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It had been a rather slow week for Naruto ever since his Gardevoir surprised him in the shower like she did. It did take a while for them to 'snap out' of the trance they were in, and it was lucky he did as well, because he knew that Marnie's gym match was starting soon, so he had to quickly get changed, not caring what he was dressed in and quickly made his way towards Spikemuth - he was just glad that they lived so close to the area.

He was pleased to know that he made it in time and the battle was only just starting, and Marnie looked to be rather confident, either because she knew she was going to win after researching her opponent, or she was just feeling like she wanted to put some pressure onto the challenger and play mind games with her. He should know, when he was doing his gym challenge, the last few gym leaders that he faced were always confident, and always seemed to know what the challenger was doing, and having some different elements thrown into the gym challenge was another way to knock a challenger off guard.

He had to repress a shiver as memories of the Fairy type gym leader came to mind. She really was a creepy old lady and the vibes in the gym and the gym challenge itself was something different all together.

The sheer amount of pink and purple in that gym was something that not even a color enthusiast could love, it simply overwhelmed the senses and made it particularly hard to concentrate on the battle. Even more so when the Pokemon that the creepy old lady had were pink as well!

As the battle went on, and the cheering of not only himself - although he was cheering within his heart and mind - Team Yell's rather loud and obnoxious cheering as well kept on throwing the challenger off, meaning that he was making for too many mistakes and errors that Marnie capatilised on.

It was a quick and rather flawless battle, with Marnie only losing one of her Pokemon as she took out all of the challengers Pokemon, meaning that she had won the match, and that challenger needed to train even harder in order to beat her.

Unlike if you lost against the first few gym leaders, you were allowed to challenge others and then come back if you were able to. However, when it came to the final few gym leaders, you needed to take them on in order.

To make matters even worse, if you lost twice to the same gym leader when you were on the homestretch, you were then kicked out of the challenge, as not only were you wasting the gym leaders time, but you were also wasting your own time.

It was why that so few challengers actually managed to complete the gym challenge in the first place, because it was so challenging and cruel in some parts. The only real upside you had was that you were allowed to enter the gym challenge again at the start of the next season, however, that was basically eight months after the tournament in Wyndon ended.

At least you had an entire eight months to train, strategise and perfect some things, however, sometimes it was just too much for some people and they simply gave up on it entirely, either becoming something else in the region, or they took the risk and left behind the region they knew, and traveled to another one to compete there.

If he failed the gym challenge, he would have waited and tried again next year, however, if he failed it, then maybe he would've taken the second option and traveled to another region to take on the less cruel gym challenge. Perhaps the Sinnoh region... maybe even the Hoenn region.

He had heard they were really diverse and had one of the more challenging gym leaders and trainers in that region, along with having a large variety of Pokemon to choose from.

Maybe he should plan a vacation to either of those regions when they had a large break next. Of course that meant that he had to deal with the ever eccentric Chairman Rose and the rather creepy and strict Oleana.

At least he was in safe hands with Leon being able to take over the spot of the strongest in the region, or if he lost in the championship coming up soon, then he would leave it to the new champion to hold the fort down as they would say.

However, right now, he was simply lounging in the living room. He could say that he was a little bored as Marnie had left the city and was traveling towards one of the annual Gym Leader meetup, and the location simply changed all the time depending on who was actually organising the trip for them, and this time, it happened to be Nessa, and the only answer that Naruto got from his girlfriend was that it was in Unova, and he recieved nothing else.

Because of this, Naruto was left alone, as his girlfriend was gone, and his Gardevoir and Cinderace seemed to be waiting for something to happen - what it was, he would never know.

The tournament that had the remaining gym challengers facing off against each other, the winner of the tournament then had to enter yet another tournament, only this one was filled with the Gym Leaders, then the remaining challenger, either gym challenger or a Gym Leader themselves had the right to face him in a battle, however, this was taking place in a weeks time, as it gave the people who made it through enough time for some last minute training before the large tournament was set to begin, and since Naruto set a little challenge for himself, in which he would only train his Pokemon for the last two days before the tournament started so he could try to make the battle somewhat even.

He didn't like one-sided battles. He knew that the people of the Galar region paid lots of money to actually watch the battles within the stadium, and he will not simply sweep the lucky person who challenged him aside, as he found it would be unfair for the people who were watching it live.

Speaking of Pokemon, he found it odd about how his Zoroark - who he affectionately nicknamed Astrid - was acting. On most days she would be fine, seemingly spending much of her free-time with her fellow female Pokemon in Gardevoir and Cinderace, and they would seemingly gossip about something, and that was that.

However, recently, he had noticed how Astrid was disappearing, and then finally reappearing after a few hours, and this had repeated for a solid week and a half before he actually caught her one time leaving the property perimeter and leaving towards the West - towards Motostoke.

Now, he knew that Zoroark wouldn't leave him or release herself - as he had an inkling that she also harbored feelings for him, much like Cinderace and Gardevoir - and the fact that she was strong enough meant that she would be able to defend herself against Pokemon thieves or from any danger that might be lurking about. It also helped that she could make herself seem like something else, so she had that to her advantage of protecting herself.

He just still found it odd about her behaviour. She was never like this most of the time, and the only real time that he could remember her being this troublesome was when she was a Zorua that he had rescued from some Pokemon poachers.

Other than this odd occurences in her behaviour, she was normally the most... emotional Pokemon... when it came to being physical anyway. Since he did rescue her from some Pokemon poachers who were actually smuggling in some Pokemon that were not native to this region - meaning that the Pokemon were at risk since they were not bred or simply used to the harsh enviroment of the region - they were at risk of perishing, either through starvation or from the harsh seasons that were normally had in the region. So, he really didn't find it odd how she was rather clingly with him - even as a Zorua - and when she was really bad, he had found out that it was near impossible to separate himself from her, which normally meant that he either had to sleep on the ground with her, or wait for her to snap out of whatever funk she was in, and that wasn't an easy task in itself.

Sighing to himself, he shook his head away from those thoughts, he simply couldn't understand his Zoroark sometimes, so it was just better to not question every little thing or remember how challenging and difficult it was to crack the code and mind that was of his rather tricky Pokemon.




Blinking in confusion as he heard the soft knocking on the front door eventually fade into nothing, he got up from his spot. It was odd, he wasn't expecting anyone to come to his house, and he certainly didn't invite anyone over, 'Unless it's Leon, Arceus knows he needs to learn to not get lost at every city.' He thought to himself, chuckling lightly at having heard that Leon was terrible when it came to directions, and from what he learned from his younger brother, was the fact that Leon seemed to forget which room was his at times.

It astounded him at how one man could be that forgetful or terrible with directions, yet he became champion and was undefeated for nearly two years before he finally took the champion title away from Leon.

As he opened the door and seeing who was at the property, he blinked a few times in confusion at who he was seeing.

In front of his door, was Marnie, in all of her glory, wearing the exact same clothing that she left in when she needed to go to the annual gym leader meetup. Yet, as he gazed at her for a few moments, he noticed a few things that were off about her.

For one, she didn't have any accessories on her ring finger. Secondly, she was acting a little more... tense and more like her past self, and finally, she was looking a little nervous.

Why would she need to be nervous? This was her house as much as his, and they were basically husband and wife.

Glancing back at the calender that was hanging from a small, yet visible nail from the wall, he noticed that the current date didn't match up on the one that was circled in red marker - the day that was marked was the date that Marnie would return. Sighing lightly to himself, he stepped aside, allowing this 'Marnie' inside the house, where she gave a small smile as she walked by and straight into the living room.

Shaking his head as he closed the door, he was more then certain at who this was. This was none other than Astrid - his Zoroark - and one of the more... eccentric Pokemon that he had.

As he made his way into the living room, another tell tale sign that this was indeed his Zoroark was the fact that 'Marnie' was looking around the room, a near confused expression on her face, however, every single time her eyes wandered onto a photograph on the wall that had him and Marnie holding each others hands or with Marnie resting her head upon his shoulders, there was a visible frown on this 'Marnie'.

"Honey, aren't you going to hug me?" Naruto questioned, outstretching his arms as he waited for 'Marnie' to return the hug, deciding that he would play along with this little trick for now. He knew one way that would make Zoroark drop this illusion without actually telling her to.

Call him crazy, but he had to admit, being in this sort of relationship with not only Marnie, but his Cinderace and Gardevoir as well, though the last two being in a relationship was very iffy at best, it made him much more... open and... bold dare he say.

However, he hardly believed that those he was in a relationship with him were complaining about it.

'Marnie' looked a little confused at first, however, then something glinted in her eyes as she all but rushed into the hug, and using so much strength that came from nowhere and squeezed herself around Naruto in a bone-crushing grip.

A sharp intake of breath made her look up from her position, and her eyes widened and panic was easily seen in her eyes as she saw Naruto looking a little pale and he looked like he was having trouble getting some oxygen into his system from her grip, so taking that into consideration, she eased up on her grip a little, and it was then that she felt herself being pushed back lightly by his gut as it greedily accepted the oxygen and quickly exhaled.

Shaking himself aware and feeling some minor bruising form along his ribcage, Naruto looked down at 'Marnie' who was still looking up at, concern dancing in those eyes of hers as her lips seemingly pouted outwards.

Trying his best to conceal the smirk that was trying so hard to form on his face, Naruto gently cupped her chin with one hand as the other one snaked its way behind her, of course, she didn't notice, as she was blushing heavily at the contact that she was currently recieving, "You know-" He begun, getting 'Marnie' to continue looking in his eyes, unaware of what was about to happen to her.


"Ack!" The grunt that escaped 'Marnie's' lips were definately not like how they normally were when he did that to her on occasion, this time instead of it being a rather cute and quiet eep, this time it felt more... gutteral and had a slightly feral quality to it.

"-It's not nice to illusion yourself as another person, Astrid." Naruto continued after he slapped the derriere of 'Marnie', he had to admit, Astrid did a fine job with getting most of the details with her illusion, however, there were still things that she had to improve on for her ever to escape his rather critical eye for detail.

As Naruto held his amused gaze to the now pouting illusion of Marnie, who was rubbing her rather sore ass cheek from the resounding and rather firm slap it just recieved, it didn't take long for the illusion to puff up in smoke. As the smoke faded and the illusion of Marnie was no longer there, instead, another form was in its place, only this time, it was actually Zoroark.

Zoroark is a foxlike Pokémon standing at about 5'03 and was covered in mainly dark grayish fur that looked to be a bit messy on some ends, but smooth and neatly done in others. It has a pointed muzzle, red lining around her eyes and mouth, bright teal eyes that conveyed so many emotions when she was around her fellow female Pokepals or Naruto, a fluffy black ruff of fur around her neck, and a long, voluminous crimson red spiky mane with gray tips. A teal-colored band encircles the bottom part of Zoroark's mane like a ponytail. It has three sharp red claws on both its hands and feet.

Despite Zoroark being able to stand upright on two legs like a biped, it usually runs and moves on all fours, as not only is it the quicker option, but it feels more natural for the Pokemon.

With the illusion now destroyed, Astrid looked up at Naruto, a small pout found on her face, although that didn't stop some of the fur from gaining a healthy shade of pink as she felt the firm hand of her trainer and love interest slowly moving its way up her lower body, making tingles shoot throughout her entire body.

It honestly felt like Astrid's world crawled to an absolute crawl and everything lost all meaning, something that invaded her senses and the feeling of her eyesight failing her, everything was dimming and losing focus.

All except for her trainer and love interest.

She was so dazed in fact from the sensations that was coursing through her body that she mistook the beams of light coming from the ceiling shrouded her trainers hair and formed into a halo. Purring much like a cat would, Astrid closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling even more, to try and engrave it into her body so she would always remember it and remember the feeling as Naruto's slightly calloused hands rubbed her ears and in the area just behind them.

Naruto on the other hand, was smiling and had to try and stop a chuckle from escaping his lips as he witnessed his Zoroark basically turn into putty under his minstrations of petting her ears. While Astrid might try and vehemently deny the fact, but she was indeed rather sensitive in that area and whenever he or Marnie scratched or rubbed there, she would turn from a rather fierce Pokemon to something akin to a kitten.

A really overgrown and rather mischievious kitten.

"Is there a reason on why you did this?" He asked, continuing his little petting session, he was wanting at least some form of answer, and he wanted to know from the culprit herself, however, if his inkling was correct, then he presumed that it was jealousy, much like the sort of jealousy that Cindy displayed before Marnie allowed this entire debacle to happen.

Shaking her head in a 'no' fashion - which caused her mane of hair to whip about, nearly hitting him in the process - Astrid continued to lean into the touch that she was recieving whilst small purrs escaped her maw, with the vibrations of them hitting Naruto's body.

Chuckling lightly, from both the fact that Zoroark was acting like this, along with the fact that the purring that he felt was tickling his body, he gently grasped Zoroark and stopped his petting with the other hand - which caused a mixture of a groan and growl of disappointment to be heard coming from Astrid - Naruto then gently gestured for her to follow him.

With Astrid basically being moved by Naruto, he brought her up towards the couch, where he plopped himself down, his body sinking into the softness of the cushions as he did so, and let out a small sigh of comfort as he got himself comfortable on the couch, "Astrid, sit with me." He said, patting the other free cushion next to him as his gaze was torn between herself and the program being played on the television.

Astrid looked at the couch awkwardly as she shifted on her feet. She had actually never been on a couch before, although, that didn't stop her from slowly making her way over towards the couch.

It looked soft enough, and it did look comfortable from looking at it, so hopefully it was actually as comfortable as it looked, otherwise, she might be curling up as small as she could on her trainers lap to make herself comfortable.


The uncharacteristic yip of surprise was definately something that Zoroark would have been embarrassed of. Never before had she made such a sound, however, that all changed when her trainer and love interest teased her sides, tickling them in the certain weak spot she had before she was abruptly pulled down to the couch by her trainer.

Landing on the couch and with the force she landed on said couch was enough to make a small contour of her backside. Although, she had to admit, the couch definately felt nice, however, it wasn't the best feeling on her fur as it felt like her fur was latching onto the fabric of the cushions.

Huffing a little as she noticed that her trainer was sending an amused glance in her direction, she tried her best to ignore the look that she was recieving and tried to make herself as comfortable as she could by paying attention to the box that was displaying some odd moving pictures. However, as time passed, she figured out one thing, and that was; these moving pictures made absolutely no sense to her what-so-ever. Sure, they displayed some other species of Pokemon and she knew that there were some battles between one trainer and another, but other than that, she was just lost.

Glancing to her side, she noticed that her trainer was leaning back on the couch, watching the moving pictures and every once in a while he chuckled at something that she couldn't understand. Pouting a little as she noticed that even when she was trying to garner his attention by poking his sides and leg on occasion, but her attempts wasn't even met with a remark or something along those lines, she decided to take things into her own hands... well... paws.

Letting a rather mischievious grin appear on her face - something that normally meant trouble to whoever witnessed said expression - she got off from the couch before making her way towards the edge of the couch and standing beside her trainer, keeping her attention straight on him, and waited until he looked her way.

For Naruto, it took a moment or two before he was snapped out of his little funk as he basically lost himself in the rather cheesy comedy that he was watching which revolved around a poor office working who was trying his best to hide the fact that he was trying to become a stand-up comedian to his co-workers. The show itself was rather new and it was rather cheesy, but that is what made it so funny, because sometimes the jokes were so bad, that they were good and produced a few laughs from the people watching.

The reason why he was snapped out of his funk was because he suddenly felt like he was being watched, and it was a little creepy. Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that Astrid was no longer on the couch next to him, frowning in confusion, he glanced to his other side where the hairs on his arms were standing on end and he was met face-to-face with none other than Astrid herself.

"Gah!" He yelled, his entire body jerking backwards from the sudden surprise of having someone being in your face and personal space, "Holy Arceus, Astrid. You scared me." He said, getting his breathing under control as he kept his gaze on her, and he also idly noticed that she was tapping her paw on the ground, making small 'pitter pat' noises that basically rung like a bell in the small silence that had been created.

Smirking mischieviously - something that had Naruto chuckle nervously - she suddenly lunged forward, placing both of her hands upon each side of his chest before pushing down with all of her might.

Now, because he was taller than her and most likely stronger than her - physically - at least, didn't mean that he was always able to fend off surprise or little sneak attacks like this one, and he soon found himself on his back with Zoroark basically straddling him. Now, if it was Marnie doing this to him, he would have most likely been aroused at the sudden bout of dominance that his girlfriend displayed.

However, since it was his Pokemon that was doing it to him, he felt some embarrassment make itself known within his system, along with a sudden urge to try make himself as small as possible. Although, it seemed as though that wasn't possible, as in a blink of an eye, Astrid moved her paws and wrapped them around his wrist, effectively restricting him from even moving his body as her combined weight on his stomach, along with her paws around his wrists basically binding his movements to nearly nothing.

"Uh, Astrid... w-what are you doing?" He couldn't help but question with a small stutter, an embarrassed flush of pink found on his cheeks as his mind was racing with... different types of thoughts about what Astrid was doing to him right now.

His question wasn't answered, instead, Astrid slowly lowered her head towards the side of his face, her teal eyes gleaming in many emotions, however, the prominent one was amusement. He shivered lightly when he felt the breath of Astrid land on his ears, making tingling sensations shoot through his body, and those sensations only got worse when he felt the sandpaper-like tongue flick his ear lobe.

With his mind basically shutting down rapidly, Astrid seemingly giggled, covering her mouth with one of her paws as she saw her precious trainer basically frozen in shock. Making use of this opportunity, she brought herself back to a straddling position, and then she curled up on Naruto's front, with her basically rolled up in a rather large ball to accomodate for her comfort - her head resting in the middle of his ribcage and her feet curling up around his knees and her long hair basically resting over Naruto's chest, pelvis and some of his thighs like a makeshift blanket.

As she made herself comfortable by shifting a few more times, she basically went still.

Naruto finally snapped out of his shock induced stupor to see the position he was in, he was rather embarrassed and tried to move, however, he found that movement was impossible with how Astrid set herself up, "Astrid?" He called out, hoping for her to at least move, "Can you please move?" He questioned once again after a few moments of silence.

Yet again, nothing happened, then he felt the steady breathing of her and the slight purrs of content she was releasing, and with the occassional twitch of her hind paw, he came to the conclusion that she was falling asleep, and most likely wouldn't move for a long time.

Grumbling to himself, he tried turning his head to at least watch the television to try and take his mind off things, however, much to his chargin, he couldn't keep his neck in a position like that for a long time as it just made him feel really uncomfortable, and he didn't want to risk getting a neck injury in this position, so with a small sigh of annoyance, Naruto fixed his neck position up and made himself stare at the rather bland cream ceiling, 'Well... I'm stuck like this for now.' He thought to himself.

With nothing else to do and nothing in arms reach, he continued to stare at the ceiling - not noticing how Zoroark's eyes were indeed open, and once she noticed that he gave up, she gave a small smile, one that was basically smug and expressing her happiness that she won this round - and after what felt like hours, his eyelids finally felt like they couldn't keep open anymore, and he shut them, putting himself in the world of dreams.

He just wished that he could be more comfortable in doing so, however, he learnt that once a female had her mind set on something, or she was currently in the middle of something, it was basically useless to fight it, and it was best to roll with it.

However, he did have a plan to get back at Zoroark for this, and that was increasing her training and denying her of her favorite treat. That would teach her a lesson and make her learn that she couldn't do this.


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