Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection

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Additional Warnings This series contains Oral, Anal, some bits of titfuck along with some bits fo HJ and BJ. There will also be some bits of Gender Bending along with some Body Modification Jutsu there might also be some bits fo Yuri including Fingering, Fisting and some Toy usage along with some DP and some Gender Bending and Body Modification through the use f fchakra/ Aldo there will be some strong language, now with all that out of the way let's get the first chapter underway!

Chapter One: Naruto's Bubblegum Bitch

Nestled deep with the heart of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, nestled within the heart of the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Elemental Nation was where our story beings, more spefically the village's Medical Unit . Within the sterile halls of the three story medical facility housed with all of the electronical medical equipment that had given out due to the ruling Hokage at the time who was the Shinobi Realm, Tsunade of the Senju, one of the last of her kind not to mention one of the three Sannin, three of the most powerful shinobi  in the era  ruling ushering in the begining of the Cyber Age.

Currently Sakura Haruno, one of the three members of Squad Seven, not to mention the current pupil to the ruling Hokage at the time was currently busy putting her healing skills to work well the healing of the mind at least upon her fellow squad mate and hailed hero of the Shinobi Realm Naruto Uzumaki, the jailer fo the Nine Tails. Seeing as it was a slow day due to the fact that there wasn't anyone to heal physically due to the fact that the Fourth Great Shinobi War singlehandedly stopping both Madara and Obito in one fell swoop, not to mention gathering the power from the Sage of the Six Paths to seal away Kaguya causing the Allied Shinobi Force to win the war within the span of one day whihc just so happened to be Naruto's birthday.

The aforementioned blonde had his fox like fangs sunk deep within the slender neck of the pink haired medical kunoichi causing her to moan loudly and lewdly filling the empty walls of the Medical Unit causing the blonde to smirk casting a perverted grin as his sun tanned callosued hands were groping the pink haired medical kunoichi's well developed breasts as his pale pink lips were suckling the junction between her neck and collar bone causing her to give off a cute pink blush to appear upon her angelic face all the while the blonde haired shinobi had the pink ahired medical kunoichi upon the railing of one of the hospital bed.

Naruto took great advantage of the sight that Sakura's pink haired nipples were growing fully erect as he was rolling his index and middle fingers in small curcles around the soft supple and senstive tit flesh the blodne haired shinobi loved to hear the moans and little muwling sounds that his fellow squad mat was making to his ministrations whihc he had learned along his travels with his mentor, the perverted Taod Sage, Jiraya of the Sannin while the blonde was engaged with returning his raven haired rival and comrade Sasuke Uchiha back to the Hidden Leaf.

Sakura loved the muscular Adonis that was leaning his body next to hers, fitting like a perfect puzzle pice as the blodne haired shinobi showed fof his expert skill and control fo the Nine Tails by using its expert power to tease the pink haired medical kunoichi's cock hungry pussy its fingers were running cucles around the glsitening pussy lips casuing them to open wide as two fingers slide inside causing Sakura to lean her head back to rest against the heroic blodne's broad chest as her soul pircing emerald eyes were darkening with lust as she was licking her full plump lips.

Sakura knew that Naruto had a major crush on him ever since the Academy,yet she teased him by chasing after her raven haired shinobi. One would wonder why didn't Sakura wasn't tending to her raven haired lover? The answer was a simple one she had caught the raven haired shinobi in the same bed where they had been sleeping together sith her crimson haired rival and fellow medical kunoichi Karin, one of the members of Sasuke's other squad Taka or Hebi causing her to run towards the strong arms of the blonde haired shinobi who was happy to fulfill her every need.

All the while Naruto was teasing the pink haired medical kunoichi's aroused pussy, her big round heart shaped ass cheeks was grinding against the blonde's growing erection causing him to lena in forward as he nibbled her ear lobe as his tounge was tickling the inner earcausing the pink haired medical kunocihi to blsuh brighter as her maons were growing louder as the blonde let out a low throaty growl into her ear, his voice was sultry and seductive as he was loving every gyration fo the pink ahired medical kunocihi's curvaceous hips.

"Ohhhhhh fuck by Kami Naruto-kun that feelsso good who knew that you were so skillful?" Sakura knew of the blodne's little secret because when her mentor Tsuande had given the blonde haired shinobi a routine check-up she had accidentally seen his erection due to the fact that the blodne had gazed upon the blodne Hokage'sgigantic tits causing the elder blonde to become rather speechles, the only thing she could say was it was a bitck breaker as she signed all the paper work to deem him in good health so he could pass the Jonin Exam something that his family was proud to hear that he had passed causing a celebration. Sakura was in a trance as she was in a lustful haze, but when the blodne hiared shinobi's words cut through she quickly snapped back to realityas he was kissing her belly button as one of his hands was rubbing her flattened toned stomach.

"Oh Nurse Sakura-chan I'm feeling such a pain in my lower region." Normally hearing this would result in the usual routine Sakura would punch him with one of her chakra powered fists, but on this occasion her lsut was just so overwhelming she couldn't help herself as the pink haired medical kunoichi smirked at him with a rather seductive smirk. This caught Naruto completely off guard, yet he wasn't going to let a moment like this pas him by thus he just allowed Sakura to play with him like a cheap fiddle, however on this occasion Naruto was going to be the one to use her like a common cumdumping slut.

"I see according to my prognosis the only solution is to reduce the swelling." Without warning Naruto picked Sakura up by her cirvacoues hips before sitting upon the hospital bed as he rested upon the matress. Placing the pink haired medical kunocihi to go to work with her pleasurable ministration as her cute pink tounge was begining to glide along the elngth of his entire eleven inches, tracing across all the purplish veins causing the blodne to grit his teeth before letting a lsutful maon of approva l which was music to the pink haired medical kunoichi's ears.

Hidden deep within the pink haired medical kunoichi was two things driving her inner demon of lust, one being that her inner self known as the Inner Sakura and the otther was the sheer fact nay the primordial fact that all females need the male to make them feel complete Sakura was no exception her instincts were on overdrive as her emerald eyes slitted like the Slug Princess that she trained under as her cute pink tounge was swirling around her blodne haired shinobi's throbbing cock tip causing him to grip the bed sheets as some glovs of pre cum bubble up from the tip.

Once the pink haired female's tounge lapped up the thick oily subsantce she was instantly hooked as if it were her favorite, or if it were the best bottle of cherry sake that she ever tasted causing her to lick her full plump lips then she teased the blodne one last time by giving the cock tip a tender kiss getitng it glsitening wet allowing the blonde haired shinobi feel just how warm and wet his pink haired comrade's mouth was as she begins to suckle on it causing Naruto to go cross eyed feeling the immense pleasure as he smirked with a widening grin.

Sakura was drawn in like a moth to a flickering candle as her saliva was leaking out then the pink haired medical kunoichi tilted her head showing off her expert skill causing the blodne to slowly lsoe his sanity. Suddenly Kurema began to whisper into the blonde's ear its docile tone was second nature to Naruto's sun tanned ears that were filled to the tip with his clan's blood. "Hey kit what say you we show this little bitch who's really in charge." Naruto smirked as he allowed Kurema to take control with a word spoken between the two parties.

Without warning Naruto gripped onto a couple fistfuls of Sakura's long luxorious pink which she had grown out after Naruto had given her a gentlemanly comment that he liked it when the pink haired medical kunoichi kept her hair longer. It was rather soft to the touch and smooth in texture  something else that Naruto enjoyed, it made it easier for him to dig his long fox claw like fingernails as the blonde's sparkling azure eyes turned to a deep shade of crimson as the Nine Tails was taking over as Sakura heard the low throaty growl within her lover's voice as she was taking inch after inch of his hard throbbing cock into her warm wet mouth.

"Ahhhhh that's a good girl Sakura-chan swallow my cock like the horny bitch you are! Sakura wasn't surprised seeing this side to Naruto, for she had seen this side of him plenty of times before when the Nine Tails took control fo the blonde's body and mind of several occasions so she just went along with him when he was like this  all she was doing was bobbing her cute head along the elngth of his hard cock as it throbbed as globs of pre cum leaked and bubbled from her blonde lover's cock tip leaking down into her throat causing it to burn a little bit causing her to gulp allowing Naruto to feel just how tight it was as it squeezed around his cock like a velvet vice grip causing him to maon in pleasure.

"Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sakura-chan your mouth feels amazing! Sakura smirked around her blodne lover's cock that she was sucking , then Naruto placed a single hand upon the back of her head holding her in place as he begins to thrust his stronger hips rolling them back and foth fucking his pink haired lvoer's cute angelic face at a slow motion fuck pace as his big cum tanks were smacking her chin causing the pink haired medical kunocihi to maon in pleasure showing off her expert skill by sending pleasurable waves fo vibration around his hard throbbing cock as it was turning to a depe shade of purple as his heart was pounding at a rhymthic pace.

Naruto could feel his big balls begining to stir a little bit as he began to increase the speed and tempo of his thrusts feeling his cock tip entier Sakura's throat as her cute cheeks were turning hollow as the blodne was grunting and groaning like an animal as beads of sweat was rolling down his strong and slender spine as his cum tanks were smacking against Sakura's chin creating a loud lewd felsh smacking sound as his entire length that had grown to its full elngth made a tube like silouette in both Sakura's mouth and throat as the blodne could feel his balls stirring and tightening signaling the release of a torrent of thick white and yellow Uzumaki spunk. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sakura-chan I'm so close you'd better be ready to swallow it all."

Hearing this Sakura's throat opened up wide, this was the opening Naruto was waiting for as he gripped her head with both hands pushing his entire cock length inot her warm and thight throat causing the pink haired female to gasp as a tube like silouette could be apparent within her throat as her lustful and sensual maons of pleasure were making more of those vibraitons to surround the entire length of his cock all the while her thorat was squeezing and releasing the blonde's hard throbbing coc sending him closer and closer towards his edge as the blodne had let loose thrusting his stronger hips that were two piston powered steam engines all the while Naruto's breath washiked up as he could fele his big cum tnaks begining to tighten.

"Sakura-chan I'm going to... i'm going..." Before he could finish his sentnece Naruto let out a loud grunt followed by a powerful roar as  athick and creamy torrent of cum shot out of the tip of his cock. All Sakura could do was swallow down the seemingly endless supply fo white and yellow cum chinks as her flattened toned stomach began to bulge out slightly as the pink ahired female nedical kunoichi made sure not to spil a single drop, but even if she did Naruto made sure that she wouldn't waste a single drop as his climax lasted for the span fo about three minutes before Naruto finally came down and his cock went a little soft as he pulled it gently and easily out of the pink haired female's warm and wet mouth as he panted heavily rested upon the king sized hopital bed.

Something rather strange occured when Sakura finally came to, for when her emerald eyes regained sense of her surrounds she could feel some powerful sensations as a loud and lewd moan of pelasure escaped her full plump lips as she could feel her ample breasts, cute pinknipples and round heart shaped ass cheeks growning to an immense size along with some powerfully strong hips to keep these new assets from causing ehr any pain  as she felt a powerful body rocking orgasm causing her to drop to her knees when the effect was finished.

Time Skip no Jutsu

Naruto was strolling through the streets of the village whistling a merry tune as he headed back towards his home nestled deep within the heart of the the village's Residential Districts, one of the five major areas of the Hidden Leaf. Our heroic blonde haired shinobi was wearing his usual uniform, an orange colored jump suit that hid a Hidden Leaf Jonin vest along with the mesh armor underneath along with an orange and black trimmed paor of boxers hding his cock as he was still thinking about Sakura's amazing skills of pleasing him with her warm wet mouth.

It didn't take long for the blonde to reach his clan's home, a two story brownstone apartemnt that was nestled within the heart of the District. Naruto reached the bottom of the cobble stone steps that led up to the front door, but soon the blonde realized that he forgotten his keys causing him to knock upon the door which was a wodden mahagony. The blodne was greeted by a bright smoldering violet eye glaring at him through the peep hole  before hearing the dead bolt and the door knob lock being unlocked, then without warning Naruto's spiky blonde hair was greeted by the generous hills and vallies tthat belonged to the ravishing crimson haired female matriarch of the clan, Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Hot Habanero.

Being reminded of this similar scene when Naruto had passed the Jonin Exam, he engaged in a tender embrace with the red headed Milf giving her a tender kiss upon the cheek as he passed through the door heading into the den setting right upon the confortable leather couch that was nestled within the heart fo the den as he summoned a space time scroll. that held an orange and black rimmed note book along with a stencil as he began to sketch utilizing the flick fo the wrist with expert skill as Kushina rested her head upon her son's chest giving her a great view of what he was doing, and what she saw was rather arousing to ehr bright smoldering violet eyes.

Another one of Naruto's fellow comrades had taught him how to do this Sai, the current leader fo the village's Anbu Black Ops after the death of his former mentor Danzo Shimurai who was respsible for the tension between the Uchiha Clan and the Third Hokage. After being a replacement member until they would eventually bring the raven haired shinobi back to the village Naruto had gotten rather friendly with him to help the dakr haired shinobi out of his shell, and to say thanks for this the dark haired shinobi taught the blodne how to sketch giving him a little sketch book and stencil kit for his own use as a birthday gift.

Since Naruto had photographic memory he was able to remember every detail  putting it to life within the pages of the book taking little time to do so completing the picture in a matter fo seconds. Once completely Naruto took the water color easil that wouldn't bleed through the paper he was able to bring his creation to life causing the crimson haired Milf to bite down upon her full plump lips as she could feel her own plump womanly pussy was begining to gush with her pussy juices as Naruto turned his direction towards the ravishing red headed female.

After a short conversation between the blodne nad the red headed mother they went into the kitchen where Kushina had prepared a healthy stamina boosting bowl fo ramen, seeing as how Naruto had a long night ahead of him he needed all the stamina he could get  taking the chop sticks into his hand the blodne instantly devored the entire meal in one swift motion Kushina was rather happy to do this for him seeing as how her husband Minato had died trying to seal away the Nine Tails within his son, yet she was able to survive due to her healthy lfie force and span leaving only her Naruto and Karin to tend to.

Meanwhile within the halls of the Hidden Leaf Medical Unit Sakura had just finished her shift,all the while keeping up an illusion keep the male patients from seeing her newly modified body she was only keeping it all to the blonde future Hokage. Once the pink haired medical kunoichi had replaced her skimpy little nurse's outfit which she recovered after her little session with Naruto Sakura bids her fello comrades Ino Yamaka, her hidden crush and rival and Kabuto Yakushi, a former rouge shinobi of the village who was working for Orochimaru had came back after his former master's demsie at the hands of the raven haired Uchiha reformed in his ways with the grace fo the Fifth Hokage he had been reinstated as a medical shinobi working for the village.

Sakura was walking down the streets fo the village whistling a merry tune, as she was wearing her usual outfit being a crimson colred vest with a meshy armored bra underneath along with a paor of biker shorts that were beige in color. The pink haired medical kunoichi was sauntering her curvacoues hips all the while her round heart shaped ass cheeks were swaying in a rahter hypnotic manner, all the while she couldn't get the image of her warm and wet mouth enveloped around the blonde haired lover's cock causing her to lick her full plump lips as she headed towards her clan hom within the heart of the Residential District.

Suddenly Sakura stopped for a brief second she could hear the low docile tones of the Nine Tails ringing in her ears calling her like a siren's song. 'Little bitch come to me I'm in need of your healing touch." Once these words escaped the Nine Tails Sakura turned her direction towards Naruto's apartment having a little spring in her step that she wasn't quite aware of. This was naother of the Nine Tails Sage Techniques its effect was to turn bakc the clock upon the targert making themfee younger than what they actually weree giving them more stamina and libito soemthing that Naruto would be greatly pleased with.

After a steamy shower Naruto put on his night garments which were just a paor of ornage and black trimmed boxers as he climbed into his king sized bed big enough for two people after Kushina gives him a good night kiss she shut the door behind her. Being a rather astute shinobi Naruto placed a sound and chakra barrier upon the door, one so strong that not even the Sealing Mistress could break as he unlocked the window letting Sakura climb inside as he relaxed upon the bed with a big goofy grin on his visage as he rubbed his sun tanned calloused palms together.

It didn't take long for Sakura to climb inside, she gave Naruto a rather pleasant show by sliding one fo her heavenly long legs among the window sill letitng her big round ass into the air as she dispelled the illusion. Once doing so Naruto could see the rather skimpy pink laced bra that barely covering her newly modified breasts that jiggled a little bit they seemed to defy gravity causing the blonde to grin with a more perverted smirk as his crimson eyes gazed upon her laced pink thong g-string panties that seem to dissappear into her ass crack causing his cock to harden and twitch a little bit.

When Sakura stepped into the room she sauntered her curvaceous hips making his heart shaped ass cheeks to sway in a hypnotic manner causing Naruto to lick his dry partched pale lips. Transfixed by her movements Sakura gets clsoer and closer towards the bed Naruto was thinking about the many way to utilzie his new little fuck toy, then at that moment the blonde could hear the low docile tone of the Nine Tails ringing in his ears like a churvh bell as the Beast was taking over  utlizing the Body Modification Jutus on himself encasing himself in a cloud of smoke.

Once the smoke cleared Sakura's emerald eyes widened  while licking her full plumps lips seeing the blodne Adonis before her cisage. This sight along was making her pussy gush with her juices making her pink panties show off a wet patch casuing Naruto to smirk as she approached him smirking with a rather seductive gin and a wink. "Did someone make a house call?" Sakura's tone was husky and sultry causing the blodne haired shinobi to grin as the pink haired kunoichi saw the big meat stick that was hidden within the thin fabric prison

"As a matter fo fact I did Sakura-chan?" Naruto smirked as the pink haired medical kunoixhi utilized her well amicured fingernails that were a cute shade of pink to tug at his wasit band peeling off the boxers with one swift motion as the hard throbbing meat stick sprang loose smacking her right upon her cute face the pre cum bubbling from the tip smeared right on to the face this was Naruto's symbol that she was his pto use as he pleased Sakura then went to work with one of her soft supple well moisturized hands began stroking the girthy meat stick, but unlike before she had a little trouble getting her hand aroudn the girth this time causing Naruto to smirk.

"What's wrong is my sexy little nurse having a little trouble?" Naruto inquired with a hint of teasingness in his voice, but this only spurred Sakura on to try a little harder causing her to squeeze a little bit on the growing meat stick causing it to pulse powerfully and throb  causing the blodne to let a llouder more sensual groan of pleasure as he began to put his plan into action as one of his sun tanned callosued hands reached out to grab the bra strings slipping the thin fabric off with one swift moution letting those newly modified breasts bounce freely with a pah-plomph sound.

Without warning Naruto gripped on to Sakura's  widened curvaceous hips lifting her up off of the air causing her to gasp in surprise as a bute pink blush appeared upon hrer angelic face. Once Naruto had placed her upon the matress fo the king sized bed he pressed his body against hers as he began to straddled  her flattened toned stomach his girhty meat stick was resting between hthe pink haired medical kunoichi's immenese breasts her cute pink nipples were squashed agasint the sides of his girthy cock casuing him to smirk loving the feeling of how soft and supple Sakura's newly modified breasts felt agaisnt his newly modiifed cock.

Once Naruto had wrapped his immense cock inbetween those soft and cushiony pillows fo breast flesh he began to roll his hips back and forth at a slow motion fucking pace, all the while the tip was resting against Sakura's full plump lips her lust filled emerald eyes locked with his crimson ones as he lets out a low throaty animalistic growl causing her to squeak in pleasure Naruto began to prasie his new little fuck toy for jsut how soft and supple her breasts felt as he began to increase the tempo and momentum of his hip movements. "Ohhhh fuck Sakura-chan you're breasts feel so soft and supple wrapped around my meat stick!"

Sakura was just about to respond to the comment, but before she could do so Naruto inserted the mushroom like cock tip as she went to work on suckling the tip lapping up all the pre cum that was bubbling amonst the tip loving the burning taste as it leaked into her throat. Naruto could feel his big cum tanks begining to stir as his thrusts became faster and more powerful as he felt his big balls begining to stir a little bit signaling that he was getting very clsoe to hsi secnod release of the day the blodne leaned into Sakura's ear whispering those sweet nothings as he gritted his teeth. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sakura-chan use that little mouth fo yours to get me so close, but I want to cum all over you claiming you as my little fuck toy to use when I see fit!"

Hearing this Sakura let out a loud and sensual moan of pleasure, for when she did this she sent those pleasurable vibrations that sent Naruto insane with pleasure causing him to grunt and groan as sweat beads were rolling down his strong and slender spine. Feeling that familar sensation of his cum tanks begining to tighten signaling the fast approaching typhoon of cum Naruto looked down to see that the pink ahired medical kunoichi's plump little pussy was glistening wet from just simple action causing Naruto to smirk widely. "My my Sakura-chan your pussy is so wet from just me giving you a good titfucking I just can't wait to stuff this cock into that pussy of yours streching it out to the shape fo this cock I'm betting it will rock your world so good that it will the only thing you think about."

Hearing this Sakura's pussy gushed soiling on to the bed sheets Naruto knew he would have to expalin this to his mother in the morning, but he didn't care about that at the current moment he was only enthralled in breaking in his new little fuck toy. Thrusting his strong hips which were like two piston powered steam engines at this point feeling his balls tightening. Suddenly Sakura get a bright idea, one that she would ensure that the blodne would blast his load all over her without warning she begins to hum a cheerful tune causing more and more pleasurable vibrations around the length of Naruto's hard and throbbing cock as it was a deep dark shade of purple this to Naruto was a flicking of a switch.

This was the breaking pont for the blonde haired shinoib, and with one final thrust he grabbed his throbbing and twitching cock out of the pink haired female's warm and wet mouth as it was dripping with a mixture of her saliva and throat slime as it bursted out a typhoon of thick white sticky substnace covering every inch of Sakura's body from her angelic face and even on to her long luxurious pink hair to her ample breasts and some drops splattered on to her erect nipples and her flattened toned stoamch as he panted heavily relaxing upon the king sized bed.

After a few brief moments the blonde and the pink haired duo quickly regained ther senses they were engaged in a steamy passionate kiss, all the while thier tounge wrangled in a bttle for supremacy. Naruto was ultimately the victor allowing him to revel in the spols fo victory as his tounge exploredevery nook and cranny of the pink haired medical kunoichi's throat. All the while the pink haired vixen was monaing and melwing the entire time as she was grinding against the blodne Adonis showing off her expert skill by gyrating her curvaceous hips craving that meat stick to be plunged inside her as it was growing back to its full length and girth seeing as how Kurema had given Naruto the ability to recover rather quickly.

Seizing the opportunity Naruto rested upon the bed, grabbing Sakura by her slender hips lining her up with his hard throbbing cock as it was pressed against her rear entrance causing her to maon loudly in pleasure as Naruto rubbed the tip against both her pussy and rear entrance to increase the pleasure output and to use her own pussy juices as a lubricant ssince Naruto's cock was the first one in that hole at all. Right away he coulsense this as he locked up with Sakura as his lips were right at her neck knowing full well that he needed to suckle on it again when he slides inside.

Once Naruto's cock tip was throughly lubricated he slid it inside, but once he did so he could hear Sakura yelping in a mixture of pleasure and. Just as Naruto assumed he needed to suckle down upon her neck as he lightly thrusted his strong hips sliding inch after inch of his hard throbbing cock a few inches inside while one fo his sun tanned calloused hands upon Sakura's bulging stomach rubbing it in small circles causing it to make a loud and lewd sloshing sound this was music to his ears. Wishing to cut to the chase Naruto slammed his entire length inside his pink haired lover's rear entrance breaking it within seconds causing her to cry out in pleasure her eyes were welling up with tears as Naruto could hear a loud audible fart causing the blonde's lust filled eyes to narrow as Sakura's eyes widen nearly bulging out of her head.

Sakura's lust fulled emerald eyes saw stars to Naruto's reactions as she bite her lower lip feeling the pleasure, then Naruto gripped both of her wide curvaceous hips begining to bounce her along the length of his hard throbbing cock as her inner walls were trying to keep up. The pink haired kunoichi knew that the blonde was always over eager as her ample breasts werejiggling and wobbling to the thrusts her entire body quiver and shook as if an earth quake was erupting deep within her body as her heavenly long legs were shaking as she elaned her head back resting upon Naruto's shoulder. "Ohhh fuck by Kami Naruto-kun your cock reaches farther than Sasuke-kun does."

Without warning Naruto gives Sakura's immense ass cheeks a stinging smack causing her to squak as the cheeks jiggled and wobbled this sight aroused both Naruto and Sakura greatly causing her pussy juices to smear along her heavenly long legs. "I'm the only cock you'll ever need Sakura-chan I'm the one you belong to, not to Sasuke or anyone else!" This spurred Naruto on to grip tighter on to Sakura's curvaceous hips, his fingernails dug into the creamy skin as he continued to bounce her along the length of his cock at a rhymthic pace causing ehr pink nipples to rise and fall seeming to nearly defy gravity.

At a brief second Naruto's sun tanned calloused hands to pinch and tweak the hardened nipples causing the pink haired medical kunoichi causing her to squeak in pleasure as she bite her full plump lips as her ass cheeks were a cute shade of pink that matched both her hair, lips and nipples as her body was shaking with every upward thrust that Naruto made along with the controlled downward bounces giving Naruto full control as he growled into Sakura's ears causing her to blush a little bit a deeper darker shade of crimson as Naruto's voice became hsuky and sultry. "Say it my little vixen bitch, say that you're and no one else's!"

After saying this Naruto began to pull and tug upon Sakura's erect nipples, then an idea came to his mind to increase the pleasure output as the pink ahired medicla kunoichi couldn't help but resist due to the lust filled haze within her mind. "I'm yours Naruto-kun I'm your fuck toy and no one else's!" Hearing this the blonde patted the pink hiared female upon the head loving hearing this. "That's a good girl Sakura-chan that's what I like to hear." Naruto began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts making the newly modified breasts and ass cheeks to jiggle and wobble.

Without warning Naruto placed his plan into action, summoning a Shadow Clane whom using a Transformation turned into the Fourth Hokage causing Sakura to gasp in surprise as she kept her heavenly long legs opened wide . Naruto leaned back as he lied into the matress as he turned his attention back to Sakura as he kept up his upward thrusts. "Sakura-chan how about a Kage Sandwich?" Nodding agreeingly Sakura kept her heavenly long legs spread wide as the clone gripped ehr by her curvaceous hips as he slid his hard throbbing meat stick inside her slipperry wet pussy as the duo began to thrust htier hips at the same time.

Both Naruto and the clonde had increase the speed and power of their thrusts both grunting and groaning like a couple of animlas as beads of sweat dripped down thier strong and slender spines. A loud wet flesh slapping sound could be heard amongst the melody fo lust as both Naruto and his clone were gritting thier fox like fangs feeling the immense pleasure all the while Sakura was maoning and melwing in pleasure, the lsut had overwhelmed her pleasure center  her body went numb as electricty trickled up and down her slender spine.

Unbeknonwst to them a glimmering crimson eye was shimmering throught the darkness watching them like a vigilant hawk. This cromson eye belonged to one Sasuke Uchiha, the young heir fo the Uchiha Clan, and the bearer of the Sharingan Eye. The raven haired shinobi muttered a curse under his breath as he meditated on this rather arousing sight as his own cock was hardening within an instant of seeing this arousing sight. 'Dammed dobe stealing my pink haired medic bitch right out from under me, next time we go sparring I'll get him back for this my words be marked.'

Sensing this Naruto directed his attention towards the wall, unaware that the eye had already dissappeared causing him to shrug his shoulders as he continued his onslaught upon the pink haired kunoichi as he massage, squeezed and spanked both Sakura's immense breasts and ass cheeks causing her to moan in pleasure. Meanwhile within the recesses of his mind Kurema was watching it all through Naruto's mind's eye in its human form which was a ravishing cromson haired female who was a miniature verson of Kushina two fo her well manicured fingernails were plunged deep within her dripping wet pussy.

This process lasted for the span of about thirty minutes, the blonde and his clone was quite surprised that Sakura had been holding on for so long. The reason for this was another of the Nine Tails abilities something that Naruto was quite inpressed with. Suddenly as both Naruto and his clone were in the middle fo thier onslaught Naruto could hear the Nine Tails speaking to the blonde its docile tones rang clear as a bell. "Hey kit let me come and play too." Naruto smirked as he ran some chakra through his fingertips to  a fox tattoo upon his shoulder, a cloud of smoke appeared upon the king sized bed as it rattled and shook with each and every one of the powerful thrusts as the crimson haired female who had ravishing cromson hair with immense breasts, nipples and ass cheeks, but unlike Sakura her skin was sun tanned which was the one major difference.

Kurema poked at the Fouth Hokage clone as his slammed his immense cock within the pink haired female's dripping wet pussy as she whispered into his ear. "Fuck her mouth I want a taste of this littel vixen bitch." Sakura shivered as she heard Kurema's commanding animalistic growl as the clone slipped out of her gaping pussy with its juices dripping down from his hard throbbing cock which was a depe shade of purpleas glovs fo pre cum was bubbling up from the mushroom like tip, then the blonde clone gripped the pink haired female medical kunoichi's mouth as a bit of drool was drbbling down her chin.

"Open up bitch I'm gonna blow my last laod depe down your throat!" The Fourth Hokage clone growled into her ear with a low throaty animalistic growl causing the pink haired medical kunoichi to moan in pleasure as her pussy juices gushed splattering on to Kurema's face causing her to act as if she had gotten sniped. "Kami damnit this bitch is a Grade A certified squirter!" Kurema licked her sweetly licked her lips as her taste buds exploded as her crimson eyes widened in lustful craving causing her to drool a little bit taste a sweet bublegum flavor. "Holy shit this bitch tastes like bubblegum!"

Before Sakura could get in a sarcastic snipit she was interrupted by the blonde clone's immense cock getting shoved inside her warm and wet mouth as he thrusted his strong hips thrusting from two poston powered steam engines as the real Naruto smirked in pleasure. One of his orange colored chakra powered palms patted Kurema upon the head loving the reaction between the trio. "I'm glad to see that everyone's getting along just fine." Both the blodne clone and the crimson haired female smriked in unison as they began thier work as the trio was getting clsoer towards their climatic edge.

Feeling that familar sensation both Naruto and his clone was reaching the edge of thier limits as thier cum tanks were begining to tighten Kurema was helping out by utilizng her long tounge to give Sakura's soaking wet pussy some long lvoing lips lapping up all the pussy juices. On some occassion Kurema's tougne ran over the clit at the top of Sakrua's pussy causing her to moan in pleasure sending pleasurable vibrations around the blodne hared shinobi's cock sending him near cross eyed with pleasure as both he and the blonde haired shinobi whispered into both of Sakrua's blood fueledears their breathing hiked and raggard . "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sakura-chan we're so close!"

At this point the crimson haired beauty was begining to suckle upon Sakura's hard and aching clit causing ehr to moan loudly and lewdly ni pleasure sending those pleasurable vibrations around the Fourth Hokage clone's cock causing him to moan in pleasure while gritting his teeth. Unbkonwst ot the trio they were gathering up orange colored chakra causing Kurema to get ever stronger as she was showing off expert skill by getting Sakura so clsoe to her climax by lightly grazing her sharp fangs against the aching clit as the crimson haired female heard Naruto before he was aobut to blast off.

"Sakura-chan we're going to... we're going to..." Before both the blonde haired shinobi or his blonde haired clone could finish thier sentence they shot off a typhoon of sticky white and yellow substance into both of Sakura's holes as they gripped her tight causing ehr flattened toned stomach  causing it to bulge out even futher as the pink haired kunoichi swallowed what seemed like an endless supply of cum. Kurema nibbled down upon Sakura's aching clit that was all she wrote  for the pink haired medical kunoichi, and with a loud squal of pleasure Sakura shot a huge orgasm within the warm wet mouth fo the crimson haired female finishing ehr transformation as the words 'Naruto's Medic.' written in neon pink upon her immense ass cheeks as the quartet embraced in a pleasure induced slumber.

A/N Thus ends the first chapter of this series, but trust me this series has only just begun don't worry though uplaods will be rather fluid just as my other stories with that being said I wish you a fond fare well untill next time buh bye.




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