Curse of the Iwa Clan

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Alice In Wonderland or any of their characters. I make no money from this.

Note: So I’ve been wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland Naruto thing for a while but just couldn’t figure out how to make it with my own spin to it. And now I finally have the idea! I even know how it will end. I hope I assigned correct characters to the roles given, especially with my take on them. I’ve decided to give warnings at the beginning of each chapter. So everyone, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Alice and Wonderland or any of the characters in them and I make no money from this.

Warning: MPreg, Alice in Wonderland theme, new versions of old characters, a few OCs, set in an older time, brief drug use

Curse of the Iwa Clan

The Iwa clan is famous and their men are extremely desired. Why? Because the men of this clan can produce offspring inside a womb. They say their ancestors were blessed with the gift of making and carrying life for past good deeds. Deidara thinks it’s a curse as he sits in the carriage and grows closer to his own demise.

“Please Sir. Do not look so sad. You should be happy you found such a wonderful husband.”

Deidara turned a glare to the servant sitting opposite him. “Yuko. Shut up.” He looked back out the window. He was cursed by this ‘gift’. Sold off to the highest bidder pretty much. He didn’t even know the name of his husband. Just that he paid in a lot of gold for the honor of owning an Iwa male. And owning was definitely the word for it.

Deidara’s one purpose now is to give birth to as many children as possible. He was dressed in light blue robes with a long white sash around his middle to represent his virginity. His long blond hair put up with family gems woven in. Light eye makeup to make his blue eyes pop. Made to look like the perfect Iwa male. And he hated it.

The carriage slowed to a stop and the door was opened. Yuko went out first to wait for her master. Deidara waited as long as possible but a clearing throat saw him sighing and stepping out, his low heels making a crunching sound on the gravel of the rounded drive. He looked up at the large manor and scowled. Of course the guy is rich, he bought him with gold after all.

The servant that had opened the door bowed to him before leading the way to the doors.

Deidara froze though. As soon as he went inside…he was trapped. He doubted he’d be allowed out much. Worried they would be about his wellbeing. Bullshit. They just wanted to keep him prisoner. So Deidara did what he does best. Be difficult.

“Actually, I’m going to take a walk around first. I’ll be back later, yeah.” He turned and literally just began walking away.

Yuko’s eyes widened and she quickly followed. “Sir. You need to go in and meet your husband. The ceremony must be-.”

Deidara spun around, blue eyes piercing as they caused the girl to freeze. “You go back then, un. I’m going to enjoy my freedom a bit longer.” He was a bit curious why the house servant didn’t try to stop him but maybe he wasn’t allowed to talk or something. Wouldn’t surprise him really. So, he turned and once again walked away. Soon he found himself on the edge of some woods, peace filling him at the nature.

Then he blinked.

Deidara’s eyes had to be playing tricks on him. He didn’t just see a man with silver hair, a mask over the lower half of his face, and rabbit features. But there was the proof and he watched the man…rabbit…person pull out a pocket watch before muttering to himself about being late. And then he took off further into the woods.

Without thought the blond followed through the woods. He paid no heed to the possibility of getting lost. He just needed to see if what he saw was true. He had no desire to go back to that annoying house where he would be treated like an object. After running for…well he didn’t know how long, he came across a rather beaten-up tree. At the base of the tree was a rabbit hole and he had no problem believing that rabbit-man fit through it, it was that big.

He crouched down at the edge of it and peered inside. “Hello?” He thought he saw something so braced himself against the sides to look further. “Hello-.” His call turned to a scream as he fell. And fell and fell. Things passed by his eyes. Things that should definitely not be in a rabbit hole. And then he was crashing through a floor and landing with a grunt of pain.

“Shit…” He slowly sat up and saw a small round room. When he looked up, he saw…a perfectly formed ceiling. No entrance hole at all. “…okay then…” He stood up and glanced around. There were quite a few doors lining the wall. Without hesitation he began to check them all only to find them all locked. “What now?” When he turned around in frustration he froze. There in the center of the room was a table, (that hadn’t been there a second ago), and on the table was a key. With slow steps Deidara made his way over and picked it up. It was of a good weight and seemed old.

“This is so weird, un…” And yet despite his misgivings he began to check all the doors again to try to find the one the key belongs to. The last door was curtained off and he drew it back to find a wall. When his eyes moved lower, he saw a tiny door about the size of his forearm. He crouched down and somehow managed to fit the key in and open it. Sunlight and the sound of birds chirping greeted him. “And how the hell am I supposed to fit through there, yeah?” He huffed and sat back, watching the door close itself. A small ‘tink’ noise had him looking back at the table. To find a bottle of clear liquid with a tag on it.

Deidara frowned and stood up before going back to the table. He set the key down and picked up the bottle to read the label.


And despite his brain screaming that drinking an unknown liquid could kill him, he took a swig. And began coughing immediately. It tasted horrible! As he coughed, he realized he was shrinking. Actually shrinking! After a few moments he found himself covered in his previous clothes. “Well now what, yeah?” He couldn’t very well just go naked. With a little bit of use of his crafting skills, (all Iwa males needed to know basic house care and abilities), he tore off some of the cloth and tied it around himself in a new makeshift robe. When he stepped into the opening he glanced down and decided that given the circumstances it was pretty good. “Well now I’ll fit, un.”

He ran over to the door and tried it only to find it locked again. With a groan he turned back to the table, that was now way taller than him, and saw the key sitting on top of it. “Shit.” He went back over and decided to try his luck at climbing. It failed miserably. “Great, un! Now I’m stuck being small.” He sat down with a huff. Something caught his eye to his left and he looked down. To see a glass case with a piece of cake in it. Written on the cake was,


He opened the case and picked up the treat. “…this can only be good.” His comment was laced heavily with sarcasm as he took a bite. He groaned and stood up only to keep going up. Growing as his new clothes stretched to their limit. He grew so tall he had to lean over to not smash his head on the ceiling. “Guess I took too much, yeah.” Well now he can reach the key. He carefully took it in his hand before lifting the tiny bottle and taking another swig of it. Sure enough, with a bunch of coughing he turned back to his tiny form. He ran over to the door and unlocked it. “Finally.” He went through and had to shield his eyes at the bright light.

Once his vision cleared, he gasped. The world he was in was definitely not the one he started in. The plants were so exotic and large. There were weird things buzzing around and strange creatures moving across the ground and into bushes. “…so weird, yeah…” He slowly began walking, part of his brain wondering why this wasn’t freaking him out. He walked further and further into the forest type thing not really sure what he was looking for. Maybe someone to tell him where the hell he is.

A strange sound came behind him before a chuckle which had him spinning around. Only to find a blond man sitting on a low branch. A blond man with orange striped cat ears and a flicking tail. His eyes were large and even more brilliant blue than his own with slit pupils. He had three whisker marks on each cheek and a smile so big it actually seemed to barely fit his face.

“What do you call yourself?” The voice was cheerful and deep with a strange rumble to it, almost like a cat purr.

Deidara frowned. “I’m Deidara.”

The grin widened even more making Deidara take a step back. “The Deidara?!”

“…uh…I guess so?” Was he known here? That’s odd. “Who are you, un?”

The cat man laughed and hopped down, landing on the leaves without a sound. “I’m Naruto Cheshire. I’ll take you to the March Hare and the Mad Hatter. Come on!” He took Deidara’s hand and simply began pulling him in what seemed like a random direction.

Deidara grunted as he tried to keep up, tripping a bit. He no longer had shoes so the few sticks were a bit annoying to feel on his feet. Finally, they broke through the trees to find…

A tea party. With mismatching tables, and glassware, and just a mix of everything that didn’t really go together. There were cakes and tea pots and all kinds of goodies. And sitting at the head in a large winged-back chair was a man with brilliant red hair and eyes that gave Deidara the impression he was an asshole. Next to him was another shorter red-haired male with green eyes surrounded by dark marks, (maybe insomnia related?), that spoke of suppressed anger and a bit of madness. Oh, and he had hare features. Long ears and Deidara bet he probably had a fluffy tail. Finally on the other side were two people that seemed like mice-people. They both had long brown hair and lilac eyes with soft grey mouse features. One male, one female.

The first redhead spoke, “So you finally showed up, brat.”

Deidara frowned, deciding he was right with his first assessment of the other. “What the fuck you mean by that, yeah?” He noticed a tall hat sitting on the table next to him. “Guess you’re the Mad Hatter.” He looked to the bunny. “And you’re the March Hare.” So, who were the mice?

The Hare scowled. “Do you realize how many people have lost their heads?”

The male mouse grunted, unimpressed. “And all because you took your time getting here.”

Deidara couldn’t help but stomp his foot in anger. “I don’t even know where here is, un!”

The female mouse gave a small smile. “Why it’s Underland, of course.”

“You can’t be that stupid,” the asshole redhead said.

Deidara really wanted to hit the Hatter guy.

Naruto gave a laugh. “Hey guys, be nice. No need for insults and arguments. How was he supposed to know the prophecy?” He turned to Deidara. “That’s Sasori Hatter, Gaara Hare, and the door mice Hinata and Neji.”

Deidara was so lost. In almost every way possible. “What prophecy? What are you all on about, un?”

Sasori somehow managed to frown even more. “You didn’t take him to Shikamaru yet?”

Naruto shrugged. “Well not yet. Figured he might be hungry or something. That potion can cause an appetite after all.” He was suddenly sitting at the table and smiled as he sipped the tea floating in front of him. “I’ll take him after we’re done here.”

Gaara raised a brow. “And then where?”

This caused Naruto to shrug. “Shika will tell me.”

Deidara was still very confused. “I must be unconscious or something…in a coma. That’s gotta be it, yeah.”

Naruto laughed, shaking his head. “Nah. You’re completely awake.” He gave another too wide smile. “We don’t share our world with many. But it is told that you will bring peace to our world.”

That caused Deidara to blink, a bit taken back by that. “How?” Was he really that important? He had been told his whole life that he was only worth how many children he can pop out. So hearing that he would be the one to save people was a bit, well daunting.

Neji frowned. Seems everyone but Naruto did that. Well Hinata hadn’t frowned yet either. “We don’t know. Only Shikamaru knows.” He sounded annoyed by that.

Deidara sat down slowly at the table. Might as well eat. If that other stuff didn’t kill him then normal pastries shouldn’t do it. “Who’s that, un?”

Hinata giggled. “He’s wise and absolute. He knows all and helps everything run smoothly.”

Neji made an uncouth snort. “Not all. Just most.”

Sasori watched Deidara for a bit before looking to Naruto. “I want to come. I’m curious how this brat can save us.”

Deidara scowled and poured himself some tea. “Oh shut it, old man.” He loved seeing the annoyed look.

Gaara took a bite of cake. “I want to come too.”

The mice nodded and said at the same time, “Us too.”

Deidara took a sip, rather impressed by the taste. “So. Since you’re mad,” he smirked, “does it mean you’re crazy, yeah?”

Sasori did a full glare. “No it doesn’t.”

Naruto began laughing. “Just means he’s always angry. Don’t know why but he is.”

Deidara rolled his eyes and put some cake on his plate. “That’s dumb.”

Gaara shrugged. “Perhaps. But it is what it is.”

Deidara took a bite before turning to Gaara. “So Gaara. What’s your weirdness, hn?” Another bite. “Got creepy smile Naru. Pissy as fuck Saso. The weird twin thing with the mice. So what’s with you, yeah?”

Gaara smirked and it actually made Deidara shiver. “I like violence.”

Deidara frowned. “So do you like the people dying then?”

Gaara’s smirk turned to a frown. “I like violence. Not death.”

Dei nodded slowly. “uh-huh…mind if I don’t talk to you? I don’t want to piss you off.”

The Hare shrugged and shoved a muffin in his mouth. “Do what you want.” He said around the food.

Sasori glared at him. “Disgusting.”


About half an hour later, Naruto was grinning as he led Deidara and the others to a large set of mushrooms surrounded by clouds. And the Cheshire was floating. Actually floating as he moved. “Yo Shika!”

The smoke cleared to show the source of it. A man with brown hair in a blue shirt and loose blue pants, was lounging on the biggest shroom and was literally smoking a hookah. He glanced over eyes settling on Deidara. “And who, are you?”

Deidara frowned. “Deidara.”

Shikamaru raised a brow. “Really now?”

The frown turned to a scowl. “Of course really. I know who I am, yeah.”

Shika gave a slight smirk. “Perhaps.” He took a hit before blowing it out in their direction.

Deidara coughed and waved away the smoke. “Asshole.”

Naruto laughed. “Yeah sometimes. But come on Shika. He’s the right one right?” There was a slight bit of hesitation in his voice. Did he pick the wrong one? “I mean Kakashi is rarely wrong after all.”

Deidara raised a brow. “Kakashi? You mean the white rabbit I saw up there, un?” He received a nod for that.

Shika looked at Deidara carefully, making him somewhat self-conscious. “He is in fact the Golden One.”

Naruto cheered and pumped a fist in the air. “I knew it!”

Deidara looked between them all. “Golden One? What does that even mean, un?” Was a cool title though, he had to admit that.

Shikamaru sighed. “It is said and decided long ago, that Deidara of Iwa will show. Long golden hair, blue eyes, and clothed in robes. You will be the one to make the King of Hearts in Akatsuki see reason once more. He has been cutting off heads and inciting violence. And only the Golden One can do it.”

Deidara’s eyes widened and he was suddenly finding it hard to breathe. “And how am I supposed to save? What does my clan have to do with this? What will I be to this violent king?! Am I trapped still?!” He dropped to his knees and buried his face in his hands as he rocked back and forth. “I just wanted to be free, dammit!!” And a scream was released that caused birds to take flight and small animals to run. After a few minutes he flinched when both mice gently touched his shoulders.

He allowed Hinata and Neji to help him stand. Each had one of his hands in show of support. Deidara had a feeling they didn’t do this to many people. “…thank you…” His voice was a tiny whisper.

Naruto looked to Shikamaru, for once not smiling. “Where do we go?”

“Send him to the White Queen in Konoha.” Shikamaru had watched the entire thing. “I am impressed how far you made it. You may yet have the strength to win.”

Naruto was suddenly grinning again and floated in the air a bit. “Of course! Why didn’t I think of it? Granny will definitely want to see him.”

“Granny?” Deidara’s voice is shaky but he decided to just treat this as a dream. Just roll with it and eventually he’ll wake up.

Gaara grunted. “It’s a nickname he gave her to piss her off.”

“No! I see her like a mother but it’d be too weird to call her mom.” Everyone just stared at him. And then he gave the biggest grin. “And because it pisses her off.”

Shikamaru laid back and took a slow drag. “You can all go away now. I want a nap.” And the smoke enveloped his entire mushroom.

Naruto helped Deidara get out quickly before they coughed up a lung. “anyway. Let’s go to Konoha. Granny can explain things better there.” He looked back to everyone else. “You guys coming, or heading back?”

Sasori and Gaara looked to each other. “We’re going back.” They turned and headed off.

The door mice however moved closer. “We’re coming.”

Deidara nodded. “Fine. Let’s just do this…” He still felt numb and unsure what to think of all this. If it is indeed a dream then it is a very weird one.


In a castle decorated in black and red in the Kingdom of Akatsuki, with quite a few heart designs around, a raven haired man dressed in red and gold royal clothing prowled through the halls. His destination, a certain set of rooms. He knocked once just to be polite before he went in. “Itachi. I have word.”

Said person looked up from the book they were reading. Red eyes regarded the other raven for a few seconds before he set his book aside and nodded. “Proceed, brother.”

“The prophecy has started. He is on the way to the White Queen now.”

Itachi’s lips twitched to a slight smirk. “And so it shall begin.” He looked out of the large window. “Come then Golden One. Show me your skills.”

Note: And guess what everyone! Already working on the next chapter!! I did a small count up and here’s an update. I’m currently working on 25 stories. Only 12 of them are actually active and some of them are one shots. But I am writing up a storm for you guys and I hope you’re liking it!

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