Curse of the Iwa Clan

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Warning: drug use, mentions of violence


Chapter 3

Once Sasuke was able to stand again without puking, they walked to the shroom that Shikamaru was on. Naruto smiled. “Okay. So we’re ready to get this started. But we need a foothold or something.”

Shikamaru took a deep pull of the hookah. “You know the rules of the land. I can’t reveal too much of what will happen.”

The Cheshire floated up, his eyes intense. “Come on Shika. You must be able to tell us something.”

The brunette sighed and let out the smoke. “All I can say is that Deidara’s life is not in danger.” He shifted from laying down to sitting up now.

Sasuke frowned with confusion. “Everyone’s in danger around Itachi.” That was common knowledge.

But Shikamaru only shrugged. “Not the Golden One.”

Naruto rolled onto his back while still in the air. “So ‘Tachi can’t kill Deidara?” That would be extremely helpful of the fates.

Shikamaru shook his head. “More like won’t.” Apparently he wasn’t going to be very clear on that. But this was still very helpful.

“You’re positive?” Sasuke’s voice was laced with skepticism.

A slight smirk was given. “Of course. As you all like to say, I’m absolute.”

Naruto smiled wide. “Guess you’re right. So, can you tell us how we can help? After all, none of us want this to fail.” The knowledge that Deidara was safe made Naruto excited for this. Because it means that even if Deidara fails he won’t be killed. “Wait. Do you mean he won’t harm him at all or only not kill him?”

Shikamaru took a slow drag as he considered what he could say. “Itachi will need to be kept from going too far.”

Sasuke frowned. “What does that mean?” Didn’t sound good whatever it was. He also wasn’t a fan of how the man ignored the second question.

Shikamaru blew out a thick cloud. “This is my warning. Itachi will become very possessive of the Golden One. Sasuke, you need to make sure that this behavior doesn’t lead to physical actions.”

Sasuke’s eyes widened. “How am I supposed to stop Itachi from doing anything?” Well guess that answered that question.

Shika rolled his eyes. “You have more power over him than you think.” His gaze shifted to the cat. “And you need to make sure that Deidara doesn’t just give up. I highly doubt it will happen but there is always the chance that Itachi will scare him off.”

Naruto nodded. “So how do we get them to meet? Should probably be in a neutral area.”

Sasuke spoke up, “What about the Chess Board. It used to be for war so maybe it’s time for it to be used for peace.”

Shikamaru blew out another cloud. “That sounds good. Naruto, you tell Tsunade. Sasuke, you check with Itachi. We need this to start soon.”


Blue eyes opened and Deidara slowly sat up. He looked around and saw he was still in this strange place. Actually, it was an amazing place with luxury he’d never experienced before. His clan had been well off, but this was insane. Makes sense since this is a royal palace. He got up and noticed some clothes had been placed on a side chair. They were lovely blue silk pants with a white shirt and a beautiful blue long vest. The shoes were almost like slippers and extremely comfortable. Much better than the heels he’d always had to wear.

With one more look around the room he decided to just walk around and think about all this. After about fifteen minutes of wandering around he finally just sat down. At a sound, Deidara looked up and saw the white rabbit coming over to him. “Hey.” He was currently sitting on a bench overseeing some of the garden.

Kakashi nodded. “I would ask if you’re okay but it’s rather obvious to see you’re still not.”

The blond shrugged. “I just don’t know how to process all this, un. I’ve never considered that I can save anyone let alone an entire realm.” He groaned. “And then there’s the fact that I’m in another realm.”

Kakashi pulled down his mask to smile softly at him. “I understand. It can be overwhelming. But the fact still stands that we need you. You and only you can help us. You are the Golden One.”

Deidara was quiet for a few moments as he thought about it. His eyes then hardened and he stood up. “I may not like my clan but we don’t give up or shy away from challenges, yeah.” He nodded, a determined look on his face. “I’ll do it. I can no longer deny where I am or that I’m needed.” After all he took a nap and still woke up here. Besides, he always wanted to be free from his clan. And what can be freer than being in an entirely different realm?

The man/rabbit nodded and gave a proud look before pulling his mask back up. He looked down at his watch and gave a sigh. “Always late.”

Deidara raised a brow. “For what, un?”

Kakashi shrugged. “Almost everything. You should tell Tsunade your decision. Now I must leave. Good luck Golden One.” He nodded to him before leaving.

Deidara quickly made his way to find Tsunade. Unfortunately, he found the two Tweedle girls. Who were in the middle of a fight. He cleared his throat and got their attention. “Where’s the Queen?”

Both pointed down the hall and said as one, “Down this hall, turn left, third door.”

Deidara did a slow nod. That was a bit creepy. “Thanks.” He decided to quickly leave as he really didn’t want to be around them anymore. He followed their directions and opened the door to indeed find the Queen. She was in what appeared to be a half kitchen and half chemistry lab. “I decided what I’m going to do, un.”

Tsunade stopped what she was doing. “Oh?”

Deidara nodded. “I’ll help. I have always wished for a different future than what my clan cursed me with, hm. And now I have the opportunity to save an entire realm by becoming one of the highest powers here. It’s a bit intimidating and I do worry about messing up. But I want to do this, yeah.”

After a moment or two of assessing if he was telling the truth, Tsunade smiled. “Wonderful.”

Deidara nodded and came closer. His eyes moved over what she was making, both curious and wary. Some of the…ingredients, seemed rather gross and morbid. He looked up. “Though I am wondering. How, and when, will I meet King Itachi?”

Tsunade shrugged at that. “I trust that Shikamaru will find a way to notify everyone. It will be soon I’m sure.” Her hands moved over the items and deciding which ones to use.

Deidara watched with mild fascination. “So…what are you making?” His gaze was on a jar of eyeballs.

The look Tsunade gave made Deidara actually take a step back. Then she smiled as if she had been waiting for that reaction. Her eyes lightened and she chuckled. “Simply some medicine.”


When Naruto and Sasuke arrived back at the castle of hearts the raven looked to his friend. “Check with Tsunade and come back here with the response.” He rolled his eyes when Naruto did a salute with a grin before evaporating to Konoha.

Sasuke made his way to Itachi’s room once again. He paused as he tried to figure out how to tell Itachi about the meeting as he suddenly realized he will have to admit he lied. He gathered his will, took a deep breath, and knocked. Once given permission he entered. “Itachi. I must admit that Naruto and I just went to Shikamaru. We believe that everyone should meet on the Chess Board.”

Itachi closed his book and raised a brow. “Oh?” His voice was unreadable making Sasuke swallow. “And by everyone, you mean the Golden One as well. Correct?” He watched Sasuke nod. “And Naruto will be informing Tsunade?” Another nod. Itachi stood. “While I am disappointed you felt the need to lie to me, I do admit that I am curious about this being that is supposed to stop me.”

Sasuke heard that as consent to going. “Naruto will be here soon so we’ll pass it along then. Does an hour sound reasonable? It’ll allow us all to gather.”

“Very well. I’ll inform the guards.” He left to find Kisame, the captain of the guards.

Soon Naruto appeared next to Sasuke in the hall. “They agree. Just give me the time frame.”

Sasuke nodded. “An hour. Itachi has gone to inform the guards. We’ll head out once everyone is gathered.”

Naruto smiled. “Same with us. See you there, bastard.” Laughs and evaporates before Sasuke can punch him.



Deidara stepped out of the carriage. He had taken one with Tsunade. He took in the area. It looked like a giant chessboard but faded and with rubble around the edges. On one side was the Konoha members. When in position, Sasori and Gaara flanked the Queen. This made Deidara think they worked like guards at times. Naruto, the Door Mice, and the Tweedles were there too.

On the other side was a crowd a bit larger. “That’s Akatsuki?”

Naruto nodded. “Yeah.”

In the middle (to the side) Shikamaru laid on a lounger with his usual hookah. And directly in the middle stood Kakashi.

On some unspoken notice, the three from Konoha and the two from Akatsuki took a few steps out. Itachi looked over Deidara sizing him up. And the blond frowned and did the exact same thing

Kakashi cleared his throat and raised a hand. “Itachi Uchiha, King of Hearts. And Deidara Iwa, the Golden One. Step forward.”

Naruto groaned. “You’re loving being able to do this aren’t you ‘Kashi?”

The rabbit simply smiled under mask. Enough of an answer. Itachi and Deidara step forward.

Deidara watched Itachi actually shiver, a frown marring that handsome face. Dark eyes became lidded. “What’s with you, un?” He already found this ‘King’ annoying.

Sasuke blinked, a bit taken aback by that.

Itachi jerked slightly as if pushed out of a daze. “Huh…how interesting.”

“Interesting? What’s interesting, un?” Deidara could feel the annoyance growing at the other being so vague. As if this conversation was merely a game. And then he realized that that was probably the case. So why not make it fun. He smirked. “You’re the one throwing the tantrum, hm?”

Everyone else tensed in full shock.

But Itachi’s reaction was not what anyone thought it would be. He simply seemed even more intrigued. “You will stay at my palace.”

Deidara brushed hair over his shoulder. “Tch. Well, I say no. I like it at Konoha, yeah.”

Sasuke could sense Itachi’s reaction and moved up to put a hand on his arm. Itachi looked down and Sasuke whispered softly for the King’s ears only. “Perhaps if you ask instead of demand, it might get us further without violence. This board has seen enough of that don’t you think, brother?” After a few tense moments Itachi nodded. Seems that Shikamaru was right. Yet again.

The elder looked once again to Deidara. “I would greatly enjoy getting to know you better. In order for that to happen I would prefer you staying at Akatsuki. Would you do this?”

Deidara considered it. It was probably the best he was going to get from the man. “Fine. But Naruto stays as well, un. I feel safe around him.” His eyes narrowed when Itachi opened his mouth to argue. “It’s either allow Naruto or Golden One stays at Konoha.” He could see that Itachi was impressed with his courage.

“Very well. I’m used to him being around anyway.” For some reason Sasuke was friends with the weird Cheshire.

Deidara nodded. “I also want Tsunade’s carriage to take me there with Naruto in it, yeah.”

Itachi looked to her. “Acceptable?”

Tsunade nodded. “Yes. Keep up your promises Uchiha. I don’t want to, but I will declare war if I must.”

Itachi merely scowled but simply nodded before turning and leaving with his people.

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his ponytail. “Fuck.”

Soon they were in Tsunade’s carriage. Deidara had a huge flash of DeJa’Vu. Not long ago he had been in another carriage, with another escort, heading to another man. His eyes narrowed as he gazed out the window. But this time he had the power. He would do this. He smirked. And enjoy it.

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