Hinata's Plan

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It’s been a week since Naruto had given Ino a good face-fucking, and he was idly wondering if she could be convinced for another go today. A week was long enough to get the taste of cum out, right?


Naruto couldn’t go further with that train of thought when the beautiful Hinata walked in. Luckily for Naruto, she wasn’t carrying a mountain of paperwork this time.


“What can I do for you on this wonderful day, Hinata-chan!”


Hinata giggled at Naruto, “Is it wonderful because there’s no work, Hokage-sama?”


“Of course not Hinata-chan. It’s your company that makes my day better!” Naruto exclaimed with a cheesy grin.


Hinata smiled before it dimmed a little, “I came in to ask for an early day off Hokage-sama. I’m required to attend an event that my clan is holding.”


“Go ahead, Hinata-chan, don’t worry about me. It’s going to be a slow day anyway.”


Hinata turned to leave but hesitated after a single step, “Hokage-sama… You might also need to find a new assistant next month.”


Naruto immediately appeared in front of Hinata in a yellow flash, grabbed her slender shoulders, and exclaimed, “WHAT! Hinata, if you need anything more to stay, I’ll sign off on it! Money, Vacation time, Cinnamon rolls? Whatever it is, you can have!”


Hinata blushed at the last offer. She didn’t really want Naruto to know that she was a glutton for sweets, “It’s not like that, Hokage-sama. My clan has decided that I will have to get married soon, and I agree with them. I’m meeting the candidates today.”


Naruto froze in shock. Hinata was getting married? The same Hinata that Naruto was still too chickenshit to confess to?


“Hinata-chan… isn’t it a bit too sudden?” Naruto said in an attempt to change her mind, “It’s better to get married after you date for a long time, right? Why would you let your clan decide your husband?”


“It’s just how it’s done, Hokage-sama. It’s my duty to my clan to have an advantageous marriage,” Hinata tilted her head slightly in thought before continuing, “I guess the only way my clan would accept a cancellation is if Sasuke-san or Hokage-sama claims me today.”


That BASTARD!?!?” Naruto screamed in his mind. Did Hinata end up in the duck-haired bastard’s fan club too? But Naruto did hear Hinata say that he was included in that two-person list. But Naruto’s name was said second…


“Hinata-chan, I have a serious question for you. Do you have anyone you like in the village right now? Anyone you would prefer to be married to?” Naruto asked with a desperate hope that the answer won’t be Sasuke.


Hinata looked away from Naruto’s intense gaze, a blush rising to her face as she answered softly, “That’s cruel, Hokage-sama. You know that you’re the only one I confessed to. Even though you don’t feel the same way, there’s no reason to throw it in my face.”


Naruto’s brain short-circuited. Hinata was still in love with him?


“Hinata-chan,” Naruto said, turning her face gently, so she was looking into his eyes, “What exactly do you mean by ‘claiming you’?”


“Ummm,” Hinata started to fidget in Naruto’s grip, “A man with a great amount of influence would need to announce his intention to marry me. My clan would only accept that instead of an arranged marriage.”


While Naruto started at her with visible lust, Hinata cursed at herself in her mind, “You dumb bitch! What kind of reason was that? That wasn’t what I was supposed to say.


“Hinata, you can forget about your plans today.” Naruto brought her close to his chest and flashed to the bedroom in his house.


“Ah?” Hinata uttered in surprise before Naruto threw her onto his bed.


“You know Hinata,” Naruto said calmly while stepping out of his clothes one by one, “I kept away from you for so long because I thought you had moved on. But now you’re telling me I could have had you all along?”


Naruto didn’t really expect an answer, but when Hinata actually nodded, his dick nearly ripped through his pants. He practically drooled as he climbed onto the bed and looked down at Hinata.


Naruto thanked whatever god was out there for making Hinata start wearing these thin dresses. Hinata’s landing on his bed had bunched up the bottom of the dress to expose the smooth pale thighs that Naruto was determined to get in-between. Her breasts looked even larger than usual as Hinata cutely tried to hide them from his gaze. All that did was perk her tits up to give Naruto a better view.


Not willing to wait anymore, Naruto hovered over Hinata with the support of his arms and drew her into a heated kiss. He could feel Hinata smile into the kiss, which encouraged Naruto to push further. He reached under Hinata to cup her ass and squeezed tightly, making her moan into Naruto’s mouth.


Naruto kept the sloppy kiss going while he kneaded the ass that hypnotized him for so long. He only broke the kiss when he felt the need to breathe, “Is this what you wanted, Hinata? You want me to make you my wife?”


Hinata kept up her shy act, nodding at Naruto with a furious blush, while thinking, “You have no idea Naruto-kun. I expected you to sweep me away in front of my clan, but I prefer this. I’m finally getting my Naruto-kun to fuck me.


Emboldened once again with Hinata’s agreement, Naruto let go of all his inhibitions. If he was going to make Hinata his, he would make sure to imprint the night into her mind so she could never forget.


Naruto gave up any pretense of being gentle and ripped Hinata’s beautiful dress straight down the middle. Exposing the lacy purple lingerie that hid Hinata’s huge tits from Naruto’s eyes and the practically transparent panties that barely hid her wet pussy. Hinata went to hide the massive jugs with her small hands, but Naruto grabbed onto her wrists and kept them above her head. By this point, Naruto had straddled Hinata’s hips and was rubbing against the fabric-covered pussy with his hard cock.


“Fuck Hinata. I don’t know why you would have ever hidden these tits from me. I could have been using these for so long if I knew!”


Hinata stared up at her love as he roughly pawed at her breasts, thinking, “I know you would have been fucking me, Naruto-kun. But I wouldn’t have been any different from the other girls you rail. And OH!…


Naruto forcefully brought Hinata out of her thoughts when he tore away the bra that covered her tits. Using both of his large hands to cup her breasts, fondling them roughly. “Best damn tits in the village Hinata-chan. These will be used by me daily from now on. And they’re so damn soft that I could use them as stress balls at work.”


Hinata’s eyes rolled back as Naruto bent down to suck on one of her pink nipples, eventually moving his mouth around the expansive breasts. Moving from one enormous tit to another. Naruto never stopped the constant sucking and fondling of the best tits Naruto had ever seen.


Naruto latched on again to one of Hinata’s nipples and sucked as hard as he could, pulling up the large orb in his mouth before it popped out and slapped back down on Hinata. Naruto decided to give Hinata’s tits a break from his ravenous mouth and went back to simply playing with her jugs idly with his hands.


“This is a crime against the village Hinata. Just think of how productive I would have been if I had access to you! Tell me, what do you think should be your punishment?”


When Hinata didn’t answer immediately, Naruto pinched the perky pink nipples that topped Hinata’s breasts, making her moan audibly.


“Yes, Naruto-kun!” Hinata panted out, “Use me however you want! Show me why you’re the strongest ninja in the world! Show me why no other cock will ever get inside me!”


Naruto stared at Hinata, wide-eyed at her outburst. Hinata, on the other hand, was freaking out inside. She had broken her character and couldn’t filter her inner thoughts at the excitement of finally being so close to fucking Naruto.


Just as Hinata started to despair, Naruto dove back down to dominate her mouth with his tongue. He rose up after the scorching kiss and praised Hinata, “You really are the perfect wife, Hinata-hime. A princess in the streets and my whore in the sheets. You’ll get your wish. I’m going to wreck you tonight.”


“But first,” Naruto said while squeezing the tits still in his hands, “I’m going to drown my cock in titty heaven.”


Naruto lifted his hips slightly to remove his pants and exposed his hard cock to Hinata’s eyes for the first time. Sure she had seen her beloved’s cock with her byakugan, but seeing it with her regular sight was a special occasion. And it was still as glorious as before. A pillar that extended from Naruto in an imposing manner. The size of her forearm in length and girth, Hinata knew that she was in for a pleasurable night. And she could also see why those civilians that Naruto fucked had so much trouble with his dick.


Naruto moved up from her hips and stopped when the tip of his cock touched the bottom of Hinata’s tits. His hands pressing her jugs together to form a passage for his cock to fuck before saying, “Hinata-hime, could you be a good wife and help me hold your tits?”


When Hinata’s small hands covered his, Naruto pushed his cock inside Hinata’s cleavage. Groaning out as he felt the softness giving way to his hard cock. The precum on his cock lubing the way, Naruto slid all the way in until his heavy balls slapped the bottom of her tits. Naruto looked down in amazement. There was a reason Naruto didn’t like to titfuck the girls he slept with. His cock was simply too large for him to get any pleasure, but Hinata’s tits were big enough to actually cover most of his cock in soft boob flesh.


Experiencing something new for the first time, Naruto fucked into Hinata’s cleavage like a madman. His massive cockhead stopped a millimeter away from Hinata’s face at every thrust, the precum leaking from the cock falling on her bottom lip. Naruto stared at Hinata’s face and watched it get progressively messy as it was sprayed by his precum.


Looking at Hinata’s mouth, Naruto thought of leaving the boob-heaven to finish in her throat. Hinata’s tits were great, but Naruto knew that watching her choke down his massive cock would be better. Letting go of Hinata’s massive jugs, Naruto lifted his shaft out of her cleavage and angled his cock so it was pointing straight down Hinata’s panting mouth. The warm breath blowing on his cock was a prelude to the act that was to follow.


Hinata looked up at him with her lavender eyes, and Naruto saw no resistance to what Naruto wanted to do. He guided his cock to touch Hinata’s soft lips and made sure to coat it with his cockjuice. After Hinata gave it a gentle kiss, Naruto slipped the massive cockhead into Hinata’s warm mouth. Not stopping for a moment until he felt the entrance to her throat.


Naruto’s cock gave a slight lurch when he saw how wide her mouth was stretched to accommodate his gigantic cock. But what surprised Naruto the most was that he saw no struggle at all. It gave him a bit of a feeling of irritation. What girl could swallow his dick with no problem?


Forgetting the situation he was in, Naruto got lost in a competitive haze. So Hinata thinks this is easy? Let’s test how far she can go.


Retreating till his cock was almost out of Hinata’s mouth, Naruto pounded back down to force his cock into Hinata’s tight throat. When Naruto only saw a look of pleasure on Hinata’s face, he decided to make it a goal to have his balls banging off her chin. For the next ten minutes, Naruto furiously pumped his hips over Hinata’s face. Pushing her head into his bed every time his cock was forced into her throat.


At this point, Naruto had lost all sense and was purely aiming to dump the cum in his balls into Hinata’s stomach. A few full-powered thrusts later, Naruto finally felt Hinata’s lips press against the base of his cock and felt his heavy balls finally resting on her chin. Naruto looked down in expectation of finally seeing a bit of struggle, but Hinata actually dared to smile around his cock. Her face was a sloppy mess, spittle escaping from her mouth and dripping down her neck, but her eyes told the true story of the pleasure she felt.


Before Naruto could try anything further, Hinata brought up both of her hands and cupped Naruto’s cum-filled ballsack. Gently massaging them when swallowing rapidly around the cock that filled her throat. Naruto’s eyes rolled back into his head as he weakly twitched and let out globs of cum. Feeding Hinata all the baby batter stored up in his balls.


Hinata kept swallowing to make sure none of the precious seed escaped her stomach, enjoying the massive burst of cum that Naruto was feeding her. Next time, Hinata would have to make sure that Naruto would fill her mouth so she could taste him.


Naruto groaned out when Hinata drew out the last strands of cum from his shaft and moved to the side to avoid collapsing on Hinata’s face. His cock flew out of Hinata’s throat, spit and cum flying out of her mouth from the unexpected unsheathing as Naruto fell next to Hinata. His hips still next to Hinata’s face as Naruto slowly softening cock lay on her face as she cleaned it with little licks of her tongue.


Breathing deeply to regain his stamina, Naruto asked, “Where did you learn that Hinata?”


Pausing her cleaning, Hinata asked, “Learn what, Hokage-sama?”


Naruto’s eye twitched, “I think we’re past that Hinata. Just call me Naruto. Unless you don’t want to be my wife anymore?”


“AH!” Hinata panicked and gave a smooch to Naruto’s lower head, “Please forgive me, Naruto-kun.”


Naruto chuckled and stroked Hinata’s blue hair as she nuzzled into his cock, “That’s fine, Hinata, but don’t avoid the question. How can you suck my cock so easily?”


With a confused look, Hinata said, “I thought that this was normal Naruto-kun. All of the Hyuga clanswoman that talked to me during puberty said that this was what I should do for my future husband.” Hinata gained a thoughtful look, which looked a bit ridiculous with a cock draped over her face, and said, “I remember that they also said that my Hyuga genes would really help somehow.”


Naruto looked down at the perfect woman as she looked up at him with sparkling eyes, “Did I really do that good, Naruto-kun?”


So not only did Hinata have the perfectly fuckable body that could take the abuse if Naruto pounded her into a drooling mess, but she also had actual dick-sucking genes helping her along? 


Naruto reached down and grabbed Hinata and pulled her up so her head rested on the pillow. He moved in-between her legs and tore off her panties, the last remaining piece of cloth on her body, leaving Hinata naked.


“Your pussy will never forget my cock when I’m done with you, Hinata.”


Hinata looked at the imposing shaft pointing to her entrance and smiled sweetly up at Naruto, “And I’ll thank you for it, Naruto-kun. Break me.”


Without warning, Naruto shoved his entire cock inside of Hinata’s tight pussy. Naruto’s groan mixed with Hinata’s wail of pleasure and pain. Usually, Naruto would try to be thoughtful of his partner, keyword being try, but he didn’t even bother this time. He had Hinata’s permission to break her, so why would he slow down?


Bringing his hips back, Naruto made sure to use the whole cock every time he powerfucked into Hinata’s pussy. Reveling in the screams that she was letting out, matching with the convulsing pussy around his cock. Naruto wasn’t sure how many times Hinata was cumming from the fast pace of his fucking. But feeling just how much his balls were soaked as they slammed into her fat ass, Naruto was sure it was too many to count.


Getting to the last stretch, Naruto completely pulled out of Hinata’s spazzing pussy and punched back in as hard as he could. His balls made a resounding smacking sound against Hinata’s ass as his cock finally broke into her womb. Hinata’s eyes rolled back into her head as she gained a fucked stupid face as Naruto started cumming directly into her womb. Rivers of cum once again began to flow into Hinata’s body. Naruto gritted his teeth to keep his orgasm going for as long as possible, wanting to make sure that even subconsciously, Hinata’s body would know who it belonged to.


Hinata finally came back to consciousness thirty minutes later, Naruto spooning her from behind while he groped one enormous tit in one hand and rubbed her slightly bloated belly with the other.


“Mmm, Naruto-kun?”


“Yes, Hinata-hime?”


“I can still feel your cock inside me.”


Naruto pushed against her ass, pushing his cock deeper into Hinata’s pussy, “You better get used to it, Hinata-hime. It found a new home.”


Hinata gasped when Naruto flipped her over and started to pound into her body again.



At the Hyuuga compound



“Hiashi-sama, it looks like Hinata-sama isn’t coming.”


Hinata’s father looked at the group of suitors that had gathered for his beautiful daughter. He closed his eyes and said, “It seems that my daughter is being a little rebellious. I apologize for wasting your time today.”


Hiashi listened to the guests saying that there was no trouble. Other easy acceptances were uttered that let Hiashi know that they would gladly come again. He watched the guests leave and walked to his room with a twitching eye.


As if those fools had any chance to join his prestigious clan. And as if Hiashi was enough of a fool to force Hinata to marry anybody. If this wasn’t what Hinata requested, Hiashi would have never even dared to gather these ‘suitors.’ What was the point when the potential suitor would end up in a tragic accident?


Well… Hinata was Naruto’s problem now. Hiashi would send some prayers in Naruto’s support.


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