Curse of the Iwa Clan

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Note: Hey everyone! Glad you liked the first chapter. Now we get into the details of what must happen. I’m having a lot of fun writing and planning this. Hope you enjoy this new chapter!

Chapter 2


“Granny!” Naruto burst into a large throne room.

The woman moved fast over to them. “Brat!” The resounding CRACK of the hit to the back of his head made Deidara flinch.

Naruto yelped and poofed a good few feet away from the large breasted woman. Like seriously! What was up with those things? How did she not fall over?! “What the fuck?! I brought the Golden One and that’s how you react?”

The woman scowled. “Show respect for your Queen and your elders.” The woman wore a beautiful white dress with blue accents that was neither too formal nor too casual. Her long blond hair was put up and out of the way with some bangs hanging down. She looked to Deidara and smiled. “Sorry. I am Tsunade, the White Queen from Konoha. My husband is currently away but I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

“Aw. Pervy sage isn’t here?” The slight pout which appeared looked a bit unsettling with his wide mouth.

Tasunade sent him a scowl. “that’s what I said.” She held out her hand. “Come Deidara. I’m sure you have many questions.”

Deidara was hesitant but took her hand, seeing no choice.

Neji then spoke up. “The Tweedles aren’t here, are they?”

That made Hinata giggle for some reason. “Oh, they aren’t so bad.”

Deidara raised a brow. “Tweedles?”

Before Naruto can speak the sound of bickering flew in. Tsunade sighed and began rubbing her temples.

“I can do it so much better than you, Ino pig!”

“In your dreams, billboard brow!”

Two girls walked in wearing an interesting outfit. Striped shirts and some red overall-skirts. Knee high striped socks with shiny black shoes. One had pink hair and the other blond. Seemed to be a lot of blondes around here.

The pink haired one looked ready to scream before she looked at them. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “Ino. Look. I think it might be…”

Ino looked too and blinked. “No, it may not…”

The pink rolled her eyes. “But if it would be he is.”

Ino grunted. “I guess so Sakura.” The two came over to them. “I’m Ino Tweedle.”

Sakura held her sister’s hand. “I’m Sakura Tweedle. Please ignore our fights.”

Ino flipped some hair over her shoulder. “Are you the Golden One?”

Deidara was really shocked by all this. “I…I guess so…”

Tsunade sighed. They were never going to get anything done this way. “Okay. You four,” she pointed to the mice and Tweedles, “Scram. You two come with me.” She turned and began to walk away.

Naruto chuckled and followed her, glancing back. “Come on Deidara. It’ll be calmer in a second.”

Deidara quickly followed, not wanting to hear Sakura and Ino start fighting again over who scared him off. “Thanks. That was a lot to deal with.”

Naruto laughed, grinning. “Yeah. They take some getting used to.”

Tsunade stopped outside a door to an office type space. “Take a seat Deidara. Naruto, I assume you’ll just float or something.” When the two went in and did it, she sat behind desk. “So. One question at a time. I will answer what I can.”

Deidara nodded, knowing immediately his first question. “…Who is this crazy King of Hearts?”

Tsunade smiled though it was sad. “Itachi of Akatsuki. To put it simply, Itachi has gone mad.”

Deidara’s eyes widen. “Uh-huh…” He had a feeling it was not the literal sense like Sasori. This was definitely the crazy meaning.

“Every king must have a queen as we have the most power here. Without a queen and someone to balance them out, the king will go insane.” Tsunade wasn’t holding anything back. As what good would that serve? “He has a younger brother, Sasuke. But his parents Fugaku and Mikoto died, meaning Itachi became king.” She scowled and her eyes filled with anger. “And the idiot has refused to take a queen! He thinks he can do it all himself. That he can be the one that breaks tradition.” She slammed a fist on the desk and Deidara was surprised it didn’t break. “Tradition is the only thing that keeps this world together. And no one can convince him. Not even Sasuke.”

Deidara was shaking slightly. “H-How did the king and queen die?”

Naruto answered this one. No smile or joy on his face. “There were once whispers that Itachi killed them himself. Those whispers were soon cut off.”

Deidara whimpered and slapped a hand over his mouth. “So…what am I supposed to…to do?” He won’t acknowledge the tears gathering in his eyes.

Tsunade took a deep calming breath and gave a soft smile. “Deidara. You are the one that Shikamaru foretold to be able to bring sanity back to the King of Hearts. And gain your own throne as the Queen of Hearts.”

Deidara jumped from his seat and backed away, hands raised in front of him. “Look. My life has gone from pumping out babies to saving an entire world by dating an insane man.” An insane laugh came out as tears streamed down his face. “Supposedly I’ll have the highest position and all the power. But that’s only if I’m actually kept alive! What if Itachi decides to kill me?”

Naruto blinked. “…pump out babies?”

Even Tsunade seemed taken aback. “You can give birth?”

Deidara froze. They didn’t know? But they said his clan! “The Iwa males can give birth…yes…and that is all we are good for…”

Pain filled Naruto’s eyes. “How awful…to be told that. But you have purpose. Even if not here, you have purpose.” His eyes grew determined. “You just need to learn your strength and embrace it. We can help!” he looked to the queen. “Can’t we?”

“Of course. If we send him now, nothing good will come of it.” Her eyes narrowed on Cheshire. “Naruto. You will need to use your connections. Got it?”

Naruto paused. “...I really hate doing that.”

Deidara looked to him. “What does that mean?” Seems he was back to accepting it. Maybe he really was insane. He did have a hard fall.

Naruto sighed. “Sasuke and I are friends. We became friends before Itachi lost his marbles. And I won’t hold Itachi’s misdoings against Sasuke. He’s tried to help but the man just won’t listen. You are our last hope.” He nodded with a smile. “And I’ll see if I can get Sasuke to help. Who knows, he may even be all for it. Something to save his brother.”

Tsunade made her way over to Deidara. “Come. I think you should sleep. You need to rest. And then…you can make the choice. We will not force you to do anything. Just rest and think about it please.”

Deidara could only nod, tears still falling. He felt as if he would faint any second. Does that mean it really isn’t a dream? “Please…”

Tsunade smiled and wrapped an arm around the boy’s waist. She looked to Naruto. “Go see Sasuke. Let’s get this started.” As she walked away she softly said to Deidara, “And we’ll find you something else to wear. I’m sure we have something that you’ll like.”


Sasuke heard the wind sound before Naruto materialized.

The blond grinned. “Guessing you told him already?”

Sasuke nodded. “Yes. He has a right to know…considering.”

“Well listen. I think we can do this. I mean, this guy kind of has a ways to go before he can really help. Having a bit of a mental breakdown to be honest.”

Sasuke grunted. “Nothing new here.”

The cat chuckled. “Yeah. But he also has some really interesting qualities. One of them I can’t say. Not my thing to tell and I have a feeling he likes it a secret.”

Sasuke nodded, knowing that if Naruto is holding trust then he will never break it. “How can this work though? Itachi has no desire to ever take a Queen. Why will this person from an entirely different universe be any different?”

Naruto moved close to him and nuzzled his cheek with soft purring. “Calm down. It’ll work because I say it’ll work. Because Shikamaru says it and Granny says it. Because the prophecy itself says it.”

Sasuke just sighed. He knows that this is just Naruto’s way of being helpful and not flirting. His animal instincts say to comfort through touch. “I hope you’re right…now back off idiot. You smell weird.”

Naruto took a step back and laughed with a huge grin. “Only you’d say that, bastard.” He lifted up in the air a bit. “Let’s go chat in the garden.” Where Itachi will be less likely to hear.

Sasuke nodded and followed through the halls and outside. He sighed happily at the sight. All Royal Hearts tended to love their gardens. Just an instinct. “Okay. So, what can you tell me? And I won’t tell Itachi…well, unless I have to.”

Naruto nodded. “Agreed. Tsunade has already given her blessing. So, the whole blond thing is true. Long blond hair with soft blue eyes. His name is…” huh… “I’m not sure I should tell yet. Don’t think I got permission for that.”

Sasuke sighed with understanding. “Don’t need a name. I know who you’re talking about. Go on.”

“Well like I said he’s having a hard time processing this. Granny has him napping now before he decides what he wants to do.”

Red eyes narrowed. “How certain are you that he’ll agree?”

Naruto gave it some thought before speaking. “I think he will agree but still won’t believe.” He sounded sure of it.

That may have to be the best they can expect from him. “Okay. So, what else? That can’t be it.” He had a slight hint of worry. “And what can we do to help? How can we even get Itachi to agree to meeting him in peace?” And not pieces.

Naruto sighed and placed a hand on Sasuke’s cheek, rubbing his thumb slightly. “Calm down bastard. No use having a panic attack. Enough of those have happened today.” He waited for Sasuke to calm down and then nodded. “Good. Now. I can tell you that he sees himself in very poor regard. He believes he has one purpose and that is to be used.”

The Prince was shocked and confused. “But Queens have the most power here.”

“Not where he comes from I guess. He can’t see this as happening the way we say it will.”

Red eyes flashed with despair. “So what can we possibly do?! Itachi sees everyone as something to be used.” Including himself. “I just…don’t see this working…”

It pained Naruto to see his best friend like this. Like he has almost lost all hope. “Sasuke, Prince of Hearts.” Blue locked with red, eyes fixed. “You will do everything in your power to save your brother. Everything. This will work.”

Sasuke had no choice but to give a slow nod. “Will Shikamaru tell us at least a hint?”

Naruto nodded. “I think if we explain the situation he will. He wants this to work just as much.” Of that he was certain. Shikamaru could be difficult to deal with but he always did what was right.

“Okay. I’m going to let Itachi know I’m going out with you.” These are the only times he can be outside the castle walls without guards. As if someone would be stupid enough to attack Sasuke. He made his way through the halls back to Itachi’s room and knocked again. “Itachi.” He opened the door and politely bowed.  “Naruto wants to show me something in the forest. Idiot won’t tell me what it is though.”

Itachi looked over, having gone back to reading. His lip twitched to an amused look. “Sounds like him. Good luck little brother.” His eyes went back to the large book.

Sasuke nodded and left, deciding Itachi is in a strangely good mood considering the news he was given. Why is Itachi seemingly happy about this?

He went into the garden and nodded to Naruto. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

Naruto raised a brow, his grin mischievous. “You know~ It’ll be faster if we evaporate~”

Sasuke glared. “It always makes me feel like I’m going to throw up.”

Cheshire shrugged. “That’s normal. But it is faster. And we want to get started quickly.”

Sasuke groaned but nodded. He took Naruto’s outstretched hand and shut his eyes tight. The feeling of evaporating was horrible and just wrong. How Naruto enjoyed it, he just couldn’t understand. When his body snapped back to reality they were in front of the mushroom patch. He fell to his knees and had to focus on his breathing and not vomiting.

Naruto was kind and didn’t joke or anything. Just waited for him to get back together.

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