Naruto's Book of Lust

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Author's Note Greetings my little lovelies I just wanted to welcome you to my new series I just wanna say that this is going to be a side story whiel I'm working on the Kami of Lust jsut to tide you over while I'm working between each ofthose chapters and there will be only one differece between this series and the Kami of Lust Naruto isn't the only one who's gonna get some action anyway with all of that underway let's get the first chapter underway!

Additional Warnings This series contains lots of lemon including Inc, HJ, BJ, Anal, Oral some bits of titfuck, some bits of Yuri including Fingering, Fisting and some Toy usage this seris also includes 3Plus and DP not to mention some Body Modification and Gender Bending through the use of chakra along with everything else i'll put in additional warnings if something new pops up now with all that out of the way let the first chapter commence!

Chapter One The Whirlpool Goddess

It was a warm sunny day in the cillage of Konohagakure no Sato, the brillant bright globe of light was shining bright upon the village as it was over hung in a cerulean curtain that matched the sun golden aura of the village's residential Jinjuriki Naruto Uzumaki as this radiant sun golden ball fo light was proctected by a barrier fo clouds as a calm cool breeze was blowing through the village giving off an aura of serinity and peace as the day marched onlike a solider in the midst of the battle field all the while the Five Great Elemntal Nations were experiencing an ear of peace.

Blue birds chirped a merry tune as they were perched high atop thier lofty perches in the branches of the lush dense forest surrounding the village all the while the denizens were going about thier daily routines without a care in the Shinobi Realm all the while a certain elder blodne hiared shinobi was toiling laborously in the Hokage Tower, which was the tallest building in the village itself as it overlooked the Great Stone Faces which was a momument dedicated to honoring the Hokages that had come before and after teh elder blonde haired shinobi who was the ruling Hokage at the time.

Nestled deep within the walls of the Hokage Tower a certain elder blodne haired shinobi was working hard to stablize the village he was known as Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage reknown as the Yellow Flash for his incredible speed and the ability to utilize teleportation his face was carved upon the Great Stone Faces for his heroism in stopping the rampaging Tailed Beast knonw as the Nine Tails, one of the nine aggrigates fo the beast known as the Ten Tails from destorying the village of Konoha not to mention killing the Masked Man whihc he soon found out was former student Obito Uchiha when he was a Jonin it hurt his heart to do such a thing but it had to be done to prevent future destruction.

Aiding him in his work was his lvely and beautiful assistant Kushina Uzumaki, known as the Red Hot Habenro for both her luscious crimson hair and her equally firey temper the two had fallen in love after an incident when she was jsut a little kid when she had been kidnapped by the Hidden Cloud because she was the former Jinjuriki fo the Nine Tails she had clipped off some of her crimson hair to let the search parites know where to find but no one could locate her jsut when it all seemed lsot Minato rushed to her side saving her in the nick of time.

Minato loved his wife and she was very beautiful he should know this for a fact for when she wasn't wearing her normal outfit whihc was a violet colored top with black trimming that hugged to her rather large breasts which had grown quite in size since she had given birth to their two children Naruto and Karin he also knew that her nipples had gotten much larger too and he loved that most of because when she would use them to rub his hard throbbing cock he would cum almost instantly from thier size the elder blodne also lover her flattened toned stomach and her slender waist he also adored those wide curvaceous hips and most of all he loved that big round heart shaped ass the most and Kushina loved it when his big balls would smack against those lovely cheeks. 

In al of his innocent and heroic nature Minato had gained a darker more perverted nature due to being around the silver haired master Jiraya the Taod Sage, one of the three Sannin the yellow haired head of both the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans loved to see his wife wearing some rather skimpy attireand in this case Kushina was wearing a rather skimpy secratry outfit allowing him to see all her curves fitted in the all the right places causing him to lick his lips as he was working upon the mountains of paperwork that the angelic crimson haired female placed upon his table causing her to lean forward at some times making her large gloves of flesh on her chest to be more prominent as the elder blonde's cock to grow bigger in the lining of his white and flame trimmed Hokage outfit.

Seeing this Kushina smirked widely she saw this as she was doing her job rather well which was to get her husband excited for the night ahead as she smirked at the blonde haired shinobi as she could see the golden orb of light begining to set signaling the rise of the moon and this was when the real Kushina came out to play because Minato knew that deep down the crimson haired beauty was a demon of lsut when it came to pleasing her husband in the sack something that she was rather proud of doing every chance that they had while they were together as a cuople.

Within the Uzumaki Clan lied a dark perverted secret when it came to pleasure they kept it all in the family so to speak even Naruto and Karin weren't immune tothis little fact as while they were along and not on missions they would constantly get hot and heavy when in the younger blonde's king sized bed something that Naruto loved the most he sometimes thought to himself that his own sister and mother's wonderful pussies tasted better than the best bowl of Ichiraku Ramen that could ever be cooked up something that he could greatly be proud of.

Minato had just finshed his last mountain of paperwork and with that he teasingly and playfully pinched his wife's bountiful ass cheeks causing her to both mona lewdly and giggle rather cutely as the elder blonde leaned back in his comfortable chair as he pondered upon just how the night would rise and he would pleasure his wife seeing as how his cock was as solid as a rock something that Kushina loved the best then without warning the crimson haired beauty whispered an idea to the blonde haired Hokage her hot sultry seduvtive breath causing him to blush a little bit as her breath tickled his ear causing him to moan and groan a little bit causing Kushina to smile as she could sense the elder blodne's lsut growing deep inside.

"Lord Hokage-sama I know its late and I know you feel all tensed up so why don't I ease some of your stress." Minato shuddered at the thought he knew that fucking in public was one of Kushina's more well known kinks something that he lvoed to fulfill however seeing as how he had a reputation to uphold he didn't do it wwhiel others were watching yet to the crimson haired beauty this thrilled and exhilerated her causing her plump womanly pussy to gush with her juces causing the elder blonde to smirk as he quickly replied to the crimson haired beauty. "I suppose Kushina-chan I'm all done for the day and no one else is watching us so why not let's do it right here and now it shoudln't take long at all." Hearing this Kushina smiled with glee as she went to her work right away by dropping to her knees as the elder blodne helped her out of the skimpy uniform that she was wearing allowing her gorgeous body to be on display as the horny MILF crawls to the blonde's lower regions causing him to smirk as he patted her head.

The crimson haired beuaty went to her work by slowly and teasingly pulling down the elder blonde's white and solar flammed trimmed lower portion of his Hokage uniform revealing a matching pair of boxers the cirmson haired beauty licked ehr cute pink lips as she saw the big bulge that was in the lining of these boxers then without warning the crimson haired beuaty freed the elder blonde hiared amle's cock as it flopped free from it s fabric prison smacking the crimson haired beuaty directly on her angelic face as her full plup lips were directly at the mushroom like tip causing the elder blonde to smile as he patted her head as the Uzumaki matriarch went to her mechinations.

Kushina began to tease the elder yellow hiared shinobi by utilizing ehr cute pink tounge to glide up and down the entire length of her husband's hard throbbing cock he loved every bit of her teasing as she recieved a moan of pleasure as her sign of approval as she was makingsure to hit all of the pleasure spots getting his hard throbbing cock all nice and shiny with her saliva all the while she utilized her soft supple moisturized hands to stroke his cock all the while she was doing this making the elder blonde almost going cross eyed as he was losing control of his sanity ssomething that Kushina prided upon taking from her blodne haired lvoer.

Minato simply stroked his wife's luscious crimson hair whihc was so soft and its texture was so smooth Minato loved the smell to him it was like a big bowl fo strawberries as he licked his lips as globs of pre cum were bubbling up from the mishroom like tip the thick oily substance leaked down from the tip and glided down the length landing upon Kushina's cute pink tounge her taste buds exploded as some fo the substance landed upon her cute angelic face as she teased her husband's hard throbbing cock ever futher by leaving loving little kisses upon his cock tip causing him to mona out loud and shudder a little bit in pleasure.

This whole entire process was overwhelming the elder blonde's pleasure center in his brain as the crimson haired female began her work as she wrapped ehr full plump lips around the mushroom like cock tip causing the elder blodne to moan in pleasure as he gritted his teeth as his body went tense Kushina knew her husband very well his dark side which only she was allowed to see was rather dominant and she was his submissive little slave as he begins to place a sun tanned calloused hand upon her cute head causing her to gasp in surprise to this sudden action as the crimson haired female engulfed her husband's ten inch cock into her warm wet mouth willingly as she was making loud lewd suckling sounds which was music to the elder blonde's ears that were burning hot with his clan's blood.

Minato instinctly rolled his strong hips back and forth as his cock slid futher down into the crimson haired female's warm wet mouth as he could fele his mushroom like cock tip entering into hthe back of her throat causing the crimson haired female to lightly choke and gag a little bit something that Minato loved as his big balls that were filled with his thick rich white and somewhat yellowish chunky spunk was stirring lightly as the crimson haired female's saliva was dripping out of her mouth and landing upon his big balls making them all nice and shiny as they smacked against her chin iMinato could read her mind and he knew his wife wasloving every second of this as he begins to lightly increase the speed and pwoer of his thrusts.

Kushina showed off some of her expert skill as she moaned around her husband's hard throbbing cock sending pleasurable waves of vibration as the elder blonde's hard throbbing cock causing him to nearly llsoe his mind and want to just explode right then and there however he had a little bit more stamina than this and he continued his mechinations pumping his strong powerful hips which were like two piston pwoered steam engines as his big balls were smacking the crimson haired female's cute angelic features as he undid the ponytail letting the crimson curtain fall upon her luscious body as the elder blodne continued thrusting his hips grunting and groaning like an animal in heat all the while the crimson haired female was moaning loudly and lewdly around the elder blodne's hard throbbing cock as mroe and more globs fo pre cum was bubbling up from the mushroom like tip.

Minato could fele his cock tip entering the back of his wife's throat as she was utilizing hher throat muscles to squeeze around the mushroom like tip as fi ti were her tight warm wet womanly pussy that was begining to get moisturized by just this action as thier combined maon and groans of lsut were filling the empty halls of the Tower as they didn't rightly care who was listening at the current moment they were just encaptivated by their immense pleasure as the crimson haired female utilized her soft supple moisturized hands to lightly massage and caress her husband's big balls feeling the soft smooth skin as she could see a slight tuft of blonde hiars residing near the base as she could feel more and more of the elder blonde's cock entering the back of her throat as his bright cerulean blue eyes were darkening eith lust as he could feel his first rogasm approaching rather quickly a little quicker than he would like or admit.

Suddenly the elder blodne could feel a strange occurance happenign he didn't realize that his wife had revealed another one of her expert tricks that she had aquired in her arsenal of pleasing her elder blodne haired lvoer was the ability to hum a merry tune as the elder blodne picked up the pace as he had both of his hands upon the crimson haired beuaty's head thrusting his hips with his full force as his big balls were slapping her face as his animalistic nature was coming out to play letting loose this was the thing that Kushina lover the most about her husband as she gripped tightly to hsi strong waist gripping tightly with both hands as she was reduced to a simple cum dumpster something that she lvoer very mushc as the elder blonde could fele his limit's end coming with every passing second as he could fele his big balls stirring ever more as he gritted his teeth feeling the immense pleasure of it all.

Leaning his head back Minato growled into Kushina's sun tanned ear with a low throaty growl as she shuddered in delight her body was covered in goose bumps as he spoke with a sedivtive tone as his hot sultry breath was tickling his wife's earlove causing ehr to bulsh a dark shade of crimson that matched her long flowing curtian of hair as he was going cross eyed with immense pleasure. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami my hime I'm getting so clsoe!" Hearing this Kushina went into a berserk animalistic like state as she utilized her tight throat msucles to squeeze around her husband's hard throbbing cock as it pulsed and twitched as it grew a deep dark shade of purple that matched hsi wife's normal clothing as the elder blonde gripped upon the arm rest fo his chair as he could feel his big balls tightening a little bit as he continued thrusting his hips faster and harder as he gets ever clsoer to dumping his load into her.

Minato couldn't handle it no longer he tried to lean down to whisper into his wife's ear to warn her of his immentnt load's release howerver he was a little too late as he was only able to get out only a few words. "Ku-ku-kushina-chan I-i'm ab-ab-about t-t-t-to-" Minato couldn't stop himself or finish his speaking as he felt hsi big balls tightening as he roared out loud spilling his essence into his his wife's warm wet mouth causing ehr cheeks to get a littel puffy as she grunk every drop as it enterd deep down into her tihgt throat as the strong muscles pumpled hsi twitching cock  milking it for all the spunk that contianed as the elder blonde let out a sigh of relief as he leaned back inot his chair as the crimson haired female drunk down his dickmilk making sure not to spill a drop as the thick white ropes fo cum sprayed down her throat as the elder blonde haired shinobi lets her head go as he was panting rather heavily while patting his wife's head.

Once Minato pulled his cock out of his crimson haired wife's warm wet mouth as he sighed as he pulled hsi pants back up as the crimson haired Uzumaki matriarch smiled at him as she gave a rather seductive display as the last thick rope of the elder blonde's rich thick cum that was in her mouth she leaned her head back as she trew that last drop into the air then she caught back in her warm wet mouth gulping it down making a loud lewd sound as she rubbed her bulging stomach sighing in relief as the elder blonde noticed tat he still had a few papers to get back to as he turned his attention to the crimson hiared female smirking at her while patting her head smirking widely at her from ear to ear as she puts ehr garments back on.

"As much as I'd love to keep this going my hime I've got some more work to get back to so why doin't you head back home and I'll meet with you shortly." Kushina nodded her head as she begins to leave the fully emmaculate office walking down the long winding stair case leading down towards the entrance to the Hokage Tower heading out of the Diplomatic District heading towards the Uzumaki clan home that was in the heart of the Residential District as the crimson haired beauty watched as the sun went down signaling the rise of the moon as she smirked widely making sure to follow the dimly lit street lamps as she made her way towards her destination whistling a merry tune under her breath moving her curvy hips with every step making ehr bountiful ass cheeks sway in a hypnotic manner.

It didn't take long for the crimson haired beauty to make her way towards her destination which was a two story brownstone apartment that was able to house its four occupants Kushina fumbled through her pockets looking for her keys however she heard the big mahagony wooden door which was locked from the inside as she was greeted by the bright warm smile of her eldest son whose bright sparkling azure eyes gazed upon her gorgeous body as he was licking his lips as he greeted his mother with both a big bear hug allownig her to feel his rippling muscles in his usual garments which were an orange and dark trimmed jumpsuit as the younger blonde greeted his mother with a warm peck upon the cheek causing her to blush a little bit.

"Good early evening Kaa-chan I hope you weren't wroking too hard with Lord Hokage-sama?" Kushina giggled rather cutely as she could see that her son was trying to act all innocent as he was sneaking glances at her gorgeous body causing him to lick his lips as he could feel his bulge in the lining of his pants getting rather more prominant causing the crimson haired matriarch to giggle sweetly making her tather large breasts to jiggle ever so slight causnig Naruto to smirk widely from ear to ear as she responded to her son's burning question. "No Sochi I've been working at my normal pace thank you for asking."

Naruto took a step backward letting his mother inot the house as she took a few steps inot the house scanning over the contents she walked into the den where therewas a comfortable leather couch in the center with two comfortable recliners off to one side fo the den a bear skinned rug was lying on the floor where the couch was along with a cozy fire place to give the house its warmth and inviting aura as the Uzumaki matriarch swayed her curvy hips back and forth making her bountiful ass cheeks to sway back and foth causing theyounger blodne to instinctibely lick his lips as his lust was bubbling up to the suface as he shut and locked the door without a second though as one of his sun tanned callosued hands smacked the crimson haired female's bountiful ass cheeks making them jiggle and bounce a little making those bountiful ass cheeks to jiggle and bounce a little as Kushina gasped in surprise.

Knowing full well what her son wanted Kushina smirked with a perverted grin she knew what she was about to do would be wrong, but she didn't care because her lust was overwhelming her as she licked her full plump lips as she pounced upon her younger blonde son knocking him on his toned ass catching him completely off guard as the crimson haired beauty could see the big bulge tenting in the lining fof his pants causing the beautiful MILF to lick her lips as she took him to the comfortable leather couch setting him upon the cushion as she begins to remove him of his orange and dark trimmed shorts revealing the mesh armor under along with those orange and dark trimmed boxers seeing a big bulge in his pants.

When Kushina tugged upon her son's boxers with her teeth tugging them down with one swift motion then something rather big long and thick smacked the crimson haired beauty directly on her angelic cheeks causing ehr to see stars as she purred like the crimson haired cougar that she is as Naruto shuddered and blushed as she smirked at her son as he didn't protest as the crimson haired beauty begins to lightly stroke upon the base to the tip of her son's big bar like cock causing him to lean his head back and groaning in pleasure as some globs of pre cum was bubbling from the mishroom like tip.

It took Kushina a little effort to wrap her soft supple moisturized hand to wrap around the curvature of her son's hard throbbing cock as her manicured fingertips rubbed over the purplish viens causing the younger blonde to bite his lower lip as the crimson haired beauty begins to utilize some expert skill as her cute pink tounge to glide from the base to the tip of her son's big bar like cock as she looked down to see his big balls which were big tanks that held thick verile Uzumaki spunk as the crimson haired beauty was making loud lewd licking and sucking souncds as the blonde leaned back just sitting there enjoying the entire pleasurable experience. "Shooo good." Kushina muttered as she could feel her tight plump womanly pussy begining to moisturize.

Without warning Naruto utilize his Wind Nature chakra to rip Kushina out of all of clothing revealing her goddess like body as her large breasts feel free with a loud pah plomph sound as the crimson haired beauty dropped to her knees all the while Naruto couldn't help but stare at his mother goddess like body as he licked his lips as his big bar like cock pulsed and twitched in his mind he was thanking Kami for giving him such a beautiful mother as she went to work with her mechinations as she engulfed her son's cock with one swift motion causing him to moan out loud as he leaned his head back as he was slowly losing his snaity feling the immense pleasure as the crimson haired beauty begins to suck on the cock that she helped to create.

Naruto was in his own little world as the crimson haired beauty begins to make her loud lewd suckling noises as she bobbed her head along the length of her own son's cock causing the blodne haired male to grit his teeth as he nearly went cross eyed feeling the immense pleasure as the blodne could see that his azure eyes were darkening with lust as the crimson ahired beuaty introduced her younger blonde haired shinobi to ehr warm wet mouth as her saliva was encoating his entire length as she continued to bob her angelic head agianst his cock's length as the younger blonde was letting out a low throaty animalistic grona of pleasure as he begins to lightly roll his strong hips bach and forth light causing the crimson haired beauty gasped in surprise.

Naruto gripped his mother's angelic head with one of his sun tanned hands as he held it in place as he thrusted his hips increasing the tempo and momentum of his thrust as sweat was rolling down the hills and vallies of his strong and slender spine as he listened to his mother's loud and lewd sucking sounds as the younger blonde could feel his mushroom like cock tip had entered the back of her throat as it squeezed around like a velvet vice causing the younger Uzumaki to narrow his darkened azure eyes as if he were in Sage Mode as his big balls were smacking against his mother's chin making a loud and lewd wet flesh smacking sound all the while the intoicating aroma of their scent was wafting throughout the room.

All the while Naruto's cute yet seduvtive sister Karin was busy toiling away in the kitchen more spefically the stove as she had been working hard to prepare supper for the family seeing as how she had learned how tocook from her new friend Sakura Haruno the two had became friends ever since Sasuke had come back to the village or in other words after the younger blodne had nearly beaten him to a pulp in thier final battle the pink haired kunoichi had taught the crimson haired Uzumaki sibling how to be a proper kunoichi after she had come back to rejoin the family the blodne had taken quite a liking to her and ever since she had revealed to him that they were siblings the two had a little 'bonding' quality time together. 

Karin had poked her cute little head out of the sliding glass door of the kitchenseeing that the stained glass was fogged up causing her to slide it open allowing her to see the arousing sight that was before her causing ehr jaw to nearly drop to the floor as she was watching her mother sucking on her brother's big bar like cock causing her bright eyes widen as she see that her full plump lips were licking the upper part of her dry partched lips all the while she was listening to the loud lewd sounds of her mother sucking off her own son  Karin quickly shut the sliding glass door returning back to the kitchen as her cheeks were as red as her crimson colored hair as she washed her face off with cold water to cool her body down.

Naruto could feel more and more of his big bar like cock entering his mother's tight throat he was quite impressed that his mother was taking his cock down so expertly as she utilized some expert skill scausing her inner throat muscles to squeeze around his hard throbbing twitching cock pulsed as the viens were turning a deep dark shade of purple as he could feel his big balls stirring and tightening a little bit signaling his laod was approaching rather faster than he would have liked as he patted his mother's head feeling the soft smooth texture of her hair as he goraned out loudly. "Ohhhh fuck by Kami Kaa-chan I'm so fucking clsoe!" Hearing this from her younger son she utilize some expert skill by moaning around his big bar like cock sending pleasurable waves of vibration spurring the younger blodne onward as he gripped some handfuls of his mother's luscious hair with both hands acting like reigns as he get ever closer to releasing a torrnet of his hot sticky cum.

Seeing as how the Uzumaki Clan were the master of sealing jutsu the younger blodne had access to physical and mental sealing jutsu thus the blodne who had learned a new ninjutsu whihc wasknown as the Mental Linkage Jutsu allowed the younger blodne to gain access to antoher perosn's thinking by tuning his own natural chakra to the person's mental brainwaves allowing him to read what they were saying Naruto was utilizing this jutsu to read what his mother was saying as she was moaning out loudly and lewdly around her own son's hard throbbing cock. 'Ahhh fuck Naruto-kun cum for me cum deep inside your dirty little slutty Kaa-chan's mouth!" Hearing this in his mind Naruto couldn't stand it no longer as with one last powerful thrust the younger blonde shot out a torrent of cum out of his mushroom like cock tip as he roared out loudly in pleasure "Ahhhhhhh Kaa-chan I'm cumming for you!!!" Kushina's cheeks went hollow as she drank down the yellowish white colored thick ropes of hot sticky cum from her son's big bar like cock like a straw as the blodne scould feel the crimson haired beauty's tight inner throat muscles were squeezing the cock for all the cum it contained as the younger blonde experinced his pleasure filled high for the span of about three whole minutes. 

After partaking in a hearty supper and a brief conversation the Uzumaki Clan was getting ready for the night ahead as they watched the sun setting over a water colored sky as it signaled the rise fo the moon whose radiant bright silverish light resembled the long flowing mane belonging to both Minato's mentor and Naruto's master Jiraya one of the three Sannin all the while the crimson haired beauty was grinning widely from ear to ear as her lust was overwhelming her like a water fall washing over her goddess like body as both blonde males were grinning from ear to ear as well all the while licking thier lips.

As the night dragged on the crimson haired beauty and the elder blonde had went up the stair cas ethe elder blonde had carrier his wife up the stairs just as if they had just gotten married as Naruto and Karin went up to their bedroom after they had worked to gether to wash the dishes as the two Uzumaki children were watching thier parents climbing up the stair case once at the top though the duo wished thier two children a pleasant night as they went inot thier room shutting the door behind them as Naruto and Karin did the same they knew only one thing that this was going to be anotehr long night.

Once Minato and Kushina had entered their own room the elder blodne shuts the door behindhim as he engages in a long hot steamy passionate kiss with the crimson haired beauty as she moaned instinctively into the kiss as the elder blonde's sun tanned calloused hands were massaging and caressing the crimson ahired beauty's rather large breasts through her shirt causing her to moan out loudly into the kiss as the duo removed each other out of all of their clothing revealing thier naked forms just as the day that they were both born.

Without warning the elder blonde quickly picked up his crimson haired wife by her curvaceous hips causing her to gasp in surprise as a trail of saliva were connected to their lips as the elder blonde whispered into his wife's sun tanned ear his hot sultry seductive breath tickled her ear love causing the crimson haired beauty to blush as if she were a horny little school girl causing the elder blonde to smirk widely. "Well then Hime let's pick up from where we left off shall we?" Kushina nodded as she was placed gently on to the king sized bed as heluxorious crimson curtain was lying directly upon the soft satin pillow as she watched her blonde haired husband straddled her flattened toned stomach his fully hardened cock was being enveloped inbetween his wife's larger than normal breasts.

Minato loved his wife dearly as the elder blonde haired shinobi begins to lightly buckled his strong hips as he was grunting and groaning like an animal as he was in absoluete heaven as the crimson haired female's sun tanned globes of flesh were lightlyjiggling to each and every one of the elder blodne's thrusts as his big balls were smacking against the underside of her breasts creating a wet flesh smacking sound as he could feel her perky pink nipples squished against the sides of his cock as it turned a deep dark shade of purple as the elder blodne gripped on to those wonderous gloves of flesh of the crimson haired beauty for support as he continued thrusting his strong hips which were like two piston pounding steam engines. 

It didn't take long for the elder blodne to increase the speed adn power of his thrusts until they were a blur matching the speed of his nick name the Yellow Flash as his big balls were smacking against the udner side of his crimson haired wife's ratehr globes of flesh making a wet flesh slapping sound which grew ever louder Kushina loved it when her husband gets rough like this causing the crimson haired beauty to moan loudly and lewdly in pleasure as she bites down upon her bottom plump lip feeling the immense pleasure as globs of pre cum smaered upon those sun tanned gloves of flesh as she lsitened to his animalistic grunting and groaning as she could see the mishroom like cock tip poking out inbetween her large breasts smakcing her chin lightly.

Showing off her expert the crimson haired beauty utilized her cute pink tounge that slithered like a water dragon's down to the mishroom likc cock tip licking it in small circles lapping up th thick oily substance as the elder blonde smirked as he watched his wife taking in his cock tip into her warm wet mouth allowing him to lean his head back as his hand patted her upon the fore head as he groaned out loud in pleasure. "Atta girl that's my wonderful hime always lvoing to suck on my cock whenever you get the behance now remeber when I cum take it all in."

Kushina nodded obediantly as she bobbed her head against the mishroom like tip with her husband's adi his hand was upon her head bobbing it upon the tip as he continued thrusting his hips ploughing his wife's rather large breasts like a farmer out in the field all the while the elder blodne could see that his wife's gtight pussy was glistening with her sweet juices as the elder blonde was smirking as he could feel the crimson haired beauty showed off her expert skill by moaning around her husband's mushroom like cock tip as the globs of pre cum which was landing directly upon her tounge causing her taste to explode as the elder blonde could feel his second load rapidly approaching as he gritted his teeth nearly going cross eyed with the pleasure.

Feeling that familar senation once again the elder blodne increased the speed and power of his throusts yet aagain as he felt hsi big balls which contain his clan's essence was stirring and tightening as he groaned loudly into his wife's sun tanned ear his hot sultry sedictive breath tickled her causing her clan's blood was rushing through her veins as she was blushing like a horny school girl as the elder yellow haired shinobi smirked at ehr. "Ahhh fuck by Kami my hime I'm so close to cumming!" Growling with a low throaty animalistic growl the blonde haired shinobi continued his onslaught as the crimson haired beauty continued muffling loud lewd maons of pelasure sending those pleasuravle waves of cibration around the msihroom like cock tip sending the elder blonde ever clsoer to hsi orgasmic bbliss.

Unable to handle any more of the pleasurable sensations any further the elder blodne haired shinobi thrusted his stronger hips one last time as he was watching his crimson haired wife's rather large breasts jiggling andwobbling as he shot out a big load from the mishroom like tip as he roared out loudly in pleasure. Take it all down my Hime I'm cumming!!!" Kushina did as she was told as she was using her powerful throat muscles to swallow down what she assumed was a gallon's worth of her husbands thick ropes of sticky white cum shots as the elder blonde held ehr head in place until his orgasm was completed not knowing that his younger son had been watching this arousing sight from the very begining through the crack in the door as the elder blonde panted heaivly as beads of sweat was rolling down the hills and vallies of the elder blodne's strong spine as he rolled over to his side of the bed panting heavily once his orgasm finished.

When the elder blonde reawakened from his pleasure induced slumber he found his crimson haired wife massaging and caressing his semi erect cock nuzzlign it with love and lust Minato smirked as he coudl see the little heart shaped symbols in her eyes the elder blonde knew that the crimson haired beauty was one for theatrics and this wasexecption as the elder blonde could feel his semi erect cock growing back to its full size as one of his sun tanned calloused hands patted his wife's forehead feeling the soft supple moisturized flesh as her bright smoldering violet eyes that were smoldering as the crimson haired beauty greeted her husband with a bright warm smile. "Good morning Prince Charming I trust you slept well."

Minato nodded his head answering Kushina's burning question. "As a matter of fact my Hime I slept like a baby thinking of you the entire time." Kushina grinned widely hearing this as she begins to tease her elder blodne lover with her round heart shaped ass cheeks as thier soft pillowy mounds of flesh rubbed and grinded against his hardened erection causing the elder blonde to let out a loud lewd moan of pleasure as he gritted his teeth nearly going cross eyed feeling the tight asshole rubbing against the mushroom like cock tip causing him to go wide eyed with lust as he gripped his wife by her curvaceous hips picking her up off of the grind as he lined up the tip to the tight asshole inserting it in gently as he allowed her to slide down upon the length letting gravity do the rest as the crimson haired beuaty moaned in pleasure as she began tslowly bounce upon the length after enveloping it deep with her tight warm took her a little bit to get used to the mixture of pain and pleasure, but the painsoon went away as the elder blodne massaged, caressed and groped ehr large breasts giving her greater pleasure.

At this point Naruto had snuck into the room utilziing his expert skill as a Chunin to keep quiet as to not disturb the duo as the crimson haired beauty adn the elder blodne haired shinobi just sat back and let her have a little control for the time being as he moaned out loud feeling the crimson haired beauty's tight inner walls were squeezing around the length of her husband's big cock causing her to maon out loud in pleasure she looked up and spied her blonde haired son as she turned around to Minato to let him know that they had a bit of an audience. "Lord Hokage-sama it appears we have company."

Minato leaned his head up seeing the blonde hairs of his younger son was poking out near the foot of the bed causing the elder blonde to smirk beckoning him with one of his sun tanned fingers Naruto readily obeys as he approached the head of the bed. "Let me guess Naruto-san you couldn't sleep again?" Naruto nodded his head seeing as how he had tossed and turned at bed at night with one particular dream running in his head again and agin it was the one where he was next to a water fall seeing a silouette of a beautiful naked female causing his body to become heated with both hsi blood and his lust as he released the illusion that he was only in his boxers revealing his naked muscular form Minato could see that his blonde hiar was parted in every direction.

"I'm sorry tou-san kaa-chan I just couldn't get to sleep and when I heard the sound I just got curious so I decided to investigate." After hearing this Kushina gets a rather perverted idea running through her mind as she smirked with a perverted grin on herangelic face as she whispered into her blodne haired lover's sun tanned ear her hot and sultry breath tickled his ear causing him to blush a cute shade of pink cauisng Naruto to smirk widely as she revealed ehr plan to ehr husband. "Lord Hokage-sama why don't we let Naruto-kun join in on the fun." Smirking widely Minato smacked the crimson haired beauty's round heart shaped ass cheeks making them jiggle and bounce a little bit as his plam made rippling like a pebble hitting across the suface fo a pond when its so calm causing her to squeak cutely as the elder blodne responded rather rapidly as was his nick name. "Sure thing my little Hime I think its high time we experience some family bonding time together." 

Smirking widely Naruto approached the bed however before he could crawl in he could hear the low docile tones of his Tailed Beast Kurema the Nine Tails whispering into his ear the younger blonde always listened to the beast's advice intently as it spoke within the inner recesses of his mind. "Hey kit instead of sharing why don't you turn this world into your perverted kingdom." Smirking widely Naruto nodded his head seeing as Kurema was giving him some soundadvice for once as he allowed the beast to take full control over him as his eyes changed thier color from those sweet innocent azure to dark crimson causing both of his parents to shudder for a moment as they what was going on as the controlled blonde spoke with a animalistic grolw in his voice.

"Sorry Lord Hokage I think I'll take control from here on in." Hearing this minato grimaced as the younger blonde patted his tight toned stomach forming a few hand signs to launch the Gender Bending Jutsu to turn him inot his female counterpart Minami then he utilized his Body Modification Jutsu to make her medium sized breasts and ass cheeks to grow to an immense size as her body grew more muscle tone to keep those newly modified assets from being too heavy on her beautiful body then theyounger blonde utilized the jutsu on himself to make his muscular body more prominent as the beast modified the young teenager's cock to that of a bull's causing the two females to drop thier jaws to the floor as he licked his lips seeing that htier two tight pussies were dripping with thier juices cauisng his girthy meat stick to throb and pulse a little bit.

"Two beauties to fuck I wounder who wants this cock of mine first." Without hesitation Kushina pounced upon her son as she knocked him back upon the king sized bed as she spoke up speaking with a seductive sultry voice as she was instinctively grinding her plump womanly pussy against her own son's bull like cock she knew it was wrong in the eyes fo society, but she didn't care about that she only cared about taking that newly modified cock of her son's for a test drive as he smirked at her widely. "Fuck me first Naruto-kun your dirty little Kaa-chan craves that cock of yours!"

Hearing his angelic mother speaking with such adirty mouth he couldn't help but fulfill his request however he wanted to tease them both a little as he spoke up with a commanding tonecausing them both to quiver. "Beg for my cock ya horny sluts of mine." Hearing this Kushina gets to her hands and knees looking up at her son's bright burning crimson eyes which resemlbed a great Katon flame as her bright smoldering violet eyes met with his as she begged to have her tight plump womany pussy destroyed by the very cock she had given birth to. "Please preety please Naruto-kun fuck your dirty slutty Kaa-chan's senseless!" Smirking widely Naruto could hear the pleading in her voice as she was crying out in need this was rather amusing to him as he picked her up by her slender waist as hlined her up upon the bar like cock as the crimson haired beauty shuddered feeling the mushroom like cock tip entered into her plump womanly pussy as the younger blodne allowed gravity to do the rest.

Kushina slid further down her own son's hard throbbing cock getting goose bumbs feeling jsut how musch it had gotten logner and thicker as it stuffed her warm womnaly pussy as she begins to lightly to bounce a little bit as she slid down all the way down to the base of her own son's cock as she begins to let loose as she could feel the mushroom like cock tup rubbing against her cumt as the younger blonde went cross eyed feeling the immense pleasure of his own mother's womanly plump pussy enveloping his cock causing him to maon out loudly in pleasure as he smacked those bountiful ass cheeks making them jiggle and bounce a little bit causing her to squeak in pleasure as he leaned in whispering into her ear his sultry seductive breath tickled her sun tanned fleshed ear causing ehr to squeal like a horny little school girl as she bounced along the length of his immense cock causing him to maon out louder and lewder. "That's it bounce ya slutty bitch bounce on my cock like the horny slut you are!"

All the while the platinum blonde who was fingering her aroused pussy watching this she was letting out loud lewd moans of pleasure then she could see that Kushina was beckoning the blonde female closer with her index finger this caused Minami to crawl closer towards her wife as she began to follow her instincts as she utilized her cute pink tounge to lick around the crimson haired beauty's plump womanly pussy lips lapping up all of the sweet nectar her taste buds exploded as the crimson haired beauty girpped her by those platinum blonde locks pulling her in clsoer as her tounge snaked unto her lover's slippery wet pussy as it made a loud lewd squelching sound as she continued to bounce along the length of thier son's fully hard cock as the purplish veins pulsed powerfully.

Naruto meanwhile was losing his mind his sanity fading as the pleasure as it rushed up towards the pleasure center in his brain as his sun tanned calloused hands went up to his mother's large breast massaging and caressing them gently causing her to moan out louder and lewder in blissful pleasure as the crimson haired beauty gritted her teeth as she could feel the pre cum bubbling from the mushroom like cock tip as her body shuddered as she felt her toes curling feeling the pleasure as the beautiful Uzumaki matriarch began to increase the tempo and momentum of her bounces as she could feel those big round milk tanks smacking ehr pussy lips all the while the platinum blonde continued to tease the crimson haired beauty's warm womanly pussy causing Kushina to moan louder not knowing that the door was open.

Karin who was the only occupant in the apartment could hear the loud noise from all the way in her room as she had thrashing about in her bed as this sound had aroused her gratly she tried to calm herself down thinking about her crush Sasuke uchiha, but this only excited her grater so in her curiosity she left her own bedroom climbing up the stairs towards her parents bedroom as she could hear the noise intensifying as she reached the top of the stair case she was only wearing her crimson haired night gown that she was going to show off to the raven haired shinobi to get his attention when the reunited it hugged tightly to her cute body as she walked towards the doorway her eyes widen seeing what was unfolding before her.

Once she was halfway in the door she could see that her mother Kushina was riding her own brother's newly modified cock as the crimson haired beauty cleared her throat as she began to speak. "Would you guys mind keeping it down can't you see that some of us are trying to get some... sleep?"  Seeing just who was the one making all of the noise Naruto turned around as he greted his sister with a bright smile that resembled the sun's bright radiance. "Sorry Onee-chan I just couldn't help myself Kaa-chan just teased me so that I couldn't resist." Karin smirked widely as she wanted to please the raven haired shinobi however she had other plans in mind as she began to walk over towards the bed with growing lust in her eyes.

The crimson haired beauty removed her glasses which were getting fogged up with all of her body heat as she sauntered her curvy hips as she crawled into bed as she locked eyes with blonde's bright sky blue eyes that were soon fading away as the crimson tint that matched the clan's burning crimson locks were coming out as he gripped on to her ass cheeks with a chakra powered hands pulling her closer towards him as the chakra powered rupped her out of her clothes as the younger blonde launched the Body Modification Jutsu making her breasts and ass cheeks grow to an immense size as her frame grew stronger however it still kept itsfeminine figure being able to handle those newly modified assets as he licked his lips as the crimson haired female continued to bounce upon the length of her own son's cock loving every minute of it as her facial features were transfixed into a perverted grin from one ear to another as she kept up her ryhmthic pace.

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