Hinata's Plan

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“Hey, Hinata’s Dad! I’m only going to say this once, so listen up! Hinata-chan is gonna be MY wife, got it?”


Most of the Hyuga clan watched their exuberant Hokage declare his intentions loudly from the gate of their compound. While the male clan members had disapproving looks on their faces, the females hid their smiles behind a hand.


Naruto didn’t really care about the reactions of a bunch of unimportant people. What he wanted to know was what the father of his future bride was thinking… Which turned out to be pretty much impossible.


Hiashi stared at Naruto was a face that could be made of stone. With a monotone voice, he said, “Is that so Hokage-sama?”


Naruto crossed his arms and said proudly, “That is so. I already claimed Hinata-chan last night, so she’s already off the market.”


Hiashi’s eye twitched as he sent a glare at Naruto. Hinata might be a little Naruto-crazy, but she’s still his daughter. Hiashi didn’t need to be informed about what Hinata was up to with her future husband, especially not in front of the whole clan.


“We can talk about this when my daughter is present, Hokage-sama.”


“Whatever you say, Father-in-law!” Naruto disappeared as soon as he said that.


The Hyuga clan member around Hiashi burst into quiet gossip about their clan heiress. Hearing the clan speculate about his daughter’s sex life made Hiashi wonder why he even bothered to wake up that morning. He could only take a few more minutes until a young mother proudly proclaimed that the Hyuga genes must have sucked Naruto to Hinata’s side.


That morning, the Hyuga clan witnessed the mighty Hiashi run to his bedroom with fingers in his ears. After all, that was an excellent chance that the clan member was partially correct.




It was another slow day at the office, with nothing much on the calendar. So Naruto was able to relax a bit and enjoy the perks of being a Hokage. Namely, the perk of having his balls drained by his fiancee/stress-reliever.


Naruto had his hand gently resting on Hinata’s hair, watching in amazement as she took his cock into her throat like it was her oxygen. With how insatiable Hinata was, Naruto was starting to think that it might be true.


“Hinata-chan, I’m not complaining, but this is already the third time today. Are you sure that your jaw doesn’t hurt?”


Naruto didn’t get an immediate response as Hinata took her sweet time pulling away from his cock. She spent a few seconds lovingly sucking on her shaft every time she moved back an inch. It took almost a minute before Hinata was finally at the tip of Naruto’s cock, bathing it in her saliva while rapidly stroking his shaft. If Naruto was a lesser man, and if he hadn’t already fed Hinata twice, there would already be another load dumped into her stomach.


Hinata released his cock from the warm prison of her mouth with a loud pop and looked up at Naruto with devotion in her eyes as she gave his cock a tug job with the help of both her hands. Giving the tip of his cock a few kisses, Hinata said, “My jaw doesn’t hurt Hokage-sama. Besides, this is just an added responsibility to my job now. What kind of fiancee would I be if I didn’t give my beloved some relief.”


Naruto almost drooled at Hinata’s words. In the heat of the moment yesterday, Naruto had said that Hinata would act as his stress reliever in the office. Now, Naruto might have said that, but he didn’t dare to actually treat the princess of Konoha in that way. Of course, it turns out that it’s a job that Hinata was glad to do.


Naruto tilted his head back and groaned loudly when Hinata went back to her’ work.’ The feeling of his cock being worked on by the heiress of the most prestigious clan in Konoha was getting a little too addicting.


It wasn’t too long before Hinata was drinking down another load from Naruto’s balls. After swallowing everything in her mouth, Hinata licked his shaft clean and topped it off by a small kiss to the head of Naruto’s cock.


Hinata’s gently massaged Naruto’s balls while asking, “Is there anything else you need me to do, Hokage-sama?”


Naruto’s cock twitched in front of Hinata’s face but was far too spent to get hard again. However, Naruto couldn’t resist sliding his messy cock on Hinata’s porcelain-toned face. She just smiled up at him as streaks of spit and precum were left behind.


Giving her face one last slap with his limp cock, Naruto said, “That’s it for now, Hinata-hime. I’ll call you in when I need another draining.”


Hinata got up and said, “I’m available to be your office slut whenever you need Hokage-sama.”


Naruto watched her walk away with a smirk on his face. That fat ass was rippling under him yesterday when he pounded Hinata’s pussy into a mush. Now she was at his beck and call to act as his personal cum-dump. For Naruto, Hinata is literally the perfect woman to spend his life with.


Naruto always knew that he had a particular fetish when it comes to women. He also knew where that fetish came from. The childhood he experienced was brutal, even for an orphan. While there were no beatings or physical abuse, the emotional abuse Naruto experienced was almost worse. The constant feeling of being ignored and the difficulty of making any real friends would eventually stick with a person for the rest of their life.


That was precisely what happened to Naruto. He didn’t go on a rampage or started to hate the world for what had happened to him as Sasuke did. Naruto, however, did develop a taste in a specific type of woman that would allow Naruto to show all of his haters how far he has come in life. A type of woman that others could only look at from afar and know how unattainable they are. Naruto loved to take these women and use them for his own pleasure, taking out the frustration from his childhood on their bodies.


Of course, Naruto made sure to give most of these women the night of their lives, but some just could not handle the size of his cock. But, surprisingly, Naruto actually had someone like Hinata now. Her body could take whatever punishment that Naruto’s cock gave, and she was the ultimate wet dream for him. A voluptuous clan heiress that couldn’t get enough of his cock, and the fact that Hinata loved him was the thing that made her wife material. For the first time, Naruto could see himself be satisfied with only one woman available to him for the rest of his life.


While Naruto was reveling in the feeling of having Hinata for himself, there was a pink-haired kunoichi that was walking up to the Hokage’s office with an angry scowl on her face.


Hinata was sitting at her desk with a soft smile on her face, the taste of her beloved’s cum and the feeling of a full stomach keeping her mood up, when she saw Sakura stomping towards her.


“Sakura-san, what brings you here today?”


Sakura’s eyes twitched when she looked at Hinata. Sometimes life just gives someone an easy lane, and Hinata got the easiest lane of all, at least in looks. She managed to look impeccable as always. Now, Sakura wasn’t that bad of a looker herself, but she never would get the frankly huge breasts that Hinata possessed. One thing that Sakura was proud of, though, was her fat ass. She honestly felt that it could match up to Hinata.


But this wasn’t why Sakura made the trip up here. She controlled her anger and told Hinata, “I’m just here to see the knucklehead in there. It won’t take long, Hinata.”


Before Hinata could give her a reply, Sakura was already walking into Naruto’s office. Hinata looked at the retreating back of Sakura and activated her byakugan as soon as the door closed. She might have given Ino a pass since Naruto’s wasn’t technically hers at that point, but if Sakura tries anything with her man, Hinata would kick her plump ass all over the village.


Naruto looked up to see Sakura walking into the office, and he greeted her happily, “Sakura-chan! It’s been so long since I saw you!”


“Shut up, Idiot! I just saw you last week when you tried to get me to suck your dick!”


Naruto glanced nervously at the door, fearing that Hinata heard her, and whispered, “Quieter Sakura-chan! That was the old me. I promise I won’t try that again.”


Sakura was briefly taken out of her anger at Naruto’s odd behavior. She didn’t for one minute believe that Naruto would stop being such a horndog. You don’t change something that had been happening for years in just a week.


“Whatever, Naruto. I really don’t care about what you’ll do, but I told you to stay away from Ino! She’s really trying to make bit work with Sai, and every time you fuck her, she falls into that stupid cum-drunk phase for a week. What you’re doing might ruin what they have!”


Once again, this wasn’t something that Naruto usually cared about, but Hinata was right outside, and Sakura was her usual loudmouth self. Naruto jumped up from his seat and rushed to Sakura before his brand new girlfriend/fiancee learned about his dirty secrets. Unfortunately, this was the time that his busty girlfriend chose to walk in.


Naruto froze in his tracks when he saw Hinata look at him with a questioning face and asked, “Is there a problem, Hokage-sama?”


“Of course not Hinata-hime. Sakura was actually leaving. Right, Sakura?”


Sakura was mouthing ‘Hinata-hime’ to herself in confusion. She had never heard Naruto call Hinata that before. While he was clearly trying to tell her something discreetly, Sakura decided to bulldoze through to the point she was trying to make. Maybe Hinata hearing about it would embarrass Naruto into leaving Ino alone.


“NO, Naruto! Not until you tell me you’re going to leave Ino be.”


Hinata piped in with a question, “What does she mean by that Hokage-sama?”


Sakura answered for Naruto, not wanting him to weasel out of this, “This… this idiot keeps fucking Ino into forgetting her boyfriend, and he won’t stop!”


Naruto winced when Hinata gasped in shock. She looked at him with her innocent eyes and said, “You… you cheated on me, Naruto-kun?”




Naruto ignored Sakura’s yell and hugged Hinata tightly to his chest, and reassured her, “No! I swear I didn’t Hinata-hime. I would never even think of it, and even if for some reason I did, when would I have the time to spare Ino any attention when I have you?”


With her face buried into Naruto’s chest, Hinata asked with a muffled voice, “Then this was all before us, right?”


While the couple talked to each other, Sakura was staring at them with a wide-open mouth.


It was only when Hinata turned to her did Sakura stammer, “You two are dating! W-When did this happen?”


A pretty flush appeared on the Hyuga’s face as she said, “It was just yesterday when Hokage-sama claimed me.”


Sakura thought that was a strange way to say Naruto asked her out. 


Before any more questions could be asked, Hinata put on a stern face and said, “You shouldn’t scold Hokage-sama for what he can’t help, Sakura-san. It’s only natural for Ino-san to be severely affected by his manliness. If anything, it should be a credit to Ino-san to recognize how much better of a man Hokage-sama is compared to her boyfriend.”


Sakura stared in shock at the words coming out of the usually shy bombshell. She never imagined that Hinata would ever say anything like that.


Naruto never expected this either. His shy, princess-like girlfriend had shown that she would be a whore for him in bed but had otherwise retained her prim and proper countenance in public. The way Hinata spoke of him to Sakura went right to Naruto’s cock, which was already twitching to life. Naruto pulled Hinata in front of him so her body would cover his growing erection as she talked with Sakura.


“I’m happy you think Naruto is that great Hinata, but it’s still not right for him to do that to Ino!” Sakura retorted sharply.


Hinata shrugged, “You must have never had Hokage-sama inside you. I can tell you that Ino-san has only done what was natural. I guess in some ways, it’s good for you not to experience that Sakura-san. You’d be ruined for other men if you had.”


Naruto bit back a grin at Hinata’s words and pulled her closer to his body, her back melding tightly to Naruto’s front. While this looked like a loving hug from an appreciative boyfriend, Naruto mainly did this to tell Hinata that he was ready for another round of draining. His hard cock was nestled in-between Hinata’s soft asscheeks and was practically hot-dogging her massive ass. Hinata simply teased Naruto by moving her hips in small circles, letting Naruto have fun while she taught Sakura a lesson in the hierarchy of men.


“As if,” Sakura scoffed, “Naruto might be good, but Sasuke-kun is the best man in the village.”


Hinata could feel Naruto’s cock throb in anger between her asscheeks. So to calm her beloved, Hinata suggested a simple solution to Sakura, “There no point in arguing. Sakura-san. There’s an easy way to get the right answer behind me. I would never let my Naruto-sama put his cock inside you, but you can have the privilege of watching him fuck me. Then you can see why Uchiha-san is no match.”


Sakura’s jaw dropped. Not just because of Hinata’s offer but also because of what Naruto did as soon as Hinata’s finished speaking.


Naruto had cupped both of Hinata’s massive breasts and started to knead and squeeze them together while sucking on Hinata’s slender neck. His hips were clearly able to be seen thrusting into the fat ass in front of him. It was as if Naruto had forgotten that Sakura was right next to them.


Even with Naruto groping her body roughly, Hinata’s expression didn’t change as she stared at Sakura’s face with a smile.


As for Sakura, she blurted out, “Fine! I’ll do it. Then I’ll tell you exactly how much better Sasuke-kun is!”


Hinata let out a little moan when Naruto pinched her nipples tightly before saying, “Whatever you say, Sakura-san.”


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