Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection

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Chapter Two: Clashing of Blades

Sun light rose upon the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The golden and orange rays shined brightly greeting the village like an old freind, its warm rays resembled the sun golden rays fo the village's residential Jinjuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, the jailer of the Nine Tails. This orb of light wasn't unimpeded by the barrier of puffy white clouds as it was overhanging against a cerulean hue that matched the aforementioned blonde haired shinobi's sparkling azure eyes. Blue birds chirped a merry tune as they were perched within their lofty branches in the forest surrounding the village.

Nestled deepwithin the heart of the village's Redential District was that two story brownstone apartment home to the Uzumaki Clan, the village's masters of Sealing Jutsu. Spying the sunlight peeking through his bedroom curtain the heroic blonde haired shinobi whom was tangeled up with his pink haired medic, who couldn't walk her body was limp due to the blonde's over eager fucking something that he was proud to be known for bearing a grin that even his silver hiared master would blush to see upon his apprentice's visage as the blonde cracked open his azure eyes wiping the sleep from.

Turning to his side, shifting his weight as his immense cock was swinging rather lewdly as it was growing hard due to the fact that the pink haired medical kunoichi was instinctly grinding and gyrating her newly modifed curvaceous hips making ehr immense ass cheeks to grind against the blonde's length causing him to grunt and groan in pleasure as he was grinning widely. "Good morning my little bitch I wonder how well did you sleep?" Sakura began to strech out and yawn, her long slender arms rested upon the blonde strong shoulders as she streched for a mile until Naruto could hear a slight poping of bone.

"I slept rather well Naruto-sama all I could think about was this cock of yours." Naruto smirked hearing this as his pale lips inched clsoer towards Sakura's slender neck kissing it gently. "That great to hear Sakura-chan." Hearing this Naruto rested his fully hardened cock against the pink haired medical kunoichi's ass cheeks causing her to moan in pleasure. "Naruto-kun don't you know we have a sparring sesison with Sasuke-kun today." Naruto's smirk turned to a grimace knowing full well that Sasuke had been spying on the two the night before, but then the blonde began to hatch a perverted scheeme as the gears in his head began to turn on full speed.

"I know that Sakura-chan, but let's keep him waiting just a little bit longer." Smirking widely Sakura knew full wehat Naruto was thinking as the duo climbed out of the king sized bed. Being the gentleman that he was Naruto helped Sakura get back upon her stable footing since her heavenly long legs which were still shaking from the night before causing Sakura to smile rather seductively at him. Since the Uzumaki Clan didn't care about the restraints of society they would parade around their house as naked as they day that they were born something that Naruto was very proud of due to his Adonis like pysique.

Walking out of the bedroom, both the blonde and the pink haired duo walked into the bathroom Naruto opened the door behind the pink haired medical kunoichi before shutting it behind him. Waiting patiently Sakura stood still as Naruto turned on the water, heating it up creating steam within the mirror the blonde took a step back before turning the knob one last time to get the perfect temperature before stepping in. Lending out his hand resembling the younger son of the Sage of the Six Paths, Ashura. Once Sakura stepped into the shoer all of Naruto's gentlemanly nature vanished once his crimson eyes were visibly apparent causing ehr to bite down upon her full plump lips.

"Little bitch even before I wake you're teasing my cock, well now you're gonna get what you ask for." While saying this the blonde was growling with an animalistic tone causing the pink haired medical kunoichi to moan in pleasure as her plump little pussy was getting well moisturized. Seeing this Naruto pounced uponhis pink haired lover sending her against the shoer wall as his mushroom like tip entered into her slippery wet pussy as he gripped her cruvaceous hips as he thrusted his stronger hips all the while the blonde was groping and squeezing those creamy skinned curves as the pink haired female moaned and melwed like a bitch in heat ashuddering as she felt only seven inches of the blonde's imemnse cock plunging deep inside her plump little pussy as the juices were coating his cock.

"Ohhhh Naruto-kun this cock of yours always feels so good!" Sakura bite down upon her full plump lips as the blodne slammed down without warning causing her to squeakin pleasure. At occasional moments the blodne massaged and groped the pink haired medical kunoichi's imese breasts, his sun tanned callosued hands traced across every portion fo the creamy gloves of flesh causing Sakura to get goose bumps all alogn ehr beautiful body as she felt the blonde's cum tnaks to stir just a little bit as the entire length fo his immense cock had sheathed within the pink ahired kunoichi's full plump pussy. Wasting little time Naruto began to increase the tempo and moemtum fo his thrusting, all the while the beautiful kunoichi was buckling her curvaceous hips to the tune of his own.

A loud wet flesh could be heard amongst thier maons and groans and grunting noises that the duo were making as sweat was rolling down their slender spines, but the shower was that was cascading down their bodies was washing that off. Suddenly the blodne was was being controlled by the Fox Demon bites down upon the pink haired kunoichi's slender neck leaving his mark as the fox like fangs dug deep within the skin causing ehr to squeak as he spoke into her ear with a seductive and sultry tone. Sakura's blsuh grew brighter as her body was burning brightly like a great Katon flame, one that resembled Madara's Majestic Hurricane hearing her lvoer's voice. "Tell me bitch who do you belong to?" Sakura took a couple of seconds to answer due to the fact that she was caught up in her haze of lust, but Naruto was quick to snap her back to reality as he pulled her in closer.

"I'm yours Naruto-kun my body, mind and soul is yours to use as you please!" Hearing this the blodne increased the speed and tempo of his thrusts even futher while patting his pink haired lvoer upon the head feeling the soft and smooth texture fo her hair that smelled like bublegum. "That's my sweet little girl Sakura-chan." Grunting like an naimal Naruto continued his onslaught as his fingernails dug into the creamy flesh of Sakura's curvacous hips as his own were pumping like two piston powered steam engines as the bldone gets ever clsoer towards his climatic edge."Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sakura-chan I'm getting so close to shooting off my load!" Hearing this the pink haired kunoichi held on for dear lfie as the blonde thrusted his suckling on her sweet neck right at the junction between her neck and collar bone.  causing the pink haired medical kunoichi to squeak in pleasure as the blonde haired shinobi pressed his whole weight against hers.

Within a few more minutes fo his powerful onslaught, the blodne haired shinobi could feel his big balls tightening as he felt his climax quickly approaching as his cock bean to twitch. "Sakura-chan I'm going to... I'm going to..." With that it was all she wrote for the blonde hiared shinobi thrusted his strong powerful hips one final time pumping his thick ropes of white and yellow cum deep within the pink haired medical kunoichi's slippery wet pussy causing her flattened toned stomach to bulge out quite a bit as her emerald eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tounge flapped out of her mouth in  arather lewd fashion.

Time Skip no Jutsu

Both Naruto and Sakura were walking towards the village gate, all the while whistling a merry tune as they were heading towards the Squad's training grounds. Thier other fellow member Uchiha Sasuke had called the duo together to spar, not to mention attempt to get his revenge on the blonde for stealing Sakura right out from under him. Naruto had a brillant plan under his sleeves, all he needed was the extra chakra to wrap up the strings strong enough that not even the Fifth Hokage couldn't escape them from as he had a rather perverted grin on his face.

Once the duo entered the chain linked gate to the training grounds the duo were met by a rather handsome dark haired shinobi with long black hair and matching oynx eyes. He was clutching his katana in his right hand gritting his teeth as the blodne waved his hand at him. "Hello there Sasuke-kun how's your day going?" Without warning and provocation the dark haired shinobi shot off a Chidori Sharp Spear in the blonde's direction, but thanks to the power fo the Nine Tails a powerful gust of wind acted as a barrier to protect him from the shot that would've hitten him directly in the chest causing the heroic blonde to snap at the raven haired shinobi.

"Sasuke -kun what the hell was that for?" Naruto furrowed his eyebrow acting as if he didn't know what Sasuke was talking about , but he knew exactly why Sasuke had done this. "Oh don't act you don't know dobe last night you were fucking my bitch senseless, and I want what belongs to me!" Sakura snapped at this comment as she clutched one of her chakra powered fists to the other as she was about to leap into the airas she shot off ehr own remark. "Who said that I belonged to you anyway?" Sasuke barked back at the pink haired medical kunoichi as Naruto summoned up a space time scroll pulling out a katana of his own, one that was crafted for him by the Nine Tials as he growled at the raven haired shinobi.

Within a single breath Naruto was directly inbetween the dark haired shinobi and his pink haired lvoer blocking the attack that was meant for her. Gritting his teeth as he hurled a curse his way, but Naruto simply shrug it off as he did the raven's Sharp Spear. Without warning Naruto sucker punched the raven haired shinobi sending him reeling feeling the strength of his rival as he fell backward towards one of the three logs. This was the moment that he was waiting for, and with that the blonde placed his plan inot action as he licked his pale pink lips as Sasuke had lsot snese of his surroundings.

Once Sasuke was in the perfect position  the blodne puts his plan into action, and without warning the blonde summoned up his chakra threads that were nearly as strong as steel asa the pink hared kunoichi held down the raven haired shinobi to the wooden stump as the blond wrapped the raven haired shinobi up with little resistance as the duo secured him tightly making sure that he wouldn't escape as the blonde's gears in his head were turning as he smirked widely as his cock was growing to its full elngth in a matter fo a few seconds due to the fact that Sakur was gyrating her curvaceous hips making her immense ass cheeks were grinding aginst his hardened cok.

Once Sasuke came back to hsi senses he quickly realized the predicament that he was in trying to escape, but no matter how hard he was struggling he couldn't escape. Sasuke's oynx eyes were boring daggers into the blonde's sparkling azure eyes as he was only wasting his energy. "Dammit dobe let me go right fucking now!" Naruto grinned as he leaned inward his lips were right next to the raven's as he was rubbing his sun tanned callosed hands together as he smirked widely. "Sorry baka the only one fucking will be me." Sasuke was rather confused at what the bldone was planning, but he quickly put two and two together as his oynx eyes widened.

"Kami dammit dobe I don't swing that way!" Naruto smirked as the raven haired shinobi was trying valiently to escape, but Naruto was only grinning from ear to ear as he dropped the bombshell on the raven as he was pouring some more chakra into his two finger tips calling upon the fox tattoo upon his shoulder utlizing the abilitiy to change the gender of any person caught up within the strings. "Silly baka I wasn't pplanning to fuck you in your current state I was planningto change your gender and amplify your body to my liking and add you to mycollection."

Sasuke's dark eyes widened after hearing this bombshell that was like a nuclear blast. This caused Sasuke's flight or fight instinct to kick into overdrive as his clan's blood was pumping at a rather rampant pace. During the entire display Naruto was smirking from ear to ear reveling in this sight as his ninjutsu was taking effect, but Sasuke's Sharingan Eye to kick in, however Naruto was prepared for this as well he commanded Sakura to place a talisman upon the raven haired shinobi's right eye stopping the Sharigna right in its tracks. "Sorry dobe there's no getting out of this one so easily."

It only took a few moments for the Gender Transformation Jutsu to take effect turning Sasuke into his female counterpart Sasuki the blodne was quite pleased with this female that was still struggling within the chakra string. Naruto's crimson eyes scanned all over the raven haired female's beautiful body from her creamy soft and supple skin to her ample breasts down to her flattened toned stomach. The blodne's azure eyes scanned downward towards Sasuki's slim waist to her powrful thighs that were mixed with muscle and fat along with her curvaceous hips down to her heavenly long legs to her heart shaped ass as the dark haired kunoichi crossed her legs causing the blodne to smirk. "Just because you swithced my gender it doesn't mean you'll get it so easy!"

Naruto growled with an animalistic tone as he released the illusion that held his clothing along with Sakura's, and without warning Naruto utilize his Body Modification Jutsu upon Sasuki making her breasts, nipples and ass cheeks grow to an immense size as she felt a powerful sensation all throughout her body causing her to moan loudly and lewdly as she was trying to hold it back. This was a rather foolish mistake, for it only made Naruto's lust grow exponetially as his immense cock smeared its pre cum upon the raven haire dbeauty's angelic face.

"What's wrong Sasuki-chan can't hadnle the effect of my ninjutsu?" The blonde inquired with a bit of teasing tone within his voice as he smacked his immense cock against her cute face as she tried to resist, but her own lust was growing overriding her mental capabilites causing her dark eyes darkened resembling a new moon as the dark haired beauty felt a powerful body rocking orgasm causing her to shiver as the transformation was complete. "Say goodbye to your old form Sasuki-chan all the effects I've placed on you when you reach your climax."

Sasuki growled at the blodne haired shinobi as she muttered a curese under her breath which was sultry and seductive as her body was heated up just like her Amatersu. Naruto smirked as he rested his cock upon her pillowy lips as her tounge instinctly danced around his throbbing cock tip her taste buds exploded tasting the thick oily substance lvoing the tast as if it was the best shot of sake that she had ever tasted causign the pink haired medical kunoichi whose hands were massaging and squeezing Sasuki's immense breasts causing ehr to moan in pleasure as her nipples began to grow and her pulump pussy began to moisturize.

"Open up Sasuki-chan let me feel how warm and wet your mouth is around my hard cock!" Naruto growled in an animalistic tone as the dark haired female nodded her head obediantly begining to suck on it hungrily and greeding making loud and lewd suckling and slurping sounds as she was in lvoe with the blodne's cock. "Shou good!" Naruto smirked in delight as the raven haired female was suckling on the bldone's cock all the while those chakra strangs were growing strong gather the Pleasure Energy that was emminating from the grounds.

Naruto placed a fingertip upon Sasuki's talsiman releasing triggering Sasuki's Sharingan sending thetrio into an illusionary state allowing them to be along for quite some time. Naruto smirked as he smacked Sakura's immense ass cheeks  utilzing the Gender Transformation Jutsu upon Sakura, but unlike Sasuki her transformation wasn't permanent as the pink haired medical kunoichi whispered into the raven haired kunoichi's ear her voice was sultry and seductive as the hard cock rested right upon the raven haired kunocihi as she began to stroke the pink haired medical kunoichi's hard throbbing cock causing her to hiss in pleasure as she lenaed backas the pre cum bubbled up from the tip as the pink ahired medical kunoichi bites down upon her lower lip feeling the imemnse pleasure.

Curently Sasuki was bobbling her head to the blonde hiared shinobi's imemnse cock length as her saliva was dribbling down its length, then without warning Naruto buckled his stronger hips inserting mroe nad mour of his cock into Sasuki's warm and wet mouth as the tip entered into the raven haired kunoichi's throat feeling it squeeze around his immense cock length causing the blonde to smirk as he begins to buckle his strong hips fucking both Sasuki's mouth and throat in one fell swoop causing ehr to gasp wiith both lust and excitement loving her new blodne lvoer's over eagerness.

Smirking widely Naruto turned his attention towards Sakura as his big cum tanks were begining to stir smirking at his pink haired medical kunoichi whose cock the raven haired kunoichi's hard and throbbing cock the well manicured fingernails were tracing against the veins as they were pulsing ppowerfully as the duo moaned in pleasure as the pink ahired medical kunoichi gritted her teeth as Sasuki's well moisturized palm was squeezing around the length of the medical kunoichi's hard throbbing cock causing her to maon out loudly and lewdly feeling the immense pleasure. 

Feeling the familar sensation of his big balls begining to tighten a little bit as the black haired kunoichi maon around the blonde haired shinoib's powerfully pulsing cock causing him to lean his head back as he let loose pumping his strong hips as his big cum tanks were smacking the raven haired kunoichi's angelic face as he was grunting an groaning in pleasure as the blonde was enthralled within the pelasure of it all as the yellow haired shinobi commanded the pink haired medical kunoichi who boeyed without hesitation. "Speak Master Naruto and I will do as you say.

Naruto pointed to Sasuki's immense breasts as he was getting clsoer towards his cliamtic end. "Sakura-sama place your cock inbetween Sasuki-chan's immense breasts and fuck them and together we'll fuck Sasuki senseless adding ehr to my collection." Nodding obediantly Skura placed her hard throbbing cock inbetween Sasuki's imemnse breasts greatly enjoying the feeling of those pillowy mounds hissing in pleasure as if she were one of Orochimaru's serpents as she was pumping her strong and powerful hips keeping in time with the blonde's thrusting as Sasuki's breasts jiggled and wobbled with every body rocking thrust.

Sasuki lets out a loud and sensual moan of pleasure sending those pleasurable vibrations around the blonde's immense cock, then her throat began to tighten and squeeze around the tube like muscle sending the blonde haired haired shinobi over the edge with pleasure as he patted the dakr haired kunoichi on her head loving the soft and smooth texture of her long luxuorious hair. "That's a good girl Sasuki-chan I'm so close make sure to swallow it all." Nodding boediantly as her pleasure scenter as running on overdrive as her plump pussy was soaking wet something both Naruto and Sakura could clearly see something that they were greatly pleased with.

The black haired kunoichi utilized her soft well moisturized hands to cup her immense breasts to squeeze those pillowy gloves fo flesh against the pink hiared medical kunoichi's immense cock causing her to moan in pleasure as if to squeeze to resemble her tight pussy as Sakura bites down upon her lower lip as she too was so close to splattering her typhoon of cum all over the black haired kunocihi's immense breasts. "Ohhhhh Sasuki-chan I'm so close as well!" Hearing this Naruto summoned up a shadow clone who transformed into the black haired kunoichi dropping to her knees as she began to feast upon her own pussy her taste buds exploded at the sweet taste as she could see te throbbing aching clit causing ehr to pounce upon it.

The Sasuki clone began to suckle upon that throbbing clit causing the black haired female to moan loudly in pleasure as she felt a body rocking orgasm that being the breaking point for her. With this squeal of pleasure The dark hiared kunoichi's squealing of pleasure was the last thing that brought the blodne to his edge as well all the while Sasuki's throat was squeezing tightly around the blodne's immense cock causing him to shoot off his white and yellow cum deep down her throat as the blodne lets out a powerful grunt and a roar of pleasure as the black haired kunoichi's throat muscles were milking the blodne's immense cock of all its spunk as he sighed in relieff.

A moments after Naruto had reached his own climax Sakura did so as well shooting out a typhoon of white and yellow hot and sticky cum with a powerful roar as the substance splattered upon the black haired kunoichi's immense breasts and cute pink nipples along with her angelic face before sighing with relief all the while the dark haired shadow clone was licking her full plump lips as the blodne pulled her up to his lips engaging in a steamy pasisonate kiss getting a good taste of the black haired kunocihi's pussy juices loving the taste as his taste buds exploded lvoing the taste.

Naruto dispelled the Gender Transformation Jutsu on Sakura returning her to feamle gender as she was sighing in relief as the duo saw the transformation had been completed as the blonde who saw Sasuki's well maincured fingers were a dark color as her eyelashes were the same color causing Naruto to smirk as one of his sun tanned calloused hadns rubbed the dark haired kunoichi's bulging stomach causing it to make a loud sloshing sound as the dakr haired kunoichi made a loud burping sound causing Naruto to chuckle finding this rather humorous. "What did you say about it not being easy Sasuki-chan?"

Snapping back to reality the black haired kunoichi locked her dark eyes with the blodne's sparkling azure ones as she was utterly speechless, all she could do was lick off the cum from ehr full plump lips. Naruto knew that she was addicted to the taste, just as Sakura became when he had shot his torrent of cum deep down her throat the pink haired medical kunoichi was giggling cutely as she gazed upon the arousing sight as her immense breasts were jiggling lightly causing Naruto's immense cock to rise once again seeing as he had the innate ability to recover rather quickly after every orgasm.

"Naruto-sama it seems that Sakura-chan is speechless." Hearing this the blonde smacked the pink haired kunoichi with his hardened throbbing cock the pre cum smacking her upon her cute angelic face smearing the thick oily substance all across her angelic face. "Sakura-chan what did I tell you call me Master when you adress me!" Hearing the animalistic growl within the blodne's voice Sakura nodded her head as bowed to her knees begging for forgiveness causing Naruto to chuckle as her emrald eyes locked with the blonde's sparkling azure eyes begging like the little bitch she is Naruto was going to put her in her place.

"Please Master Naruto-sama forgive me I forget sometimes." Without warning the blonde's sun tanned fox paws gave the pink haired medical kunoichi's immense ass cheeks a stinging slap cute shade of pink as he watched those modified ass cheeks were jiggling and bouncing a little body as the pink haired medical kunoichi to see stars for a couple of seconds as Sasuki lets out an audible gulping nosie as she knew full well what was about to happen next as Naruto turned his attention to Sasuki as he began to tease her a little bit by rubbing the mushroom like tip against her pussythat was opened wide seeing as how the Sasuki clone had opened the pink lips up lwtting the blodne do as he pleased.

Hearing Sasuki's sensual moan ssnapped Sakura back to reality, then without warning Naruto snapped his fingers releasing the dark haired kunoichi from her restraints as he gripped on to her katana smirking widely. "I could always use another kata to add to my collection of blades." Utilizing a space time scroll Naruto added Sasuki's katana with his own before briefly showing off his wide collection of weapony causing the dark haired kunoichi to shiver a little bit as she spied the shimmer fo the steel as Naruto put the scroll away before smirking widely.

"Let's finish this somewhere more secluded." Without warning Naruto grabbed both Sakura and Sasukr by both of thier slender shoulders as the black haired kunocihi released her Sharingan returning to the training ground. Wrapping the duo up in his strong embrace, both of them felt warmth as they fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces within the stronger frame of the blonde haired shinobi as he teleported the duo back to his home within the blink of an eye matching the speed of his father, the Fourth Hokage as the trio departed within a flash of golden light.

When the golden flash of light dissapatted the blonde and his two squad mates were resting upon the blonde's king sized bed. Naruto had placed Sasuki upon the mattress before slipping underneath her as the pink hiared medical kunoichi sat upon the side watching on in awe as the blonde haired shinobi began to tease the dark haired kunoichi's immese ass cheeks with his immense cock causing her to moan in pleasure as she gritted her teeth as she began to gyrate her curvaceous hips making those immese ass cheeks against the blonde's immese cock causing it to throb and pulse powerful causing the blodne to mona in pleasure.

Sakura watched this while having two fo her well manicured fingernails were plunged within her plump little pussy maoning in pleasure as the blonde grinned at her. "It seems that Sakura-chan is enjoying herself." Sasuki smirked before catching the blonde off guard with a passionate kiss upon his pale pink lips causing him to gasp in surprise. Naruto quickly responded with a deep passionate kiss of his own as his immese cock rubbed agaisnt the black haired kunoichi's rear entrance as he lined up the tip with the black haired kunoichi's little hole as the blonde growled into the dark haired kunoichi.

"I'm going to enjoy streching out this little hole streching it and molding it to the shape of my cock untill you're like Sakura-chan over there." Naruto pointed towards the direction of the pink haired kunoichi who was fingering her dripping wet pussy thinking about the blonde's immese cock as she was biting her lower lip as she was moaning out Naruto's name causing the blonde to smirk. Without warning the blonde haired shinobi wraps up the pink haired medical kunoichi up within his warm embrace as he inserted the tip within the dark haired kunoichi's rear entrance causing her to moan in pleasure as the blonde began to buckle his hips lightly rolling them to get about six or seven inches within the dark haired kunoichi's rear entrance.

The blonde gritted his teeth feeling the pleasure as he gripped on to Sasuki's widened curvaceous hips as he praised the dark hiared kunoichi for just how tight sher rear entrance felt as it squeezed around his immese cock. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sasuki-chan your asshole feels so fucking cock squeezing around my cock!" This was music to the dark haired kunocihi's ears as Sakura who was ssitting right inbetween Sasuki's lap waitnig for Naruto's order, but she didn't have to wait long as she could hear the blonde's animalistic growl causing her to squeak.

"Well Sakura-chan what are you waiting for use your expert tounge to feast upon Sasuki-chan's pussy I need all the help I can get." Sakura nodded as she could hear the dark haired kunoichi lithgtly screaming in a mixture fo pleasure and pain, but before she could let out a much louder scream Naruto placed one of his sun tanned hands upon her mouth seeing as how the bldone didn't place a sound and chakra barrier upon the door that was shut as the blonde thrusted his hips at a slow motion fucking pace as the pink haired medical kunoichi went to work with her mechinations.

Sakura's cute pink tounge eagerly slithered into the dark haired kunoichi's slippery wet pussy as the blonde seated Sasuki's immense ass cheeks squarely upon his lap as it fitted like a perfect little puzzle piece as he gritted his teeth feeling the immense pleasure as his sun tanned calloused hands gripped tightly to Sasuki's curvaceous hips as he began to lightly slide her up and down upon the length fo his cock as the friction was incredible to the dark haired kunoichi, for when she was upon the tip of the blonde's cock she felt she was upon Cloud Nine.

Sakura's taste buds exploded as she feasted upon Sasuki's sweet pussy juices as her tounge slithered inside deeper exploring every nook and cranny causing the dark haired kunocihi to moan louder, but before the noise exited the room a blonde shadow clone placed a sound and chakra barrier upon the door. With that out fo the way the blodne began to unleash his true nature as he slammed hsi entire cock length deep within the rear entrance causing Sasuki to see stars  as the blodne began to increase the tempo and momentum of his upward thrusts and her downward thrusts creating a loud wet flesh smacking sound as her immense breasts jiggled and wobbled as she bite down her lower lip feeling the dual onslaught fo the blonde and pink haired comrades.

Sakura could see that Sasuki's clit was hardening and aching to be sucked upon something that the pink haired medical kunoichi to pounce upon this suckling sweetly causing the dark haired haired kunoichi to moan loudly and lewdly as she leaned her head back as her breathing was hiked and sweat was rolling down the hills and vallies of her slender spine while Naruto could feel his bug cum tanks stirring a little bit as he gritted his teeth feeling the immense pleasure. "Ahhhh fuck Master Naruto this cock of yours feels so good its streching out my asshole so much!"

Feeling that familare sensation of his big balls tightening as he leaned into the dark hiared kunoichi as his stronger hips as if they were two piston powered steam engines as he was grunting and groaning like an animal. Leaning into the dair haired kunoichi's ear as his fangs sank into the creamy smooth skin belonging to the dark haired kunoichi causing a mark to be placed upon her junction between her neck and collar bone as he whispered into her ear his breath sultry and seductive yet a little heavy. "Ahhh fuck Sasuki-chan I'm so clsoe tell me bitch who do you belong to?" Hearing this Sakura was sucking upno Sasuki's wildly aching clit bringing her clsoer towards the edge of her limits as her dark eyes darken with lust.

"I belong to you Master Naruto-sam my heart, mind, body and soul belongs to you to use as you please!" Naruto began to utilize his full force pressing his entire wieght down upon the dakr haired kunoichi streching her rear entrace to the shape of his cock as she was gripping on to her lover's body for dear life as a much louder flesh slapping sound could be heard filling the empty rom. Suddenly Sasuki screamed out loudly Sakura had hit the sweetest spot hidden within the dakr haired kunoichi's pussy causing her to scream in pleasure as she squirted her orgasmic juices without delay allowing Sakura's warm wet mouth with one fell swoop. With one final thrust Naruto let out a loud roar as he pumped what seemed like an endless supply fo his white and yellow spunk deep within the rear entrance fo the dark haired kunoichi without even giving her any warning sa the bldone sighed in relief as the dakr hiared kunoichi's flattened toned stomach to bulge a little bit as the duo relaxed upon the king sized bed.

After a few moments had passed Naruto thought of a way to release his last load fo the night, but before he could do so the dakr haired kunoichi pounced puon him knocking him right upno his toned ass upon the mattress. Smirking widely seeing that the transformation had taken full control fo Sasuki she began to grind the blodne's immense cock upon her glistening wet pussy causing him to moan in pleasure Naruto turned his attention towards Sakura who was watching as she was fingering her pussy that was soaking wet at this current moment.

"Sakura-chan what say we have a Squad Sevne sandwich?" Hearing this Sakura smirked as she crawled next to the duo slithering like her mentor Tsunade as she gripped on to the dark haired female's curvaceous hips as she was licking ehr full plump lips as she utilized the Gender Transformation Jutsu without help from the blonde. Naruto was quite surprise that Sakura had remembered the jutsu from her memory as the pink haired medical kunoichi began to press the immense cock against the dark haired kunoichi to moan in lust filled pleasure.

Naruto smiled as he lined up his immese cock with Sasuki's plump pussy, and Sakura lined up her immese cock to Sasuki's asshole the blonde puts up his trade mark thumbs up sign as the duo gripped Sasuki's curvaceous hips as they slammed their own hips down inserting thier immense cocks into both holes causing the dark haired female to see stars for a few brief moments as they began to buckle thier hips fucking both fo these holes at a slow motion fuck pace causing Sasuki to grit her teeth as her pleasure center was lighting up like a tree on a certain holiday.

It didn't take both Naruto and Sakura to increase the tempo and momentum fo their thrusts as a loud wet flesh smacking souncd could be heard, then without warning the female verson of the Nine Tails appeared in a cloud of smoke as she was smirking licking her full plump lips as she had two fo ehr well manicured fingernails within her dripping wet pussy. Sasuki was quite surprised at this sight, but she couldn't process this at the time being due to the fact that she was getting fucked senseless by both fo her fellow comrades at the exact same time.

"Well Naruto-sama it looks like you turned your fucking rival into another one fo your fuck toy bitches." Sasuki growled after hearing this, yet the blodne turned his gaze to the pink haired medical kunoichi whom smacked upon the dark haired kunoichi as her immese ass cheeks jiggled and bounced a little bit as Sasuki gritted her teeth. "Sasuki-chan Kurema-chan is a part of me so you will treat her as you treat me with respect." Nodding ehr head boediantly the dark haired kunoichi was moaning nad mewling like a bitch in heat as the crimson ahired female rested her heavenly long legs right next to Sasuki's creamy skinned neck.

"You heard him bitch, now then feast on my slippery wet pussy!" Kurema growled with an naimalist tone as the dakr haired kunoichibegan to slither her cute pink tounge aroudn the crimson haired female's slippery wet pussy circling the pink lips opening them up wide as the dakr haired female was engaged within the onslaught of her two comrades fucking ehr senseless  as her eyes were half lided as she was off in her own little world something that Kurema could plainly see as she was thrashing about among the bed feeling the immese pleasure .

The dark hiared female's tounge slithered deeper into the crimson haired female's drenched pussy, her taste buds exploded as she loved that taste it was cherry ice cream something that Sasuki began to crave as Kurema placed on of her soft supple wellmoisturized hands upon the dark haired kunoichi's head pulling her in clsoer hearing Kurema to moan and mewl in pleasure as her clit began to ache andthrob in need to be sucked upon as she leane dher head back her parted crimson hair was glistening with sweat as her breathing was heavy and her breasts were lightly jiggling and wobbling feeling the bed creaking and rattled a little bit to the powerful body rocking thrust fo the blodne nad pink haired duo that were like earthquakes erupting with the dakr haired kunoichi's inner walls.

Upon certain occasions Sakura smacked, massaged and squeezed the dakr hiared kunoichi's ass cheeks as she was grunting and groaning like an animal as she was gritting her teeth feeling the immese pleasure as her immense cock was a deep dark shade of purple as the two females cisages were controted into rather perverted grins fo lust filled pleasure. Seeing this Naruto's broad chest swelled up with pride as he was pumping his stronger hips with a piston pounding rhythm as his length was getting drenched within the dark haired kunoichi's pussy juices.

Feeling that familar sensation of his big cum tanks begining to tighten as his azure eyes that were darkened with lsut were going cross eyed as he warned Sasuki that both he and Sakura were so clsoe to releasing the last loafd of the night as the blonde growled into the dark haired kunoichi's ear. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sasuki-chan both Sakura-chan and I are both so clsoe to cumming! Hearing this Sasuki went wild begining to suckle hard upon Kurema's aching clit causing her to moan louder and more sensually in pleasure as she was begining to speak among her lsut filled maons and heavy breathing. "That a girl Sasuki-chan keep that up an dyou will get what you're craving after!"

This process lasted for about another fifthteen minutes, but the duo couldn't handle this any logner  as they gripped tightly on the dark haired kunoichi with thier full weight pressed against her as Naruto growled into her ear. "Sasuki-chan we're going to... we're going to..." Before Naruto could finish his sentence both he and Sakura let out a powerful roar of pleasure as they shot out what seemed to be an endless amount fo both Sasuki's pussy and asshole spraying them down with the yellow and white semen causing her flattened toned stoamch to bulge out even futher as their climax lasted for about htree seconds before calming down resting upon the bed as the duo pulled out as the fluids poured upon the bed sheets in a puddl before the duo embraced in a warm hug. Lastly Karema was the last to squirt her juices, and when Sasuki's teeth began to graze against ehr throbbing clit that was all she wrote for her as he screamed out loud in pleasure as she squirted her orgamsic juices into the dark haired kunoichi's warm mouth alowing her to get a good taste of ehr juices as the crimson haired beauty panted heavily. Both Sasuki and Kurema came down from their pleasure induced high they crawled next to both Naruto and Sakura as the blonde pulled the covers back upon his bed wrapping the three females under the covers as the quartet fell into a deep paceful slumber.

A/N Thus ends the second chapter chapter to the Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection hopefully you guys enjoy it. The next chapter will be uploaded rather soon, so untill then you have the first two chapters to feast upon buh bye for now!

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