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Chapter 3 - Gardevoir's Sneaky Surprise

Sighing to himself as he entered the house after having his early morning workout with Cinderace, he really had to give it to her, as she had stamina for days and she had the determination to continue going on, even when she was getting tired. Even when he told her to stop to recover for a moment, she ignored his wishes and continued going on, pushing herself to the absolute limit.

Although he had a feeling she was showing him just how much she could do and how much her own physical strength and attributes meant as she could last longer in battle.

Wiping some sweat from his brow, he sighed in relief as his barefeet rested upon the tiled floor of the kitchen. For him, the feeling of the cold tiled floor on his barefeet after an intense workout and strenuous exercise really felt great, although the one thing that he was excited for was having a nice, lukewarm shower to wash away the grime, dirt and sweat that was covering his body.


Snapping his eyes open as he heard the distinct sound of his girlfriend clearing her throat to garner his attention, he gave her his fullest attention, while also appreciating her body and what she wore this particular morning.

Marnie was wearing a rather... interesting choice of clothing after their little... bout last night, which also included another round after they had dinner... then followed up within the shower as they cleaned themselves from the bodily fluids they were leaking. Although she had a reputation of being rather feirce and cold towards her opponents - mainly to help throw them off and for mistakes to be made - she was currently the complete opposite of that, as she was rubbing one of her eyes with her wrist to get some of the sleep out of her eyes, and for the fact that her hair was rather poofy and fluffed up from just waking up.

Gotta love the morning hairdo that some people get.

Let it be known that Marnie did indeed have stamina that was nothing to laugh at, nothing like Naruto's own unnatural amount of stamina, but she was getting there, and she also loved the feeling of being 'full' with Naruto inside of her.

Sometimes you really got to look out for the quiet ones... or maybe even the Tsundere ones, like he just learnt with Cinderace, except instead of intercourse, it was intense physical activity.

Anyway, back to the clothing that Marnie was wearing, she was wearing a simple black tank top that had white prints of paw prints on them, which funnily enough had two paw prints directly over where her breasts were peaking out, and he could see her nipples behind the fabric due to them being rather sensitive for her.

The piece of clothing hardly covered anything and showed her rather toned stomach and cute belly button for anyone to see - only for Naruto's eyes - and she was wearing a rather cute pair of white frilled panties. She had no shame for being dressed like this within their house, nor having any shame when Naruto's eyes were glued to her near naked lower half for longer than they needed to be.

"Morning, hime." Naruto greeted out, using some of the linguistic culture from Ecruteak City as he greeted his loved one, to him, some of the stuff that he learnt from the language just fit perfectly, and he found himself growing fond of the terms that they used.

"Mornin'." She murmured out, placing a fist in front of her mouth as she gave a rather cute yawn, "I see you must of had some fun, I could hear Cinderace's chirping from upstairs." She pointed out, giving him what seemed to be a small smirk mixed with a tired smile.

She really wasn't that much of a morning person. She was somewhat irritable and depending on the day or how she felt, she was sometimes rather slow to actually wake up, and sometimes acted near zombie-like. However, to Naruto that just made her even more cuter and made him love her even more.

Blushing brightly at the innuendo she just did, he shook his head at that, "It wasn't like that, just some physical exercise after I confirmed her feelings for me." He said, shaking his head at the fact he didn't catch just how loud Cinderace was if she could wake Marnie up from her sleep, and she was a rather heavy sleeper, "Did you sleep well?" He questioned after he managed to control his blush on his cheeks.

Heading towards her, he gently shooed her away towards the dining room table so he could do her morning kitchen rituals while she tried to keep awake, and that meant that he helped her with creating some tea to help wake her up, along with having to start on the toast from the toaster - she wasn't a fan of oatmeal nor did she like waffles all that much -, and all of this was done because he knew that she could be rather ditzy in the morning, and that had led to some near accidents occuring.

So he took it upon himself to actually do the stuff that she wanted herself while she sat down at the small dining room table so she could try to wake up without putting herself at risk.

"It was alright, although Cinder did wake me up a few times. Still feeling a little sore from last night, but I'll manage." She spoke out, slurring her words as she still wasn't quiet awake yet, "Thankfully I should only have one challenger today, so I should be home early." She said with a small groan as she sunk into her chair.

Sometimes she wished that somedays she didn't have a challenger at all. She would much rather spend the day cuddling up in bed and under a nice, warm quilt or spending some time with their Pokemon.

"Well, I don't have much on my plate today, that means I can come and watch your battle whilst giving you some moral support." Naruto said, grabbing a small plate from one of the many cupboards in the kitchen and prepared himself, waiting for the toast to come flying up and out of the toaster.

Glancing towards Naruto, she had a light frown on her face as she did so, "You don't have to cheer me on... you can spend some time looking for people worthy of the Elite Four or maybe have some free time, Arceus knows that you deserve it." She softly spoke out, not wanting to make Naruto change his plans just for her.

As Naruto was about to retort, he was stopped as he had a mental countdown happening in his head for what was to come next, '3... 2... 1.' He counted down, almost smiling as he knew what was to happen next.


True to his mental countdown down to miliseconds, Naruto saw the toast eject out of the toaster, and in a sense of style and dramatic flair, Naruto quickly brought the plate underneath the two pieces of golden toast and they landed perfectly onto the plate with little resistance.

Another odd thing that Marnie didn't like her toast to be that well cooked, with it only being done just enough to have hints of gold within the bread along with the crust being just a tad crunchy. In other words, Marnie liked her toast to be placed in the toaster for two and a half minutes. Any more than that then she wouldn't enjoy it as much.

Turning around and giving a small bow that really wasn't needed, and only in means to show that he had caught some flying bread on a plate, he turned back around towards the kitchen bench to spread her favorite topping upon the pieces of toast - and that was strawberry jam.

He didn't notice the way that Marnie rolled her eyes at the eccentrities that he had sometimes when it came to certain things, however, that didn't stop the small smile on her face as her eyes were glued to his form as he hummed to himself - she didn't stare at his behind as he swayed to the beat that he was humming. Certainly not. Okay, maybe she was, but that was besides the point.

In timely fashion, as Naruto finished spreading the strawberry jam on the pieces of toast, the tea kettle starteed to whistle, meaning that it was ready.

Seemingly zooming around the kitchen without fail, Naruto turned off the kettle with a small push of a button, before he grabbed an oven mitt to prevent burning himself from the heated item. Coming back over to a tea cup that Marnie had already set out and placed a tea bag in before he took over, he gently and carefully poured some of the steaming hot water into the cup, mixing the water and tea bags together.

Letting it sit for a few moments, Naruto then got a small teaspoon and stirred it around, making sure to evenly disperse the flavor about and to try and cool it down further. Using his other hand, he grabbed the string that remained outside and dipped the bag in and out of the steaming liquid a few more times, trying to get as much flavor out as possible.

Once that was finished, Naruto tossed the used tea bag through the kitchen, where it landed perfectly within the metal trash can with a small thud, "Score." He muttered to himself, pumping his fist in the air with the great shot he just took, before finally placing the tea cup on a tiny platter with a small indent that would allow the cup to be securely placed.

"Breakfast is served, my hime." Naruto said, putting on his best butler voice as he could as he brought the breakfast over to his girlfriend.

"Why, thank you, my kind fellow." Marnie tittered out, grabbing his hand and placing a small kiss on the back of his hand.

Chuckling merrily, Naruto took a seat next to Marnie, making sure to lean his leg against her own and gently lean on her, making sure that she could still move her arm properly to enjoy her breakfast and tea.

"Anyway, back to your concerns." Naruto said, before gently grasping Marnie's arm, "I may have found two possible candidates for the Elite Four, but they are currently in a tournament in the Kalos region... and I will have to talk to their regional Professor's so I can make contact with them." He stated, "To your second point, I can spend some time with my Pokemon after your match. I want to cheer on my girlfriend and hopefully give her the power to win her match." He finished, before placing his forehead on hers.

As he did so, she giggled lightly from the sensations that was sending small shivers throughout her body, and that was because Naruto kept on opening and closing his eyes, causing his eyelashes to tickle her skin as they moved with his facial movements.

Gotta love the Butterfree kisses as they had been called throughout the world.

"I love you." She murmured out, giving a quick kiss to Naruto's nose as that was the only place that she could reach, plus, she liked giving him kisses on the nose much like he loved to flick her on the nose when she was acting all mopey.

"I love you too."

They stayed like that for a few moments, before Marnie crinkled her nose as she playfully shoved him back, "Go have a shower, you stink of sweat." She said, giving a small playful look towards him.

Chuckling at the change of attitude in his girlfriend, he looked down at her plate and noticed that she was halfway done with her toast and still had half a cup of tea remaning, "Want to join me?" He cheekily questioned, waggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

Huffing at that, normally she would join him, mainly to save water and fool around, but she wasn't in the mood for it yet. It was too early and plus they might get carried away, and that was not a good thing, "Not this time." She said, however, another thought entered her mind, "Maybe tonight. IF you are a good boy." She added on, smiling rather mischieviously at him.

Giving a playful salute to his girlfriend, Naruto grinned at the propect for tonight before he quickly turned on his heel and ran towards upstairs where the bathroom was located, leaving Marnie all alone to finish her toast and tea, and using this downtime, she was thinking of some new strategies for the battle to throw off her challenger.

As Naruto entered the bathroom - which was rather spacious considering the room it was - he placed his new change of clothes where they had no chance of getting wet with splashes that could escape from the shower curtain, he also made sure to hang a nice woolen towel along the towel holder, which was located on the wall opposite from the shower, so it too had no chance to get soaked before he used it to dry his body.

He flicked the switch along the wall by the door - which was now closed, but not locked - to turn the fan on to prevent the steam from fogging the mirrors or causing mist to form to make the tiles all slippery.

Nodding to himself once he heard the fan whir to life along with the distinct feel of it pushing the air around the room, he went over towards the shower, and opened the large glass pained door. Feeling the cold metal hit his fingertips, he couldn't help but let out a delightful shiver. Quickly turning the shower valves to unleash some water from the shower head, Naruto kept his hands under the water, waiting for the water to warm up to his ideal temperature.

It didn't take long, maybe half a minute at most to get the water to the correct temperature and only a few more turns of the shower valves for it to become ideal. Sighing to himself, Naruto started to undress, making sure that he put the dirty and sweaty clothes in the hamper for them to be washed at a later date.

As he stood under the lukewarm water pour down upon his body, making him moan at the feeling of the water soaking into his skin. It also didn't take long for the glass around the shower to fog and mist up, obscuring the chance for Naruto to look out of the glass to see if Marnie entered to use the toilet.

As he was enjoyig the feeling of the water pouring down his body, he started to lather himself with some soap to get a nice fragrence onto his body as it also took away the grime that might've been left behind when the water couldn't dislodge it from his skin.

He groaned once more as he felt a pair of dainty hands start rubbing his shoulders, getting his muscles to loosen up even further. The pleasure was so great that his body slumped forward slightly as he closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling.

It didn't take long for him to notice that the hands were no longer rubbing his shoulders, and instead he felt the distinct feeling of a shower loofah being gently rubbed against his backside, "Marnie. I thought you said you weren't in the mood for this." He groaned out, still groaning as he felt the loofah hit all the right spots and dig in at the right places.


Snapping his eyes open at the sound that definately wasn't his girlfriends, he suddenly spun around to face whatever it was that had called.

Sadly, in his panic and the quick and sudden movement caused him to lose balance, and fall backwards.


"Fuck!" Naruto cried out, craddling the back of his head. He could feel the tears start to form in his eyes as he rubbed the back of his head in an attempt to wash the pain away, "Fuck... stung like a bitch." He muttered out, trying his best to not scream out in agony.

While it did hurt like hell, he didn't want to cause any additional trouble with Marnie, she already had a lot on her plate with thinking of strategies to use and counter with for her battle today.

Squinting his eyes open, he looked up, despite the sheer amount of pain it caused him and saw that he had smashed his head against one of the shower valves. That was when he also noticed that small red droplets were sprinking down upon him. Pulling one of his hands away from the back of his head, he brought it away and grimaced at what he saw.

His hand was covered in blood, and now that he could concentrate somewhat again, he could feel the liquid dripping down his neck and back.

Groaning in discomfort, Naruto glanced towards the area in which he once stood, and saw two, slender white legs peaking out from what looks like a gown, "Ana?" He questioned, blinking away the tears that were forming in the corner of his eyes.

"Gar! Voir?!" He could hear the frantic cries of Gardevoir as she was panicking and was now crouching down and nursing his head with her hands.

"I'm alright... just in a little pain." He spoke out, however, that didn't stop the fretting that his Gardevoir was doing right now.

Gardevoir is a bipedal, humanoid Pokémon whose body resembles a flowing gown. Most of its body is white, but its hair, arms, and the underside of its gown are green. Its hair curls over its face and down the sides of its head. Behind its red eyes are short spikes, resembling a masquerade mask. It has long arms with three fingers on each hand and slender white legs. A red, fin-like horn extends from its chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back. A band of green on its chest extends to the center of the front horn and connects to its sleeve-like arms.

Although, currently she had water dropping from her form as she stepped under the shower head, soaking not only herself, but it also caused some interesting things to happen to her gown, as it matted down, hugging her form as the water was too heavy for it to have that natural outwards flair to it.

It was odd, but it was understandable, as her red eyes were currently filled with panic and a little fear. Afterall, she was the cause for her trainer and love interest to be injured, all because she had scared him and not warned him of her presence.

Even seeing him naked wasn't enough to knock her out of her stupor, not even seeing his flacid member out of the corner of her eyes was enough to drag her attention away from trying her best to heal him.

"Ana, use Heal Pulse." He commented, knowing that his Gardevoir was freaking out and not thinking properly. He couldn't help but smile, while they might be Pokemon, he would say it once, and he would say it again... no, in fact he would never change his mind about it, his Pokemon were his family... a rather disjointed and rather... eccentric family, but a family all the same, and he was glad that he could share his family with Marnie.

Ana simply palmed her face, an embarrassed blush on her face as she forgot about that one move that she could do. Placing one of her hands on the bleeding area of his head, a light green glow surrounded her hand and the injured area of her head, before it started to pulse and ripple, around his skin.

As the effects of the move washed over him, Naruto couldn't help but moan at the feeling that had washed over his body. It was like his head had been wrapped around in one of the most woolen blankets that had ever been made, along with the tingling in his skin felt like he had been doused in honey - minus the smell - and it honestly felt amazing. He idly felt one of Gardevoir's hands moving around in a circle-like fashion, as wherever her hand went, the feeling followed - and it felt like the blanket was gently rubbing around the sore area of his head.

He could also feel the small bump that had been forming on his head since he slammed into the valves earlier start to vanish, leaving no trace that it was there to begin with, he also felt the blood that was dripping down his neck and back stop, with it seemingly disappearing once the pulse rippled down his spine.

After what felt like a solid few minutes under the effect and the warmth of the attack - it was merely a few seconds - the feeling was washed away as Gardevoir pulled her hand aside and let the move die down before she levitated back a few paces, not even caring that her entire form was soaking wet.

"Thank you, Ana." Naruto said, smiling lightly as he ran a hand over where his injury was, and much to his relief, it was gone, like it wasn't even there in the first place.

Instead of Gardevoir replying, she clapped her hands together in front of her face to try and hide the growing smile and faint blush on her cheeks as she sent the current emotions she was feeling directly towards her trainer and love interest for the bond they shared.

An interesting fact with Psychic type Pokemon was that they could send their emotions towards their trainers or ones they trusted most, the only way that someone would be able to feel the sudden rush of emotions was if either the bond they shared was exceptionally strong, or if the trainer or the reciever had any form of psychic power, whether it be dormant in their body or they were actively training it.

Naruto did indeed have psycic potential, but it laid dormant within himself, but he did have an exceptionally strong bond with all of his Pokemon, meaning that he did fufil the requirements for the 'Emotion Transfer' to work on him.

Suddenly stopping in place as he felt something else wash over him, he couldn't help but chuckle as his body was rushed with foreign emotions - ones that weren't his own - and he felt all the happiness that Gardevoir was currently feeling, along with a smidge of sorrow, apparently still a little upset with herself for causing him to be in that situation in the first place, "Hey, none of that, it was just an accident." He admonished lightly, flashing a smile and moving his head and neck without any problems to show that he was indeed fine.

Despite being naked and having his Gardevoir to see everything, he wasn't embarrassed with the situation at all. If she had already seen him naked, then why would he be embrrassed now?

When he was on his journey and when they were out in the wilderness, and there were no towns or cities nearby where he could shower, Naruto oftened used lakes or rivers to clean himself, and his Pokemon often were out and about, and sometimes if the situation arised for it, they often joined him with bathing and swam around.

That one place where they relaxed, swam and bathed under the waterfall was a nice place. It was just a darn shame that he forgot where the place was, it was a treasure. He even tried to ask others about the place, however, all he recived was odd looks and some people thought he was crazy because the place didn't exist... weird.


Shaking his head from those thoughts, Naruto turned once again - making sure to be a little slower to avoid another accident - and turned off both valves for the shower, causing the cascading water to slow down to mere dribbles before they stopped as well. Sighing a little as he felt the warmth disappear and to only return as a slight chill, he stepped out of the shower and started drying himself off with a towel.

"So, Gardevoir, any reason for the surprise shower entrance?" Naruto questioned, drying his hair with the soft towel, making sure to close his eyes as he didn't want the remnants of the conditioner he used to enter his eyes.

That shit hurt like hell and was irritating beyond belief to get out.

Frowning lightly as he didn't hear her verbal reply, nor did he feel her sending her emotions through a transfer through their bond, he wrapped a towel around his waist to try and dry it without doing the motions and turned around to face her.

Once again, he felt his lips come into contact with another pair.

He nearly gawked in surprise, but any noise that would have left his mouth would've been muffled beyond doubt as his Gardevoir pulled him into a searing kiss, one that would be worthy of Cinderace earlier... maybe that was where the normally shy Gardevoir got this idea from.

Unlike Cinderace who tasted of spice upon thier kiss, Gardevoir was basically the complete opposite, having the distinct taste - and slight smell - of strawberries and vanilla. It was an interesting combination, but it did taste nice in his opinion.

As Gardevoir's lips came into contact with his own, it was then he felt a surge of emotions storm through his body, and it was definately coming from Gardevoir. He could feel the love that she had for him, and now that she was given the go ahead by Marnie, she was finally acting upon it, with hope being another emotion that was strongly linked with the love he was feeling.

Throughout the surge of love and hope that he felt coming from her, he also felt something else, and that was concern.

Maybe she was concerned that she wasn't kissing correctly, or maybe she was concerned that he wouldn't return the feelings that she had and the relationship and bond they had would be destroyed and could never return to what it once was.

Mentally shaking his head at the last concern that Gardevoir was showing, he decided to return the kiss with vigor, to get rid of her concern entirely, only leaving her being able to focus on the love and care that he was giving back to her.

As he deepened the kiss, he pulled Gardevoir closer to his body - although, he was praying that she didn't get too... handsy or footsy with him being nearly naked - before closing his eyes to enjoy the feeling that was coming from her lips. He may of found another new flavor combination that he would try out when cooking some cakes for Marnie.

He also idly wondered what Zoroark's kiss would taste like? Because to him, it seemed like the personality of the Pokemon played into what they tasted like when they gave him a kiss, and since Zoroark was a rather interesting wildcard, he had no idea.

Peaking his eyes open, Naruto noticed that Gardevoir had engulfed herself in a tinge of psychic power, allowing herself to levitate up closer to his height to negate the rather large height difference they shared.

After a few more moments of kissing, Naruto gently pulled away in order to regain some oxygen within his system.

As he did so, he noticed that Gardevoir had placed herself back on the ground and had a serene smile on her face and a rather healthy blush upon her cheeks, it was also rather cute how she seemed to sway from side to side lightly in a form of excitement, "Enjoy that?" Naruto questioned, wanting to know if that kiss was worth it for Gardevoir.

Instead of recieving a verbal answer, he had to quickly brace himself as Ana shot herself towards his body, where she crashed into it and hugged him tightly, and considering she was much shorter than him height wise, her head was at a perfect height to rest in the middle of his chest and just below his sternum. He could feel the heat of the blush that Gardevoir had on her cheeks, he could also feel her heart beat and how quickly it was pounding against her chest.

Smiling at the reaction, he gently wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug, looking down at the Gardevoir and seeing how content she was in her position, he placed a small kiss atop her head, "Come on, let's get you dried up." He murmured.

Pulling herself away, Gardevoir gave a shy smile as she realised she was still soaked from standing in the shower and had made his chest wet again, although she couldn't help but lick her lips at the way the water glistened on his body and seemed to make him even more handsome than before. Looking around the room for something to use, she noticed another towel that was resting on a towel rack, and concentrating on it, her eyes glowed a soft purple color - as did the towel - and she brought it over towards Naruto, where it fell into his outstretched hands.

As he straightened the towel, he made his way over towards Gardevoir, before gently rubbing the fabric along her body, not strong enough to hurt her, but just strong enough where it could actually was friction to dry her off from the shower.

Let it be known that Gardevoir possibly fell asleep under the soft and tender movements that her trainer was doing to dry her off.


Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I also do hope that you guys liked the interaction between Naruto and Marnie in the beginning of this chapter, I know that chapter one was rather lackluster when it came to that, but I hope this chapter made it better. I also do hope that you liked the interaction between Naruto and Gardevoir.

Doing Human x Pokemon relationships is definately new to me, so I might not be the best, but I will try to keep improving in case some people like this sort of thing and challenge me to more of it in the future.

This is chapter 3 of 4.

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