still very oblivious, when it comes to his own popularity.


“I believe that's the first time someone has called me that..” Kurenai said, smiling in amusement.


Naruto's eyes widened in shock. He realized that he had just insulted the woman he considers to be the best looking babe in the village, who is even hotter than the likes of Tsunade, Butao, Mikoto and the Uchiha sisters. Only Anko could give her a run for her money.


Naruto started chuckling, as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly “Sorry, I thought it was my friend” he said.


Kurenai smiled at him “Don't worry Naruto-kun, I figured as much” she then walked up to a large stone at the edge of the clearing. She sat down on it, in a very lady like fashion, as she crossed one leg over the other. She then grabbed a book from within her white and black blouse, before she casually started reading it, without saying another word. Naruto took his opportunity to check her out a bit. He got a good look of her long and slender beautiful legs, when she sat like that.


“Now that's a real woman!” Naruto thought with a perverted smile “Unlike those flat chests in school..”


Kurenai didn't notice Naruto checking her out, while smiling perversely, luckily for him. Naruto's admiration of Kurenai's legs, got interrupted a few seconds later, when Konohamaru came running up to Naruto while waving at him “Good morning, boss! Sorry for being late, kore!” he yelled in an excited tone.


“There you are, you little shit!” Naruto said, as he walked up to meet Konohamaru, while Kurenai chuckled at the way that they interacted with each other. She thought they were adorable. Naruto and Konohamaru then walked away, leaving Kurenai alone at the spot where Naruto usually trains. That meant that Kurenai would be leaving as well, since the only reason why she came out here, was to watch Naruto train, and maybe talk to him a bit. This was something Kurenai had been wanting to do for almost two years, ever since Anko first brought her over to the Uzumaki. The reason for that is that her attraction towards Naruto had not lessened during these past two years, instead her crush on Naruto had almost made her a little obsessed about him. Since pretty much every single girl in the village, academy students, married women, elder women, civilian super models and you name it, are also interested in Naruto.


Kurenai has got quite a bit of competition, when it comes to winning Naruto's heart. Kurenai has made up her mind about not losing Naruto to any of them under any circumstances. She has even come up with a plan, a plan that she calls her genius master plan, to ensure that she will be the one who prevails in the end. If other people heard about her plan they might refer to it more as evil, twisted and selfish, rather than genius. Kurenai on the other hand, thinks her plan is romantic and funny.


It all started during that afternoon when Anko brought Kurenai with her to visit the Uzumaki home. Kurenai has never had any attraction towards any human being, until that faithful day when she saw Naruto spar against his father, Minato. While the spar had been impressive for someone that hadn't even started the academy yet, it was his handsome smile that made her heart pound faster. Since then, Kurenai has not been able to get to know Naruto as much as she would have liked. Instead, she has gotten more familiar with his mom instead, who Kurenai now considers as one of her best friends.


While Kurenai is very fond of Kushina, she also sees that woman as the biggest obstacle and reason as to why she has not been able to approach Naruto as much as she would have liked. Kushina is very overprotective of Naruto, and she doesn't like when girls get too inappropriate while trying to flirt with him, especially if the girls are older than Naruto. During these two years when she has been training him, even Anko has had a hard time getting close to Naruto to tease him and flirt with him, as much as she would have liked. Although, Anko has told Kurenai about some sleepovers at Naruto's, where Anko has been able to tease Naruto and gotten comfortable with him in his bedroom. Every time Kurenai heard Anko telling her about this, Kurenai struggles not to attack the woman, who she considers to be her best friend, for daring to tempt “her man” like that.


Kurenai has a bit of an edge over these other women and girls, since she has been able to uphold her front, her fake personality of being this professional, slightly shy and kind kunoichi. That professional act is also the same kind of front that she puts on, whenever she is over at Naruto's house, to ensure that Kushina would never suspect her of also gunning for Naruto. Unlike Anko and Ino, she isn't checking Naruto out at every chance she get. Kurenai doesn't throw herself at him, and get all over him, teasing him and flirting with him, in front of Kushina either. She only compliments him and smiles at him when it's appropriate to do so. Frankly, she has given no one any reason to think that she is in love with him. And that is all just a part of her plan.


While Kushina may be the main obstacle, who is preventing her to be with her man, Anko and Ino are also obstacles. Anko is the bigger problem out of the two, since she is her best friend. Kurenai doesn't want to hurt her or make her sad. Anko has always been very open to Kurenai about her feelings towards Naruto, and has confessed to her that she is very much in love with the blond ninja prodigy. She fears that Anko is going to get her heart broken, once Kurenai has finalized her plan. While Kurenai doesn't want to hurt Anko, she also thinks that's unavoidable, and it's something she just have to accept, as long as that means that she is the one who ends up together with Naruto. Nothing else really matters to her.


Kurenai couldn't care less about Ino, however. The only reason why she sees that younger girl as an obstacle, is because of how she interacts with Naruto, having become something of a mini Anko. She really doesn't hold back on the flirting and teasing nowadays, and Kurenai has lost count of how many times that blond little skank has raised her skirt, to flash her behind for Naruto, or shown him her panties. The fact that the majority of the village already sees the two of them as a couple, since the two of them have pretty much always been friends and been seen together, only adds to the many reasons as to why Kurenai dislikes that “blond little skank”.


Due to Ino's friendship with Naruto, and the rumors of them already being a couple, Kurenai sees her as more of a threat than the thousands of other girls who are gunning for him. In the end, she is going to crush all of their hopes, to ever be with him in any romantic fashion. She may allow a few lucky ones to become his servants, or concubines, if that would be something that would please her, and her man, at that time. Insects like them doesn't deserve more than that anyway.


Another obstacle is the age difference between them, as Kurenai is a skilled chuunin, who is about to take on a test or an exams to become a jounin, while Naruto is just about to start his third year in the ninja academy. She doesn't even know if Naruto would ever look at her the same way, or if he is even into older girls at all. She isn't aware of his fondness of big breasted older beauties, and doesn't pay attention when he tells “the flat chest”, as in Ino, to get off of him, whenever she gets too clingy, or attaches herself on him, hugging her arms around him. During those moments, she is too busy glaring daggers at Ino, while imagining different kind of ways to end her life and getting rid of her, without anyone suspecting her. (1).


It's because of all of these obstacles, that she came up with this evil and twisted master plan of hers. The reason why it is evil and twisted, is because she is willing to hurt people who has nothing to do with this, as long as it helps her get what she wants. There is one person in particular, who Kurenai has never been fond of, who might suffer the most. That person is a bearded man of the Sarutobi clan, who has been following Kurenai around since the academy days, like a love struck fool. The unlucky person in question is the one who Kurenai regards as an insect lower than other insects, Sarutobi Asuma. (2).


All her friends, Anko included, always tells her that she should start dating, suggesting guys left and right to her. As already mentioned, Kurenai has no interest in any guy who isn't Naruto, so she finds that to be very annoying. What annoys her even more are all the guys who are constantly asking her out, in an attempt to get inside her pants whenever she is at a bar to enjoy a drink, or is enjoying a walk in the village. They seem to think that, just because she is currently single, that she might have an interest in dating them. They couldn't be more wrong about that, as she thinks of them all as annoying and disgusting insects.


Luckily for her, she still has Asuma following her around, pretty much wherever she goes.. Asuma is someone that used to be one of Kurenai and Anko's classmates in the academy. Asuma is most often the one who they suggest to her to go out with. We already know Kurenai's thoughts on Asuma, so that is about as likely to happen as Jiraiya putting on a dress and dancing on top of the hokage monument. The only reason why she lets him follow her around sometimes is because she can use him to get rid of all of the Casanovas who are trying to ask her out.


The mere thought of being together with him disgusts her to no end. The way he blushes and gets all fidgety just by Kurenai staring at him, or talking to him, annoys her more than anything. Unfortunately for Asuma, Kurenai's evil plan involves her using him and humiliating him even. She plans to ask him out for a date, knowing full well that he is going to say yes. She wants everyone to think that the two of them are going out, as boyfriend and girlfriend. She has no intentions of letting him have any benefits that a boyfriend usually would though. She would merely just bring him to dinners with family and friends, parties and maybe walk with him hand in hand in public on occasions. All just to sell the picture of the two of them being together. Holding hands is the only thing Kurenai is going to allow, even the thought of that makers her shiver in disgust. She will only allow it in public as well, since there is no point to if no one else can see them. (3).


Kurenai knows that Asuma is not going to complain, nor will he try to take it any further, since he simply doesn't have the balls for it. And even if he does try anything, Kurenai will play her part as the shy little princess, who isn't ready for such things. If everything goes according to Kurenai's plan, she can use this fake relationship to get to know her true love interest better. She figures that no one will suspect her of trying anything with Naruto, after just getting into a relationship with Asuma. At least she hopes so, knowing that even married women has flirted with Naruto after a glass of wine or two. Having a partner didn't really put you out of suspicion completely. Especially with all the adultery that is going in this village, according to the village gossiper, Ayame, and her rumors anyway.


What makes her plan so twisted and selfish, is the fact that she does not intend to break up with Asuma after she has won Naruto's heart. Instead, she wants to humiliate him and break his heart, by doing all kinds of things with Naruto, behind his back. Anything they will do behind Asuma's back will just be a fun bonus for Kurenai. She considers it to be payback for all the hand holding she will have to withstand, and the embarrassment of her having to endure the fact that people has been thinking that she has been dating that insect.


That sums up what her evil plan is currently. She wishes to set it in motion a few days before Naruto's birthday. She intends to show up to his birthday party with Asuma as her date. That's when Naruto, Naruto's parents, Naruto's friends, and all of his admirers, will learn about her and Asuma now being a couple. After that all of her friends will know about their relationship. Since it's July now and Naruto's birthday isn't until October 10th, she will have a couple of months to plan out her plan better. She is also going to use this time to get to know Naruto better by spending time with him out at that training spot of his. Even if Kushina, Anko or anyone else finds out about that, they hopefully won't suspect her of trying anything with Naruto after she shows up with Asuma on that birthday party.


While Kurenai returned to the village, with an evil smirk on her face as she thought about her plan, Naruto and his underling had arrived at Jiraiya's house. Jiraiya's house is located in the middle of his parents huge backyard, about a fifteen minute walk away from his training spot. That's how big his parents backyard is. Naruto had called Konohamaru over for more reasons than pulling a prank on his mom. Today he is going to “introduce him” to the pervert. Jiraiya and Konohamaru already know each other, but this introduction is more to get Konohamaru to join Jiraiya and Naruto in their training and research missions. Only a true pervert is allowed to join their ranks, and start going on those important missions.


To become a true pervert, like Jiraiya and Naruto, Konohamaru must first take on a test. It's a test that Jiraiya is usually in charge of, but this time Naruto is going to suggest that he gets to be in charge of Konohamaru's test. They are a band of super perverts, who look down on closet perverts who aren't man enough to own their perverted nature. The only members so far are Jiraiya and Naruto, since Jiraiya doesn't let closet perverts or “posers” as he calls them into the club. The posers are the ones that pretend to be gentlemen, but in reality, at the mere sight of a half naked woman, will fly backwards with a nosebleed in true anime fashion. Kakashi, Minato and even the ramen chef Teuchi, would all fit into that category. A true pervert would just grin and compliment the woman on her fine assets or make a lewd invitation. They are posers because they are posing as professional gentlemen, while in reality they are just as perverted as anyone else.


Jiraiya has a keen eye to find people of his kind, and now Naruto has brought Konohamaru to him, in order to put him to the test. After arriving at Jiraiya's house, they found him sitting in the grass outside of the building, in what would be better be described as Jiraiya's front yard, even though his whole house and everything else, is a part of Naruto's parents backyard. He is currently scribbling down important notes in a notebook of his, while giggling in a perverse manner.


"Yes! Hihihi! This is brilliant" Jiraiya exclaimed, while admiring his work.


Naruto sneaked up on Jiraiya, getting behind him, before aiming a round house kick to his head. Jiraiya easily blocked it with one hand, though.


“What do you want, brat?” Jiraiya asked in a a casual tone, as if Naruto's attempt to kick him in the back of the head was nothing out of the ordinary.


Naruto retracted his legs, before responding “I think Kon has what it takes to join us, Ero-sennin!”


“Join us?” Jiraiya asked, narrowing his eyes at Naruto “Do you really think he is worthy?” he asked in a serious tone.


Naruto took on a very serious stance, as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, closing his eyes, and nodded “I am sure of it. There is no better candidate than him”.


“Hmm?” Jiraiya hummed as he glanced at Konohamaru “This brat?” he asked, shaking his head “I don't think so, Naruto..”.


“Fuck you, Ero-sennin!” Konohamaru retorted, while flipping him off “Stop calling me brat! I'll kick you in the nuts, kore!” he threatened.


Jiraiya's eyebrows started twitching in anger, as he focused his attention on Naruto again “See? What did I tell you!? There is no way this stupid little brat deserves to become one of us!”.


Naruto sighed, knowing that Jiraiya would say something like that.


“Can you at least let him take the test, since I vouched for him? If you don't, then I will stop going on those research missions with you..”


“Bheh!” Jiraiya whined childishly, before pocketing his notebook “Fine!” he said, as he got up. He made his way over to Naruto and Konohamaru, before glancing down at the latter “So you think you have what it takes to become one of us, huh?”.


“Yeah, I'll pass any test you give me, kore!” Konohamaru said with a confident grin. He didn't even know what he was signing up for, he just went with it since it was Naruto's idea. What kind of underling would he be if he didn't follow his boss's orders?


Jiraiya hummed in thought for a while, before telling Naruto “Use that transformation that you always use on all those posers to knock them out” he said, referring to a technique that Naruto has invented, called "The Sexy Jutsu" or "Oiroke No Jutsu".


"Nah" Naruto said, shaking his head "I have a better idea. This will be a test unlike no other. If he passes this one, you will have no choice but accept him as one of us" he said with a mischievous and rather foxy grin.


"Oho?" Jiraiya responded with a wide grin of his own. He had a feeling that Naruto had some crazy grand plans for Konohamaru, that involved a lot of sexy babes.


"Follow me, I will tell you about the test when we get there" Naruto said, before the three of them headed north, towards his house. About fifteen minutes later, they had arrived his house. All they saw inside, was a very bored looking Kushina cleaning the living room floor with a mop.


Since Naruto had stopped walking, Jiraiya turned to Naruto with a confused expression “Is the brat doing his test here?” he asked.


“Yeah!” Naruto said with the same mischievous smirk, as he turned towards Konohamaru. He stared at Konohamaru, while pointing towards Kushina who they saw through the large windows. “Your test is to get inside the house, then you are going to lift the skirt of my mom's dress and compliment her on her choice of underwear, dattebayo!”.


“What!?” Konohamaru yelled in disbelief, but couldn't hide a slight blush “No way, I'm not doing that, are you crazy?!” he questioning, as he wondered if his boss was trying to get him killed. Konohamaru loves to prank the "the old hag", which is what he often calls Kushina, but this was just too much for him. He knows perfectly well how much she hates perverts, and how she will beat them up and punish them, if they have the gall to do anything perverted within her presence. He has seen her kick the living shit out of Naruto, after she had found out that he had been going around spanking and grabbing ass of all the girls in school.


Konohamaru also has more reasons why he didn't like this idea. First of all, he has always had a something of a crush on her. He thinks that she is the most beautiful woman who has ever existed, and thinks that she looks like a Goddess, compared to the rest of the beautiful women. She really stands out from the others. He has also always enjoyed the time he has spent with her and Naruto, and regards her as one of his closest friends, even though she is Naruto's mom. Now, that doesn't mean that Konohamaru is stupid enough to believe that he has any chance with her. No, he is of the opinion that she is way out of his league.


He also regards her differently from other women, due to her status as Naruto's mom, and the hokage's wife. She isn't someone who guys should think of that way, or someone who should be a target of a perverted prank. It's disrespectful towards his boss, and the great fourth hokage.


Jiraiya stared at Naruto in pure disbelief, knowing better than anyone how Kushina treats perverts. He has lost counts how many times that woman has broken his nose, or kicked him in the head. He also knew full well that he deserved it every time, since he had been caught trying to peep on her, or given her a very inappropriate compliment. Then there is also the fact that he has been looking after Minato and Kushina ever since they graduated from the academy. That along with her prudish nature, just made this whole thing very uncomfortable for Jiraiya, and he didn't like the idea one bit. He also feared for Konohamaru's life.


Jiraiya nodded “I have to agree with the brat on this one. Even I can't protect him from a furious Kushina” Jiraiya said with a shiver “I don't think any man can..”.


Naruto shrugged “It's just a prank. She will get over it” he then stared at Konohamaru with a serious expression “This is a perfect test for you as well to see if you have what it takes to be one of us”. Naruto then focused his attention on his mom, who were still mopping away in the living room. He narrowed his eyes, as he stared at her “Besides, she has got it coming. It's time we get some payback on her for all the pranks she has made us suffer" he said, while for the most part, he was just angry about that ramen prank, and wanted to get her back for that.


"I don't mind getting her back" Konohamaru said, shaking in fear, since the thought of doing what Naruto suggested, really scared him "But can't we just throw water, slime or other stuff on her again?” Konohamaru asked while gulping. He then got down on his knees, pleading“Please, I don't want to die, big bro!


Jiraiya tried his best to help out Konohamaru, as told them his thoughts about this test “I have to side with Konohamaru here, what you are asking him is insane, Naruto. Besides, why do you even want someone to do that to your mom? You usually get upset by guys even staring at her” Jiraiya said, shaking his head.


He was referring to how overprotective Naruto is of his mom. He has even beat some guys up after he thought they leered at his mom perversely, after the two of them had walked passed them. That is a regular occurrence since Kushina is a very attractive woman, to say the least. She is also very prudish and doesn't like those stares. She has never even give them a reason to stare either, since she always dresses very conservatively, such as in her green housewife dress. Due to that, she doesn't mind when Naruto gives those perverts a piece of his mind. Now Jiraiya is pretty much exempt from Naruto's punishments, because everyone already knows that he is a lost cause. There is no point in trying to beat him up in order to get him to stop his perverted antics, since he won't stop no matter what. The Uzumaki/Namikaze family doesn't really mind though, they love him just the way he is.


“Yeah, boss!” Konohamaru whined “Why don't you do it yourself, kore!?”.


“I can't do it myself, because she is my mom” Naruto shivered “That would just be weird..”.


“It's weird if I do it too!” Konohamaru tried, in an attempt to get out of it “I have known her forever and more importantly, she is your damn mom, boss!” Konohamaru said said with a frown, staring at the ground in defeat. He tried to argue with Naruto, but he already knew that he wouldn't get himself out of doing this.


“Okay, I won't force ya to do it. But if you don't, then you will fail the test” Naruto said with an evil smirk.


“Damn it!” Konohamaru said through gritted teeth as he stared at the red head woman through the window. She had just noticed them, as she smiled at them warmly and waved at them, before going back to mopping the floor.


“I'm no bitch” Konohamaru thought, as he grinned.


“Okay I'll do it, kore!” Konohamaru said as he started walking towards the house. Jiraiya placed his hand on his shoulder, stopping him “Hold up, brat. I think I have a body armor from the war days that might fit you. I think it's best you use it, or you might actually die” he warned him.


Konohamaru gulped in fear, while Naruto chuckled “Don't listen to Ero-sennin, you will be fine Kon”.


Konohamaru nodded “Okay, here I go, boss!” he said, before he slowly creeped forward, towards the backdoor of the house.


“This is insane, Naruto” Jiraiya said, as she stared at Konohamaru in horror “If this somehow ends up with her blaming me for this, then I'll kick your ass for real”.


“Relax Ero-sennin, she won't be mad at anyone except me, trust me on that” Naruto said with an evil grin.


They then observed, as Konohamaru entered the house, leaving the backdoor, since he would need to escape out of it later.


“Hi” Konohamaru greeted, as Kushina smiled and greeted him back“Hi, Konohamaru-kun”. Konohamaru then walked down the hall way, towards her. Kushina didn't think much of it, she figured he was just going to head into the kitchen to get a glass of water or something. Instead, he got behind her, then quickly lifted the back of her skirt. He stared at her pantie covered ass, with wide eyes for a second, trying really hard to hold back a nosebleed, because he was staring at the sexiest ass he had ever seen in his life. He then shook his head, in attempt to compose himself and get back to business.


“Kyaaaa!” Kushina shrieked n a very uncharacteristic manner.


“Nice panties, old hag!” he yelled, before letting go of her dress.


“W-what?” a completely red faced Kushina stuttered, in both embarrassment and disbelief. She watched as Konohamaru ran out of the house, through the backdoor, faster than he had ever run before.


“Ghaah!” Konohamaru exclaimed “I did it boss, now save me!” he wailed, as he continued to run down south of the backyard, knowing that Kushina was going to come after him soon. Thankfully neither Jiraiya or Naruto was able to see her undergarments, as Kushina was facing them when Konohamaru lifted the back of her dress. Only he got to see the goodies.


“You're dead, Konohamaru-kun!” Kushina yelled, while her hair rose above her, taking the shapes of nine tails. She dropped the mop, before leaping out of the house. The first thing she saw outside, was a blue faced and shaking Jiraiya, looking terrified, next to Naruto, who was rolling around on the ground, laughing and pointing at her, while Konohamaru sprinted away like an Olympian.


“Serves you right, mom!” he said in laughter “That's what you get for ruining my ramen”.


Kushina's hair returned to normal, as she stared at Naruto with narrowed eyes “Did you put him up to this?” she asked in a dangerous tone.


“Of course I did, mom!” Naruto said as he jumped up to stand on his feet “Konohamaru is my loyal subordinate. He does whatever I tell him to do, dattebayo!” Naruto said with a bratty smirk.


Kushina pointed a finger at him angrily “If Konohamaru, you, or anyone else does that again, then I'm beating you all up” she then headed back towards the house, huffing and puffing "And I will get you back for this, dattebane!" She yelled as she grabbed the door handle, closing the door half way, as she added “And if you think that ramen prank was bad, just you wait. You don't even want to know what I am going to do to you next-ttebane!" she ended, as she closed the door behind her. She stared at Naruto with an evil and mischievous smile of her own, causing Naruto to gulp, fearing what she had in store for him next. Maybe Jiraiya and Konohamaru had been right about this having been a bad idea, after all.


“Fuck my life..” Naruto whined, while Jiraiya laughed and waved towards Kushina “I had nothing to do with this, Kushina!” he yelled, hoping she wasn't going to blame him for this. Jiraiya and Naruto then chased after the terrified Konohamaru. Needless to say, Konohamaru passed his test. Not only did he not fly backwards in a bloody nosebleed mess, he did something that actually impressed the both of them. It took balls to do that to Kushina of all people. The main reason Naruto had picked Konohamaru to do this, was because he knew that out of all Naruto's friends, Konohamaru is the one that Kushina would go the easiest on. Aside from Ino and Konohamaru, Kushina is always complaining about how annoying or rude his friends are. She is telling him things like, Shikamaru is too lazy to even greet people properly, Kiba is too loud and smells like a dog, Choji keeps ransacking their kitchen, eating all their snacks and so on. When it comes to Konohamaru and Ino, she always encourages him to invite them over or to just hang out with them instead of the others. So it was pretty easy for him to figure out that she favored those two over his other friends.


Konohamaru had now been accepted into Jiraiya's and Naruto's league of perverts. He had now been given the honorable title of being a “super pervert” like them. Since that day, Kushina would start to refer to the three of them as “the pervert trio”. Unknowingly to the pervert trio, Kushina had not hated the prank as much as she made them believe that she did. In fact, the thought that Konohamaru would start to prank her like that more often, kind of excited her. What the pervert trio also didn't know, is that if it had been anyone else, other than Konohamaru, who had done that to her, then they wouldn't have gotten away with it so easily.


That's due to Kushina having started to look at Konohamaru differently in recent months. She no longer sees him as her cute younger friend, instead she thinks that he is just as handsome and manly as Naruto is. She has gained a crush on him. She would never admit that to anyone, nor let anyone find out about that. She is also in complete denial about her crush, and has no intentions of ever letting it become anything more than a silly crush. She fears the day that he will start attending the ninja academy, since she expects him to become just as popular as Naruto did, with all the girls in school. She wants both Konohamaru and Naruto for herself, and wants those other girls to leave her guys alone. Even if she doesn'tt have any intentions of doing anything inappropriate with either two of them, she doesn't want anyone else to take her guys from her either.


That day the pervert trio had been formed, and Konohamaru would join Naruto and Jiraiya every Sunday to go out on research missions. That day also changed the way that Kushina acted around Konohamaru, as she would start to tease and prank him in ways that almost invited him to perform another naughty prank on her, whenever other people weren't paying attention. Konohamaru on the other hand, had gotten extremely nervous around her, and was not about to do anything like that again. He also kept having naughty dreams about her, almost every single night. She was just too damn beautiful and sexy for her own good. Konohamaru didn't like it, since he wasn't supposed to think of her that way, due to her being Naruto's mom and the hokage's wife, but he just couldn't help it. But he also knew that he had no chance in hell, to ever make one of those naughty dreams about her, a reality.



The following weeks until school started, Naruto spent his days doing pretty much the same thing he always does. Every day, except Sundays, he would train his ass off, out at his training spot in the backyard. He did not find Kurenai there again during those weeks. On Sunday's he and the rest of the pervert trio got up to no good, and on very rare occasions, also did some actual ninja training. The highlight of those Sunday's had to be when he was out alone “gathering research material” for Jiraiya. He found the Uchiha sisters and their mother bathing at one of those outdoor bathhouses. He got to see Uchiha Mikoto topless which was great, but unfortunately for him the two sisters had their chests covered by a towel. It's for moments like that, that Naruto even does these research missions. And who can blame him when Mikoto's big round bouncy titties is his reward?


When school started back up again in August, his daily routine changed a bit, other than school now being a part of it again. In the afternoon after school, he went straight to his backyard to train. That's due to Kurenai having shown up at his training spot, after school again. She sat on that same rock, her legs crossed in the same way, while reading a book.


“Hello” Naruto greeted, as he raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she was here of all places. He didn't mind it one bit, but it just confused him a little bit.


Kurenai lowered her book from her face, before greeting him back“Hi” she said, in a bored tone, before covering her face with the book again.


“I usually train out here.. Do you mind?” Naruto asked, while scratching the back of his head.


Kurenai lowered the book again, facing him with a kind smile “Not at all, don't mind me, I am just here to read and enjoy the peace and quiet out here.”.


“Okay..” Naruto said scratching the back of his head, as he glanced at her in confusion. She had covered her face again with that book. He was wondering what he should do now. Usually he starts out with boring strength and stamina training. Naruto wondered if he should just perform a few of his most flashy techniques, which would hopefully impress her or something. Naruto smirked as he thought of something that sounded fun.


He created a rasengan in each hand, then spun the powerful technique around his index fingers, as if he was spinning a basketball “Hey, ever seen a guy with balls like these?” he asked with a stupid grin.


Kurenai smirked as she put down her book again“Yes, as a matter of fact I have. I believe I have seen your father play with balls like that before” she said casually, while chuckling.


“I don't know what my mom would say about that” Naruto said jokingly.


Kurenai shook her head at Naruto's antics “Shouldn't you be training?”


Naruto cleared his throat as the rasengans disappeared from his hands “Yeah, sorry” he said before turning around, then getting down on the ground to do some push ups. Kurenai giggled while the book covered her face which had one of Naruto's eyebrows twitch in annoyance. Kurenai spent the whole day there, reading or watching Naruto as he trained. Her favorite part was when he removed his shirt and trained shirtless. She didn't read anymore after that. Naruto didn't really mind her company, even though he didn't really understand why she had to read here of all places. Kurenai is after all one of the only women Naruto could safely say that he has a crush on. The other one being his very mischievous big sister figure, Anko


This would continue for almost two months, except that Kurenai would start to give him some pointers in genjutsu (illusion) training. Namely ways to detect and dispel genjutsu, since Naruto had no interest in actual genjutsu, but didn't want to be the victim of such a technique. Most of the time she just sat on that rock, pretending to read, while checking him out, though. When Naruto's birthday neared, he was considering if he should ask her out for lunch or dinner at Ichiraku ramen or something. His intentions was not to ask her out on a date or something like that, since he thinks he has no chance with such beautiful babe, instead it would be as a thanks for having helped him so much with his anti-genjutsu training. Treating her to ramen is the least he could do, in his opinion. He also wanted to get to know her better due to his crush on her. Those thoughts changed the day of his birthday, when Kurenai came to Naruto's birthday party with her date, Sarutobi Asuma...


Naruto's Birthday


October 10th, Naruto's birthday. Today was a day that a lot of people have been looking forward to. Kurenai would usually be one of them as she enjoyed going to Naruto's birthday celebration these past two years. Today that would not be the case though, due to today being the day that she puts her evil master plan in motion. That was not something she was looking forward to at all, because it meant that she had to ask out Asuma. About two hours before everyone was expected to show up, at Naruto's house, Kurenai found herself standing outside Asuma's apartment. She had yet to ask him to date her, but now she couldn't prolong it any further or it would ruin her plans.


She knocked on the front door to his apartment, taking a deep breath as she was getting ready to put on another act. The door opened to reveal Asuma in casual clothes "H-Hi Kurenai" Asuma stuttered, blushing slightly at the mere sight of her.


"Hi" Kurenai said with a really forced smile. When she saw Asuma blushing, she was already starting to regret this.


Asuma cleared his throat, in an attempt to compose himself "What can I help you with?" he asked.


Kurenai couldn't help but roll her eyes at him. He was always ready to be there for her or to help her with something. He is such a dork, he thought.


"May I come in?" Kurenai asked. She wanted to get inside his apartment, because she really didn't want someone else overhear them.


Asuma's eyes widened in surprise due to that question. She had never been inside his home before, and she had never really smiled at him that way either. Asuma failed to notice how Kurenai obviously struggled to force that smile, as he stepped aside to let her in "Of course, please come in" he said with warm smile.


Once she was inside, and they had closed the door behind them, Asuma asked “Want something to drink?”.


"No thanks, I won't be here long" Kurenai said, while really trying to force out a kind smile.


“Okay..” Asuma said in a confused tone.


Kurenai sighed, as she readied herself to actually do this.


"Asuma-san" she said, while staring into his eyes


"Y-yes?" Asuma stuttered, due to the way she stared at him.


"I have wanted to tell you this for a long time but didn't have the courage to do it because of my shy nature" Kurenai said, while staring down at her feet, playing the part of being shy "Do you want to start dating?" she finally asked as both her lips and eyebrows started twitching as that smile got even more forced.


"Y-Y-You mean like y-you and m-me?" Asuma stuttered with a furious blush “L-Like dating dating?”.


Kurenai had to turn around and place her hand on her forehead, silently telling herself to remain calm, before she answered him. Asuma figured she was just being shy again, his oh so sweet and kind Kurenai, he thought while smiling at her while blushing.


"Yes, like boyfriend and girlfriend" Kurenai said, while she fought the urge to throw up.


Asuma's eyes widened for a second, then he smiled confidently "Of course Kurenai, that would be like a dream come true for me!”.


Kurenai nursed her temple, while chuckling awkwardly "How wonderful, Asuma-san. Want to go together to Naruto's birthday party tonight as my date?"


Asuma gulped "S-Sure" he said with that blush gaining more and more color by the second. Now that Kurenai had gotten what she came for, she was in a hurry to get out of here. Kurenai opened the door then said "I will meet you at you outside your fathers house in two hours then, 7 PM sharp". Kurenai the left without saying another word, hearing Asuma say "See you then!" as she left. Her whole body shivered due what she had just done. She knows that it will be worth it in the end though, since nothing is going to get in her way now. She was going to get Naruto no matter what, it didn't matter who she hurt during the process. Especially not Asuma, she is going to enjoy breaking that man.


The scheming Kurenai was far from the only innocent young maiden who was looking forward to Naruto's birthday party. In fact, Naruto's birthday parties had become occasions where every girl and woman attending, dresses up as if it is the most important day of the year. Every single person with a vagina, who would be attending, was going there with the hopes that Naruto's eyes would be on them all evening. Ino, Ino's mom, Shikamaru's mom, Kurenai, Anko, and you name it. All of them wanted the same thing, which was Naruto. The only one who didn't attend his birthday party with the hopes of either impressing him with their looks, or even better, getting some alone time with him in order to seduce him, was his mother, Kushina.


She wasn't going to dress up, and she obviously did not have any intentions of seducing her son. She just wants him for herself since she is one “her guys”, and more importantly, her one and only son. She isn't going to let one of these hussies get their way with him. The hussy who Kushina unknowingly had to worry about the most, made her way over to the Sarutobi clan compound, located on the same street as the Uzumaki household, two hours after she left Asuma's apartment.


Kurenai found Asuma, along with his father and nephew, Hiruzen and Konohamaru, waiting for her. Asuma was staring at his feet, blushing whiled she made her way over to them. Konohamaru was staring at her with a wide grin, just appreciating the fact that a nice babe was coming their way, while waving at her. Hiruzen wasted no time to check her out, smiling at her like a perverted sleaze. Even Kurenai couldn't fault the perverted former hokage for checking her out today, since she has gone out of her way to dress up to impress. That's something she hasn't done often in the past, since she has never had any reason to dress up to impress, before she fell for Naruto. She knew that it was safe for her to dress up, without making Kushina suspect anything, since everyone else does the same. Kurenai is wearing a rather skimpy, yet classy, red dress. (Kurenai's dress: )


"Good day" Kurenai greeted politely, even though she was a bit upset with the way they were looking at her, including Asuma's awkward shy school girl like glances, as she stopped in front of the Sarutobi family members.


"Hey Kurenai-san right?" Konohamaru was fast to greet with a wide smile that hade Kurenai smile lightly in response. She didn't mind Konohamaru as much as the other two, since he is someone who Kurenai has nothing against. She thinks is a bit interesting, since she reminds him a bit of Naruto in many ways.


"That's right, I'm the friend of that scary snake lady who keeps bullying you" Kurenai said, smiling in amusment.


“Chee” Konhoamaru responded, while pouting “That old hag isn't bullying me, I'm gonna kick her ass today!”.


Asuma cleared his throat, to once again compose himself before addressing his new girlfriend "H-hello Kurenai" Asuma stuttered, moving his left foot in a circle in front of him in a shy manner, making both Kurenai and Hiruzen's eyebrows twitch in irritation

"Hi Asuma-sam" Kurenai said, with a forced smile. An awkward silence followed after that. That silence was broken by Hiruzen clearing his throat "Ehem, you look nice today Kurenai-chan"


Kurenai nodded, gritting her teeth slightly due the perverts compliment "Thanks, Lord Third".


“You know, if you want we can always skip the party and have a party of our own in my bedroom instead” Hiruzen said, with a dumb smile.


Kurenai's eyebrows twitched even more in irritation now. She has lost count how many times that old pervert has invited her to have sex with him. Kurenai has always refused him though, often by insulting him the worst possible way that she could come up. The reason for Kurenai's current irritation at this new invitation, is that she was just reminded that he never stops. He always asks her the same thing every time they meet. And she isn't the only one. All of her friends has been asked the same thing, being constantly invited to have sex with him. And to even suggest something so ridiculous on a day like this, when she is going over to celebrate the birthday of her man, is just ludicrous.


With an expression of pure disgust, Kurenai said “Lord Third, your indecent sexual invitation is even more inappropriate now that I am dating your son”.


“Ehhhhhh?” Hiruzen uttered in pure and utter disbelief “You are dating that thing?” he asked.


“Father please stop with your indecent chatter. Can't you see that you are making Kurenai-san very uncomfortable?” Asuma said, frowning.


Konohamaru started walking down the street towards Naruto's house, with his hands in his pockets while shaking his head, due to yet again witnessing how his grandfather is acting whenever he meets a nice looking babe “Can you even get it up at your old age? You disgusting old man!” he said, laughing in a mocking manner, before running down the street, towards Naruto's house.


Kurenai followed him “I think Konohamaru-kun has the right idea, let's go Asuma-san”


Asuma nodded as he caught up with her “Sorry about that, Kurenai-san” he said scratching the back of his head nervously.


Hiruzen caught up with them as well “You have nothing to apologize for, son. I'm the one she is mad at.” he said with a chuckle “And I'm not going to apologize either, I'm serious about that offer. But I will at least congratulate you both on becoming a couple”


“C-couple” Asuma said with a blush, while Kurenai frowned being reminded of the worst part of her evil plan. She ended up moving faster down the street, as she wanted to get to Naruto's as fast as possible to let everyone know about her and Asuma, so that she gets this part of her evil little plan finally done and over with. After that she can avoid him the whole evening, like she always does.


Once they arrived at Naruto's and his parents house, they found a little queue of people waiting to greet Naruto and be let inside. Every single woman and girl there was dressed to impress, just like Kurenai had thought. Currently at the front, standing in front of Naruto who stood in the doorway, looking extremely annoyed, was the Yamanaka family. Ino wore a cute purple dress, and she was currently hugging Naruto and wished him a happy birthday. Inoichi gave him a fist bump before he and his daughter headed inside. That left Butao, Ino's mom and Inoichi wife. She was dressed in a blue mini dress, showing off a lot of cleavage, and it almost looked as if her tits was going to slip out of her dress at every movement she made. Speaking of cleavage, that is where she planted Naruto's face, as she gave him a long hug, before she as well entered the house with the rest of her family. Naruto honestly wouldn't have mind remaining there a little longer, because he is a lot more attracted to Butao, than her daughter.


Next was the Nara family. Shikaku and Shikamaru waved lazily at Naruto, muttering troublesome before Naruto let them inside. Yoshino stayed behind as she was going to take her time to give Naruto a proper greeting like Butao did. She was also dressed in a very skimpy and revealing dress. She hugged Naruto and pressed his face in between her large breasts as well. She also tried to move Naruto's hands behind her, in order to have him place them on her bum. Naruto struggled though and managed to avoid that as he pulled back and welcomed her inside with a twitching eyebrow. He wouldn't have minded feeling her up either, he just didn't think it was appropriate to do such things with Shikamaru's mom, since Shikamaru is one of his best friends. Naruto welcomed a few more guests until it was time for Kurenai and the Sarutobi family.


“Yo, boss! I got you binoculars for our research missions kore!” Konohamaru said giving Naruto a high five before entering the house casually. They saw him run up to a couch where Jiraiya was sitting to greet him by trying to jump kick him in the face. He had went straight to Jiraiya in case Kushina was still angry at him for that prank Naruto made him pull on her. He had avoided coming here ever since then, due to fear of what prank she was going to pull on him as payback. That was something that Kushina wasn't a big fan of, since she really enjoyed spending time with Konohamaru, and was starting to miss having him around.


“Hey old perv, Asuma-san, Kurenai-san” Naruto greeted as held open the door, motioning for them to go inside. He was kinda annoyed to see Kurenai with them as he had hoped she would show up alone. How does she even know them? He wondered.


“Happy birthday, brat” Hiruzen said, handing Naruto a present before heading inside.


Asuma blushed, while fidgeted with his thumbs “Happy birthday Naruto, I hope you don't mind that I brought a date”


“A date?” Naruto asked, staring at Asuma in confusion “Who?” he asked.


Kurenai smiled awkwardly “Eheheh, that would be me, Naruto-kun”.


“Oooh” Naruto said with a forced smile, he then gave Asuma a thumbs up “Good for you, old man Asuma!” he said, even though he couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous. Then again, there are more fish in the sea. He should be happy for Asuma, rather than feeling jealous, he figured.


“Uhm, I'm not that old Naruto..” Asuma muttered depressingly, before making his way inside.


“What's this I hear about a date?” A smiling Mitarashi Anko asked as she came running up to the front door, having previously been with the other guests in the living room. Seeing Asuma blush, and Kurenai standing next to him, she grinned widely “No way! Did the two of you finally get together!?” she asked in an excited tone, happy that her best friend had finally gotten a boyfriend. Asuma nodded while blushing as always, while Kurenai continued to force herself to smile “Yes, that's right, Anko-chan. We started going out today..”


“That's great!” Anko said with a huge grin, which got Naruto really annoyed. “Well that has got to be all” Naruto muttered to himself as he was tired of greeting people at the door. He walked back towards the living room, where most of the people were seated or standing, chit chatting and eating snacks and what not. He was visibly annoyed, something most people there seemed to notice. Naruto found a seat on the couch, where he could sit down and frown, while hearing Anko excitedly tell everyone the news of Kurenai and Asuma. He sat down next to his father, who had Ino his lap, as she had quickly found her favorite seat.


The party then continued as it usually would. After a few drinks, Jiraiya would be the loudest one, entertaining everyone for the most of it, while every lady there tried to find a way to get Naruto upstairs to give him his “other present”. They never got further than the stairs before Ino, Anko or Kushina put a stop that though. Kurenai would be one of them if she weren't so sure that the three of them would get the done job just fine on their own. Kurenai left the party early after wishing Naruto a happy birthday again. She knew that Anko would help spread the news to everyone at the party as soon as she heard about it, meaning everything had gone as she had planned. Soon the whole village would have learned of it as well. Kurenai left without telling Asuma that she was leaving, since she didn't find that to be of importance. He had already served his purpose for today and now she didn't have any reason to see him for a while.



The next day was a Saturday, and like every other Saturday, Naruto had woken up early. During weekdays he had school and every Sunday he was always was up to no good with Jiraiya and Konohamaru. Saturdays were really the only days he could train the whole day, without anyone bothering him, for the most part. For a training maniac like Naruto, Saturdays were by far his favorite day of the week. At 7 AM he was already out that that training spot of his, doing push ups.


About an hour into his training, at 8 AM, Kurenai showed up. She faced Naruto with a warm smile, when she arrived “Good morning, Naruto-kun” she said in a happy tone.


“Morning” Naruto said, pouting as he remembered what he had learned about her and Asuma yesterday. Kurenai, who wore her usual outfit of a white battle dress, with black patterns on it, started stretching next to him “Do you mind if I train with you today?” she asked.


Naruto shook his head “Suit yourself” he responded, before taking off his shirt. He had already worked up a sweat, while doing push ups and sit ups earlier. Kurenai made no effort to hide the fact that she was blatantly checking him out, as she leered at his chiseled upper body. Kurenai bit her lip, before saying “Thanks. You see, I have been nominated by your father to become jounin. I want to be in the best shape of my life before I take on the test. And since I have never seen anyone train harder than you, I thought to myself, who better to train with?” Kushina said with a chuckle.


Naruto sighed “That's fine and all, lady. Just don't slow me down” he said, as he started doing some stretching exercises himself.


“I think I will be able to keep up with an academy student just fine, thank you very much” Kurenai said, shaking her head.


“Hmm?” Naruto hummed, as he started grinning mischievously “Is that so?” he said, in almost a challenging tone.


“Then why don't you join me for a few laps around my backyard?” Naruto asked, smiling in an almost evil way, which made Kurenai think that he looked more handsome than ever. While holding back a blush, she nodded “Sounds good, I'll follow your lead”.


On that note, Naruto took the lead as the two of them started running laps around his parents giant backyard. About an hour in, Kurenai was starting to have trouble to keep up with him. It wasn't that she couldn't run for longer than an hour, it was more so the high pace that Naruto ran at, which had her struggling. He didn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon either. After fifteen more minutes of running, she had fallen behind by a lot. She couldn't even see him ahead of him anymore. She started running at a pace she was more comfortable at after that, but at least she kept running for another two hours. During those two hours, Naruto passed her several times, poking fun at her every time he did. Some of it were along the lines of “Be careful, you might break the speed limit, Kurenai-san” and “You're not gonna make jounin at this rate!”.


After another hour of running, Kurenai made it back to the starting point at the edge of the backyard. There she found Naruto leaning his back on a tree, waiting for her.


“Took you long enough” Naruto said with a smug grin “So much for keeping up with a mere academy student, Kurenai-san..”.


Kurenai panted as she caught her breath. She really had ways to go if she planned on keeping up with Naruto and his training regime. She thought she had been training hard, her whole life. But seeing Naruto just doing his warm up, made her realize that she still had a long way to go.


“Isn't it time for lunch?” Kurenai said, trying to change the subject, as she was eager to change the subject.


Naruto nodded “For me it is” he then scratched the back of his head, as he stared at Kurenai with a look of disapproval “I don't know if you deserve lunch though, seeing as you are a chuunin who can't keep up with an academy student” he said, grinning at the end. Even though Naruto likes Kurenai, he isn't going to treat her any differently than anyone else. Especially not now when she is already dating someone else. Instead of being somewhat polite to her, he was now treating her more like he would Ino or Konohamaru.


“You really do run like a girl" Naruto said chuckling "I'm surprised you even made chuunin with such poor conditioning. My dad must have given you special treatment or something.."


Kurenai frowned “Your dad did no such thing. Me and my team crushed every single opponent in the chuunin exams. I deserve my title, and I am going to earn my right to become a jounin as well”.


Naruto shrugged “Whatever, you still suck. Even my mom can rum with me for a couple of hours, and she retired before I was born..” he said, trying to poke some more fun at her, which had Kurenai glare at him. Naruto forgot to mention that both he and his mom has inhuman stamina due to their Uzumaki genes, and also due to being the host to half of the nine tailed fox's chakra. One half is sealed inside Naruto while Kushina kept the other half sealed within her. Those Uzumaki genes gives them more advantages than just stamina, such as longevity and improved healing. Their longevity makes them live much longer than other humans. They also have accelerated healing abilities which is kinda nice to have in most cases.


Kurenai cursed at herself, for having shown such a weak and shameful side of herself to her one true love. She shouldn't be mad at him, she should be mad at herself, for not having trained hard enough to impress her love. Kurenai calmed herself, as she started smiling at Naruto again.


“Ninja specializes in all kinds of different fighting styles and techniques" Kurenai said as she did a series of hand sign with both of her hands. She put Naruto in a completely harmless illussion, where she and Naruto was sitting on throne like chairs, on top of some kind being carried through the streets of Konoha, on top of some kind of roofless palanquin. Ino, Yoshino, Butao and Asuma were the ones carrying their palanquin, while wearing nothing but brown rags.


"Mu-hahaha, isn't this scenery lovely, Naruto-kun?" Kurenai said as she grabbed a grape from a bowl.


"What the hell is going on?" Naruto said, looking around "Ino-chan, what are you doing?" he asked.


"I am nothing but a lowly insect, my only reason for existing, is to serve you, master Naruto" Ino responded in a cheerful tone.


"Uh?" Naruto uttered in confusion, before he glanced at Asuma. He knew very well that Kurenai had put him under the spell of an illusion, but why the fuck was her boyfriend one of the four carrying them?.


Kurenai canceled the illusion before Naruto got a chance to ask her about that. They were now back in the real world, at Naruto's training spot, as Kurenai smiled in delight, hoping the future would look something like that.


"I'm an illusion expert, Naruto-kun. I am not very prominent in the other ninja arts, which is why I am here to improve those. If you would allow me to train with you further" She said, with her usual kind smile, which never had to be forced when she was with Naruto.


Naruto gulped, thinking she looked so damn beautiful when she smiled at him like that. But he played it cool, as he shrugged and said "Do what you want".


Naruto then went and picked up his shirt from the ground, before putting it back on, causing Kurenai to pout for a second, as she would have preferred if he remained shirtless. "I am not going to slow down just to make training easier for you though. My goal is to surpass my dad, Ero-sennin and any kage level shinobi that has ever existed" Naruto stated with a confident grin. Kurenai felt her heartbeat raise, due to what Naruto had just said. He wanted to prove to everyone that he was better than them, just like she already knows. There is no mistaking it, Naruto and her are meant to be together. That was what Kurenai was thinking, while Naruto just wanted to become the best ninja to have ever existed. He would never think of himself as "better" or "above" anyone else.


As Kurenai stared at Naruto with hearts for eyes, Naruto eyebrows started twitching, since he was starting to think that Kurenai might be a little bit weird. "So.." he said in a bored tone "Would you like to join me for lunch? I'm sure my mom wouldn't mind if you ate with us" he said, thinking that his mom would just be happy to have one of her friends join them for lunch.


"I would love to, but unfortunately I already brought my own lunch" Kurenai lied. She had not brought lunch, she just didn't want to eat over at his house, since she didn't want Kushina to know that she was training with Naruto.


"Okay, maybe another time" Naruto said chuckling "See ya!" he added, before disappearing in a flash of yellow.


Their days continued like that, with Kurenai spending time with Naruto out there every day of the week except Sundays. She would go for walks with Asuma in the village, while holding hands, at least twice per month. They also went together to anything either of them were invited to, such as birthday parties or family dinners. Kurenai hated every single second of it and she even brought disinfectant to clean her hands after their hand holding. It was all an important part of her plan though, just so she could sell the image of the two of them being together. While they think she and Asuma is in a happy relationship, she is secretly getting to know Naruto better and better by every day that passes.


Almost a year later


After almost a year had passed, at the start of the next school year, the two of them had become pretty good friends. They had gotten used to their almost daily routine of meeting up at that training spot. During the year that passed, they started talking a bit more than they did before and Kurenai even trained with him a few more times, although she avoided going running with him. Most of the time it was just like before though, sometimes they would joke around a bit but most of the time Kurenai just sat there reading or checking him out.


Slow and steady wins the race, that's how Kurenai saw it. The end goal was still the same, which was making sure Naruto would be hers. And while that is the end goal, she doesn't mind taking it slow and getting to know him better. The more she got to know him, the more she would fall in love with him. By getting to know Naruto better, and while fake dating Asuma, she also gotten to know Konohamaru a lot better. Kurenai has gotten a slight interest in him as well, mainly because he is basically a brown haired Naruto. That makes him kinda cute in her opinion. She has toyed with the idea that if her master plan of getting Naruto were to somehow fail, she would get together with him instead, and do all the same things behind Asuma's back. But don't get confused, while it's not a bad idea to have a plan b, she has no intentions of losing Naruto to anyone. She was going to get her way, no matter what. But at least she now had the slightest of attraction for someone that weren't Naruto, which wasn't the case before.


Recently things have starting to get a bit problematic as Anko's flirting has gotten a lot more suggestive and aggressive. Not to mention that “the little blond skank”, otherwise known as Ino, has started showing up at his house a lot more frequently. While there are many more people to be worried about, those two are Kurenai's main rivals. Anko has even seen Kurenai and Naruto together out at the training spot. Anko didn't seem to mind that thoug,h as she had completely bought the whole fake relationship with Asuma thing. Kurenai also explained that she just happened to be out there reading those times, leaving out the fact that she has done so almost every day for a year.


There is still a problem with Anko seeing her at the training spot with Naruto, since Kurenai has no plans to stop going out there just to be with him. That means that it's very likely that Anko will run into them being together more often, and the more times she does it, the more she is going to question Kurenai's presence. That is something has already kind of happened when Kushina came out to the training spot once, to deliver lunch to Naruto. She was pretty much glaring at Kurenai the whole time, silently asking her “What the fuck are you doing here?”. Kurenai figured she didn't give two fucks about her being in a relationship with Asuma, and Kurenai couldn't really blame her for that, due to how even Kushina's married friends makes zero effort to hide the fact that they also want Naruto.


Her fake relationship with Asuma has gone well so far. Everyone seems to be convinced that the two of them are now together in a serious and steady relationship. Most of those men that kept asking her out has stopped that now that she is together with the strong jounin, Sarutobi Asuma, who they don't want to have as an enemy. It didn't really take much on her part to make that happen. All she had to do was as already mentioned, make sure she is seen with Asuma in public a few times every month. In private, they are never together and they still haven't gone further than holding hands.


While that is what is going on in camp Kurenai, at camp Naruto's things are not so great. Never mind that he has the sexiest girl in the village, a girl who he thinks he can't have since she is with Asuma, constantly being around him, flaunting her sexy body for him and showing off those beautiful legs of hers. He also has Anko constantly teasing him, who is the next best thing, walking around almost naked, if it weren't for that fishnet armor of hers, inside his room. He also has a very bored and kinda frustrated mom who is taking it out on him and his friend, Konohamaru, who she always tells him to invite over for some reason. Naruto thinks he knows exactly why she wants him over, other than the obvious reason which is that he is one of Naruto's friends that she doesn't hate, with the reason being that she can pay them back for that prank that happened last summer. It was one damn time where they crossed the line a bit, and now they have to pay for it all the time.


While the two of them always retaliated with a prank of their own, not involving raising any skirts or anything like that, Kushina doesn't seem to get the message. That is going to change today as Konohamaru will now start his first year in the academy. He is a big boy now, that means that he is ready to start pulling big boy pranks, like the ones Naruto pulls on girls in school, but on Kushina instead. Konohamaru just has to get a little more experience first, by pranking some of the girls in school, and Naruto is going to show him how. And what better way to start of school than by pulling a few harmless pranks on some unsuspecting girls?


With those thoughts, Naruto pulled Konohamaru away from what appeared to be two friends he had already made. One was a nerdy looking guy with glasses and the other was a short girl with orange hair. A short girl who blushed as soon as she saw Naruto, to Naruto's ire. Konohamaru's new friends are Udon and Moegi. He got to know them earlier today after seeing Udon being bullied by a few of their classmates. They were teasing him about the fact that he wore glasses, calling him nerd and four eyes, until Konohamaru came and told them off. Konohamaru already has quite the reputation in the village, as being a little bit wild and carefree. They didn't seem to want to get on Konohamaru's bad side, so they apologized to Udon before running off. Moegi had seen it all, and was about to step in to intervene herself, if Konohamaru had not beat her to it. Instead she gained a lot of respect for Konohamaru, who she introduced herself to after the bullies had ran off.


While Naruto dragged Konohamaru away from his friends, Konohamaru whined “What the hell boss, I was gonna eat lunch with my new pals kore!”.


“You can do that later. I need you to prank someone for me” Naruto said which had Konohamaru grin “Oh!? You can count on me boss!” Konohamaru said in an excited tone.


“That's great, Kon” Naruto said with an mischievous, yet evil, grin. He then pointed at Ino, who was currently eating her lunch on a bench, sitting next to her best friends, Hinata and Sakura.


“Go over there and pinch Ino-chan's ass!” Naruto said, while still grinning.


Konohamaru tilted his head, as he stared at Naruto in confusion “I don't mind doing that, but why Ino-chan? She is like the only nice girl around..”.


Naruto nodded “That's why I am choosing her. You don't want to get your face pummeled, do you?” he asked. While Konohamaru stared at his target with a thoughtful expression, Naruto thought with an evil grin “You idiot. Have you already forgotten about what happened when you pranked her the last time? She is the worst target you could possibly choose”.


Naruto expected more of an argument coming from Konohamaru, instead the only thing he got was a thumbs up and “Okay, I'll be right back!” before a giggling Konohamaru made his way over to the bench.


Naruto stared at his back with a raised eyebrow, wondering if there was something wrong with his so called underling. Maybe Hiruzen, himself and Jiraiya has caused some kind of brain damage on him with all the hits to his head. Something certainly wasn't right about him, that's for sure. That's why he is the perfect subordinate for him. Some missed irony on Naruto's part here is that pretty much everyone thinks Konohamaru is a copy of him. Jiraiya, Hiruzen and sometimes even his own father has had similar thoughts about him, and all of his crazy antics.


Naruto then laughed his ass off as he saw Konohamaru sneak up behind the bench to pinch Ino's butt. What followed after was Konohamaru running away, heading back towards Naruto, while Ino screeched loudly “You little pervert!” as her friends laughed at her. Sakura laughed the loudest, taking any chance to make fun of her friend and rival.


“Don't come here Kon!” Naruto yelled as Konohamaru was on his way over “Wah, why not?” a panicked Konohamaru asked, while Ino came chasing after him. Ino saw Naruto hiding at the side of the school building. Putting 1+1 together, she quickly figured out who put Konohamaru up to that.


“Naruto-kun..” Ino said in a dangerous tone, cracking her knuckles. Sakura arrived next to Ino, elbowing her gently “Don't get mad at Naruto-kun, Ino-pig. Go bother your little boyfriend instead!” she said, ending with a mocking laughter.


“Forehead girl!” Ino growled, before her eyes widened, due to seeing Konohamaru appearing behind Sakura, sitting down as he started fondling Sakura's ass, not being shy at all with his hands.


“I like this one better, boss!” Konohamaru said, while giggling perversely “Nice ass, Sakura-san”.


Sakura was too surprised to even react to what was happening, as she wondered if Konohamaru had a death wish. At the same time, Ino smirked now that Sakura was on the receiving end. Then she remembered what he had just said “What do you mean better?!” She yelled, glaring at Konohamaru.


Naruto took this chance to get out of there. He disappeared to safety in a gust of wind, only leaving behind his loud echoing laughter.


After getting a few good seconds of grabbing what had to be the second best butt he has ever laid eyes upon, Konohamaru realized the situation he was in, as he hastily removed his hands from Sakura's ass. He gulped as he looked around, searching for Naruto, hoping he would still be around to save him.“Boss?” he asked nervously, while he started sweating.


The next thing he saw was Ino and Sakura hovering above him with clenched fists “You are dead, you damn pervert!” they said before the two of them started smashing his head in. “Meh, still worth it” Konohamaru thought as the two beauties pummeled his face.


Konohamaru's little prank had gotten the attention of pretty much everyone in school. Everyone was surprised to see anyone else with those kinda balls, since normally it was just Naruto who had the balls to pull off pranks like that. Although some guys would argue that his pranks doesn't count as pranks, since most girls seemed to like his perverted surprise attacks. At least now they know what would happen to any one else if they did what Naruto did. They kinda all started hating Naruto a bit for that, at least the guys who were all jealous of his popularity. All of the guys except Sasuke, who didn't care about such things like girls and populairty. He hates Naruto for a different reason, being that he is obviously the strongest student in school.


Konohamaru had to spend the rest of the school day in the school infirmary, receiving medical attention from the school nurse. There didn't seem to be any hard feelings between him and Naruto though. The very next day, Naruto asked him what he thought of yesterdays prank. Konohamaru had given him two thumbs up, Jiraiya style, saying “It was worth it”.


After that day, Naruto started wondering if he had released some kind of monster upon their school. Konohamaru didn't stop his pranking, instead he got smarter about making his escape. The first few weeks he pranked every hot girl in school, any chance he got. He even went after Sasuke's big sister, Sara, one time. That resulted in him getting a crazy looking, murderous Sasuke chasing him around the village for two days afterwards. He didn't stop until Naruto sent him flying into a wall, threatening to make that a daily thing if he didn't stop “chasing after his underling”.


Sara was even there to witness Naruto's attack on Sasuke, and she took Naruto's side, telling Sasuke to stop overreacting over a little prank. Besides, even if she was a bit upset with Konohamaru, it was more important to get on Naruto's good side. Especially since she only had one more year left in the academy to have easy access to him. Sara, just like her younger sister or any other female at school for that matter, doesn't mind Naruto's pranks since they actually want him to go way further than he does when pranking them. If it were up to her, she would have Naruto drag her into a private room every day and let him do whatever he wants to her.


While Sara was the target of one of Konohamaru's pranks, along with most the other good looking chicks at school, no one was targeted more than one Haruno Sakura. Konohamaru just didn't leave her alone, he was always going after her, pinching her butt, fondling it in front of everyone and even lifting the skirt of her red dress. It was a good thing she wore those dark green bike shorts under it, otherwise Konohamaru would be exposing her underwear to everyone on a daily basis. “The little shit” has even learned to escape from Sakura afterwards, without ending up in the infirmary, which his underling unfortunately did every day during the first week of school.

About two months into the school year, on the day of Naruto's birthday, Naruto deemed Konohamaru to be ready to go after their real target, Naruto's mom. As much as Naruto loves that woman, she has it coming. This time, Naruto told Konohamaru to come over before any of the other guests would get there. About an hour before the birthday party would start, Naruto and Konohamaru were in Naruto's room, watching a recording of Konohamaru pulling pranks on girls at school, which someone had recorded for them.


That someone was Udon, who along with Moegi had formed the Konohamaru corps together with Konohamaru, the leader of said corps. The two of them have also become something of subordinates to Naruto, idolizing him as a God walking on earth. Moegi was also no different from other girls, as the young orange haired girl had gained a crush on Naruto. Naruto had asked Udon to start recording Konohamaru whenever he got up to no good, since they needed to review his practice.


“That there!” Naruto said pointing at the screen, where they saw Konohamaru spanking Sakura hard on the ass, before she chased him off while screeching loudly.


“That's what you are doing today Kon!” Naruto said with that evil grin returning.


“Sure thing boss, I'll spank that ass any day, kore!” Konohamaru said with a grin of his own. Grabbing or spanking Sakura's butt has become one of his favorites hobbies as of late.


“Oh no you aren't, you are going after a much bigger target this time” Naruto said with a devilish smirk.


Konohamaru stared at Naruto with an expression of disgust “Bigger target? It's not some fat chick I hope..”


Konohamaru gulped in fear, as he saw Naruto's expression change to pure anger “What the fuck did you say about my mom?”


“I haven't said anything about the old hag..” Konohamaru said, before his eyes widened in realization “Hell no, boss! I'm not doing that again, kore!”.


“Yes you are” Naruto said, while turning off the TV with a controller “You are doing it at the party later, in front of everyone, including my dad”


Konohamaru got up on his, before walking towards the door in haste “I'm going home, kore!”.


Naruto grabbed him by his scarf, holding him back “Okay dammit, you can do it now or after the party. The important thing is that you do it. She has got it coming!”


Konohamaru turned around, frowning “That's what you said last time! Do you know what she did to me!?” he said, remembering waking up next to some big hairy spiders, the first time he slept over at Naruto's, after that prank.


Naruto nodded “I know, she did the same thing to me. Don't you get it? That's why you are gonna get her back, dattebayo!”


“I'd rather stick my dick in a beehive, then ask Kiba's mom to blow it better, than do that again” Konohamaru said while shivering “Do it yourself, I'm out!” he said, as he really wanted to get himself out of this one.


“Bah, you wimp!” Naruto barked “How about this. I will do the same, you can pick anyone who will be at the party and I'll spank her butt in front of everyone even!” Naruto said in almost desperate yell.


“But no one is scarier than your mom when she gets angry!” Konohamaru shouted back at him. The door opened just as he did, to reveal Kushina who had a plate of cookies with her. Her eyebrows twitched as she entered the room “I'm not that scary am I, Konohamaru-kun?” she asked, with an all too sweet smile.


Konohamaru started shivering in fear, hoping that she had not overheard their conversation more than that. “No, you misheard me, I said it's scary how tasty your food is!” Konohamaru said, bowing his head. "Please buy it" he thought.


“I'm glad to hear that, because I just made cookies for the party and thought you and Naruto would like to have some before the others arrived” Kushina said with a mischievous smirk. She may or may not have tampered with those cookies a little bit. Kushina had forgiven Konohamaru for his prank a long time ago, she just used it as an excuse to allow her to continue pranking the two of them. She is after all the true prank master of Konoha.


“Sure, Naruto's mom!” Konohamaru said excitedly, using his nicer nickname for her. He then reached to grab a cookie, but just before he could grab one, Naruto grabbed the plate and threw it out of the window “Don't eat that, it's poisoned or something!” he yelled.


“What the hell?!” Konohamaru yelled, wondering if Naruto was crazy for throwing out something that Kushina has baked. Naruto ignored Konohamaru in favor of smirking at his mom “You'll have to do better than that, mom-tebayo!”.


Kushina smirked as well, as she left the room, closing the door behind her “Good on you for figuring it out. I'm just getting started!” she said, laughing, as before the door closed. Konohamaru and Naruto heard her head towards the stair while laughing loud, causing them both to shiver.


Naruto stared at Konohamaru with an annoyed expression, pointing at the door “See what I mean, she is asking for it! If I didn't throw that out you would have been on the toilet the whole party!”.


“You got a point” Konohamaru said with a thoughtful expression, resting his thumb on his chin “If I do it, then I will do it after the party, because I don't want to have to look behind my back the whole evening”.


Konohamaru had realized that his boss had got a good point. She really did deserve to get some proper payback. But the main reason why he was starting to consider doing it, is because while Sakura may have the second best ass he has ever laid his eyes upon, Kushina is easily his number once choice. He only saw her pantie covered ass for a split second, but that was enough to almost make him get a nosebleed. He has seen babes completely nude at bath houses, when the pervert trio goes out on research missions, without even coming close to having a nosebleed. If Naruto is going to give him his blessing to grab that beautiful goddes's butt, then he might as well do it. It will be worth a few ass beatings.


Naruto nodded sagely "Wise thinking, Kon. You can stay over tonight, that way you don't have to worry about running out of time".


Konohamaru was about to say fuck no, but then changed his mind due to thinking that he was probably safer here with Naruto, who could protect him from the old hag after the prank.


“Okay, I'll sleep over” Konohamaru said with a mischievous grin of his own “Did you say that I could pick anyone I want for you to spank?”.


“Yes, unlike you, I'm no pussy, dattebayo..” Naruto said with a confident grin.


“Then you can spank Anko-nee in front of everyone, kore!” Konohamaru said with a loud laugh. He thought it was a great choice since to him, Anko is the second scariest woman that exists, as only an angry Kushina is scarier. He didn't pay much attention to Anko's obvious flirting with Naruto, because if he did, he would probably realize that Anko is the worst choice he could have made. Konohamaru doesn't really see her flirting as flirting either, he sees it more like her trying to tease and annoy Naruto. That's why he will often come to Naruto's aide, to chase that evil witch away from him. That's something that has started to really bother Anko, as she used to think Konohamaru was kind of funny and overall just cool to have around, when she came over to visit Naruto. But due to him always getting in the way of her having some fun and intimate moments with Naruto, she has started to see Konohamaru as nothing more than an annoying brat, who is getting in the way of her and Naruto's alone time.


Choosing Anko might not be the worst choice depending on how you look at it. Naruto actually thought it was one of the worst ones he could have picked. Naruto would not be in any danger of getting beaten up by her, it had more to do with the reaction that she would have to it. He wouldn't be surprised if she either started spanking him back or ask him to spank her more. Either way, it was not something Naruto wanted to do in front of everyone.


While Naruto and Konohamaru went over their strategies for this evenings pranks, Kurenai was getting ready to head over to Naruto's home. This time she wouldn't arrive there in the company of Asuma, since she had no reason to keep selling the picture of the two of them being together anymore. He would be at the party anyway, and he would most likely follow her her around for the bigger part of it. Kurenai could just focus on trying to avoid him and put the second phase of her plan in motion. That is to win Naruto's heart without anyone else finding out about it. She dressed up nicely for the occasion again, wearing a small tight white blouse and a black sailor skirt, which was also on the small side and she wore it high up as it covered her midriff.


Half an hour later, Kurenai was standing outside the door to Naruto's parents house. She was one the first people to arrive this time. The only other guests to arrive before her was Jiraiya, Anko and Konohamaru. Instead of Naruto welcoming her and other guests at the door like last year, Kushina had given that chore to Minato this time. Kurenai had a pretty good idea why it was Minato greeting them this year, since Kushina wants to protect Naruto from getting his head buried in between the breasts of horny housewives and other admirers of Naruto, which happened last year.


“Welcome in Kurenai-san” Minato said with a kind smile “Where is Asuma-san?” he asked before Kurenai had the chance to sneak inside.


“Thank you Hokage-sama, he should be coming over later” Kurenai said with a kind smile of her own, smirking inwardly at the fact that Minato was trying to avert his eyes from her. He probably feared what Kushina would do to him if he was caught checking out any other woman. Kurenai couldn't blame the hokage for stealing a glance at her, since she knew that she looked really good today. She just hoped Naruto would take notice of that. While Kurenai had been right about Minato staring her up and down for a second, he had not really done that to check her out. He was mostly confused to as to why Kurenai and other women keeps dressing up in these skimpy and revealing outfits and dresses, for his sons birthday party. Minato is very well aware of the fact that Naruto is very popular, but he couldn't possibly imagine that Kurenai of all people, would be the same as all those other girls and women. Especially after she and Asuma started dating last year. But still, why is she dressed like that?


“Okay..” Minato said, scratching the back of his head “Well Anko-chan is here already, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding her” Minato said as Kurenai chuckled “I'm sure I will” she said as she stepped inside the house, hearing the noise of Anko's loud laughter. Kurenai walked over to the couch where Anko, Konohamaru, Jiraiya and Naruto sat. Or rather used to sit at before Anko and Konohamaru ended up on the floor with Anko seated astride his torso. Like a pro jiu jitsu fighter, she had gotten on top for a full mount, before applying pressure to his neck, using her forearm.


“Say that again, you little shit!” Anko taunted him, while giggling.


“I'm sorry Anko-nee, please let me go!” Konohamaru managed to choke out.


“Not before you learn your lesson!” Anko said as she eased up the pressure on his neck a little bit. Konohamaru had called her a fat old witch earlier, after Anko had gotten comfortable on the couch with Naruto. She had plopped down behind him, hugging her arms and legs around him, while pressing her tits into the back of his head.


“You suck, Kon!” Naruto said with a chuckle “At least fight back!”.


“Why would he? I would love to be in that position” Jiraiya said as he giggled perversely, referring to the way Anko sat on top of Konohamaru's torso.


Anko frowned as she let go of Konohamaru, before moving over to sit down in Naruto's lap instead “Pervert” she muttered angrily at Jiraiya.


Jiraiya smirked at the snake summoner “You know it!” he said with an eye wink, causing Anko to glare at him.


Konohamaru got up and sat down next to Naruto, glaring at Anko who stuck out her tongue at him “Stupid old hag!” Konohamaru said, crossing his arms above his chest.


“Didn't you learn your lesson?” Anko asked in a threatening tone.


Konohamaru turned his face away from her, while pouting. He figured it was best to keep his mouth shut for now, since he has had enough of Anko's beatings for one day. That's when Kurenai, who had been standing at the hall way between the kitchen and the living room, made her presence known “Happy birthday Naruto-kun” Kurenai said, smiling at him lovingly.


“Thanks Kurenai-san” Naruto said, smiling back at her as Kurenai handed him a present. He couldn't help but think that she looked really good in that outfit. It was also hard to avert his eyes from her long, slender and sexy legs. Before he got caught checking her out, Naruto started unwrapping the present he had received, curiously wondering what it could be. He had already gotten condoms from Anko, the latest volume of Icha Icha from Jiraiya, a large pack of energy bars from Konohamaru, an absurd amount of clothes from Kushina and any kind of ninja tool or supply that you could think of from Minato.


After getting rid of the wrapping he was left with a box without any text or pictures on it. He opened it to find two cards within it. One card was a standard happy birthday card, while the other one was a picture of Ichiraku Ayame and Teuchi, taken of them standing inside their ramen shop. On the back of that picture, someone had written with large letters “Free all you can eat at Ichiraku Ramen for a whole year”. Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at it, that had to be the best thing he had ever gotten in his life. Kurenai was hoping for that reaction. She had observed him for a year, and this is what she thought would be the best present for him.


“Wow, is this real? I can eat free ramen for a year?” Naruto asked, drooling a little as he imagined all the bowls of ramen he would be eating.


Kurenai responded with a nod, as she smiled warmly at Naruto, happy that he liked his present.


“Damn, Kurenai-chan, how much did that cost?” Anko asked in a surprised tone.


“Not much, the Ichiraku's almost gave it to me for free” Kurenai said. It was somewhat true since the Ichiraku's pretty much lets Naruto eat for free there all the time anyway. His parents covered anything his meals would cost with their absurdly large tips. The reason for it being somewhat true is that Kurenai refused the discount. She wanted to pay the full amount since she was buying it for Naruto, her soulmate and future husband. There was no one else she would rather spend her money on. She saw no reason to let Anko and the others know about that though.


“It's a great gift either way, thanks a lot, Kurenai-san” Naruto said with a wide smile. If she weren't for the fact that he had Anko in his lap, or the fact that Kurenai already had a boyfriend, he would have hugged her.


“Asuma-san is a lucky man to have a kind girlfriend like you” Naruto added, grinning at Kurenai.


“Thanks” Kurenai said, before turning her head to the side to hide a the blush that was forming on her cheeks. Naruto figured now was a good time to get his part of his and Konohamaru's deal done. It was better to do it now, before more guests arrive. He then gently lifted Anko off of, as she got up on her feet, standing front of him. With a pout, Anko was about to ask “What's the deal, Naruto-kun?”, but before she could ask that, Naruto had given her butt a hard and quick slap, spanking her.


“Eep!!” Anko exclaimed uncharacteristically, and even jumped as she wasn't ready for that at all.


“Eep?” Kurenai repeated in an amused tone, before she started giggling. The three perverts on the couch started laughing at the same time.


A blushing Anko focused a glare at Kurenai for making fun of her, she then focused that glare on Konohamaru and Jiraiya, causing everyone except Naruto to stop laughing. Anko then leaned down and purred into Naruto's ear “All you had to do was ask, you can spank me anytime you want, handsome” she said then gave him an eye wink. Naruto froze as he stared at her in disbelief “I can?” he asked.


“Let's go upstairs if you wanna find out” Anko said in a flirty tone, before offering him his hand to help him up on his feet.


“Hell yeah” Naruto said as he took her hand in her own, before getting up “Let's go” he added in an excited tone. Anko grinned as the two of them made their way towards the stairs, hand in hand.


Kurenai then cleared her throat in an over exaggerated and loud way “Anko-chan, I don't think that's a good idea”.


Anko glanced back at her “Why not?” she asked.


“Well, for starters you are way too old for him. Also, you probably shouldn't start of the party by pissing off Kushina-sama the first thing you do” Kurenai said, pointing her thumb towards the kitchen where Kushina stood, glaring at them menacingly, while being armed with a frying pan in her hand.


Anko chuckled before getting back to the couch. The two of them sat down on the couch, as Anko said“”I was just joking, Kushina-chan. You can drop your weapon”.


“Damn tease” Naruto thought while frowning. He can't let this sexy babe keep getting away with teasing him like this. There has to be a limit to how much teasing one man can take from one woman. He is really starting to consider giving her the same treatment he does the girls in school.


“Yeah right” Kushina said rolling her eyes “As long as you keep the others in tact tonight, then I will pretend that never happened”. By others, she was referring to the other older women who might try to get Naruto upstairs for some spanking or along those lines.


Anko saluted her “You can count on me”.


Anko then frowned, as she turned to stare at Kurenai “Kurenai-chan”.



“What do you mean by I'm too old?” she asked in a very sweet tone.


“Well.." Kurenai started, but she got interrupted by Kushina, who yelled from the kitchen “Your friend is right is Anko-chan, keep your hands off my son, dattebane!”


Anko frowned even more, as she thought she and Kushina had come to an agreement already. If she wants a fight, then she will give her one.


“Why don't you make me, Kushina-chan?” Anko yelled back, challenging her.


"What did you say!?" Kushina said, as she stomped out of the kitchen into the living room, with her hair raising above her head.


"GAAHAH!" Konohamaru uttered in fear before he jumped away to hide behind Jiraiya, who in turn was shaking in fear. Nothing good ever happens when Kushina takes on this form, as Jiraiya and Konohamaru would mostly just suffer pain and misery. Kushina calmed down when the Yamanaka family came walking down the hall way, towards her.


“Oh my, did we come at a bad time, Kushina-chan?” Butao asked with a chuckle, making her presence known.


Inoichi stood next to Minato, who was coming into the living room with them. Both of them were shaking in slight fear, both having similar thoughts that Jiraiya and Konohamaru had.


Ino ran up to Kushina and hugged her “Don't be mad, Kushina-sama! I won't let Naruto-kun out of my sight today!”.


“Aww!” Kushina responded, hugging her back lovingly “You're so sweet, Ino-chan. I can always count on you”. Kushina had no problem with Ino or any of Naruto's other classmates being interested in him. It was these older women, who she fears will just use Naruto as nothing more than a boy toy, that she had a problem with. She actually thinks Naruto and Ino would make a great couple.


Naruto sighed “Welp, that means my day is ruined..” he said in a bored tone.


“BAKA!” Ino yelled, before rushing over to the couch. Instead of hitting him, she jumped into his lap, putting her aroms around his neck, then pressing her cheek against his “You're all mine today, Naruto-kun”.


“Grrrr” Naruto growled like a feral dog, before Anko yanked Ino off of Naruto “I don't think so Ino-chan. I got here first” she said, before plopping down on Naruto's lap.


Ino glared at Anko for a second, before turning her head towards the hall way. She looked at Minato with the cutest puppy dog eyed expression that she could manage “Hokage-sama...” she whined.


Minato started sweating a little bit, seeing her like that. He already knew what she wanted to say with that look. She wants to sit in his lap, as he is always her go to whenever Naruto is occupied. This was something that started bothering him a few years ago, since she is no longer a little girl, since she is now a very beautiful young woman. That hasn't changed, since she has only grown even more beautiful during the years that has passed, and it's starting to get very uncomfortable for Minato to have her in her lap all the time. Because that is where she usually sits, whenever she visits their home, or Minato and his family visits the Yamanaka's. No one seems to be bothered by that, other than him. It's not that he hates having her in her lap or something like that. The reason why it bothers him, is because he enjoys having her there a lot more than he should.


Minato heard a knock coming from the front door, which saved him for now “Sorry Ino-chan, I gotta let in the other guests..” he said, scratching the back of his head, before heading towards the front door.


Ino pouted, as she turned to stare at the pervert trio on the couch, along with Anko in Naruto's lap. Since Naruto was occupied, and Minato was busy greeting the guests, she might as well mess with Jiraiya a little bit. Ino really enjoys pranking him, because she loves the reactions that she and the others gets out of him. Her previous pranks on him had often been ones she had done together with Konohamaru and Naruto, such as putting his hair on fire, or covering him in manure.


Lately, she has started pranking her on her own a little bit. Her pranks are usually a bit suggestive and naughty. That's something she only does because Jiraiya always calls her a brat, and says that brats like her doesn't interest the super pervert that way. Now that's just something Ino can't accept. She can't have Konoha's very own super pervert, not admitting that she is sexy and beautiful. Because she knows that she is, and so does all the men and boys who checks her out and leers at her on a daily basis, when she walks through the village.


“Ero-sennin!” Ino said as she walked up to the couch.


“Ino-chan..” Jiraiya said in a strangely serious tone, using the familiar -chan suffix when addressing her, since they have known each other for a long time. Ino was about to pretend to lift up the skirt of her purple dress, tricking him into thinking that she would be flashing him, to get a reaction out of him, but before she was able to do that, Jiraiya shouted “Get her!”.


“Yosh!” Konohamaru exclaimed, before jumping off the couch, towards Ino. He landed next to her, crouching down. He extended his left arm, as he was about to slap her ass. Before his hand connected with her buttocks, he was pulled away by someone who had grabbed him by his scarf. He didn't even have to look to find out who it was, as the person dragged him into the kitchen.


“Let me go, old hag!” Konhoamaru whined as the others in the living room laughed at his expense. Kushina who had been the culprit, let go of his scarf once they had reached the kitchen sink.


“No, you are helping me in the kitchen until the others get here. How dare you try to lay your hands on Ino-chan like that” Kushina said as she stared at Konohamaru with an angry expression “I don't want you to become a pervert like Jiraiya-sensei and Naruto. It's already bad enough that Jiraiya-sensei has corrupted him”.


Konohamaru pouted, which had Kushina almost squeal in delight due to how cute she thought he looked. Konohamaru ended up doing what she asked, since he didn't want to anger her any further, knowing what he was expected to do to her later, now that Naruto had fulfilled his part of the deal. The birthday party then continued as it normally would. Naruto's hungry friends would pig out on all the delicious food while their moms and other girls were more thirsty for some Naruto, rather than being hungry. Ino was the exception, as she had sat down on Minato's lap as soon as the poor hokage had gotten a chance to sit down. Her crush on the hokage had only grown as the years had passed. Lately she has even started to have naughty thoughts and dreams involving both the hokage and his son. It's because of those two that she has gotten an interest in sex, and she has even started reading Jiraiya's erotic novels, the Icha Icha series.


Later on, Naruto and his friends would escape out to the backyard to spar and play games again until the party ended as everyone went home. Everyone except Jiraiya and Konohamaru, who stuck around. Jiraiya was sitting on the couch in the living room, drinking sake and chatting away with Minato. Konohamaru was still around since he was going to sleep over, and still had to fulfill his part of the deal.


“It's time for you know what” Naruto said, staring at Konohamaru with a serious expression, as he and Konohamaru stood outside on the veranda, staring at Kushina who was cleaning up inside.


Konohamaru gulped “I know” he said before going inside. Konohamaru figured it was best to just get it over with. Naruto stayed back in the backyard, watching Konohamaru pull off the so called prank, at a safe distance. Now was the best time do it since Kushina was in the kitchen, cleaning up after the party, while Minato and Jiraiya sat on the couch in the living room. The living room and kitchen is separated by a hallway and two walls, but both the kitchen and living room have many large windows facing towards the backyard. In other words, Naruto could see all of them from where he is currently standing, and he would be able to see Konohamaru's prank, Kushina's reaction as well as Jiraiya and Minato's reaction, if they were to somehow see it as well.


He observed as Konohamaru ran into the kitchen, thinking “Here I go!”, before he lightly tapped his hand against Kushina's ass with an open palm. He then jolted out of the kitchen, heading back towards the veranda in haste.


“You can't call that a spanking” Naruto said, sweat dropping at that lame excuse for a spanking. Even his mom's reaction was delayed as she had just turned around and raised an eyebrow, when she saw Konohamaru running, she realized what had just touched her butt, again. The fact that Konohamaru had done something like that to Kushina again, didn't actually upset her. Instead it intrigued her, and she was kind of hoping that those pranks would become a regular thing. Especially if he does it when no one else is around, then she can turn the tables on him with a naughty prank of her own. Her crush on Konohamaru, which she is still in full denial about, is the reason for that. She wouldn't even let any of Naruto's other friends sneak up on her like that, it was only Konohamaru who she allowed that privilege.


Kushina also knows that she can never let anyone know that she actually doesn't mind Konohamaru's pranks. Not because of the obvious reasons, which would be her allowing Konohamaru to feel her up, spank her or raise her skirt, it's because she is of the belief that someone as “handsome and stunning” like him, wouldn't be interested in an old hag like her, in that way. That's a completely ludacrious thought on her part, because she still doesn't look a day older than 20, thanks to her Uzumaki genes. But alas, that was the way that she saw things, as she thought that Konohamaru was the one out of her league, and not the other way around. Instead of showing any sign of liking the prank, Kushina reacted the way that everyone expected her to do. It was also the way that she thought that Konohamaru and Naruto, the latter who Kushina knows set him up to prank her again, would want her to react. On that note, she chased after Konohamaru, while yelling “I'm gonna kick your ass this time, ttebane!” with a playful smile adorning her pretty face.


“Help me, boss!” Konohamaru whined in desperation, as he came bursting through the door to the backyard. A second later, Kushina threw herself over him, catching his neck in a leg and arm lock “Apologize you little perv!” she said in an angry tone, but kept her voice quiet enough so only the three outside could hear them.


“Let go of my underling, mom!” Naruto said, as he struck a fighting pose. He was ready to defend him, as he had promised.


“I'm sorry, Naruto's mom, please let me go!” Konohamaru wailed. Kushina giggled as she let go of Konohamaru, then walked back towards the house “It's a good thing you are sleeping over tonight, Konohamaru-kun. Now both you and Naruto-kun can sleep with your eyes open” she ended in a threatening tone.


As Kushina returned inside to continuing cleaning up after the party, Minato turned to Jiraiya “What was that about? What could they have done to piss her off that much?”


Jiraiya started sweating a little bit, having a pretty good idea what those two knuckleheads had done. The reason for his sweating, is that he believes that Minato would blame him for their actions, if he found out the truth.


“Eh, who knows?” Jiraiya said with a shrug, he then focused a glare directed at Naruto “Don't tell me you are putting him up to that again, you little brat!” he thought.


Back outside, Naruto helped Konohamaru back up on his feet.


“Not much of a spanking, but it will have to do this for this time” Naruto said, chuckling.


“Yeah, I'm gonna get that old hag next time, don't worry boss!” Konohamaru said with a frown. Now he had lost any thoughts of not going after her. If she going to go all “Anko-nee” on him, then he is going to get her back.


Naruto grinned “Next time?” he asked in an amused tone.


Konohamaru nodded “You were right, she has got it coming!” he stated confidently.


Naruto started laughing like a crazy sith lord who had just turned someone to the dark side “Good good!” he hissed.


“Boss, are you okay?” Konohamaru asked in a worried tone.


Naruto sweat dropped “Let's just go sleep” Naruto said, even though bot of them knew that they wouldn't be getting any rest tonight. They expected Kushina to make sure of that, knowing that she would get her revenge tonight.


"What do you think about these pranks I have ordered you to do lately?" Naruto said as the two of them made their way up the stairs, heading towards his bedroom.


"I understand now why you made me do it" Konohamaru said as he shined up, facing Naruto with a toothy grin "Boss! You truly are a scholar and gentleman!"




1: Once again, Kurenai's crazy personality is not something you should read too much into. It's all just for comedic effect, as she is something of a “crazy yandere”. She isn't going to hurt anyone, especially not Ino. She is just a little obsessed with “her man”.


2: I realize that Asuma, who both Hiruzen and Kurenai has already been shitting on, comes across as some kind of “butt monkey” character, who I'm bashing, and every character is bashing. That is not always going to be the case, as Asuma will have his own little side story of personal growth and change in this story. While he is never going to become the super prodigy that Hiruzen wants him to be, nor will he become a chick magnet and a harem king surpassing all other harem kings, he will at least have a happy end in the story. Even though this version of Asuma is going to be happy, readers who like the character might not. If you are an Asuma fan, or a Kurenai x Asuma fan, then this story is probably not for you.


While I'm on the subject of Asuma, I want to address some stories that some author is spamming on AO3. This author has created several accounts, spamming stories which all have the same basic plot. It starts with Asuma being jealous that Kurenai is banging Naruto in secret, then it ends with Asuma somehow getting ass fucked by Uchiha Madara, Obito or original characters. Now I wouldn't have a problem with these stories if it was just an author writing gay yaoi stories, as he can write about any fetish he wants. Whatever floats your boat, as they say.


The problem I have with these stories is that he has taken scenes from my stories, and is using all these crack couples I have in my stories, then implemented them into his story, as if they were a common part of the actual Naruto canon story. He's basically writing his fan fiction stories, based on scenes from my stories, instead of the original canon story.


He is often using the visit to the “Yamanaka's Summer home”, which is something that happens in my original iteration of this story “A Different Take on Naruto” and “Sarutobi and Uzumaki”. Anyway, I don't care if these stories stay up, and he can keep writing them as far as I am concerned. The reason why I am mentioning it, is because I want to make it perfectly clear that I have nothing to do with these stories. They are not written by me and Asuma is not going to take anything up the arse in this story.


3: Kurenai intends to start a fake relationship with Asuma, similar to how Tsunade started a fake relationship with Kato Dan in the past, to keep their true love interests a secret from others.


Authors Note: When it comes to links showing outfits that the characters are wearing, such as Kurenai's red dress, would you prefer to see them at the end of the chapter as a footnote, or in the middle of chapter such as in this chapter. I put the link there since I thought it would be tedious for you to have to scroll all the way down just to click/copy paste the link. Either way, I'm curious to know your opinions on it.


This chapter contained a few hints on some of the future couples of this story. The next chapter is going to give you even more hints, hopefully. The next chapter is also going to introduce a few more of the characters who will have something of a main character role in this story. Hinata and Sakura might appear again in the next chapter, for example. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or a review. Same goes if you want to tell me your thoughts on the chapter! Both positive and negative critique is welcome as well, as long as it's constructive.

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