Sinful Tales of Konoha

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Chapter 3 – Prologue Part 3

Yamanaka Ino


Yamanaka Ino is a beautiful blond young woman from the Yamanaka clan. She is currently on her way to the ninja academy, to attend her first day of school. Ino is all smiles today as she have been waiting for this day to come for years. It's the day that she and her best friend, and hopefully future boyfriend, is going to start their journey to become real ninja. The one who she sees as her best friend and as her future boyfriend, is none other than Uzumaki Naruto.


Ino and Naruto has always known each other, due to their parents being close friends. They have shared cribs as babies and they have played in sandboxes together as toddlers. They have been to all of their respective birthdays, and all of their parents birthday dinners and celebrations as well. When they got a little bit older, at the age of 4-5, the two of them were inseparable. Ino would ask her mom to take her over to the Uzumaki home every day, to play with Naruto and his mom.


Around the time that Naruto and Ino turned six, things started to change a little bit between them. That's due to Ino having learned about things such as marriage and that girls are supposed to marry the boys the love. Since Ino loves Naruto and he is by far the cutest boy she has ever seen, she would make an effort to let Naruto know that every single day. She had also started to chase him around, and try to give him smooches on his cheeks and lips. That started to become a bit annoying to Naruto and it resulted in him spending a lot more time with one of his guy friends instead, Konohamaru. Naruto and Ino remained very close friends though.


Even after Ino started chasing around, trying to kiss him and tell him that they would get married, they still saw each other several times a week to play. Ino got to know Konohamaru also, and he has become a very close friend of hers as well. Ino finds Konohamaru to be slightly annoying, since he can become a little bit crazy with his pranks. He will do literally anything that Naruto tells him to do, as if to do his bidding. Naruto and Konohamaru has only pranked Ino once, which was the first and last time they ever did it. They messed with one of her plants back at her home, which resulted in her chasing them both around the village, promising a world of pain. When Kushina heard of the news, she joined the chase, helping Ino catch them, before the two of them would give them their punishment. They learned not to mess with her plants after that, and that it was probably best to just not prank her at all.


Now Naruto and Ino are going to become classmates, and Ino intends to claim him in front of all the other girls of the class. He is hers and she is going to make sure that everyone knows about it. Other than Naruto, Ino has grown up getting to know two other boys. Those are Shikamaru and Choji, who are both the children of friends of her parents as well. Shikamaru is Nara Shikaku and Nara Yoshino's son, while Choji is Akimichi Choza and his wife's, son. While she didn't spend as much time with those two, it was impossible for her not to get to know them, due to their parents always getting them all together. Shikamaru and Choji ended up getting along a lot better with Naruto than her, but Ino would still consider them close friends.


Ino mostly had guy friends while growing up, with only a few exceptions. One is Hyuuga Hinata, who Ino has become very good friends with. The two of them are very different personality wise, since Ino is very outgoing and outspoken, while Hinata is very shy and quiet. Even so, they always got along well, and became great friends.


Even though Ino grew up surrounded with mostly male friends, she did not become a tomboy. In fact, she became the complete opposite of a tomboy, as she is into all the girly things. She never cared about wanting to become stronger than her male friends, instead she wanted to become a pretty princess, who would marry her strong handsome future hokage, Naruto, instead.


Speaking of hokage, Ino naturally knows the actual hokage and his wife, who are Naruto's parents, as well. Kushina is someone Ino looks up to, and she wants to become a ninja like her in the future. A ninja who is as powerful as she is beautiful. She is also something of an extra mom for Ino, as all of them are very close. Ino doesn't just look up to the Uzumaki woman, she absolutely adores and loves her. The same could be said about Minato, who is something of an extra dad for her as well. Ino prefers to think of him as her personal stuffed teddy bear, though.


She loves to sit in his lap and hug him to herself. Minato belongs to her as well, and Kushina is only allowed to borrow him sometimes. In recent years, Ino's fondness for Minato, has turned into something of a crush on him. She thinks he is very handsome and would love to marry someone like him in the future. But the most handsome guy to her is still Naruto, who basically looks like Minato, but with cute whisker marks on his cheek. Since she is attracted to both Naruto and Minato, she might have found her “type”, you could say.


Ino has also gotten to know Jiraiya, due to him often being around at the Uzumaki household. Naruto introduced him to her, by calling him “Ero-sennin”, which was something Ino also started calling him since then. One of Naruto's, Ino's and Konohamaru's most favorite ways to pass time, is to mess with Jiraiya in any way they could think of. Most of the time that involved pulling a prank on him, whenever he visits the Uzumaki home, or they would go attack him at the “pervert's lair”, which is Jiraiya's small house, which is located in the middle of Kushina's and Minato's huge backyard.


When Ino got to the ninja academy, she met up with Hinata, who she would end up entering their classroom together with. Naruto was nowhere to be seen at first, but he appeared as soon as the teacher entered the classroom. He had showed off a little bit, by teleporting himself to an open seat next to the window. Shikamaru and Choji were the lucky ones who got to sit next to him, as the students sat on rows shared by three desks and seats. They were lucky because every single girl in that classroom, squealed in delight as soon as Naruto appeared, wishing they could swap seats with Shikamaru and Choji.


Ino was no different to them, and her friend Hinata was certainly no different, as she looked as if she was going to faint any second, while staring at the Uzumaki with a visible blush. Then another boy entered the classroom, who got Ino's, and most of the girls attention. It was Uchiha Sasuke, who entered the classroom with an annoyed scowl on his face. As Sasuke made his way to a free seat, some of the girls in the class started whispering.


“That's Uchiha Sasuke, the last man of the Uchiha clan!”


“Wow he is so cool!”


“He looks so dark and mysterious!”


“I hear he is super strong, some call him a ninja genius..”


That comment got Naruto to chuckle as he stared out the window “Ninja genius huh?” he thought to himself, while remembering moments of his childhood, spent with the Uchiha family. The only ninja genius he met back then, was “big brother Itachi”, while Sasuke was nothing but a chump to Naruto. Naruto and Sasuke never got along, no matter how much their mothers tried to force them to become friends. Sasuke didn't really get along well with anyone though, except Itachi, who Sasuke used to look up to and idolize. Naruto on the other hand, got along well with all of Sasuke's siblings, especially Itachi. One of his favorite ways to pass times when he was younger, was to play “tag” with Itachi, which was a sight that would surprise most people.


Itachi was a ninja genius who had graduated early at the age of six years old. He got promoted to jounin only two years after becoming a genin, and would even end up joining the ANBU. Naruto in turn started getting training from his father, by the time he turned five years old. His training with his father has ended now that he is starting the ninja academy, as his mother, Kushina, is going to take over his training. Kushina and most other people believes that Minato has only been training Naruto for the past two years.


That is as a result of Minato having trained Naruto in secret all those years before that. What he used to tell Kushina back then, when taking Naruto out to train, usually on early morning hours, before Minato had to go to work at the hokage office, was that he was taking Naruto on fishing trips, so that they could have some father and son alone time. Naruto has always been a bit of a moma's boy, which is something that both Kushina and Minato is very well aware of, so Kushina had no objections to those fishing trips, as she only thought it would help her husband bond with their son. They never went on a single fishing trip though, instead Minato and Naruto would head down their ridiculously big backyard, getting far enough away from the house that Kushina wouldn't be able to see them or hear them, which is where Minato would train him.


Now, Kushina and everyone who knew Naruto well, had some suspicions that someone had been training him. It became very apparent to her and some others, when he would be able to escape them after pulling a prank on them, by using speed and moves of that of an elite ninja. When asked about it, Minato would just blame it on either Hiruzen or Jiraiya, saying that they had to be the ones who had been secretly giving him training.


Naruto being trained by his father in secret at such a young age, and the fact that Itachi was a jounin by the time he was eight, meant that their game of tag, could get a little bit out of hand. It usually involved Naruto teleporting himself around the village, using the “Hiraishin” when he was older, and a very fast “Shunshin”, when he was younger, while Itachi chased him around. Even though Naruto knew those techniques, he was never able to beat Itachi in a game of tag. Itachi was also able to move extraordinary fast. The two of them always had a blast playing tag though, and the two of them were really good friends. Naruto kinda looked up to him as his big brother figure even. But then something happened, which resulted in Itachi no longer living in the village. We will get back to that later.


After the girls were done fawning over Naruto and Sasuke, Ino included, as she had taken an interest in Sasuke as well, as she had to admit that he was really handsome as well, their teacher, Iruka, could get the class started. Later, when their class headed out to the school yard to enjoy their lunch break, Ino was the witness to one of the girls of her class getting bullied.


Haruno Sakura


Sakura is pretty young woman with long pink hair. She is a member of a very small clan in Konoha, named the Haruno clan. Her father, Haruno Kizashi, is the clan leader of that clan. Sakura, her father and her mom, Mebuki, are three of only ten members, of this new and small clan. It is her fathers wish that their clan grows both in size and power, as he wants their clan to become one of Konoha's great clans in the future. Her mom and her father get along really well, even though they look like they wouldn't get along at all. Her father looks very goofy and acts very goofy, and is always quick to tell a lame dad joke. Her mother on the other hand, looks almost like a female delinquent, but she is just as goofy as her father. Her mother loves her father's lame dad jokes, and it is most likely their poor taste in humor, in Sakura's opinion, which brought them together.


Even though Kizashi wants their clan to grow and become stronger, he never pressured Sakura into becoming a kunoichi. The man couldn't be more gentle and kind even if he tried. He let Sakura decide herself about her future, which she didn't have to think much about, as she had always wanted to become a kunoichi. She doesn't have any dreams of becoming a legendary kunoichi or something like that, but she wants to make her parents proud of her. Her goal is to become the strongest kunoichi of her clan, and to help make the clan more respected in the village.


Sakura had been having fun on her first day of school. She had gotten herself her first two crushes on boys as well, as she blushed at the mere sight of both Naruto and Sasuke. She couldn't decide between them, which one she thought was the most handsome. She did lean a bit more towards Sasuke though, since he seemed so dark and mysterious. Sakura's joy was stolen from her, when she went out to eat lunch on their lunch break. She had approached five girls of her class, with the intention of trying to make some new friends. She asked them if she could eat together with them. A girl with purple hair, by the name of Ami, laughed at her question.


“Of course you can't! Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun would laugh at us if we let someone with such a huge and ugly forehead sit down and eat with us” Ami said, as her four friends joined in and laughed at her as well “Yeah, get lost forehead girl!” one of them said.


“Forehead?” Sakura thought to herself as she started sniffling “What's wrong with my forehead?” she wondered.


“We told you to get lost!” Ami said, throwing a rock at her.


“S-sorry!” Sakura stuttered, while raising her arms to try to guard herself from the incoming rock.


“HEY!” Ino yelled as she came running into the scene “Cut that out!” she added, as she stopped in front of Sakura, glaring at Ami.


“Tch!” Ami responded “Mind your own business, Ino!”.


“How does she know my name?” Ino wondered before barking back “You can take your own advice and mind your own business and leave this girl alone!”.


“She started it!” Ami said while laughing “She thought she could become friends with us, not knowing that we are your rivals of winning Naruto-kun's and Sasuke-kun's heart!”. The reason why Ami knows Ino's name, is because she is quite notorious among the female population of Konoha. Most of them seem to think that she has already won Naruto has heart, and thinks that the two of them are a couple.


“Rivals?” Ino sweat dropped, as she stared at Ami in disbelief. The girl and her friends were very basic looking, to put it kindly. But even if they were the most beautiful girls in school, they would still have no chance with Naruto. Ino knows that first hand, as she is very well aware of her good looks. There is just one thing she is lacking, one thing that Naruto always keep reminding her of. Unfortunately for Ino, Naruto happened to walk in on the scene, and would remind her of it yet again.


“Getting into a fight on your first day of school, Ino-chan? You're such a bad girl, dattebayo..” Naruto said in amusement, as he appeared next to Ino out of nowhere.


“Kyaaaa!” Ami and her friends squealed “Naruto-kun, marry me!”.


“Eh?” Naruto responded with a raised eyebrow, while staring at Ami and her friends, who acted like rabid fan girls. He never understood why girls would act like this around him. Ami and her friends, and even Ino and Sakura, were far from the only ones who acted like this around him. His popularity with the female population in the village, is absurd. There hasn't been anyone this popular with the females of the village, since days of Hashirama and Tobirama. But Naruto's popularity with the girls is even greater than that of the former hokage's. Even older women, teachers, married women, his friends mothers, and any girl that he has gotten to know, is attracted to him. This is a fact which Naruto is completely oblivious towards. He thinks the older women are just teasing him, or messing with him. While the girls his age, is just trying to annoy him, since he thinks it should be obvious to everyone that no great man such as himself, could be attracted to flat chests like them.


Naruto turned to Ino “Are they your friends?” he asked in confusion.


Ino glared at him “No, they aren't” she said through gritted teeth. She knew what Naruto was thinking, as he was most likely considering them to be just as annoying as her.


Ino then hugged Naruto's arm to herself “Back off, hussies! Naruto-kun belongs to me!”.


Naruto stared at Ino with a sweat drop, while Ami and her friends glared back at Ino “Everyone knows that you are together, but you haven't won him yet. Whoever ends up marrying him, wins!”.


Ino had a dumb smile adoring her pretty face, as she nodded “Yeah, everyone knows that we are together!” she said with hearts for eyes.


Naruto then shook his head “Ino-chan, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to be your boyfriend, on account of you having no tits..” he said in a bored tone.


Sakura gasped, while Ami and her friends looked down at their chests with worried expressions, while Ino glared at Naruto with a deathly expression “You're dead, Naruto-kun!!”.


Naruto knew what was coming next, as Ino launched herself on top of his back, hanging onto him, while hugging her arms around his neck. Her “punishing him” was mostly just her excuse to attach herself to him.


Naruto sighed, as he started walking away, with Ino hanging onto him. After taking a few steps, he glanced back at Sakura, then said “Are you coming?”.


Sakura looked at him with wide eyes at first, before blushing. She nodded shyly, before running up to Naruto and Ino, to join them for lunch. Naruto, Sakura and Ino, would then get more people joining them for lunch, as Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji and Hinata also came to sit with them. Even Sasuke sat at the edge of the group, looking mighty bored and annoyed. He sat with them because he thought everyone in school was beneath him, except Naruto, who he saw as his rival. Sasuke was very well aware of the fact that Naruto was a lot stronger than him, having seen Naruto and Itachi “play” together, growing up. It was because Naruto could keep up with Itachi, that Sasuke had made Naruto into his rival. If he could surpass Naruto, then he would have a higher chance to get his revenge on Itachi.


Sakura would make a lot of friends on her first day, consisting mainly of the people that she ate with. Sasuke was the only exception, as he didn't socialize with anyone. Sakura still thought he was very cool and handsome though, but she was leaning more towards Naruto now, especially after what he did earlier. Ino's interest in Sasuke disappeared after lunch, as she was all about Naruto again. She just thought Sasuke was weird by the end of the school day. Hinata never even glanced in Sasuke's direction, as she was totally sold on Naruto from the get go. She has had a crush on him for a few years already, as she has gotten to know him due to both being friends with Ino.


Hyuuga Hinata


Hinata has always been shy, but she has gotten a lot more shy and quieter in recent years. That's due to two incidents which completely changed Hinata and her family's lives. Before that, Hinata had a very happy childhood, as she and her one year younger sister, Hanabi, were being raised by two very loving parents. Her mom was the kindest and most beautiful woman Hinata has ever met. She did anything and everything for her and her sister. Hinata has gotten her looks, as she resembles Hitomi a lot, with the main difference in their appearance being their hair color. Hinata has dark blue hair, while Hitomi had dark purple hair. Even today, people will always remind Hinata of how much she resembles her mom.


Her father also used to be so kind and loving back then, before their family had to suffer two tragedies. Hiashi wouldn't admit it to anyone, but Hinata was his favorite daughter. He loved her more than anything. Back then he would always boost about her, telling everyone about his “little Hyuuga princess”. But the tragedies changed him completely. The happy go lucky, harem chasing and lovable Hiashi, is a thing of the past now. That's due to him losing both his brother and his wife just a few years apart, as both of them have now passed away.


The several years the married hyuuga couple got to enjoy together after Hinata was born, was the best years of Hiashi's and Hitomi's lives. They loved every single minute of it. A year after Hanabi was born, they would resume their swingers nights with Hiruzen and whatever lovers he would bring with him. They would also resume their “dog show” nights with Tsume and Hiruzen, but those evenings happened a lot less frequently than they used to before everyone got pregnant. That was mainly because of Tsume getting older and just not having the same sex drive as before. She was also tired all the time, as she was looking after her two young children, while still having to keep up with her duties of being the clan leader of the Inuzuka clan.


Hinata and her sister was used to having Hiruzen and one if his female friends, who they would refer to as “Onee-chan's”, around. Hiruzen would visit their home at least once per week, up until that faithful day when Hitomi would no longer be with them. Hiruzen would also call Hinata the “little Hyuuga princess”, while he often had more brash and funny nicknames for Hanabi, such as “Miss firecracker”, which Hanabi hated. Hiruzen just loved to tease her, and he loved the fact that she was such a tomboy as well. They are always the most fun to tease.


Around the time that Hinata turned five, Hinata and Hanabi would meet Hiruzen a lot more frequently. Hitomi and Hiashi had agreed to turn their marriage into something resembling an open marriage. Hiashi would be allowed to hook up with anyone while out on a mission, with the old saying “what happens on the mission, stays on the mission”, being in focus. In turn, Hitomi would get to fuck Hiruzen whenever Hiashi wasn't in the village. Before, she had only done so during their swingers nights.


Whenever Hiashi was on a mission, Hitomi would always invite Hiruzen over for “dinner”, or she would bring her daughters over to the Sarutobi clan compound, where she would let them play with Konohamaru in the backyard, while she plays with Hiruzen in his bedroom. Hitomi and Hiruzen were more than just lovers, as they had feelings for each other. That was something they were very open about, and Hiashi knows that Hitomi has feelings for Hiruzen as well. That never became a problem, because her love for her husband was far greater. She and Hiashi always had a great sex life as well, and neither of them would change a thing about their marriage. They were both very happy together. (1).


Since Hinata and Hanabi were often over at the Sarutobi clan compound, whenever Hiashi was out on a mission, they had both gotten to know Konohamaru well. Hinata adores Konohamaru, and thinks of him as her cute, yet rather rude, little brother. He kind of reminds her of Naruto a little bit, which is most likely why she finds him to be a bit cute. Hanabi on the other hand, doesn't get along with Konohamaru at all. Hanabi is the complete opposite to Hinata, as she is a very outspoken and energetic tomboy. She and Konohamaru are always at each others throats, fighting and insulting each other. Since Konohamaru is just as much of a prankster as Naruto, Kushina, and Konohamaru's mom, Asuka, are, Hanabi has been the target of his pranks, many a times. As a result, Konohamaru has gotten his ass beaten by her, many a times.


This summer, after Hitomi passed away, Hinata has yet to meet either Hiruzen or Konohamaru. That's not the only change in her life, as it seems as if everything and everyone around her has changed. Two years ago, before Hitomi passed away, Hinata's uncle, Hizashi, passed away as well. Hinata was directly connected to his passing, as Hizashi's death had a lot to do with a certain incident that Hinata wishes she would forget about. That incident was Hinata being the victim of a kidnapping attempt, by a jounin from Kumo. That jounin was Kumo's ambassador, who was in Konoha at the time.


It all started with that kumo ninja trying to kidnap Hinata. He didn't get far, as Hiashi had spotted him carrying Hinata, before he was able to leave the Hyuuga clan compound. If that disgusting man, posing as an ambassador of Kumo, trying to sign a peace treaty between Konoha and Kumo, could have just left his daughter alone, then Hiashi wouldn't have to intervene and kill him. It was Hiashi killing him that caused the troubles, as Kumo demanded repercussions for his act. They wanted Hiashi dead for what he did. Hiashi couldn't understand why, since he had not done anything wrong. He had just protected his daughter from a kidnapper. It was his damn right to kill that man for trying to take away his daughter.


Most people agreed with Hiashi, especially his father Neji, who basically told Hiashi that Kumo could go fuck themselves. If they wanted to start a war over this, then the Hyuuga would fight them alone if they had to, with Neji leading the Hyuuga forces. Hiashi's brother, Hizashi, most of the Hyuuga elders, the former hokage, Hiruzen, and the village elder advisers, Homura and Koharu, saw things differently. Hizashi, being part of the main branch, offered to give his life to protect Hiashi and avoid war. Since they are twins, Kumo wouldn't be able to tell the difference. They wouldn't be able to steal his Byakugan eyes either, due to the seal that all members of the branch family has placed on them.


Hiashi refused. If anyone was going to take the fall for this, then it would be him. But what he preferred the most was the other option, what his father suggested, which was to go to war against Kumo, if they decided to retaliate. Unfortunately for Hiashi, he ended up not having a say in the matter due to Hizashi taking the matter into his own hands. Neither did the hokage, Minato, as all of these decisions were made without his blessing. When Hiashi came to protest, saying if they had to do this, instead of going to war, at least let it be him that died. Hizashi answered by knocking Hiashi out, before going ahead with what he and the elders had decided upon. After Hizashi died, he was sent off to Kumo, where they wouldn't be able to get his eyes due to the branch family seal.


Even though Hiashi had tried to prevent this from happening, and even agreed with his father that going to war was a better option than agreeing to Kumo's terms, his father still blamed him for what happened. He called him a weak leader, who couldn't look after his clan. Hiashi's father also gave Hiruzen quite the lecture after the events, telling him to stay out of Hyuuga matters.


Neji was intentionally left out of all the talks where they talked about Hizashi and Hiashi swapping places. It was because Hizashi knew that his father wouldn't go along with it, he would rather die in war than let Kumo decide how one of his sons would die. Hiashi completely agreed with his father, dying in was was a more honorable way to die than to give your life away without fighting, to one of your worst enemies. Hizashi saw things differently, he saw it as a honorable deed to do his duty as a branch member. He protected the main family, the village, his brother and the new Hyuuga clan head, by doing so.


Hiashi tried to tell Neji the truth at first, but he didn't want to hear anything he had to say. All his father told him since that day, was that he wished that Hizashi had been born into the main family instead of him, and that Hiashi was not suited to lead the clan. Neji's comments has caused Hiashi to fear that his own father might be part of a group of Hyuuga ninja who are trying to take over the clan from him. Ever since Hiashi became the clan leader, he has had a feeling that there are a group of higher ups in the clan, who are against him. After Hizashi's death, Neji only visited Hiashi's home when one of his two grandchildren was celebrating their birthdays.


Neji's relationship with his grandchildren, and Hitomi, did not change at all. He still thought that Hitomi was the best thing to ever happen to Hiashi, since she had set him straight and turned him into less of a scoundrel. His grandchildren are the most important people to him now. He may not be as loving and give them as much compliments as their grandmother Hanabi does, or their other grandfather, Hiroshi, but he still loves them a lot. That's something that all of his grandchildren are aware of as well, even though they think he can be a bit scary sometimes, when he gets angry.


Another Neji, who was even more affected by the death of Hizashi, is Hinata's cousin, who is Kizashi's own son, is now fatherless. He knew the whole story as well, and it had caused him to blame the main branch of the Hyuuga clan for his fathers death. Hinata used to get along well with her cousin, but since that incident, he has become very cold towards her and her sister. Neji and Hiashi also interact differently than they used to, as Hiashi used to treat Neji almost like his own son before, but now Neji is acting like a trained solider around him. He would always bow and address him respectfully “Hiashi-sama” and never visited them unless he was told to do so. That's a big change from how he used to act, as he would often be running around at their home, begging “uncle Hiashi-chan” to either play with him or train him.


Hizashi's death caused grief for their whole family, but it wasn't this tragedy that changed Hiashi. It was when his wife died, two years later. Two months before present time, Hyuuga Hitomi passed away due to an unknown illness. No doctor in Konoha was able to determine which illness had taken her life, nor found any cure save her before it did. Hiashi had literally asked every single doctor in Konoha to take a look at her, without any of them being able to help. She had gotten sick a week before she passed away.


She came home one day, on the evening of a warm day of early June, looking upset. She had then locked herself in her bedroom, asking Hiashi to be left alone, without any explanations. The next day, she stayed inside that room, and it didn't seem like she was sick then, she was just upset. But she was at least allowing Hiashi, her sister Hinako, Hiruzen and Hiashi's parents to enter the bedroom and talk to her. The next day, she had lost all color in her face, as she looked deathly pale, and would throw up any food that she ate. She spent a total of six days like that, without getting any better, before she passed away. Other than doctors, she had a lot of her friends visiting, and her sister, Hiruzen and Hiashi's parents would come by daily, to see how she was doing.


Since no doctors were able to determine what illness had taken her life, and the fact that she started to get sick the day after she had allowed people to visit her, Hiashi was suspecting that one of the people who had been visiting her, had poisoned her. He had heard Hitomi scream once, when his father was alone with her in her bedroom. It was a loud yell of “Don't! Please, Neji-sama!”.


When Hiashi entered the room to see what was going on, he found his father sitting next to her bed, holding her hand gently, while crying. When Neji saw Hiashi, he wiped away his tears, before heading out of the bed room. He then turned back and said “You have my word, Hitomi-chan. You just focus on getting better now” he said in a kind tone. He then directed an angry scowl at Hiashi “I'm taking my leave now, scoundrel”.


“What did you do to Hitomi, you senile old cunt!” Hiashi said, glaring at his father.


“Hiashi! Don't call him that. Your father hasn't done anything to me” Hitomi said, as Neji left the bedroom without another word.


“Then what was that scream about earlier?” Hiashi asked, while closing the door so that they could be alone.


“I asked him for a favor, which he refused at first. I kind of overreacted” Hitomi said, forcing herself to smile, even though she was in pain.


Hiashi knew she was lying, she was keeping something from him. “Did my father have anything to do with why you were so upset a few days ago, when you locked yourself in here?” he asked.


“No” Hitomi said, as she closed her eyes “You shouldn't think of your father that way, he is the most honorable man in this clan. The reason I was upset, had nothing to do with him”.


“What happened? Why won't you tell me what happened!?” Hiashi asked in a desperate tone.


“I need to rest..” Hitomi said in a low tone “Please let me rest, my love..”.


“You go ahead and rest, in the meantime, I will send out every single Hyuuga man available, to find Tsunade-sama. She will be able to cure you!” Hiashi declared before leaving their bedroom, which had become Hitomi's sick bed.


Unfortunately those ninja he sent out, wasn't able to find Tsunade before Hitomi passed away. She was also buried before Tsunade even got a chance to perform an autopsy on her body. She might have been able to determine what illness she had, or if she had been poisoned.


The latter was what Hiashi suspected, and he was suspecting that his own father was the one that had poisoned her, or at least knew who had done it. Things couldn't be worse for Hiashi now, as he had lost his brother two years ago, and now he had lost his loving wife. His suspicions of his father, and the fact that the two of them didn't even talk to each other anymore, didn't help either. His mother even started to distance herself from him, mainly because of how much he had changed, in such a short amount of time. Hiashi became the type of man the he always hated. He became a stuck up and strict hard ass, who was all about business now. But the worst change about him, was the fact that he started treating the person he loved the most, badly.


He would start to treat his eldest daughter, Hinata, like shit, with the sole reason being that every time he looked at her, he would be reminded of his late wife, and his late brother. He had dark thoughts, where he blamed her for everything. He blamed her for the kidnapping attempt, arguing that she could have prevented that if she was stronger. If that didn't happen, then Hizashi would still be around, and then he and his father wouldn't have any reason to fight. With Hizashi around, he would have more help to deal with all the clan troubles as well, and it would lower the chance of anyone being able to get away with poisoning his wife. While Hiashi never told Hinata about these thoughts, he would often tell her things such as “You are a disappointment, you should train harder, you should be more like your sister”, rather than praising her, like he used to. He has never called her “Hyuuga Princess” since then either.


Not only did Hiashi start to treat his daughter like shit, he also lost all his friends who mattered. Hiruzen could accept Hiashi's changes at the start, thinking he was just grieving. But it was a decision that Hiashi made, that caused Hiruzen to stay away from Hiashi and the Hyuuga clan all together.


Sarutobi Hiruzen


Hiruzen had told Hiashi about a certain old man in the Hyuuga clan, who is a part of the main branch, who goes by the name Nagi. Hyuuga Nagi was rumored to be the type of man who Hiruzen wanted to get out of his ninja force, back when he was the hokage. There was rumors of him not only sexually abusing his enemies, but also his female teammates. Unfortunately, Hiruzen never got any proof of it, and couldn't remove him from the ninja force due to that. But there were so many rumors about it, and the way he would look at his female teammates, who in turn looked very uncomfortable, and sometimes pissed off, whenever Nagi and his teammates gave him a mission debrief, made those rumors even more believable.


Hiruzen was very happy to hear that he had retired when Minato became the hokage. Hiruzen had told Hiashi about these rumors, and warned him about Nagi. But only a week after Hitomi's funeral, Hiashi had decided to let Nagi become a Hyuuga elder, someone who serves to advise the clan leader. It was a respectable position within clans, where elder former ninja were given a lot of influence within their clan. The fact that Hiashi did that, even after Hiruzen's warning, and the way that he had started treating his own daughter, and his friends, made Hiruzen give up on him. Hiashi was no longer his friend, and he was dead to him now.


Hiruzen saw Hiashi as weak and had lost all respect for him. Hiruzen had dealt with the pain of loss, more than anyone else in this village. When his wife died, back during the Kyuubi attack, he had never felt worse. He felt so bad about the way he had lived his life, cheating on her during their whole marriage. It was the reason why he didn't resume their swingers nights with Hiashi and Hitomi sooner, as he was spending two years inside his house, hating himself. He had even told all his lovers that he was done seeing them, with the exception of Tsume, Hitomi and Mikoto, who he was on a break with, due to them giving birth and tending to their newborns. The turning point came when Mikoto was done having children, and demanded that their affair resumed. And it did resume, since Hiruzen knew that he wouldn't be able to turn either Mikoto or Hitomi away. Those two have always been special to him, and if he had not married Biwako, he wouldn't have minded marrying one of them.


Only a few years ago, Hiruzen would have to deal with the pain of loss, once again. This time, it was his own daughter, Asuka, and her husband, Konoushi, who had passed away. They had been killed on a mission, by an unknown enemy ninja. Hiruzen loved Asuka and respected her so much that he wanted her to surpass him as the clan leader of the Sarutobi clan. He had put all his hope on her, wishing her to be the future of their clan. Now he had lost her as well, and all he had left was his disappointment of a son, who lacked so much potential that he probably couldn't even spell the word if he tried to. He was also stuck with Asuka's son, Konohamaru, who has become Hiruzen's new hope.


Konohamaru reminds him so much of Asuka at that age, and he has grown up in an interesting way, befriending Naruto early on. That's a plus in Hiruzen's book, since Hiruzen is Naruto's number one fan. He loves everything about that blond little brat, everything from his impressive ninja skills at such a young age, to his popularity with the girls and women of the village. Now that is a man with a lot of potential. He knows that his old teachers, Hashirama and Tobirama, would agree with him. Naruto and Konohamaru are now Hiruzen's new pride and joys. Even though they prank him almost on a daily basis, he loves those two knuckleheads. He considers Naruto to be his own grandson as well, and has always been around when he grew up, to Kushina's ire.


Kushina doesn't mind Hiruzen for the most part, since when he acts like a normal person, he is a very warm and kind grandfather figure to her and her son.It's the fact that even after all these years, he still asks her to have sex with him, every time they meet. She has lost count how many times she has chased him down the street, outside of her house, down to the Sarutobi clan compound, which is located on the same street, while wielding her katana. Naruto didn't know why it happened back then, but he taught it was game of “chasing the old man”, so he would join in and spit fire and water techniques on Hiruzen for fun. Hiruzen is still certain of the fact that she is just playing hard to get. They will fuck one day, he is sure of it.


Kushina isn't the only one who Hiruzen keeps giving those sex invitations to. While Hiruzen has stopped asking every single attractive kunoichi to have sex with him, he still goes after the most beautiful ones. Butao, Yoshino, Mebuki and even Tsunade, if she ever makes a visit to the village, will also get the same question whenever Hiruzen runs into them. In recent years, he has added a few more to that list. Uzuki Yugao, Yuuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko, all graduated from the ninja academy a few years ago. They were classmates to his own son, Asuma. As soon as they graduated, Hiruzen started inviting them to have sex with him, the same way that he had done with all the others, with the only difference being the location where he asked them. He asked all three of them, after attending Asuma's graduation ceremony at the ninja academy.


Then he would continue to ask them whenever he ran into them. All three of them refused him, which has become the standard in later years. He had a bigger chance with beauties like them, back when he was a jounin or when he just became the hokage. The three of them were very similar to Kushina and Tsunade in the way that they would refuse him, often threatening to hurt him, if he ever asked them something like that again. Anko could be really scary with her threats, as she would summon spiders from her arms, threatening to send them after him. But out of those three, Kurenai was by far the scariest. The way she would look at him, whenever he asked her if she wanted to have sex, both scared him, and made him wonder if she was a little bit snobby. It seemed to him like she was looking down on him a little, almost as if he was of lower standing than her, or as if they aren't even the same species. It kinda gave him the chills, whenever she looked at him like that.


While Hiruzen got along with most of these people, whenever he wasn't asking the females to have sex with him, he still got along the best with Uchiha Mikoto. Hiruzen and Mikoto will probably never get married, or become an official couple, but she is still his girl, always has been. She was the one who cheered him up and helped him with his depression, two years after his wife died. She was also the one who was there for him, when Asuka died. They didn't have sex for months after Asuka died, as Mikoto only came to Hiruzen's house with her youngest, to care for Hiruzen, while Satsuki played with Konohamaru outside.


When Hiruzen had returned to normal, as he was done grieving, their affair turned into more of a relationship than an affair. Mikoto would come visit him almost daily, always bringing Satsuki with her to let her play with Konohamaru, while Mikoto and Hiruzen plays adult games in Hiruzen's bedroom. She left Sasuke and Sara in the care of her parents during those visits, while Itachi didn't need anyone to look after him. She couldn't count on Fugaku to look after them, since he thought raising the kids was a woman's job.


Mikoto and Fugaku's marriage was only a marriage in name. Neither of them loved the other and they only had sex a total of five times, during their whole marriage. Those five times resulted in five minutes of sex, which in turn resulted in four children. Those four children are the main reason why Mikoto was happy that she married Fugaku. She might not give a fuck about him, but she loves her children more than anything. That's why she would do anything to protect them, even if that meant betraying her clan. She wasn't alone in thinking that, as her oldest son, Itachi, would also end up betraying their clan.


Her husband and the Uchiha clan was fed up with the village and the people leading it, even Minato, who had done nothing but defend the Uchiha clan. They were planning a coup, to take over the village. Mikoto and Itachi fed this information to Hiruzen and Minato, letting them know all about Fugaku's plans and when he planned to act and how. Somehow Danzo, Homura and Koharu got word of this as well, which had them demand that they kill every single person part of the Uchiha clan. At first Minato and Hiruzen were against it, saying there had to be another way. It wasn't until Mikoto convinced Hiruzen and Itachi convinced Minato, that there was no other way, that they agreed to it.


Fugaku and the Uchiha higher ups had made up their mind, they were going to take over the village no matter what. They were one of the founding clans of the village, and they were being treated like shit, in their opinion. The fact that no hokage has ever been an Uchiha, didn't help either. It was their turn to lead the village now. They intended to attack Minato directly, before moving onto killing his family and anyone loyal to him.


It wasn't until Minato heard about them planning to go after his wife and son, that he agreed to a plan to have the Uchiha clan massacred. It was a plan that Itachi had come up with himself, as he would be the one to do the deed. All Itachi asked in return, was that his siblings would be spared. That was something everyone agreed to, except Hiruzen who wouldn't let them go through with their plan unless Mikoto would be spared as well. He straight up told them that if anyone lays a finger on her, he will kill all of them. While Minato knew that he was not the intended target of Hiruzen's threat, he still sweated a little bit, as he was reminded of just how scary Hiruzen could be sometimes. There is a reason why he became the hokage before dinosaurs went extinct.


The Uchiha massacre happened this year, a month before Hyuuga Hitomi passed away. Itachi had been given two missions. His first mission was to wipe out the Uchiha clan, while the second mission was to infiltrate an organization, by the name of “The Akatsuki”. Jiraiya had gathered information on that organization, learning that it consists of powerful missing nin, who could become a danger for Konoha in the future. Before the night that he killed his clan, he had been contacted by a person who is believed to be a part of that organization. It was the same Uchiha who was behind the Kyuubi attack, Uchiha Obito. Itachi didn't know about those details, all he knew was that this mystery person had at least one sharingan eye. He offered to help Itachi, which Itachi kindly refused. But it was thanks to meeting Obito, that Itachi was able to join the Akatsuki, after that night.


That night while Itachi assassinated his father and the rest of his clan, scaring the living hell out of his little brother, Sasuke, who had witnessed some of it, her mother was riding Hiruzen in his bedroom, moaning and screaming his name. At the same time, Itachi's sisters was sleeping safely in the same house at the Sarutobi clan compound. Sasuke was the only one that had to see it, just as Itachi had planned it. He wanted Sasuke to hate him so much that he would become motivated enough to train his ass off, in order to come after Itachi and take his life some day. Itachi thought that he deserved to die for what he did, even if he just did it as an order, to protect the village that he loves. Itachi would end up getting his wish, as Sasuke's goal from that day on, was to become strong enough so that he could kill Itachi and get revenge for what he did to their clan.


Sasuke and everyone else, other than Minato, Hiruzen, Mikoto and the village elders, didn't know the full story. The story they knew was that Itachi had gone crazy and decided to kill his clan because was bored and wanted to “test his skills”. Itachi was branded an S-class criminal in public, while to those that knows better, he is one of the most loyal and skilled ninja that has ever been a apart of Konoha. It is Minato's wish that Itachi will return to the village after his mission as a spy is done. Even if some people in the village may never forgive him, even if they learn of the truth, he could still live here and continue as a ninja, working for the anbu.


Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina


While Naruto and his classmates are eating lunch at the ninja academy, the hokage, Namikaze Minato, has just finished his lunch. He is in his office, within the hokage tower, enjoying a cup of coffee, while reminiscing about recent years. He had given out all the missions he had available to different teams and now only had boring paperwork left to work on. Minato wasn't too upset about that though, he loves his job and he loves being the one that everyone relies on as the fourth Hokage of Konoha. Minato doesn't only love his job, he is satisfied with pretty much everything in his life. He has the most wonderful family, being his beautiful wife, Uzumaki Kushina and his extremely popular prodigy son, Uzumaki Naruto. Minato loves the two of them more than anything in this world.


Minato is so proud of his son, who has become a powerhouse in just a few years. Naruto was nowhere near the level of a normal academy student's level. He was far above that. Minato could have let him graduate early, just like Itachi did, but managed to convince Naruto to attend the ninja academy. He and Kushina wished for Naruto to attend the ninja academy to make some more friends and just being a student.


Naruto is most likely already stronger than every single chuunin in the village. Minato was a big reason why Naruto became so strong at a young age. He trained him the two years before Naruto started attending the ninja academy, along with secretly training him for several years before that, teaching him pretty much everything he knows. Minato was very surprised by how fast Naruto learned and how hard he worked.


The reason why Minato started training in secret, so early on, was because Minato feared that he wouldn't be able to do it in the future, knowing that something like a war could break out at any time, which would take up all of Minato's time. He figured it was best to teach him as soon as possible, because he wanted to make sure that he got to teach him something, before he became too busy with work. Another reason why he wanted to train Naruto so early on, was because he was such a big moma's boy, that Minato was actually a bit jealous of how close they were. During their training, they had really been able to bond though. Maybe it not in the way that Minato had expected or wanted to, but at least they had something of a father son bond now.


The reason why Minato thinks that the might not have bonded the way that he wished them to, is because Naruto has started seeing Minato as more of a rival than a teacher or a father. He is challenging Minato to fights, almost every single day, which is just the two them sparring against each other. If Minato doesn't agree to spar against him, Naruto will attack him with the most evil and annoying pranks, all day, until he agrees to “fight” him. It didn't surprise him at all that he become such a moma's boy, because he was a male copy of her. His son reminds him so much of Kushina in her younger days, that it's almost scary. Minato was able to teach Naruto for all those years, without any major incidents occurring.


Other than the Uchiha massacre, and the Hyuuga-Kumo kidnapping incident, Minato's time as the hokage had been relatively peaceful and uneventful, compared to the decades filled with wars before he became hokage. For the most part, things had been going smoothly. Minato was able to spend a lot more time with his family and friends than he had first expected, after accepting the position as the hokage.


He had time for dinners with his friends. Most of the time that meant that he and his family would visit the Yamanaka family, or vice versa, to eat dinner. He also found time for evenings for going out to “drink with the boys”, with the boys being, Jiraiya, Inoichi and Shikaku. They rarely went out though, as most of the time they would just go over to Jiraiya's little house and drink there.


Minato wished that he would spend a lot more time with his wife though, but he would often choose to spend his free time either with Naruto, or with his friends. Minato loves that woman so much, but damn if she is not the biggest prude in the village. Kushina is not only prudish, she is also very conservative when it comes to the way she dresses. You will never find her wearing any outfits showing any cleavage, when she is walking around in the village. At home she dresses pretty much the same. The only time Minato gets to see more is when they used to have sex more often, at least for a little while before she covered them with a blanket or the bed covers, as they go at it in the missionary position, which is one of the few position she allows.


Forget about doggy style, stand and carry or anything fun like that. Nothing “indecent” or “un-lady like” as Kushina calls it. The same could be said for foreplay. Blowjobs are out of the question and if his sperm went anywhere near her face, she would probably castrate him. She doesn't even seem to like tongue kissing. Just a few quick pecks every time they do the deed is enough. But mostly the only foreplay she wants is a quick fingering from Minato before they have slow, boring missionary sex, in a dark room with either the bed covers or a blanket covering them. Their sex life really took a turn after Naruto was born as that was the start of them doing it less and less.


Minato can't really understand why. His attraction for her hasn't changed, she is still the most beautiful woman he has ever put his eyes on. But he also can't understand why he never really wants to have sex with her anymore, and the few times he does, she is either too tired or not in the mood. It's not only Kushina's fault though as Minato often gives her the same excuses when she is the one who asks. Their sex life is the only thing that Minato isn't happy about with his marriage. He has never thought about leaving her or cheating on her or anything like that. Instead he wants to try to work on it. When Naruto graduates they will have more chances to be alone in the house for long amounts of time. Minato is hoping they will restore their sex life then. Nowadays, Minato is lucky if he gets laid two times a year. They usually only do the deed on their respective birthdays, or on their wedding anniversary.


Minato wasn't too worried about that though. Sex isn't everything in life. He still loves that woman more than life itself anyway. Someone who Minato is worried will overdose of sex, is his own son. Minato is very well aware of the fact that his son is very popular among the women folk in the village. It's actually one of the reasons why Minato is so proud of him, but at the same time he can't help but worry. He doesn't want Naruto to turn into some kind of sex addict, like Hiruzen. Luckily, it seems like Naruto has chosen to take the route of the super pervert instead, as he often talks about women in a similar manner that Jiraiya does. Since Jiraiya loathes Hiruzen, it's very unlikely that Naruto will turn out like him. Jiraiya may be a pervert, but other than peeking on women and giving them some spicy compliments, he at least respects women and treats all women well.


While Hiruzen may not abuse women or treat them badly, the way that he constantly asks women who wants nothing to do with him, to have sex with him, is really starting to piss Minato off. It's been almost two decades now, that the has been bugging Kushina for sex. Hiruzen should consider himself lucky that Minato considers him to be family, as an adoptive grandfather. And if it weren't for that fact, and the fact that Minato and everyone else knows that Hiruzen would never lay his hands on any girl, without their permission, Minato would have beaten the man close to death many times already, for bothering his wife like that. His sex addiction is honestly his only fault. If he could just stop with those invitations, then Hiruzen could become the most respectable man in Konoha.


Other than his wife and his son, there are two more people who Minato has grown very fond of. The first one is Mitarashi Anko, who returned to the village when Naruto was three years old. She is someone who Minato and Kushina has cared for almost like she is their own daughter. It started after Orochimaru abandoned her. She was found by Jiraiya in one of Orochimaru's abandoned underground laboratories. After she had been brought back to the village, she was left to fend for herself without any family to help her. The villagers were harsh on her due to her connection to the snake sannin. At this point, she wasn't even old enough to graduate yet, even though she was probably skilled enough to be a jounin, due to training with the snake sannin. Kushina couldn't stand that happening in front of her eyes, especially not to Anko who she had always liked since she had such a feisty happy go lucky attitude. Maybe it was because she reminded Kushina of her herself a little bit as well, she ended up invited Anko to stay with them for as long as she wanted.


Once Anko got comfortable around the house, her true mischievous nature awoke. She also seemed to have something of a crush on both of her caretakers. Minato actually thought she preferred Kushina over himself due to the way she looked at her sometimes. Kushina knew all about it also, and according to her Anko definitely preferred Minato over herself. Anko was also very playful with Naruto, acting like a mischievous and funny big sister around him. Around the same time that Naruto turned six, Anko's constant teasing and flirting directed at Minato and Kushina, had gotten so bad that Minato and Kushina had a talk with her. They decided to have that talk due to something that happened earlier that same day. Apparently she had been fondling Kushina's chest, feeling her up, in one of the natural hot springs of their backyard, and tried to make out with her. Later that same day she had sat down in Minato's lap, as he sat on the couch in the living room, before grinding her ass over Minato's groin, while Kushina was busy preparing dinner.


While they had their talk with her, Anko seemed a bit confused. She said that she loved them and just wanted to have some fun. Truth be told, Minato wouldn't really have minded that. A threesome with Anko and Kushina, or just having Anko as an extra lover, who would also be fooling around with his wife, didn't really seem like such a bad deal for him. Unsurprisingly, Kushina wasn't a fan of that though. Her being so conservative and prudish when it comes to sex, meant that she certainly wouldn't be interested in any threesomes or lesbian sex. She told Anko that she loved her like her own daughter and that she would always be welcome to stay with them, but she had to stop flirting with both her and Minato. If she didn't, she would have to move out.


Anko got the message and she did stop most of the flirting, at least the part that involves her feeling up Kushina or grinding on Minato. A year later she also found her own place, a nice apartment in one of the biggest apartment blocks in Konoha. That apartment block was very popular for ninja to live in, meaning that she didn't have to worry about civilian idiots harassing her over her connection to Orochimaru. She lived in the same apartment block as several very known ninja of Konoha. Famous ninja such as Kakashi, Maito Gai, Morino Ibiki and her two best friends, Uzuki Yugao and Yuuhi Kurenai also lives in that apartment block. That move worked out good for all parties in the end.


Once Naruto got older, Anko's infatuation with Minato and Kushina seemed to have vanished, or at least she showed no signs of being in love with them anymore. Instead, she was all about flirting with Naruto from then on. She had fallen for Naruto, just like most of the female village population had. And to Kushina's anger, she certainly didn't hold back her flirting. Minato was just happy that he was out of the crossfire now, as Anko was now Naruto and Kushina's worry.


The other person who Minato has come to care for a lot, is Naruto's oldest friend, Yamanaka Ino, who has grown into quite the beautiful young woman by now. Ino reminds Minato a bit of Anko. They have the same playful personality and they both adore Naruto. It's also obvious that Ino looks up to Anko similar to how she looks up to Kushina. She is a role model for her. Ino is also someone Minato has kind of thought of as an extra daughter, kinda like Anko. Unlike Anko she wasn't all alone since she had two great parents who are also very good friends with him and Kushina.


Another big difference between Ino and Anko is that Ino hasn't been flirting with him that way. At least not in the same obvious way, as she hasn't really given Minato or Kushina any reason to think that she likes him that way. The problem with Ino is that she keeps growing too damn fast for Minato's liking. The older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes. That would be fine, if it weren't for the fact that she still to this day, is very adamant about always sitting in his lap, whenever she visits their home, or if Minato and his family visits their home. It was fine when she was younger, as there was nothing strange about that. But now it was starting to get a little bit strange, since she is no longer a little girl. Kushina has never had a problem with Ino sitting in Minato's lap. Maybe that's because Kushina's favorite seat is in Naruto's lap.


Kushina says she she only sits in his lap to piss off all of Naruto's admirers, but sometimes it makes Minato wonder. Especially since she sits in his lap whenever she can, even if the three of them are alone together. That doesn't really add up with her story of just doing it do “piss off” Naruto's admirers. At the same time, Minato can kind of see where she is coming from. When Anko or God forbid, Yoshino or Butao is around, Kushina would almost grind her ass against him, while sittin in his lap, to make them jealous. Butao is no different from other women, when it comes to being attracted to Naruto. The same goes for Yoshino, and this a fact that both Inoichi and Shikaku are okay with. If wouldn't be, they would have to leave Konoha to find a new wife who isn't attracted to him, since they had not met him yet.


Although, it is pretty fun to tease Naruto about it. That moma's boy is so overly protective with Kushina and he can't handle any teasing about it. Minato has even seen Naruto kick someone ass for just looking at Kushina. Kushina is always dressed in very boring clothing that doesn't show much of her figure at all, so it isn't like they are leering at her ass or tits or anything, they are just mesmerized by her pretty face. Minato couldn't blame them, he is the first one to admit that Kushina is the most beautiful woman to walk this earth. Naruto being so overprotective of her has earned him a nickname, Moma's boy, which is something Minato likes to call Naruto to poke some fun at him.


Kushina shares a lot of Minato's thoughts about their marriage, as she is just as upset about the situation with their sex life, but still loves him a lot. This whole thing about Kushina dressing conservatively and being a bit prudish, is mainly due to Kushina thinking that she has to act that way to deserve to be the hokage's wife. She also wants to keep her promise to Mito, which was that she would always act and dress like “a proper lady”. Although, Mito also told her that if she ever found someone that she considers to be her soulmate, then she shouldn't hold back and act like a wild animal, while in bed with him.


That's a step that Kushina hasn't been willing to take yet, as just the thought of doing some of the things that she fantasizes about, makes her nervous. In truth, Kushina is a bit of a pervert, which is where Naruto gets his own perverseness from. Her worst nightmare is other people finding out about that, especially after all of these years that she has acted like this prudish proper lady. Obviously that's a very ridiculous worry on her part, as Minato would never go around telling other people about what they do and don't do in bed. That's just something that Kushina worries about for no reason.


The fact that she had never really enjoyed the sex she had with Minato, didn't help convince her to start getting more wild in bed either. The only time she could safely say that she had gotten an orgasm, was an evening when she and Minato had returned home drunk. Minato had fingered her on the kitchen table, moving so damn fast, as he was using his Hiraishin technique to speed up the movement of his fingers. He gave her an orgasm that made her scream out loud and it made her pussy squirt like a fountain as well. Unfortunately that never happened again after that. Kushina was to embarrassed to ask him to do it again, while Minato was feeling a bit ashamed of what he had done, as if he had done something wrong. They ended up never mentioning it, even though both had enjoyed it.


Other than their almost non-existent sex life, Kushina had nothing to complain about when it came to her marriage to Minato. Just like Minato, she also couldn't be more proud of Naruto, who has grown up to become the son she always wanted. She honestly can't remember having more fun than the times she has shared with Naruto and their shared friend, Konohamaru. While others, including Naruto and Minato, would describe Konohamaru as something of an adopted son to Kushina, she has never really seen him like that. Konohamaru is Asuka's son, not hers. She is fine with her being a younger brother to Naruto, but to her he is a friend, a friend who she loves and appreciates a lot.


If it were up to her, then Konohamaru would start living with them permanently. He is already sleeping over their place a few times every week, which makes Kushina think that he should just move in with them already. The only reason why that has not happened yet, is most likely since Konohamaru doesn't want his grandfather to be alone, not knowing that he has Mikoto to cure his loneliness. The reason why she wants him to stay here, is because he and Naruto are really close like brothers. Naruto and Konohamaru are also always able to make her laugh, and every moment she spends with them, are filled with joy and mischief. She has lost count on how many times they have pranked Minato, Jiraiya, Hiruzen and some of their other friends who could take a prank without making a big deal out of it. It would just make sense if he started living with him, and that way she could get him away from that disgusting grandfather of his, who she fears might become a bad influence on him.


Kushina just loves the way that Konohamaru started calling Naruto “big bro” when he was younger. She was also very proud of Naruto after he had consoled and cheered up Konohamaru, during the funeral of his parents. While Konohamaru was crying, sitting in front of the graves of his parents, Naruto had walked up to him and put one of his hands on his shoulder. He then told Konohamaru that he had been promoted to his underling, and he would always look after his underlings, and if he ever felt lonely, he could come stay at their place. Somehow that worked to get Konohamaru to stop crying, as he bolted up to salute Naruto, before stating “Yes boss!” before charging Naruto for a hug. That's probably the only time Kushina has seen Naruto hug Konohamaru, or seen the two of them cry together as well. The scene made her cry as well, especially when she started thinking about Asuka.


Asuka had been such a great friend, who just like Naruto and Konohamaru, was able to make Kushina laugh all the time, and was just a joy to be around. Konohamaru is so similar to Asuka personality wise, just like Naruto is similar to Kushina. It's not surprising at all that Naruto and Konohamaru became such good friends, because that's exactly what Kushina and Asuka was as well. After Naruto and Konohamaru left, Kushina said her final good byes to her “little sister”, who used to be a part of her squad during the war. She promised her that she would look after her son, and hopefully train him someday, to prepare him for the harsh life of being a shinobi, in this rotten world.


For now though, she is looking forward to training her own son. It's actually something she has been looking forward to ever since he was born. Minato has warned that Naruto is a bit of a training addict, and that it's pretty much impossible to get him tired with any form of regular training. That just made Kushina look forward to training him even more, as she was going to work his ass off, while teaching him everything she knows.


Uzumaki Naruto and Sarutobi Konhoamaru


At the end of Naruto's first school day, he had to literally flee the school grounds, to get away from Uchiha Sara and her new friend, Tenten. Naruto doesn't know much about Tenten, but he wasn't about to mess with Sara any time soon. That girl is like Ino but on steroids. She is just as annoying and love struck as she is, but she is a lot stronger and faster than Ino, making her a lot harder to get away from. The only other girl in school who scared him a bit, is Kiba's older sister, Hana. She is a fourth grader right now, who still has two attend the academy for two more years before she graduates. Whenever Naruto is over at Kiba's place, Hana and Tsume look at the same way that one of their ninja dogs looks at meat on a bone. Due to Naruto being so oblivious to the fact that all the girls and women are attracted to him, he thinks that they are actually thinking about eating him, or feeding him to their dogs. He is actually a bit scared to visit the Inuzuka clan due to that.


Another reason why Naruto is a bit wary of women, is due to Kushina having warned him about female spies. She has told him that the village is full of female spies who might try to get close to him, in order to get him to reveal secrets of the Uzumaki clan to them. Considering how girls and women keep coming after him wherever he goes, he has no reason to believe that his mom is not telling the truth. Obviously it is a complete lie, as Kushina only told him that as a way to delay the inevitable, which is Naruto hooking up with one of those ladies some day.


Even though Naruto is completely oblivious when it comes to all the girls being attracted to him, there is one girl who is different from others. His big sister figure, Anko, is the only one who Naruto can safely say that he has a crush on. Anko's flirting always makes him blush, and she is the only one who can turn an otherwise very confident Naruto, into a blushing and stuttering mess. Now, Naruto doesn't know that their attraction is very mutual, as Anko is completely obsessed about Naruto. He thinks her flirting is just her teasing him, to get that exact reaction out of him, so that she can make fun of him. He doesn't think he stands a chance with her.


Even though Naruto is very oblivious when it comes to girls and their attraction to him, he is oozing self confidence and isn't shy at all around girls. The only exceptions would be Anko and Kushina who has made him blush with their teasing and closeness. In Anko's case it's the constant teasing which has already been mentioned. In his mothers case it's similar, except she isn't teasing, she is just very touchy and cuddly with him. She sometimes even sits in his lap and hugs in front of their friends and family. She is also extremely protective of him, especially when other women tries anything with him, which they do often, to be fair.


Naruto doesn't mind Kushina's behavior, even though she is his mom, because quite frankly she is one of the hottest women around in his opinion. Although he is wondering sometimes if what she is doing is normal, if his friends mothers do that to them as well. Considering what his friends mom's sometimes try do with him, he has no reason to believe that it is not normal. The other girls and women who see it don't like it one bit. They think Kushina is just doing it to “mark her territory” or trying to make them jealous.


Other than problems with annoying girls, Naruto has nothing to complain about. Just like his parents are proud of him and loves him more than anything, he could say the very same thing about them. He might never tell it directly to his father, as he prefers to prank him and mess with him, but he is very proud of his father, who is a well respected ninja and considered to be the most powerful hokage ever, by many people. Naruto loved the time he spent training with him, especially whenever they would spar against each other. He really enjoyed testing his skills against someone so strong, and the fact that he never won against him, no matter what he tried, made him respect his father even more.


Just like Kushina is very overprotective of him, Naruto is also very overprotective of her. That is because he has always noticed how men of all ages will stare at her, as love struck fools, whenever she walks passed in the streets of Konoha. And that's even though Kushina never dresses in anything revealing or gives them any other reason to stare, other than the fact that she is very beautiful. In later years, Naruto has started bouncing between all the perverts, using the Hiraishin, to smack them on top of their heads, if he notices them leering at his mom. That has made everyone to stop doing that whenever Naruto is with her, as they will just smile at her and greet her in a friendly manner instead. Kushina is very thankful to Naruto for that, because she hates those kind of stares and getting such attention. She has never seen herself as some pretty princess, like most people seem to think she is.


In fact, she thinks that girls like Anko, Kurenai and Yugao, are a lot more beautiful than she is. The fact that one of Konoha's biggest newspapers will hold a yearly poll to decide whoever is the most beautiful woman in Konoha, which is a poll who Kushina has won almost every single year since Tsunade left the village, didn't help convince Kushina otherwise. She didn't read those tabloid like newspapers anyway. Tsunade won that poll for almost twenty straight years, before Kushina came along and started challenging her for the top spot. The only other girls who has won the poll in the last two decades, are Yamanaka Butao, Hyuuga Hitomi and Uchiha Mikoto. Kurenai is the second favorite to win this years poll, while Kushina remains the favorite.


Naruto enjoy spending time with his mom and Konohamaru, just as much as she does. The same goes for Konohamaru, who Naruto ran into on the street where both of their homes are located at. He had been out in his backyard, doing a little bit of training, when he saw Naruto walk passed his house.


Konohamaru also loves spending time with the members of the Uzumaki family. After his parents passed away, he visits them almost daily, even if its just a quick visit sometimes. Konohamaru really looks up to Naruto, and wants to be exactly like him. That's why he will do anything Naruto asks of him, even if those things can sometimes get Konohamaru in trouble. One of the reasons why Konohamaru looks up to Naruto so much, is because he is the son of Konohamaru's actual idol, Namikaze Minato. Konohamaru's dream is to become the hokage, and his grandfather, who is the former hokage, has told Konohamaru that Minato might be the strongest hokage that has ever existed. That's why Konohamaru looks up to him, and wants to surpass him some day.


The more Konohamaru got to know Naruto, Naruto would become more and more of a big brother and idol figure to him. Konohamaru did not want to surpass Naruto, because it wouldn't be right for an underling to surpass his boss. He is also sure that no one is going to be able surpass his boss, as it's obvious to him that Naruto is going to become the greatest ninja that has ever existed. So now he kinda has two idol figures, even though Naruto is more of a a big brother or his best friend, to Konohamaru.


Konohamaru likes the third member of the Uzumaki family as well. She is surprisingly fun for being “an old hag”, and her food is the best thing he has ever eaten. It doesn't hurt that she is pretty to look at either. Leave it to his boss, to have such a pretty mom.


Konohamaru chased him down and yelled out to him “Wait up, boss!”.


“Hey little shit!” Naruto greeted with a wide grin. “Little shit” is something of a pet name that Naruto has for Konohamaru, but he also calls him by his name, and his nickname “Kon”.


“Shouldn't you be training?” Naruto asked, as Konohamaru caught up to him. Konohamaru rested his arms behind his head, grinning as well “I have been training all day. I wanna prank someone now, kore!”


Naruto nodded “Yeah, let's ask my mom to cook us up some grub first, then we can go find Ero-sennin”.


“Sweet! Your mom's food is the best, kore!” Konohamaru said in an excited tone.


“I know right?” Naruto said with a wide grin, before the two of them ran down the street, to get to Naruto's home at the end of said street. After entering his home, they found Kushina together with Minato, and two friends in their living room. Anko had brought along her friend, Kurenai, to visit them today. When Naruto's eyes landed on Kurenai, he stared at her wide eyed for a second. He knew that moment, that he had just found his second crush. “Holy shit, what a babe, dattebayo!” Naruto thought as he smiled at her warmly, before he was jumped by Anko.


“Naruto-kun!!” Anko said as she pressed his head into her chest “Did you miss your onee-chan? Anko-nee is here to play with you, and I brought a friend!”.


“Stop that Anko-nee, I'm not a kid anymore!” Naruto growled, but he couldn't help but blush due to the fact that he had Anko's big juicy titties jiggling in front of his face. What made the experience even better was, that she wasn't wearing a shirt or even a bra. All she wore was a mesh transparent body armor. She did cover up her nipples with skin colored bandages though.


“I know, you are all man now aren't you?” Anko said licking her lips “Maybe we should head upstairs to your bedroom so that I can turn you into a real man!”.


“ANKO-CHAN!” Kushina yelled “Get away from my son!”.


“Anko..” Kurenai hissed “What are you doing to that poor boy!”.


Kushina smiled when she heard that “You tell her, Kurenai-san!”.


Minato just started sweating, because he was worried that Kushina was going to blame him for what Naruto and Anko is doing, for some reason. He fought back the urge, to give Naruto an encouraging comment of “atta boy” as well.


Kushina and Kurenai had just gotten to know each other. But Kushina had a feeling that the two of them would get along well, especially if she helps her keep women like Anko away from Naruto. Unfortunately for Kushina, she had gotten the wrong idea about why Kurenai had helped him get Anko away from Naruto. She was covering her view of him, as she would like to continue to check him out. Kurenai had just found her future mate, after all.


Yuuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko


“Shut it, you old prude!” Anko barked back at Kushina, before releasing Naruto from her holds, to Naruto's disappointment.


“And what the hell Kurenai-chan? Why are you siding with her and not me, I thought were were friends” Anko said in fake hurt tone, causing Kurenai to sweat drop. At the same time, Kushina pouted, while turning to Minato “I'm not a prude am I?”.


Minato started sweating, before clearing his throat “Of course not, dear..” he said, while thinking “Yes you are, I wish I you would bury my face between your tits like that some day..”.


Now that Anko had let go of Naruto, Kurenai got back to checking him out. Kurenai is a little bit different personality wise, than the rest of the people inside that living room. Minato is a rather calm and collected and very professional individual, who has the kind of personality that Kurenai has tried to take on, but it isn't her true personality. The others, are all loudmouths and mischievous pranksters, who Kurenai loves to be around. That's why she gets along so well with Anko, even though she usually doesn't get along well with anyone. That's because Kurenai sees most people as lowly insects, instead of being a human like her. Even Anko is not worthy be to be called the same species as her, but she was higher up in the hierarchy than the others, the lowly insects, though.


A pyramid system can be used to describe the way that Kurenai sees other people. All her life, she has been at the top of the pyramid, as the queen of all the lowly insects around her. Today, she has added Naruto next to her on top of that pyramid. Second highest tier, on the pyramid scale, is where Anko and Yugao belongs, as Kurenai's best friends. Today she has added three more people on that tier, as the creators of Naruto, which is his parents, have been added there only for giving birth to him. Konohamaru was also added there, because of what he did next.


“You ugly old witch!” Konohamaru yelled at Anko “Stop attacking Naruto-nii, kore!”.


“What did you call me!?” Anko asked, glaring dangerously at Konohamaru, cracking her knuckles in a threatening manner “Want me to punch your head in again, you annoying little brat!?”.


“Fuck you, you fat cow!” Konohamaru said, while flipping her off, before bursting out of the living room, running for his life. Kushina and Kurenai couldn't help themselves as they both started giggling, causing Anko to get angrier and angrier. She glared at Kurenai and Kushina “I'm gonna kill him first, then I am returning for you two!” she yelled, before leaping out to the backyard, through the backdoor of the house, chasing after Konohamaru.


Naruto followed her, just to make sure she actually didn't kill him. This always happens whenever Konohamaru and Anko are in the same room. They can't go five minutes without insulting or teasing each other. Mainly it's because Anko hates that Konohamaru is always bothering them whenever she is trying to get some alone time with Naruto. Konohamaru on the other hand, thinks he is doing his duty as Naruto's underling, by protecting him from the evil witch, Anko.


Due what Kurenai had just seen, she added Konohamaru on the second tier as well. He thought what he just did was very entertaining, and he was a bit cute as well. Now that's actually a big deal, since before today Kurenai has never had any kind of attraction to any human of any gender. Today that changed, as she had found her future husband now in Naruto, while she thinks Konohamaru is a bit cute. She would later on learn that the reason why she finds Konohamaru to be a bit cute, is because he is basically a brown haired Naruto copy. She has fallen for Naruto so badly that anything that resembles him, has become a lot more attractive to her as well. Except Minato. That old fuck doesn't do anything for her. He is only good for having impregnated the birth giver of Naruto. Kurenai would see Kushina as more of a birth giver in the future as well, as the two of them would become very good friends. But this were her thoughts when she visited their house for the first time.


Below the second tier, you can find the people who Kurenai can get along with and work with, but doesn't really care for. People like Maito Gai, Hatake Kakashi belong to this tier. In the future, a lot more people will join this tier, once she gets to know people like Ino and her parents, and all of Naruto's other friends, who doesn't annoy her as much.


The fourth tier is where most people belongs. This is the insect tier. They are annoying insects who keep swarming around her, getting in her way, leering at her, or is otherwise annoying. She wishes someone would just tell the men belonging to this tier group, that they are not worthy to even look at her.


The lowest tier of them all, is the fifth tier. There are only three insects belonging to this tier, the worm tier. Those are Orochimaru, for hurting Anko. Sarutobi Asuma, for having a crush on her, and not leaving her alone. And lastly, Sarutobi Hiruzen, for daring to ask her to have sex with him, even though he is a wrinkly and disgusting old worm. (2).


Asuma is actually a very nice guy, and the reason why Kurenai can't stand him, is because he used to follow her while they attended the ninja academy, like a love struck fool. Kurenai wanted to tell the worm to leave her alone, but she had to keep her act going, as the professional and kind kunoichi that she wanted everyone to think she was. The worm has some uses though, as she has often told him to chase away other men who are trying to hit on her. That's why she will often bring him along with her, whenever she goes to a bar for a drink, or goes for a walk in the village. This has started some rumors of the two of them being a couple, which wasn't the case at all. Kurenai was just using him and his obsession with her, in order to make him get the other insects to disappear from her.


Naruto, Konohamaru and Anko, returned a few minutes later. During those minutes, Kurenai was able to talk a little bit with Kushina alone. She was already getting fond of her and saw her as more of a birth giver now. She decided to give her a new title as her “future mother in law” instead.


When Naruto and the others returned, Konohamaru held his head, which Anko had punched repeatedly before Naruto could intervene. He was currently carrying Anko bridal style, which had Kurenai glare at them in jealousy. No one noticed that, luckily for her, as she was able to keep up her appearances. That got harder for her a few minutes later though, when Naruto challenged Minato to a spar. Minato gladly accepted, since he just wanted to get away from Kushina and Anko, to avoid getting caught in the middle of one of their fights. He knew that Kushina would soon explode if Anko continued to flirt with Naruto like that in front of her.


Before they started, Naruto took off his T-shirt, which caused both Anko and Kurenai's faced to turn completely red. Kurenai even drooled a little, as she checked him out, which she wasn't able to hide from Kushina nor Konohamaru, who both sighed when they saw Anko and Kurenai's reaction to Naruto taking his shirt off.


Kushina and Konohamaru made eye contact, as Konohamaru shook his head, before shrugging “Don't blame too much, old hag. Boss has a way with the ladies, kore”.


“Is that so?” Kushina asked with a mischievous grin “How about you, do you have a way with ladies as well, dattebane?”, she asked as she got up on her feet, before walking over to Konohamaru.


Konohamaru rested his hands behind his head, grinning at her “I don't know, Hinata-nee is nice to me though, kore!”.


“I see” Kushina said with a sweet smile. She then kicked Konohamaru's feet, causing him to fall over. Kushina then sat down on his back, while Konohamaru yelled “What the hell!? Get off me you old hag!”.


“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!?” Kushina yelled back, before pressing her hands on the back of Konohamaru's head, pressing his face into the grass underneath them.


“Apologize, ttebane!”.


“NEVER!” Konohamaru yelled back, resulting in Kushina giving him more punishment.


Kushina put her little finger inside her mouth to wet it, before she said “I'm gonna give you a wet willy if you don't apologize right now!”.


“You know I'm gonna get you back for this right? You crazy old hag!” Konohamaru barked at her. Kushina's response was to put her little finger inside one of Konohamaru's earlobes, causing Konohamaru to shiver “Ewww, stop it!”.


“No dinner for you tonight, if you don't apologize” Kushina said while giggling.


“I'm sorry, Naruto's mom. It will never happen again” Konohamaru said in defeat. That was the only punishment Konohamaru could go without. Her food was just too tasty to pass up on. Kurenai and Anko had not even glanced at Konohamaru and Kushina, as they were busy watching a shirtless Naruto spar against his father. Anko has seen Naruto spar against Minato a lot of times, but for Kurenai this was a first. She was mesmerized by what she saw. Not only was he the most handsome stud she has ever laid her eyes on, he was also so damn strong, and was able to keep up with their hokage in a spar. The way they moved, using the Hiraishin combined with their hand to hand combat, looked almost like something out of a cartoon. If she wasn't sure before, she was now. That young man was going to become her future husband.


Anko had similar thoughts, but instead of husband, she wanted Naruto to become her future boyfriend to start with. She intends to confess her feelings to him once he graduates. Even Kushina won't be able to keep them away from each other then. He will be considered an adult when becomes a genin, and can do whatever he wants, including drinking and having sex. There is an old saying, old enough to kill? Then you are old enough to drink and fuck. That's an actual law in Konoha, although it's worded a bit fancier than that.


Both Anko and Kurenai are aware of all the competition. Especially Kurenai, whose only reason for coming along with Anko to visit the Uzumaki's today, was because Anko kept telling her about Naruto, and wouldn't stop talking about her “cute future boyfriend”. Kurenai had seen him around before, when he was much younger. She never caught her attention then, because he was far too young then. But now that he had gotten older, he had really become a handsome stud. Now she just had to figure out how to get Naruto all for herself, before Anko or anyone else gets him first. Because make no mistake, she is going to be the one that wins his heart, no matter what.


If only Anko and Kurenai knew that Naruto had a crush on them as well, then things would be much easier for them. Naruto wouldn't dare to let anyone know about his crushes, especially not those two, as he figured they were way out of his league, and the age difference didn't help either. Some people refer to Anko as the “Crazy” or “Scary” snake lady, and Kurenai is a little bit crazy, selfish, shallow and she is very much a yandere. Maybe Naruto has found his “type” as well, just like Ino has?




Other than Naruto's parents, Konohamaru, Ino and Anko, the person who is the most important to Naruto is the legendary toad sage, Jiraiya. Jiraiya, or Ero-sennin, as Naruto calls him, has always been around. The reason why Naruto calls him Ero-sennin, is because Jiraiya was reading a chapter of Icha Icha to him, when he was three years old, as a night time story, to get him to fall asleep. Kushina had walked into Naruto's bedroom, to see Jiraiya next to the bed, reading out “And then little miss Mushina married the bratty Mr Kinato. Their wedding night was...” was all he managed to read out, before Kushina yelled “Jiraiya-sensei!! Are you reading your stupid smut to my son!?”.


“Yeah?” Jiraiya said in a confused manner “It's my best work yet, the brat loves it.”.


“You damn pervert!” Kushina barked at him “Just get out of here, I knew it was mistake to let you put him to bed. Go down and drink your stupid sake with Minato instead!”.


“Sounds good” Jiraiya said as he chuckled, before getting up. Before he was able to leave Naruto's bedroom, Naruto called out to him “iraiya-jiji!”.


“Yes, brat?” Jiraiya asked.


“You said you are a mighty toad sage from the mountains, right?” Naruto asked.


“Almost correct, I'm the mighty toad sage, who hails from Mt Myoboku!” Jiraiya said, as he struck a stupid looking pose.


“Mom” Naruto said, as he turned his focus to Kushina.


“Yes, sweety?” Kushina responded with a loving smile.


“Is Jiraiya-jiji a pervert?” Naruto asked, tilting his head.


“No, I think he likes to call himself a super pervert” Kushina said with a chuckle “Isn't that, right Jiraiya-sensei?”.


“Yeah but..” Jiraiya said with raised eyebrows “Is it necessary to tell him that? He is the only Uzumaki who respects me!”


Kushina sweat dropped “You usually boast about being a super pervert!”


“Hey hey!!” Naruto said, trying to get their attention “Isn't Jiraiya-jiji and Ero-sennin then?” he asked.


Naruto's question got Kushina to fall down on her back, laughing out loud. She held her stomach, due to how much she laughed “That's right Naruto, he is an Ero-sennin!”.


“GAH!” Jiraiya exclaimed, before turning to leave “Don't go teaching the brat weird things!”, he barked, before heading to the first floor.


“Good night, Ero-sennin!” Naruto called out to him.


Jiraiya chuckled “Good night, brat!”, while Kushina kept laughing together with Minato who had overheard them from downstairs.


Since that day Naruto has only referred to Jiraiya as “Ero-sennin”. Some of his friends, such as Ino and Konohamaru, are also using that nickname for the super pervert. It doesn't bother Jiraiya that much when Naruto does it, but he thinks that any other brat can go to hell for disrespecting him like that. There is nothing more annoying to him, than all of Naruto's annoying brat friends. He can accept Naruto being an annoying brat, because he is Minato's and Kushina's brat, but he wishes the others would just stay away from and leave him alone. Especially Ino and Konohamaru, who has teamed up with Naruto to form some kind of prank squad, who was always messing with him.


Jiraiya still lives in the small house that he had built on Minato's and Kushina's property. It's located in the middle of their huge backyard, about a fifteen minute walk away from their house by foot. From the outside, his house doesn't look like much. But the inside is very luxurious. The house consists of a kitchen, a small hall way, a living room, a bathroom, and Jiraiya's bedroom. It's a very small and simple house, but it's got everything that Jiraiya needs. The only improvement he could make to his house, would be Tsunade's presence. Jiraiya hasn't seen his former lover in years now, as she hasn't visited Konoha in a while. She is expected to come visit this year though, as she is likely going to come to Naruto's next birthday celebration.


He is also waiting for his turn to train Naruto, as he is going to take over Naruto's training once Kushina is done training him. There are so many things that Jiraiya wants to teach him and most of it has nothing to do with being a shinobi. Kushina and Minato were lost causes, they could never become as great as he is. But he has high hopes for Naruto, he has what it takes to become a fine man such as Jiraiya himself, as the second coming of the super pervert. He can't wait to take him out some “research gathering missions”, so that he will start to learn about the finer things in life.



1: You will get to read more about Hiruzen and Hitomi's relationship later on in the story. He is going to tell a future student of his, all about his past sexcapades.


2. I realize that I am kind of writing Kurenai as a crazy sociopath or something. This is not be taken seriously, as I'm trying to write has a “yandere”, who is a type of woman who is obsessed with the man she loves, and will do anything to please him and destroy anyone who gets in the way of their love. I'm writing her this way mainly for comedic effect.




Character Appearances/Designs:


Hinata dresses the same way as part one of Naruto, but has the same hairstyle as she would later on in Shippuuden. A hime hair cut but much longer hair.


Hiruzen often wears a white and red robe, similar to his old Hokage robe, unless he is in his battle outfit.


Hanabi wears and looks the same as she does in the movie “Road to Ninja”. She is also older than in the manga. She is just one year younger than Hinata in this story.


Tsunade usually wears her most common outfit:


Udon wears his outfit in Part 1 of Naruto and his outfit in Shippuden.


Sakura dresses up the same was she does in part one of Naruto as well, a red dress and dark green, skin tight, biker shorts. Ino also wears her part one outfit has the same hairstyle. Sakura, Hinata and Ino will never cut their hair or get their hair cut by anyone during any future chuunin exams. They will always have long hair.


A visual of Hyuuga Hitomi:


Jiraiya wears his usual outfit.


Naruto dresses very casually, he is often seen wearing a pair of blue pants and a white t-shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on it. When he eventually graduates he will wear an outfit similar to Minato's, without the jounin jacket and hokage jacket. His clothes is a darker blue than Minato's.


Kurenai wears a few different outfits, sometimes she wears red pants and a red shirt under a green jounin vest but most of the time she wears her standard white and red outfit with a black pattern on the white dress. Both outfits can be seen in this picture:


Anko pretty much always wears her most common outfit as well, a tan trench coat, orange miniskirt and a transparent body armor that doesn't leave much to the imagination.


Konohamaru wears his part one outfit. A gray hat, blue scarf, yellow t-shirt and gray shorts.


Kushina always wears her green dress and white blouse unless specified otherwise. Other normal outfits for her would be an orange t-shirt, blue pants and a gray apron and lastly a tan dress and a light blue blouse similar to her first outfit.


Uchiha Satsuki is an original character. A one year younger sister to Sasuke. She dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing and she looks like a younger version of her mother, Uchiha Mikoto.


Uchiha Sara is also an original character and an elder sister to Sasuke, one year older. She also dresses in dark Uchiha styled clothing, although slightly more revealing clothing than her younger sister. She is very popular and good looking, with a body frame that most women dream of. She also looks like a younger version of Mikoto.


Yamanaka Butao – This is her character design:


Yui is the name I have given Moegi's mom, another original character. She has orange hair just like her daughter, although she has much longer her hair than her and a different hairstyle. She is a widow after her husband and Moegi's father passed away on a mission six years ago. She is currently single but is a very attractive and sought after MILF. She looks very similar to Inoue Orihime in Bleach:


Akane and Maho are two more original characters, they are Udon's older sisters. Akane is the oldest of the two. Both have long brown hair, the same brown as Udon. They are known for being very slutty.


Everyone else wears their standard outfits during part one of the Naruto anime or whenever they were introduced in the manga, unless otherwise specified.



Authors Note: This chapter is the last prologue chapter. While some more backstory of the characters may be told later on, the next chapter is going to jump straight into the actual story. This chapter was really hard to write for some reason, as I re-wrote it several times. It almost made me regret writing these prologue at all, since I started writing at the start of this month, but would just continue to scarp whatever I had written, and keep re-writing it. Today I wrote this whole chapter in one sitting, as I have been on my ass for about twelve hours in total. Now that the prologues are finally done, I can't wait to get the actual story started. Expect a few time skips early on in the story, as most of the plot starts around the time when Naruto becomes a senior in the ninja academy.


Hope you liked the chapter, and please let me know your thoughts on the story so far by leaving a comment or a review.

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