Sinful Tales of Konoha

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. I don't profit on this story in any way. This is fiction and should not be treated as, or confused with reality.

Authors Note: Instead of using authors notes in the middle of the chapter, I am going to be using footnotes. If you wish to read my thoughts or further explanation on things, then scroll down to the end of the chapter in order to read the footnotes.


Warning, this story will include everything from sexual abuse, assault, murder, inter species sex, incest and power abuse. My intention is to write the Naruto world as a much darker and rotten world, than in canon. There is also a ton of adultery and other shenanigans going on.


I won't mention the age of any anyone in the story as I prefer to have my readers use their imagination and decide on that themselves. They can be the same age as they would in the manga at the same timeline, or the academy age is raised to 18+. For safety though, everyone in this story, unless their age is specified to be something else, is 18 or older.


Chapter 1 - Prologue (Part 1)


Clan Days and Konoha's Founding


A little less than seventy years before Uzumaki Naruto started his ninja journey, one of the most powerful and respected ninja to have ever existed, was born. His name is Sarutobi Hiruzen. In history books, the re-telling of Sarutobi Hiruzen's life describes him as a very kind, respected and powerful ninja and leader of Konoha. Hiruzen's accomplishments on the battle field and his strategic and genius leadership, made him famous world wide, and it earned him the respectful nickname “The Ninja Professor”. While it's true that Hiruzen does deserve all the praise he receives written within Konoha's history books, not everything about Hiruzen's life is told in the history books. There are some things about his life that is not praise worthy and he would rather the history books not tell about that part of his life. To explain that, we have to take a look at Hiruzen's life, starting with how he grew up.


At a very young age, before he even started attending the ninja academy, Hiruzen started idolizing and looking up to two brothers who were members of the Senju clan. They were Senju Hashirama, the first hokage, and Senju Tobirama, who later on became the second hokage. Apart from Madara from the Uchiha clan, there were no ninja who came even close to them in terms of power and ninja skills. If you wanted to become the strongest ninja in the village, those two were the ones you had to surpass. The two Senju brothers must have seen something in Hiruzen as well, because after Hiruzen had nagged them both to train him for a while, they both agreed to become his teachers.


Hiruzen then became the apprentice of those two legendary ninja, before he even started attending the ninja school. As a result, he got to know the both of them a lot better, learning about some of their good sides, and some of their not so good sides. Their good sides were things that everyone already knew about, such as their incredible strength, Hashirama's kindheartedness, Tobirama's ability to get things done no matter what, and both being great and respected leaders.


When it came to their bad sides, most of those things were not common knowledge, with an exception for Tobirama's hatred of the Uchiha clan. That side of him was something that was even written about in the history books. What was not written in the history books, was the fact that both of them were incredibly popular with the women in Konoha. They were so popular with the ladies that they could have anyone they wanted, whenever they wanted, even if that woman was already the girlfriend or the wife of another man. Being popular with the ladies would normally not be something bad, but the reason why Hiruzen calls it one of their bad sides, is because they didn't hesitate when it came to taking advantage of their popularity.


It became a contest between the two Senju brothers, to see who could take the most lovers and who could sleep with the most women in one night, who could steal the most women from other men, and so on. The two of them were without a doubt degenerate sex addicts, who had little to no care about the consequences of what they did. All they cared about was getting stronger and getting laid, preferably with a new woman every night. The way they acted, wasn't common knowledge, but it if it were, it would be a night and day difference from their otherwise stain free reputation. In the history books, they are mainly told to be almost Godlike ninja, who did everything they could to protect the village.


If Hiruzen overlooked the part where they hooked up with women who were already with other men, Hiruzen wouldn't have counted their sex addiction as something negative. The problem was that there was a lot more to the story than just that. For starters, Hashirama was married to a woman by the name of Uzumaki Mito, during all that time. She was a part of this whole mess as well. That was not only because she was married to Hashirama, who constantly cheated on her, but also because she was just like the two Senju brothers. Uzumaki Mito was a very alluring and flirty woman, who Hiruzen would describe as a nymphomaniac, above all nymphomaniacs, who made other nymphomaniacs look like nuns in comparison.


Hashirama and Mito met long before they got married. They even met each other before Konoha was founded. Back then, during the clan days, Mito was married to a man who was the leader of the Uzumaki clan at that point, Uzumaki Ashina. She and Ashina had a child together, who would become the new Uzumaki clan leader, many years later. Mito's son then had a few children of his own, one of which was a very beautiful young girl, with long red hair, who also ended up in Konoha. Her name was Uzumaki Kushina. Kushina is someone who Hiruzen got to know very well later on in life.


Long before Mito's son became the new clan leader, and even longer before Kushina was born, Mito and Ashina would often have meetings with their closest allies, the Senju clan. Sometimes the Senju clan would travel with a party to an island, located south east of the Land of Fire, where the Uzumaki clan had it's own hidden ninja village, the Whirlpool Village (Village Hidden by Whirling Tides). Their hidden village was formed long before the hidden village of Konoha was formed. That means that the Uzumaki's, who had a whole ninja village and island for themselves, were considered a lot more powerful and dangerous back then, compared to clans in the Land of Fire, who operated alone.


The Uzumaki's were feared and envied for several reasons. It wasn't that the Uzumaki's were feared because they were powerful fighters, instead it was due to what Uzumaki's were able to do with their sealing techniques. The Uzumaki clan were the best seal users the Elemental Nations had ever seen, and they were able to do things with seals that other ninja could only dream of. Easily sealing away a powerful chakra monster, like the tailed beasts, is one of them. The source of envy came from the Uzumaki clan members all being born with incredibly large chakra reserves and greater stamina than other people. They were also born with self healing abilities, which would heal wounds that weren't life threatening, in a very short amount of time. This healing ability is the main reason why Uzumaki Mito and Kushina, later on became “Jinchuriki's” (Human Sacrifices), who had the nine tailed fox sealed inside of them. They would be able to survive an extraction of the tailed beast, unlike other humans.


Lastly, they also lived a much longer life than a normal human, and they aged much slower as well.

An Uzumaki who is in their thirties or forties, often doesn't look much older than he or she would if they were still in their early twenties, or someone in their late teens. By the time an Uzumaki is around 60-70 years of age, they will start appearing as if they are in their thirties. Once they reach the age of 100, they will start to look middle aged. By the time they reach the ages between 130 and 200, they finally start looking old, although still a lot younger than their actual age. Most Uzumaki live to be somewhere between 150-200 years old, unless they are killed in battle or as a result of a disease, or something along those lines.


When Mito first met Hashirama, she was in her fifties, but still had the appearance of someone who was in her mid twenties. Hashirama in turn, was still a young man, who was the same age as someone who would have been a senior in the ninja academy, in the Konoha of present times. Mito met Hashirama and his brother, Tobirama, during one of their clan meetings at the Whirlpool Village. It is Hiruzen's understanding of events, that Mito and Hashirama took a liking to one another very early on, and started sneaking out to see each other, in secret. Hiruzen were also told that Hashirama were no longer a virgin, by the time the meeting was over and the Senju clan left the Whirlpool Village to return to the Land of Fire.


The two of them had started an affair, which would continue every time they saw each other, which in turn, was about two times a year, for about a week each time. Most of the time it would be the Senju clan visiting the Uzumaki's, but a few times the Uzumaki's would come visit them in the Land of Fire as well. The latter scenario was mostly due to Mito nagging her husband for them to go on a trip to the Land of Fire. Her husband were always none the wiser, when it came to their affair. He didn't find out about it until Mito divorced him, a week after Konoha was formed, many years later. She then traveled to Konoha to marry Hashirama instead, leaving behind Ashina and their son back in the Whirlpool Village.


Ashina was obviously sad and heartbroken when he learned of it. He wasn't going to let this ruin their alliance and cooperation with the Senju clan though. They still needed them for protection, in case one of the other newly formed hidden ninja villages, decided to declare war against them. What Ashina did as a result, was that he came up with a lie, a lie that the public believed and is written in all the history books. His lie was that he and his wife divorced as a result of him meeting a younger Uzumaki woman. Mito was then offered to the Senju clan, to marry Hashirama, to strengthen the bonds between the two great ninja villages. He made it seem like it was just a political marriage, instead of a heartbreaking affair, in his case. Mito and Hashirama had no objections to Ashina's lies being spread, as they were just happy to be together. Especially Mito, who had more reasons than just being in love with Hashirama, to be in Konoha.


If Mito's story had ended there, then you could almost describe the way she and Hashirama got together to be romantic or poetic, as not even marriage could keep them away from each other. The story did not end there though, and a lot of important things are still left out of the story. For starters, Mito did not just fall in love with Hashirama when the Senju clan first visited them, she also fell in love with his brother, Tobirama. Whenever she wasn't sneaking around with Hashirama, she would be with Tobirama instead. In other words, she had been cheating on Hashirama from the start. That meant that she was hardly a victim, when Hashirama did the same thing to her, later on in their marriage.


When Konoha was formed, their affair continued, as Tobirama would sleep together with Mito whenever Hashirama was out on a mission, or was busy working in the hokage office. At this point, Hashirama already had a harem of willing women, who would satisfy his every need and do anything to please him. He also got to sleep with Mito whenever he wanted as well, so there wasn't really any reason to feel sorry for him either.


Hiruzen got caught up in their mess around the same time that he started his second year in the ninja academy. At this point, he had already been trained under Tobirama and Hashirama's guidance for a few years, and he idolized and looked up to them more than ever. He wanted to be just like them, in pretty much all regards. That includes having hordes of women as lovers, just like they did. He wanted to become the strongest ninja in Konoha and have a harem of beautiful women of his own some day. That was Hiruzen's dream when he was younger.


At the start of his second school year, Hiruzen could never guess just how similar to his teachers, that he would end up becoming. After leaving school that day, Tobirama asked him to go to Hashirama's home, to help Mito with some chores. Instead of doing chores, Hiruzen were dragged into the woman's bedroom. He lost his virginity that day and gained his first lover, out of many to come. The Uzumaki woman had made a man out of him, and given him a memory that he would never forget, and would always look back on fondly. That day was something Hiruzen could only describe as magical, or maybe extremely dirty, hot, passionate and erotic. The same goes for all the other times they hooked up, which was something they did a lot, especially whenever Tobirama or Hashirama wasn't around.


Mito remained as his lover for about a decade, which was around the time that Hiruzen became a jounin. Back then, Hiruzen didn't know why it had stopped so abruptly, especially since Hashirama had unfortunately passed away in battle a few years earlier, which meant that Mito only had Tobirama to cheat on now. All Mito told him when she put and end to their affair, was that he was “no longer her type”.


Hiruzen did not feel sad about it having ended for very long though, as he soon thereafter met his future wife, Biwako. It wasn't until many years later, when Mito was not only very old, she also appeared her age as well, that she told Hiruzen why she had ended their affair. She didn't have much time left, and she was about to let the nine tailed fox be sealed into another, much younger Uzumaki instead. Uzumaki Kushina was the young Uzumaki who would be burdened with becoming the new Jinchuriki. Before Mito had the fox removed, she told Hiruzen about her life, explaining all the strange things about her past.


She just wanted to clear the air, by telling someone who was around back then, what was really going on. That was how he found out about how she met and fell in love with the two Senju brothers. Hiruzen also learned that he was not her last lover, as she had invited countless genin aged young men into her bedroom, after the two of them stopped being lovers.


It all started making sense to Hiruzen after hearing her story. He now understood what she meant by “you are no longer my type”. The Uzumaki nymphomaniac was not only a cheater, she had a thing for younger guys as well. She was a sex addict who may have been worse than both the Senju brothers combined.


Hashirama never learned of his wife's affairs before he passed, but he probably wouldn't have cared so much about it anyway. He was a very carefree and positive individual, and he also had hundreds of lovers on the side. Tobirama most likely knew that she was sleeping with Hiruzen, but he may not have known about all the others. Tobirama passed away five years after Hiruzen was promoted to jounin. After Tobirama passed, it was time for Hiruzen to take up the mantle of being the hokage.



The First Great Ninja War


When Hiruzen became a jounin, his life changed a lot. One of the changes were the already established change of him and Mito having stopped being lovers. Another change was that he met and start dating a beautiful young brunette kunoichi, whose name was Biwako. Biwako was the complete opposite to Mito, as she would never commit adultery and partake in any immoral sex gatherings or sex acts, such as orgies, group sex or swinging.


She was a very loyal and kind woman, who Hiruzen loved very much. The one thing that she had in common with Mito, was that she was without a doubt a nymphomaniac as well. Although, she wasn't as wild and fun in bed as the older Uzumaki woman had been. Biwako being a sex loving nymphomaniac, was what sealed the deal for Hiruzen, when it came to his decision to ask her to marry him.


At this point in time, Hiruzen were stronger than ever and his popularity among jounin and chuunin kunoichi colleagues, was equal to that of Tobirama's and Hashirama's popularity with the female village population in the past. He was a very sought after man, who a lot of women wanted for themselves. Publicly, Biwako ended up being the one that Hiruzen choose to marry and he was now taken and was no longer on the dating market. Secretly, that was not the case at all. He still wished to be just like his teachers, in almost every single way. As a result, he took advantage of his popularity and slept with any attractive kunoichi that he would team up with while out missions.


Hiruzen was looking for women who were as wild and fun as Mito had been in bed. Even better if they were nymphomaniacs like her as well. When he went out missions, he started asking girls that were assigned to the same team as him, in which he was often the leader of, due to his excellency in the ninja arts, to have sex with him. It wasn't an order, it was just him asking. He did it the same way that Hashirama and Tobirama always invited their hordes of women to have sex. They never forced anyone, or ordered anyone, they only slept with those that did it willingly. The willing ones were the majority of the ones being invited to have sex them.


Hiruzen asked his colleagues the same way, as he as well wouldn't force someone or order them to have sex with him. There weren't many who said no, resulting in Hiruzen taking many lovers while out missions, during his years as a jounin. It was also during this time that Hiruzen learned that the things that happened in the past, involving his deceased teachers and his former lover, with their constant cheating and affairs, was not something that was unique just for them. It was so normal among the people active in the ninja force, that you could almost say that it was the norm to cheat. Especially when you are out on missions. There is an old saying in Konoha, which goes “what happens on a mission, stays on the mission”.


When Hiruzen was back in the village, his infidelity didn't stop, since when he didn't spend the night with his wife, making love to her, he would often be out all night, with the most common excuse to his wife back then being, that he was having important meetings with Tobirama Senju, who was the hokage at the time.


This continued when Hiruzen eventually became the hokage, a title which he held for several decades. He became the hokage five years after becoming a jounin, due to Tobirama passing away, after he had protected Hiruzen and his other teammates during the first great ninja war. Tobirama sacrificed himself, stalling their enemies, allowing Hiruzen and his teammates, Danzo, Koharu and Homura, to retreat back to the village. Tobirama's last action as their hokage, was to hand over the hokage hat to Hiruzen, making him the third hokage.


As the hokage, instead of being the leader of just his teammates and good friends, he now was the commanding officer to the whole ninja force. This meant that Hiruzen was now able to easily contact and get information about every single active kunoichi in the village. That in turn lead to Hiruzen asking any kunoichi, who he was attracted to, if they wanted to have sex with him. Considering that Konoha has always been full of beautiful kunoichi, Hiruzen had a very large pool to choose from. Just like when he was a jounin asking his teammates for sex, most of his subordinates accepted to have sex with him when he was the hokage as well. As the hokage, he also had a lot more believable excuses to tell his wife, such as emergencies and important meetings that would keep him in his office late into the nights.


There sure were a lot of “emergencies” that Hiruzen had to deal with during his time as the hokage, at least as far as his wife was concerned. As for if she actually knew what was going on? Hiruzen doesn't know for sure, but he suspects she may have known the truth all along. She never brought it up or complained about it though, and the love he had for her was real. He didn't leave her sexually unsatisfied either, as he took very good care of his wife, satisfying her every needs.


The years he and Mito had been lovers, Mito had taught Hiruzen so much about what women likes in bed, that he considered himself to be a master in the sexual arts. Since most the women he sleeps with always comes back for more, and they would also usually spread rumors about his excellency in bed to other women, Hiruzen knows that he is at least doing something right in bed. He is very confident in his ability to make a girl feel good, often giving them series of multiple orgasms, while he makes love to them. During the early years of Hiruzen's reign as the hokage, he had yet to find a woman who were even close to as wild and fun in bed, as Mito had been. He will search for a woman like that for as long as it takes though.


Other than finding women to have fun with in bed, Hiruzen had a few more goals which were a bit more respectable than that. For starters, he wants to avoid any further wars at all costs. During the first great ninja war, he had witnessed the worst kinds of atrocities that people could commit against other people. Pointless murder, sexual abuse, assaults and humiliating acts, Hiruzen had seen it all. It was the kind of things that Hiruzen didn't wish on any person, not even his worst enemies.


Ninja's who were defeated on the battle field, would be nothing short of lucky, if they were to be killed, especially if you were a kunoichi. Most of the times the the winners of the battles would take their time to have their way with their defeated enemies, before killing them. Kunoichi getting raped was a given, especially if they were attractive. That was not the worst part of it though, as defeated ninja would often be used for entertainment, by performing the most humiliating and vile acts, or get tortured in the most twisted ways you can imagine. Then if they were lucky, they would get killed. If they were not lucky, their enemies would take them captive, to be used as sex slaves or for future entertainment, by being humiliated and tortured over and over again.


Kunoichi had it worse, for several reasons. The first being that there are a lot more male shinobi then there are female kunoichi, who fight in wars. The second being that women are usually a lot more compassionate and forgiving, than men are. There does exist a good amount of evil and twisted kunoichi who are no different from the worst of men as well, though. Hiruzen had seen it for himself, and he had heard many stories which would give most people nightmares.


One of the worst things he had seen in his life, was something that happened to a former classmate of his. The classmate was a girl from the Uchiha clan, who had the most beautiful eyes that Hiruzen had ever seen at that point. Her name was Uchiha Temari, and she was Hiruzen's first crush. He never had a chance to confess his feelings for her, due to Mito snatching him up for herself, before he had a chance to tell her. After they graduated, Temari and her new genin team were assigned to head out on a simple C rank mission. That simple C rank mission couldn't have gone more wrong, as she and her team were ambushed by an unknown group of enemies. Her teammates and her jounin teacher were killed and left behind at the scene, while Temari went missing. This happened before the first great ninja war, when the Elemental Nations were still enjoying “peaceful” times.


No one heard anything about Temari after that, for over thirteen years. It was assumed that she had been killed as well, shortly after the others. Never could Hiruzen imagine what had actually happened to her. Thirteen years after she went missing, he found her in the cellar of a large palace within a compound in the middle of the desert of the Wind Country. That palace and compound belonged to one of the Wind country's daimyo's (lords). When he found her, some of the men working for the daimyo were in the middle of abusing her, in both a torturous and humiliating way. What he saw, and what he eventually heard from her, once she told him the full story, changed Hiruzen. She has had things done to her which Hiruzen didn't think people were capable of doing to another person. (1).


After freeing Temari and the other fifty or so girls and women, one of which was Temari's daughter, who she had given birth to while in captivity, Hiruzen took them all back to safety. With the help of nearby villages within The Land of River, he was able to get most of them back to their families. The others who they couldn't identify any family members of, was taken back to Konoha where they could live a safe and free life for as long as they wish. Temari and her daughter, who sadly had also been abused, were both brought to Konoha as well. Hiruzen brought Temari back to Konoha, even though she had begged him to leave her behind, so that she could end her own life.


Hiruzen refused to let her kill herself. After returning her to Konoha, Temari spent years at the Konoha's hospital, mainly being treated for mental health issues, caused by all the abuse she had to endure for all those years. A few years after her return to Konoha, she showed incredible strength that really impressed Hiruzen. She started living a normal life again, together with her daughter. She was able to live a peaceful life, living in a sizable house within the Uchiha clan compound. She lived long enough to see her daughter get married and later on give birth to Temari's grandson. Temari eventually passed away, of natural causes, a few years before the Uchiha massacre. Her grandson, Uchiha Obito, didn't have the easiest life either, but that is a story for another time.


The humiliation and torture which Temari had to endure, was among the worst things that Hiruzen had ever heard of back then, during the first great ninja war. The same could not be said about the kidnapping and sexual abuse that she also had to endure, due to that being something Hiruzen had gotten used to hearing about, or seeing for himself during the war. He had freed thousands of girls and women, who had been kidnapped or taken captive, just like Temari. The strong, powerful and wealthy, prayed on the weak. Even peaceful village people, who had nothing to do with these wars, were not safe from these horrors.


Other than the sexual crimes, kidnappings and torture, another obvious negative part of war is the many lives lost. All five great ninja villages had lost so many ninja after just one great ninja war, that Hiruzen couldn't help but think, just how many more lives are going to be lost the next time?


It's because of these hideous crimes, and all the lives lost, that Hiruzen wants to do everything in his power to prevent further wars from happening again. He is very aware that he will not be able to prevent wars from happening on his own, but he can at least do whatever is within his power, to better this rotten world a little. He would do so, starting with Konoha and his own ninja force, where there is a lot that can be done as well.


One of the first actions Hiruzen took when he became the hokage, was to outlaw torture and sexual abuse of their enemies. The only exception to that law was for the members of the torture and interrogation force, who still could use any means necessary, to interrogate their prisoners. What this law was meant to stop, was Konoha's own bad apples, disgusting men and women, who abused their defeated enemies for no other reason than their own pleasure and entertainment. Some of them even abused their own teammates as well, using the old saying “What happens on a mission, stays on the mission” as an excuse. Sadly, their teammates wouldn't even report them, due to them also living by that creed. This should have been a law which should have existed already, most would argue.


That was not the case due to Konoha not really being any better than the rest of the ninja villages, apart from a select few clans, who wouldn't let shit like that slide either. The Nara clan is one of them, and they even invented the world “Troublesome”, after hearing about all the degeneracy going on. Hashirama would have most likely wanted this law to exist, but most likely got push back from some of the clans that had just joined the newly formed village. Tobirama on the other hand, were a lot more ruthless than Hashirama. He couldn't care less about what happened to their enemies. He also had an unhealthy hatred for the Uchiha clan, and most likely wished all their clan members suffered similar fates as their enemies.


Hiruzen didn't create this new law to prevent his ninja force from killing, since that is something that will always be a part of wars, and even most ninja battles. It's the unnecessary abuse and humiliation before it, that he wanted to get rid of. Hiruzen got all clans of the village behind him, supporting him in his decision to create this new law. But just because every clan leader supported him, that didn't mean that some ninjas within their clans were completely against the new law. There were actually a large number of ninjas within the active ninja force, who Hiruzen would refer to as “bad apples” or “scum”. Those bad apples were the ones that gave Konoha a bad reputation, and made their enemies hate them even more.


Their enemies were no different though, they were just as bad, or even worse. After the first great ninja war, Hiruzen started removing the “bad apples” from the ninja force, by either throwing them in prison or just revoking their Konoha ninja status, whenever they were caught breaking the new law. While Hiruzen tried his best to clean up his ninja force, other ninja villages wanted revenge. They hated Konoha due to what happened during the war, where Konoha won major victories, mostly thanks to the two Senju brothers and Hiruzen. As a result, Konoha ninja always had a target on their back, especially Konoha kunoichi.


Ninja's from the other villages would pretty much always rape, kill or kidnap any Konoha ninja who they defeated. The only good thing that has come out of these awful circumstances, is that the overall strength of Konoha's ninja force has improved. The weak part of the ninja force would be taken out quickly, while only the strong with great potential remain. It's an awful way to look at things, but it is an awful reality that they live in. Due to these circumstances, Konoha's kunoichi had to become stronger in order to protect themselves. There was one kunoichi, who stood out from everyone else, as she showed the others that kunoichi could become just as, if not more, powerful than men. She happened to be one of Hiruzen's students.


A few years after Hiruzen became the third hokage of Konoha, he surprised the higher ups in the village when he told them that he wished to teach a genin team, consisting of three freshly graduated genin from the ninja academy. He told them that he saw a lot of potential in all three of them, and was convinced that all three of them could surpass even him, if he was allowed to train them. After hearing that, there were no complaints from the higher ups about him taking on a genin team, even if that meant that someone else would have to stand in for Hiruzen sometimes, to do his hokage work for him, while he is out on missions with his students.


While what Hiruzen had told them was part of the truth, it wasn't the full truth, as is often the case. He had selfish reasons to take on this team as well. Senju Tsunade is one of three students that he wants to teach. She is the granddaughter of Hashirama and Mito, meaning that not only is she related to Hiruzen's former lover, she is also part Uzumaki. After sleeping with countless women over the years, without finding anyone who resembled Mito in bed, Hiruzen had a theory about Uzumaki women being the ones who are special in bed. Maybe they are all as wild and fun as Mito had been? Hiruzen couldn't know for sure, but he sure as hell wouldn't mind finding out, as long as Tsunade was game. It didn't hurt that Tsunade was a rare beauty, who later became known as the princess of Konoha, either.


That was actually a nickname which she was first given by Hashirama and Tobirama, as the two of them would always call her that, while they also spoiled her to no end, giving her anything she wanted. Tsunade never understood the value of money due to that, and as a result started gambling with her money, later in life.



The Second Great Ninja War


The first day Hiruzen met his new genin team, they had introduced themselves before Hiruzen gave them their genin test, which was the good old bell test. Two of them passed with flying colors, while one of them had failed miserably, acting like a clown while doing so. Tsunade and Orochimaru were the ones that had passed, working together to steal a bell each from Hiruzen. They are also the reasons why the team had passed the genin test, since the two of them had showed amazing skills and good use of teamwork.


Jiraiya was the one that failed miserably, as he challenged Hiruzen to a one on one battle, which ended with Jiraiya losing in a humiliating and rather comical way, before being tied up to a wooden post. Hiruzen choose to pass him as well, mainly because he had high hopes for this team, but also because Jiraiya shared a certain personality trait with him. He is also a shameless pervert, and unlike Hiruzen, he does nothing to hide that from others. That's why he passed, because Hiruzen kinda digs his style. Jiraiya would later be the one who Hiruzen got along with the most, out of his three students. As for the other two, well..


Starting with Orochimaru, he may have been a ninja genius, who had the potential to become just as strong as Hiruzen one day, but he was also probably the weirdest guy that Hiruzen has ever spoken to. The guy didn't talk much, but when he did, he said the strangest and rudest things you could imagine. He was an anti-social weirdo, in Hiruzen's opinion. Often when he opened his mouth, it was to insult one of his teammates, telling them that they were lacking in skills or lacking in something else. The only times he didn't piss off his teammates, was whenever he kept his mouth shut.


Then lastly, there is Hiruzen's third student, Tsunade, who is the the main reason why he wanted to become their teacher in the first place. She had shown excellent skills during the test, and she had been very excited and energetic the whole day. She was also very polite for the bigger part of the day. But she showed another side of herself when Orochimaru out of nowhere, called her a “barbaric woman”, and Jiraiya started calling her “flat chest”, due to her having made fun of him for being tied up. That was a nickname that Tsunade hated more than anything, because she was very self aware of the fact that she had a very small chest. That was the first day that Hiruzen got to see just how violent Tsunade could be. The girl had a temper, that's for sure.


Seeing her stomp her two teammates into the ground, didn't scare Hiruzen enough not to ask her to stay behind, after Jiraiya and Orochimaru had left. He then proceeded to ask her if she wished to have sex with him, out here at the training grounds. A minute later, Hiruzen was on his way back to the village, to visit the hospital, in order to get his nose fixed. The beauty of the Senju clan had punched him in the face so hard, that she had broken his nose with one hit. She had then stomped off, leaving the training grounds, while voicing what she thought of Hiruzen.


“You ugly old lecher! Why would I ever want to do something like that with a disgusting old man like you? If you ever ask me something like that again, then I will..” she said in a threatening manner, clenching the same fist, which she had already broken his nose with. Hiruzen figured she was just playing hard to get, and thought that she might change her mind come tomorrow.


He found out the next day, that was not the case at all. Instead, he had to make another visit to the the hospital, this time to heal both a broken nose and several broken ribs. Still, Hiruzen didn't give up. He asked her the same thing every day he saw her, if he ever had a chance to speak with her alone, without Orochimaru and Jiraiya overhearing his shameless question. After a month, he made some progress, as Tsunade would stop attacking him in favor of completely ignoring him. A month after that, she started rolling her eyes at him, or look at him with a disgusted expression. Sadly for Hiruzen, he never made any further progress than that. Even today when he asks her the same question, the few times that they do run into each other, she will just roll her eyes at him, or show him her middle finger.


It later on became very apparent to him why Tsunade never accepted his invitations to have sex with him, which had a lot to do with him being “old and ugly”, which she often reminded him of. That's because Tsunade only had one guy on her mind from the start, meaning that Hiruzen never had a chance. This guy who had stolen her heart, was someone who Tsunade loved more than life itself. She would do anything for him, just like he would do anything for her. Unlike Hiruzen who is a lot older than Tsunade, the guy who she loves, is several years younger than her. The one in question is none other than her younger brother, Senju Nawaki.


When Tsunade had just graduated, which was when Hiruzen started bothering her with his constant invitations, Tsunade had not fallen in love with Nawaki yet. She still loved him, but just as any older sister would love a younger brother. It was pure innocent sibling love back then. Nawaki had just started his first year in the ninja academy as well, back then.


Tsunade's feelings for her brother changed about two years later. Tsunade suddenly had a ridiculous growth spurt, with her chest growing the most. She was now the owner of the biggest pair of knockers in all of Konoha, and most likely the Elemental Nations as well. That didn't go unnoticed by anyone, especially not her perverted teacher and teammate. Her younger brother didn't miss it either, as he would no longer keep eye contact with her whenever they spoke to each other, in favor of blatantly staring at her chest. It also just so happened, that Nawaki, being a Senju, was a bit of a pervert, just like his legendary ancestors.


The way he kept grinning perversely, while blatantly staring at her chest, melted her heart and she thought he was the cutest thing she had ever seen. Sometimes when she was working out at home, wearing tight and skimpy training clothes, she would notice him peeking on her, checking her out. At first she was annoyed, thinking she had to correct the little pervert's behavior, just like she corrected Jiraiya on a daily basis, with a hard punch to the nose. She never did though, as she didn't have it in her to actually strike her cute little brother. Instead she pretended that she never noticed him, and would instead just stop training for a while, until he lost interest. She would then resume her training when he had gotten bored and left her alone.


Then one day, Tsunade received some news from Nawaki, which was a big turning point. Nawaki had come home late that day, even later than Tsunade who had been training with her team all day. When asked what he had been up to, he showed her a cheeky smile, before telling her that he had been on a date with a female classmate. When Tsunade heard that, she completely froze.


“Nee-chan, what's wrong?” Nawaki asked in a worried tone, while rushing over to her. He saw her clench her fist, but otherwise didn't move.


“Nee-chan? Did I do something wrong?” Nawaki tried again, without getting any response.


While Tsunade stood there frozen, with her hand clenched into a fist, her mind was raising.


“Date.. Date.. Date..” she repeated in her mind “Is some little slut, trying to steal Nawaki-chan from me!? My cute younger brother!?” she thought, before finally moving.


“Nee-chan?” Nawaki said in a worried tone, watching her walk out to the backyard, in a robotic fashion. She then proceeded to punch her fist into a tree, completely decimating it.


“Crap!? I'm in trouble aren't I?” Nawaki said, shivering, while Tsunade turned around to face him. Surprisingly she did with a sweet smile, having returned somewhat to normal.


“A date huh? How wonderful” Tsunade said, with the same sweet smile, which unknowingly to Nawaki, was a very forced smile “What's your girlfriends name?”.


Nawaki breathed out in relief, realizing that he was safe for now “She is not my girlfriend, we have just been on one date so far”.


“And her name is?” Tsunade repeated, while still smiling the same way.


“Inuzuka Tsume-chan, she is a bit of a tomboy, but can be really sweet!” Nawaki said with a toothy grin.


“Inuzuka huh..” Tsunade said with an evil smirk “I would like to meet this wench sometime” she added, with a vein popping on her forehead.


“She's not a wench” Nawaki said with a frown “You're acting weird, Nee-chan. What's gotten into you?”.


“Hmpf!” Tsunade huffed, ignoring his question, favor of walking passed him, back into the house “Baka Nawaki!” she yelled, before rushing up the stairs, heading towards her bedroom. She left an even more confused Nawaki downstairs, while she laid down on her stomach on the bed, whining about her current misfortune.


“How did this happen!? Nawaki-chan belongs here with me! And now this stupid Inuzuka girl is taking him from me!” She sniffled out. After a while she calmed down, while sitting up in her bed. With a smirk on her pretty face, she said “You haven't won yet, I will prove to Nawaki-chan that I am the most suited to be his woman”.


From there on out, Tsunade's love for Nawaki changed from a sisterly love, to a love of the romantic kind. She had now realized that she was in fact in love with him, and that surprisingly, didn't bother her at all. Instead it just made her happy. The thought of being together with him like that, warmed her heart. But more importantly, she was now determined to gain his affection, and make sure that she doesn't lose him to Inuzuka Tsume. With that thought, she changed into a much skimpier outfit. She now only wore a pair of skin tight blue shorts, and a very skimpy and small white stomach shirt. Her white stomach shirt didn't do much to cover anything but half her breasts, and a tiny portion of her upper waist. In other words, she was showing a ton of cleavage.


Wearing her new outfit, she headed downstairs to begin a training session, in the living room. Soon enough, Nawaki was standing in the doorway, peeking on her like always, just like Tsunade had expected. This time, Tsunade did not stop training when he arrived, instead she got down on all fours, raising her butt up, before doing very slow push ups. Nawaki had a perfect view of her tight round ass, while she did her push ups, which Tsunade was very aware of. That was the whole point of this. What Tsunade did not expect to happen, was what Nawaki did after a minute of watching her. He had ran up to hair, then spanked her ass, while yelling “Nice ass, nee-chan!”. He then giggled as he ran upstairs to hide in his bedroom.


Tsunade lost her balance, falling down on the ground, landing on her stomach. She had a dumbfounded expression, while thinking “What just happened? Did that perverted little brat really spank my ass just now?”


While Tsunade had ventured down here to the first floor, with the intention of putting on a show for Nawaki, teasing him a little bit, she could never imagine that he had the balls to do something like that. Sure, he has always been a bit carefree, and somewhat of a knucklehead, but he of all people should know how Tsunade handles perverts. She thought it was her duty as his older sister, to teach him that he shouldn't be treating fine ladies like herself, that way.


With a smirk, Tsunade got up on her feet, before heading upstairs. She then entered Nawaki's bedroom, finding him laying in his bed, mostly hiding under his quilt, but his head was peeking out, looking at the door.


“GAH-AH!” Nawaki exclaimed in fear, before bouncing up, to stand on top of the bed. He struck a fighting pose, glaring at Tsunade “You begged for it, Nee-chan! Pointing your ass at me like that!”.


“You little pervert” Tsunade said with a playful smile. She wasn't fooling Nawaki though, he thought she was just acting, and was sure that she had come here just to punch him through the wall.


“Stand back, Nee-chan!” Nawaki yelled with his fists raised.


Tsunade giggled, while walking over to the bed “Don't worry, I am going to let that slide this time”.


“You are?” Nawaki asked with a very confused expression.


Tsunade nodded “Uh-huh. Your birthday is in a week, and it would be a shame if you had to spend your birthday with broken legs, arms and ribs, wouldn't it?” she said in a rather dangerous tone, while showing him that sweet smile again. Nawaki started to realize just what that smile meant. It was a bad sign, to see her smile like that, as she was most likely pissed off. That meant that she was probably pissed off earlier as well.


Nawaki gulped “Y-yeah, it would” he said nervously.


Tsunade smiled the same way, while crackling the knuckles on her fingers “Instead, I would like you to think of something that you want for your birthday. Think long and hard of what you want, because it might be the last thing you ever get” she spoke through gritted teeth “You perverted brat!” she added in anger, before surprising Nawaki with her next action. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his forehead, before leaving his room.


Nawaki was stunned, as he watched her close the door behind him. But he wouldn't let her fool him. He figured she was just playing tricks with his mind, as he shivered in fear, before going into hiding under his quilt again. He thanked the ninja Gods that he had gotten away with what he did, without her breaking any of his bones as a result. Even if she did, it would have been totally worth it. God damn, if she didn't have a nice ass. With those thoughts, Nawaki fell asleep, with a shit eating grin on his face.


Due to how Tsunade had just threatened him that night, Nawaki was certain that he only had one week left to live. As a result, he avoided Tsunade as much as he could, since he didn't want to do anything to piss her off again, which could shorten his young life even more. Normally this was something that Tsunade would think was unacceptable, for Nawaki to avoid her. But she had big plans for his birthday, so she waited patiently for that day to arrive.


Nawaki's birthday did eventually arrived, a week after that incident. It started out normally with Tsunade cooking breakfast for him in the morning. She made him waffles with jam and cream. Since Tsunade and Nawaki lives alone together, due to both their parents have suffered the same fate as most of the Senju clan, which was them passing away in battle, Tsunade is always the one cooking, if she has the time for it.


After breakfast, Nawaki's day continued like normal, starting with him going to school. Tsunade spent her day training with her teammates, who both noticed that something seemed off with Tsunade. She wasn't being her usual energetic and excited self, instead she seemed rather timid and nervous. Tsunade refused to tell them why, since the reason she acted that way, was that she was very nervous about what she had planned for tonight.


After training, Tsunade bought food at a sushi restaurant, which she brought back home. Sushi is Nawaki's favorite food, so she bought it for them to have as dinner, since it's his birthday. When she came back to the their house within the Senju clan, Nawaki was standing in the hall way. He was bowing his head, while holding up a letter “Nee-chan, here are all the reasons why you shouldn't kill me. Please read it!” he begged.


Tsunade rolled her eyes “Put that thing away, you won't escape your fate that easily” she said, before smacking the letter out of his hands. She then smiled brightly at him “Let's eat! I got you sushi!”.


“Sweet!! Thanks, nee-chan!!” Nawaki said, drooling at the sight of his favorite food, instantly having forgotten about his worries of his life soon ending.


While they were eating dinner, Nawaki couldn't help but notice that Tsunade was missing something.


“Am I not getting a present from you this year?” Nawaki asked, pouting while chewing a piece of sushi.


“You are getting two presents this year” Tsunade said with a mischievous smile.


“Oh?” Nawaki exclaimed in excitement “Usually you just get me one!”.


Tsunade nodded “I did get you one, but I also told you to think really hard about something you would like me to give you”.


“Oh yeah..” Nawaki said with a cheeky grin “I kinda forgot, because I was busy worrying all week, thinking you were gonna kill me today”


Tsunade sighed, then shook her head “I would never harm you, Nawaki-kun”.


“-kun?” Nawaki asked with a raised eyebrow.


Tsunade nodded with a bright smile “I think you are too old for me to still use the '-chan' suffix for you. '-kun' suits you a lot better”.


“Okay” Nawaki said with a raised eyebrow “I don't mind that, you can call me whatever you want as long as you don't beat me up for what I did to you last week”.


“Last week?” Tsunade said with that sweet smile of hers, which was now a smile that terrified Nawaki.


“I already forgot about that” Tsunade said, while nonchalantly throwing a piece of sushi into her mouth. Nawaki didn't know what to respond to that, he was just happy that she seemed to have forgiven him.


After dinner, Tsunade told Nawaki that she would take a bath, before she would give him his presents. She asked him to wait for him in his bedroom.


About fifteen minutes later, she came into his bedroom, only wearing a big over sized white t-shirt, which went down to her thighs, and a pair of black panties. Nawaki who sat on his bed, couldn't see her panties, and just assumed she was wearing shorts together with that t-shirt. What he did take notice of though, was the lack of a present, yet again.


“Ready for your presents?” Tsunade asked, grinning.


Nawaki nodded “Yeah..” he said, while wondering where she kept the presents. He feared that his two presents, were going to be two punches or something.


Tsunade sat down on his bed next to him, then said “First, let's start with the present you want me to give you. The one I asked you to think about”.


Nawaki laughed sheepishly, while scratching the back of his head “I told you earlier, didn't I? I kinda forgot about that..”.


“Think of something now then, I'm sure there is something I can give you, or” Tsunade tugged at the collar of her T-shirt, pulling it down a little bit “Show you” she said, staring intently at her younger brother.


“Hehehe” Nawaki giggled perversely “Since I know that your second present is most likely you punching me through the wall, I have nothing to lose”.


“Yeah?” Tsunade said licking her lips “Then tell me what you want, Nawaki-kun” she added, staring at him with an expression of pure lust.


“Nee-chan!” Nawaki said, standing up in the bed, before screaming at the top of his loungs “Can I touch your titties!?”.


Nawaki was completely red faced, keeping his eyes closed, awaiting the incoming inhumanly strong punches. But they never came. Instead, he heard his sister giggle “Okay, but I don't think you can touch them from up there. Sit down again”.


“Huh?” Nawaki asked, before flopping down on the bed again “Are you sure?” he asked.


“Thirty seconds” Tsunade said, while scooting closer to him “That's all you get, before I give you your second present. Make the most out of it, because what I will do to your afterwards, will change you forever” she said with an evil smile.


Nawaki gulped, while staring at the large melons in front of him. Even though she wore that T-shirt, he could see the shape of them, and the shape of her nipples. He figured this was a test or something, or her baiting him into doing something stupid, just so that she could punish him later on. He just didn't care. This was an opportunity that he may never get again in his life. He had his big sisters perfect titties in front of him, and within his grasp. Without hestitation, Nawaki grabbed her breasts, with his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her huge melons.


“Mmhm!” Tsunade moaned, while biting her lip. Nawaki avoided eye contact, while he focused on moving his hands to grab and play as much as he could with them, while he still had time. He really went at it, groping her aggressively.


“Time's up!” Tsunade said, while still biting her lip.


Nawaki didn't stop when he heard that, he continued to grope her chest, while looking as if he was in some kind of trance like state. Tsunade then scooted back, while lightly pushing Nawaki away, because he followed her, trying to dig his fingers into the soft flesh again


“Damn, those thirty seconds went by too fast” Nawaki said after having snapped out of it. He then laid down on his back and sighed “Okay, I can die happy now. It was totally worth it. You can kill me now, nee-chan”.


Nawaki then closed his eyes. Soon thereafter, he felt a pressure on his waist. He opened his eyes to find Tsunade on top of him, straddling him.


She stared at him with such an alluring and beautiful expression, that Nawaki found it hard not to blush. Tsunade then pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing the twins that Nawaki had just groped, for his eyes to see.


“Nee-chan!?” Nawaki exclaimed in surprise.


“I told you I was going to change your life forever, didn't I?” Tsunade said, with a noticeable blush.


“Y-yeah” Nawaki responded nervously, while blushing “H-how are you going to do that?”.


Tsunade didn't respond for a while, before she leaned down, to stare into his eyes, with their faces close. She then whispered “By giving you your present..”.


“Is this my present?” Nawaki asked, while his hands returned to her chest, groping away at them.


“Ah..” Tsunade moaned “No, I am your present. I am giving myself to you, and I am going to change you forever by making love to you! From now on you're no longer my cute little brother, you are my man!” she exclaimed before she kissed him, wasting no time to get her tongue inside his mouth, for a hot and wet french kiss.


That evening was the start of Tsunade and Nawaki's secret incestuous relationship. In public they were still brother and sister, back home they were lovers, who had sex whenever they had free time. They did it all over the house when they were alone, and Tsunade allowed Nawaki to make all his perverted dreams come true. She did everything for him, and she loved it. Some of Nawaki's most perverted requests made Tsunade discover her love for two things. The first was her love of sucking cock, which was something she would do every chance she could, when she was alone with Nawaki. It didn't matter where they were, if she saw an opportunity to get his cock inside her mouth for a while, then she would do just that. The other thing that she enjoyed, was the taste of cum and drinking cum. She couldn't get enough of it, and always sucked up every single drop of Nawaki's cum.


Needless to say, Nawaki never went on any more dates with Tsume after he and Tsunade got together, or any other girl for that matter. The two of them had planned out how they would live together for the rest of their lives. First they would keep their relationship secret, while they continue their ninja work as they had been. Both of them still had dreams that they wanted to reach, such as both of them wanting becoming the next hokage. Tsunade also had aspirations to become the best possible medical ninja that she could be. She always thought it was a shame that Konoha never had any reliable medical ninja out on the battle fields, they could have saved so many lives during the first great ninja war.


They also shared a mutual dream of starting a family together. Tsunade wanted a lot of children, who would become the future of their clan. She also couldn't help but think that it would be very fun to have several little Tsunade's and Nawaki's running around. They both agreed that they would first try to reach their dreams as ninja, before they would start trying to get Tsunade pregnant. Nawaki wanted to earn himself a promotion to jounin first, at the very least.


A few years later, Tsunade and Nawaki were still together in their secret relationship. At this point in time, Nawaki had already graduated and was one of the genins who people looked forward to see fight in the next chuunin exams. He was at the top of his class, when he graduated. Tsunade on the other hand is already one of Konoha's most powerful and well respected jounin. The same goes for her two teammates, who may be even stronger fighters than herself. She was no pushover in a fight though, and her main skills as a ninja, was her medical skills. She was now regarded as the best medical ninja and doctor in all of Konoha, along with being the strongest kunoichi alive.


It was around this time that Tsunade and Nawaki had started getting a lot more daring with their relationship. They had almost been caught in the act several times, by Tsunade's teammates, or Nawaki's friends. In order to prevent any rumors spreading about them, Tsunade thought up a plan to prevent that. It involved her dating someone else, someone who she would be able to easily deceive, in order to make him believe that their relationship was real. Because it wouldn't be real at all, it was going to be a completely fake relationship, that served as front for Tsunade, hiding her real relationship.


During a jounin meeting, Tsunade met a man who she thought would be perfect for the role. It was a man by the name of Kato Dan. He was a very kind and somewhat old fashioned man. A kind man like that would be easy to deceive, and he probably wouldn't mind taking things slow. Tsunade had no intentions of doing anything other than holding hands, or kissing the man on the cheek in public, with hopes that others saw them together. The whole point of it all was for others to learn of the two dating, after all.

When Tsunade asked Dan out on a date, he was surprised at first, but obviously accepted to go on a date with her, as most straight men would. Tsunade had been correct about him, as he was a kind gentleman, who wouldn't even try to do anything with her on any of their dates. Instead she was the one who had to initiate it all, even asking for them to hold hands and such.


In public she was now dating Kato Dan, while secretly that relationship only served to spice up her and Nawaki's sex life. They would often get daring, secretly doing it whenever Dan is over at their house, or if they are out somewhere with him. He never caught on to them, and he never suspected a thing for as long as he was alive. He never complained to Tsunade about their relationship not going any further than holding hands either. He was just happy to be together with such a beautiful and “pure” woman.


About a year after she started her fake relationship with Dan, the second great ninja war began. That was the beginning of the end of everything for Tsunade, everything that made her happy and everything that she cared about. A few months into the war, she received the first bad news. Her fake lover, Kato Dan, had been killed in battle. Even though Tsunade didn't love him, and had been deceiving him all this time, she didn't wish any harm to befall him. The news saddened her, but she had to act a lot more sad then she actually was, in order to keep the lie safe.


Then just a week later, she received the news that completely shattered her. It was Jiraiya and her former teacher, Hiruzen, who brought her the bad news. Her brother and lover, Nawaki, had passed away on the battle field. It was Jiraiya and Orochimaru who had found his dead body and brought him back to Konoha, to get a proper burial.


When Tsunade heard the news, she cried her eyes out and broke down. Jiraiya and Hiruzen tried their best to comfort her, but she just kept crying. She just wanted to wake up and realize that this had just been a bad dream. Sadly, that wasn't the case, as she continued to cry for several hours, in the arms of Jiraiya who comforted her. After a few hours of Jiraiya and Hiruzen just sitting there with her, doing her best to calm her down and comfort her, she told them about her and Nawaki. She told them about their true relationship, and about the fake relationship with Dan.


Jiraiya was shocked to hear the news, as he couldn't believe his ears. He didn't judge her or anything, as he thought the relationship was kinda hot in a kinky way, he just had not expected it. He was also a bit jealous, since he had been in love with Tsunade ever since their team was formed. For the most part, he just felt bad for her though, putting his owns feelings to the side for now. Hiruzen on the other hand wasn't surprised at all. He just figured that Tsunade and Mito had a lot more in common than just sharing blood. He wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it turned out that Tsunade also had a thing for younger guys.


After spilling out the truth to her teacher and teammate, who were the only ones there, Jiraiya carried the grieving woman back to her home. Jiraiya would visit her every day for a week, just to see how she was doing. He had even completely stopped flirting with her and didn't even tell her any perverted jokes. He was just looking after her. Sadly, Tsunade turned to drinking and gambling as a way of dealing with her recent loss of her brother, her soulmate. Even though they were still in the middle of the second great war, she just kept gambling away all her money and she always drank a lot while doing so, passing out drunk every night.


About a month after Nawaki passed, Jiraiya was over at Tsunade's home, drinking with her. That night the two of them stopped being friends, as they became fuck buddies instead. Every night, during the second great ninja war, they would have drunken messy sex. The sex was great, especially for Jiraiya, as Tsunade was very experienced and knew what she was doing. Jiraiya had some experience as well, having slept with some single women he had teamed up with, and quite a bit of “ladies of the night” as well. Jiraiya knew that Tsunade was only sleeping with him as a way to help her stop thinking about Nawaki, though.


There were maybe one other big reason why she continued to sleep with after the first time. Jiraiya happens to be hung like a horse. At this point in time, there were no man alive who was even close to his size. It was huge, even compared to other men who were considered big. It was also the only part of, and anything about Jiraiya, which Tsunade loved. She still had no romantic feelings for him, and she had no intentions for the two of them to become a couple. Tsunade had also laid down some ground rules that Jiraiya had to follow whenever they did it. She wouldn't allow any talking during sex, unless it was the most vile dirty talk.


She also didn't allow any kissing or hugging, as she only allowed positions where they could avoid that. Even though she refused to kiss Jiraiya's lips, she had no problem kissing and sucking on Jiraiya's absurdly large cock. That was what she spent most of the nights doing, as she almost worshiped his cock. His cock and his sperm were also the only thing she complimented him about, as she would often tell him that the only good quality about him was his huge cock. (2)


Due to Tsunade being a total sucker when it came to gambling, and her love for sucking dick, Jiraiya started calling her “The legendary sucker”, in private. It was also a nickname she had earned, since no other woman was able to take Jiraiya's full size down her throat, not even the most experienced hookers, who Jiraiya had slept with in the past, could manage that.


Their daily rutting continued for another year, until the end of the war. During that year, Jiraiya lost a lot of respect that he had for his former jounin teacher. Since he was pretty much always spending the night at Tsunade's house, he was there in the mornings as well. One morning, about a week after Nawaki passed away, Hiruzen came to visit Tsunade. Jiraiya hid in the living room, but couldn't help but listen in on their conversation.


“Good morning, Tsunade-chan” Hiruzen said, smoking his pipe.


“Sarutobi-sensei..” Tsunade said with a tired and angry frown.


“How would you like to have sex with me on this fine morning?” Hiruzen asked, as casually as one could.


Tsunade them slammed the door in his face, before yelling “Burn in hell, you old pervert!”


Hiruzen then went on to find someone else that might sleep with him, with a lot more success. He had thought that the could take advantage of Tsunade grieving, and maybe get inside her pants that way. That obviously didn't work out for him. Although, Hiruzen was still certain that she was just playing hard to get.


Jiraiya got used to Hiruzen coming over in the mornings after that, to ask Tsunade the same questions. Tsunade then revealed to him that Hiruzen would ask any attractive konoha kunoichi to sleep with him, starting when they graduate from the academy. That didn't sit well with Jiraiya. He knew very well about the hooking up culture that exists among teammates, team leaders, jounin teachers, and genin students of the ninja force. It wasn't unusual at all for a jounin teacher to hook up with one or more of their genin students. Jiraiya never did things like that, he never slept with anyone who had a boyfriend or a husband either. Sleeping with someone much younger than him, was something he just couldn't do, even as a super pervert. There were just some lines he thought a man should never cross, no matter how tempting it could be.


He hated all the blatant cheating going on even more. He just didn't see the point of it. If you can't stay loyal to your partner, then just break up with him or her, or have an open relationship or become swingers or something like that. There was no need for the sneaking around, betrayal and heartbreak. That was just hurtful and unnecessary. Hiruzen was guilty of both things that Jiraiya didn't like, and that's the reason why he lost a lot of respect for him. Not to mention his disgusting sexual invitations to all good looking girls who are genin age or above. There just has to be some kind of limit to someone's degeneracy, in Jiraiya's opinion. And that's coming from the self proclaimed super pervert. A super pervert who might be one of few men in Konoha who is actually a pretty decent guy, with at least a hint of some form of moral standards and principles.


The second great ninja war ended soon after Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru had fought a long battle against Hanzo of the Salamander, the leader of the Rain Village. They had not been able to defeat the powerful shinobi, who was one of the strongest ninja alive at that time, but they had gained his respect. He dubbed them as Konoha's “sannin” or “The legendary three” after the battle. Soon after that battle, the war ended. It was also around that time that the three members of the legendary sannin started splitting up, going their own ways. Tsunade returned to the village, to focus on educating more medical ninja, while Orochimaru had some secretive experiments that he worked on, in an underground lab.


Jiraiya on the other hand, had run into three orphans in the Rain Country, who were orphans as a result of the second great ninja war. Most of the battles of that war had been fought within the Rain Country, and it was the people living there, that suffered the most. Jiraiya felt like he had to look after these three orphans, at least until he had taught them enough in order to defend themselves. He started living together with them, in a small house, somewhere in the Rain Country. He gave them a place to call home, and he also took them on as his ninja students. The name of those three orphans were Yahiko, Konan and Nagato.


Yahiko was a very confident and outspoken guy with spiky orange hair, who seemed to be the leader of their group. Konan was a beautiful young girl, with short blue hair, who was a bit shy, but also very kind and sweet. Nagato was a quiet young man, with dark red hair. He was also the owner of a pair of very strange set of eyes. His eyes had ring like patterns, which reminded Jiraiya of the “Rinnegan”, the powerful eyes that the legendary Sage of the Six Paths, were also the owner of. When he learned of that, he got really excited about training them. (3)


He ended up staying in the Rain country, training and looking after them, for three years, before returning to Konoha. He was sure that those three would be able to take care of themselves from now on, and expected them to grow up to become great shinobi. When Jiraiya returned to the village, his and Tsunade's drunken night adventures resumed. Although, now he was lucky if she and Tsunade hooked up more than once per month. Even though he wouldn't have minded if it happened a lot more often, the super pervert weren't exactly complaining about this outcome. A few years after that, Tsunade started showing signs of her old self again, after meeting a young Uzumaki woman. Jiraiya in turn, had started taking on yet another student, a blond brat who goes by the name of Namikaze Minato.



Pre-Third Great Ninja War


Both Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina grew up in Konoha as orphans. Minato never met his parents nor does he know who they were, if they were good people, or if they even wanted him in the first place. The very first years of his life, he was raised in one of Konoha's surprisingly many orphanages. There were a lot of orphans like him and Kushina in Konoha, as a consequence of the two great ninja wars, and regular dangerous high ranked missions, where shinobi always risked their lives. As an orphan Minato had no choice when it came to whether he would attend the ninja academy, or the regular civilian school. All orphans had to start attending the ninja academy, but could decide later on whether they wanted to their ninja education, or transfer to the civilian school.


Minato was glad that he wasn't given any choice, because at the ninja academy, Minato found a purpose for his life. He now knew that he was born to become a shinobi. He was a quick learner, who mastered every technique and fighting style his academy teachers taught him. In his third year of attending the ninja academy, he was unfortunate enough to run into Konoha's self proclaimed super pervert, Jiraiya. He did so while walking by an indoors, yet roofless, hot springs, where he spotted the perverted hermit sitting in a nearby tree, peeking into the hot springs with the help of binoculars.


For fun Minato threw a kunai at him, thinking it would serve such a shameless pervert right. Jiraiya didn't even bat an eye at the incoming kunai, while he casually caught it by sticking his finger through the hole at the back of the handle.


“That's not nice” Jiraiya said, while he spun the kunai around his finger for a few seconds, before throwing it right back at Minato.


Minato grabbed a new kunai, which he used to deflect the incoming kunai away from him. He then glared up at Jiraiya asking him “Are you looking for a fight, pervert?”.


“No” Jiraiya said while giggling “I'm busy looking at these five wonderful young ladies inside that bath house, you should see the figure on the brunette lady” he said, not knowing that the brunette in question was Inuzuka Tsume.


Minato shook his head in disgust “People like you should be put behind bars” he said, before he started walking away.


“Why do you say that?” Jiraiya said with a wide grin “Do you have something against beautiful women, kid?”


Minato halted when he heard that, then turned around to face Jiraiya again “How did you even come up with that assumption?” he asked.


“Well” Jiraiya said, before jumping down from the tree, landing in front of a startled Minato. Jiraiya crossed his arms in front of his chest, then said “You seem to have a problem with me appreciating and praising their naked bodies”.


Minato's eyebrows started twitching “That's..” he started to say, when Jiraiya interrupted him “Do you dislike beautiful young maidens so much that they don't even deserve praise from a mighty man such as myself?”.


Minato completely lost his composure, as he shouted “What are you even talking about, you freak!”.


“Freak!?” Jiraiya repeated with a high pitched voice, while making a funny expression “Now that's uncalled for, I'll have you know that I am no freak, I am the mighty Jiraiya, the toad sage, and Konoha's very own super pervert!”.


Jiraiya then proceeded to perform a little dance, while singing a short introduction song about himself, who hailed from Mt Myobuku.


“You're Jiraiya?” Minato asked, giving Jiraiya no reaction to his introudction and dance, causing the man to face fault. Minato, just like every other academy student, knew about the sannin. Everyone had heard about their impressive accomplishments during the second great ninja war.


“Indeed I am” Jiraiya said before laughing loudly “Although, that's Jiraiya-sama to you, brat!” he added, before he turned around to leave.


“How about that fight, Jiraiya-sama?” Minato asked with a confident smile, causing Jiraiya to glance back at him with a frown “Not interested, now shoo, shoo” he said, while swatting him away as if he was a fly. Jiraiya kept walking, but Minato wasn't done with him yet.


“Hey pervert!” Minato yelled out “Either you spar against me, or I tell those women in there what you did. One of those women in there happens to be Inuzuka Tsume, she is the current clan leader of the Inuzuka clan. She is not someone you want as an enemy!”.


“Oho!?” Jiraiya said with a huge smirk on his grin, as he turned around to face Minato again “And how do you know that, huh!?” he asked accusingly.


Minato started sweating a bit, as his eyebrows started twitching again “I.. I saw her earlier, walking in there!!” he tried. Truth was he had taken a peek over the walls earlier, before he had spotted Jiraiya. He was just a little curious is all.


“Bwahaha!” Jiraiya laughed out loud, pointing at Minato “I like your style, kid! I changed my mind, I'll spar against you!”.


Minato face palmed when he heard that, realizing that Jiraiya had approved of him, as a fellow pervert. That day Minato became Jiraiya's new apprentice. Later that same year, his class was getting a new student in the form of a transfer student, a girl who grew up in the Whirlpool Village. As soon as she entered the classroom and the teacher asked her to introduce herself to everyone, Minato had fallen in love. It was love at first sight, as he had never seen a girl more beautiful than that red headed angel. That girl was Uzumaki Kushina.


Kushina had arrived in Konoha only a few days before she started attending the ninja academy. She was going to live here in Konoha permanently from now on, with the goal of becoming a kunoichi. The main reason for her having moved from the Whirlpool Village to Konoha, was that she would replace Uzumaki Mito, as Konoha's jinchuriki. The nine tailed demon fox, the kyuubi, would soon be sealed inside of her.


Kushina had a verbal tic, which meant the she would add a strange phrase at the end of each sentence she spoke, whenever she felt embarrassed, excited or nervous. The phrase was “dattebane” or “tebane/ttebane”, the latter example, she often used when her phrase somehow combined with a word. Minato found her verbal tic to be lovely as well. In fact, there wasn't anything about Kushina that he didn't like. The more he learned about her, the more he liked her.


Kushina did not fall in love with Minato at first sight, she started paying attention to him for other reasons. The first thing that made Minato stick out from the others, were the fact that he was by far the strongest in their class. Unlike some of the other girls, who would praise Minato to no end as his loyal and loud fan girls, Kushina wanted to surpass Minato, so that she could take the title as the strongest ninja in their class. In other words, for Kushina, Minato was nothing but a rival who she wanted to surpass.


The second reason why she started noticing Minato more, had something to do with their class having a few bullies. As soon as Kushina joined their class, these bullies would start teasing her about anything they could. She was the new kid, so she needed to be messed with, for some reason. Often they would make fun of her unusual hair color, which was of a wine red color. Nicknames such as “Tomato” or “Tomato head” was something they would call her. When they started bullying her, calling her by those nicknames that she hated, she would often turn red faced in anger, before using wrestling moves such as the German suplex, to handle her bullies.


Kushina was stronger than them and had no problem at all to deliver some payback for all the teasing. She was quite the tomboy back then. She was also very mischievous herself, so she didn't hesitate to get her bullies back, either by opening a can of whoop ass, or by setting them up for pranks. Those pranks would often end up with her bullies either getting hurt, get their clothes wet or covered in paint, or anything else that the whole class could laugh at.


Due to the way that Kushina's face tuned red when she was angry, or when she felt embarrassed, such as when she messed up or let her verbal tic slip out, they also started calling her the “Red Hot Habanero”. That was a nickname she hated even more than the previous ones.


Whenever her bullies would go after her to mess with her or tease her, Minato would usually follow them secretly as well. He knew that Kushina would be able to defend himself, but he was there just in case she would somehow end up on the losing side. Then he would take action and step in. He also secretly helped her, whenever she pranked her bullies for some payback, by sneakily delivering things Kushina could use in the process of pranking them. Thing such as buckets filled with paint, baseball bats, birthday cakes, water bottles, old rotten food or anything else you could think of, that could be used for a prank, would show up out of nowhere next to Kushina. Minato loved her pranks and he had no problem with being a secret accomplice of hers.


Around the same time as her bullies started calling her the Red Hot Habanero, they had asked one of their older siblings to the help them deal with her. It was an older boy who had already become a genin. He threatened to beat up Kushina, for messing with his younger brother and his friends. At this point, Minato was ready to step in. But then Kushina surprised both him and her bullies, when she beat the living hell out of that older genin boy. After that day, they stopped bullying her. Instead they became her self proclaimed servants, her loyal subordinates. She had gotten herself her own set of fanboys.


While Kushina was beating up that genin, she had noticed Minato observing them. They had their first real interaction that day, as Kushina glared at him while walking away from the scene “What are you looking at?” she asked him, while huffing and puffing.


Minato started sweating and had a sudden urge to tell her “Nothing, dear”, instead he ended up just smiling at her warmly, before running away. He couldn't think of anything to say, due to how that beautiful girl made his heartbeat raise whenever she looked at him.


A year passed without Minato making any progress when it came to getting on Kushina's good side, or getting to know her at all for that matter. Kushina on the other hand, had managed to get herself a really good friend, her BFF (best friend forever), as she likes to call her. Her new friend is a girl from the Uchiha clan named Mikoto. The two of them have many things in common, one of which is their popularity. The two of them are the top two kunoichi of their class and there is really no one who is even close to taking the number two spots from them. They are also the prettiest girls in class, which makes them even more popular, especially among the guys in their class. They are less popular among their female peers though, as they are mostly jealous of both their beauty and their ninja skills. It's mostly the girls who teases Kushina nowadays, by using the nicknames that she hates, purely out of petty jealousy.


Another thing Kushina and Mikoto have in common is an interest for Namikaze Minato. Kushina's interest remains the same, as she just wants to surpass him. Mikoto on the other hand is very open to Kushina about the fact that she is in love with the young Namikaze prodigy. Kushina would almost call her a little bit obsessed about him, due to how she talks about him and swoons over him. Minato is well aware of her crush on him as well. It was impossible for him to not notice that, as Mikoto could sometimes get very obvious about it. She isn't as bad as the rest of the girls of the class, who mostly just acts like rabid fan girls, but she isn't hiding her feelings for him at all.


Mikoto liking Minato, was not something that made Kushina jealous or anything like that. It didn't bother her at all. At this point she didn't have any interest in boys or going on dates and things like that. She had more important things on her mind, such as the recent destruction of her home, the Whirlpool Village, and the fact that her new adopted grandma, Uzumaki Mito, is dying due to sickness. Kushina moved in with Mito as soon as she arrived in Konoha. The two of them immediately became good friends, and later on Kushina thought of her as her grandma, without knowing that she is her grandma.


Ashina, Kushina's grandfather, was so pissed at Mito after what she had done to him, back during the clan days, that he had removed all pictures of her, or anything mentioning her, from his home. Mito avoided talking with Kushina about the past as well, as she would rather keep that a secret from her. That's why Kushina didn't find out that they were related back then.


Mito often told Kushina not to repeat the same mistakes she did. She told her to be a proper lady, someone who always dresses classy and not too revealing. She told her not to give in to any temptations of lust, and instead try to find someone who she really loves, someone who she thinks of as her soulmate, who she should marry. Mito told her other things such as not having sex before marriage and not partaking in any indecent conversations about sex or boys with her friends. Mito wanted her to become a proper, friendly, trustworthy and respectable lady, which would kind of be the completely opposite of Mito, except for the friendly part.


What Mito told her seemed like common sense to Kushina, as she had been raised very conservatively back in the Whirlpool Village, and she never really had any interest in romance or things like that. Unlike the other girls in her class, she dressed very conservatively as well. While she was often regarded as a beautiful princess, sometimes referred to as the princess of the Uzumaki clan, she couldn't care less about that. Kushina had always been, and will most likely always be something of a tomboy. She was a lot more interested in improving herself as a ninja, pulling pranks, and beating up guys who said girls couldn't be as strong as them.


Kushina's and Tsunade's connection to Mito, was what brought them together. Mito is after all Tsunade's grandmother as well, and if someone suddenly starts living with her, Tsunade would have to meet her at some point. Tsunade and Mito had a rather strained relationship, where their conversations would be filled with snarky comments directed at one another. This started long before Kushina came to Konoha, due to Mito walking in on Tsunade one day, sitting on her knees in the living room of her house, slurping on her younger brothers cock.


Mito did nothing to prevent Tsunade and Nawaki from remaining together, but she did tell Tsunade that she was disappointed in her. She didn't want anyone in her family to become anything like her. Tsunade on the other hand, had learned of Mito's degeneracy early on in her life. She thought Mito was just being a hypocrite, when she told her that she was disappointed in her. The snarky comments they could direct at each other, while frowning at each other, during their family dinners with Kushina, would often involve them calling each other names such as “Slut”, “Bitch”, “Old cradle robber”, “Bad sister” and their all time favorite to call one another “Whore”.


Kushina never learned of why they called each other these things, but she understood that while they often insulted each other and it appeared as if they hated each other, they also loved each other very much. They could try to hide it with their insults, but it was just obvious that they still loved each other as grandparent and grandchild. Otherwise Tsunade wouldn't be over there so often, just to try new medical jutsu which she had invented, in an attempt to cure Mito of the sickness she was suffering from. Mito in turn, would always make a point of telling Kushina to “Go find that nasty whore” so that she could eat dinner with them, as a family.


Tsunade and Kushina hated each other at first. The two of them were just too similar personality wise, and their personalities clashed, due to that. Kushina would often tell Tsunade that she would surpass her some day, to take her spot as the number on kunoichi in the village. That was something Tsunade would just laugh at, while telling her that she would rather die before seeing the day that she lets a little harpy like her, overtake her position as the top kunoichi. Even though they fought a lot and started something of a one-sided rivalry, the two of them had something of a big sister and younger sister relationship as well. It was a sibling relationship where Kushina didn't get any of the benefits that her deceased younger sibling did, though. That was something Kushina couldn't be more thankful for.


Tsunade and Kushina were also very different when it came to their ninja specializations. Tsunade would often defeat her enemies with her brutishly overpowered hand to hand combat abilities, while Kushina preferred to use her sword skills, instead of hand to hand combat. She fought using a katana, rather than using her fists. Tsunade was a medical ninja specialist, while Kushina was a specialist in fuinjutsu, sealing techniques. Even at her current young age, only Uzumaki Mito was more prominent in fuinjutsu than Kushina. There were a few that had some knowledge of seals, such as Hiruzen and Jiraiya, but none of them were even close the Uzumaki's when it came to their skills in the sealing arts.


Even though they had different specializations and fighting styles, Tsunade forced Kushina to learn some basic hand to hand combat fighting, and some very easy and basic ninja techniques. She became her teacher for a short while, where the Senju woman taught the young Uzumaki how to punch and kick people through walls, and things like that. She also taught her how to deal with perverts, by using Jiraiya as a prop. That happened recently, at the end of the school year. It was the day when Kushina met Jiraiya, and Minato met Tsunade, for the first time.


Jiraiya had taken Minato out for a little adventure, which involved the two of them sneaking into the Senju clan compound. He had received information from Tsunade earlier, which implied that she may spend some time of her evening, relaxing in a natural hot spring, which was located on their property. Jiraiya told Minato to dress up in military styled, camouflage colored clothing, before the two of then headed over to a forest area within the Senju clan compund. From there, they crawled through the forest, towards the location of the hot springs. The hot springs itself had a fence around it, to give the ones using it at least some privacy.


While they crawled there, Minato thought it was a good time to finally ask why they are doing this “Why are we doing this, Jiraiya-sensei?”.


“Shh” Jiraiya shushed him “Just follow my lead and I'll let you see something amazing!”.


“Does that something involve peeking on one of the women living here?” Minato asked with a sweat drop.


“It might” Jiraiya answered quickly, as they kept crawling discreetly, making sure no one would see them as they approached the fence around the hot springs.


“Now keep quiet, her pervert senses will start tingling if you make any noise!” Jiraiya whispered. Minato just hook his head, but didn't question his teacher any further. Once they got up to the fence, Jiraiya stood up and then tried to peek inside through the gaps of the planks that made up the wooden fence. Minato followed his lead, but when he went up to the wooden fence, he caused a noise due to him stepping on a small branch.


Meanwhile inside that fence, within the hot springs, are Tsunade and Kushina, currently enjoying a relaxing bath. They are both completely nude, as you would be while bathing.


“Did you hear that!?” Tsunade whispered. Her pervert senses had kicked into gear.


“Hear what?” Kushina asked, as she had not heard anything.


“I think we might have a pervert within our premises” Tsunade said as she got up. She then went over to grab a towel, which she handed Kushina “Cover yourself, just in case. Then follow me”:


“Eh, okay?” Kushina responded, looking like a question mark.


Outside the fence, Jiraiya was gritting his teeth in annoyance “I can't see a damn thing!” he whispered.


“Can't you just create a small hole in the fence?” Minato suggested.


“No, she would notice that for sure” Jiraiya said, frowning in thought.


“Who are you talking about exactly?” Minato asked.


“Shh!” Jiraiya shushed him again, while placing his arms on Minato's shoulder. Minato noticed that something was wrong, due to how Jiraiya's expression changed. He looked really nervous for some reason. Minato didn't get a chance to say or do anything, before Jiraiya had thrown him back into the forest. He had done so in order to save Minato from getting struck, by a powerful fist that smashed the fence, before sending Jiraiya flying.


When Minato saw who had delivered that punch, he saw a completely naked Tsunade, looking mighty proud of herself, standing next to Kushina wearing nothing but a towel.


“Hahaha, take that you old pervert!” Tsunade laughed heartily.


“Who was that dirty old man, aunty?” Kushina asked, looking around in search of the pervert.


“That was my old teammate, Jiraiya. Stay away from him, he is nothing but a good for nothing pervert” Tsunade responded. Kushina nodded in agreement “I would say, I have never had someone try something so shameless as to spy on me while taking a bath”.


“I'm afraid he was here to spy on me, Kushina-chan” Tsunade said shaking her head.


“Damn right” Jiraiya yelled from the distance.


After hearing that, Tsunade and Kushina looked around to see if they could spot the pervert. That's when they saw Minato, laying there down a slope, staring up at them with wide eyes. He had a little trickle of blood coming out of his nose as well, due to seeing the beautiful and busty Senju woman standing there in the nude, without a care in the world.


“Minato?” Kushina asked in disbelief, before facing him with an expression of disgust “Pervert..” she said accusingly.


Tsunade immediately crossed her legs and covered her chest with her arms “JIRAIYA!?” she yelled in anger, silently asking him how she could bring such a young man along with him to spy on her. The super pervert then called out to Minato, in a panicked tone “RUN MINATO, RUN!”.


Minato saw how Tsunade and Kushina turned red in both anger and embarrassment, before he turned tail and took Jiraiya's advice, running away from there faster than he had ever ran before. While running, he thought it would be convenient to create a technique which would help him escape from situations like these faster than running. A few weeks later he found some information about the “Flying Thunder God Technique”, a technique that he would later on rely on in battle and make him famous as “Konoha's Yellow Flash”.


Before Minato learned the flying thunder god technique, he had to deal with the consequences of what he and Jiraiya had done that day. That very same day, Jiraiya had dragged Minato along with him again, back to the Senju clan compound. They weren't here for any nefarious reasons this time, as Jiraiya had taken Minato with him in order to apologize. He knew that if he didn't, then Tsunade wouldn't have sex with him again, for a very long time. They only did it once or twice a month nowadays, and that was bad enough as it is.


When they arrived at Tsunade's home, Kushina was still around, as she was going to spend the night at Tsunade's house for a little sleep over. That worked out perfectly for Minato, who wanted to apologize profusely to Kushina, due to what Jiraiya had made him do.


When Tsunade opened the door, she had Kushina with her. Both of them glared at the super pervert and his young apprentice, when they saw them.


Jiraiya bowed his head, while putting his hand on top of his Minato's head, forcing him bow his head as well “Forgive me Tsunade-hime, it won't happen again”.


“Yeah right, I have heard that one before..” Tsunade said rolling her eyes. Jiraiya then slapped Minato on top of his head “Your turn, apologize”:


“I'm sorry this old pervert made me peek on you, I would never do anything so shameless on my own accord” Minato said, bowing without Jiraiya's help. Jiraiya snorted in response, before turning to the side in order to pout. He wanted so badly to remind Minato that he is in fact a super pervert, but knew that would probably get him in more trouble.


“He made you do it?” Kushina asked, glaring at Minato “Do you think I'm gonna believe that!?”.


“It's the truth, I'm sorry Kushina-chan” Minato said apologetically, feeling really bad about the whole situation.


“Phee!” Kushina exclaimed in disgust “Now I have more reasons to beat you up, you pervert-tebane!!”.


“tebane?” Jiraiya repeated with a raised eyebrow, causing Kushina to glare at him. “Jiraiya, you never told me you had such a cute friend!” Tsunade said with a wide grin, she then walked over to Minato, placing her arm on his shoulder “What's your name?”.


“I'm Minato” Minato said, while he started sweating, as he was trying really hard not to stare at her cleavage, which was currently dangerously close to his eyes.


“He's looking at your cow tits, auntie” Kushina said with the same disgusted expression.


“Excuse me, Minato-kun” Tsunade said, smiling sweetly at Minato, before she turned around and yelled at the top of her lungs, with her fists raised “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that, you red headed little hell rat!”.


“Shut up old hag!” Kushina yelled back, then added “Take that back, dattebane!”.


“Make me!” Tsunade challenged.


“Maybe I will” Kushina countered, as the two of them glared at each other.


Jiraiya then cleared his throat, in an attempt to break off their little squabble “Ehem, who is this young lady?”.


“Oh right, I haven't introduced her to you have I” Tsunade said, then nodded in Kushina's direction “This is Uzumaki Kushina, she started living with Granny Mito about a year ago”. She then sighed, before pointing at Jiraiya “And this old pervert is my old teammate, Jiraiya”.


Jiraiya nodded “I reckon the two of you already know each other?” he asked Minato and Kushina.


“Yes, she is a classmate” Minato answered, while Kushina added “Unfortunately”.


“Minato-kun, if you don't mind me asking, what is such a good looking young man like yourself doing with an old bum like him?” Tsunade asked, referring to Jiraiya. Jiraiya was also the one to answer the question, which Minato appreciated, because he was currently scared out of his mind, after finding out that he had peeked on Tsunade of all people. Her monstrous strength is well known in the village. You don't want her as your enemy.


“That annoying little brat is my new apprentice. I don't have high hopes for him, but I reckon I can turn him into a half decent ninja at the very least” Jiraiya said with a hearty laugh.


“It's true, I'm stuck with this old pervert as my sensei” Minato said, glaring at Jiraiya for calling him a brat and making fun of his ninja skills.


“If you don't stop calling me that, then maybe I should tell your little girlfriend over there, just how we met. Do you want that, huh!?” Jiraiya said with angry snarl directed at Minato.


“I'm not his girlfriend, dattebane!” Kushina shouted, getting red in the face due to anger. That caused both Jiraiya and Tsunade to burst out into laughter, while Minato continued to sweat, thinking what happened today wouldn't help his chances to get on Kushina's good side.


Since that day when Jiraiya and Tsunade met the others students, Jiraiya had started to question if Tsunade might have a thing for younger guys. She would always ask him about Minato, how his training is going, if he has any girlfriends or where he is currently at. One time, when they were over at her place, drinking in preparation for a long night of drunken and dirty sex, she had jokingly asked Jiraiya to invite Minato over to join them. “She would make a man out of him” she said, laughing. Unlike Hiruzen who was certain that Tsunade had similar tastes in men that Mito did, Jiraiya was not one hundred percent sure about that theory yet. He was very suspicious about that being the case, though.


About two years later, Minato and Kushina finally graduated from the academy, becoming genins. At this point in time, Kushina had been made the new jinchuriki, being the host for the kyuubi. Mito passed away about a year ago, which was obviously a very sad day for Kushina, Tsunade, Hiruzen and the few other Senju clan members who were still alive.


Kushina and Minato had become friends during these two years. It was almost unavoidable for the two of them not to meet each other often, due to Jiraiya and Tsunade's connection. The four of them would often eat lunches and dinners together. Kushina was grateful for that, as it made her dinners feel less lonely, now that she couldn't eat them with Mito any more. They have also been able to clear up some of the misunderstandings, which occurred that day when Jiraiya and Minato peeked on them. That was mainly due to Kushina getting to know Jiraiya better, which made it very obvious that he was the one that had put Minato up to it. The man has no shame, that self proclaimed super pervert.


Two days after graduating from the ninja academy, Kushina and her jounin teacher and her two teammates had just spent a whole day doing nothing but boring D rank missions. When they were done, they debriefed the hokage about the results of their so called missions, which were more like chores than ninja missions. After her jounin teacher had debriefed Hiruzen, Kushina was asked to stay behind.


Ever since Kushina first arrived here in Konoha, Hiruzen had always been something of a grand father figure to her. They may not have spent a lot of time together, but he made sure she always had what she needed, and she knew that he was looking out for her. Kushina had nothing bad to say about him, up until that day. Because when Hiruzen asked her to stay behind, he did so by asking her this question.


“Kushina-chan, how would you like to spend the night with me?” Hiruzen asked, smiling as he smoked his pipe.


“Eh?” Kushina responded in confusion “Do you want me to sleep over at yours and Biwako-baa's house?”.


Hiruzen laughed “No, Kushina-chan” he said. After he had stopped laughing, he continued with a serious expression “I am asking you if you would let me fuck you”.


“W-what?” Kushina asked with a shocked expression “Y-you can't be serious” she added with a slight stutter. She felt both disgusted and a little bit betrayed as well, after she heard Hiruzen's shameless request.


Hiruzen had longed for this day, the day she would finally graduate. There hasn't been anyone that he has wanted more than her, including even Tsunade. Not only is Kushina a full blooded Uzumaki, with a short temper and a mean attitude, she is also incredibly beautiful, and out right sexy, without even trying. Just her beauty alone would be enough reason, but the possibility of her being as wild and dirty in bed as Mito was, was the main reason he wanted to get her in bed with him.


“I'm perfectly serious” Hiruzen said with a chuckle “So, what will it be? I promise you that you won't regret it. No girl ever has, after spending a night with me” he added, with a proud smirk.


Kushina wasn't even interested in things such as going on dates or finding a boyfriend at this point, never mind having sex. And even if she did, Hiruzen would be one of the last people on earth, who she would ever think of that way. The answer was obviously a resounding, hell no. Kushina didn't care about whether it was an order or not either, as she proceeded to fly over the hokage desk, slamming her fist into his face. Both Hiruzen and his chair toppled over, falling down on the ground. Steam appeared out of Kushina's head, as she stomped out of the hokage office, gritting her teeth “Go to hell, you shameless disgusting pervert!”.


Hiruzen sighed, as he got up to put his chair back where it was. He had expected nothing less, but it was worth a shot, as it always was. He also couldn't help but think that Kushina was, just like Tsunade, just playing hard to get. Maybe she will say yes the next time, he thought with a perverted smirk. While Kushina rushed home to let Tsunade know about what had just happened, Hiruzen let in the next genin team and their teacher, to let them debrief him on how their important D rank missions had gone. While Hiruzen was talking to the jounin sensei of that team, he focused most of his attention on one of his students. The student in question was one of the other girls of the recently graduated class, who he had an interest in. That girl was Kushina's best friend, Uchiha Mikoto.


Just like Kushina previously, Hiruzen asked Mikoto to stay behind after she and her team had finished debriefing him on how their missions had went. Her male jounin teacher and her two teammates, had no idea why only she was asked to stay behind, since only his closest friends and the good looking part of the female ninja force, knew of his secret.


Once alone in his office, Hiruzen got straight to the point. He asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. It wasn't an order at all, as he had never actually ordered anyone to have sex with him, and this time were no different. He has never forced himself on anyone either, not even enemy kunoichi, as Hiruzen despises rapists more than anything.


Mikoto's response, was to hang her head dejectedly, before telling him “Yes, sir”.


“That was not an order by the way, it was an invitation” Hiruzen said, as he realized she had gotten the wrong idea.


“Then, I'll respectfully reject your offer” Midori said with a bow, before taking her leave.


Hiruzen wasn't surprised, most seemed to reject him now that he had gotten older. While getting older he had also gotten a lot pickier with which girls he chooses to give his shameless invitations to. A combination of getting older, the little hair he had left on his hair getting grayer and grayer, along with him getting pickier, was not a good combo. At least not when it came to him finding new, willing lovers. There were a few exceptions though, as there always was. Hiruzen still has a good amount of loyal lovers, some of which aren't much older than Kushina and Mikoto.


Hiruzen wasn't going to give up on Mikoto that easily though. He had somewhat of a trump card that he could play, in order to change her mind. After doing a little background check on her, he had learned what all of her classmates already know, which is that she is heads over heels in love with a certain blond Namikaze prodigy.


While Minato and Kushina may call each other just friends, that is not how others see them. They look more like a young couple than just two friends. That is mainly because of how Kushina acts with him. When she warms up to someone, she can get very clingy and cuddly with them. Minato is no different, as she considers him to be a very good friend. But from the outside, her innocent show of affection for her friend, looks more like something a girlfriend would do with her boyfriend. This was something that Mikoto, as Kushina's best friend, had not missed. She was pissed at Kushina and had started avoiding her, as a result.


"Hold up" Hiruzen said, causing Mikoto to turn around to face him again, as he sat there smirking "Yes?".


"If you hear me out, then maybe we can make a little deal, just between the two of us" Hiruzen said.


"What kind of deal?" Mikoto asked, staring at Hiruzen suspiciously.


"I know that you are in love with Namikaze Minato, I could help you get together with him." Hiruzen said, smirking at Mikoto's reaction "I'm listening.." she said, with a smirk of her own.


Hiruzen then told her about his somewhat evil scheme to ruin Kushina and Minato's chances to be together, so that the two of them could get them for themselves instead. It involved Mikoto flirting with Minato any chance she got, in front of Kushina. He assumed that would make her jealous since he believes that she has feelings for Minato, not knowing that they are nothing more than friends right now. While Mikoto is getting Kushina jealous, Hiruzen would step in to ease Kushina into the idea of having sex with him, to make Minato jealous instead.


Mikoto's thoughts about Hiruzen's twisted plot to ruin what could be a very nice young couple, was that it was the best idea ever. She would do anything to get Minato for herself. If she managed to win Minato's heart, while Kushina ended up having sex with this old man as well, that would only be an added bonus. Mikoto thought she deserves nothing better since she had tried to steal Minato from her.


“What do you say Mikoto-chan? The two of us can work together to get what we want by making sure those two never become a couple. That way you can have Minato-kun, while I can try my chances of getting inside the pants of that beautiful Uzumaki girl” Hiruzen said with his arms folded as he sat behind his desk.


Mikoto stood still, not responding for a short while, before she took a few steps closer to Hiruzen's desk, standing in front of it, facing him.


“If you get that tomato girl out of the way for me so that I can get Minato-kun” she said with a determined expression “Then you have yourself a deal, Hokage-sama!”.


Hiruzen nodded with a barely visible smile. This was going just like he planned it, so far.


“Good, If that's all, then I will take my leave now. Good bye, Hokage-sama” she said respectfully, then gave him a quick bow, before turning to leave again.


“Hold on” Hiruzen said as he got up from his chair and walked around the desk. Mikoto stopped walking and turned to face him again, seeing that he was now standing next to her, staring at her with a confident smirk.


“Did you need anything else, Hokage-sama?” Mikoto asked respectfully.


“I have cared for Minato for a long time, I have watched him grow up to become the skilled young man that he is today. He is like a grandson to me, so if I'm going to help you get him for yourself, by ruining his chances to be with the girl he loves, then you have to get me something else in return” Hiruzen said, his, as his smirk turned into a wide grin.


“Name it” Mikoto said without hesitation.


“I already did, earlier, after your teacher and teammates had left” Hiruzen said, taking a step closer to her. Mikoto stared at him with an open mouth “But.. But I said I would help you by keeping Minato-kun away from the tomato girl" she asked, while staring up at Hiruzen nervously. She had only started calling Kushina “Tomato” just recently, due to her being jealous of her close relationship with Minato.


“Yes and that's in exchange for me helping you get Minato-kun, but I want something else to seal this deal, otherwise I don't know if I can go through with it, since I don't want to risk hurting Minato-kun's feelings, without getting anything in return” Hiruzen said, taking another step closer to her as he stared down at her, into her eyes.


Then the two of them just stared at each other in silence, for what had to be around half a minute. During that time, Mikoto had remembered the reason why she had angrily tried to stomp out of the office earlier. She had forgotten all about that when Hiruzen told her that she may have a chance to be with Minato. She meant what she said when she said that she would do anything to be with Minato.


Mikoto finally nodded, which had Hiruzen ask "Is that a yes?"


Mikoto's response was, her standing on her tip toes, throwing her arms around Hiruzen's neck, before giving the hokage a long and wet kiss. Hiruzen took that as a yes, that she agreed to his offer to have sex. While they kissed Hiruzen's hands quickly found their place on her perfect tight little butt. After their kiss, Hiruzen carried her over to the desk and placed her on top of it, as the two of them started undressing. What happened next was something that forever changed both of their lives, as the two of them had sex inside the hokage tower until early morning hours.


Hiruzen could without a doubt say that Mikoto was the second best fuck he ever had, only second to Uzumaki Mito. This was just like he always imagined these beautiful, extraordinary skilled girls, who usually refused him, would be. The oh so serious, talented, rather quiet and very beautiful Mikoto, was so damn wild in bed and fun to have sex with. He knew that night, that Mikoto would be someone that he wouldn't be able to let go of. She would be his lover for life. Mikoto in turn was completely sold on sex with Hiruzen after that night. It was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. She gladly had sex with him again after that, whenever he asked, which was very often after that night. She also approached him for sex, a lot more than he asked her. Hiruzen knew why, she was most likely a nymphomaniac, just like all other strong kunoichi, who all seemed to be nymphomaniacs.


Thirty minutes after Hiruzen started fucking the young Uchiha kunoichi prodigy in his office, they were caught in the middle of their erotic act, by a certain someone. Tsunade had gone over to the hokage office, after hearing Kushina tell her about what happened in the hokage office earlier. That didn't sit well with Tsunade at all, as she was very angry with her former teacher. Tsunade honestly thought he wouldn't stoop so low as to ask Kushina of all the girls available, a question like that. There were countless of young sluts he could have, he could just browse through his lists of genin and chuunin and pick one. Why did he have to ask Kushina, who is so innocent and pure, and is probably the last person who would ever do something like that. Then again, she wasn't all that surprised to hear about it either. He had done the same thing to her back in the day, and he continues to invite her to have sex with him, whenever they meet.


When Tsunade got to the hokage tower, she ran up the walls of the tower, intending to blast through the windows. She would then proceed to hang the man by his own ball sack, on top of that tower. When she had ran up to the windows of the hokage tower, she couldn't help but freeze in shock, as she saw what was going in there. She saw Hiruzen laying on his back on the desk, while Mikoto road him. She had her tongue out of her mouth, looking like she was really enjoying the ride she was currently on. Mikoto's hips rocked back and forth, as she ground her pussy into him, with his cock buried all the way inside of her.

Tsunade changed her mind about breaking into the hokage office after seeing that, in favor of returning to her home. She was completely dumbfounded at what she had seen. Why would a pretty girl like her, ever want to be with such a dirty and ugly old man? She just couldn't understand it. After seeing that, Tsunade finally decided on something she had been thinking about ever since Mito passed away. That was to leave the village, as she was completely sick of it. It's full of degenerates, and it's lead by one. The village has also taken everything from her, everyone that she cared for.


Tsunade had also found an interesting young girl who she intends to take with her. Her name is Kato Shizune, who happens to be her former fake boyfriends niece. Shizune had gone over to see Tsunade at the Senju clan compound one day, in order to ask her to train her to become a medical ninja. Her dream was to become a medical ninja, so that she could help save others. Just that dream of becoming a medical ninja, would have been enough of a reason for Tsunade to teach her a few things. When she found out that she was Dan's niece, she asked Shizune to become her new apprentice instead.


Tsunade honestly felt bad about what she did to Dan. Thinking back, she realized there was no need for her to get a fake boyfriend at all. She and Nawaki should have just been open with their relationship, and just not cared about what others thought of them. They are all just as fucked up anyway, if not more. The amount adultery going in this village, is sickening. While allowing Shizune to become her apprentice, wouldn't exactly mean that she had made things up to Dan, it at least made her feel a little bit better about herself, knowing that she was looking out for his niece.


Tsunade and Shizune left the village a few weeks after that. A week after Tsunade left, something happened to Kushina that she would never forget. It was an horrible experience. That evening, she was alone inside the house she had inherited from Mito, making herself dinner. She was then completely taken by surprise, as someone put a bag over her head, then carried her off. She wasn't even able to comprehend what happened to her, before it was too late. Three very tall men who are jounin ninja belonging to Kumo (The Cloud Village), had sneaked into her house, to kidnap her. They succeeded in getting her out of her house, and the village, mostly unnoticed. Mainly due to Kushina not having expected it, since if she had time to react, she would have put up a fight.


Once outside of the village, they let her down before taking the bag off of her head, then tied her hands together with a rope, which they used to drag her along with them, as she walked behind the person holding the rope. One of the men walked next to her, laughing as Kushina stared at him with an expression of pure disgust, anger and slight fear.


“Let me go, you jerks!” Kushina yelled.


“Sorry, no can do” The kumo man who stood next to her said “You are coming with us back to Kumo”.


“You think Konoha is going to let you just take me!? I bet the hokage has sent out several groups to find me already!” Kushina barked at him.


“I'm afraid they don't even know that you are missing. We didn't let anyone see us, as we executed this kidnapping perfectly. Our scouts in Konoha has had their eyes on you and your house for a long time, we knew exactly where and when it was best to grab you.” The man said, with a mocking laughter.


“Why me?” Kushina said, lowering her head “Is it because of that thing..”.


“Are you talking about the Kyuubi?” The man asked, causing Kushina to stare at him in surprise “Oh we know about that, don't you worry. It's not only because you are jinchuriki that we are taking you though. It has to do with your clan and your bloodline limits” he continued, as Kushina just glared at him.


“What are you gonna do to me!?” She yelled, angrily. The man then punched her cheek, hard, causing her head to snap to the side. Kushina couldn't hold back tears, as that punch really hurt and she was terrified right now.


“Don't use that tone with me, you don't have the right to talk to me that way. By the time you get to Kumo, you will no longer be treated as a human. You are going to become a breeding stock, with the sole purpose of giving birth to as many children as you can. Since you are such a pretty girl, the Raikage and the other higher ups will likely take you for themselves. You will get raped over and over again, even while you are pregnant. They will continue to rape you until you are too old to get pregnant. After that you will most likely get executed and dumped somewhere, as the trash you are. Your children will remain in Kumo, where they will suffer the same fate you did, until we have created a new Uzumaki clan, which is loyal only to Kumo” The man said, with a sinister and evil grin. Kushina didn't respond to that, she just sniffled, as she hung her dejectedly.


She was starting wonder if she should just bite her own tongue, to kill herself. That thought sounded even better, as the sick man continued to tell her what they had in store for her.


“Don't worry, we aren't heartless. We are not going to hand you over to the Raikage before we have prepared you for your future. As soon as we get out of the Land of Fire, all three of us are going to take turns fucking your tight young cunt, and your cute little butt!” He shouted, as he gave her butt a hard slap.


“Argh!!” Kushina cried out, causing the man to laugh “Yes, you will make many such sounds while we fuck you, you little whore!” he yelled, as all three of them laughed loudly.


“There is no time limit on our mission, we are going to take our time with you, before we hand you over to the Raikage. It would be waste not to” The one pulling the rope said.


“Yeah, we hit the jackpot with this one” The one next to Kushina said, with a nod of agreement.


Kushina started plucking off some strands of her long red hair, and let them fall to the ground. She hoped that someone would be looking for her, and that her strands of red hair, would help them find her. Kushina didn't have to worry about that much longer, as someone had been trailing them as soon as they got out of Konoha. Minato had gone over to the Senju clan compound that night. He was nervously pacing around outside the front door of Kushina's house. He was about to ask her out on a date, for the first time, which was why he has nervous. Then he heard a loud shriek coming from inside her house, sounding a lot like Kushina. By the time he had gotten inside the house, she was no longer there.


He then looked everywhere for her within the Senju clan compound. Since Minato was already a user of the the flying thunder god technique at this point, he was moving extremely fast, as he searched the compound. He didn't find anything, so he started searching for her outside the clan compound, in the area that is located outside the village. There he found the bag that they had put on her head, along with a single strand of red hair. He then caught up to them, before they were able to get very far away from Konoha.


Minato proceeded to kill all three of those men, while making it look as if he was toying with them, due to how easily he dealt with them. Even though they were all jounin, they were no match for a genin Namikaze Minato. To be fair to them, not many people that is currently alive, were a match for him. Kushina hadn't even noticed it, she was so depressed, as she just kept walking forward, plucking a strand of hair every now and then. Her expression was completely emotionless, as she had accepted the fact that she was going to bite her own tongue, as soon as she got close to the borders. She would rather die than to suffer a fate that they had described for her. It wasn't until Minato cut the ropes off her arms, then picked her up to carry her in bridal position, that she snapped out of it.


She stared at Minato's face, who looked so handsome to her at that moment, with the moonlight shining down on him. That evening Kushina fell in love with Minato, and their love became a mutual thing. They were inseparable from that day forward, although, they didn't officially become a couple until a few years later, when the the third great ninja war eventually began.




1: I had originally written how Hiruzen found Uchiha Temari and freed her, along with her telling him her whole story, of what had happened to her. I decided to cut it from the story, as I didn't want to include it in the first chapter. Even though I am really trying to paint the picture of this version of the Naruto world being a “rotten world”, this scene I felt was too much. It involved sexual abuse, torture and humiliation involving human fecal matter. Later on in the story, Hiruzen is going to tell a future student of his, about Uchiha Temari's story. I may include the whole scene then. I figure it might not be as shocking then, since you might have gotten used to all the other crazy shit going on in this story by then.


2: If you are curious about the dick sizes of the characters that will be featured in this story, then I got just the right thing for you! I present to you, the crackverse's Dick-o-Meter:


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3: I was thinking of writing a little side story of Jiraiya's time spent with Nagato, Yahiko and Konan. My idea was that Jiraiya would hook up with Konan, to create a naughty and interesting little twist to their back story. I changed my mind about though, as that would be out of character even for this version of Jiraiya. Konan is spared for now.


Authors Note: This story is all of my stories that I have published on this site, put together to create one big story. The stories in question are: Sarutobi and Uzumaki, Uzumaki and Yühi, Hyuuga Princess, Toad Sage and Cherry Blossom, Yamanaka and Namikaze and lastly, Tsunade and Udon. Along with telling the story of the lives of characters in those stories, this story is also going to focus on several other characters and pairings. Some of them have already been hinted at, mainly thanks to Moegi's voyeurism in “Sarutobi and Uzumaki”.


There is also going to be quite a lot of new scenes and additions to old scenes, which will hopefully make the re-used parts from the other stories, worth reading again. This chapter is an example of that, as it tells a lot of Konoha's history that was never told in any of the other stories.


I originally wanted this first chapter to cover the whole prologue, but since this chapter already has over 21,000 words written in it, I felt like I had no choice but to split the chapter up in two parts. There is going to be a second part, which focuses on the Third Great Ninja War, The Kyuubi attack on Konoha, and the early days of Naruto's life after he is born, along with the rest of the main characters. Speaking of main characters, this story is going to have a ton of them, along with a ton of different pairings as well.


I might add a “titty scale” in the next chapter, to compliment the Dick-o-Meter in this chapter. For now, here is a crappy looking map of this version of Konoha, that I created to give you readers a visual of where everything is located. This map shows what Konoha will look like after the prologue:


More tags, mainly couple tags, will be added to the story information once those couples have been finalized or introduced. Basically, I don't want to spoil the couples for new readers. Some of the couples will become obvious pretty early on in the story though. The title of the story might change as well, I am still trying to come up with a solid title for this story. The summary will definitely change at some point, as I suck at writing summaries. I will try to improve the summary to make the story sound a little more interesting.


My old stories are put on hold indefinitely. They will likely get removed once this story has caught up to them, timeline wise. This story is going to replace all of those stories, so that I can focus on just writing one story, instead of six or seven stories. I hope you enjoyed reading the first chapter of this new fan fic, following the lives of all the degenerates in this crackverse of the Naruto world that I have created! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or a review. Same goes if you want to tell me your thoughts on the chapter! Both good and bad critique is welcome as well, as long as it's constructive.

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