Hinata's Plan

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Hinata sat at her desk right outside the door to the Hokage’s office. It’s been a couple of days since she convinced Naruto to finish his work instead of taking any unnecessary breaks, and Hinata felt like she made progress.


Yes, she did get Naruto to complete his increased paperwork, but Hinata really didn’t care about that too much. She was more concerned with the progress of driving Naruto crazy with lust.


Hinata had tailored herself to look perfect in Naruto’s eyes, and being a clan heiress certainly didn’t hurt his attraction. Every day she could see more desire whenever Naruto looked at her, and thankfully he started to make it more blatant. There was less guilt and more lust when his eyes locked onto her assets, just like she wanted.




“Hmm?” Hinata looked up from her scribbling to see a scantily dressed blonde walking towards her, “Ah hello, Ino-san. Do you have an appointment to see Hokage-sama?”


Even though Hinata spoke with a smile on her face, her thoughts were much darker, “What the hell is this slut doing here again? I thought I warned her off the last time she dared to show up!


“Ha! I’m one of Naruto’s friends! Why would I need an appointment to see him?”

Hinata put a concerned frown on her face and said, “I see… Hokage-sama is a little busy right now, but you are welcome to wait.”


Ino pouted, “Oh come on, Hinata-chan! Can’t you make an exception for me?”


I did... by not kicking you out,” Hinata thought as she smiled apologetically. “I’m really sorry, Ino-san, but Hokage-sama has been given a lot of work for the past week. It’s best not to disturb him right now.”


Just as Hinata finished her sentence, the door burst open as Naruto strode out, “Hinata-chan, let’s go get some ramen! All the paperwork is finally done!”


Sighing at Naruto’s unfortunate timing, Hinata looked back at Ino, “It seems that Hokage-sama is free, Ino-san. Feel free to go in.”


Turning around sharply at Hinata’s words, Naruto noticed that Ino was waiting right behind him with a bright smile. Not that Naruto was looking at Ino’s stunning face. He was more distracted by the clothes that barely covered her.


Ino always dressed to show off her body, even when they were younger. Now, her fashion sense was even more effective in shutting down the brain of any man who looked at her. Her purple top only covered the bare minimum of her torso by starting at the bottom of her large breasts, leaving her toned stomach exposed. And even though her breasts were ‘covered,’ they strained Ino’s top to the point when it seemed a slight stretch would burst it open.


Ino smirked in satisfaction when Naruto couldn’t stop looking at her. Giving Hinata a quick thank you, she sauntered into Naruto’s office, making sure to highlight her jutting ass with the sway of her hips. There was no reason to let Naruto forget that her tits weren’t the only thing she had to offer.




The pencil in Hinata’s hands broke as she watched Naruto follow Ino like a lost puppy. She knew that Naruto was easily led around by his dick, and there was a good chance that Ino wouldn’t be able to walk straight by the time Naruto is done ‘talking’ with her.


Hinata wasn’t angry at her perfect Naruto-kun. It was the sluts that drooled over his dick that were the problem.


Naruto started to close the door before poking his head back out, “Um… Hinata-chan, let’s get that ramen later.”


Giving him a pleasant smile, Hinata replied, “Of course, Hokage-sama, work always comes first.”


A hint of guilt flashed on Naruto’s face before he nodded and closed the door softly. He knew there should have been no reason to feel that guilt, but having to leave the dutiful Hinata didn’t sit right with him. But since Naruto thought that he had no chance with his bombshell of an assistant, he had to get his dick wet somewhere. And right now, that somewhere looked to be the busty blonde known as Ino.


A few minutes later, Ino’s clothes could be seen strewn across the office and Naruto sitting in the Hokage’s chair with two handfuls of Ino’s round ass.


Naruto slowly moved her hips in small circles with a grip on her pillowy ass as they panted together in lust. Ino moaned into Naruto’s ear as she felt the swollen head of his cock trying to nudge open her cervix.


“So, Naruto-kun,” Ino breathed down on her village leader. Naruto was buried in the marshmallow heaven that was her tits, “Is there anything else I can do to convince you.”


Ino pulled Naruto’s head to one of her pink nipples, “The Yamanaka clan can’t fall behind. And— Ugh,” a moan escaped her lips.


Naruto had pushed his teeth deeper into Ino’s nipple to prevent her from talking. He then pulled back while suctioning his mouth to her whole breast, stretching the fleshy orb away from her body before it popped out of his mouth. Naruto looked greedily at the spit-covered tit and brought up a hand away from Ino’s hip to give it a tight squeeze.


“I already know what you want, Ino-chan. But is there anything else you can offer me?” Naruto pulled Ino down to the base of his cock and squeezed her tit to emphasize what he already had.


When Ino pouted her full lips at him and didn’t immediately answer, Naruto went back to her glorious breasts and tried to cover them with his tongue.


It wasn’t the first time Ino had fucked Naruto. So she had thought with their relationship, a little playful fun was all that was needed before Naruto approved whatever she wanted. But it looks like her clan needs to give him something… but there’s nothing the Yamanaka clan can offer Naruto. He can get everything he wants with a flick of his finger.


Naruto noticed after a few minutes that Ino stilled in his lap. He pulled his cock out a little before slamming it back into Ino, making his cum-filled balls slap into her ass. Ino let out a surprised shriek and glared down into blue eyes.


Naruto shrugged with a grin and said, “I take it as an insult when my cock isn’t enough to keep the attention of a girl.”


A blush grew on Ino’s face as she started to roll her hips, “You were the one who asked for something more Naruto-kun. I was thinking about what my clan can offer you.”


“Well, that’s pretty simple.”


A few seconds later, Ino found herself under the Hokage’s desk with an angry purpling cockhead pointing straight at her lips.


“Spend the rest of the day under this desk, and you’ll get the approvals you need, Ino-chan.”


Naruto closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair to relax, twitching slightly when he felt Ino take his cock into her warm mouth. One of the few things he enjoyed about being Hokage was getting a sexy kunoichi to suck him off while he worked. It used to be a lot more common, but since Hinata-chan started working as his assistant, his regular visitors stopped coming around as often. While he was disappointed, he didn’t want the innocent Hinata to be scarred by his activities, so he guessed it was a good thing.


Naruto was brought back to the present by a knock on the door. Looking around wildly, he saw the purple clothes that were shed from Ino’s body all around the room and the papers that had fallen to the floor in Naruto’s haste to fuck Ino.


Multiple shadow clones popped into existence and quickly cleaned up the mess and opened the windows to air out the scent of sex. Naruto pushed his chair closer to his desk and groaned as that forced his cock deeper into Ino’s mouth. Dispelling his clones and clearing his throat, Naruto made sure that nothing was out of place and called out, “Come in!”


Hinata walked in with another stack of paperwork in her arms. She looked around and saw that Ino was nowhere to be seen.


“This should be the last batch for the day, Hokage-sama. Where’s Ino-san? “


Naruto gave her a strained smile and sat stiffly in his chair, “Ah… she went out that window a few minutes ago… Why don’t you go home early for today, Hinata-chan?”


Hinata froze for a second before giving Naruto a sweet smile. Taking a seat in front of his desk, she said, “I could never take a break while you’re working so hard, Hokage-sama.”


Naruto’s breath hitched as that triggered his balls to shoot his cum down Ino’s swallowing throat. He feared that Ino gulping down his cum could be heard clearly in the silent room, but Hinata gave no indication that anything was wrong as she started to fill out forms.


However, Hinata knew exactly what was happening. And her raging thoughts reflected it, “That slut is under the desk right now. Alright, Ino, since you can’t stay away, let’s see how long you can stay there.


Hinata knew how tight the space under the desk was. Not because she has been under it, but because Hinata wanted to make sure she will be comfortable under it in the future. With Naruto’s chair pushed close to the desk and how big his cock was, Ino would be stuck sucking on Naruto’s cock as long as she didn’t want to alert Hinata on what she was doing. The only way to stop was to push Naruto’s chair back.


Sometimes, Hinata wished to let Naruto fuck her brains out so she didn’t have to wait anymore. But Naruto held almost no genuine affection for the sluts he fucked on a daily basis, and Hinata had no wish to be in that group. She would make Naruto work to get her, and then she’ll make sure to never let him wander again.


But before all that, Hinata was going to teach Ino a lesson about listening to her betters.


“Hinata-chan, it’s really not necessary. I can use my clones to speed things up!”


Hinata just gave him a placid smile while listening to the soft choking sounds muffled by the desk, “Please stop joking, Hokage-sama. We both know your clones get bored and start to fill in the wrong information to spite you.”


Naruto slumped his shoulders a little in defeat and gave up on convincing Hinata. It’s not like it was a big problem for Naruto anyway. He’ll have a fellow blonde gulping down his cum while having Hinata as eye candy.


Ero-Sennin would be proud.


More than two hours later, Hinata was staring down at the piece of paper in her hands with her eyes twitching in irritation. “Naruto-kun already shot his precious cum more than eight times, and that slut, Ino, is still showing no signs of giving up.”


Naruto was having a much better time in comparison. He was tempted many times in the past few hours to sheathe his cock all down Ino’s throat, but Hinata’s presence killed his plans. At least he was able to keep dumping his load into Ino’s stomach, something that Naruto has never done before. Mainly because of his impatience, but still, it was a new experience.


Looking up after hearing Hinata get up from her seat, Naruto witnessed something that would be seared in his memories.


Hinata had decided to grudgingly give Ino a break for her fantastic performance. But she didn’t want Ino to come back in the coming days and have a slight chance of ruining her plan, so it was time to expose a little bit of her skin. Hinata had switched to tightly formed clothes to get Naruto’s attention. Still, she made sure it covered every bit of her body from her knees to her shoulders. All to promote how ‘noble’ and ‘gentle’ Hinata was, just like Naruto prefers.


Now, all I need to do is stretch,” Hinata thought as she raised her arms until she felt a few satisfying pops and bent down to pick up the completed paperwork. “Ah… there you go, Naruto-kun. That’s a preview of what you can have soon.”


“I’ll be back to get the rest later, Hokage-sama.”


Naruto squeaked out a strangled, “Okay,” watching Hinata walk away.


As soon as the door clicked shut, Naruto grabbed the back of Ino’s head with both hands and slammed his cock as deep as it could go, feeding her his biggest load of the day.


Hinata’s stretch had pushed out her breasts to strain the tight shirt she was wearing today. It also reemphasized just how massive Hinata’s tits were. But that wasn’t the part that was replaying in Naruto’s mind. The shirt’s top button had popped off, exposing parts of Hinata’s cleavage to Naruto’s eyes for the first time.


And here Naruto was, thinking about Hinata’s milky white tits while force-feeding poor Ino a massive amount of cum. Ino would be offended, but she was more worried about keeping Naruto’s cum from coming out of her nose.


Giving a few more hard thrusts, burying Ino’s nose into his crotch, Naruto emptied the last few shots left in his balls into Ino’s throat. After making sure he had nothing left, Naruto finally released Ino’s head and let her out from under his desk.


Coughing hoarsely from the throat pounding she just received, Ino glared with red-tinted eyes at the satisfied Naruto, “You bastard! How do you even have that much cum in you? It looks like I ate a Choji-sized lunch!”


Naruto looked down to her stomach and grinned at seeing that it was no longer completely flat like before. “Huh, I guess now we know what happens when I dump every one of my loads into your mouth.”


Dressing angrily and using henge to hide her cum covered face, Ino gritted out, “You better have that approval ready by tomorrow.”


Striding to the open window, Ino turned back one more time, “And that cock isn’t coming near me until I can get the taste of your cum out of my mouth!”


Naruto was soon left alone in his office. He cleared his throat and made some shadow clones to clean up the mess.


Can’t have Hinata-chan seeing anything wrong when she comes back.


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