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Naruto was currently standing across from Chairman Rose, someone who was considered to be one of the most influential people of the Galar region. Although his back was turned to him, Naruto could clearly see his reflection from the shiny glass panels that made the very top observation area of Rose Tower, which gave a beautiful view of the thriving city of Wyndon, the largest city in the Galar region.

Stroking his chin and looking like he was in some deep thought - as Rose's eyes had gained a far away look in them - he then hummed, before turning around to face Naruto, his expression rather calm, but a smile was seen on his face.

Chairman Rose is a tall and handsome tan-skinned man with black hair, green eyes, and neatly trimmed facial hair. Despite his svelte appearance, he also has a round, portly belly, which was hardly visible thanks to the tight clothing he wore. Clothing-wise, Rose has one ear pierced and wears a sharp gray business suit, as befits his status and wealth. His suit consists of a gray vest with numerous black buttons, a gray overcoat with a single gold button, a white shirt, and a red tie. He also wears classy gray pants that match his suit, along with a gold and black belt, pointed red and black shoes, and a gold watch on his wrist.

While he may look like a businessman, he was more than that, he owned multiple companies around the region, also has his own organisation - obvious founder and creator - and is even the Chairman of the Pokemon League in Galar, which is why the people of the region always call him Chairman.

"I do believe that idea would be great, and should be considered, however, I cannot just decide to implement this, I will need to talk to the board of the Pokemon League." He said, his voice was rather charming to most, which is another reason for his popularity.

"I understand, I just want the trainers to have another incentive to train to their fullest potential." Naruto said, nodding his head, he knew that it might be a long process to get this implemented into the League year, but it would be worth it, and it will bring even more motivation to all inspiring trainers.

He should know, everyone dreamed to become a champion of the region, he did as well, and it was through hard work and dedication that he finally managed to complete his goal.

Naruto was a rather tall and handsome teen, for an eighteen year old anyway and stood at 5'8, he had nicely tanned skin - that he got from his father's side of the family, as his mother's side of the family were rather pale - and had a rogueish mop of golden-blonde hair that spiked in every way imaginable, and had bright cerulean blue eyes and had whisker-like markings - six of them, three on either cheek.

Clothing wise, he wore a simple black zip-up jacket with orange trimmings around the sides and on the zipper and around the edges of the pocket. Since the zipper was undone slightly, one could see the simple sport/workout shirt he wore underneath, on his wrist, he had a Dynamax band on, that allows his Pokemon to utilise the power of Dynamax in certain areas. He also wore jeans that matched his jacket, just with the orange trimmings being a little darker, holding the jeans up was a simple Pokebelt, which all held six shrunken Pokeballs containing his Pokemon team, and to top it all off, he wore simple sneakers that were red in color with white laces.

He was offered the 'Reigning Champion' kit by Leon after he bested him in a hard fought battle, but he politely declined, and allowed Leon to continue wearing it as it was iconic and suited him more.

"Yes, having an Elite 4 challenge would be great, we just need to find suitable trainers for the place, and we will need to work out a structure and the other pieces neccessary for it to work out." Rose said, looking Naruto in the eye as he did so, "I believe that Leon would be a fantastic choice, but who are the others if this were to be passed?" He questioned.

"I don't know, sir." Naruto answered after a moment of silence, shrugging his shoulders to go along with it. He never really thought about the other members who could possibly join Leon in the ranks as Elite Four, "Myself and Leon will keep a lookout for anyone with potential." He stated to the Chairman.

Nodding his head at that, Chairman Rose once again turned around, deciding to take in the gorgeous view of Wyndon once again, "Thank you, I will try my best to get this passed the board."

Nodding his head in understanding at that, Naruto understood that was a non-verbal go ahead to leave, "Thank you for your time, Chairman."

"It's been my pleasure, do say hi to Marnie for me, tell her that I am in discussions with some builders and contractors about upgrading Spikemuth." Rose said, looking at Naruto through the reflection of the pained glass in front of him.

"Will do." Was Naruto's reply to that, before he turned around and made his way towards the elevator, leaving Rose alone to his thoughts.

As Naruto exited Rose Tower, he was instantly greeted by the sheer warmth of the sun beating down upon him. Now, by all means, it wasn't unnatural for Galar to experience some mild heat here and there, but it still was rather rare in itself, as most of the days were either overcast, raining or even snowing in some places, so having sunlight with very few clouds about was a nice and rather relaxing change.

It was a weird thing to think about, but when he was completing his journey, he would brave through the weather conditions, no matter what it was, hell, he woudl even go out in a thunderstorm and train his Pokemon up to become strong, while also improving their durability during these conditioins so no one could manipulate the weather to get a small advantage - and that really helped during Raihan's battle.

However, now that he was the champion of the region, and one of the largest figure heads in the region, with the next fewest being Leon, who was the last champion who was undefeated before he finally fell in battle, and Chairman Rose, because of this new title that he was given, he had a lot more responsibilities, and well, his private life, which he did enjoy was always known to the public - barring a few select details - so he didn't get to enjoy the quiet or simple life anymore.

That was one of the downsides that came with being champion, and probably one of the youngest champions might he add, as he was certain the only champion that was younger than him by a landslide was by a kid named Red, who also disappeared without a trace.

Becoming champion at the age of 11 was insane to even think about, not even a year into his journey and he had already become what many children dream about, but the amount of snooping around that will happen when he is spotted somewhere will be intense, how could a child who wasn't even in his teens yet be ready for something like this?

Shaking his head from those stray thoughts that entered his head, he looked around the area. While it was rather grandoise, with beautifully kept and trimmed gardens and simple pathways that seperated the grass and gardens to the building, it wasn't exactly a place that random people would visit without a purpose, so it was rather queit at most times, unless something was happening directly at Rose Tower, plus to get here, it either required a Flying Taxi, or to use one of those Monorail systems.

Speaking of Flying Taxi's, there was one waiting for him right near the sign that gave a brief explanation on what Rose Tower was all about, 'Rose must of sent one for me.' Shaking his head from those thoughts at the rather... eccentric Chairman, Naruto made his way over towards the taxi service, and he still couldn't help but feel a little fear from the massive Pokemon that delivered the service.

The Pokemon that helped with the traveling of said Flying Taxi was a Corviknight, which is a large avian Pokémon resembling a raven and stands at the monstrous height of 7'03'', which towers over many Pokemon and humans. Most of its body is a lustrous black, but its lower beak and legs have a matte color. Corviknight's feathers are tempered with steel. Its mantle, breast, belly, flanks, and scapular feathers are smooth and resemble plate armor. Corviknight's talons, head, and upper beak are similarly armored. It has a crest above its eyes that resembles a crown, and a ruff of feathers on its throat that resemble a beard. Corviknight's eyes have white pupils, red irises, and black sclerae.

"Naruto, glad to see you again."

Looking in the car that Corviknight was perched upon, he saw one of the members of the Flying Taxi service - although they prefer to be called Cabbie's - while it seemed to be odd that most of them looked alike, he had to guess that it was same situation when it came to Nurse Joy's and they either must be cousins that look alike barring one or two features, or some poor family decided to have so many kids, yet they all looked the same.

"Gordon, nice to meet you." Naruto greeted with a small wave as he walked towards the car, flinching a bit under the fierce gaze of the Corviknight, "I'm guessing Chairman Rose got you here?" He questioned, before opening the back seat of the car and hoping in, and closing the door. Once he entered, he sighed lightly, glad that he was somewhat safe from the terrifying Pokemon above him.

"Yep, even paid for your trip as well. Nice guy he is." Gordon said, before he exited out of the front seat himself, "Don't be too scared of Corviknight, they may look fierce, but they are loyal once you gain their trust, just like any other Pokemon." He added, patting Naruto on the shoulder lightly through the open windows of the backseat, "So, where too?"

Rolling his eyes at the fact that Gordon and the others always said that about Corviknight, while it was true, it didn't stop them from looking fierce and terrifying, "I'm heading to Spikemuth, could you drop me off outside of the city?" He answered, while questioning the man about to climb on top of the saddled Corviknight.

"No problem, just sit back and enjoy the ride. I suggest we will be there in about half an hour." Gordon said, flashing a small smile before Naruto heard some grunting as he managed to climb upon the steel birds saddled, before using some of the safety measures to make sure he was the safest up there.

"Right." He sighed out, before shifting his position a little to make himself as comfortable as he could. Sometimes, he really regretted not having a smaller Pokemon that might be able to enjoy the ride with him.

Oh well, at least there were some magazines and even a small video device in which he could watch whatever he wanted.

Turning on the video device, he quickly shifted through the channels to try and get something that might catch his interest during this flight.

"Oh?" He muttered out, watching for a few moments before leaning back in his chair, this will be a little interesting as he managed to switch the channel over just in time for one of the Lumiose Conference Semi-Finals happening.

"Ladies and Gentleman, it is finally time for the Semi-Final match between Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town facing off against Sawyer from the Hoenn region!"

'Kanto and Hoenn in the Lumiose Conference? Interesting.' Naruto thought to himself, his interest piqued from this tidbit of information. Maybe this flight wouldn't feel so long after all.

"Have a good day, Naruto!" Gordon said from the saddle of the massive Corviknight, true to his prediction, it did in fact take pretty much half of an hour, give or take a few minutes to get from Wyndon to the edge of Spikemuth.

Getting out of the vehicle, Naruto stretched his back after sitting down in the rather cramped space, "You too, Gordon. I hope you have a fantastic week, maybe we can catch up sometime when you have a break." Naruto suggested, turning around and craning his neck upwards to look at him.

"Alright, but I expect the drinks to be on you!" Gordon stated, before looking down at the Corviknight, "Alright, Corviknight, let's head to HQ." He said, giving the large steel type a small rub on the back of its head.

Rolling his eyes at the eccentric cabbie who he could call his friend, he watched as the Corviknight flapped its mighty wings and slowly started to ascend at an even pace, in order for it to not drop the car it was carrying with its large talons or to not knock the human off on its back. It took a few seconds of steady and slow rising before it got to a safe level before it started to fly away into the distance.

'He is something.' Naruto thought to himself with a small chuckle, before turning around and seeing probably one of the least developed or cared for towns in the entire region of Galar.

The small town of Spikemuth, while it was home to the first every Dark type gym in all of the regions, it didn't have that much to it other than that, it was a simple small town that homed maybe a hundred people at most - most of them being members of Team Yell, a small team that liked to cheer on Marnie or Piers - and had a simple theme of Punk Rock, as was the music that was always playing in that town was from that genre. Hell, it seemed like the town was acutally made within an abandoned warehouse that hadn't been touched in who knows how many years, but that just added to the uniqueness of the town itself.

It was a shame that it wasn't built on a power spot, that meant that you couldn't Dynamax any Pokemon, and it was the only 'normal' gym badge that one would experience in this region. A shame really, as Marnie had a wicked cool Gigantamax Pokemon, one that could easily beat back most Pokemon if used correctly.

On that note though, the Semi-Final battles of the Lumiose Conference stuck within Naruto's mind.

While all participants had to be strong to make it all the way to the Semi-Finals of a large league like Kalos' one, two of the names stuck out like a sore thumb to Naruto, and those two participants were Ash Ketchum and Alain.

When he watched the battles between those two, he was surprised to see the strategy that Ash possessed, utilising Pokemon that people may not use all that often and make it work for him, interesting strategies were also involved on the fly and seemed to have been thought up of on the spot. Which is a good thing, sometimes when things aren't going your way, you make them with those sort of bold and unpredictable strategies.

The one thing that surprised him the most however, was the fact that the close bond that he had with his Greninja. That sort of power up or mini-evolution or however you call it was something that was groundbreaking, and most have had some scientists around the world flabbergasted and speechless. He also noticed how Greninja seemed to take on some prominent features of Ash himself, with the facial changes and the slight color change.

It also didn't escape him from the way Ash acted when his Greninja got hit, it was also him that flinched and clutched around the area that Greninja got hit on his own body.

Was that the downside to having something like that? Did you feel the pain that the Pokemon felt? Were they truly that connected that they could share senses, despite Greninja not being a Psychic type and with it being unlikely that Ash was a psychic user?

On the other hand, Alain was truly a powerhouse. He was quick and efficient and didn't seem to waste a single move when it came to battling. Every move was planned out and another plan was already thought up of if that failed. His team was well rounded, with some bulk thrown in with some agile attackers. While those Pokemon were indeed impressive, the one thing that stood out about him the most was his Charizard. The amount of power that Charizard had must have been mind boggling, to add the fact that it could Mega Evolve into Charizard X meant that they also had a very strong bond with each other, they also seemed to trust each other to the fullest, bringing out the potential between himself and Charizard.

Dare he say, that maybe Leon and his Charizard, which could Gigantamax might have some trouble facing off against Alain's Mega Charizard, which he also learnt was part Dragon type, making it a Fire and Dragon type, and that got rid of the one thing that every Charizard had as a weakness, Rock types.

Naruto truly believed that those two could become great Elite Four members in the future, and he just hoped he could pick them up before anyone else spots their potential and decides to act on it.

'I need to find out more about them, and see what I can do about this.' He thought to himself, making a mental note into researching them, it would be easier to see the history of both the trainers and find the best way to come into contact with them, whether it be by the regional Professor or someone else that was reachable.

If those two could become the Elite Four members, along with Leon, who he would ask this about at a later date, then it might be something for the world to look out for once Galar can finally hold their international tournaments, or finally participate in one.

Galar was just finally made into a fully fledged region a couple of months ago, allowing the region as a whole to join in with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola. Which was why some of the smaller islands or regions sometimes allowed themselves to link up with other regions, so they can call themselves an official 'region'.

It was also due to Galar's odd rule for the age in which someone can actually become a Pokemon trainer, not only did they have to complete Pokemon school, in which they entered at the age of eight and finished when they were fifteen - same if they were homeschooled. They also had to spend at least six months after graduation with a licensed Pokemon trainer or Professor, then before thier sixteenth birthday, they had to take one final test, and if they passed, they could become a trainer by their sixteenth birthday.

If they failed the test, then they would have to wait another six months to do the test again, only this time it would be different from the last test they failed.

He had to presume it was because of the Wild Area, which has very powerful, yet untamed Pokemon that could attack at any moment, and if they were young or not educated enough, then it could lead to serious injuries, or possibly even death.

Shaking his head from those thoughts, he eventually snapped himself out of his little funk to find that he was at the entrance of Spikemuth, which happened to be one large, and old roller door that allowed entrance into the small town.

As soon as he stepped through, he could already feel the difference in temperature between the outside and from this town, since this entire town was confined and was under the large roof of the warehouse, it did have a tendency to repel the weather from the outside, which could either be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on the seasons.

Since it was in Summer, it did leave a lot of heat outside, leaving the town rather chilly at times.

Looking around, the town hadn't changed all that much since the last time he was here, it was still rather run down with the buildings being chipped, cracked and in some places they were even broken - such as some of the glass on said buildings - while the town was rather dark with no natual lighting barring near the massive roller door, it was lit up with many different colors from the nearby neon lights coming in various colors - some in pink, others in blue, there was even some yellow ones as well - one of the largest buildings in the town was the local Pokemon centre, which looked to be in the best condition out of all the buildings.

'To be honest, I am glad this place is finally getting the upgrades it needed. Can't have my girlfriend's home town looking like this for the rest of our lives.' He thought to himself, idly wondering how the people of this town would take the news of everything being rebuilt and redesigned. Would they want it, or would they want to keep it the way it was?

To be honest, he was sort of glad that this town was rather linear, as it made it easier to travel through and not get lost, like he did when he entered Wyndon, Hammerlocke or even Motostoke for this first time.

In fact, it was due to him getting lost that he actually met Marnie in the first place, and somehow, from that one chance meeting, they eventually became a boyfriend and girlfriend.

He could still remember the meeting like it was yesterday, despite the fact it was over two years ago that this happened.


When people say that Motostoke City wasn't large or it was easy to navigate, Naruto would gladly met them and give them a simple backhand for those comments. Since he wasn't born or lived in one of the larger cities of the region, as he actually grew up in the rather isolated town of Stow-on-Side where there was a desert to the south, and the rather large and somewhat dangerous forest of Glimwood Tangle to the North-East.

It was a small town the relied heavily upon exports from the other cities to keep the supplies up for the sub-par population of a few hundred people. In fact, the town was so small that everyone knew each other. The best part of the town was that the crime rate was extremely low, due to the fact that there was nothing really worthwhile to steal, and for the fact that if one person spotted you, then it was basically over and you were caught easily by the police force.

So going from that tiny community, and having to adapt to the massive city of Motostoke was rather challenging, everything seemed so large in comparison, and the community of the city wasn't as great as Stow-on-Side due to the larger population of the city, or as the residents of Stow-on-Side liked to call the residents of Motostoke, Wyndon or Hammerlocke; 'City Slickers', which was an insult if they were to be called that.

"Well... do you have any idea where to go, Cindy?" Naruto turned to face his recently evolved starter Pokemon, Raboot, the evolution of Scorbunny.

Raboot is a small, humanoid rabbit-like Pokémon that stands at 2' tall - meaning it didn't even come up to Naruto's knees - with a grayish-white body and red eyes. Its fur is mostly red and black, with the upper body being red and having a collar that covers most of its mouth, while the lower half is black with a tuft in the center of its belly, resembling that of a turtleneck sweatshirt, which can be used as pockets. The front half of its feet are red. It has a yellow bandage on its forehead and a small, fluffy white tail.

Although, to make sure people knew it was a female Raboot, Naruto bought a sweet little accessory for her, with it being a small black and blue ribbon which was tied gently around one of its rather cute, droopy ears.

To say Raboot loved that Ribbon would be an understatement. He could remember how when Raboot accidently unwrapped the ribbon and it landed on the ground and some unfortunate Ninjask got to close to it, she flipped and delivered a rather powerful Blaze Kick to the poor Pokemon.

In a sort of way to apologise to the small wild Pokemon, Naruto healed it up, and apologised to it, and made Raboot apologise as well.

So, it was very surprising when Ninjask actually joined the team, as it thought that it would become stronger if it was caught rather than trying to become strong by itself.

So, that was how Naruto caught his second Pokemon, and he also made sure that Cinder's little ribbon was tied on properly, yet gently enough so it didn't tug at the fur on her ears. It turns out that she was quiet sensitive around her ears.

"Ra..." Shaking her head in the negative fashion to her trainer, she quickly hoped upon his shoulder, and with her weighing hardly anything, just a little under twenty pounds, it didn't really cause that much of a shift required.

"Hmm, shame." Naruto hummed out, looking along the large and rather wide streets of the city. If he was being honest, he was glad that he didn't grow up in this sort of enviroment, as everything seemed so... distant and were focused on profit rather than community.

"Mor! Peko!"

"Huh?" Naruto jerked himself to a stop, nearly causing his poor Raboot to stumble off her perch on his shoulders. Looking down at the ground, he noticed a short, chubby, rodent Pokémon. The features of the small rodent were, stubby arms and feet, a pair of pink circular cheek pouches, a very tiny nose, two almond-shaped ears with a single fur tuft under each, and a primary body color separating two areas of fur which cover the arms, ears, cheeks, and eyes, and zigzag inward towards its face, stopping at the waist line, "A... Morpeko?" He questioned, knowing of the fondness some girls seemed to have for this Pokemon.

He also noticed that it was in it's 'cheerful' mode, otherwise known as 'Full Belly mode', which meant its body is a creamy yellow in color, its eyes are circular and black with large white pupils, the fur on the left side of its body is black, and on the right side, it is brown. A single bucktooth can be seen protruding from its smiling mouth.

Smiling to the small rodent Pokemon, Naruto crouched down and extended his arm down, allowing the tiny and cute rodent up onto his person, "Hey, little one." He greeted it, "Are you lost?" He questioned, allowing the small rodent Pokemon to stay on his free shoulder.

He didn't see the nasty look his Raboot was sending the poor critter.

"Pek!" Shaking its head in a negative fashion, the Morpeko made its interest known.

It wasn't lost, it just liked the look of him and felt drawn to him for some odd reason.

"Morpeko?" Hearing the rather soft and feminine voice coming from behind him, he turned around and was met with a girl who had very interesting style. A style in which he definately hadn't seen before and it just looked... right on her.

The girl in front of him was a slim young girl with striking emerald green eyes, dark black hair, and very pale skin. She has a strange hairstyle, with a partially shaved side, tufts of hair that resemble horns, and messy twin-tails tied with red ribbons. Her bangs are on her left side partially covering her eye. She wears a studded black Gothic jacket, a pink mini dress with triangular holes cut into the bottom, and matching black and pink boots with sharply spiked heels. He also noticed that her boots have three large silver studs and an upwards pointing toe. For accessories, she wears a black choker around her neck - with a circle and three spikes outside of it and a red diamond-shaped ear piercing. She also carries around a small red backpack that matches her hair ribbons.

All in all, she looked like one of those goth girls that he sometimes saw online when they were rather popular a few years ago.

Yet, this girl in front of him didn't look that intimidating or seem that unemotionally like he saw those other goth girls. Sure, she did look like someone that one would go out of their way to talk to, but he could tell that there was more to her than meets the eye.

See underneath the underneath was a quote he heard when he was but a little kid, and yet, he still remembered it vividly to this very day and basically lives by it. He wouldn't judge one from the looks on the outside, he would judge their character and how they act.

"Is this your Morpeko? Naruto questioned, although he already knew the answer, it would be a good way to strike up a conversation and maybe get directions to where he was meant to be going.

"Huh? Oh... yeah." She replied softly, tearing her gaze away from his own and looking at the Morpeko that was looking at her from its little perch on his shoulders.

Seeing it was the response he wanted, he gently grabbed the Morpeko - much to Raboot's delight - and handed the small rodent over to the girl.

With her emerald eyes blinking a few times, confusion evident in them, she gently grabbed her Pokemon from him, "Thank you." She quietly mumbled, it was so soft that Naruto almost didn't hear it, but he did and he smiled at the shorter girl, "Sorry if she bothered you. She normally doesn't do that." She added on.

Waving off her concern, he merely have her an eye smile, "No problem, you looked a bit awkward so I returned it to you, and the cute little thing wasn't a problem at all." He said, seeing as how the girl looked a little awkward and didn't know what to do, it was almost like she had never been in that situation before or have had to start a random conversation with a stranger, "By the way, do you know where I am meant to be going. I'm afraid that some people aren't helpful." He explained to her, a little bit of hope in his voice as he did so.

Shifting so that the Morpeko was resting on her shoulder, her rather nervous gaze was locked onto him, "Where did you need to go?" She questioned quietly, trying her best to keep eye contact with the boy in front of her.

"Well, I'm looking for directions to Motostoke Stadium. I'm starting my Gym Challenge, and I've never been to the larger cities before."

Taking a moment to digest that information, she allowed herself to have a surprised look on her face, "Oh, you're taking on the challenge as well?" She asked, it was news to her.

"Yep!" He proudly said, before looking at her and finally realising what she said, "You're taking it on as well?" He questioned. Maybe he had just found a rival for this challenge.

"Yeah, I am." She said, before her gaze shifted elsewhere, mainly towards the North-Eastern area of the large city, "I'm heading there myself, and I know the way, so... I can lead you there if you want."

Nodding his head with a bright smile on his face, "Can I? That would be great!" He said rather happily, glad to know that he will have directions to the stadium, and even better, someone was willing to take him there because they were heading to the same place. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, "I'm Naruto, by the way." He introduced himself to the shorter girl, feeling it would be best to introduce himself and not be a total stranger anymore.

"Marnie." Was her soft reply, taking Morpeko off of her shoulder and carrying her around with the rodent close to her chest and wrapping her arms carefully around it - preventing another escape chance.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Marnie." He said, following a few paces beside her.

Yes, things will go well, and he would have a rival to always push himself further, and maybe allow her to push herself even further along.


Smiling to himself at one of the many meetings that happened to be between himself and Marnie during their journey, and eventually became the building blocks of their relationship, he was suddenly stopped as some young children were in front of him, looking at him with their eyes full of awe and amazement, a little further behind them, he noticed that thier mothers were running up towards them.

Looking down at the little kids, he noticed how they were rather young, maybe five or six years old, and they were both holding a poster of him and his Pokemon team, whilst one of them were holding a green and blue striped cap that looked way too big for the child, "Hello little ones." He greeted out, crouching down low so he could be closer to their height and make him look less scary to them.

Sometimes, the little kids were scared of his height when they met him in person.

The kids seemed to have been overtaken by excitement as they had not spoken a word to him, they just had their facial expressions stuck like they were, and they seemed to be shaking in sheer joy at him having talked to them.

"I'm terribly sorry, sir." One of the mothers spoke out, gently grasping her daughters shoulder, making her look up at her mother with a sheepish smile on her face.

"Yes, they saw you coming through from our apartment and couldn't help themselves, and came sprinting down here as fast as they could." The other mother said, gently grabbing his sons shoulders.

"It's not a worry. They are just excited. It's not everyday you get to meet the Champion in person." He said, ruffling the hair of the two children in front of him. Finally noticing the marker they had in their hands, he got what they wanted, "Ah, so you want me to sign your stuff?" He questioned, gently grabbing the marker from the girls hand and taking the small poster.

"Yes, please." The small girl muttered out, speaking for them both as the younger boy looked a little too shy at being in front of him, even with his mother behind him, the confidence wasn't there to be talking to his idol.

Chuckling quietly, Naruto with fashioned ease scribbled his signature and autograph - making sure to leave it where the autograph was visible - even going as far to create a little smiley face with whisker marks on the cheeks and handed the poster back to the girl, who in turn, hugged it close to her chest and gave him probably the brightest smile that he has seen on a kid.

"Thank you!" She squeeled out, before turning around and showing her mother her new sacred 'treasure'.

"Now, for you, little one." Naruto said, gently grabbing the cap from the boy and placing his autograph and signature on it and doing the same thing that he did with the little girl in making a smiley face with whisker marks on its cheeks.

Putting the marker cap back into place, Naruto handed back the large cap to the small boy, who was now looking at it with widened eyes and seemed to have tears of joy in his eyes, "Thank you." His voice may have been quiet, but the sheer amount of emotion in it was astounding.

Smiling to the kid, he gave a small thumbs up before standing back up and looking at the mothers of the children, who had split attention on the children showing off what they got and to him. They both had kind smiles on thier faces as Naruto had just made their day, possibly even made thier month with that, "Here. I don't think the kids will be taking this with their hands full." He said with a small chuckle as he witnessed the kids run back into the apartment building, holding their stylised belongings close to their hearts.

The mother on the right - who had her skin a few shades darker than the one on the left - took the marker from him, "Thank you, you just probably made thier month with that." With that being said, she leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Don't worry about it, I just did what I could." Naruto said, waving it off like it was nothing, suddenly remembering what Chairman Rose said earlier, "Oh, Spikemuth might be getting the attention and upgrades it deserves, I'm sure that all residents will know more in the weeks to come." Naruto said to both women, who looked a little surprised at said information, "Have a fabulous day, the both of you." Naruto said, giving the woman on the left a small hug before heading down the path.

He still found it weird that he hadn't seen any Team Skull members in their uniform, nor had he seen a strand of hair on Marnie so far. She always seemed to know when he was coming to Spikemuth it was kind of creepy to him, 'Must of had a challenger.' He thought to himself, that must have been the only option as to why he hadn't seen Marnie or any straggling Team Skull members.


The ground rattling explosion followed by the chorus of cheers - both male and female - only further proved his point about a challenger being their to challenge Marnie. Whoever it was must have been strong and very close to completing the challenge itself, as Marnie was the seventh Gym Leader in the challenge - replacing her big brother at the end of last year.

It was a fact that most of the later Gym Leaders accepted, with the difficulty of the Gym Challenge and the different challenges that are set for each individual taking part of it, that they might not get a challenge at all. Most trainers would be disheartened after getting defeated by the other Gym Leaders, with most of them failing to even complete the challenge that the sixth Gym Leader, Melony, set for them.

So, whoever was currently challenging Marnie had to be really skilled and determined to keep pushing forward through all of the hardships and challenges. In a way, he was looking forward to seeing who it was.

Coming to a large open area, he noticed that there was someone standing by the closed gates that led to the battlefield, watching on with calculating eyes, almost like she was watching for any openings or mistakes happening between the challenger and Marnie, "So, what has been happening?" He suddenly questioned, coming to a stop a few paces away from the girl and watching the battle himself.

It was obvious that the girl beside him was rather surprised at his sudden appearance, judging by the way her eyes widened proportionally and from the way she suddenly stiffened when she saw him.

The young lady was rather pretty - although he was still faithful to Marnie, that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate others - she stood at about 5'5 and had short brown hair that was shoulder length, some of it was hidden by her hat, which was dark green and had a fluffy white pompom on top of it. She had rather pale skin with warm brown eyes and a rather cute button nose. She was currently wearing the Gym Challenger uniform, which consisted of a white long sleeved sport top with blue trims around the sides and had gray verticle lines with a black buttoned collar, which then led into whit gym shorts that also had blue trims around the sides. On her right hand, he noticed that she was a white and blue glove and had a Dynamax Band just below it.

"N-Naruto!" She exclaimed, excitement evident in her voice, "Well, my rival, Hop is challenging Marnie. It was rather close, but now he is taking the lead!" She couldn't help but allow her voice to rise a little, which was a little quirk of hers.

Raising his brow at that, he was surprised to hear that someone was able to keep up with his girlfriend in a battle, as her entire team was strong and hardly had any real weaknesses despite one or two typings, so to hear that someone was winning against her was a nice surprise, "I see. Hop is Leon's younger brother, right?" He questioned, wanting to know if it was the same Hop that Leon loved to talk about.

"Yep! Me and him are basically neck and neck with the Gym Challenge, our final goal is to defeat you." She said, pumping her fist in the air as she did so.

Chuckling lightly at the enthusiasm that this girl had, along with the confidence that was heard in her voice. It wasn't too confident that it sounded arrogant, but it was enough to tell that she believed that she could do it, "I see. I will be waiting for either one of you in the Finals." He simply said, before turning his attention back to the battlefield where the smoke was finally clearing.

"Challenger Hop's Dubwool and Leader Marnie's Grimmsnarl are both knocked out! Due to the league rules, the Challenger has won!"

Naruto smiled softly at that. While it may have not been a win, it was still a draw and didn't look bad on ones record. While he did feel bad about his girlfriend not getting the result she wanted, she still gave it her all.

Looking at the battlefield, he saw Marnie and Hop both return their exhaused Pokemon to their Poke Balls for them to recover, and they both met in the middle of the battlefield, with them shaking hands in a show of sportsmanship. He could see the Team Yell members were still being as eccentric as ever with most of them crying while the others were trying to be tough and not show tears in front of their idol.

With some words that were inaudible due to the distance they were at, he saw Marnie hand over her badge, which would fit into a small locket which proves how many leaders you have beat and how far in the journey you are. That meant that Hop was one step away from Wyndon, and most likely the girl beside him who was cheering and whooping in joy at seeing her rival win get the seventh gym badge.

Looking over at the girl once more, he saw her giving a smile so bright that he swore her teeth were gleaming. Shaking his head at that, he opened the gate himself and gestured for her to enter and celebrate with her rival, "Go on, celebrate your rivals victory."

With his permission granted, it didn't take long for the girl to rush inside the arena, basically tearing through the arena to get to Hop, who was still standing in the middle of the field after Marnie took to her side of the field.

She was probably feeling a little upset, but that was a part of battling. You win some and you lose some, it was all about how you strove forward that mattered, and every loss is a learning experience.

Walking with Marnie after having her Pokemon healed at the Pokemon center, they now found themselves coming towards the house that they lived in. While it wasn't too large or luxurious, it was enough for the both of them and their Pokemon to have enough room to roam around and to keep active.

Marnie hadn't changed much appearance wise from when they first met, except for what she was currently wearing. As she was wearing her uniform, which consists of a pink and black midriff-baring tank top with Team Yell's symbol on it, matching black and pink skin-tight leggings with some rips and the number 960 on them, and black and brown shoes. She also wears a single glove with the same color as her shoes and has a Gym tattoo on her arm.

She may not have the biggest chest of all the girls that he had seen, but in Naruto's eyes, those mid B-cups were great the way they were, he also had to admit that those tight pants she was wearing were perfect and showed off her ass well. He might have to convince her to buy more of those tight pants, only for her to wear around the house, as she was his and he would only want her to show off those curves to his eyes only.

Looking out of the corner of his eye, he couldn't help but frown when he saw his girlfriend acting all down like this. Nudging her lightly to get her attention, he smiled at her, "Hey. Don't be down in the dumps, you did fine." He reassured her, before gently grasping her hand into his own.

She frowned, looking away from his and instead turning her attention to the ground below, finding it more interesting currently, "I still lost..." She muttered out. While she wasn't one for getting down about losing, she still felt bad, she let her fans down, she felt like she let her brother down, felt like she let him down, and most importantly, she felt she let her Pokemon down.

"You didn't lose, sure, it was a tie, but you gave everything you had, that's what matters." He said, giving her hand a reasurring squeeze, "Plus, that must have been your what? Third gym battle?" He questioned, seeing her nod shyly at that - she still didn't like what she had to wear during the battle, but rules were rules, "So, that means you haven't gotten used to the pressure yet, sure, being in the Finals last year was something, but being a gym leader is something else entirely, so don't feel bad about drawing or losing. Everything is a learning experience."

Seeing her nod her head at that, but still not being herself again, he decided to do something different. Gripping her shoulders lightly and making her stop in her tracks, he went in front of her, and looked her in the eyes, moving his hand and cupping her chin and tilting her head up, he asked, "Come on, where is the sweet, yet tough girl that I fell in love with? She would never let a loss get to her, it would only motivate her to get stronger."

Blushing a little at the contact between herself and Naruto, she shyly looked away once more, however, that wasn't possible when Naruto tilted her head back for her to look directly into his bright cerulean colored eyes, "Hiding." She muttered out, before squeaking a little once she felt a pair of lips come into contact with her forehead.

"Come on, let us get our minds away from the battle, and lets do something fun!" He said, playfully flicking her nose.


In one swift movement, he managed to lift her up and spun her around and placed her on his back, where on instinct, she moved her arms around his neck and interlocked them, making sure to get a grip during the surprise piggy-back ride.

She couldn't help but smile at his eccentricities, she leaned closer in, resting her cheek on his neck whilst keeping a firm grip on her boyfriend. He was always there for her and always cheered her up, and to be honest, she was glad that they met in Motostoke and kept on running into each other and the most random times. Despite her appearance, her rowdy fans and her attitude, he still kept with her, always motivating her and never judged her.

It was one of the many reasons why she fell in love with him, despite being in their late teens, she knew that they would be together for a long time. Even when they both had their first time together, they felt a connection like no other.

It really was like opposites attract. She was cold and somewhat distant to others, yet he was bright and cheerful and always helped others when he could.

Sitting on the back porch of their shared house, Naruto and Marnie were sat on one of the few outdoor settees they had. It was a simple high back settee that was made of soft leather, so it was comfortable to lounge in for long periods of time without it having some problems on your back once you stood up. They weren't doing much baring snuggling together and enjoying some of the sunshine beaming down upon them, and out in the rather large backyard, they had all of their Pokemon out and about, some of them were relaxing by the pond, or simply resting under the shade provided by the many trees growing around the area.

However, some of them were mingling around and chatting to each other in their own Pokespeech it seemed like.

That wasn't the case for two certain Pokemon of Naruto's, mainly his Cinderace, or Cinder or Cindy depending on the mood, and the other one was Naruto's Gardevoir, who he nicknamed Ana, which was short for Anastasia.

Those two Pokemon in particular were looking at Naruto and Marnie, jealousy was clear in their eyes, while Cinderace's was more noticeable with the way she seemed to sending this dirty look to Marnie, who snuggling in with her trainer, she also had a pout on her face, which was rather adorable to see from a fully evolved starter Pokemon.

Gardevoir on the other hand, while she was sending rather jealous looks towards Marnie for being in that position, she wasn't displaying any other signs of anger or jealousy, she was just smiling at them. She just couldn't stay mad or feel any negative emotions towards her trainer, it just wasn't in her nature to be so, even when she was a little upset with him being with Marnie instead of coddling them like he used to when they weren't fully evolved or merely baby Pokemon.

However, Marnie saw the looks she was getting from those specific Pokemon, normally, there would be a third Pokemon sending her these jealous looks, however, she couldn't spot the Zoroark in the general area, so maybe she was relaxing under the shade further in the backyard, "Naruto." She spoke out suddenly, looking from her position in the crook of his neck.

"Mmm?" He hummed out, his eyes were closed as he enjoyed the feeling of the suns rays beaming down on him and enjoying the feeling of it soaking into his skin.

"I know that we can't see each other or be with each other as much as we like." She began, wanting to take her time explaining this to him, "Did you ever consider that some other girls may like you?" She asked, as she spoke this little statement, she made sure to make eye contact with Cinderace and Gardevoir.

"I know, many females, young and old like me, however, none of them compare to you." He said, opening his eyes and looking out of the corner of his eyes and looking at Marnie with a confused look on his whiskered visage, "Why bring this up?" He questioned her.

Shifting a little so she got out of her comfortable position to sit up beside him, she turned in her position, making sure that she was turned to him, "Well... did you ever consider... that your female Pokemon may love you like I do?" She questioned.

Naruto blinked for a second, seemingly in shock at the question that Marnie gave him. Looking over to where she was previously looking, he noticed that his Cinderace and Gardevoir were looking at him, their eyes locked onto each other and he eventually sank into the settee, producing a rather audible exhale, "I know, but, I'm with you. I don't want to be unfaithful to you, no matter if it is with another female, or my female Pokemon." He said, grasping her hand into his own and giving it a loving squeeze whilst giving her a quick peck on the lips, "Plus, Pokephillia is wrong, and against the law." Naruto pointed out.

That action did cause Cinderace to huff and look away from the scene, with Gardevoir cooing her name and giving the shoulder of the rabbit Pokemon a gentle squeeze, seemingly calming the Pokemon down.

Feeling touched at how deep his loyalty and faithfulness was to her, Marnie leaned in and gave him a smooch on the cheek, "I don't mind if it's with your female Pokemon, no one but us has to know." She told him, bringing her index finger to her lips as if she was keeping something secret, she then leaned in and placed her mouth right next to his ear, "They love you dearly, even I can see that." She whispered, sending pleasureable shivers down his spine from her warm breath, "I will allow it, as long as I am the only human female. Is. That. Clear?" She said, her voice getting a little more aggressive as she grabbed his balls roughly, making her threat known.

"C-crystal!" He spoke out, his voice a few octaves higher than before.

Nodding her head at that, she released his balls - much to his relief - before looking towards Cinderace and Gardevoir, who were not paying attention still, sighing to herself, she decided to let those girls know, "Cinder, Ana!" She called out, calling the Pokemon by Naruto's given nickname.

Hearing their names called, they both turned around with confusion in their eyes - along with Jealousy in Cinderace's case - however, that quickly turned to excitement once Marnie pointed to Naruto, then to them and gave them a thumbs up gesture.

It was very obvious what that meant to the two Pokemon, as fierce blushes colored their cheeks, with Gardevoir shifting happily in place and giving an eye smile as she placed her dainty hands to her cheeks.

Cinderace still had the blush on her cheeks, however, she also huffed and stuck her nose in the air like she was trying to hide her excitement. Although it didn't work as her foot was rapidly tapping along the ground, creating small embers to be created upon the grass, she was also keeping one eye locked onto Naruto... she also might've licked her lips a little.

Turning her attention from Cinderace and Gardevoir, Marnie looked back to Naruto, licking her lips lightly as she stretched herself out, making sure to entice Naruto with her shapely rear end - it helped that he was a leg and ass man instead of a breast man - and seductively whispered, "Now, why don't we enjoy ourselves, to... make up for lost time?" She said, pulling her pants down just a smidge and showing off a hint of her laced white panties to him.

Gulping lightly and suddenly feeling hot under the collar, he suddenly grabbed her and picked her up with relative ease, all the hormones rushing through his body and making his pants rather uncomfortable at the moment with how tight they were getting, "Why, aren't you a naughty girl?" He teased her as he shifted her in his grip, carrying her like a princess, "I believe we should." He said, before picking up the pace and heading towards the back door.

It was going to be a pleasureable time, that was for certain.

Meanwhile, Cinderace and Gardevoir saw what was happening, before looking at each other, heavy blushes on their faces as they were silently communicating with each other, before they both nodded their head and quickly making thier way just before the steps to the back porch.

Cinderace, in a display of athleticism, jumped from the grass below to the shingled roof above them that was the second story - a solid six and a half feet up - and made her way over towards the window of Naruto's and Marnie's shared bedroom.

Gardevoir soon followed, covering herself with a soft purple glow as her eyed glowed the same color and landed gracefully, and silently on the roof besides Cinderace.

They were going to get a free show, and when it comes to the trainer they love so much, they wouldn't miss it. Now that they got the go ahead from Marnie, why not watch without having the fear of being caught now that Marnie gave them permission.


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