Hinata's Plan

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Naruto wondered when he became just like his predecessors. Yes, he did achieve his childhood dream of becoming Hokage, but his primary motivation was to become the strongest ninja in the village. Being Hokage just seemed like a natural title for the strongest.


But he could feel his life being slowly sucked away by this damn job. The constant mountains of paperwork that seemed to keep multiplying were going to drive him insane.


If this was all the issues that came with the job, he could force himself to get over it. But that bastard, Sasuke, is training and constantly on missions while he’s stuck behind this damn desk.


Naruto slammed his fist on the desk, roaring out, “I HATE THIS JOB!”


“Ah, Hokage-sama?” a soft voice spoke out.


Snapping his head towards the voice, Naruto saw his assistant, Hinata Hyuuga, poking her head through his office doors.


“Hinata-chan! Come in, and I keep telling you to call me by my name,” Naruto said with a grin.


She just smiled gently as she walked to the front of his desk, “It’s the respect you deserve, Hokage-sama. If others see that a mere assistant dares to call you by name, they might be tempted to do the same.”


“But that’s not why I came in, Hokage-sama. I was a little worried that the recent paperwork is a little too much, so I wanted to see if I could help.”


Hinata honestly wasn’t exaggerating. The recent influx of newcomers to Konoha meant setting up new districts, and with those districts came the massive increase in paperwork. Naruto could only blame himself. Everyone wanted to move to the village with the strongest ninja in the world.


Rubbing his face tiredly, Naruto said, “Usually I’d say no, Hinata-chan, but I feel like I’m going to drown without help.”


Looking at him with pity in her eyes, Hinata just took a seat at his desk, grabbed a couple of piles of paper, and started working.



A couple of hours later



Naruto let out a loud groan as he stretched in his chair and decided to take a break from this never-ending hell. He glanced at Hinata, who was still diligently filling out some forms, and sighed with regret.


This was a woman that confessed to him indirectly years ago, but he had just ignored it like an absolute moron. Naruto’s heart in the past was fixated on his former teammate, Sakura. Plus, Hinata was just that weird girl that constantly got red in the face whenever he spoke to her. Her clothing choice of a huge jacket certainly didn’t help her case, not that Naruto could say he was better with his orange jumpsuit.


Now it was the classic case of, “What the hell were you thinking?”


She was apparently wearing that oversized jacket for a good reason. Those breasts the jacket was hiding could rival Tsunade-baachan in size. When he learned from Sakura that she wore the jacket because of shyness, it felt like someone hit his head with a frying pan.


No wonder her face got all red when he talked to her! She must have liked him ever since they were kids.


Sadly though, it was far too late for anything to happen between them when Naruto realized his stupidity. Hinata seemed to have gotten over her crippling shyness around him, and in addition to that, got rid of her ridiculous jacket.


Now you could see Hinata walking around in form-fitting sundresses. It was a feast for Naruto’s eyes, and from the reaction of the other men who also saw Hinata, they felt the same way. The feeling of jealousy always rose up when he noticed other men staring at Hinata, but Naruto always ruthlessly squashed that feeling down.


He respected Hinata far too much to hoist his unneeded affection on her just when she got over his callousness to her confession.


That didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate the eye candy discreetly.


After looking at the time, Naruto said, “Hinata-chan! Let’s go get some ramen. It’ll be nice to eat something hot and fresh.”


Hinata just looked at him, raising a delicate eyebrow. She glanced at all the work left to be done on the desk. Her face showed her disapproval of Naruto’s attempt to take a break.


“Hokage-sama, you know that if you don’t finish this today, it’ll just get worse tomorrow.”


Laughing nervously while scratching the back of his head, “Ah come on, Hinata-chan, you know I’ll get this finished today. I’m going to go crazy if I eat any more of that cold food they keep delivering to me.”


Shaking his fist in anger, Naruto exclaimed, “I mean, how hard is it for NINJAS to get food to me in time for it not to get cold!”


Looking fondly at his fiery speech, Hinata covered her mouth with an elegant hand to try and cover up her laughter. He really hasn’t changed since their academy days. Sure he has gotten much stronger, but Naruto has always stayed true to himself.


Well,” Hinata thought to herself, “Naruto-kun has changed a lot in one area.”


It was something Hinata noticed years ago when Naruto came back from the training trip with Jiraiya. At the time, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there seemed to be a confidence in his walk that was never there before the trip.


It took months of snooping around and looking at the records of Naruto’s trip before she figured out what had changed with Naruto.




Jiraiya has taken Naruto to the most famous brothels in the Land of Fire, and it looked like Naruto had indulged. A fact that made Hinata rage furiously when she found out, and if anyone she knew saw her at that time, they would have thought she was possessed.


Hinata could admit to herself that she was just as obsessed with Naruto in her younger days as the other girls in their class were with Sasuke. But there was a significant difference between her and the other girls. Hinata’s obsession never went away.


It grew to a fanatical level.


If she could get away with it, she would have dedicated a shrine to Naruto. But being surrounded in her clan compound by the Hyuga’s all-seeing eyes made that a terrible idea.


The knowledge that some goddamned slut took Naruto’s first time forced her to confront her passiveness towards her obsession.


And so started the plan to fully transform herself.


It wasn’t easy, nor was it fast, but Hinata knew she had succeeded.


Hinata was a Hyuga. Did Naruto really think his “discrete” glances went unnoticed? She quite literally could see from the back of her head and constantly saw Naruto’s eyes drifting to her swaying hips.


Sure Hinata saw that Naruto snapped his eyes away guiltily when he realized where he was looking, as if trying to respect her dignity. Hinata laughed in her mind at that. If only Naruto knew the things she would be willing to let him do to her. But it was part of the plan, appear elegant and gentle to Naruto.


She had found out that the sluts he slept within the brothels were all the soft and dainty type.


Her Naruto-kun likes to take gentle-mannered ladies and rough them up in the bed. The things he did to the whores stunned Hinata, and she had passed out with a massive nosebleed. Hinata could be that if that’s what Naruto liked, and she was sure that Naruto would enjoy the fact that her body could take more punishment in bed. She wasn’t a frail civilian with no stamina.


Plus, he would never get kicked out of her bed like the brothels often did when he exhausted half their workers.


Hinata shook herself from her thoughts and looked up at her Naruto-kun. It was time to move to the next part of her “Make Naruto mine” plan.


“Hokage-sama, I know that you must be tired from working so hard but please endure it for a few more days.”


Naruto looked at the comforting smile on Hinata’s face and slumped his shoulders in defeat. He never could deny someone when they asked so nicely.


As he sat back down, Naruto said, “Ah alright, Hinata-chan, just a few more days of this hell.”


Hearing her get up, Naruto glanced at her and watched as she moved around his desk.


“I can at least ease your stress a little Hokage-sama, I’ll be doing my best to keep you happy as you work these next few days.”


Letting out an audible gulp and Naruto’s mind falling to the gutter at her words, he glanced at Hinata’s breasts and her hips before flashing back to her face in guilt.


He felt himself harden as he shifted in his seat uncomfortably, waiting in anticipation for something.


Hinata stood behind Naruto and started massaging his shoulders.


She was doing it quite well, but Naruto still visibly shrinks in his chair from disappointment.


“Are you all right, Hokage-sama?” Naruto heard Hinata ask in concern.


“Yeah,” he mumbled, “just peachy Hinata-chan.”


What he didn’t see was the smirk of satisfaction on Hinata’s beautiful face.


Blame yourself, Naruto-kun. If you didn’t think your gentle Hinata-chan would never do it, I would have bent myself over your desk for your pleasure.”


With her byakugan active, Hinata glanced at Naruto adjusting his pants to relieve his erection. Soon she’ll be taking care of that. There’ll never be a need for him to hold back again.


Sorry, Naruto junior, just wait a little longer.


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