Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection

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A/N Greetings once again my little lovelies it is I once again brining you another chaper of the Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection, now before I begin I've got to respond to a few of my revies. One being that one fo my readers were saying that I need to create a beta I have no idea what that is, and do you guys wanna know the funny thing I've been on this site for about six years now. Secondly I was hearing the praise this story is getting which is music to my ears, so those that give me praise I want to say thank you. Lastly I want to clarify something this series Naruto is gathering himself a harem to claim as his own, now with all that out of the way let the fourth chapter commence!

Additional Warnings This chapter contains a few amounts fof Gangbang, but other than that everything else is the same with that being said let's get the chapter underway!

Chapter Four: The Azure Haired Goddess

Night had fallen among the Shinobi World, the night sky was clear of ay clouds allowing the stars to shine bright watching like vigilant silent guardians. The moon which was a cresent shape gave off its silverish light, one that resembled the silverish hair that belonged to the perverted Toad Sage, Jiraya, one of the three Sannin. Some of the only sounds that could be heard were the crickets chirping thier meldious tune within the forests surrounding all the villages within the Five Great Elemental Nations giving off a rather peaceful aura.

Within the Village Hidden in the Leaves, nestled within the Land of Fire all was quite. All of the village denizens were resting peacefully withiin their homes nesteled within the Residential District, well all except for one individual. Naruto was strolling through the village streets yawning while streching for what seemed like a mile as he scratched the back of his neck. Even after fucking his whole squad senseless the blonde's lustful cravings still hadn't been satisfied. This caused him to patrol the village looking for another cute girl to fuck senseless with his immense cock claiming them as his own.

Suddenly while the blonde was strolling through the village staring up into the night sky he say a rather strange sight that peaked hsi curiosity. As his ever present gaze was transfixed upon a feminine beauty that was leaping from one rooftop to another with expert gracefullness causing Naruto to smirk widely from ear to ear. Not knowing if this person was one fo the villagers, or an invader wishing to overtake the village Naruto decded to follow this person discreetly of course thus he leapt with the cat like gracefulness that was given to him by the Nine Tailed Fox.

Following clsoe behind this masked individual, keeping caution not to stick too close to this person as to be seen Naruto followed her towards the village gate heading out into the dense forest that led away from the village. Once the duo had retreated deeper within the forst untill the reached the edge when a rather strange thing happened that caused the blonde to scratch the back of his head. Once the blonde haired shinobi reached the forest's edge he was rather surprised as the masked individual suddenly dissappeared within the blink of an eye.

Naruto blinked his sparkling azure eyes as he stopped in his tracks wondering where on the Shinobi Realm did this stranger depart to he was even letting out an audible curse, but no one could hear this seeing as how he was semeingly away from the village. "That's strange where the fuck did she go?" Scratching his head for a brief moment Naruto was unaware of exactly where he was, but the Nine Tails was quick to remind him about soemthing that she had noticed while the blonde had returned from a misson back toards the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Suddenly the blonde haired shinobi could hear the low docile tones from the Nine Tailed Fox ringing in his ears like a church bell. "Kit do you know where you are we're close to Mount Myoboku." Smacking one fo his sun tanned calloused hands against his forehead Naruto remembered this was the place were he had aquired his Sage Mode during his battle with Pain. Scanning around the blonde spied a crevice within the mountain surface Naruto strolled over towards it, and what he found was rather surprisnig.as he poked his head around the corner.

Without warning steam shot out from the crevice causing Naruto to gasp out in surprise. Little did anyone know that the Mount where Naruto had aquired his Sage Mode was sitting upon a dormant volcano whihc had just recently became active after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The blonde's eeys widened seeing this causing him to smirk widely as he headed towards the small stream that led towards the waterfall that was on the southern side of the mountain while whistling a merry tune smirking from ear to ear as he was getting a little bit of exercise.

Upon reaching the stream Naruto looked up seeing the waterfall hearing the rushing waters that nearly deafened his hearing . Wishing not to waste any chakra the blonde rested upon a stone that was perfect for his size as his toned ass rested upon the smooth surface knowing full well that the masked stranger would be bathing here. While waiting for a few minutes the blonde pulled out one of the space time scrolls that had his sketchbook in its space time scroll utilzing the expert flecking fo his wrist putting in expert detail in his work getting more advice from Sai as he was waiting patiently.

Meanwhile within the small alleyway that Naruto had passed by a ravishing beauty was walking past teh mountian's hot spring the steam passing through her mask as she was heading towards the waterfall. This individual was none other that Hinata Hyuuga herself, the heiress fo the Clan's Main Branch, she was quite ravishing with fair smooth creamy skin. Time gre rather fond to this beauty making her body more beautiful with age going up to her long azure hair which went went down lower midsection her lavender eyes and full plump lips along with her slender neck to her ample pillowy mounds fo breast flesh capped off with those perky pink nipples to her flattened toned stomach that had been sculpted with many years fo training with her fellow siblings. Going futher down the azure haired beauty had a rather slim waist with an hourglass figure along with some powerful thighs that mixed with both muscle and fat with curvacoues hips and some heavenly long legs. Finishing the package was a round ehart shaped bubbly ass cheeks that any man wanted to grab and squeeze.

Hinata had found this hot spring while she had gone on a mission with her fellow comrades in Kurenai's Squad, otherwise known as Squad Eight. Ever since she had found this secretive hiding spot every night when both her father and her brother was asleep, so she could burn off a little steam so to speak. The azure haired beauty always had a crush on the blonde haired shinobi ever since they were kids, and her devotion to him had only grown after the battle with Pain. This had even boiled over to her lonely nights ever since she had found this hiding spot she would pleasure herself thinking about the blodne fucking ehr senseless like she always wanted.

The azure haired beauty could hear the rushing waters as she was keeping on all her clothes with an illusion via her clan's inherited visual genjutsu, the Byakugan, but Hinat had learned how to tweak this genjutsu a little bit causing her father to become disgusted at his daughter because he wanted the genjutsu to be pure just like his daughter whihc was why the elder Hyuugan kept her away from the blonde causing a strain between the two. Humming a merry tune as she released the genjutsu the azure haired beauty began to wash off her naked body making sure to get every crevixe clean as a whistle.

Naruto could see the silouette fo the azure haired beauty calling him back to a memory within the recesses of his mind. It was during the traiveling with his mentor Jiray to find the lengendary medical kunoichi Tsunade in order to heal Sasuke who had been afflicted by his brother's genjutsu. While on his travelings the blodne had stopped at this very same waterfall spying this same beautiful sight,, not knowing that it was Hinata due to the fact that the waterfall hid her naked body causing Naruto shut his sketch book after finishing another one fo his perverse sketches.

The blonde haired shinobi apllied a little chakra down to his feet as he walked upon the water towards the direction of the fall releasing the ilusion that he was wearing any clothing as he could hear a rather sweet and tender moan of pleasure that was music to his ears. At the current moment the azure haired beauty who had two fo her well manicured fingernails were plunged deep within her plump little pussy letting out those cute moans of pleasure as the blonde could swear that he could hear his name among the cute moans that were escaping her full plump lips.

Feeling his immense cock throbbing and twitching to every last pleasurable moan that could be heard among the roaring waters Naruto approached the waterfall nearly able to touch the azure haired beauty who wasn't aware that her blonde haired lover was right in front of her. Focused upon the pleasure that the azure haired beauty had her other free hand massaging and caressing her pillowy soft and supple globe of breast flesh as her cute angelic face was as red as a tomato just as she was every time she was around the blonde haired shinobi.

Licking his pale pink lips the blonde haired shinobi was gritting his teeth praising Kami above for this perfect timing as he was cursing at the same time because he couldn't see the beauty who was hidng behind the waters, but he was about to see just exactly who was behind the raoring curtain as he stepped within it. Naruto's azure eyes widened seeing this arousing sight as he quickly recognized who it was right away as the azure haired beauty's lavender eyes were squeezed shut, but her ears were wide open as she heard the blonde's slutry seductive voice as he began to speak.

"Hinata-chan is that you my have you grown." Hearing these words the azure haired beauty snapped back to reality her lavender eyes flicking open as her blush grew deeper causing Naruto to chuckle for a brief moment. Hinata thought that htis was dream crafted up by her Byakugan, but she pinched the blonde seeing that htis was no illuison causing her to nearly faint as she spoke with a hiked up voice as her pussy juices was flowing upon the stony surface. "Na-na-naruto-kun wh-wh-what are you doing here I figured I came alone to my favorite hiding spot."

Naruto smirked as he scratched the back fo his neck whihc was his way of answering some rather awkward questions, but he was quickly able to come up with an answer. "Well Hinata-chan I couldn't sleep, so I went out for a stroll in the village until I saw a strange masked individual leaving the village." Hinata squeaked rather cutely like a little mouse as she knew exactly what he was talking about, for she was grinning from ear to ear placing one hand on her hip as she pointed out her other two fingers the ones she had been using to finger her pussy.

Placing those two fingers into his mouth his taste buds exploded enjoying the taste while finishing his explanation. "I thought that this masked person was a spy for another village, so I followed her to the end of the forest outside the village then she dissappeared though Kurema was able to sense her presense here since she was emitting a scent that was easy to track." Hinatawas rather curios by this explanation, but before she could say another word her darker side came bubbling up to the surface as eyes grew darker with a brillant smirk on his angelic face.

With the gears in her head turning the azure haired beauty had a rather intruiging idea in her mind responding to Naruto's expanation. "Naruto-kun that was me you were chasing, but what if it wasn't me?" Naruto could see the brillance fo his azure haired beauty's inquisition causing him to grin from ear to ear. "Simply put I would capture the spy to see what intel she had gathered." Smirking widely Hinata smiled widely as she wondered how Naruto would do this. "Naruto-kun how would youcapture this little spy if you found her because you know just as well as I do she would try to escape."

Nodding her head Naruto quickly respinded with a rather widened smirk as he spoke with a more animalistic growl upon his lips. "Another simple answer I'd use my chakra strings as the bounds to keep her restrained." Hearing this the azure haired beauty's plump little pussy was getting more aroused at this, but before she could finish Naruto encaptured her full plump lips in a deep passionate kiss causing the azure haired beauty to maon into the kiss all the while the sun tanned calloused hands massaged, caressed and groped the azure haired beauty's soft supple and pillowy mounds of breast flesh causing her to moan loduer and more sensually.

Breaking off the kiss the blodne haired shinobi began to kiss the azure haired beauty's slender neck causing ehr to moan in pleasure while she leaned her head back letting her blonde haired lover gain more control over her allowing his pale pink lips to explore every nook and cranny as the azure haired beauty bites down upon her lower lip. The blodne's lips went futher down towards Hinata's neck causing ehr to blush brighter reminding Naruto of one of the tomatoes that Kushina would slice up with one of her many swords that she kept hidden causing Naruto to smirk as he heard the sweet music coming from the azur ehaired beauty's plump lips.

Being knonw as a teaser the blonde haired shinobi was teasing the azure haired beauty with the tip of his cock rubbing against the azure haired beauty's dripping wet pussy causnig Hinata to flow with pure lust. Both knew that they wanted this to happen they've been dreaming about this moment ever since they were little kids, so there was little protest from the azure hiared beauty as she began to grind her pussy against her blonde hiared lvoer's cock Naruto was in bliss as he felt the friction between the two. However the blodne wanted to see just how skillful the azure haired beauty was as he whispered into her ear his tone being sultry and seductive.

"I heard from a little pink haired bird told me that you're the best at giving good head." Hinata blushed brightly as she had been conversing with Sakura about her 'special' training with her fellow comrades Kiba Inazuka and Shino Aburame. Nodding rather sweetly the azure hiared beauty dropped to her knees her head resting rather clsoely to the blonde haired shinobi's immense cock. Going directly to work the azure haired beauty began to tease the blonde herself by utilizng her cute pink tounge to glide along the length of the blodne hiared shinobi's immense cock from its base to its tip that was bubbling with pre cum.

Curiosity overtook her the azure haired beauty began to swirl her pink tounge in circles around the mushroom like cock tip lapping up all the pre cum causing her taste buds to explode as her cute pink tounge was licking around the purplish veins causing the blonde to hiss in pleasure this was Hinata's sign of approval. The azure haired beuaty tilted ehr head to the side as her cute pink tounge was licking along the sides fo the blonde's immense cock causing him to lean his head back and mona out in pleasure as the azure haired beontinued her work.

Hinata teased her lover one last time by giving his cock tip a tender kiss causing Naruto to grit his teeth feeling the immense pleasure. Trying hard not to simply give into his animalistic nature and scare her by simply grabbing her by the head at the current moment and fuck her mouth and throat like the honry animal he was, thus he decided to give it a little more time before he would take over lulling the azure haired beauty into a false sense of security as the azure haired beauty nuzzled her blodne's lover's cock Naruto knew full well that Hinata was getting addicted to the taste.

The azure haired beauty let out a loud and sensual mona as the blond ecould hear those sweet suckling and slurping sounds as the Hyuuga heiress looked up into the lustful eyes fo her blonde haired lvoer. "Shou good!" Hearing this Naruto smirked as Hintata inserted the immense cock into her warm and wet mouth with one swift motion, but she didn't take it all inside casuing Naruto to smirk knowing full well what the azure hiared beauty was aobut to do he jsut simply stood there loving the feeling of those pillowy lips of hers enveloped around his immense cock.

The azure haired beauty began to bob her head in a ryhmthic motion as her soft and supple well moitsturized hand began to stroke the blonde's immense cock that was outside fo her mouth at a slow teasing pace causing Naruto to go cross eyed. "Ahhh fuck by Kami Hinata-chan Sakura-chan was right your mouth feels amazing around my cock!" Feeling the immense pleasure the blonde's pleasure center was goingwild lighting up like a tree on a certain holiday. Slowly losing sanity the blodne haired shinobi was begining to buckle his stronger hips causing his cum tanks to smack against the azure haired beauty's cute little chin.

Aiding the blonde with his actions Hinata simply didn't protest she simply went along as her well moisturized hand began to stroke the blodne haired shinobi's immense cock at a more rhymthic pace while her well manicured fingernails were running circles along the purplish veins Naruto matched her strokes with his pumping hips while feeling his imemnse cock entering the back fo the azure haired beauty's throat feeling the muscles squeezing around the cock tip causing the pre cum to bubble up from the tip leaking down into Hinata's throat causing it to burn making ehr gulp causing Naruto's balls to stir a little bit.

Feeling that familar sensation of his balls tightening Naruto began to increase the tempo and momentum of his thrusts Hinata matched him move for move with her head movement and her stroking as she showed off her expert skill by letting out a sweet moan of pleasrue around the blodne's immense cock causing him to grit his teeth going cross eyed once again. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Hinata-chan you keep that up and I'm going to cum down your thorat." That was exactly what the azure hiared beauty wanted him to do moaning loduer sending those pleasurable sensations around the blonde haired lover's immense cock as he kept buckling his stronger hips grunting and groaning like an naimal in heat as he reached his limit's end.

Hinata utilized one last skill by humming a melodius tune sending those pleasurable sensations around the blodne's cock causing him to squeeze his eyes shut while gritting his teeth holding on to her back of her head. "Hinata-chan I'm going to... I'm going to..." Before the blonde haired shinobi could finsih his sentence he let out a powerful roar of pleasure, not caring who would lsiten. Hinata showed off her expert skill by swallowing what seemed like an endless supply of white and yellow cum chunks as her throat muscles were pumping out every last drop that it could get as the substance oozed deep down into ehr throat while her flattened toned stomach began to bulge a little bit this was the instant that sealed the azure hiared beauty's fate.

Once Naruto had came down from his pleasure filed high he formulated the hand signs for the Body Modification Jutsu sending a powerful sensation through her body causing her to moan in pleasure. Hearing this was like music to Naruto's ears watching Hinata's breasts and ass cheeks growing to an immense size and shape as her nipples grew as well causing him to bite down upon his lower lip eatching as Hinata's feminine hips grew stronger to handle her newly modified assets causing the blonde to nearly go wild with overgrown lust as he pounced upon the azure haired beauty.

Smirking widely Naruto picked up the azure haired beauty who had fallen to her knees from another body rocking orgasm Naruto gave the azure haired beauty a deep passionate kiss while teasing her with his immense cock rubbing the tip against her dripping wet pussy causing her to mona loudly in pleasure. Naruto smirked while still clutching on to Hinata's curvaceous hips his fingernails dug deep into the creamy flesh loving the feeling as the blodne lined up his immense cock with her dripping wet pussy. Without warning Naruto slammed his immense cock deep inside the azure haired beauty's pussy causing Hinata to see stars for a few brief seconds.

This came as no surprise to the azur ehaired haired female she had heard from Sakura that her blonde lover was rather rough when it came to fucking, so she jsut went along for the ride as she gripped tightly to Naruto's strong shoulders for support as the azure haired beauty began to bounce her curvaceous hips down as her dripping wet pussy coated its juices coated around the length as the blonde haired shinobi hissed out in pleasure as he began to thrust his stronger hips upward creating a wet flesh smacking sound  simply enjoying the pleasure of it all.

Gritting his teeth Naruto was in bliss as he continued buckling his strong hips watching as Hinata's erect nipples were bouncing right in front of his face. Naruto couldn't help but suckle upon those newly modified gloves of tit flesh while his fox fings were grazing against the edges causing the azure haired beauty to bite her lower lip, but before she could protest the bldone haired shinobi sealed her lips in a deep passionate kiss as Naruto began to increase the tempo and momentum of his thrusting hips as he was gritting his teeth feeling the immense pleasure while leaning his head back feeling the immense pleasure.

Without warning the fox tattoo lit up with a deep radiant crimson glow causing the crimson haired beauty was summoned without the blodne's funneling his chakra through his finger tips. Kurema's plump little pussy was dripping with her own pussy juices as she was watching the arounsing scene in front of her. "Well Master Naruto-sama it seems that you've captured anotehr one fo your lovely bitches." Chuckling heartily Naruto continued to buckling his stronger hips as the azure haired beauty was simply riding upon her blodne hiared lover's immense cock.

Without warning the blonde utilized his Teleportation Jutsu an orange and golden flare of light could be seen as the blodne who was gripping tight to the azure shiared beauty in tow as the duo returned to Naruto's brownstone apartment. More spefically the duo teleproted towards his bathrrom the second one because his sister Kairn was using the other one. The azure haired beauty was pushed up against the shower wallwithout the water turned on as he nibbled upon the azure haired beauty's ear causing her to squeak in pleasure as the blodne haired shinobi rubbed the azure haired beauty's flattened toned stomach.

It didn't take long for the blodne hiared shinobi to increase the tempo and momentum of his thrusting hips whihc were like two piston powered steam engines as his sun tanned calloused hands were massaging and groping Hinata's newly modifed breasts causing her to maon in pleasure. Without warning the fox tattoo glowed upon his broad shoulder glowing with a reddish aura as the Nine Tails was summoned without the blonde funneling chakra through his finger tips as Kurema was summoned without hesitation causing the blodne to smirk as he was grittnig his teeth going cross eyed at the pleasure.

"Kurema-chan this is the second time you've appeared without my verbal permisson what do you want?" Growling in an anmalistic nature as the blonde was getting clsoer to releasing his second load of the night his big cum tanks were begining to stir a little bit as the blonde began to increase the tempo and momentum fo his thrusts the speed was resembling the Fourth Hokage as the crimson haired beauty was giggling rather innocently. "Master Naruto-sama I just simply wanted to help you gain control of your new beauty." Smirking widely the blonde hiared shinobi simply gave the crimson haired beauty a simple command. "Kurema-chan next time I fuck my Hime-bitch I want you to bring about my Bitch Clones."

Nodding obediantly the crimson haired beauty departed in a puff of smoke watching the entire scene from the blodne's mind's eye as he continued to fuck his azure haired beauty at a blurring speed making the wet flesh smacking sound grwo even louder, not caring who was listening as the blodne could feel his big balls tightening signaling the release fo ywt another typhoon of his hot white and yellowcum as the azure haired beauty was bouncing upon the blonde's immense cock as every body rocking thrust resembled an earth quake erupting in her beautiful body.

"Hinata-chan I'm going too... I'm going to..." Before the blodne hiared shinobi could finsih his sentence the young Uzumaki gripped on to the azur ehiared Hyuugan with all fo his might as he let out a loud roar of pleasure his cock that was a deep shade of purple shot out what seemed like an endless supply fo white and yellow cum chunks causing the Hyuugan heiress' flattened toned stomach to bulge out a little bit more as the blodne hiared shinobi panted heavily climaxing for what seemed like ten minutes, but it was only about fixe seconds while sweat was rolling down the hills and valleis of his strong spine while hinata was engaged in her own toe curling orgasm at the current moment her lovely lavender eyes were squeezed shut as she felt the immense pleasure corsing through her body.

Gripping his azure haired beuaty by her curvaceous hips the blonde hiared shinobi carried her into his bedroom. Hinata was still shaking her heavenly long legs were still quaking form the last orgasmcausing her to grip on to her blonde haired lover for dear life. Naruto opened the door to his bedroom the blonde palced a sound and chakra barrier on the door shutting it behind him placing the azure haired beauty upon the king sized bed funneling some chakra through his fingertips summoning the crimson haired beauty t appear in a puff of smoke..

"You summoned me Master Naruto-sama." Naruto smirked at the crimson haired beauty who spoke no ohter words simply jsut doing what she had been commanded to do summoning up three Naruko clones all equiped with three immense cocks of thier own causing the azure hiared beauty to lick her full plump lips as she lied flat upon her slender spine spreading her heavenly long legs wide apart her dripping wet pussy was awaitnig the immense cock to be slid within the aching mound Naruto smriked with delight as his own immense cock had rehardened just at this sight, and due to the fact that after every orgasm the Nine Tails allowed him to recovered rathe quickly.

With all five individuals looming over her the azure haired beauty the blonde puts his plan into action as Kurema utilized the Kage Henge no Jutsu to summon up her own immense cock as the azure haired beauty opened her mouth widely. Kurema looked towards teh blonde hiared shinobi whom was smirking widely giving the crimson haired beauty with a thumb's up sign whihc was his traditional sign of approaval cuckling in delight as Kurema inserted her immense cock into the azure hiared beauty's mouth as she began to suck on it making those melodious lewd sucking and slurping sounds that were music to Naruto's ears.

While watching this the blonde and his fellow clones began to insert thier tmmense cocks into both Hinata's pussy and ass hole making her moan in pleasure sending those wonderous vibrations around the crimson haired beauty's immense cock causing ehr to moan in pleasure as she gritted her teeth feeling the immense pleasure as she began to buckle her curvaceous hips at the same tempo and momentum as the blonde haired shinobi and his blonde female counterpart's tempo and momentum causing them to grit thier teeth feeling the immense pleasure.

Hinata's soft and supple hands were outstreched to the two clondes who were at the ready with htier immense cocks right at the azure hiared beauty's reach as she began to stroke them both a slow teasing pace causing them both to lean their heads back and moan in pleasure as some bits fo pre cum bubbled up from the mushroom like tips. Utilizing her expert skill Hinata began to lightly squeeze against both Narutko clone's immense cocks causing them both to moan this feeling reminded them fo both Hinata's dripping wet pussy and her much tighter rear entrance as they moaned out in pleasure. 

IIt didn't take long for the blonde haired shinobi and his blonde female counterpart to increase the tempo and momentum fo thier thrusts creating a wet flesh smacking sound as their pelvises smacked against the azure haired beauty to let out a much louder moan fo pelasure sending those pleasurable vibrations around the crimson haired female to lean ehr head back and moan in pleasure as she buckled her hips in time with the duo thrusting hips as Hinata began to stroke upon the other Naruko clones' causing them both to lean htier heads back and moan in pleasure.

Naruto was complete bliss a tthe current moment his pleasure center was going in to overdrive. The blodne clones began to lightly pinch and tweak upon the azure haired beauty's fully erect nipples causing her to moan much louder filling the empty room with her loud and lewd moans of pleasure. Then without warning Naruto utilzied the speed fo his predecessor the Fourth Hokage placing the azur ehiared beauty upon her hands and knees as her immense ass cheeks were sticking up into the air as both Naruto and Naruko gripped on to the azure haired female's curvacous hips as they were on thier knees buckling thier strong hips streching his azure hiared lover's little holes to no end causing her blonde could see the azure haired beauty's lavender eyes to squeeze shut in immense pleasure.

Naruto bite down upon his lower lip feeling the imemnse pleasure feeling his balls begining to stir sa the trio began to increase thier tempo and momentum fo their thrust as their pre cum leaked into the azure hiared beauty's holes causing her to go rather cross eeyd with pleasure. Hinata's inner mind was running rampant with many thoughts fo being nothing but her blonde haired lvoer's constant fuck toy as she gritted her teeth as the azur ehiared beauty was squeezinng tighter and tighter upon the blonde haired female to grit thier teeth as thier climax reached ever closer.

Feeling that familar sensation of the blodne haired shinobi's big balls tightening Naruto was gritting histeeth as both he, Kurema and the blonde hiared clone were thrusting thier strong and curvacous hips at a blurring blstering speed causing the flesh smacking sound to grow ever louder all the while the azure haired beauty began to stroke the blodne haired clones imemnse cocks as the entire group were getting ever closer towards thier limits end all the while they were gritting thier teeth feeling the immense pleasure as beads of sweat were rolling down the hills and vallies fo thier strong and slender spines.

Unable to handle this any futher the blodne and his feminine counterparts let out a loud mighty roar as they shot out what seemed like an endless supply fo white and yellow cum chunks without even a moment to warn her as the azure haired beauty's flattened toned stomach to bulge out ever further. This entire affiar lasted for Hinata about ten minutes, but it only lasted for about five seconds as the azure hiared beauty's angelic features were coated int creamy white solution  as her lavender eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tounge lapped out behind those plump little lips as her beautiful body was pressed against the matress as the five indiduals collasped upon the king sized breathing heavily as they fell into a pleasurable slumber.

Being easily able to recover after every orgasm the bldone haired shinobi's sparkling azure eyes gazed upon the the azur ehiared beauty's cum covered body causing him to smirk as he was wrapped up in her embrace.  The blonde was biting down upon the azure haired beauty's ear lobe causing her to wake a little groggily while she could hear the words coming out of Naruto's mouth, his voice sultry and seductive causing Hinata to blsuh ratehr cutely causing Naruto to chuckle a little bit the younger Uzumaki always had a weakness for cuteness.

Rubbing Hinata's bubling stomach with one oof his sun tanned calloused hands Naruto was speaking slowly to his azure hiared Hyuugan goddess loving the sound of her cum filled stomach making that loud and lewd sloshing sound causing the azure hiared beauty to melw like a cute bitch in heat. "Hinata-hime I've only got one last shot left." Grinning widely Hinata pounced after hearing this she pounced upon the blodne haired shinobi knocking him flat upon his rather toned ass upon the king sized bed as Hinata went to work milking out that last shot from her blonde hiared lover.

Without warning the azure hiared beauty squshed her immense breasts against the blodne's fully rehardened throbbnig cock due to the fact that Hinata had been niwardly grinding her immense ass cheeks against the blonde's cock Naruto was in love hissing out in pleasure as his azure eyes that were filled with lsut went cross eyed as he felt those wonderful globes fo breast flesh were squishing against his immense cock as her soft supple well mositurized hands upon her immense breasts squeezing against her blonde lvoer's cock as it throbbed and pulsed rather powerfully.

Naruto began to buckle his strong and powerful hips back and forth at a slow motion fucking pace causing those creamy globes of flesh to lightly jiggle and wobble as the mushroom like cock tip to rest right next to the azure hiared beauty's pillowy lips. Hinata could see that Naruto's immense cock was still covered in his cum from the last orgasm causing the azure hiared beauty was licking her full plump lips in lustful delight. Sddenly the azure haired beauty could hear the animalistic growl coming from her lover's lips causing her to squeak in surprise.

"Clena off my vum covered cock my little hime." Nodding her head obediantly the azure hiared beauty utilized her cute pink tounge to glide along the length fo her blodne haired lover's immense cock length causing him to hiss out in pleasure as Hinata was cleaning off the sticky white and yellow cum ropes from before her taste buds explode as she shuddered in pleasure. This causing the younger Uzumaki ot swell up in pride as he was taking claim to one fo the strongest kunoichi in the Hidden Leaf a rather useful asset to his collection. 

Without warning Naruto flipped Hinata back upon the bed gaining full control of the suituation pressing her slender spine and immense ass cheeks right upon the king sized bed utilized the speed of the Fourth Hokage causing the azure hiared beauty to see stars for a brief moment. Straddling the azure hiared beauty's bluging stomach resting his fully cleaned off cock that was throbbing and pulsing cock the pre cum that was bubbling up from the cock tip smearing across the azure hiared beauty's immense breast flesh causing her to smirk as the blonde gripped on to her curvaceous hips for support.

Teasingly the blonde hiared shinobi began to buckle his stronger hips causing his immeense cock to slide back and forth between the azure haired beauty's immense breasts causing them to jiggle and wobble a little bit as those erect nipples began to jiggle as well as the blonde haired shinobi was hissing out in pleasure. With a few more lsow teasing thrust Naruto's cock tip was peeking out from the mountains and vallies fo Hinata's breast flesh as the azure haired beauty's cute pink toung swirled around the blonde's mushroom like cock tip.

Hearing those melodious tunes escaping her blonde haired lvoer's pale pink lips Hinata knew that she was getting great praise and signs of approval, but when she heard Naruto's words escape from his mouth it was his golden stamp of approval. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Hinata-hime your breasts feel amazing!" Spurred on by his words the blonde haired shinobi could feel hsi big balls stirring lightly the blodne hiared shinobi began to increase the temp and momentum of his thrusting hips causing his balls to smack the underside fo Hinata's immense breasts creating a loud wet flesh smacking sound.

Feeling that familar sensation the blodne leaned in forward whispering into Hinata's ear speaking with a raggard breath as beads of sweat was dripping down the hills and vallies of his strong and slender spine. Having only a few moments to warn the azure haired beauty the blonde haired shinobi bite down upon her eneck as his fox fangs were sinking into the soft and supple creamy flesh causing Hinata squeaed in pleasure. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Hinata-hime I'm so close to cumming!" Hearing this the azure haired beauty began to squeeze her breasts against the blodne haired shinobi's immense cock increasing the pleasure output.

"Hinata-chan I' going to... I'm going to..." Without warning the blonde haired shinobi grabbed his immense cock that was throbbing and twitching and with a loud roar of pleasure Naruto shot out what seemed like an endless supply fo hot and thick ropes fo white and yellow cum upon her upper torso landing upon her immense breasts coating every crevice as he bottomed out his big cum tnaks being emptied as he pnated heavily while riding out his orgasm that lasted for what seemed like ten minutes, but it was actually ffive minutes. Once Naruto finally did calm down hhe could see that Hinata's immense breasts were coated with those thick yellow and white cim ropes it had also covered her angelic face as he wrapped up the azure haired beauty s the duo fell into a pleasure induced slumber.

A/N Thus ends another riveting chapter from the Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection I hope you guys enjoyed it. Next chapter will be uploaded next time untill then buh bye for now. Oh and if you want to know some later chapters will have some bits fo plot and world building, but until then enjoy!

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