Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection

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Chapter Three: Anbu Level Ally

Naruto was strolling through the streets of the Village Hidden in the Leaves whistling a merry tune. It was the middel of the day and the sun was shining rather brightly giving off its warm and radiant aura  was beating down upon the blonde hiared shinobi's strong and slender spine as he was wearing his usual uniform. A cold and calming breeze was fluttering the leaves fo the trees within the forest surrounding the village as they drifted off landing directly upon the blonde's shoulder as he stared up into the cerulean veil as he was smiling from ear to ear enjoying the day.

Normally the blonde haired shinobi would be on a mission, but thanks to the Fifth Hokage he was off for the day. Being rather bored Naruto was walking down the village streets heading towards the Comerical District to get a quick bite to eat in order to recover his stamina. The blonde was walking rather funny due to the fact that he had been fucking his two comrades senseless. Suddenly the blonde stopped as he could hear the low docile tones fo the Nine Tailed Fox speaking to him from the inner recesses of his mind causing him to listen intently to what the demon was going to say.

"Kit I can heal your body so no one would be suspicious of the way you walk." With his curiousity peaked Naruto placed a sun tanned finger through his golden locks as he wondered what the Nine Tails was meaning. "What do you mean Kurema-sama?" Smirking widely the Tailed Beasts placed one of its outstreched paws to pat the blonde upon the head feeling the sandy texture fo hsi sharp skiy hair. "I can use a Full Body Restoration Jutsu to heal you so you will be walking correctly." Naruto blinked in curiousity to what the Nine Tails was saying, but he just shrugged his shoulders letting the Beast do as she pleased with him.

Funneling some chakra through its fingertips as the dark abyss othat lined its cage began to glow with a bright cromson aura that matched her ravishing crimson hair. Powerful chakra flowed al throughout the blonde's Chakra Network causing his entire muscular system to be soothed from all the stress as the blonde was able to walk correctly causing him to sigh in relief. "Thanks for the assistance Kurema-chan." Smirking widely the Tailed Beast went back to its slumber as the blodne strolled down towards Ichuraku Ramen, the blonde's favorite resturant.

All the way Naruto wasn't paying any attention to where he was walking, and without warning he bumped into another individual with short black hair wearing a thin t-shirt that matched his hair it was cut at the midsection showing off his flattened toned stomach. Naruto recognized him right away it was his comrade Sai, newly appointed leader of the Anbu Black Ops after the departure of his former master Danzo Shimurai. After getting back up to hsi feet the blodne helped the dark haired shinobi on to his feet sudting off the sand from his orange and black trimmed shorts.

"Sorry about that Sai-san I was in such a hurry to get a bite to eat I wasn't paying any attention." Hearing this the dark haired shinobi shot off a fake smile his way. This was something that Naruto was accustomed to due to the fact that Sakura had taught him how to do this while the dark haired shinobi was traveling with as a replacemnt for their squad as they were looking for Sasuke Naruto just simply smiled back with his own his own grin as the dark haired shinobi locked eyes with him as he stepped to the side giving Naruto plenty of room to walk.

"Its quite alright Dickless I figured you weren't paying any attention." Within the recesses of his mind a piano that Kurema was playing missed a note as Naruto tightened up both of his fists, but he decides to remain calm he was just about to tear off his pants and show him just how wrong he was. Knowing full well that he was rather akward when it came to emotions thus Naruto let this little comment slide off of his shoulders as if were water off a duck's back for the time being that was the case as Naruto gave off a fake chuckle before taking a stone's throw away from him in distance.

Watching the dark haired shinobi walking away out of sight the blodne began to turn the gears in his head thinking of a way to get his revenge as he finally figured out what he was going to do for his day off. As he placed the pieces of his plan together the blonde called forth the Nine Tails through his little fox tattoo as he growled in anger. "Kurema-chan did you hear ehat he called me?" Nodding her head in agreement Kurema was finishing her piano lesson. "I heard him Naruto-sama and the littel baka interrupted my music lesson I had to take a few minutes to regain my composure."

"Right then Kurema-chan, now you get our other two bitches to lure him into my bedroom and we'll get our revenge." Naruto growled in anticipation as he headed towards his favorite resturant to get a quick bite to eat as he funneled his chakra through his fingertips allowing Kurema to have some free control as she returned to the Uzumaki Clan home where Sakura and Sasuki were sleeping. Smirking widely bearing a perverted grin as she bore her fox fangs as she gave the blonde a rather seductive show as she sauntered her curvaceous hips making her immese sun tanned gloves of ass flesh to sway from side to side causing the blodne to lick his pale pink lips.

Watching carefully until Kurema was out of sight  Naruto turned around to head towards his favorite resturant to wait patiently for his paln to kick in. All the while he had his orange and black sketch book working laborously on a new sketch not caring who was watching hime. Naruto was showing off some expert skill with the flick fo his wrist makign sure not to miss a single detail as he was muttering curses under his breath as the blodne watched as the sun was reaching its peak before going down signaling the moon's rise as he grinned from ear to ear all the way as he walked through the street of the Hidden Leaf.

Time Skip no Jutsu

Sai was locking up the office for the night, but before he left the dark hiared hsinobi made sure to lock all the doors so no one could steal any top secret information regarding the village ro the Hokage. Before Sai could take about two steps he was stopped by the pink haired medical kunoichi who was giving off a fake smile as the dark haired shinoib ggreeted her with that same fake smile. "Hello there Sakura-chan I just wanted to wish you a good night." Sakura smiled as she took the dark haired shinobi by the hand tightening her grip causing Sai to grimace for a moment.

"Sai-kun come with me we've got a long night ahead of us." Sai was rather curious as to what she meant, but he simply went along with her orders unaware of the surprise that was waiting for him. Sakura walked in front of the dark ahired shinobi all the while she was instinctively sauntering her curvaceous hips making ehr heart shaped ass cheeks sway in a rather seductive manner causing the dark haired shinobi  wanted to touch them to feel how soft and supple the cheeks were swaying from side to side as his cock was hardening and tenting in his pants as he bite his lower lip.

Sai was trying his best to grope the pink haired medical kunoichi's bountiful ass cheeks, but every time he tried Sakura smacked his free hand away as per Naruto's direct and implict orders.Once the duo had reached the Residential District the pink haired female walked in the direction of the blonde haired shinobi's brownstone apartment Sakura spied the open window that lead into Naruto's bedroom. The gears within the dark haired shinobi's mind was turning since he was an anyalitical person he was trying to figure out what the pink haired medical kunoichi was planning.

Once the dark haired shinobi figured out what the pink hiared medical kunoichi was plotting his eyes widened in great surprise. Sakura knew that he was putting two and two together she only grinned as her grip became tighter keeping him from escaping as he was trying to resist, but he knew that his struggling would only lead to a tighter grip as the duo went directly towards the door steps of the blodne haired shinobi's home making sure to avoid the guards as the pink haired medical kunoichi walked along the wall showing off ehr chakra contorl as she walked up the wall directly to the window that the blonde had left open for them.

As they got clsoer towards the window the dark haired hsinobi was lsitening to the maons and groans that wre coming from the room causing him to blush as a trickle fo blood began to leak down his nostril he quickly wiped it away with his hankercheif. Once at the window the dark ahired shinobi was greeted by the long slender arms that belonged to the crimson haired female who was throttling the dark haired shinobi causing him to shake like a branch in the wind. "You little baka how dare you call my master Dickless, not to mention you fucked up my piano lesson!"

Naruto placed up one of his hands up to stop the crimson haired female in the middle of her tyrade as he was chuckling as she locked her smoldering crimson eyes with his as the crimson haired female helped the dakr hairshinobi up into the room and on to thte bed amking a loud thud, however no one would hear it due to the fact that Naruto had palced a sound and chakra barrier upon the bedroom door as his eeys locked up with Sasuki causing his eyes to widene as he saw the dakr hiared kunoichi's immense breasts as she looked down at him.

"Emo is that you?" Sai asked with curiousity as he tilted his head to the side in curiosity. The dakr haired kunoichi gripped him by the base of his neck her darkened eyes were boring a hole directly into hsi soul causing the dark haired to shiver as goose bumps were apparent all over his body as the blodne placed one of his sagely hands out to impede the dark haired kunoichi from throttling him as well. "No need to fight you two we're all friends remember?" Sai was rather rather surprise to see that the dark haired female had the pre cum upon her lips, for while the pink haired kunoichi had lead the dark haired shinobi to the blonde's front door the dark haired female had been sucking upon the blonde's immese cock causing the pre cum to fall upon her full plump lips.

Naruto then turned his attention to Kurema, Sakura and Sasuki  his voice was commading as an animalistic growl could be heard from between his pale pink lips causing the trio to stop in thier tracks. "Why don't you three get better aquainted with each other while I get the final preparations ready?" Nodding happily the crimson haired female rested back against the bed her bimmense ass cheeks as both the pink haired and dark haired females were massaging, squeezing and groping the crimson haired female's sun tanned gloves of breast flesh causing the crimson haired female to moan in pleasure causing the dark haired shinobi's cock was growing harder by the moment as he bite down upon his lower lip all this was teasing him Naruto was reveling in this sight.

"Don't worry Sai-san you'll join them real soon actually sooner than you think." Without warning the blonde haired shinobi utilized the Gender Transformation Jutsu to transform Sia inot his femal counterpart as both Sakura and Sasuki were rolling thier index and middle finger were rolling against Kurema's growing nipples causing ehr to bite her lower lip as she was letting out a loud and sensual moan of pleasure as the dark haired female's plump little pussy was moisturizing at every moment. Naruto quickly utilize the Body Modification Jutsu causing the dark haired kunoichi was moaned loudly and lewdly in pleasure.

The dark haired kunoich could feel a powerful sensation ticngling up and down her beautiful body causing her to moan loduer as her breasts and ass cheek grew to an imense size as her slender hips grew more powerful and femimine hips with plenty fo curves to keep those newly modified assets from hurting her slender spine as the dark haired female bite down upon her bottom lip as watched the toher three engaged in a pleasurable and arousing scene as their creamy skinned fingers were teasing the crimson haired female to maoner louder and more sunsually as the blodne shut and locked the window before crawling back into the king sized bed as the dark haired female could feel a body rocking orgasm sent shockwaves through her body soiling the bedsheets once more as she dropped her her knees as her angelic face landed right on the blonde's crotch causing him to smirk from ear to ear.

Once Sai's transformation had been completed the dark haired female eagerly enveloped his immense cock length in one fell swoop as she began to suckle upon the cock lenght making those loud and lewd sucking and slurping sounds. This caushgt the blodne completely off guard as he hissed in pleasure while smirking from ear to ear as he was just lying back with his hands over his spiky blonde hair as the dark haired female was suckling hungrily and greedily upon the length of his immese cock as the crimson haired female was watching this entire arousing scene.

Suddenly the crimson haired female slithered near the blodne and dark haired female as she was grinning from ear to ear as she began to spread the dark haired female's heavenly long legs revealing her slippery wet pussy causing Sai to smirk around the blonde's immeense cock as the blonde was lulling the dark haired female into a flase sense of security as she was bobbing her head along the length of his immense cock as the entire length was getting bathed within the dark haired female's saliva as the blodne hiared shinobi patted Sai upon her head feeling the soft smooth texture of her luscious long black hair.

Smelling a rather sweet aroma within the air the crimson haired female buried her head in the dark hiared female's plump little pussy as her tounge danced in circles around the pink lips, but before the crimson ahired female could slithere her tounge into the dark haired female's plump little pussy  it squirted some of the sweet pussy juices right on Kurema's angelic face causing ehr to comment with her colorful commentary as both the pink haired medical kunoichi and her dark haired comrade were massaigng and groping the crimson haired female's immense sun tanned glvoes of ass flesh. 

Kami dammit Master Naruto-sama this little bitch is just like the pink haired one a squirter." Naruto smirked from ear to ear as he was slowly lsoing control of his sanityas he went cross eyed feeling the immeense pleasure as he was trying not to scare her by simply griabbing donw upon her head and simply fuck her mouth and throat as the blonde gritted his teeth feeling the pleasure as he smirked from ear to ear as he could feel his cock tip entering down into Sai's throat feeling it squeezing and releasing causing Naruto to moan in pleasure as he lenaed his head back.

Naruto couldn't stand it any longer, for when he did so he gripped the back fo Sai's  head feeling the soft smooth texture of her hair as he slammed his immense cock down into her throat causing her to gasp in surprise as the blonde began to pump his stronger hips at a slow motion fuck pace as the crimson ahired female had slithered her tounge deeer within the dark haired female's dripping wet pussy her taste buds exploded loving the taste of Sai's plump little pussy lapping up all the sweet juices as both the pink haired and dark haired females were watching lickingtheir full plump lips as thier pussies were dripping soiling on the king sized bed.

Wishing not to be left out of the action the pink haired and dark haired females began to suckle upon the blonde haired shinobi's big cum tanks making sure to get them all nice and shiny causing the blodne to maon out loudly spurring him onward as he buckled his hips at an increased tempo nad momentum as his balls made a loud flesh smacking sound causing the crimson ahired female to smirk from ear to ear as both Sakura and Sasuki to massage and caresses their own immense breasts pinching and tweaking thier full erect nipples making them hard as two pebbles.

Seeing this Naruto tapped into the power of the Nine Tails he funnled some chakra into his fingertips making two chakra powered paws to appear as they were outstreched to reach Sakura and Sasuki's plump little pussies as they were on thier knees enjoying the pleasurable show as they gritted thier teeth as two fingertips slid into their dripping wet pussy as they began to pump at the same rymthic pace at the same pace that the blodne was pumping his hips into the dakr hiared kunoichi's mouth as he heard a loud sensual moan as the two females follwoed suit.

Smirking widely Naruto was greatly pleased at this entire scene that happened befroe him as his big balls begins to stir as he began to thrust his stronger hips to thier full force as he pressed his entire weight into the dark haired female was maoning loduer and louder as those pleasurable vibraitons aroudn the immese cock length causing him to lean his head back maoning in pleasure as Naruto was watching both Sakura and Sasuki engaged in a passionate steamy kiss as he was getting closer and clsoer to the edge fo his limits with every passing second.

Feeling that familar sensation fo his big cim tanks tightening a little bit Naruto was getting very clsoe to shooting his first load deep into the daik ahired female's throat as he growled into her ear his animalistic tone could be heard as the crimson haired female was suckling on the dark haired female's hard throbbing clit this was sending tingling sensation up and down her slender spine as Sai too was getting clsoer to the edge of her limits as she leaned her head back engaged in the pleasure as Naruto began to growl in pleasure. "Ahhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan I'm so close to cumming!"

Hearing this Sai began to ulize her expert skill to hum a merry tune  flickign the blonde's immese cock like a switch. "Sai-chan I'm going to... I'm going too..." Before Naruto could finish hissentence he let out a loud roar as he shot off what seemed like an endless supply of his thick white and yellowish colored cum as the crimson ahired kunocihi began to utilize her expert skill to graze her fox fangs along the dark haired female'shard throbbing clit causing her to squirt her orgasmic juices into her mouth getting a good taste as the dark haired female's eyes rolled back into her head then the fox paws pinched both fo Sakura and Sasuki's widly throbbing clits sending them voer the edge as well causing them to scream in pleasure as their pussy juices soiled the bedd sheet as the collasped upon the bed..

After a few short moments had passed Naruto had recovered from his pleasure induced high had calmed down the blonde haired shinobi wondered what he was going to next, but he had little time to think due to the fact that the dark haired female was grinding her newly modified ass cheeks against the blonde's crotch getting his cock rehardened instantly. The only thing could be heard was Naruto's loud moan of lsut filled pleasure as he gritted his teeth while Sakura and Sasuki were massaging and groping Sai's newly modified breasts causing her to moan out loudly in pleasure.

Smirking widely Naruto gave the dakr haired female's immese ass cheeks a rather stinging smack as his hard throbbing cock was already dripping with pre cum from the mishroom like tip. "It seems Sai-chan is ready for the main even." Nodding in agreement Sakura and Sasuki smirked as they were hovering right inbetween the dark hiared female's heavenly long legs they were teasing her plump little pussy with thier two well maicured fingers plunged deep within getting it well moisturized the blonde loved loved those moans and groans of the the dark haired female this was like sweet music to his ears.

Without warning Naruto flipped Sai onto her slender spine so she could be in full veiw of both the pink and dark hiared females as they licked thier full plump lips. Naruto lined up his immese cock with Sai's plump little pussy as the tip hovered against the dripping wet pussy as he gripped on to the dark haired female's curvaceous hips as he inserted the tip inside Sai's dripping wet pussy causing her to moan louder and more sensually as she gritted her teeth as she gave the blonde a thumb's up sign to show that she was ready to go causing Naruto to grin from ear to ear.

Without warning the blonde haired shinobi slammed his cock deep inside the dark haired beauty causing her to see stars as both Sakura and Sasuki were watching on in awe as the entire length of the blonde's cock was sheathed inside Sai's plump little pussy causing Naruto to hiss in pleasure as both the dakr and pink haired females were plunging thier two well manicured fingernails deep within thier own dripping wet pussies as they moaned in pleasure greatly enjoying this display. Gripping on to both of Sai's curvacoues hips the blonde bounced her up and down upon the length of his cock getting her well adjusted to its length as her pleasure center was going into overdrive at the current moment.

With every controlled downward bounce Naruto matched with his upward thrust causing thier pelvises to slam against each other's making a flesh smacking sound that was barely audible at first, but as time went on it soon became louder as Sai gritted her teeth feeling the immense pleasure as she moaned loduer and more sensually . Wishing not to be left out both Sakura and Sasuki went to work increasing the pleasure output by suckling upon both fo the dark haired female's fully erect nipples before pulling and tugging upon the pink nipples just as Naruto had ordered them to.

As the blonde haired shinobi increased the tempo and momentum of his upward thrusts and Sai's controlled downward bounces making the loud wet flesh smacking sound grew ever louder filling the room while Naruto gritted his teeth as he slammed his cock down deeper into the dakr haired beauty's slippery wet pussy causing her to grip onto her comrade's chest for support as her saliva coated nipples were jiggling and bouncing to every body rocking thrust as Sai's body was shaking resembling an earthquake erupting deep within.

Both Sakura and Sasuki were fighting over who was going to feast upon thier comrade's dripping wet pussy settling on a game of rock pape.sissors which Sasuki won. Sakura protested to this claiming that the dark haired beauty had cheated using her clan inherited Sharingan to see what Sakura was going to choose causing the raven haired Uchiha to chuckle lightly as she crawled between Sai's heavenly long legs lapping up all the pussy juices as her taste buds exploded, but before she could swallow it down her throat the pink haired medical kunoichi engaged in a deep passionate steamy kiss trading the juices as her teaste buds exploded as well.

Naruto smirked as he was watching this arousing sight as his immense cock throbbed and twitched as he could feel his cum tanks began to stir a little bit signaling the release of another load as his cock was a deep dark shade of purple as the veins pulsed powerfully as he lets out an animalistic growl of approval as his cock length was getting generous coated in the dark hiared female's dripping wet pussy. When Sakura and Sasuki broke off of the passionate kiss the dark haired female went back to work her cute pink tounge slithered into Sai's dripping wet pussy causing her to lean her head back feeling the immense pleasure as her clit was throbbing and aching wishing to be sucked upon.

Feeling that familar sensation of his big balls tightening he began to sink his fangs into the dark haired female's slender neck causing her to squeak in pleasure maoning and mewling like a bitch in heat. "Ohhhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan I'm so close to cumming!" Hearing this the dark haired beauty bite down upon her lower lip as the blodne began to let lloose unleashnig his full power begining to increase the tempo andmomentum fo his upward thrusts and downward bounces his speed reslembled that of the Fourth Hokage that of a blur as Sasuki was sucking upon Sai's aching clit as it throbbed wildly as she too was reaching her limit's end.

Being unable to handle the pleasure any further the blonde hiared shinobi let out a powerful roar pulling Sai down upon his length as his cock tip shot out what seemed to be like an endless supply of white and yellow colored cum causing the dark haired beauty's flattened toned stomach to bulge out a littel bit futher. Once Sasuki began to lightly graze her teeth upon Sai's aching clit that was all she wrote for the dark haired female who let out a powerful scream of pleasure as she squirted her orgasmic juices upon the length fo her blonde comrade's cock, but no one would hear this since Naruto had placed a chakra and sound barrier upon the door as the duo collasped upon the king sized bed Naruto wrapped the dark haired beauty in his embrace as they slept for a little while.

Sakura's lust wasn't yet satisfied thus in order to do so she grabbed on to Sai's curvaceous hips as she was waking up from her pleasure induced slumber.causing her to gasp in surprise as the pink haired medical kunoichi utilized the Gender Transformation Jutsu her immense cock was poking Sai right at her lips as the dark haired female began to suckle upon it making those loud and lewd suckling sounds Naruto could hear this as he woke up while the dark haired female was grinding her immense ass cheeks against his immense cock causing him to maon in pleasure as he was watching what Sakura was doing.

Without warning Sakura pulled the dark haired female's lips off of her hard throbbing cock as the veins were pulsing powerfully while a bit of pre cum was bubbling up from the tip.as she placed the dark haired her upon her knees while Naruto gripped on to Sasuki's curvaceous hips lifting her up off of his crotch causing ehr to pout rather cutely causing Naruto to smirk watching as Sakura gets behind the dark haired kunoichi gripping on to Sai's curvaceous hips digging her pink well manicured fingernails into the creamy skin as she w teasing her with the mushroom like cock tip causing Sai to moan in pleasure this was music to Naruto's ears.

Looming over to the dark haired female as he was squatting down with his cock resting right at her lips as he growled with an animalistic tone. "Open up Sai-chan let my cock inside." Nodding obediantly the dark haired female opened up her mouth widely as the blodne haired shinobi as he gritted his teeth as he gripped on to the back fo the dark haired female's head as the  pink haired medical kunoichi slammed down causing Sai to squeak in pleasure sending those pleasurable waves of vibration around the blodne's immense cock causing him to hiss in pleasure.

Wishing not to be left out Sasuki crawled under neath the dark haired fellow squad mate licking her glistening wet pussy letting out a moan as her cute pink lips were getting a good taste fo both Sai's dripping wet pussy juices and Naruto's white and yellow cum causing her taste buds to explode as the dark haired member of the Uchiha lets out a sensual moan as she greatly her darkened eyes widened before squeezing shut Naruto knew that Sasuki was addictive as he smirked while pumping his strong hips as his big balls were smacking against Sai's chin making a flesh smacking sound while Sakura was pumping her curvaceous hips moaning in pleasure as her own immense cock was throbbing as she was loving every minute of this.

Gritting her teeth as her eyes were squeezed shut feeling the immense pleasure as the pink haired medical kunoichi was pumping her hips in a piston pounding motion as she praised the dark haired female for just how well she was taking all of this. "Ahhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan your pussy feels so good I just want to fuck it all day and night!" Hearing this Sai moaned in approval sending those pleasurable vibrations around the blonde's immense cock as Naruto went cross eyed feeling the immense pleasure. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock!"

Wishing not to be flet out Sasuki utilizes the Kage Henge no Jutsu, another technique she had learned from Naruto since he had given his little beauties acess to his clan's sealing scrolls. Squatting near Sai's rear entrance the dark haired beauty teased her tight little puckerhole with the tip causing ehr to moan louder in pleasure as her pussy juices were begining to gush soiling the king sized bed causing Naruto to smirk as he continued pumping his strong hips a t a rhymthic pace grunting and groaning like an naimal while gritting his teeth.

"Ahhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan's ass hole is so tight much tighter than her pussy was." Sasuki hissed out in pleasure reselmbling one of ehr former master's snakes as she began to slam down her immense cock into the dark haired female's tighter rear entrance causing her to maon louder sending more and more of those pleasurable vibrations around the blonde haired shinobi's immense cock causing him to lean his head back as the tip was entering ehr throat at the current moment, so the combined pleasure was nearly enough for him to exploderight hten and there.

Since his master Jiraya had him to train on a female shadow clone to keep calm and cool under pressure in tight spaces out heroic blonde shinobi was easily able to handel himself within this suituation. Sasuki gritted her teeth from the immense pleasure as she pressed her full weight on to the dark haired female's slender spine she was pressed towards the matress as Sasuki was pistom pumping her strong  curvaceous hips making the flesh smacking soudn encompass the entire room as the trio were getting clsoer and closer towards their limit's end.

Felling that familar sensation fo his big cum swollen tanks begining to tighten a little bit Naruto began to increase the tempo and momentum fo his thrusts even fruther as his true power was on full display for the trio to see. Thrusting his piston powered hips at the same speed of his father the Fourth Hokage Naruto went in a blsitering pace as a golden aura of light shone within the darkened room as the blodne's fox like fangs sunk in deep in Sai's flesh making his mark on her neck to show everyone else that she belonged to him as she maoned and mewled like a bitch in heat. "Ahhhh fuck by Kami Sai-chan I'm so close to cumming!"

Hearing this animalistic growl escape the blodne's pale pink lips the dakr haired female began to show off some expert skill by utilizing her throat muscles to squeeze around the blodne's immense cock as her inner walls within her ass did the same with Sasuki sending them both over the edge at the same time. With one last powerful thrust botht he blonde and the dark haired comrades both let out a powerful roar of pleasure as they shotout what seemed like an endless supply of thick ropes of white and yellow cum chunks causing the dark haired female's flatened toned stomach to bulge out even futher as the duo relaxed colasping back upon the floor with Sai's ass cheeks sticking up on the air. Lastly it was Sakura's turn to release as she gripped Sai's curvaceous hips tightly letting a loud raor shooting out what seemed like an endless supply fo white and yellow cum before she too colasped upon the king sized bed  slumbering for a little while. 

Knowing full well that the blonde only had one last load to shoot off. Grabbing Sai by her curvaceous hips whispering into her ear his breath was sultry and seductive. "Sai-chan I've only got one last load to shoot off work it out of me." Nodding obediantly the dark haired female lied flat upon her back on the bed as the blonde straddled her bulging stomach his cock was resting between the dakr haired female's soft supple pillowy breasts as thsoe puffy nipples squished against the sides fo his immense cock causing him to hiss out in pleasure.

Naruto began to buckle his stronger hips as the dark haired female began to utilize her cute expert tounge to clean off the last load that the blodne had shot off causnig her taste buds explode becoming addicted to the taste. Naruto's sparkling lust fulled azure eyes were transfixed on to the dark and pink haired females who were sleeping peacefully as Sai began to squeeze her immense breasts aorund the blonde's cock causing him to lean his head back and moan in pleasrue as he began to increase the tempo and momentum of his thrusting hips that were like two piston powered steam engines.

Without warning the blonde funneled some of his chakra into the fox tattoo summoning the Nine Tails to appear in a cloud of smoke causing the dark haired female to gasp in surprise. Kurema smirked widely seeing this beauty patting her on the head as she smothered the dark haired female whose lips were right upon her plump little pussy as she spread her heavenly long sun tanned legs growling in a lust filled animalistic nature. "This new little bitch is rather expertly isn't she Master Naruto?" Nodding his spiky blonde hair while smirking widely grunting and groaning like a horny beast.

"You said it Kurema-chan I think Sai-chan ihas been broken in quite nicely, but just in case I'll have Sakura-chan and Sasuki-chan help break her in futher." Grinning brightly as the crimson haired beauty was moaning in pleasure leaning her head back feeling the immense pleasure while Sai went to work feasting upon the crimson hiared beauty's plump little pussy as a wet flesh smacking sound to fill through the room it was light at first, but it quickly grew to louder smacks with every passing seconds. Naruto was in his own little world at the current moment all the while his pleasure center was on overdrive at the current moment.

Sai's expertly skilled tounge was circling the pink lips that protected Kurema's plump pussy causing the crimson hiared beauty as she gritted her teeth feeling the immense pleasure, then the dark haired beauty slithered her cute pink tounge inside Kurema's dripping wet pussy making a loud sensual moan of approval this was music to Sai's ears. Utilziing greater expert skill the dakr haired female was squeezing her immense breasts against the blodne's immmense cock making it turn to a deep dark shade of purple as pre cum began to smear upon the soft supple creamy globes of breast flesh.

Without warning Naruto flipped Sai upon her bulging stomach pressing her immense breasts towards the matress as he presed his immense cock into the dark hiared beauty rear entrace causing ehr to moan in pleasure, but before she could the crimson haired female's dripping wet pussy sealing her lips causing Sai's moan to make Kurema's clit throb and harden instantly causing her to lean her head back feeling the immense pleasure as the blonde began to thrust his hips at a slow motion fuck pace while gritting his teeth as his eyes went cross.

Naruto began to thrust his stronger hips at a rhymthic pace loving the way that Sai's ass hole was squeezing around his immense cock still keeping its tightness even after Sasuki had been the first one to fuck that tight hole. The blonde was in his onw little world as the dark haired beauty that was underneath him was sucking on Kurema's throbbing clit as she held her head in place pulling her in deepermoaning in pleasure as she began to buckle her curvaceous hips agaisnt the dark haired beauty's tounge as it was flicking aroudn inside her dripping wet pussy as her sun tanned ass cheeks bounced against Sai's angelic cheeks making a loud wet flesh smacking sound.

Gripping on to the dark haired beauty's curvaceous hips he began to let loos pressing his full weight into her as he was pumping his stronger hips nearly at the speed of sound, or the same blurring speed of his predessor the Fourth Hokage as he was grunting and groaning like an animal as sweat was rolling the hills and vallies of his strong spine as those cum tanks were smacking against the dark hiared beauty's immense heart shaped ass cheeks. Without warning Naruto sunk his fox fangs within Sai's neck making sure to suckle the junction between her neck and collar bone increasing the pleasure output.

Feeling that familar sensation once again the blonde groaned out loudly feeling his big balls tightening as the dark haired beauty began to suckle upon Kurema's clit causing the crimson haired beauty to moan and melw like a bitch in heat. Whispering into Sai's ear the blonde warned her that he was dangerously clsoe to releasing the last load of the night watching in awe as the blodne's broad chest rose and fell due to his heart that was pounding at a rhymthic pace. Naruto knew that his stamina was reaching its limits the blodne was aided along by the inner muscles that housed deep within the dark haired beauty's wonderful asshole something that Naruto was greatly pleased with.

Breathing heavily Naruto rode the high as if he were a sufer riding the perfect wave as he thrusted his strong and powerful hips one final time slamming into the dark haired beuaty's rear entrance. "Sai-chan I'm going to... I'm going to..." Before the blonde could finish his sentence he lets out a loud roar of pleasure as he shot off what seemed like an endless supply fo his thick ropes fo white and yellow cum as he gripped the dark haired beauty with all his might. Sai who had been watching Sakura the entire time began to graze her teeth against the crimson haired beauty's throbbing clit this was the breaking point for the cromson haired beauty, and with a loud roar of pleasure the crimson ahired beauty squirted her orgasmic juices right in Sai's mouth allowing her to get a good taste of the crimson haired beauty. With the last of his strength the blodne wrapped the trio in his embrace before pulling the sheets back as Kurema was dispeeled within the blink of an eye to sleep untill the next time she was summoned as the quartet fo Squad Seven feel into a deep plasurable slumber.

A/N Thus ends another riveting chapter fo the Whirlpool Kami's Harem Collection. I must say that the next chapter is the one that I know both you the readers and I have been waiting for. Next chapter NaruHina just saying, so until then enjoy buh bye for now.


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