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It had been a last afternoon that Marnie had all but told him that he could explore the feelings that his female Pokemon held towards him, those Pokemon being, Cinder - his Cinderace, Ana - his Gardevoir and Astrid - his Zoroark. While he wasn't all that scared to see how his Pokemon react to what Marnie said, he was scared about what would happen if this were to be made known to the public.

It had taken a lot of talking about after they had their little private bedroom training and lots of pleading from Marnie during dinner and after dinner, just before they went to sleep, and after Marnie kept on going on and on about, wittling away at his resistance, he had finally taken it into consideration, and even trying his best to come up with some plans in his mind before he eventually falling into the sweet embrace of sleep, with him snuggling close to Marnie.

Since Pokephillia was balancing on the very, very thin line of illegal and legal, it was still looked down upon, and in the past, some people have even been punished when they got caught having these relations with their Pokemon - whether they be male or female, it didn't matter - however, since he was the champion and wasn't some other person in the world, they may not punish him as greatly, but it would be possible that he would lose his position as Champion and maybe a very large fine, and maybe even Marnie would be hit by fine as well since she was the one who knew about it, yet didn't report it to the authorities.

However, if it was indeed true that his female Pokemon did garner some form of attraction between him, he would be willing to take that risk, since it was someones feelings that he was playing with - no matter if it was Pokemon or human - it still wasn't funny to play with and toy with emotions, as the consequences if something goes wrong was very high.

Sighing to himself, Naruto shook his head, trying to get those thoughts and hesitation out of his mind as he enjoyed the slight morning breeze washing over him, along with the early morning rays to soak into his skin for the first time in hours. While some may think that he was crazy for being up at such an early time - at the crack of dawn - he was used to this sort of thing while he was on his journey, and the breeze didn't affect him that badly as he was used to the cold temperatures of Circhester and the small town before Wyndon.

He also had finished a cup of tea a few moments ago, so that was in his system warming him up from the inside.

Looking around the large yard that was able to hold their combined parties - they were fully grown Pokemon with different needs so of course they got the yard as large as they could to appease their Pokemon - he saw that most of thier teams were fast asleep, the only ones who were somewhat active and awake were the Pokemon from Naruto's team, as they were more used to early morning training sessions.

Although, he noticed that his Zoroark and Gardevoir were nowhere to be seen, which was odd as they were the ones normally hanging around Cinderace during the morning, with what he assumed to be some female Pokespeech gossip along with the unique training sessions they held.

Speaking of Cinderace, Naruto could see her practicing some kick-boxing along with her practicing her signature move; Pyro Ball, a move in which she juggles a pebble with her feet, and she could transform it into a burning soccer ball. By putting a spin on the ball, it can launch attacks that its opponents struggle to evade, causing massive damage when it connects, also having the possibility of leaving a burn on the target, which will gradually weaken the opponent further.

Currently, she was trying to speed up the process of how quickly the move could form. It was slowly coming together, but would take more time and practice to perfect different speeds.

Cinderace is a bipedal, rabbit-like Pokémon and is moderately tall, standing at 4'07 - with more height coming from her ears. Most of her torso and head, as well as her arms and tail, are white. She has long white ears, the insides of which are yellow. Her eyes, which have red-orange pupils and white irises, have a deep navy pattern below them and yellow eyebrows above them. These eyebrows connect at the nose, which is red-orange, and form a 'crown', which connects to the red-orange tuft of hair sticking out from her forehead. It has two whisker-like tufts of white fur on each side of her face.

Over each shoulder is a navy patch of fur, which continue down the torso and connect at middle of the chest, creating what resembles a sports tank top. This navy-colored fur is also seen on her lower torso, creating what resembles a belt. The fur on her lower body is colored red-orange and resembles a pair of pants, with yellow pockets and ending in yellow tufts at the knees, with little tufts of fur on the backside of her thighs. Her ankles and feet are colored navy-blue and tipped red-orange at the toes. On the underside of each foot, there are three yellow dots of fur, from which she fires flames when attacking.

However, she did have one special feature, and that was the small pink bow wrapped around her ear carefully - a gift that she got as a Raboot and she had always made sure to keep it in great condition.

Sighing to himself, Naruto got up from his sitting position and made his way over towards his starter Pokemon, making sure to be extra careful and quiet in order for him not to wake up the other Pokemon that were snoozing about the yard they were in.

"Cinder." Naruto called out softly, causing his Cinderace to stop what she was doing and turned around to face him, an unreadable expression on her face.


Quickly looking at Cinderace, he saw that she was breathing rather heavily, meaning that she must have been practicing for a lot longer than he had actually been outside for, "Girl, I want you to follow me." Naruto questioned, walking up to Cinderace and gently grasping her shoulder, and gesturing for her to follow him.

Although she was confused as to why her trainer wanted her to follow him, she still did it anyway.

As she followed him a little deeper into the yard that was past the little makeshift training ground she had made for herself, she found herself in a wide open area, which was used as everyones little training ground and exercise field, in which they would challenge each other to various things, such as sprints and running races - in which she was the fastest - and a little sparing area so everyone could catch up to each other in strength, there was also a large body of water which was connected to another opening which allowed the Water type Pokemoin access to the grounds as well.

Her ears twitched as she heard her trainer move further in front of her, dragging her attention away from their little training and exercise area, and saw her trainer sitting on a small boulder in which some Pokemon could sunbath on and warm up when they were cold.

"Cinder, I want you to be honest with me." Naruto said, gently, yet firmly, not wanting to be lied to, she could also tell that he was serious due to the fact that she was called 'Cinder' instead of 'Cindy', "Do... you have feelings for me? Despite being us being human and Pokemon? I know Marnie told me yesterday afternoon, but I want to know the truth from you." He explained further.

Naruto watched as Cinderace's cheeks flared up, tinting the normally clean, white fur into a deep red color, he also felt the general area heat up, along with some droplets of dew on the neatly cut blades of grass evaporate into the air.

Nodding her head, she turned her head in order for Naruto not to see her like this, however, the blush on her fur was giving away her true feelings.

"Cindy." Naruto softly said, gently scratching behind her ear, his fingers briefly running across the smooth fabric of the ribbon that he got when he was still a beginning trainer who had just started his Pokemon journey, "Listen, you need to know that relationships with Pokemon and people are frowned upon, and is basically illegal." He said gently to his starter Pokemon.

Naruto felt his heart break a little when he saw the reaction that his Cinderace made when he made it known about the complications of her feelings. Seeing her ears droop down and tears start to form in her eyes, along with her body shivering lightly, it wasn't a pretty sight, "Hey." Naruto gently said, rubbing the fur along her back, trying to get her to cheer up lightly, "Cindy." He gently called out, wanting to get her attention once more.

Turning her head, Cinderace looked at Naruto, her eyes watering from the unshed tears that were threatening to fall down her face as she heard what her precious trainer told her, "Cin..."

Dear Arceus, even her voice sounded depressed, such a drastic change from the normally hot headed and rather loud one as well, "Cindy. While it is illegal, Marnie did say that you and the others can pursue your emotions and feelings, we just need to keep it a secret in public, who knows what will happen if someone were to find out." Naruto said, "Can I trust you and the others with this secret?" He questioned.

Blushing a little, which made her white fur turn a beet red, along with having the temperature of the area pick up a little due to small flames being emitted from the bottom of her feet, she shyly nodded her head at that, her ears perking upwards as she craned her neck up to look her beloved trainer eye to eye.

Chuckling lightly at the reaction, Naruto petted her on the head lightly, which in turn, made his Cinderace huff a little at the sign of affection she was receiving, she even pointed her nose up in the air like she was trying to not pay attention to what he was doing.

Ah, the joys of having a Pokemon that had such conflicting moments in her personality. At times, she would get fired up by small signs of affection, although that tended to make her a little overconfident when in battle, it was something that he could work with. Then there were the other times in which he praised her or showed any other signs of affection to her, and it caused her to act like this, all Tsundere-like.

He had to thank Marnie for that one, as she was one herself, although it had died down a lot since they started their relationship and she managed to open herself up towards him more about her insecurities and some of her fears.

Still, it was cute to see his Pokemon act like this.

Although, he had to wonder sometimes, how did he always find his Pokemon with these personality quirks to them. His Cinderace was a Tsundere who sometimes enjoyed the praise and got hot-headed, his Gardevoir was someone who never seemed to be upset or show any signs of negative emotions - if she did, it was for a moment or two, before returning back to normal - and his Zoroark was a tricky one, not just because of her mischievious attitude, but she also had a tendancy to, well... disguise as other members of his team to try and fool him.

His male Pokemon on the other hand, his Ninjask was a Pokemon that sometimes acted like a little kid that just loved getting into fights and learning new things, his Appletun was a Pokemon that loved to laze about - he swore that he could give a Snorlax a run for its money sometimes - and finally, his Araquanid was a rather battle hungry Pokemon that loved to be in a fight with a strong opponent.

Despite all of these conflicting personalities, Naruto wouldn't change his team for anything, as he found them to be his family - a rather dysfunctional family, but it was still a family.

Suddenly feeling himself being nudged, he shook his head away from those thoughts before focussing on his Cinderace, who was the offender of the nudging he felt as he saw her in the movement of making another nudge. She looked like she was contemplating something, with her eyes slightly glazed, but her body language was clearly displaying her nervousness, "Sorry, lost in thoughts." Naruto explained, rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile on his face.

He did have a tendancy to lose himself in thought when something came to mind or something random like the personality of his Pokemon came into his mind.

"Cin! Cin! Der..." Using rather exaggerated hand movements, Cinderace was trying to explain to her beloved trainer what she was feeling and what she wanted, however, even with all of that, all she got was a confused look. Pouting and huffing lightly, she contemplated her next move and whether or not she wanted to do it.

Her choice was made quickly at that.

In a blink of an eye, Cinderace suddenly grabbed Naruto's shoulders, before pulling with all of her might to bring him down closer to her level, ignoring the shocked yelp that escaped his mouth.

Their lips slammed together from the force displayed on Cinderace's end.

After the initial shock passed from Naruto, he realised that Cinderace had her own taste, despite her being a Pokemon, it still had this hint of flavor upon her lips. Whereas Marnie had this distinct taste of cinnamon and cream - from all the cinnamon rolls and shortcake that she ate from the cafes around the region - Cindy had this distinct taste of spice, and it really went well with her passion when it came to battling and improving.

Of course, it felt weird to him, kissing a Pokemon, and having mainly fur being smooshed against his own lips, and maybe a hint of a tongue when the kiss first happened, but he could say that it was a... pleasurable experience and something that he was interested to see if his Gardevoir or Zoroark had different flavors to them that coincided with their personalities.

Gently pulling away after a few more moments after the rather passionate kiss, Naruto gently stoked the cheek of Cinderace, despite the height difference, she had actually managed to wrap her legs around his waist, effectively locking herself onto his body, he could quiet literally feel the heat coming off of her, and that wasn't just because she was a fire type.

"That was... great." Naruto spoke out, continuing to stroke her cheek, getting a pleasant coo from her, "Thank you, I'm sorry for not reciprocating the feelings earlier... I just didn't want to be unfaithful towards Marnie." He further added, before stopping his little ministrations and placing his forehead on hers.

He felt that Cinderace was warming up once again, only this time, he could feel the heat rushing to his head as he noticed that she seemed to be blushing heavily, however, he felt her 'harrumph' and try to look away, only for her to realise that she couldn't as his forehead was resting on hers.

Feeling her untangle from around his waist, she shuffled away a little, bringing her forehead away from his - he still couldn't believe the flexibility that Cindy possessed, sometimes he believe that Marnie was taking lessons from his Pokemon sometimes.

As Cinder looked forward to the vast field that was used for training, she suddenly had an idea, and that was shown from the way her ears perked up and twitched lightly, along with her little nose twitching from the prospect about what she wanted. Quickly springing up from the small boulder they were on - much to Naruto's confusion - she sudddenly grabbed hold of his arm and started pulling with all of her might for him to get up as well.

Seeing as how Cinderace wanted him to get up, he allowed himself to be pulled up from his position, however, he didn't even get a chance to question what she wanted, as he was once again pulled along by her with frightening strenght that only a female could have when they were on a mission.

He blinked a few times as he realised where she was dragging him towards.

It was of a running track that had been outlined with the help of special markings and paint, and it wasn't turfed, just outlined over the grass, as it was more natural that way and there was less chance for injury or discomfort when running upon it when his Pokemon or Marnie's Pokemon wanted to, or in this case, if any barefooted humans wanted to.

Looking from the track to Cindy, who was bouncing on the balls of her feet in one of the many lanes that were outlined, he suddenly knew why she dragged him from the small boulder to the track, "You want me to train with you?" He asked, having a slight feeling that she knew the answer.

Chirping and excitedly calling her name out many times, she enthusiastically nodded her head.

Chuckling to himself, Naruto discarded the jacket that he was wearing and dropped it unceremoniously on the ground below, revealing that he was wearing a simple singlet underneath, "I see." He muttered out, doing some stretching so he doesn't unjure himself from the upcoming exercise, which will more than likely be vary challenging and very heavy on his muscles, "So, everything physical you can think of?" He asked.

Nodding her head once again, Cinderace suddenly took on a stance that he had seen before many times, while it was a runners stance when the athletes were about to launch off the bricks, it was modified for herself, as she was using the small pads on her feet to keep her grip once she tilted her body forward and brought herself into the stance.

Shaking his head, Naruto got into the same position, only starting lower to have more momentum when he started to push forward with his body.

Without even speaking and only by chance did a stray falling leaf from one of the many trees landed in front of them was the signal for them to start. Within a heartbeat, both Cinderace and Naruto launched from their positions and started to pick up the pace for their little exercise. While it may be only a small warm-up for the next things to come, they wanted to push each other to the limits, as there was always room to improve.

What they both didn't know was the fact they were being watched, and they were being watched by none other than Gardevoir, who was smiling happily at seeing her Pokepal and sister in all but species and blood being so happy with the one they loved.

She could feel the love lingering off between them and the bond they had between them strengthen to whole new levels.

All she could hope for was the same to happen to not only herself when she had the chance, but for the resident trickster and her other sister in all but species and blood; Zoroark. While she knew it was wrong, she also knew that her trainer was someone who didn't like to make anyone upset, instead, he liked to make everyone as happy as much as he could for within his power.

Shaking her head, she turned rather elegantly and walked away silently, leaving the newly formed pair to themselves to strengthen the bond. Afterall, she would get her chance at a later date, and she was a patient girl.


Alright guys, I hope you liked that chapter. While it is a bit odd creating a human x Pokemon pairing, I will try to improve on it, of course, I won't be making lemons of this variety, as I am not yet used to creating such things whether it be for human x Pokemon or even a male x female. I will try to improve on it with the Mini-Series that will be going on.

Fluff and some other stuff will be for the main focus when it comes to Gardevoir and Zoroark, so nothing too lewd or as such, just trying to be wholesome like that.

Even if it isn't a main theme directly for the story, nor will it play a massive role, I do hope that you like Naruto's Pokemon team, I did try and create a balanced team type wise and synergy wise. Plus, Araquanid is a monster under the right circumstances and it carried me throughout my playthrough of Sun and Moon when the games first came out.

This was chapter 2 of 4.

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