Sinful Tales of Konoha

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In this chapter you might notice a distinct lack of detailed sex scenes, just like in the previous chapter. While I have never been very good at writing super detailed smut or sex scenes, there is going to be some more interesting sex scenes, once the story actually begins. This prologue is just a build up to all of that. I would also like to give a warning to those that doesn't want to read about any sexual abuse. There is a scene with Nohara Rin in this chapter, which you might want to avoid reading. I felt it was important to have this scene in here, since it will be referenced many times in future chapters, as the older generations tell the younger generations about the reality of this rotten world, and the horrors which war brings.



Chapter 2 – Prologue Part 2


Pre-Third Great Ninja War


After Namikaze Minato graduated from the ninja academy, he rose through the ninja ranks at a record speed. That was something that didn't surprise anyone, especially not Hiruzen. He had also had his eyes on him for a long time, for different reasons than Kushina and other attractive girls, though. Hiruzen was honestly impressed by how fast he improved, and how strong he was, even before he had graduated. Minato was also someone who Hiruzen had gotten to know, and he had become something of a grandparent figure for him as well. That's why he wasn't surprised by how quickly Minato climbed the ranks. Especially since he was the one who promoted him to chuunin, directly after hearing about how he had saved Kushina.


Having saved her innocence would be enough reason for Hiruzen to promote him, since he wanted to be the one to take her virginity himself, but mainly it was due to the impressive feat of having taken down three jounins on his own. Minato had done so before they could even get out of the Fire Country, and before they could cause any real harm to Kushina. Minato's impressive feats continued as a chuunin. He often got assigned to work together with team consisting of experienced jounin, and they would then often be handed missions that are only intended for the very best. B, A and even S rank missions, were the kind of missions which Minato were mostly assigned to.


Hiruzen knew that Minato was someone out of the ordinary and wanted him to get as much experience and knowledge about how it really is to be a ninja, in this rotten world, as early as possible. Hiruzen would often ask Minato to stay behind in his office, after he and his team had returned to the village, in order to talk with him about his missions. He wanted to find out what Minato thought about the things he may have seen, or done, during his missions. It was during those talks that Hiruzen became certain that Minato would be his choice as their next hokage. He shared his dreams of bringing peace to this world, by ending the unnecessary wars and skirmishes, and all the cruelties that came along with them. Hiruzen would end up promoting Minato to jounin only a year after he had become a chuunin.


The world around them had not stopped, during the year before Minato got promoted to jounin. His crush, Kushina, had also been promoted, by dominating one of the chuunin exams held in Konoha. She was now a chuunin, who was seen as something of a kunoichi prodigy. Her prodigy status also came from the fact that she, along with Minato, was being trained by one of the legendary sannin, Jiraiya.


When Minato graduated from the academy, he first belonged to a genin team, which Jiraiya was the jounin teacher of. Jiraiya's two other students, weren't noteworthy at all, and they aren't even relevant anymore, since they had both given up on being a ninja, only a week after graduating. Jiraiya's training regimen had been too much for them. They just couldn't handle it. Jiraiya was trying to raise his students to become actual ninja, he didn't want to watch over brats who were just playing at being a ninja. Those were the types who would die first in wars. In the end it was probably for the best that they both quit.


Minato was then apprenticed to Jiraiya, who continued to train him. After the incident with those Kumo ninja, who attempted to kidnap Kushina, which happened only a month after they graduated, Jiraiya and Minato's usual daily routine of inhuman training courses, got interfered with. That was due to Minato's promotion to chuunin, which in turn meant that he would be assigned to all those missions, without Jiraiya. That was when Jiraiya started training Kushina instead, who he was already very fond of. Unlike other men, who Jiraiya often referred to as closet perverts, he didn't have any nefarious reasons to do so. It was the complete opposite instead, as the super pervert had started thinking of both Minato and Kushina as his two younger siblings. They had become his family, something he had never really had before. While Jiraiya saw them as two younger siblings, but also as two annoying brats, Minato, Kushina and most others, thought of Jiraiya as a parent figure for them.


Now, just because Jiraiya didn't have any ulterior motives to train Kushina, that didn't mean that he didn't check her out every now and then or didn't have a lot of inappropriate compliments for her. That is just how the super pervert functioned. Jiraiya's antics wasn't something that bothered Kushina though, since that was something he did to literally any attractive woman. It was the Jiraiya that both she and Minato loved, as their overprotective and very perverted, adopted father. She knew that Jiraiya would never ask her something so shameless, such as what Hiruzen had asked her that day, and continues to do on a daily basis, whenever she is not out on a mission. It got so bad that Kushina would have her katana ready, in order to give Hiruzen dangerous threats of castration, whenever he asked her to have sex with him. Obviously that didn't stop him. That was still just her playing hard to get, in the old pervert's mind.


Both Minato and Kushina had also become summoners of toads,  thnaks to Jiraiya who had let them sign the toad summoning contract. That was something Jiraiya came to regret, almost immediately after they signed it. The toads took a liking to Minato and Kushina and were overjoyed with the fact that their new summoners weren't degenerate super perverts. In mount Myoboku, the toads started waving flags and signs, with words written on them such as “All hail Minato, down with the pervert!”, “Protect princess Kushina, shame the pervert!”. Unknowingly to Jiraiya, it was Gamabunta who had started that whole movement against him. (1).


All the toads knew that it was just a joke which they were playing on him, while in turn making Kushina and Minato feel welcomed and appreciated. The toads would always be loyal to Jiraiya, but they sure as hell didn't mind messing with him a little either. They are quite mischievous and as a result, aren't strangers to pulling pranks on people. As you could imagine, they and Kushina, had a blast pulling pranks on whoever they could in Konoha, who deserved it. Often Jiraiya would be the victim of one of those pranks. Even Minato wouldn't be safe from them, but he didn't really mind that.


Minato had made a few new friends while out missions, mostly consisting of chuunins who were a couple of years older than him. The Ino-Shika-Cho trio, consisting of Inoichi, Shikaku and Choza, were the ones he got along with the best. Out of those three, Inoichi were the one who he really hit it off with, as the two of them became very good friends. They were very similar and had similar goals and values. Inoichi also had a girl on his mind, just like Minato.


The girl who occupied Inoichi's thoughts, was a girl who happened to be one year younger than Minato and Kushina. Butao is her name. She was often teased for her name, which was a kind of word play of the word “buta”, which means pig. Inoichi, whose name in turn, was a word play on the word “inoshishi”, which means boar, could relate to her when it came to the teasing. Even though her name meant pig, she didn't look anything like a pig at all. Instead she was a very beautiful young woman, who had long blond hair, and light teal beautiful eyes. (2).


After Inoichi learned that she had been bullied and teased, due to her name, he started helping her with training, as a way to look out for her. The two of them has known each other for about a year now, and they had become great friends. Inoichi is also working up the courage to ask her out, as he is very interested in that young beauty. Butao in turn, is very much in love with him as well, and she is also struggling with finding the courage to confess to him.


Butao has also befriended another person, during her first year as a genin. She and Kushina had become great friends, after working together on a mission. They would later on befriend another girl, who is one year younger than Butao. Her name is Nara Yoshino, and she is a constant pain in the ass for Minato's other friend, Nara Shikaku.


Shikaku and Yoshino are both from the Nara clan, but they are not directly related to each other. Yoshino is obsessed with annoying Shikaku, as she is always following him around, whenever he is within the Nara clan compound. Yoshino is a very bossy young maiden, who has already declared that she is going to become Shikaku's wife in the future. Shikaku couldn't think of a more troublesome future than that.


Shikaku would much rather marry an older woman, who is a lot more experienced than her. That way he wouldn't have to put any effort into doing any research or learning about sex and such. That older woman could just teach him everything, or just handle it herself, while he just lays down and let the woman do her thing. But Shikaku had a feeling that he would wind up together with Yoshino anyway. Even though he finds her annoying, he can't help but think that she is the most wonderful girl in the village as well. If there is anything which he has learned from his father, then it's that his mom is troublesome and that is women are supposed to be troublesome. Shikaku might as well marry a troublesome woman of his own, he figures. It would also be a “drag” to find somebody else.


Shikaku is someone who Minato respects a lot for his intellect and strategic mind. The man has an insanely high IQ, and is capable of thinking up several strategies and plans, on the spot, when they are out on missions. He is also very chill and relaxed, which is sometimes annoying, but for the most part just means that he is very “chill” to hang out with. He is a good friend, in other words.


Choza is a bit different, however. At first Minato thought he was a rather shy, yet very kind young man. But he later on learned what Shikaku and Inoichi already knew about him, which is that he is just like Hiruzen, a sex addict. Choza would take any chance he could to participate in any out of the village sex activities with his female teammates. Since Choza is a man who is about as wide as he is tall, he is not exactly the most sought after young man.


There are a few women who are aware of certain a certain skill set, which the Akimichi clan are the users of. The Akimichi clan are able to extend and enlarge any part of their body, which is an ability they use to grow their body size in battle. These women, wants him for that exact reason, as they are interested him only because is able to enlarge his penis, to any size he wants. In other words, they are perverted women, who wants to get pounded by a gigantic Akimichi cock. Other than that, Choza has no faults really, other than eating too much. He is also a good friend, but Minato always got along the best with Inoichi and Shikaku.


While Kushina and Minato were training, going out missions and making new friends, Hiruzen and Mikoto took every chance they could to fulfill their evil plan of getting in the way of Minato and Kushina's relationship. They would end up failing horribly every time they tried, though. Hiruzen recalls one of those evenings, which occurred about a half a year after he promoted Minato to jounin. That evening Hiruzen had invited a lot of his friends, family and clan members to celebrate his own birthday. His birthday parties were parties which Hiruzen always hoped would turn into an orgy, with all the beautiful women participating. That never happened though, instead he would have to pretend to act like a decent human being, mingling with people, while making sure he didn't do or say anything that would piss off his wife.


Hiruzen also had two other reasons why he couldn't make too much of a fool of himself at home. During all his years of degeneracy, he had also managed to father two children. They are his daughter, Sarutobi Asuka and his son, Sarutobi Asuma. Asuka is ten years older than Asuma, and she is already a senior in the ninja academy, and is a classmate to Nara Yoshino. Asuma won't start attending the ninja academy for another six years though. Hiruzen didn't want them to learn of his degeneracy so soon, even though he knew it was only a matter of time until they found out about it. Asuka would most likely hear about it, as soon as she goes out on her first mission. (3)


Even though his friends and family were all present, he and Mikoto couldn't help but try their luck. They saw a chance when Minato went to the kitchen to get another serving of food, while Kushina waited for him in the hall way. Mikoto joined Minato in the kitchen, then proceeded to flirt with him immediately, asking him if he wanted to hang out after the party, and so on. Minato was just awkwardly trying to tell her as nicely as possible that he wasn't interested, while a jealous Kushina, glared daggers at Mikoto's back. Even though the two of them still weren't officially dating at this point, it still pissed Kushina off. She had fallen for the young Namikaze at this point, which made her really hate how Mikoto would always flirt with him. Had she seen Mikoto do something like this back during their academy days, then she most likely wouldn't have cared at all.


While Kushina stared into the kitchen in jealousy, as Mikoto got more and more forward with Minato, Hiruzen walked up next to her.


“Looks like they are getting along well” Hiruzen said chuckling.


“Mikoto-chan has always been like that. When will she ever learn that Minato-kun doesn't think of her in that way?” Kushina said, pouting.


“You like him, don't you?” Hiruzen said with a warm grandfatherly smile.


Kushina turned red “I-is it t-that obvious?” she stuttered in response.


Hiruzen nodded “You know, I could help you win him over. I could help you make him jealous of you instead”.


Kushina stared suspiciously at Hiruzen, before glancing back at Mikoto, who was now hugging Minato's arm to herself, while Minato started sweating, since he knew Kushina was watching. He also felt extremely awkward about the whole situation.


“How would we do that?” Kushina asked, them immediately regretting asking that, knowing something perverted was going to be suggested by Hiruzen.


“Well, I was thinking I could take you to my dojo next door, then I would take you into my private room, where I could make sweet love to you, which will hopefully result in you screaming out in pleasure, which Minato would hopefully hear” Hiruzen said with a perverted giggle.


“I figured you would say something along those lines..” Kushina said with a sweat drop “You are lucky this is your birthday party, otherwise I would have broken your nose again. You disgusting old pervert!” she barked at him, just before Minato used the Hiraishin to teleport himself next to her. He then put his arm around her back, escorting her back to the others. Mikoto came out to the kitchen, facing Hiruzen with a sigh “I tried..” she dejectedly. (4).


“Yes, I know” Hiruzen said with a sigh of his own “Guess it's just you and me later, like always”.


Mikoto stood on her tip toes, giving the third hokage a quick french kiss, before telling him “That doesn't sound too bad either, does it?”.


Hiruzen watched Mikoto walk back to the others with an extra sway in her hips “No, it certainly doesn't” he said, while checking her out.


Later that night, Hiruzen made love to his wife, as soon as their guests had left. Biwako fell asleep around 1 AM, which was when Hiruzen headed into his dojo. There he found Mikoto waiting for him, laying completely naked on a bed, inside a room in the back of the dojo. The two of them went at it until 5 in the morning, during which Mikoto had been acting extra naughty and slutty all night, since it was his birthday. The room they had done it in, was a room that he had used for decades, as he would bring his lovers there to have sex with him, while Biwako is sleeping in the house next doors. After their four hours long sex session, the two of them were cuddling, with Mikoto resting her head on his chest.


“Hiruzen, I don't think I want to do this any more” Mikoto said, causing Hiruzen to stare at her in shock “You don't? I thought we had a great thing going..”.


Mikoto giggled “I'm not talking about us, I'm talking about what we are doing to Kushina-chan and Minato-kun.”.


“Oh” Hiruzen said with a chuckle “You scared me for a second there..”.


“Baka, you have made me addicted to you. You're not going to get rid of me any time soon” Mikoto said, while she stared up at Hiruzen lovingly “I just don't want to interfere with Minato-kun and Kushina-chan any more. Those two are meant to be together, and I miss hanging out with my friend. I have been such a bitch towards her lately”.


Hiruzen nodded, he had no complaints about that. He knew that they were never going to succeed anyway. He had only made this deal with Mikoto as an attempt to get her in bed. He knew that she would remain his lover after that, since he was so confident in his skills in bed. As for Kushina, he is certain that she is never going to take him up on one of his invitations to have sex with him. There are some women, especially strong beautiful feisty women, like Tsunade and Kushina, who would always refuse him. He respects that about them. Even so, he is never going to stop asking them, because he wants them the most, just for that very reason.


“I agree, even though I'll probably never stop asking that beautiful Uzumaki princess to have sex with me” Hiruzen said with a chuckle.


“Do you like her that much?” Mikoto asked.


“Yes, I would do anything for a night together with her, even if it's just to confirm something” Hiruzen said, remembering his theory about Uzumaki women, and strong kunoichi with a bad temper. He thought those would be the most likely ones to resemble Mito in bed. He was certain they would all be extremely wild and fun in bed as well. He wasn't complaining about his current situation though. Mikoto wasn't a bad lover at all, and he still had plenty of other lovers as well.


“She is beautiful” Mikoto said shaking her head “But as her best friend, I'll do anything in my power to keep you away from her” Mikoto then got up, to straddle him “You will not touch her, you can use any fantasizes that you have about her, on me instead” she said, before she started riding him again. Mikoto had decided that she was gonna stay with Hiruzen, and let go of Minato. She also wished to apologize to Kushina, so that they could hopefully return to being best friends again.


A year and a half more passed like that, with Hiruzen doing his thing with Mikoto and his other lovers, while Kushina and Minato were glued to each other, like a couple, but not yet a couple. That changed when the third great ninja war broke out, as Minato and Kushina finally started dating officially. Hiruzen had dreaded this day, when yet another war would begin, which would bring so many more atrocities to this world. He had done anything in his power to prevent it, but didn't manage to anything more than to delay it



The Third Great Ninja War


The war started as a result of smaller ninja villages, such as the Kusa, Ame, Hoshi and Taki (Grass, Rain, Star and Waterfall) villages, trying to take advantage of the fact that the five great ninja villages was still suffering from all the losses of past wars. It was after Iwa (Stone) entered the war, and started marching towards the Land of Fire, when Hiruzen could no longer allow Konoha to sit on the sidelines. Before he officially declared war against Iwa, Hiruzen headed out to scout the army himself, only taking Minato with him. Minato was his ticket out of there, in case they were spotted or things went wrong. He could use the Hiraishin to get them out of there.


When they got to the borders of the Fire Country and Rain Country, they found the Iwa army of over five hundred men. They had taken over a peaceful village, using it as a temporary camp site or base, while doing whatever they want with the village population. There was a large pile of corpses, consisting of mostly adult men, outside the village. Hiruzen knew exactly who does deceased men had been, as he watched the Iwa army rape women and girls all over the village. They were the husbands, fathers and brothers of the women and girls currently being abused.


“This always happens during war.. Every single time” Hiruzen said in a disgusted tone, as he and Minato was standing on top of a hill, staring down at the village.


“Sometimes outside of war as well, I have seen it before” Minato said with a disgusted expression of his own.


Hiruzen nodded, closing his eyes “Minato-kun, I am going to give you a lesson about what it means to be a ninja of Konoha. Even though I have my shortcomings, as you are very well aware of, since I keep bothering your beautiful girlfriend, there are just some things I can't forgive and never accept. What you see in front of you is one of them” Hiruzen said before his face hardened “Minato, listen carefully!”


“Yes sir” Minato said, listening intently.


“Do you hear it?” Hiruzen asked, as a gust of wind blew past them.


“Only the awful sounds of what is happening before our eyes, sir” Minato responded.


“No listen, more carefully” Hiruzen said, as he finally opened his eyes, grinning “The leaves that are being carried away by the winds, are calling out for us”


Minato tried to concentrate his hearing, but couldn't hear anything. He ended up staring at Hiruzen in confusion instead.


“There are some things a man can never walk away from. It doesn't matter how many warriors you are up against, or how bad the odds are of you surviving. That's what the the leaves are telling me, it's the voice of Hashirama-sensei, calling out to me” Hiruzen then bit his thumb, drawing some blood, before using the summoning technique to summon an old monkey summon, by the name of “Enma”.


“War?” Enma asked with a sigh “Here we go again” he added, before transforming into a black battle staff, which Hiruzen grabbed.


Hiruzen then threw the hokage hat at Minato, who caught it, while staring at Hiruzen in confusion “Hold on to that Minato, you might just be the one who inherits it from me. Help me lead our armies, as I command them for another war, then I will let your surpass me as the hokage. Minato!”


“Yes!” Minato saluted, while he hid tears that had started falling from his eyes, due to how happy he was after hearing that Hiruzen wanted him to be next hokage.


“Let's go, let's show these whipper snappers what real Konoha men are made of. It's time I show you who I really am, and that I will never turn my back the on people residing in the country that I have promised to protect” Hiruzen announced, before leaping down the hill.


Minato grabbed a three-pronged kunai in each hand, before jumping after him “Yes, sir!” he said with a wide grin.


Hiruzen and Minato then proceeded to slaughter every single Iwa man in that army, saving the village women and children. After that skirmish, Konoha had of course entered themselves into the war. Soon thereafter, Kumo, Kiri and Suna, would enter the war as well. Suna would end up becoming Konoha's ally, which was something new, since they had been bitter enemies in the past two wars.


Minato would continue to make a name for himself through the war, sometimes by defeating whole armies by himself. The war would end up lasting almost six years, during which time Minato had the time to teach and lose a genin team, get married and become the new hokage. The war was the kind where it could take months between each major battle, meaning that they weren't constantly fighting with the other nations. Although, if you did run into an enemy ninja while out on a mission, you knew that you wouldn't get out of there without a fight.


Two years into the third great ninja war, was when Minato got assigned to become the jounin teacher for a team consisting of three freshly graduated genin. All three of them had graduated early, due to the war. It wasn't unusual at all for academy students to graduate early during war times. His three students were Hatake Kakashi, Nohara Rin and Uchiha Obito.


Kakashi back then, was a very serious and professional individual, who didn't joke around or mess about, while working as a ninja. He was, and still is, a ninja genius who made his teammates and his former classmates, look weak in comparison to him. Kakashi had a good reason to be the way he is, he had seen his father suffer from ridicule at a young age. His father, Hatake Sakumo, who was famous throughout the world as “Konoha's White Fang”, had broken the shinobi rules, by going against the objectives of the missions, in order to save a teammate. Kakashi wouldn't let himself end up becoming ridiculed like he had been, that's why does everything by the book. He didn't know that their hokage respected his father very much for his actions. His father was the type of ninja who Hiruzen loved to have working for him, in his ninja force.


Rin was also very professional, but she was a lot kinder and gentle than Kakashi. She was a medical ninja in training, who looked up to Tsunade. Rin was also something of a mediator between her two teammates Kakashi and Obito, who couldn't go five minutes without fighting or arguing. She kept them in line, in other words. Out of all three of Minato's students, Rin were the one who Kushina liked the most. She had started caring for her almost as a little sister.


Minato's third student, Obito, was a very happy go lucky young man, with big goals and dreams of becoming hokage. Even though he had big dreams, he didn't necessary have the skills or potential to reach those dreams. He was the weaker one of the team, while Kakashi was the genius. That's another reason why the two of them couldn't see eye to eye, as their difference in skill often resulted in Kakashi mocking Obito, or Obito insulting Kakashi any chance he got, since he saw him as a rival. The biggest reason for their one sided rivalry stemmed from the fact that Obito had a crush on Rin, who in turn had a crush on Kakashi.


Obito was a very kind and heard working young man, and that was something Minato liked about him. He may very well have been Minato's favorite student. Obito is the grandson to the Uchiha woman, Temari, who Hiruzen had saved all those decades ago. The tragedy that their family has had to suffer, would sadly not end with just that incident. Obito would be the first of Minato's students to get killed during the war, a year after their team had been formed. It was when his students were out on a mission, when they ran into a squad of Iwa ninja. During a skirmish with those Iwa ninja, Obito had sacrificed himself to save Rin, by throwing her out of the way of an incoming huge stone bolder. Sadly, he wasn't able to get himself out of the way in time, and that stone bolder would end up crushing his body.


Before he passed away, he offered Kakashi one of his sharingan eyes, which he wanted Kakashi to use in order to protect Rin. Kakashi had the eye transplanted, with the help of his medical ninja teammate Rin, soon after that. With the help of his new sharingan eye, he helped Konoha win many victories, earning himself nicknames such as Konoha's copy cat ninja, and Kakashi of the sharingan.


As far as Minato and his students were aware, Obito had passed away that day. That had actually not been the case, since Obito had been saved by a very old Uchiha Madara. It was due to Madara saving Obito, that something awful would happen to Minato's female student. A year later, while Obito's body was still being treated, Madara had come up with a way to make sure that Obito would start to hate this world, and Konoha, as much as he did. It involved him seeing his crush, Rin, getting killed and abused, right before his eyes.


During that year before Madara was able to put his plans in motions, by targeting Rin, Rin and Kakashi had also started climbing the ninja ranks, while fighting in the war. Rin had become a chuunin, while Kakashi had been promoted to jounin already.


Kushina had been a jounin for over a year, and she was one of Konoha's most powerful fighters at this point. She was famous for her ruthless killings of enemy men, who all had told her what they would do to her and her teammates if they were to lose to them. On the other hand, she was also famous for how forgiving and soft, she could be towards her enemies that does not scream how they are going to rape her and her friends during battle. She would often let the respectable enemy ninja, along with the younger ones who had been forced to partake into the war, escape her with their lives still intact. Because during that war, Kushina did not lose a single battle. Considering how much damage she had caused to the Kumo ninja force especially, she considered her revenge on that village, over and done with. Kushina's accomplishments in the war, has renewed her rivalry with Tsunade, as Kushina is often compared to the female sannin, and some even said she had surpassed her.


Tsunade in turn, had returned to the village temporary during this year, to participate in the war. It wasn't that she was hungry for war like some kind of warmonger, instead she felt that she had an obligation to participate in the war. She didn't want to abandon her two former teammates and let them fight in the war alone. She also wanted to make sure she could save as many lives as possible this time around, and make sure she wouldn't lose Kushina as well. She is the only family she has got left, after all.


Tsunade had heard people spreading rumors about Kushina having surpassed her, or the two of them being compared with each other. That only served to motivate her, as she would brutally destroy any enemy that dared cross her path. And if she ever had any trouble with an enemy, then she could always count on Jiraiya to have her back. The sannin were completely unstoppable during the war, which made them even more feared by their enemies, and more respected by their allies.


Minato was also unstoppable. The only really tough fight he has fought so far, was against a man called “A” from Kumo and his brother Killer Bee. Minato came out of that battle winning, but he wasn't able to kill those two. Neither did he want to kill them either, because they seemed a lot different from a lot of other Kumo ninja he had run into. He secretly hoped that those two would be the ones who would lead Kumo in the future, since that could help end these wars. Minato had recently invented a new technique, which he used a lot during the war. It was a technique that he named the “Rasengan”. (5).


During this year, all of Minato's friends had asked out the girls they were interested in, and was now dating them. Shikaku was dating Yoshino, Inoichi was dating Butao and even Choza had gotten himself a girlfriend. His girlfriend was about as wide as he was, and they both sure did love to eat. Somewhat surprisngly, Uchiha Mikoto, had gotten herself engaged with a young man from the Uchiha clan, Fugaku.


That was the result of an arranged marriage between Mikoto and Fugaku's parents. Since Fugaku is very likely to become the next clan head of the Uchiha clan, due to his father being the current clan head, that was not such a bad deal for Mikoto. Especially since that was exactly what she and Hiruzen wanted to happen. They both knew that their marriage would be a loveless marriage. All Mikoto would have to do was to make sure to give that man a few children, and act like a good housewife during the days. As long as she and Hiruzen uses pregnancy seals, there is no reason why their affair can't continue while it has been, as long as they make sure Fugaku doesn't find about it, and Mikoto keeps him happy.


Minato was thinking about proposing to Kushina as well. Both of them had agreed not to have sex until they are married, but if there is something that this war has taught Minato, it's that life could be very short for a ninja. He thought they shouldn't waste more time, and figured it was time to tie the knot with her. He also couldn't wait to actually find out what sex is all about, considering that's all his friends talks about nowadays. Minato would end up proposing to Kushina, who responded with a very happy yes and giving him a kiss, as an answer. His proposal to Kushina happened about a week before the bad news of Rin's disappearance reached his ears.


Rin's disappearance all started with an old and sick Madara, who got help moving around by the creature “Zetsu”, contacting a group of Kiri ninja. These ninja from Kirigakure were the kind of ninja who Hiruzen had no problems with killing during wars, as they were the ones that would always sexual abuse and kidnap their defeated kunoichi enemies. Madara used his sharingan eye powers to control their leader figure, a tall man with brown messy hair, which almost resembled an Afro hairstyle. His name was Sukamu (6).


With the help of Zetsu, they had found out Nohara Rin's location, where she was out on a mission during the war. She was just out on a patrol mission, together with two chuunin teammates. Madara let Sukamu know where he could find her, as he and his band of lowlifes would love to spend some time with Namikaze Minato's female student. Madara did not care what happened to her or what they would do to her, as long as they kept her alive to be used for the second part of his plan.


That was to turn her into the jinchuriki of one of the tailed beasts, the three tailed turtle, Isobu. Once she was turned into a jinchuriki, she would be forced to attack Konoha, taking a route where she would cross as many Konoha shinobi as possible. The goal was for her to battle against Konoha shinobi, and hopefully die while doing so. The whole point of it all, was that Madara would have Zetsu make sure that Obito would see her death, before his eyes. He wanted him to see her die, by the hands of another konoha ninja, so that he would start hating the world as well, especially Konoha, and start doing Madara's bidding.


Sukamu and the fifty or so men part of his squad, which is basically a group of the worst criminals that exists, were not hard to convince, when it came to kidnapping Rin. That's even without the mind control that Madara had used on Sukamu. The mind control was only used to make sure that he would never go back on their deal, and make sure everything happens the way that Madara wanted it to happen.


Sukamu and his men proceeded to kidnap Rin, after a short one sided battle against her and her teammates. Even if Rin was a very skilled fighter, and her two teammates were no pushovers either, they couldn't win against the over fifty jounins and chuunins, who were the ones that had ambushed them. They did take out around ten of those kiri men though. Sukamu and his men then humiliated Rin's temporary teammates, before hanging them with snares around their necks in a tree. They had done so before Rin's eyes, while keeping her pinned on the ground, unable to move. They left after that, taking Rin with them, but not before inscribing a message on the trunk of that tree, which they hoped would reach Minato. The message read “Thanks for the gift, we will take good care of Namikaze Minato's student. Kiri”.


This message, along with Rin's dead teammates were discovered that same day by a group of Konoha ninja. It was reported back to Hiruzen, who sent out search squads, looking for her. Minato, Kakashi, Kushina and even the three sannin, were part of the search squads, along with their best Inuzuka kunoichi and ninja dogs. Unfortunately they never found her, or any sign of where she could have been taken, other than that message they had found written on that tree. They couldn't know for sure that it was Kiri ninja who had done it either, since ninja from other villages could have tried to point them in Kiri's direction as a way to fool them.


Hiruzen even tried to contact the Mizukage, and have him answer to where Rin was. Surprisingly enough, he got an answer, even though they were in the middle of a war. The Mizukage had no knowledge of anyone named Rin, having been captured by them. He had not given the order either. What made this response from the Mizukage believable, was that he added “If I had one of Namikaze Minato's students here, you would be the first to learn of it. I would hang her on top of the Mizukage tower for the whole village to see. You Konoha scum!”.


What happened to Rin afterwards, was something that no one except her and her captors would know about, for about a year and half. During that year and a half, before Rin was found, there had been something of a ceasefire between the villages, for several months. There were no major battles for a very long time. During this time, Inoichi and Butao, Shikaku and Yoshino and Mikoto and Fugaku, had all gotten married. Kushina and Minato were still waiting, since they didn't want to get married before they had either found Rin, or before they had ended the war.


Hiruzen's life had also changed, except for his relationship with Mikoto, which had remained the same, even though she was now married. He even fucked her on her wedding day, while she was wearing her wedding dress. What had changed, was that he had gotten himself another notable lover, someone who had refused his invitations in the past. His new lover is none other than Senju Nawaki's old love interest, Inuzuka Tsume. The two of them had gotten into an argument in the hokage office, which was a silly argument, mainly caused by the two of them being very tired and sick of this war. It got so bad that Tsume went up to slap him in the face, which had Hiruzen grab her by her waist, glaring at her. Tsume then growled at him before putting her arms around his back, kissing him. She was angry and horny, and since Hiruzen had invited her to have sex with him so many times in the past, she intended to fuck his brains out.


The two of them then went at it like two feral animals, inside that hokage office. Tsume, just like Mikoto, became hooked on having sex with Hiruzen after that. A week after they first had sex, Tsume showed Hiruzen something that would forever change the way that he saw the Inuzuka clan. She had invited him over to her house within the Inuzuka clan compound. After being invited into her house, by Tsume and her ninja dog partner, Shidomaru, the three of them ventured into her living room.


In there she had undressed, in front of Hiruzen who sat on the couch, and Shidomaru who rested on the floor, while keeping his eyes on her as well. It was like she was giving them both a strip tease. Hiruzen had expected her to climb on top of him on the couch, which had him pull down his pants in preparation.


“Keep your pants on. I'm gonna show you something that I think you will enjoy, you old pervert” Tsume said with a dirty and naughty expression. She then got down on all fours, before patting her back “Come here baby, let's show this old pervert how to really fuck like animals” she purred, while staring at Shidomaru. Shidomaru let out a happy sounding bark, before running around her, then getting on top of her, mounting her. Hiruzen then watched with wide eyes, as the large ninja dog, pounded so damn fast and hard into Tsume for fifteen minutes straight, without slowing down. Tsume looked so damn small when she had that large ninja dog, resting it's whole body on her back, while it kept fucking her. The dog and the Inuzuka matriarch were licking each others tongues, during the whole ordeal, which Hiruzen figured was their way of kissing.


After Shidomaru had stopped moving, he was still stuck inside of her as he had “knotted” her. Regular dogs can stay knotted like that, which is their cocks expanding, causing them to get stuck inside the female's sex, without being able to pull out, for quite a while. As for ninja dogs, they only stayed knotted like that for about one minute. Ninja dogs in turn, are a lot larger than regular dogs, especially the strongest ninja dogs, who usually have very large bodies, and they also have very large dock cocks. Ninja dogs are also able to keep fucking their “bitch” without any breaks, for a much longer time than a regular dog. A regular dog might go at it for a minute at most, while a ninja dog usually went at it for a minimum of fifteen minutes, before knotting their bitch. They are also ready to go for another round, pretty much immediately after pulling out. They can keep that up for hours, before they get tired.


“Did you enjoy watching that, Hiruzen?” Tsume asked after the very large ninja dog, Shidomaru had gotten off of her.


Hiruzen nodded, with a perverted grin “I sure did. Good lord, he really fucked the shit out of you”.


Tsume laughed “Hahaha, yes he sure did, and he has been doing that for a long time. Don't feel bad though, sometimes a woman just wants to make love, and the feeling of pure pleasure which you are able to make me feel when I'm with you, is completely different to the hard and rough amazing poundings that I get from my wonderful dogs.”.


“Are you fucking more than dogs than this one?” Hiruzen asked with a raised eyebrow.


Tsume nodded “Shidomaru is hardly the other ninja dog around. They all want a piece of their clan leader” she said with an eye wink.


“Hahaha, that's fucking brilliant! It's so perverse and so wrong, but damn if it isn't one of the hottest things I have ever seen” Hiruzen said, grinning.


Tsume smirked “If you enjoyed it that much, why don't you bring your cock over here so that I can suck it, while Shidomaru gets back to pounding me? I'll take care of both of you, as you can share this bitch tonight”.


“I'll take you up on that offer” Hiruzen said, getting up from the couch, before pulling down his pants. Before Tsume let him his cock inside her mouth, she stared up at him with a serious expression “I trust you will keep this a secret?”.


Hiruzen nodded “Of course, but let me know if you want me to bring some of my other lovers over some time. Maybe we can let them try it as well” he said with a perverted grin, a grin that Tsume mirrored “Just make sure they can keep a secret”.


“Hehe, they are all keeping secrets, don't you worry about that” he said, smirking while Tsume took his cock inside her mouth.


While Tsume had let Hiruzen know about one of her, and the Inuzuka clan's, secrets, she had not told him about all of them. There were a lot more to this than just her fucking her ninja dogs. It was her duty to do so, as the clan leader of the Inuzuka clan. Just like her many predecessors Tsume has never had a human male partner. In fact, she has never even had a human male father.


The ninja dogs of the Inuzuka clan are special in the way that their sperm can impregnate human women. If a human woman gets pregnant with the sperm from a ninja dog, then she will have a 50% chance to give birth to a human child after nine months. She also have a 50% chance to give birth to a litter of puppies, after just 1-2 months of pregnancy. Female ninja dogs can give birth to puppies like every normal dog, but they won't be nearly as strong and big, as the ninja dogs born from a human woman. It doesn't work the other way around, with a female dog and human male. Of course, the humans born this way can still have children the normal way with another human as well.


The female clan leader of the Inuzuka clan has breed with their male ninja dogs for many generations, in order to insure that the clan stays strong. It is the duty of their clan leader, and her future human daughters, to make sure that strong ninja dogs are born, and can become the partners of the the human members of the ninja clan. This is a well kept secret, that only a few of the Inuzuka clan members know of. For a time, it was only Tsume that had this knowledge, but after a few of the female members of her clan, had played a little naughty with some of the ninja dogs, and gotten themselves pregnant, they had been let in on the secret as well. They all had to keep the secret safe as well, which they gladly did, since they didn't want to be ridiculed, for their perverted acts with their dogs.


With Tsume, Hiruzen had now gotten himself a new wild lover, and a new perverted hobby, which was to watch her and her ninja dogs go at it. Hiruzen had also managed to get himself a new friend in recent years. He had befriended a young man, who is about five years older than Minato, who had recently been promoted to jounin. His new friend is Hyuuga Hiashi, who is the son to the current, and ever lasting clan leader of the Hyuuga clan, Hyuuga Neji. Hyuuga Neji and his wife, Hyuuga Hanabi, are the same age as Hiruzen, and they are even his former classmates, from all the way back during ancient times when all three of them were attending the ninja academy.


Around the same time that Hiruzen became the hokage, Neji would become the Hyuuga clan leader. Hiruzen and Neji has known each other for a very long time. They had never really gotten along though, and that is mainly due to Neji thinking that Hiruzen is nothing but a degenerate scoundrel. Neji is very old fashioned and a no nonsense type of guy. He doesn't think very highly of all these things that Hiruzen is rumored to partake in, which is mainly adultery and indecent sex acts with lots of women. (7).


Hiashi is the complete opposite to Neji, as the young man was something of a wannabe Casanova. He is a wannabe because he would very much like to be like Hiruzen, who has a harem of lovers. Hiashi has had no luck so far, when it came to charming any women, even though he is older than Minato, Inoichi and the others, who are soon getting married. Hiruzen felt bad for him at first, as he saw him fail miserably when he had tried to put in the moves on Mikoto. Hiruzen had never seen Mikoto snarl like that at someone before, she must have really hated the idea of getting together with Hiashi, even if the young man was probably only looking for a one night stand.


After talking with Hiashi a little bit after that, he heard his story and his wishes to become a man similar to Hiruzen. Hiruzen was happy to hear that at least someone looked up to him, so he started giving Hiashi some advice, on how to approach women and such. That wasn't much help for the poor man, but at least they created a friendship out of all those meetings, when Hiashi would come to him, asking for advice. During the latter part of these one and a half years, Hiruzen has not seen that much of Hiashi. He has heard a rumor that he has met a young Hyuuga woman though.


The Death of Nohara Rin

The good times during the ceasefire, didn't last forever. They were soon reminded that they were still in the middle of a war. And that reminder would come in the worst possible way. First, Kumo attacked from northeast, while Iwa attacked from the northwest, at the same time. Then, Kiri decided to join in on the charge of the Land of Fire as well. They did so with one of their squads leading the charge, it was the same squad that had kidnapped Rin. As for Rin, she was leading their charge, killing anyone that came at them.


Kakashi happened to be nearby, and it didn't take long for him to hear that Rin was in the Land of Fire, attacking Konoha ninja together with a squad of Kiri shinobi. He started searching for her as soon as he heard that she was nearby. If he had known what would happen when he found her, he would have wished that he never went searching for her in the first place. Because what happened next, was the worst experience of Kakashi's life.


With the help of summoned ninja dogs, which are a different kind of ninja dog than the Inuzuka ninja dogs, Kakashi was able to intercept Rin and the Kiri squad.


At first, Rin seemed like she didn't recognize him, as she didn't hesitate to attack him. The men of that Kiri squad, followed up her attack, which Kakashi had no problem dealing with, as he was far more skilled than them, and was able to evade all of their attacks rather easily. Now Kakashi found himself surrounded by what had to be a squad of over forty men, while facing Rin. Kakashi pulled aside his headband, which covered the sharingan eye that Obito had given him. He did this in order for Rin to be able to recognize him, as well as him trying to get Rin back to her senses “Rin, it's me Kakashi!” he called out.


Rin's eyes widened for a second, and Kakashi was sure he could see her appear panicked for that short while as well. Then her expression changed back into an emotionless stare, as she stared back at Kakashi. There was one major change from before though, as tears had started falling from her eyes.


“NO!!” Rin cried out “GET AWAY FROM ME, KAKASHI-KUN! YOU SHOULDN'T SEE ME LIKE THIS!” she followed up with a pleading, very loud, yell.


Kakashi didn't know what to make of that, she still stared at him with the same emotionless expression, but the tears and her voice, was telling him a different story. It was almost as if she wanted to protect him from something, instead of asking him to save her.


The kiri men started laughing “No way!”


“It's her teammate, Kakashi of the sharingan!”


“I can't believe our luck!” some of them spoke as the group continued to laugh.


“Why don't we show him what type of a woman Rin-chan has become?”


Sukamu, the tall man who was the leader of the squad of lowlifes, was standing closest to Rin. He put his arm around her shoulder “What do you think, Rin-chan? There is about forty men here, all of which want to make you happy. Do you want that?” he said, while using his other hand to grope her chest. Rin stared up at him while drooling and she had her tongue out of her mouth.


“You!” Kakashi said with a fierce glare directed at Sukamu. He was angry about what he was insinuating and the fact that he was touching Rin like that. Kakashi had seen a lot of things during his short, but very eventful ninja career, especially during this ongoing war. But he was not prepared for what happened next.


“YES!” Rin yelled in delight, but tears still fell from her eyes “I want to be happy again, please take me back so that you can all make me happy!” she added, as her hand reached down to rub between Sukamu's legs.


“No, Rin-chan” The Sukamu said with an evil grin, before pulling down his pants, exposing his already hard cock “We can all be happy out here, in front of your old teammate”


His subordinates all laughed, as they watched a drooling and smiling Rin get down on her knees in an instant “Yes, master” she said in a delighted tone, but Kakashi thought it sounded like she said that on queue, almost like a programmed robot. Rin started licking Sukamu's balls, while the rest of his men surrounded them in a half circle, leaving the front open to let Kakashi see what they were going to do with Rin. Kakashi saw as all the men, pulled down their pants, and what Rin did next, shocked him. Her hands immediately found a cock to start jerking off, as she announced in a joyous tone “Let's all do it in front of Kakashi-kun!” she then squealed in delight, before she started giving Sukamu a blowjob, while Sukamu and the rest laughed, staring at Kakashi with twisted, evil smirks.


Kakashi stood there frozen in pure disbelief, as he couldn't believe he was actually seeing this. Rin was then pushed around in that half circle, taking every single cock inside her mouth for a few seconds, as they all face fucked her roughly. They were almost throwing her around, sharing her, as Rin moaned in delight at the sight of each new cock.


Kakashi felt like he was going to throw up. He even found it hard to keep his balance to stay standing up. After Rin had been tossed around between the men, for about a minute, the men started ripping off her clothes. Once her panties had been pulled down her legs, she was lifted by her waist by one of the men, who was easily the tallest and largest built there, even taller than Sukamu. That large man, forcefully entered her and started pumping her from behind. While her body was lifted in mid air, she kept, sucking on their dicks as they took their turns. She was being spit roasted, and they were anything but gentle with her, as when they got their turn, they would pull at her hair, slap her face with their dicks, while the one lifting her would continue to slam into her from behind. He also spanked her ass hard, really putting power into each slap to her ass cheeks. What made this whole thing so hard to watch, was that Rin was begging for more, even though she couldn't stop crying.


At this point, Kakashi had lost his balance, as he sat on his knees, staring at the scene with an emotionless and defeated expression. Since her clothes had been ripped off, he was now able to see some of what she had been forced to endure this past year and a half. Her body was full of scars and bruises. Her back had what looked like old scars caused by a whip, which had broken her skin, and caused bleeding. She had burn marks on her arms and shoulders, and large scar going across her torso. They had even marked her with a tattoo, above her crotch, with the symbol of the Kirigakure village. It seemed like the only places they had not caused any damage to, was her beautiful face and her breasts and thighs.


Rin continued to thank them in a delightful tone, for letting her suck their cocks, as the tall man fucking her from behind, slammed her down on the ground, hard. Then another man positioned himself on top of her, putting his whole weight over her, before he start thrusting into her, while pressing her face into the grassy ground underneath them.


“No fair!” One of the others said, as the new guy wasn't letting anyone use her mouth. That was when Kakashi finally snapped out of his frozen status. He couldn't watch this anymore, he had to do something to save her. Even if she had somehow been tortured and brainwashed, which had turned her in to this, she could still be saved.


“Shut it will ya? You will get your turn” The guy on top of Rin said with a loud laugh. The rest of them joined in, laughing as the guy slammed into Rin, hard and fast, while Rin moaned and begged for more. She continued to beg them to “make her happy”. The man on top of her, put his hands into her mouth, then pulled it wide open with his fingers forcefully, while the others laughed “She wants more cocks, get three more cocks inside this Konoha whores mouth!”.


“Yesh!” Rin said, as she wasn't able to speak clearer than with her mouth being pulled wide open.


He then forced her up to a sitting position, to sit in his lap. She started moving her hips immediately, riding him, while the man kept forcefully stretching out her mouth. Three men then started pointing their dicks towards Rin's face, ready to do what the man asked. At this point, Kakashi had charged up a Chidori in his right hand, and was looking at the scene with dark, murderous eyes. Kakashi's state of shock had changed into a state of pure and utter rage and hatred. Kakashi charged towards them, who were now doing exactly what the man had asked earlier as Rin's mouth now had three cocks in it.


“Oh shit!” The man who had Rin in his lap, said, when he saw Kakashi coming towards them, with murder written all over his face. Kakashi was going straight towards the men currently abusing Rin. but Sakumu, their leader, who had just been watching for a while, moved in between them, blocking his path. Kakashi didn't care, he wasn't intimidating to him in the least, as he kept charging them, but with the intention of taking out their leader first. Just as his lightning technique was about to connect with the man's chest, as he had aimed for his heart, Rin somehow got away from the men that had been humiliating her, before she had leaped forward towards Kakashi, getting in between him and the leader figure.


Kakashi wasn't able to react, before Rin had found herself in front of him, impaling herself on his chidori covered hand, as it went straight through her chest and her heart. Kakashi wondered, was she taking her chance to commit suicide? In a way to escape from her captors and also in a way to save Konoha, as their plans to unleash the tailed beast there would be thwarted? Or was she doing this because she had been brainwashed to do it?


Just a few days before this attack on Konoha, she had been turned into a Jinchüriki, just like Madara had planned it. The goal with this attack was to force their way close to Konoha, then release the three tailed turtle there in order to cause destruction in the village. Sukame would then take Rin back to their hideout in the mist village and continue to “make her happy”. But seeing Rin's current state, he and the rest of his men had given up on that plan. There was no saving their sex slave. Instead, they ran away, fleeing from the angry Kakashi, as the cowards they are.


Streams of tears flooded out of Rin's eyes now as she sobbed “Thank you, Kakashi-kun” she said, before coughing up blood, while blood continued to gush out of her chest.


“Rin..” Kakashi said in a somber tone, he didn't understand how she was still able to utter words, with that large wound in her chest.


“Please don't tell our friends what became of me, tell them that I died in battle, fighting for Konoha” Rin continued as she coughed up more blood. Kakashi could tell that she was speaking her final words, as she declared “I love you Kakashi-kun, I always have”.


His female teammate then closed her eyes for the last time, as she collapsed on the ground, face first. Kakashi's emotions took over completely, as he cried, he cried more than he had ever cried in his life, while yelling in frustration, as he sat down to hold his dead teammate. Why did this have to happen to her? What did she ever to do deserve this? And why wasn't he there to protect her? Those were some of the thoughts that went through his mind.


Kakashi then glared off into the distance, where he saw Sukamu and his men fleeing into different directions. He gently put Rin down on the ground, before charging up a new chidori in his right hand. Kakashi was going to kill every single Kiri ninja present, starting with that scum, their leader. When he had dealt with them, he intended to finish the job, by attacking Kirigakure by himself, with the intent of erasing the whole village. The world would not miss that shit hole anyway, he though, as he hunted them down.


As Kakashi got to work, brutally killing almost all of them, one after another, over the course of a few minutes, Konoha back up finally arrived. His back up was his rival and friend Maito Gai, and the jounins Yamanaka Inoichi and Nara Shikaku. They helped Kakashi taking out the rest of that squad, with only a few of them being able to escape. Kakashi still wanted to hunt them down, but his allies told him they needed to get Rin back to the village and report back to the Hokage. Kakashi was pretty much forced back to the village, by the combined effort of Maito Gai's strength and Nara Shikaku's shadow techniques, as he was raging the whole way back, trying to escape their holds and techniques, in order to go back and hunt down the rest of them.


Kakashi believes that at least three of them managed to escape, and he will never forget their faces, especially Sukamu. Sukamu had been able to escape him somehow, along with the tall man who first raped Rin, and the second man, who forced her mouth open, to be used by three cocks. Those three, who seemed like the worst of the bunch, had all survived and escaped. They may have escaped this time, but Kakashi made a vow to himself, that he was going to hunt them for the rest of his life. No matter how long it would take to find them, he would find them and kill them.


Obito had seen it all for himself as well, as Madara had planned. Zetsu had taken him to the scene, with the hopes of him witnessing Rin being killed by a Konoha shinobi. After seeing that, Madara got his wish, as Obito was now willing to do anything the man wanted. He wants everyone in this world to suffer, just like he and Rin had. And he had no love left for Konoha, that's for damn sure. As for Kiri, they were the ones he was going to start getting his payback on. He had already made plans to infiltrate their village, in order to get close to their Mizukage. He would then start controling him, using his new mangekyo sharingan eye, which he had activated after witnessing Rin's death and humiliation. Only a few days after Rin died, Madara had passed away with no mo worries, since he knew that his plan was going to be fulfilled by Obito. There was still a lot left that needed to be done, such as Madara's resurrection in the future.


When Kakashi got back to the village that day, he spoke to Hiruzen in his office, telling him everything he had seen after finding Rin, along with the way she had died. Hiruzen thought things couldn't have gone worse, starting with it being Kakashi that had to witness, what she had become. He knew that Kakashi would never be the same. What he had seen today would most likely mess up his mind for the rest of his life.


Hiruzen and Kakashi was alone in the office, for a few hours, as Hiruzen didn't want Kakashi to get out of his sight, fearing that he would do something stupid. That's when he got a surprise visit from Minato, who had come back to the village to give Hiruzen a status update on how the battles against Kumo had gone.


“The Kumo armies have been decimated, Hokage-sama” Minato said with a salute.


Hiruzen nodded “Good job, as expected of you Minato”.


Minato then glanced at Kakashi, who was sitting on a couch on the left side of the office, crying and looking depressed.


“Kakashi-kun?” Minato asked in a worried tone.


“Sensei..” Kakashi choked out, while the tears continued to fall.


“Sit down Minato, you are not going to like what I am about to tell you” Hiruzen said, with a hardened expression. Minato did as the hokage asked, knowing that whatever he was going to tell him, was not going to be good news. Once Hiruzen started re-telling the story that Kakashi had told him earlier, Minato slammed his hand through the hokage desk, completely destroying it.


“I'm going out there now! I'm gonna take out every single Kiri ninja I meet on the way towards Kirigakure, before I kill that old Mizukage cunt!” Minato yelled in anger, looking angrier than Hiruzen had ever seen him.


“Calm down, Minato. Don't do anything stupid now. My students and your fiancee are leading our forces who are battling against Iwa, and Kumo will most likely send more armies to our borders. We need you here, to help us end this war. We can deal with Kirigakure after the war is over” Hiruzen said.


“You're gonna let them get away with this!?” Minato yelled in a furious tone “To hell with that!”.


“Minato!” Hiruzen yelled back at him with a serious expression “I never said we would let them get away with it. I'm just telling you, no I am ordering you, not to do anything stupid. We will get them after the war is over, at which time you will be the one to decide how we go about it.” Hiruzen said, having calmed down a bit at the end. He took of his Hokage hat, holding up in front of him “After the war, you will be the hokage”.


Minato nursed his temple in thought. He knew that Hiruzen was right. This war had to end, it is the only reason why these things keep happening. It's also the reason why he and Kushina have yet to get married. They are waiting for the war to end, because they don't want to raise a family in the middle of a war. His fiancee, Kushina, won't stop fighting until the war has ended. It is her wish to become a housewife, who will raise their future children, while he protects the village, as their hokage.


“I know..” Minato choked out, as tears fell from his eyes “But Rin-chan.. She was like a daughter to me and Kushina”.


Hiruzen felt his eyes watering, as he put on his hat again, in order to cover his eyes with the edges of it “Take Kakashi-kun home, both of you need a few days off. Once you are ready, we will work together to finally end this war”.


Minato shook his head “Let Biwako-baa look after Kakashi tonight. I am heading North to help Jiraiya-sensei and Kushina take out Iwa. The war needs to end”.


Hiruzen nodded “Remember what I taught you, Minato. Don't let rage take over and change you, you are the future of this village. You can hear the voices now can't you? The leaves are calling out for you..”.


Minato nodded, wiping away his tears, as he heard a quiet echoing voice, along with a powerful gust of wind. Minato couldn't recognize the voice, but it was the voices of Hashirama and Tobirama calling out to him.


“Don't turn your back on your village, no matter what, young Konoha shinobi” Hashirama's voice told him “You are the future of this village”.


“Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get the fuck out there and do your duty, you little shit!” Tobirama's voice yelled, then added “You are an eyesore!”.


“Shut yer trap, brother!” Hashirama barked back at him.


“Go end this war, Minato” Hiruzen said staring at Minato proudly, as he sat down in his chair again.


“Yes, sir!” Minato said, with a salute, before disappearing using the Hiraishin.


A month later, the war was finally over. That very same day, Minato had taken out an Iwa army of over ten thousand men, all by himself. It helped their villages come to an agreement for a peace treaty. Kumo would fight longer, but also ended up giving up and accepted a peace treaty as well.



Post Third Great Ninja War


After the war, Konoha and the other ninja villages were finally able to enjoy a few somewhat peaceful years. Minato became the fourth hokage, succeeding Hiruzen, only a month after the war had ended. That was a decision that no one had a problem with, except for one person. That person was Orochimaru, Hiruzen's former student. Hiruzen had obviously considered his students for the position as well, but deemed that the only interested in the position, was not suited for it. Jiraiya and Tsunade weren't interested at all, they had made that perfectly clear to him, over a decade ago.


As for the reason why Orochimaru was not suited for the position, it has to do with him having changed a little bit, after the second great ninja war. He would use questionable methods to defeat his enemies, and the people who he defeated in battle, had a tendency of disappearing without a trace. Hiruzen would learn the reason why they had disappeared a year after the war, when he discovered Orochimaru's underground lab. He had a lab where he had been experimenting on people, including children, using them as lab rats. The place was a nightmare, filled with dead bodies inside large capsules filled with some kind of fluid. When Hiruzen found Orochimaru down there, Hiruzen had no choice but to try to capture Orochimaru, with the intent of putting him in prison. The two of them would face off for a short battle, which ended with Orochimaru, who is slippery like a snake, having escaped him. (8).


While Orochimaru was trying to get out of the Land of Fire, Jiraiya had managed to catch up to him, before he was able to do so. The two of them would battle, a battle that ended with neither of them winning. It only resulted in Orochimaru getting what he wanted, which was to get out of the Land of Fire. Jiraiya considered it a loss and he thought he was still too weak and had to get stronger in order to never loss against Orochimaru again, who he still considered his friend. He wanted him to man up and take responsibility for his crimes, but he also wanted to help him return to being the Orochimaru who he had grown up with. He figured it must have been the two latest ninja wars, that had somehow covered his mind in darkness. Those wars could really fuck up anyone's mind, no matter how strong and respected they are.


The worst part about Orochimaru's defection from the village, was that he had taken his very young female apprentice with him. His apprentice was a cheerful and very outspoken young girl, with the name of Mitarashi Anko.


The year before Orochimaru defected the village and became a “missing nin”, Hiruzen had been able to enjoy his new life as a retired hokage. He still helped Minato out, as his adviser, but for the most part he could just take it easy and enjoy the fruits that life has to offer. Two of those fruits are his lovers, Mikoto and Tsume, who had both managed to get themselves pregnant around the same time. Mikoto and Fugaku had been able to conceive a child after just having sex one time, which was the first time they ever did it.


They had done it when Mikoto was the most fertile, to up the chances of her getting pregnant. After a minute of Fugaku grunting and huffing behind her, the deed had been done, and Fugaku's duty as her husband had been fulfilled. Fugaku wasn't really interested in sex, and didn't seem to be very interested in romance either. He only had sex with Mikoto in order to get her pregnant, in order to keep his “bloodline” going. That worked perfectly for Mikoto, who couldn't be more happy with that outcome, as she had no love for that man. Their whole marriage was after just a front for her, to keep her long lasting affair with Hiruzen, a well kept secret. Her and Hiruzen's affair had come to a halt when she got pregnant though, and it wouldn't resume until the year after.


Hiruzen and Tsume's nights, along with her ninja dogs, were also put to a halt. She wouldn't let anyone near her while she was pregnant, as she had become very overprotective and careful of her unborn baby. Hiruzen never really found out who had impregnated him, but he was very sure that it wasn't him. Hiruzen would always make his lovers apply pregnancy seals on themselves, as he wasn't interested in fathering any bastard children. Those pregnancy seals are seals that has been around ever since Uzumaki Mito arrived at the village, all those decades ago.


Most pregnancy seals are drawn onto the woman's lower stomach, around her uterus, and will then stay active for as long as the users want them to stay active. They are very easy to remove though, if someone suddenly wants to conceive a child, for example. Mito also made a fortune selling “one time” pregnancy seals drawn on paper, which could be used for one night, before the seal would automatically disappear. The cheaters of the village, which there were many of, were the most frequent buyers of those seals, along with other loose “party” women, who loved sex, but just didn't want get pregnant.


That's why Hiruzen knew that he was not the father to Tsume's unborn child. He always had a stack of those “one time” pregnancy seals with him. The thing is, he has never seen any other man with her, nor will she let him meet him either. All she ever tells him is that he is not her husband, and they are not a couple. He is just someone who she hooked up with once and he lives outside of the village, and won't return for a very long time. The actual father to her unborn child, is Shidomaru, who has impregnated her several times in the past.


Those times, she was only pregnant between 1-2 months, before giving birth to a litter of puppies. She was able to hide those pregnancies, by avoiding people while hiding in the Inuzuka clan compound. This time it was obvious that her dog partner and lover had impregnated her with what would become a human child. Hiding her pregnancy for nine months, would be a lot harder, which is why she came up with that bull shit story, to tell Hiruzen and anyone else asking about the father.


While Mikoto and Tsume were off limits to Hiruzen, due to their pregnancies, he had re-connected with Hiashi again. Hiashi was trying to escape the young Hyuuga woman who he had been rumored to have started dating. She was trying to change him, by turning him into less of a scoundrel, so that he would become a man more suited to become the next clan leader of the Hyuuga clan. Hiruzen and Hiashi started partying and drinking together, often visiting strip clubs for some erotic shows, while enjoying their drinks. Some of those times, the young Hyuuga woman, who there was rumors of Hiashi having started dating, would come into the strip clubs, to drag Hiashi out of it, by his ears. That young woman would later on become Hiashi's wife, and her name is Hyuuga Hitomi. (9).


Hitomi was the type of woman that his father wished Hiashi would marry. She always put her duty as a Hyuuga clan member before anything else, and she was always taking her kunoichi work seriously. She had never dated before, and Neji had never heard of her ever having partaken in any indecent out of marriage sex with anyone either. She's a good old fashioned girl, who would be perfect for Hiashi, in Neji's opinion. Hiashi didn't agree at all, since he wanted to be like Hiruzen, as someone who had a harem of lovers. But the more he got to know that young Hyuuga woman, the more he started to like her. There was more to her than her than her just a prudish and serious Hyuuga woman.


Other than partying, he was also secretly spying on his daughter, who had started dating a man during the war. The man was a good man, from the Sarutobi clan, who wasn't related to him and his daughter in any way, other than belonging the same clan. The reason he spied on them, is because the man is almost two decades older than her. He is a respectable man, who loves to tell a joke, and is an experienced jounin. The problem is his age, he doesn't want his young daughter to be with a man that old. Even if that may be little hypocritical of him, considering that he starts asking girls to have sex with him, as soon as they graduate from the academy.


Asuka graduated several years ago, and she participated in the war. She is war experienced kunoichi, who is no longer his little girl. She is still as much of a tomboy and a prankster though. After spying on them for a while, he gave up, since he saw how happy that man made his daughter. If she wanted to be with him, then he wouldn't stop it, even if he didn't like it. Instead he befriended the man and gave him his blessing to marry his daughter, which was a rather scary ordeal for the Sarutobi man. The man had a name of course, which was Konoushi. (10).


When giving Konoushi his blessing to marry his daughter, he had stared him down, and promised that he would destroy every single bone in his body, if he ever hurt her or betrayed her. He had threatened many young men in the past, in a similar manner, as means to intimidate them and scare them away from the idea of dating his daughter. His intimidation didn't work on Konoushi at all, as he just laughed it off, before telling Hiruzen that he would break his own bones, before he even considered hurting her. Hiruzen grew quite fond of the man after that, and became more and more accepting of the two of them being together, and eventually marrying.


One evening, when Hiruzen and Konoushi was enjoying a bath together in one of the Sarutobi clan's own bath houses, Hiruzen almost had a heart attack. The man had the thickest damn cock he had ever seen in his life, which might as well have been as thick as Jiraiya's. Konoushi's tool was nowhere near as long as Jiraiya's freakishly long tool, though. Konoushi was still a lot longer than normal humans though, the none freaks, such as Jiraiya. The reason he got a heart attack, was that he started wondering if his daughter had married him for that very reason. Was she a pervert just like him? Even if that was the reason, he still wouldn't get in the way of their marriage. He also couldn't fault her, if her being a pervert was the case. She is his daughter after all, and it's probably his fault.


While Hiruzen spent the year worrying about his daughters fiancees tools and what not, one Uzumaki Kushina was getting accustomed to her new life, as a stay at home housewife. Kushina had retired from the shinobi forces, as soon as the war ended. Even though she and Minato had yet to get married, the two of them had already bought a house together, along with a huge backyard, which was bigger than several training grounds combined. They had pretty much bought themselves an area large enough to create the biggest clan compound in Konoha. They bought it together, using some of the tons of money which Minato had earned during the war, and some of Kushina's money, which was mostly taken from her former riches. Kushina had inherited all the riches and valuables from the former Whirlpool Village. She was so rich that she was practically shitting money.


While Kushina was getting accustomed to a life where she was no longer a ninja, Minato was getting accustomed to a life as Konoha's hokage. One thing that he learned when he first became the hokage, was that he couldn't fault Hiruzen all too much for the way he had become. Minato had been able to avoid most loose and slutty kunoichi during the war, and the years before that. But now that he was in charge of all of them, he had to interact with them. They would shamelessly flirt with him and even offer to give him massages and blowjobs, in his office, whenever they could. Some of them were so beautiful and sexy that it was very tempting for the still virgin Minato, to accept one of those offers. He never did though. Minato was a lot more understand as to why Hiruzen had turned out the way he did, even if it still pissed him off. Especially since Hiruzen would still shamelessly make invitations to Kushina to have sex with him, whenever he got a chance to.


Their friends had already gotten married, with Inoichi and Butao getting married first. They were soon followed by Yoshino and Shikaku, and even Choza got married to the girl who he had started dating during the war, who liked to eat as much as he did. Sadly for that girl, it's rumored that Choza has been cheating on her all this time, and has continued to do so after they got married. Whenever she hears about those rumors, she would demand that Choza buys her an expensive all you can dinner, in order to make up for his cheating. One short riding in the bedroom after their feast, would mean that everything was forgiven. That's how Choji would later be conceived.


A year after the war, around the same time that Orochimaru defected, and Mikoto and Tsume gave birth to their children, Itachi and Hana, Kushina and Minato would finally get married. They did so in a very luxurious village, located a few hours away by foot from Konoha. The wedding was very luxurious, with a lot of drinks and tasty food being served for their guests. They had kept the guest count low, only inviting their closest friends and family members. Hiruzen was not among them, as Jiraiya didn't want him to be there, since he didn't trust the man not to make a fool out of himself, by shamelessly asking the bride to be to have sex with him.


Among the guests were: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Butao, Inoichi, Yoshino, Shikaku, Asuka, Konoushi, Biwako, Asuma and the ramen chef Teuchi, along with his wife and their infant daughter, Ayame.


After the wedding it was time for the wedding night, which was something both Minato and Kushina had been both nervous and excited about. They were finally going to have sex, for the first time. Even though Kushina had taken Mito's words to heart, when it came to her being a proper lady who shouldn't give in to things such as lust, she was only human, and couldn't help but having some naughty thoughts, involving Minato. Minato on the other hand, had been dreaming of this day for years. It would be the first time that he would see her naked as well. Having just become the hokage a year before, and now getting married to who he thinks is the most beautiful woman in the world, he couldn't be happier.


Their wedding night turned out to be a total disaster, which both of them almost hoped they would forget. Neither of them knew what they were doing, and the whole ordeal just felt awkward. Kushina kept giving him strange rules in the middle of it as well, which she only did since the thought that was what proper ladies would do. She wanted to be a proper lady, who deserved to be the hokage's wife. Her rules involved things such as; They can't use too much tongue when kissing, no doggy style or any other “indecent” position, no genitals or fluids from genitals anywhere near her face. They ended up doing it in a position resembling the missionary position in the end.


After their wedding night, which they had spent inside the honeymoon suite of a very luxurious and expensive resort hotel, they spent another week there, as their honeymoon. They ended up having sex a lot during that week, with both of them learning a lot more about sex and what made both themselves and the other feel good. Kushina's prudish rules, remained though. Once they got back to the village, sex became a daily thing for them, as they would always do it whenever Minato came back home from the office. They did it both because they enjoyed it, but also because they wanted Kushina to get pregnant, so that they can start a family.


During that year, Hiruzen's good old pal, Hyuuga Hiashi, has been whipped into an engagement by Hyuuga Hitomi. Hiruzen had been completely wrong about her, he thought she was some stuck up and boring broad, who didn't know how to have fun. That was not the case at all, however. He learned that about a month ago, when he was out drinking with her and Hiashi, along with Tsume. Hiruzen had already resumed his affair with Tsume during the past year, as she came to find him, in order to drag him back to her home, only a few months after giving birth.


After spending a few hours drinking and hanging out at a bar, Tsume suggested they head over to her house, for more drinks. It was there that Hiruzen would find out that Hitomi could be just as naughty and fun, as she was beautiful and sexy. The woman was a rare beauty, with long dark purple hair, large D sized breasts and a tight and sexy round butt. About two hours after arriving at Tsume's house, Hiruzen would get a lot more familiar with hear beautiful face, her large breasts and her sexy butt. That's because he fucked her that evening, while Tsume fucked Hiashi, next to them. The four of them went at it like animals, until early mornings hours. This started after a very horny and drunk Tsume suggested a foursome. Hiashi had been all for it, but didn't have the balls to say so, until Hitomi, surprised everyone, when she said “Sure, that sounds fun!”.


Hitomi had heard Hiashi's fan boy-like stories about Hiruzen for over two years. At first, when Hitomi had tried to approach Hiashi for a date, he had refused her, saying that he wanted to become like Hiruzen, a man who had lots of lovers. He wasn't interested in just staying loyal to one partner. Hiashi also told her that Hiruzen was rumored to be like a God in bed, which would make all his lovers come back for more. Now, the part about Hiashi wanting to have a lot of lovers, and not promising himself to just one woman, was something that he completely forget about, as soon as Hitomi showed him her tits. She seduced him and brought him back to her bed, where she was able to make him hers. Since that first time, Hiashi has pretty much done everything Hitomi has told him to do, which has improved his standing with his own father. His father was now willing to let Hiashi succeed him as the Hyuuga clan leader, since he had gotten his act together and got engaged to Hitomi.


What Hiashi had said about Hiruzen, and his former dreams of wanting to become like him, was what made a drunken and horny Hitomi agree to the foursome. She wanted to make her man happy for a night, by allowing him to sleep with Tsume, who was likely a lot wilder and fun in bed than she could ever be. Hitomi is otherwise a rather quiet and shy woman, who had surprised even herself, with the way she had seduced Hiashi, while making him her man. She is also secretly a pervert, who loves naughty things, especially if they involve Hiashi. She has no reason to let anyone other than Hiashi know about that though, until tonight. Because she was franky curious to find out if there was any truth to Hiashi's stories about Hiruzen. Was he really as good of a lover as he made him out to be. The answer to her question was no, he wasn't, since was a lot better than Hiashi made him out to be. She loved having sex with Hiashi and she loves him more than anything. But she loved having sex with Hiruzen as well, it was just such an amazing experience, as he made her feel so damn good.


Since that night, the four of them had started some kind of swinging relationship with each other. They would meet up at Tsume's house every weekend for a night of swinging, where Hitomi would have sex with Hiruzen, while Hiashi got ridden by a feral and horny Tsume. This swinging between the four of them would continue into Hiashi and Hitomi's marriage, as they got married about half a year after they had their first foursome. After Hiashi and Hitomi had returned from a one month long honeymoon, the four of them had met up at Tsume's place again. This time, Tsume thought it might be fun to bring some of her hairier lovers, into the mix.


It had been Shidomaru's idea, as he had asked her if he could join them sometime. He and the other ninja dogs felt a little bit left out, since they weren't able to participate in the fun swinging nights. But for the most part, they just wanted to fuck Hitomi. While Tsume is a very sexy and quite beautiful, she can't really be compared to Hitomi, whose beauty is something out of this world. The dogs all want her.


While Hiruzen and Hitomi were getting comfortable on the couch, making out, Tsume asked Hiashi to wait. She then went out an got Shidomaru and another male ninja dog, who was almost twice the size of Shidomaru. This large ninja dog had white fur and had a rather cute and goofy looking face. This dog would later on become the father to a certain ninja dog by the name of Akamaru. Hiruzen lifted Hitomi off of him, telling her and Hiashi that they didn't want to miss this, as they would get to see something amazing. Then Tsume got down on all floor, before Akamaru's father got on top of her, mounting her, before fucking the shit out of her.


Hitomi drooled at the sight, from the start. Both she and Hiashi had similar reactions to seeing this, as Hiruzen had the first time he saw it. About two minutes into it, while Tsume was still moaning and screaming, while getting fucked hard by that massive dog, Hiruzen nudged Hitomi.


“I think Shidomaru wouldn't mind having a partner either” He told her with a perverted grin, before nodding towards Shidomaru. He sat next to Tsume and the other dog, staring at Hitomi who sat on the couch, with his red dock cock visible.


Hitomi turned to Hiashi, giving him a look that silently asked him if she should. Hiashi just pointed at the dog and said “Want to try it, Hitomi-chan?”.


“W-would you mind?” Hitomi asked, blushing.


“Of course not!” Hiashi said with a laugh “Look at them go, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. If I saw you get fucked like that by a dog like that..” he said with a perverted giggle.


Hitomi didn't stay around to listen to what Hiashi had imagined, as she was already wet from the foreplay with Hiruzen, she was horny as hell, and couldn't wait to get down on all fours next to Tsume. The rest of that night, Tsume and Hitomi were fucked by a good majority of all male ninja dogs, who are part of the Inuzuka clan. After that night, they would start to see each other for more than just having foursomes. Usually they would have one night per week of “dog shows” where Hiruzen and Hiashi just watched. They also continued with their foursomes, at least once per week.


Around that same time, Mikoto had visited Hiruzen, letting him know that she wanted to resume their affair. She had gone over a year without any sex, and the last time she did it, was the first and only time she did it with Fugaku, which was something she didn't even count as sex. She was horny and was ready to get her lover back. After seeing Hitomi being so willing to get fucked by Tsume's ninja dogs, Hiruzen thought that Mikoto, who was very similar to Hitomi personality wise, might want to give that a go as well.


He brought Mikoto with him to Tsume's house, who was surprised to see Mikoto with Hiruzen, having no knowledge about their affair. Mikoto was also far down on the list of people she would ever expect to be one of his lovers. When Hiruzen told her that he wished to show Mikoto the “amazing show”, Tsume pulled Hiruzen to the side, before asking him if he was out of his mind. She could trust the Hyuuga couple with her secret, because the two of them had reasons to keep their swinging and other sex acts secret from their clan as well. None of them wanted others to find out about what they are doing. When Hiruzen told Tsume that Mikoto had been his lover since she first graduated, and that he had fucked her on her wedding day, Tsume smiled before letting them both inside her house. If she had managed to keep a secret like that for so long, then she would most likely be able to keep another secret, she figured.


When Mikoto saw Tsume getting fucked a by a dog, she watched it in awe for about five minutes, before turning to Hiruzen “Do you think Tsume will let me try that?”.


“Yes” Hiruzen said with a perverted giggle “I hoped you would ask that, and so did those guys” he said nodding at the door, where Shidomaru stood, along with four other ninja dogs. Mikoto would then get down next to Tsume, letting all those dogs take turns with her. Tsume had finished after fifteen minutes, once the first dog was done with her. She had then gone over to the couch, in order to bend over in front of Hiruzen instead. He would then take her from behind, while keeping eye contact with Mikoto, who had a raunchy expression of pure lust, adoring her beautiful face.


Mikoto never joined Hiruzen whenever he was with the Hyuuga's, because she didn't like them. She was sure that if she let Hiashi do anything with her, then he wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut. Fugaku would find out, and it would ruin her life. She also didn't like Hiashi because he had constantly been asking her out, before he got together with Hitomi. Mikoto wasn't interested in him at all, because she already had Hiruzen and didn't want any more lovers, and frankly, she always found Hyuuga men to be incredibly ugly. She also would take a pause from those nights at the Inuzuka clan leaders house, and her affair with Hiruzen again, as she got pregnant with her second child.


A year later, Hiruzen's nights with Tsume, The Hyuuga couple, would also come to a halt. Mikoto had given birth to her second child, Sara, at this point. She had also managed to get herself pregnant for a third time, while Tsume was pregnant for the second time, and Hitomi had gotten pregnant with her first child. Several other couples were also expecting, as it seemed like almost every respectable couple in Konoha, decided to have child the same year. The Yamanaka's, The Nara's, The Akimichi's, The Aburame's clan head and their spouse, were all expecting as well. The Hokage and his wife, were also expecting. It was when Kushina was going into labor, that the peaceful and relaxing days, that Konoha had enjoyed for the past few years, would be interrupted.



The Kyuubi Attack On Konoha


The tenth October of that year, Kushina was going into labor. She would give birth in a building located in a safe location outside of the village, due to their being risks to her seal, which holds the nine tailed fox, being weakened while she gives birth. The whole building was guarded by Minato's ANBU agents, and as if that wasn't enough security, two of the sannin were present as well, as Kushina gave birth. Tsunade had returned to the village for a short visit, just to be there when Kushina would give birth to her first child. Even though she was there, she would let Biwako, who is a respected and skilled doctor, be the one to deliver the child.


Everything had gone well at first, as Kushina was able to give birth to an infant boy, their son Naruto, who had blond hair and whisker marks on his cheeks. The first thing Tsunade said when he saw him, was “Aww, look at those whisker marks. How cute!”. She said that, while walking with Biwako, who was heading to the front of the make shift hospital, to get a towel to clean and warm up Naruto with, before returning him to her mother. Kushina was extremely tired after the whole ordeal, she had spent hours trying to get him out. Minato and Jiraiya were tired just from watching her.


Then someone appeared out of nowhere, killing Biwako in an instant, before grabbing Naruto, pointing a kunai at him.


Kushina, Minato and the two sannin all stared at him in horror.


“Now don't do anything hasty!” Minato said, sweating, while trying to come up with any plan to get Naruto out of that strangers hands. The stranger in question, was wearing some kind of black robe, and a white mask with a black pattern on it.


“I could say the same thing to you, Namikaze Minato. One more step, and your son dies” The man threatened. This man was Uchiha Obito, who had disguised himself. After he had activated his ass pull mangekyo sharingan power up, he had now become very powerful. His mangekyo sharingan powers allows him to move himself and other things in and out of another dimension, making it seem like he can disappear and appear out of nowhere.


“Naruto!” Kushina cried out “Please don't hurt my son!” she pleaded to the man.


Tsunade who was the closest to the stranger, glared at him with a murderous look on her face “If you leave one mark on him, then I'll hunt you down wherever you go”.


Jiraiya nodded “Hand over the boy, stranger. You are only making the situation worse for yourself”.


While Jiraiya spoke, Tsunade had thrown a kunai at the man, screaming “Now, Minato!”.


While Obito sent part of his body to his ass pull dimension, Minato used that distraction to teleport himself over to him, to grab Naruto from him. Minato then teleported far away from there, leaving Naruto at a safe location, before returning. It took Minato a few minutes before he returned.


When he returned, he found Jiraiya and Tsunade, with panicked expressions.


“He took Kushina!” Jiraiya yelled “We have to find her, Minato, he can't have gotten very far!”.


Minato nodded, before the three of them set out in search for Kushina. They found her about a kilometer away, hanging in the air by her arms, which had ropes around them. The seal on her stomach had signs of having been destroyed. And when they heard a dark and loud roar, coming from the direction of Konoha, they all knew what had happened.


“He extracted the Kyuubi from me” Kushina said, breathing heavily “Minato, be careful. He is not a normal Uchiha”.


“I left Naruto at our old hideout, where we used to make out as teenagers” Minato told Kushina.


“Take us both there, I will be with Kushina and Naruto. And don't worry Minato, nothing is going to happen to Kushina. Uzumaki's won't die from something like this, even though she looks so exhausted right now. I'll heal her right away!” Tsunade said, trying to be positive.


“Get them out of here, I'll go fight that beast in the meantime. Sarutobi-sensei should already be on his way as well. Join us as soon as you have gotten to your family to safety” Jiraiya said with a grin, before disappearing in a gust of wind.


Minato then teleported both Tsunade and Kushina to the hideout, where he left them together with Naruto, before joining Jiraiya, fighting off the masked man and the kyuubi in the middle of the village. Minato had made short work of Obito, who couldn't even defeat him with his ass pull power up. All he managed to do was freeing the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi had then destroyed parts of the village and killed innocent villagers, before Minato was able to teleport the Kyuubi to another location. Obito had already retreated at that point, with his tail between his legs, after finding out that he was completely out matched, when facing Minato.


Hiruzen, Jiraiya and Minato was then able to restrain the nine tailed chakra monster, long enough for Tsunade to bring Kushna and Naruto over. They had made a decision to seal half of it's chakra back to Kushina, while the other half would be sealed into Naruto. They wished that the Kyuubi's chakra, would protect him in battle in the future, just like that chakra had protected and helped Kushina in some of her battles. They were also confident in the fact that if anyone was ever going to be able to control the Kyuubi's chakra, then it would be their son. Both his parents, his sannin God father and God mother, and an old perverted Sarutobi for a grandpa, were all going to guide him and teach him, in order to help him surpass all of them.




1: Mount Myoboku is the home of the ninja toads. In the future I'll shorten it as “Mt Myoboku”.

2: Butao, or Yamanaka Butao, as she will be known as later on in the story, is Ino's mother. In filler episode of the anime, she has the design of an old middle aged brunette. This is how she looks in the anime filler episodes:


Other than giving her a name, I have also completely changed her appearance, basically turning her into an original character. In this picture you can see an anime character who is my inspiration for her design:


The only differences in her looks to that picture above, is that she has the same eye and hair color that Ino does, and she often wears her long blond hair in a ponytail as well.


3: Sarutobi Asuka is an original character who is Sarutobi Konohamaru's mother. I don't have a design for her in mind, since she won't really play a big role in the story. But I picture her looking kinda like Ichiraku Ayame, without the chef's hat. Picture of Ayame:


Sarutobi Asuma's age has been lowered, as I want him, Kurenai, Anko, Yugao and a few others of that age group, to be younger than they were in canon. Kakashi and his teammates, along with Maito Gai, are about five years older than them. Their future friendships and the way they intract with each other as jounins, will remain the same though.


4: Hiraishin is what the "The Flying Thunder God Technique" is called in Japanese. I am going to use japanese names for most techniques, once the technique is often being referred to. Rasengan is a technique that I will never use the english version of. I can't imagine that anyone who reads Naruto fan fics, doesn't know what a Rasengan means at this point.


5: I'm not gonna explain how the Rasengan works or looks. See footnote 4.


6: According to google translate, "Sukamu" is the japanese word for "scum". I figured it's a name that fits this character.


7: Hiashi's parents, Neji and Hanabi, are the ones who Hinata's future younger sister Hanabi, and their cousin, Neji, are named after. Hinata in turn is named after one of Hiashi's grandparents.


8: This scene is a bit different from the canon scene, where Hiruzen allowed Orochimaru to get out of the village, without even a fight. Hiruzen in this story is someone who will never accept something like that, and wouldn't even let one of his former students escape without a fight.


9: Hyuuga Hitomi is the name I have given Hinata and Hanabi's mother.


10: Konoushi is Konohamaru's father. Ushi means Ox, which I combined with the first four letters of Konohamaru's name, to name his father.



Authors Note: There is going to be a third prologue chapter. While I started writing about Naruto's, Konohamaru's and other characters life growing up, I realized that there are still so much left to write. If I didn't split up the chapters again, then this chapter would have probably been close to 30,000 words. That was without me even having started writing about the Uchiha massacre, an Hyuuga incident (Hyuuga Princess readers will know what I mean), Ino's relationship with Naruto's family, Ino, Sakura and Hinata's friendship, Hiruzen's continued degeneracy and much more. The next chapter is going to cover all of that. The forth chapter will then jump straight into the actual story. Hope you liked the chapter anyway and please leave a review or comment, to let me know what you thought about the chapter!

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