Hinata's Sensual Adventure

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Clustered trees stood tall and still against the weak whisper of wind. The faint pink blush of dawn had marched all the way over the horizon, bringing with it a drizzle-laden shroud of fog that blanketed the forest and the ground below.

The warm morning's star crept ever closer over the distant valleys, its brilliant golden light inching toward the gates of our favorite hidden village.

Konoha was silent, its guardians ever vigilant — but there was not a soul in sight. The dark knights had blended in with the open environment, readily prepared to lunge forward at the import of trouble.

But, somewhere, amongst the village, there was a couple that was far from silent. And guarding their home held no meaning in the fiery storm of sexual passion that engulfed them. Nothing else mattered than their desperate endeavor to meet sweet satisfaction.

Ravenous, desperate, impatient for the sacred taste of his lovely flower, Naruto dipped his head into the juncture of Hinata's thighs and nipped maddeningly at the tender skin, his tongue cleaving the wet petals of her core, plundering her sweetness. She held on to him, hopelessly, her fingers twisting in his hair.

Naruto kissed, licked, and sucked her ruthlessly, needing to feel her come apart against his mouth. When she was writhing, moaning, and sighing with the rush of a ferocious orgasm, the lustful warrior licked her silky elixir from his bottom lip before reaching for his raging erection. All he wanted to do was drive his steel all the way inside, but she looked too enticing to rush, her sex flushed deep red and juicy, and her dark strip of curls like wet night.

"I love the way you shaved down here," Naruto murmured, playing the head of his lean length along the slick cleft of her swollen cheeks, delighting in her breathless mewls of pleasure.

But it was a torture that broke him before her.

On the razor's edge of expiring just from the feel of her, Naruto shifted his hips and pushed inside. Hinata was molten heat around him, her plush sheath swallowing the rigid curve of him from tip to his silky, round pockets. He began to pump, slowly at first, until Desire spoke, summoning bolts of lightning in his veins.

Hinata's body milked him, the hot, wet friction driving him toward a more urgent pace. Naruto had never known this kind of primal, visceral union, he felt while making love to her. And he held the goddess in a tight grasp as he drove into her, his tempo aggressive and unapologetic. The princess understood his need. She felt it, too. She welcomed every crushing thrust, every furious pound and cruel withdrawal.

She wanted to hear him shout his release, even if it betrayed their passion to the entire household. She didn't care about anything else but him and the shattering pleasure of their bodies joined together, for what she prayed, would not be the last time.

"Have your way with me," she whispered breathlessly against his ear as he rolled his hips against her in a more excited rhythm. "Naruto-kun... you're so deep..."

Without a word, he bucked his pelvis tight against her and held her close, swamping his soul mate with the hot, exploding rush of his release. Hinata climaxed with him, her fingernails scoring his shoulders as she cried out with her own release. Naruto murmured her name, his love, his contentment, his vessel as hard as marble even as the last tremors of his orgasm racked him.

Pushing even deeper into her, the complacent knight centered all of his focus on his goddess, ignoring everything but the sweet weight of her lips against his, and the gentle squeeze of her sex around him. He reveled in her soft cries as she came again, memorizing every flush and quiver that traveled her body as he pleasured her time and time again — loath to welcome daybreak and the end of their romance.

Hinata's moaning and panting breaths were stifled, her whimpering soft and adorable. But the princess's control was a tad too poor for her father's acute sense of hearing.

Slowly, cautiously, the man turned on his toes and made his way to his daughter's room, down the wooden corridor — a quiet outrage burning in his gut. Before he could slide the door open, however, Naruto had already dispelled his Shadow Clone technique and disappeared without a trace — merely being a reflection that trod where the original could not. But his love and passion was no less potent than the real thing, and the Hyuga heiress had learnt to value that fact.

"Hinata..." the man whispered, apologetic but curious.

The princess's eyes fluttered open, as if she were just surfacing from deep slumber. Her attempt at a smile was surprisingly bright and happy, and she greeted her father with an exuberance that bred a tinge of suspicion. "Good morning." her voice was controlled. "Is something a matter?"

"I thought... it-it's nothing."

She held his gaze, her innocent eyes reminding him that he was intruding and it was probably time he left. Naked, her inner goddess nodded in agreement with a pout.

"Forgive me for barging in as I did. Breakfast will be ready shortly." he reversed gingerly, and then closed the door, leaving as abruptly as he came.

Hinata took a deep breath and allowed her shoulders to sag as she sat upright in bed, the sheet secured firmly above her bare chest. Her eyes popped open when she noted the scent of Naruto in her room, along with another smell she was far too embarrassed to consider.

Had her father noted this, as well? Her face went hot and her heart clenched in a manner she hoped would not repeat. Perhaps making love in her room wasn't such a good idea, after all… however erotic it was. But, as she recognized the warm reminder Naruto left between her legs, her regret lifted, like foliage swept away by the errant wind.

The princess settled back into bed, resting the back of her hand across her face, as an uncomfortable weight of depression pinned her down without mercy. She always hated being alone while her body was still alive with the afterglow of lovemaking. She hated it. But, could she chose between this and not having Naruto as often as she pleased?

The girl heaved a gloomy sigh, a slight shift of her hand bringing her attention to the ring that brushed her eyebrow. A smile swiftly spread across her face at the sight of Naruto's precious memento, sitting neatly upon her engagement finger.

Yes, she was to be his lifelong partner, his shield, his sword, his sheath... his wife. Even now, she had difficulty coming to terms with this unbelievable reality. It just sounded too good to be true — an insidious nightmare waiting patiently for her to submit. Nevertheless, she would continue clinging to the reality her eyes portrayed, whether or not it was a dream… so long as she could be with him.

The light from the rising sun glinted off the silver metal with which the wedding band was made, a small oval stone perched at the top. Apparently — in the hot spring country, during his explorations — one of Naruto's clones had excavated the rock, a material that was very sacred and rare amongst geologists, expensive, too.

The stone was called Aura and, it had a very intriguing feature, according to the jeweler who refined it for Naruto. When one injected their spiritual energy into it — changing the dark material into crystal — the stone would capture and store that energy forever, changing in color to reflect that person's mood, no matter where they were. The stone was also linked to that individual's well-being — cracking according to severity whenever he or she sustained injury, healing whenever they did, or turning into dust should that person die.

Incidentally, the stone also bore an old legend, made known by all the geologists that poured into Fuugetsu each year in search of a piece.

Centuries ago, it is said that, before a man of commendable merit could take the hand of a king's daughter — a mighty and powerful king — he also had to take on the customary trial of venturing to the treacherous Land of no Return. There, he had to retrieve a mythical Aura Stone, said to be protected by the grudgeful remains of all the warriors who had fallen in their desperate endeavor to claim it before.

Afterwards — before the king and his court — the man had to infuse his spiritual power into the stone before earning the privilege to propose to the princess. In this age, having any measure of ability to control one's inner-power (chakra) was considered divine and phenomenal. But, the utmost purpose of this stone; however, was to grant a woman enlightenment and closure about her man's well-being while he was out on the battlefield.

And, right now, the stone was imbued a pale lavender glow upon Hinata's tiny finger — which meant Naruto's desire for her had not yet faded. He, too, was feeling the afterglow of their lovemaking. She wished he were close, and would readily skip breakfast to meet him, if she could. Needless to say, Hiashi wouldn't have that.

All of a sudden, there was a low thud at her window. Hinata sat upright with a jolt. "Messenger-kun!" she exclaimed once she had unlocked and pushed open the glass doors.

The small green toad leaped from the windowsill into the palm of her hand. "I do have a name y'know, missy!"

"Oh, I'm sorry," the princess giggled softly. "What is your name?"

The toad frowned at the girl's adorable laugh, but when it spied the enchanting flush of her cleavage. Its eyes widened. "Oh no — I don't mind at all! Messenger-kun's totally fine with me!"

"Umm... are you sure," she queried upon resting the amphibian down onto the bed, the sheet inching farther down her chest at the brief movement.

"Yeah, don't sweat it, gurlie."

With a smile, she retrieved the small scroll from its back, and then blushed as she deciphered the characters from her charming fiancé.

Hey, babe,

I'm sorry about the sudden leave.

It couldn't be helped, but I'll make it up to you.

We're still on for today, right?

Uzumaki Naruto

"Naruto-kun... of course, we are." her eyes gleamed with excitement.

The toad grinned in its own excitement, eager to see more of the girl's luscious chest. It concealed its amusement as she reached out to replace the scroll, after scribbling her reply with as much love and affection that a girl could possibly give to a piece of paper.

"Messenger-kun," she uttered softly, and then looked away for a moment with a pang of guilt. "I'm really grateful that you would do this for us."

"Hey, don't sweat it," the tiny amphibian appeased with a sly smile. "I always get to see wonderful things on this job." Its eyes gestured to her almost visible pink rubies.

Hinata looked down to her chest with a gasp, quickly pulling the sheets up to her neck as the toad hopped along its way with a gleeful laugh. The princess, on the other hand, wasn't enthused in the least. She cast the creature a sharp, harmless gaze with tears at her eyes, her lips pursed.

But she didn't allow the fact that another entity, besides Naruto, had almost laid eyes upon her sacred and rather tender fruits to keep her in a daze. Anymore delaying and she would've been late for her date. That was priority at the moment — and dividing her concentration and emotions wasn't an option.

With purposeful urgency, the Hyuga princess scrambled off the bed and hurried to don her panties and ivory sleeveless blouse. Then she made haste to make the bed, shocked when she stumbled upon Naruto's boxer. Her face went pink as she stared at the barrier that always veiled his pride from her shy but curious eyes, and her heart galloped as she reached for the seemingly intimate piece of clothing. She placed it with her personal laundry, knowing well it would have to be handled with discretion.

Once her room was tidy — every dust bunny obliterated and her party of bed buddies artistically replaced on her bed — Hinata retrieved the clothes she had prepared for her outing from the night before and rested them on her bed. Afterward, she fetched clean undergarments, and then scurried off into the bathroom, hoping the cold water wouldn't steal the remnants of heat left at her core.

Meanwhile, Hiashi made his way to the kitchen in order speak with Kuwashima, the weight of his thoughts slowing his once urgent pace. "There is something that I wish to ask you..."

"Hanabi, darling… would you be a dear and bring this out to the table," the woman said when she noted the man's serious countenance, resting the plate of tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) into the girl's capable hands.

She nodded, holding the man's demanding gaze, and then she was gone.

"I trust you know why Hinata has been acting so bizarre as of late?"

"Wouldn't it be better to speak with her directly about this?"

The man's eyes narrowed impatiently. "I'm asking you."

Kuwashima pursed her lips, silently processing her options. Then she decided to comply — knowing well that the couple's relationship could only be a secret for so long. "It seems your daughter's heart has been touched by someone..."

"Touched?" his eyebrow arched quizzically. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

"She's in love, Hiashi-sama."

The man fell silent for a moment, the features of his face shifting to that of shock, distaste, and then anger. "Unacceptable! This is unacceptable!"


"No," the man shook his head sternly. "I will not allow this! Tell me, who is my daughter in love with?"

"...Uzumaki Naruto."

"The Nine-Tail's Jinchuuriki..."

"Hiashi-sama, you..."

"While I'm grateful for all he's done for the village, I cannot accept his involvement with my daughter; liberating us from Pain and becoming Konoha's hero makes no difference to me. I will not tolerate this!"

"You shouldn't interfere..."

"As the head of the Hyuga clan, it's my duty to lead our people toward an ideal and prosperous future, even more so for my daughter."

Kuwashima shook her head with a light smile, appalled by the selfishness in the man's seemingly righteous resolve. "Have you realized the new smile that Hinata has been wearing for the past week? It's a warm and truthful smile — one that I've never seen before. She's genuinely happy, Hiashi-sama." The woman's eyes drifted to the ground, and then back to his, as if with a silent plea or uncertain warning. "I don't want to see that smile fade..."

A muscle worked in the man's jaw.

But the tension dispersed when Hinata entered the dining room and took her usual seat around the well-prepared table. "Good morning, everyone," she greeted with bright enthusiasm.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Kuwashima returned just as warmly, sauntering pass the man toward the girls she regarded as her own two daughters.

"Good morning, sister," Hanabi smiled, and then she leaned in as her smile quirked into a sly curve. "I know about everything..."

Hinata's eyes popped open, quivering at the girl's alarming claim. "W-What do you mean?"

She chuckled ominously. "You may think it's a secret, but you're sadly mistaken."

Suddenly, Kuwashima poked her head in between them, resting her hands upon their shoulders. "Since you both are leaving on the same occasion, I went ahead and prepared one picnic basket," she whispered sweetly. "I'll hand it to you, after breakfast."

"E-Eh?" Hinata was perplexed. "What do you mean by that?"

"Are we all ready for breakfast," Hiashi asked walking over, his voice winning everybody's undivided attention. They nodded their head, subservience evident in their features. "Kuwashima, will you be joining us?"

The woman heaved a repentant smile. "No, I have unfinished business in the kitchen to attend to. So, please, help yourselves."

"I see."

"Thank you for breakfast," Hinata smiled appreciatively, Hanabi sharing her sentiments.

The woman brushed them off with a slight fan of her hand, but her cheeks flushed pink at the compliment. Then she made her way into the neighboring room to attend to her chores.

Hiashi closed his eyes, initiating their customary grace, and then they studied the table comprising of bread, fried and boiled eggs, miso soup, rice with natto, steamed fish, rice porridge, and more. But Hinata and Hanabi wasn't interested in the various side dishes that was their father's pride and joy — the many bizarre recipes that Kuwashima whipped up mainly using carrots, sliced and grinded.

The elder princess reached for her chopsticks, her eyes glimpsing the spot where her ring was less than twenty minutes ago. It may have only been a few days, but Naruto's proposal was still fresh in her mind. And she was already used to seeing the wedding band on her finger — a sight that would've surely brought to light a side of her father she'd never seen before.

Hinata was still unsure how best to enlighten him. However, whatever method was chosen, she was certain his reaction would prove unpleasant.

"You two are dressed rather lovely today," Hiashi commented suddenly, his unnerving observation pulling the girls from their sweet reverie. But, even fully conscious, they had difficulty finding their tongue. "The village may be a tad inactive since the Pain incident, but I want you girls to keep your guard up and always be ready for missions."

"Y-Yes, father," Hinata nodded.

"I understand," Hanabi smiled.

Our beautiful snugglie wugglie popped a slice of pickle into her mouth, a slight and momentary crease quirking her forehead at the sudden blast of flavor. With her ring safely hidden, she wondered what color it now portrayed — what emotion was Naruto currently feeling? Was he okay?

"K-Konohamaru," Naruto said upon opening the door to his unexpected guest. "What're you doing here?"

"Naruto-niichan... I was searching for you all around the village. But then I heard you went away on a date with Hinata-chan." he pouted. "You could have at least let me know you were leaving."

"My bad," Naruto grinned, tousling the back of his hair with evident contrite. "Everything just happened so fast — I didn't even remember to let Kakashi-sensei know I would be leaving the village."

Konohamaru allowed his shoulders to sag and his arms to fall at his sides, unable to stay upset at his awesome elder brother. "Whoa," he suddenly exclaimed, peering pass him into the room. "Naruto-niichan, your apartment is so... clean!"

Naruto blushed, scratching at the color with his index finger. "Umm... yeah," he drawled nervously, closing the door behind him.

"Hinata-chan keeps the place nice and tidy, huh," the boy uttered with amusement, playfully elbowing him in the side.

Alarmed by his outspoken manner, Naruto slapped his hand over his mouth, rendering his words to a mere murmur. "Shh! What're you doing here, anyway?" he removed his hand.

Konohamaru took a deep breath. "You're my rival; I came here to challenge you!"

Naruto frowned. "I can't right now — I have to go."

"What? Where are you going?"

"The pond beyond the statue faces."

"I'm heading that way, too, so we can have our challenge just before we head our separate ways."

Naruto grinned at his tenacity. "Sure. If I end up being early, then I'll accept your challenge."

Konohamaru's smile was exuberant. "In that case, what're we waiting for? Let's go!" he scurried off to the steps of the balcony before vaulting off onto another building, racing to their destination with Naruto in tow.

"Hey, wait up!"

"You're going to meet Hinata-chan, aren't you," he teased openly.

"Will you be quiet about that already," Naruto demanded hotly, Konohamaru's giggling only making his embarrassment worse.

The young shinobi made a race of their journey to the north. After sailing over and by the intricate stone statues of the Hokages, it didn't take long before the busy refugee site housing an unconscious Tsunade came into view.

Slowing to a jog, Naruto frowned, deliberating whether or not to stop by the woman's tent to check up on her current state. But he couldn't stand seeing her the way she was — a scene that reflected his own incompetence and ignorance. He swallowed hard.

Just before he gathered his power and careered through the campsite, he spied Sakura with a pale in hand, following the byway leading down to the nearby river.

That day — when she had blasted him with her uncharacteristic show of affection — it turned out it was due to a significant change in Tsunade's condition. Apparently, there was an increase in chakra activity within the Hokage's body. Subconsciously, it would seem she was gathering energy to the center of her forehead. They all surmised it was very likely she would've regained consciousness on that same day, but their hopes remained unanswered, reacquainting them with waves of bitter despair.

Subsequent to learning of the woman's current condition from a sullen Sakura, Naruto expressed his condolences before continuing on the last leg of his journey into the forest.

Once he had arrived at the ideal spot he and Hinata had agreed to meet, he exhaled a deep sigh that did little to purge his anguish. "First Ero-Sennin and then granny Tsunade. I can't possibly be anymore pathetic," he said derisively.

Konohamaru frowned, his brows pulled into in a prim arch. "Naruto-niichan… you shouldn't blame yourself for what happened. Have you ever stopped to realize that you're the only Genin to pull off a heroic feat of this magnitude? You're amazing, and all the kids at the academy want to be just like you!"


"Plus, do you really think that the great Sarutobi Konohamaru-sama would choose a pathetic weakling to be his rival? Are you mocking me?" he didn't seem enthused.

Naruto raised his hands in surrender, sweating bullets accompanied by a rueful smile. "Okay-Okay, I get it... I'll stop beating myself up over what happened."

"Good," the boy grinned triumphantly, his fingers laced behind his head. "I expect my greatest rival of all time to always keep a cool head.

For everyone's sake…

"So, since you're early, how about we have our showdown right here, right now?"

Naruto held his gaze, quickly finding his competitive spirit, which smeared across his face in a willing smile. "Sure, I'm up for it. Let's do this!"


Naruto and Konohamaru stood square off against each other, their eyes resolute, and their posture spelling fiery determination. Then they formed their seal with a telling roar, gathering the power for their superb technique as they did. "Sexy Technique," they shouted ardently, transforming into what they perceived as the most beautiful form of a female.

Konohamaru's transformation was impressive: enchanting dark eyes. Ebony hair. An overly endowed bust, desperately trying to break free of the luxurious lingerie confining them. Large hips. Lean curves — this girl seemed more of a girl than a real girl. Still, she came up short against what Naruto brought to the floor.

Sleek blonde hair cascaded over her forehead and extended into curls down her back. Shy, light blue eyes sat above a perfect nose — seductive in their innocence. Small pink lips parted on a cute moan as her tiny hands cupped the perfectly ripe curves protruding from her chest. The girl's body was small, curvy, and familiar in her lime green bikini — a princess with charm, beauty, and unsampled elements that far outweighed the blunt erotica the other female emanated.

"Ehhh," Konohamaru exclaimed in the voice of his feminine competitor. "How did you manage to make it so simple yet erotic?" They undid the transformation and the younger teenager fumed his frustrating defeat. "Dammit, I lost! I'm supposed to be your rival, but you keep beating me every single time!"

Naruto grinned."Sometimes, personality is what attracts a guy the most."


He nodded."Oh, I heard the news," the warrior added, changing the subject as he did.


"You managed to defeat one of Pain's bodies with your Rasengan."

The boy's eyes widened, blinking as color crept into his cheeks, and then he bowed his head. "That was... because of..."

Naruto rested his hand atop his head as the young Genin struggled for words. "You did great, Konohamaru! You're a hero to this village," he flattered with an open smile.

The boy grinned as tears tipped his eyes, overjoyed by the warm emotions that his elder brother summoned in his heart.

"You're catching on faster than I did. Next time, I'll teach you the Odama Rasengan!"

"H-Hn!" he nodded blissfully.

"Na-Naruto-kun," a familiar voice rose in the distance, one that brought a warm spark to the very depths of his core, along with a wild rush of nostalgia.

He turned around suddenly, automatically, to find Hinata approaching along the path from the main road. She wasn't alone; there was a young girl accompanying her — one with which he didn't recall having the pleasure of an acquaintance.

Konohamaru's facial expression more portrayed delight than that of curiosity, Naruto noted. How peculiar. Could she be a friend of his? They did appear to be in the same age group — his girlfriend, maybe? Mmm… Konohamaru with a girlfriend — nah!

"Hey, Hinata, what's up," Naruto said quietly by means of introduction, but he was appraising her, like a ravenous hawk with a very healthy appetite.

The princess blushed, her shyness intensified by the presence of their unexpected guests. "H-Hello," she replied softly, and then noted his gaze fixed curiously on the girl beside her. "Oh. Na-Naruto-kun... this is my younger sister, Hanabi."

His eyes popped open in astonishment. "Ehhh," he exclaimed, the ridiculous pitch of his voice bouncing off the surrounding trees. "Your sister? But I thought you were an only child!"

The girl laced her fingers together and bowed her head with a warm smile. "Naruto-san... it's very nice to meet you."

He grinned tenderly in response, lacing his fingers behind his head. "It's nice to meet you, too, Hanabi. And just Naruto is fine."

"Naruto..." So this is the boy that defeated Pain all by himself — the village's hero, and the one that my sister likes. He's nothing like I expected...

"Hinata," Naruto called, dropping his arms at his sides again. "You wouldn't have anymore siblings that I don't know about, would you?"

The girl averted her eyes sheepishly, holding the picnic basket before her, like a small child. "N-No."

"Okay. Well, let's get this picnic started — I'm starving!"


"But, wait," Naruto looked down to his young pupil. "Konohamaru, aren't you going to say anything?"

He gasped, casting his rival a brief gaze before veering his eyes back to the girl standing but a few feet away from him. His mouth was open as he gawked at the young maiden — studying every inch of her delicate figure. She pursed her lips, cupped her elbow, and then looked to the side in embarrassment as he admired her cherry, knee-length dress, adorned with black ribbons and frills.

"Konohamaru-kun," his name escaped her lips on a breath that was far from sacred.

"Hanabi-chan," he called her name in turn, her coy eyes flickering to meet this.

"Konohamaru-kun?" Naruto repeated with emphasis, his eyes wide, quizzical, and impatient for answers.

"…Hanabi," Hinata whispered, never witnessing her sister's character without the bold nature securely equipped. For the first time, her heart was sheer naked upon her sleeves and before everyone's eyes.

Konohamaru scratched his temple nervously, a bead of sweat trickling down his face. "Remember when I said I was heading this way, too? It was actually to meet Hanabi-chan — she's my girlfriend."

The girl's face went up in flames and, for a moment, there was complete silence. The wind gusted, and then Naruto's voice was rolling off the trees in the background again. "WHAT? Your girlfriend?"

"Hanabi... is this true," Hinata asked, pivoting her head to the side to look at her with astonished eyes.

"Yes, it's true."

"Does father know?"

"Well, technically... you two are the ones he knows about."

"Wha-What do you mean?"

"Actually, Naruto-niichan... umm, when you and Hinata-chan came back to the village, I secretly took a picture of you both holding hands and decided to use it as the cover photo for the newspaper article we had planned to write about your heroism and your relationship.

But, before I printed it, I met Hanabi-chan and learnt how strict the Hyuga clan was — so I decided not to release it." he frowned. "But, despite my decision not to, Moegi went behind my back and published it, anyway. Now, basically the whole village knows about you two."

"You're kidding," Naruto murmured incredulously.


The princess sought her eyes worryingly.

"Kuwashima's worried in regards to when father will act and what his course of action might be, so she requested that I spoke to you two about it. I arranged a date with Konohamaru-kun today so we could all meet up and discuss it together."

Hinata hung her head and frowned, her eyes sullen. "I can't believe that father knows about us. Naruto-kun... I—"

He cupped her chin and tilted her head, effortlessly stealing her breath away. "Hey, I don't want you guys to worry about this; I'll take care of everything. For now, let's get this picnic started — we can talk about Hiashi later."

For a long while, Hinata held his unswerving gaze. His determination was never a merit to be taken for granted; he always kept his promises. And she, in turn, wouldn't allow herself to falter under the weight of her father's ambitions.

Love does not discriminate, nor does it care for customs, rules, and regulations. Hers was an ancient love — one that could not readily be neglected or abandoned. Under no circumstances would she allow herself to stop caring and strengthening their bond. Naruto was her personal slice of happiness, and she would not let go.

"H-Hn," she nodded her head optimistically. "Na-Naruto-kun's right, everyone... let's not ruin our appetites discussing this right now."

Both Konohamaru and Hanabi agreed with a smile, sitting comfortably on the blanket that she unfurled in the grass.

It was a beautiful day. There were little clouds drifting admits the radiant heavens, allowing the light blue sky to boast its wondrous glow, which reflected on the pond adjacent to the tree under which the couples sat.

Konohamaru looked passed Hanabi into the rolling meadow alive with a profusion of flowers. Their vibrant colors seemed to whisper for attention as the wind whipped across the open field, stirring them into a perfect arch. But the boy's endeavor to grant their wish was a fleeting one; he was more captivated by the girl sitting across the distance from him. He'd never seen her in a dress before — it was a lot to take in, especially with the wind blowing the scent of her shoulder-length hair into his face.

"Konohamaru-kun," Hanabi protested shyly, having gotten weary of the blush burning in her cheeks. "It is inappropriate to stare, you know." she pouted cutely, shooting him a hot, seemingly threatening gaze.

Hinata giggled softly as she unpacked the vast assortment of food stored within plastic containers, and Naruto chuckled aloud when Konohamaru apologized, striking his back playfully — a bit too harshly — as if he had something caught in his throat.

Once they had gotten to gorging themselves and the atmosphere, in time, became more comfortable and familiar, Naruto inched closer to Hinata and Konohamaru crawled across the blanket to sit beside a sheepish Hanabi.

"This salted salmon tastes amazing," Naruto announced with glee as Hinata dipped a pickle in soy sauce and popped it into her mouth.

"The grilled fish is well done, too," she returned with a smile, reaching for another morsel in her lunch box with her chopsticks.

Naruto nodded, relishing the combination of salmon and rice in his mouth, even as he looked his princess over with adoring eyes. She was beautifully dressed in an alabaster white blouse under a long-sleeved, peach cardigan. An apricot layered skirt sat on her perfect hips, and on her feet, she wore ivory knee-length lug-soled boots. "Did I mention how sexy you look right now," he said in an undertone close to her ear.

Hinata swallowed hard under the verbal caress, her eyes wide, fearing that their company might have overheard. He grinned at her panic, and she felt a wave of reassurance from his confidence, her eyes scanning him slowly, hesitantly, from bottom to top.

Naruto was sporting an orange hooded vest over a black T-shirt and jeans shorts. On his forehead, he wore a black headband with the village's crest in white at the front. Hinata couldn't tell the last time she saw him in shorts, aside from his underwear. She blushed at the thought. "Na-Naruto-kun looks amazing, too."

His eyes squinted close as his grin widened, and he neared her ear again. "I do plan to make up for this morning," he whispered slowly, the seductive pace of his words making her eyes pop.

The princess glanced to her sister who offered her a momentary gaze. Her heart quaked in her chest, and she felt a spasm of sharp embarrassment and insecurity as her hormones thrashed about in the presence of her sister and the grandson of the Third Hokage. "N-Naruto-kun," she protested softly, sweet breaths of arousal escaping her unpainted lips.

"Naruto-niichan, I still can't believe you two are going out," Konohamaru interrupted without remorse, unconsciously freeing Hinata a tad from the intoxicating threads that bounded her.

"Oh. Well, I could say the same about you guys," Naruto returned calmly, his steel softening.

"How far along are you guys in your relationship?"

Hinata's face practically went up into glowing pink flames of embarrassment.

"Ko-Konohamaru-kun," Hanabi said with a tone of disapproval, her cheeks sharing the heat of the flames that engulfed her sister. "You shouldn't ask such a personal question!"

Naruto grinned. "We're moving at a pace we mutually find satisfactory. What about you guys?"

"Na-Naruto-kun," Hinata squeaked with disbelief.

Konohamaru crossed his legs and folded his arms across his chest, as if lost deep in thought. "Hanabi-chan and I have only recently met, so we haven't even gone to first-base yet. Right now, I want to tell her how great she looks in her dress, but I really don't know how to."

Hanabi gasped in surprise and hung her head, eyes veiled in the shadow cast by the wide bang of her dark brown hair.

Konohamaru had started sweating bullets when he heard the girl caught her breath beside him, and his head swiveled around slowly, like a rusty gear desperately needing to be oiled. "Ha-Hanabi-chan... I... ah—"

The girl raised her head slowly with color in her cheeks. Her eyes were closed, and the corners of her lips curved up into a perfect V of a smile. "So, you think my dress looks great..."

Before anyone could possibly decipher what her brief and awkward withdrawal meant, the girl sank her teeth into his shoulder with a cute, but animalistic growl. Konohamaru pushed to his feet with a pained cry and bolted with Hanabi hard on his tail in a frantic hot pursuit.

She chased him round and round in the verdant meadow. "Hey, get back here! I'll teach you to embarrassment me in public like that!"

"No! Get away from me, you crazy cannibal," Konohamaru bellowed despairingly.

"What did you just call me, you little dweeb," Hanabi fumed, her fangs bare, her claws desperate to pierce defenseless flesh.

"Ahh! Naruto-niichan, save me!"

"Oh, wow. Well, I guess this explains why Hanabi's name means fireworks — she went off just now without warning," Naruto mused.

Hinata could feel the blank incomprehension on her face. "I've never seen her act this way before."

"Well, they do say love changes people."

"I... I suppose Naruto-kun's right."

"Stop running around like a baby and face me like a man," Hanabi shouted heartily, her face still hot from his compliment.

"What're you talking about — I'm still just a kid," Konohamaru clarified. "I haven't even had my first kiss yet!"

The girl pursed her lips for a moment, eyes gleaming with a flood of emotion. "Oh, now you've done it, Mister!"

Amongst the trees, behind the cover of thick ferns, were an inquisitive Moegi and Udon. The disconcerted maiden peeped through the dense leaves, noting her leader's dismay, her eyes fixed hotly on him and the Hyuga that gave chase.

The girl was enjoying it. Moegi could read between the transparent lines of her feminine complexity and knew there was something more than friendship between the two. "Well, this explains why Konohamaru-chan has been going off on his own so much as of late." she felt a spike of jealously, but pushed the unwelcome emotion aside before her friend could see the flush staining her cheeks.

Udon fiddled with his glasses, as if focusing the visual range of his beady eyes. "Isn't that... Hanabi Hyuga, from our class?"

"That's her alright."

The boy heaved a long sigh of astonishment. "I didn't know Konohamaru-kun and Hanabi-chan were friends."

"Where exactly are you looking? It's obvious there's more than just friendship between them."

"Ehh," Udon exclaimed, nose-juice just inches away from gaping mouth. "Then not only Naruto-niichan, but Konohamaru-kun's also dating a member of the Hyuga clan!"

Moegi frowned, upset that she wasn't invited to their group picnic but, even more so, that Konohamaru was the only one experiencing the presumably sweet taste of romance. "Maybe I should write a story about Konohamaru-chan, too."

"No, Moegi-chan, you can't," Udon whimpered in bleat alarm. "I already feel bad about publishing that story about Naruto-niichan without asking his permission first."

"Don't be a baby, Udon — it's a reporter's duty to bring news to the people, no matter what." that's what she said and yet, through the dark emotion that clouded her mind, she couldn't feel the ethical justice in her resolve.

All of a sudden, Naruto's head pivoted to the right, his eyes automatically drawn to the presence that set off the sensitive receptors of a well-seasoned shinobi. He frowned. "Konohamaru, Hanabi —" they sensed the telling alarm in his tone — "get back now!"

Without a word, the teenagers scuttled over to their anxious comrade — Konohamaru took a defensive stance beside Naruto while Hanabi assumed the Hyuga's customary poise beside Hinata.

Roughly, twenty-five meters away, a man with an average physique and clear eyes stepped forward from behind the cover of a large tree trunk. He was a shinobi that Hiashi dispatched to trail his daughters, and the girls narrowed their eyes at the likelihood of it.

The man swaggered toward the tree under which the group gathered and, without sparing Naruto or Konohamaru a gaze, grabbed a hold of Her Majesty's hand. "Hinata-sama, you must come with me at once," he commanded with authority with which he was vested.

"Wha-What is the meaning of this, Satoshi," the heiress queried hotly, resisting the pull of the man's long arm.

Hanabi's eyes narrowed. Satoshi? What is he doing here? Don't tell me father was really the one who sent him...

"By the request of your father, you must come with me," the man enlightened earnestly.

Hinata looked to Naruto with a gleam of dread quivering in her eyes, and a silent plea as the man yanked her up to her feet. Naruto-kun...

"She doesn't have to go anywhere," Naruto uttered with a calm that won the man's attention. The sage looked up beneath his eyelashes, the once placid oceans of his eyes flailing with the little tolerance he had for this unwelcome stranger.

"This isn't good," Moegi's voice was softer as she peeped out onto the scene, breaking out into a sweat. "It may end up turning out into a fight."

Udon nodded, sharing the girl's anxiety. "I-I think you may be right," he reversed and fell onto his bottom. "Naruto-niichan looks pretty upset."

"And that Hyuga guy doesn't seem like he's prepared to leave without what he came for. We should tell Kakashi-sensei about this."


"Let's just wait a while... to see if we really need to."

Udon's eyes widened with shock. "No, I think we should go now! Moegi-chan!"

"Shh," the girl fanned her hand in dismissal, completely absorbed in the drama unraveling in the distance. "Be quiet — do you want them to hear us?"

The boy slapped his hands over his mouth, nose-juice bungee jumping along his fingers.

"This matter is related to the Hyuga clan; it does not concern you," the man stated vehemently.

"On the contrary, this matter concerns me as much as it does, Hinata," Naruto clarified with a nonchalance that dug deep beneath the man's skin, irritating him.

"Such insolence!"

"That's enough, Satoshi," a stern and familiar voice rose from where the stranger had appeared onto the scene. But for Naruto and Konohamaru — this voice was both unfamiliar and appalling.

"Oh, no," Hanabi muttered. "It's... It's—"

"Father..." Naruto heard Hinata whispered in shock, and then he swiveled his head in the direct from which the two individuals came.

"Naruto, you monster," Neji shouted derisively, careering toward him. "What did you do to Hinata-sama?"

"Ne-Neji-niisan," Hinata exclaimed, her eyes dilating.

"Ne-Neji," Naruto stuttered apprehensively, pushing to his feet and bolting as the fuming prodigy pursued, hot on his tail as they went round and round in a circle. "What're you talking about?" he was going to follow up with 'I didn't do anything', but that wasn't entirely true, was it.

The momentary distraction slowed his once nimble steps, and the livid Hyuga pounced on him, sending a helpless Naruto crashing to a halt in the tall grass. Simultaneous to the fall, Neji sat astride his torso, pinning him to the ground.

A dangerously pronounced vein sat at his temple as he took two fistfuls of Naruto's cotton T-shirt, his eye twitching with exasperation and his impending meltdown. "What did you do to Hinata-sama," he demanded impatiently, sticking his index fingers inside the corners of Naruto's mouth now, stretching it open.

"Get off meh," he mumbled, struggling to pull the Jounin's hands away.

"That's enough, Neji... I'll take care of this," Hiashi announced, winning everyone's undivided attention.


Slowly, cautiously, Naruto rose to his feet, when Neji took heed to the head's command and stood aside. Hinata, Hanabi, and Konohamaru looked on in silence, curious and a tad apprehensive as to what the man's intentions were.

He walked forward, the stern lines highlighting his eyes far from friendly, but they didn't speak to the fact that he was a foe either... not yet. "Uzumaki Naruto," the man began coolly. "The Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki and the man who single-handedly defeated the notorious Pain of the Akatsuki — hence, becoming Konoha's hero."

Naruto frowned, unamused, and the man's expression changed in an echo of his. "I'll skip the theatrics and get straight to the point: I will not accept what you and my daughter have created together; it goes against the Hyuga's customs — and I would like it to end."

Hinata gasped in abject shock, pressing a hand over her mouth as tears pricked the back of her eyes. Déjà vu — this likely scenario was what drove her to tears upon returning to the village with Naruto.

Hanabi shared her sister's devastated reaction, and Konohamaru cast her his eyes in both shock and bitter disbelief.

Naruto pursed his lips in open defiance. "I'm sorry but, with all due respect, I can't do that."

"What? Why not," Hiashi returned heartily, his patience already wearing thin.

Udon swallowed hard, his eyes wide behind his glasses. "Isn't that... Hiashi Hyuga — the head of the Hyuga clan?"

"It is him," Moegi nodded, her expression shifting, not in dread, not in sympathy, but in fascination. "This... this is definitely going to make headlines! Just think about it: 'Village Hero Fights Hyuga's Head for Right to Date Daughter!' This is so romantic!" she cupped her cheeks and beamed, stars twinkling in her eyes.

"Will you be serious," Udon protested in a soft chide. "We need to tell Kakashi-sensei now!"

Moegi blinked rapidly, shaking off the thought. "Y-You're right — let's go!"

They left.

"Love doesn't care about your clan's rules and traditions, and those things won't make Hinata happy, either."

"Naruto-kun," Hinata's eyes gleamed, the hint of dread still visible in her features.

"We have lived by the customs passed down by our predecessors since the very beginning," Hiashi retaliated, averting his attention to Hinata now. "My daughter of all people should know this. She should also be aware that these customs are absolute! I will not sit back and watch her sully the image of the Hyuga that our forefathers have worked so hard to establish."

The princess felt her heart clench — throbbing bitterly as it did — and a fierce heat rose in her throat. Would she lose everything all at once on this very fateful day, rendered forever broken and numb? And what of Konohamaru and Hanabi — was their fate inevitably the same?

"It's stupid one-sided mindsets like that why the world is in this unstable state. Why are the Hyuga trying to distinguish and separate themselves from everyone else? Is it because of those special eyes and ninjutsu why you believe you're royalty, that you're better than the rest of society?"

"Such impudence," Satoshi scowled.

Hiashi held his hand up in a silent command that the man held his ground and his tongue. "Son, you were not born of the Hyuga clan — so you could not possibly understand the weight of our culture."

Naruto's eyes brightened. "I may not be a descendant of your clan but, I'm intelligent enough to know that your customs are selfish, suffocating, egotistical, and counterproductive to the creation of a better world."

Satoshi snarled.

Hiashi's eyes narrowed with a gleam that was opaque in its intensity, his blood secretly seething in his veins at the boy's crude remark. "A better world you say... would you care to elaborate on that, Uzumaki Naruto?"

The warrior looked to the sky in anticipation to the thick sea of clouds that were about to conceal the vigilant sun. "The Rasengan was not the only thing my sensei left me with before he died..."


Naruto nodded. "He left me with his share of guts and determination, and the philosophies related to his dream."

"His dream?"

"Mmm... he was seeking to create an ideal world for everyone."

"An ideal world," the man scoffed. "Don't be ridiculous! An ideal world can only be achieved by the hands of a Kage and, even then, this ideal world would only be limited to his or hers own village.

And, needless to say, for this village to survive — the superiors must accept the fact that accumulating power and resources is imperative, which inevitably leads to robbing neighboring countries.

There have been countless people who have tried to create and ideal world but failed. Why do you think your efforts will prevail?"

"And there's no guarantee that the villagers would accept the ideology of the Kage, either," Satoshi added derisively, "which could ultimately lead to a revolt."

Naruto held fast to his composure. "The world has been shrouded in darkness for generations... why do you think the resolve to true world peace and prosperity will be a methodology that's easy to understand or implement?

I'm sure the path to unlocking mutual idealism won't be familiar and obvious, so try not to shun a person's philosophy until you've been thoroughly informed, despite how irrational or unorthodox it may seem."

Neji's brows pulled together in fascination, his mind wrapping around the deep profundity of Naruto's words.

"To create an ideal world for everyone, we can't force people to conform or acknowledge silly things like favoritism, regality, or any forms of hierarchy. So what if you were born first? Why were you so much more privileged than your brother was? Why does the family need to be branched in class? I don't get it! The best way to avoid conflict is through equality!"

Hiashi snarled. "Watch your tongue! Don't speak as if you know anything about the Hyuga, boy! You are far from old enough to comprehend the issues related to our clan. You can't possibly know the depths to which our pride and honor stems!"

"And that's precisely the reason why the world has yet to change. Like most, your family is much too proud for its own good — and you people don't know when to drop your nobility to make way for a positive change."

"What was that?" Hiashi and Satoshi were not pleased.

"Is... Is this really Naruto-kun," Hinata pondered, her heart drumming at his informality before her father's growing wrath. Hanabi couldn't believe how curt Naruto was behaving, either.

The sage balled his fingers into fists. "To change this world, we need a delegate who can relinquish his pride, culture, and personal desires — to be selfless in order to speak and act on the behalf of everyone despite age, gender, race, and religion.

You old geezers have already tried your own concepts and it obviously didn't work. So give us — the younger generation that have learnt from your mistakes — a chance to change the world."

Naruto scratched absently at his cheek, a tad embarrassed. "I'm not sure how to get started just yet but, I do know that unity and equality is the best social structure for this world. That way, the cycle of revenge will end, and we'll all be able to live together in peace."

"We could all make a living by doing honest labor," Konohamaru added. "We wouldn't need to rob and kill to get what we want and, the struggle for power wouldn't be a necessity, either."

"Konohamaru-kun," Hanabi whispered, impressed.

Hiashi closed his eyes, as if deliberating all that had been said, and then he slowly learned forward into an offense stance, his eyes flashing open with ardent resolve. "No matter how you look at it, you'll need power to usher in this new age of which you speak.

Words are cheap, Uzumaki Naruto. Show me your resolve with that courage and determination you used to defeat Pain. Convince me that you're the child of prophecy the Fourth Hokage left behind. Show me that you're worthy of my daughter!"

"Na-Naruto-kun," Hinata called, a worrisome edge to her tone.

"It's all right, Hinata." Satoshi and Neji stood back as Naruto took a deep breath and postured for battle. "I don't plan to lose..."

The spectators looked on in silence and anxiety as the spiritual energy between the two shinobi began to escalate. The trees swayed and water in the pond ripped as the wind gusted across the landscape. The atmosphere was beginning to charge, pervaded with clashing energy. Everyone could feel it, and the pressure drove their pulse to a gallop.

Konohamaru had broken into a sweat, and Hinata and Hanabi swallowed hard pass the hot lump that had wedged itself in their throat. Neji and Satoshi, on the other hand, seemed very confident in Hiashi's capabilities; they assumed the fight was over before it had even begun, but Hinata knew better than to doubt her prince's convictions.

This is not good, Naruto murmured mentally. Hinata's old man is no pushover — but if I use Sage Mode, I'll be at an unfair advantage.

Through its pensive host, the Kyuubi looked to Hinata whose once lovely face was pale and creased with deep, unyielding lines of distraught. Naruto… I'll give you some of my chakra.

What — you want my body now? Are you crazy? Can you even begin to understand how delicate this situation is right now? If I lose, then Hinata… Hinata will—

I'll just give you my chakra; you won't transform and — even with his Byakugan — he won't notice any difference in your chakra nature.

Naruto frowned inwardly, curious. Why would you help me? This doesn't make any sense and, it's not like you to take the initiative and offer me chakra.

The creature looked to a traumatized Hinata once more, some unpleasant and ancient force coiling around its insides. Just shut up and take the chakra! I won't tolerate defeat — you're the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki, start acting like it!

Naruto heaved a lean grin. The Kyuubi's attitude was nasty — even when it proposed charity — but he felt a tad of confidence by the creature's consideration.There's much more at stake here than just your pride. I don't know what you're up to but, I feel like I can trust you.

Hiashi activated his Byakugan, refining his posture — a foot inching forward in preparation to gather momentum. He was about to strike, and Naruto braced for the assault.

You're up against a Hyuga who specializes in close quarter fighting and have perfected his art, the Kyuubi informed coolly. You're notorious for charging into battle without a game plan or knowing what your enemy has in stored. Making a mistake like that right now may very well decide the winner of this fight — and, it's like you said: there's much more at stake, so I shouldn't have to warn you about being cautious.

You're acting all weird again, Naruto accused playfully.

Tch! Shut up, the fox panicked at the import of bitter embarrassment. I couldn't care less what happens to you — I just don't want my reputation as the Kyuubi to be tarnished by your incompetence!

Tsk, whatever. And here I thought we were having a moment. Naruto pouted.

Hiashi kept inching closer still, wondering which opening to take advantage of — ending this duel in a single-hit knockout.

My suggestion is to wait, analyze his attack, and then find a way to counter or evade accordingly. Don't be reckless! Taking a single hit from him could spell game over for you.

Naruto frowned as the man lunged forward. I know, but I don't plan to lose.

Almost instantaneously, his body accepted the rich blue chakra that the Kyuubi injected into his system. He could feel warm power filling every fiber and cell of his being. Blood gushed through his veins, enhancing his awareness and reflexes, heightening all his senses.

Effortlessly, the warrior retaliated by taking a step back, using the heel of his palm to veer Hiashi's hand away, nullifying his lethal arm thrust that was supposedly aimed at disrupting his chakra flow — ending him instantly.

He's fast, the man thought, surprised, shifting the weight of his body to drive his other palm forward — a powerful and incisive contingency.

Naruto veered that hand away, too, leaping into the air as Hiashi followed up by sweeping his foot across the grass in a low kick. The sage quickly switched to the offensive by assaulting the Hyuga with a barrage of stamps, which the man guarded against with his forearm.

The sage kicked once more, to gather momentum, propelling backwards into an aerial somersault, and then landing on the ground with his bearings completely intact.

Sharing a solemn gaze, the two shinobi pelted toward each other and engaged in an impressive display of hand works — lethal bullets that went back and forth, targeting the torso and the face. With each time their hands clashed, their warrior's spirit seemed to establish a momentary link of silent communication. Principle. Passion. Honor — this was a fight of endurance, not power. And adrenaline coursed hot and fast through their veins, mutual conviction resonating between them in a swirling vortex of invisible power.

"A-Amazing," Hanabi stuttered, utterly astonished. "He's able to keep with up with Father's movements..."

Hinata looked on with her heart in her throat, her fists clenched in a desperate plea with the gods for Naruto's victory. Her happiness was dependent on the outcome of this duel, and anxiety plagued her to no end as she watched the warriors shift back and forth from offense to defense at blinding speeds.

Satoshi snarled, both perplexed and frustrated. "Why isn't Hiashi-sama using any special attacks? This fight should have been over the moment it began!"

"You forget that Naruto was the one who liberated us from Pain's ambitions; you'd do well not to underestimate him." Neji studied the fight with a nonchalance that cleared the man's frown.

"But that still doesn't explain why Hiashi-sama hasn't used any special jutsus since the fight began."

"If those two got serious, the collateral damage would be catastrophic. Besides, this is more than just a fight — it's a sacred challenge to determine whose ideology is more profound and befitting acknowledgment."

The man sighed in amazement.

"They're wielding their heart and soul on their fists for all to see. The first hit will decide the victor of this fight, and I'm sure we'll learn who that'll be in a matter of moments; even Hiashi-sama can't sustain that kind of speed for too long."

The man's eyes popped open. "Ridiculous! Are you saying you can't be certain if Hiashi-sama will be the one to win?"

Neji heaved a light smile. "Naruto... if I've learnt anything from that guy, it's that you should never be presumptuous. I made that mistake in the Chunin Exam and ended up losing to him. He's the most powerful adversary I've ever faced."

For a moment, the man felt a spasm of panic, but he tapped into this emotion to fuel his irritation. "Impossible, I can't believe it..."

"You better believe it," Konohamaru retorted. "Naruto-niichan won't lose to anyone; he's our hero, and he's never let us down!"

The man turned around, readily prepared to breathe the flames of his frustration upon the insolent teen. "Why you... even if you are the grandson of the Third Hokage, I won't tolerate such audacity."

"Transform!" Konohamaru uttered, taking the form of the most beautiful girl he could imagine and, in the most erotic of clothes he could think of.

The tight, skimpy threads of a two-piece bikini barely managed to conceal the parts of the female's milky, voluptuous figure that really mattered. Sandy brown hair waved in the wind, and the girl pushed her breasts together with an amorous moan, as if being caressed by invisible hands.

Satoshi halted in his tracks, wide-eyed, blushing. Blood spewed from his nostrils suddenly, like a geyser, blasting him a few meters backward. He crashed to the ground in glorious defeat, a smile teasing his lips below a bloody nose. He was down for the count, but contented.

Neji tittered, and Hinata sat in open embarrassment.

Hanabi planted her face in her palm, and then used her free hand to punch Konohamaru atop the head, dispelling his transformation. They dove into a lover's quarrel right away, with the boy being pinned against the wall by the girl's savvy prowess in this overfamiliar domain.

But Hinata was more interested in her knight's ordeal. She pivoted her head to watch his desperate strive, and then gasped when Hiashi parried his impressive falcon punch, throwing him down to the ground on his back.

Before he could follow up with the finishing move, however, Naruto executed a windmill — maneuvering his legs in a spiral motion to regain his footing, and then eased into a series of quick backflips until the man was out of attacking range.

In that same moment, the kids returned and took their place behind the ferns once more, while Kakashi and Gai hid behind the truck of a massive oak tree, quickly assimilating the state of the current situation.

"So it was true, after all," Gai uttered in an undertone. "Those two really are fighting..."

Kakashi frowned. "I knew it was only a matter of time before he acted but, I never suspected it would turn into a fight." The man gasped, his eyes dilated as his mind struck a suddenly possibility. "Hiashi... he couldn't be thinking about killing Naruto, could he?"

Gai's brows pulled together at the horrid notion. "We shouldn't wait to find out," he suggested, stepping around his rival to make his way onto the battlefield. But the man outstretched his arm, obstructing his path. "Kakashi?"

"Let's not jump to conclusions," he enlightened, even as he studied the two shinobi consumed by the thrill of combat. He couldn't sense any malice or killing intent emanating from Hiashi's aura.

"But what if he really intends to kill Naruto?"

"Hiashi's protective and proud but, he's smart, too. Besides, we should have more faith in Konoha's hero."

"He's right," Moegi added. "Naruto-niichan won't go down so easily. He's the strongest!"

Udon heaved an open smile through his panic. "Y-Yeah, he's definitely going to win!"

"And there you have it," Kakashi reassured, and the man grinned accompanied by a brilliant gleam.

Naruto and Hiashi disappeared, launching toward each other, like a pair of rockets. Sweat flicked from their hands and rolled down their faces as they exchanged powerful jabs and kicks. Hiashi's hands were like lethal blades, and Naruto did his best to deflect and guard against them with quick precision.

Debris hovered and the grass around them reclined at the fierce might of their clashing powers. The fight took the warriors out onto the pond. Naruto swung the back of his hand at Hiashi's head at the end of a three-hit-combo. The man ducked, and then ascended with a palm thrust toward Naruto's chin, which he evaded by easing into a backflip, narrowly achieving his escape.

"I'm surprised you've held your own 'til now," Hiashi said between panting breaths, his customary countenance of effortless nonchalance utterly compromised.

"You really shouldn't underestimate me," Naruto returned, his throat parched, and yet he could still feel chakra pouring into him, replenishing his drive — but would not quench his thirst.

"I still refuse to accept the bond between you and my daughter; you two were not meant to be."

The corner of Naruto's mouth pulled up into a lazy grin. "Yeah, well... that's not your choice to make, is it?"

Without a word, Hiashi vanished in a sudden and unexpected burst of speed. Much too slowly, much too carelessly, Naruto raised his left hand to block. The heel of the man's palm just barely crazed his forearm, but it was enough of a craze to damage him significantly.

He leaped backward, flustered, his arm a bit limp. But Hiashi had no intention of allowing him to regain his composure. The man spurred forward, and the sage did the same, feinting to the right to bring around a powerful right hook. But Hiashi saw through his open deception and dodged — leaping into the air and grabbing Naruto's shoulders mid-flip, tossing him skyward.

Pay attention, the Bijuu warned. Any wasted movement can be easily used against you. Needless to say, those wide punches you're famous for could get you killed right now.

More importantly, why are you helping me? You've never cared before — you hate my guts!

The beast stilled its head upon its crossed arms, pointed canines popping out of its mouth. I do hate your guts.

Neglecting me, huh?

Naruto retaliated quickly, maneuvering his body while airborne so as to defend against Hiashi's arm thrust with the sole of his feet. Their chakra cancelled each other out.

"Impressive," the man praised, his face contradicting his sentiments.

"I could say the same for you," Naruto returned, momentarily losing his breath in that sudden rush of intensity.

The Kyuubi frowned, unimpressed. There's no end to this in sight, and I've grown weary of sharing my chakra with the likes of you.

What? No! You can't bail on me now! It's crucial that I win this! Plus, weren't you the one babbling about defending your reputation?

Shut up and listen, the creature commanded, a deep, gurgling-like growl bubbling up in its throat. The only way to finish this fight is to allow yourself to take a hit — and in that same instant — deliver your own finishing blow.

Naruto gasped inwardly. Wait, you're kidding, right? What if he anticipates my move and—

JUST DO IT! the beast bellowed in its impatience, seemingly staving a gaping hole through Naruto's insecurities.

Hiashi propelled himself across the distance that separated them in that instant, his sudden charge driving Naruto to impulsively act upon the instruction he was given.

"It's over," Kakashi announced with disappointment, his Sharingan foreseeing Naruto's tragic downfall.

The sage dashed toward the man with an escalating battle cry and an insidious opening in his form upon which Hiashi capitalized with a powerful palm thrust.

Time slowed to this epic reckoning.

Hiashi was arrested by abject shock upon realizing that his assault had been rendered ineffective. The Kyuubi protected its host by releasing a burst of blue chakra — similar to its cloak — to the point where he attacked. Naruto couldn't manipulate all his chakra holes, but the Kyuubi could do it for him, by channeling its own power.

Before Hiashi could retaliate — which would also serve as a means of defense — Naruto's iron-like fist was already sinking into his stomach, his body seeming to fold as the force of impact lifted him clear off the water's surface, catapulting him across the field and into Neji's chest.

They both crashed to the ground.

The match's conclusion left the spectators dumbfounded. They looked from Hiashi to Naruto who stood frozen, astonished by his own victory.

"Na-Naruto-kun," Hinata exclaimed, pushing to her feet and scooting over to him. Konohamaru followed suit in excitement, leaving Hanabi behind. "You did it! I can't believe you did it!"

"A-Amazing," Hanabi whispered, her eyes quivering in debrief. "He actually bested my father in hand-to-hand combat."

"Wha-What just happened," Gai uttered, reluctant to accept the visual his eyes imported.

Kakashi frowned, a bead of sweat sitting at his temple; he was just as surprised as everyone else was. "He guarded against the attack with a wall of chakra. I don't think Hiashi was expecting that."

"A wall of chakra? But how did he manage to do that?"

"I don't think he was the one who did — it was likely the Kyuubi."

"The Kyuubi? But why...?"

"Beats me," Kakashi said with a sigh, pulling down his forehead protector to conceal his eye. Then he made his way toward a defeated Hiashi. Gai and the kids followed, bringing an air of blissful excitement with them.

The Kyuubi relaxed where it slumped, closing its eyes as the tension abandoned its dark prison.It puzzles me as to why you insist on holding back against these fools; you could have easily taken him out with the chakra I've been allowing you to leech on.

You're giving me way too much credit. I was barely able to defend properly against his paralyzing attacks with the speed I got from your chakra.

The creature made some unpleasant sound with slightly bared teeth. After all these years, you're still just a weak, snot-nosed brat!

Naruto grinned inwardly, unfazed by the words of ridicule.Thanks. I really appreciate the help. I don't know how this would've turned out without it.

The Kyuubi didn't respond.

"Na-Naruto-kun," Hinata said sheepishly, meddling with her fingers upon coming to a halt before him. "You really did it." her inner goddess twiddled gracefully, her fingers laced behind her back.

Naruto smiled solemnly, inhaling her floral aroma. "Hey, I told you that it was okay, didn't I?"

He did say that, and Hinata felt her blush deepen as she looked up at him. Tears suddenly broke through her barrier, rippling down bright cheeks, and Naruto gently lifted a finger to wipe away the salty stream of relief.

"Why are you crying?" his eyes gleamed somberly.

The princess grinned pass her tears, twin dimples framing her adorable smile. "Because I'm happy."

"Well, you better get used to that feeling," Naruto teased sweetly, brushing locks of hair behind her ear.

Hinata couldn't control her smile, and the tears kept spilling out. She sobbed as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands, and Naruto inched closer to press a warm kiss to her forehead.

"Naruto-niichan," Konohamaru called excitedly, unable to keep his body still when he halted beside Hinata. "I know you'd win — you were on fire out there!"

Naruto folded his arms across his chest and held his chin up high. "You knew I'd win, huh? And yet I'm sure I saw you panicking over there."

Konohamaru cringed at the truthful accusation. "Well, I... uh, umm. I can explain that—"

Naruto burst out into laughter, and Hinata gave a soft giggle as the boy sought hopelessly for the right excuse.

"You, guys, stop laughing... I really knew that Naruto-niichan would win! Honest!"

"How was he," Kakashi asked, looking down at the Hyuga with that passive expression he wore so well.

Hiashi pivoted his head to the right in Neji's lap, looking up at the guests he'd noted on his radar during the fight. "Kakashi... you've trained him well. To think I'd lose in my own forte."

"If anyone should be thanked for Naruto's growth, it should be Jiraiya-sama." Kakashi followed the man's eyes as he glanced over at the young hero. Everyone gazed in that direction, too, caught in a current of mutual fascination.

Gai's lips quirked up into a smile. "I've spoken to him a few times since he came back to the village and, he seems... different."

"Different?" Hanabi echoed quizzically.

The man nodded. "He's undergone a huge spurt of growth in his maturity."

"First love can do that to a person," Moegi announced on a passionate breath, as if she spoke through sheer experience.

"It was hard to imagine that Naruto had really defeated Pain by himself," Neji said, unconsciously lifting the cloud of embarrassment the girl summoned over her own head. "But after watching him fight like this with Hiashi-sama, I can now see how he managed to it."

"I could say the same," Gai agreed.

Hiashi stared up at the clouds shuffling across the vibrant blue sky. "I was curious about his strength, too, which is another reason why I challenged him to a duel. And he was keen enough to realize the conditions of the fight without my having to tell him."

Kakashi sported a light smirk behind his mask. "That kid sure has come a long way, even when nobody wanted to have anything to do with him."

"That he has," Gai agreed.

"By assuming the worst about me," Naruto began once he had joined the small crowd standing over Hiashi. "Aren't you in turn disrespecting Hinata's good judge of character and belittling her standards?"

The man felt his breath catch, and he couldn't find the right words to address the bitter truth with contradiction or even remorse.

"People are more likely to benefit positively when you make decisions using your heart rather than your ego and pride." Naruto's lips pressed to a thin line as his resolution stood tall and firm in his mind. "When I become Hokage, I will change the Hyuga clan. Little by little — with the help of my friends — I'll change this entire world for the better."

Kakashi's eyes widened a tad. Everyone could feel the certitude of his words and the enigmatic, seemingly magical force that stood behind them, like a crutch. This was the eloquence of the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki: Uzumaki Naruto — his words could possibly move mountains.

Hiashi smiled a wanly smile. "Naruto... you not only had the power to defeat Pain, but the influence to persuade him into resurrecting all the victims he had created in the village. If anyone has the power to revolutionize this world, it's you.

In any case, it's still quite difficult to watch my daughter be taken away from me. We will have another duel, once I've recovered."

Naruto heaved his lean, trademark grin. "And I'll be waiting." Abruptly, he took off, pulling a flustered Hinata behind him. "See yah guys later!"

"Na-Naruto-niichan," Konohamaru stuttered.

"Konohamaru, where are you going," Hiashi called, struggling to his feet. "You're dating my daughter, too, aren't you? Naruto may have gone through my test, but that doesn't mean you get a passing grade, as well; our fight is up next."

"Wha-What? No way!" he grabbed Hanabi's hand and took off after Naruto and Hinata, abandoning the men who eased into a fit of laughter.

Neji smiled. Hinata-sama… you're truly happy now, aren't you?

Role-Playing: Dominant – Submissive

Sitting beneath a tree on the ridge of a mountain overlooking the campsite, Naruto and Hinata sat peacefully together.

There was a lot of traffic down below; people were constantly on the move, especially medical ninja. Shinobis were still badly injured from their battle against Pain, and it was the duty of the medical committee to tend to their wounds.

But Hinata was oblivious as to what was taking place beyond the circumference of her NaruHina sphere. Her sights were focused on Naruto: her valiant knight, her closure, her savior. Figuratively, even now he continued to hold her hand, filling her once empty vessel with hope — and, with unrelenting might, freed her from the thorny vines that bounded her to the dark, leafless tree that strictly forbade freewill.

Her shoulders felt incredibly lighter now, and as she scuttled behind him — hand-in-hand — the princess could see a shimmer of light at the end of the long tunnel. Her future was more defined.

"Na-Naruto-kun," she reached for his left hand, winning his attention. "Does it hurt? I'll heal it right away!"

"Hi-Hinata..." his eyes softened as he watched her work. "No, it doesn't hurt... but it does feel a little numb."

"...When father's attack grazed your forearm earlier, one of your tenketsu seemed to have slightly closed."

With her diagnostic complete, the princess closed her eyes, focusing her power, aligning the proper channels to convert her chakra into that of healing. The elements responded to her will, and Naruto felt his arm grew cool as natural energy washed over him. Slowly, the numbness faded, like a timeworn waterline gradually being unclogged.

"Hinata, that's amazing," he exclaimed, flexing his arm. "I didn't know you could use medical ninjutsu!"

She flushed under the weight of his compliment. "I'm not as good as Sakura, though."

"Who cares — you're awesome! Thanks for fixing me up!" he grinned.

Hinata blinked up at him, and Naruto watched her internal struggle for composure played out in her eyes. "Na-Naruto-kun... I haven't the right words; I don't know how to thank you for—"

"Hey." he closed his eyes briefly, and when he re-opened them and gazed at her, they were glowing, as if with the spirit of the sea. The intensity pulled at that dark part of her, buried in the depths of her belly — her libido, woken and tamed by him, but even now, insatiable.

He brushed stray locks of her behind one ear, and then cupped the side of her face. "There's no need to thank me." his voice was soft. "Someone threatened to put a wall between us and I destroyed it; that was for my sake, too. Besides, I promised you that nothing would ever keep us apart."

"...Naruto-kun," she said on a soft breath, sweet, dark lust spiking in her pulse now, so sharp he could feel it echo in his own.

"How about we head to my place," he suggested, his voice full of promise. Hinata's belly curled at the thought. "That fight really took its toll on my stomach; I'm hungry again."

The princess felt a warm prick — her femininity suddenly erupted in sheer enthusiasm to satisfy his appetite and, indeed, she would have derived tremendous pleasure from serving him. For all he's done — and to express her love for him — it was really the least she could do.

With a giggle, Her Highness pushed to her feet. "The sooner we get to Naruto-kun's apartment is the sooner I can get started with lunch."

Naruto grinned, brushing the blemish from his behind as he towered to his feet to join her. "Lunch sounds like heaven right now! Let's get going!"


Sakura peered into the running river at her reflection, an empty pale in her hand. She stared at the weary figure — a hallow shell — easily noting the anxiety, remorse, and denial that emanated from her aura. And the drooping bags beneath her eyes courtesy of sleep-deprivation didn't exactly help to mask her dismay.

It was amazing just how different, how contradictory her emotions were from then... from amidst the heat of the moment, when she made love with Sasuke. As much as she still loved him, why did she allow herself to do something so stupid?

Sasuke was a Missing-Nin, a rogue ninja, and her involvement with him now made her a legitimate accomplice. Aside from the fact that he'd abandoned his village and killed his brother, she didn't quite know what his other ambitions were, but surely they were tinted in darkness.

And, no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't find an equation that resulted in her being with him. There was no place at his side for her — he was an avenger, fueled by his dark emotions. Satisfying his hunger for vengeance was his true and only desire.

She knew all this and yet...

Love really does make people irrational. Nevertheless, she couldn't afford to tell Naruto what had happened. She had left her heart open and vulnerable to that dark knight again; the repercussions were her own to bear... silently, and alone.

Hinata stood nervously on the balcony as Naruto proceeded inside his home and turned in preparations to close the door behind her. With a playful smile, he abruptly retrieved her hand from her lips and tugged her into the vestibule beside him.

Once they had doffed their footwear, the princess felt unbearably shy as he steered her into the familiar environment of his apartment. Each time she sat foot into this sacred haven, she felt a wave of nostalgia — this was where their bond evolved beyond that of friendship, where their heart, mind, soul, and destiny were forever intertwined, perfectly woven in a cocoon of unconditional love.

Hinata beamed inwardly. The room was still clean from her last visit, but the table was cluttered with documents that she hadn't recall ever seeing before.

"Oh, those," Naruto said, noting her curiosity. "They're documents belonging to Ero-Sennin. One of his messenger frogs brought them to me on the day we returned from the hot spring country. You could take a look, if you'd like."

"Oh, I see." Hinata didn't want to prolong the subject. She hadn't forgotten how poorly she reacted regarding Jiraiya's death the first time she came by, and she had yet to forgive herself.

Naruto pinched and pulled his t-shirt a few inches away from his chest. "I got a bit sweaty while I was fighting earlier. Think I'm gonna take a shower. Will you be alright?"

Bathroom stall. Open tub. Hot spring. The ocean — our sunflower felt her cheeks heat at the mention of a "shower", but she inclined her head after a brief pause, even as memories of sensuality gushed into her mind. "Hn! I'll be in the kitchen."

"Okay. I won't be long."

He turned and disappeared behind a door.

Hinata blew out a long, hot breath, and muscles deep in her belly slightly loosened. She was spared... for the time being.

The couple shared a most rare and powerful attraction. Their blood was constantly sizzling, searing through their veins while they were in each other's presence — a mixture of adrenaline, dopamine, and hormones that conquered every other need in a spiraling vortex of potent energy. Often times, they would spontaneously combust with the dark flames of sexual desire, as soon as they had privacy — lunging toward one another, like famished beasts.

He must be extremely hungry if he hadn't hurled himself at her the moment she walked through the door. To be honest, Hinata was a bit disappointed but, she knew it was only a matter of time before they were both lost in a hurricane of overwhelming passion.

Lacing her fingers with an innocent smile, Hinata proceeded gingerly into the kitchen and — while humming a melody — fetched the appropriate pot within which she would prepare her delicious rice. The princess moved quickly, retrieving all the ingredients from the fridge and cupboard that would be used in the preparation of lunch.

Since she was now at the apartment more frequently, the girl took the liberty of going grocery shopping for all the necessary resources with which she needed to cook. By no means did she want her fiancé surviving merely on the consumption of junk food — noodles in particular. That was a no-no on her healthy-diet-meter; he needed to eat right.

Once the thoroughly washed rice was poured into the pot along with all the ideal ingredients, and the chicken thigh placed into the sink from the freezer to thaw, Hinata couldn't help but turn the flame down beneath the pot and scooted back into the living room.

Her inner goddess was tapping her feet, looking down at her watch impatiently as she awaited Naruto's return. But the chibi of her subconscious was more interested in the documents that were scattered across the table Her Majesty had polished not too long ago.

Sitting back on her heels around the knee-length table, Hinata meticulously stacked the papers and began skimming through the neatly formed words. By the seventeenth sheet, the realized the document was a compilation of articles, random profundities, and philosophical reasoning written exclusively by Jiraiya — some of which sounding similar to what Naruto was saying to her father earlier today.

Feeling as though she was trespassing on something sacred — something only meant for the eyes of the master's student, Hinata carefully placed the documents aside and reached for a book that was buried beneath the papers: Icha Icha Tactics.

Upon opening the small book, she was taken to the most recent page by the previous reader. The princess couldn't help but process the first few words of the new chapter, and then some more, and even more after that. Her eyes kept scanning until she was completely ensnared — hopelessly impaled and imprisoned by her curiosity. And, through each paragraph, her fascination grew.

Lieutenant Roy Mustang was a god — there was no doubt about that. Riza's femininity sank prostrate before the force of his awesome masculinity, and even more so when she glimpsed the hard curve in his boxers. Obviously, he was enjoying this more than she thought possible.

Over her head, Riza's hands were bounded together at the wrists and secured by a length of material to a hook Roy had transmutated on the wall.

Sheer naked and thoroughly hypnotized by his possessiveness, the Second Lieutenant squirmed on her toes, her body hot and flushed from the tantalizing ordeal her dominant had put her through for the past half an hour.

The man was just as assertive and committed in sex as he was to his job, and his powerful wave of control was nothing less than intoxicating. Riza couldn't get enough, and her body called out to him as he inched closer with promising strides, his fiery length raging below his waist.

The Flame Alchemist slowly ran his tongue along the column of her alabaster throat, sampling the flavor of her sweet, silky skin. Then, he brushed thick, golden hair back, pressing warm, feathery kisses at those dangerously sensitive regions behind her ear.

"Oh, Roy," she sighed with undisguised lust, her body numb and restless as butterflies hatched in her tummy for the one-hundredth time.

The man skimmed his nose over her ear lobe, his lips following in turn. "Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye," he said softly, a capable free hand fondling her chest now. "Have you forgotten about your rank, soldier?" he squeezed her nipple, until he was certain he held her at the border between pleasure and pain.

And the woman felt an answering contraction between her legs — sudden and explosive. She let out a long mewl, and then bit her lip on an all-too-revealing moan. "N-No, Sir!"

"Good girl," he breathed in her ear. Riza whimpered, exhausted, pulling against her restraint. She was helpless, lost in an erotic torment.

Abruptly, Roy fisted her hair and kissed her passionately, forcing her lips apart with his tongue, taking no prisoners. She closed her eyes as he utterly took what he wanted, but couldn't help but moan in his mouth as his hand snaked down the flat plain of her belly with two fingers slowly reaching into her drenched chambers.

"Oh, yes... that feels so good. Please, I want you inside," Riza panted against his perfectly sculpted lips. She couldn't contain herself. She needed to be stretched and filled with that familiar length and width of him — nothing else mattered!

Shocked by the audacity of her outspoken manner, Roy pulled her head back with an intensity that made her heart flutter. His eyes were smoldering — a smoky gleam that illustrated his amusement. "You're in no position to make demands, Second Lieutenant." his voice was soft.

Just when she thought her impulsive outburst had assured her prolonged torture, Roy made his way between her legs with a haste that had her eyes popping open. He didn't speak, just quickly laved his tongue along her swollen cheeks, parting her open, sampling her thick, unique flavor. He found and dominated her g-spot with delicious lazy strokes until her legs became wet noodles, and soon his tongue was pushing into her — a brilliant flame that burned pleasure into her wet flesh.

"I-I'm coming!" Riza could feel the violent wave looming ahead, and she struggled to break free from her confines, eager to hold his head before the downpour threatened to wash her away.

With a husky sigh of intent, Roy stood, towering over her. He found his eager length and introduced his crest within her welcoming quarters. Riza flung her head back with a broken moan at his abrupt and delicious arrival. Her blood ran fast and heated through her system — adrenaline mixed with lust and longing. A finer brew than any wine, a vampire would dare to wager.

Without warning — and finesse that left her breathless — the man crushed her buttocks and pulled her up against him. Her legs locked around his waist in the same beat, his sword unsheathed in the sudden movement. But he took no time in finding her wetness once more, the perfect environment making him swell.

Riza's legs tightened around him, her back fast against the wall as he drove her to heaven. She could feel the longing and frustration in the sheer hardness and heat of his steel. He filled her completely. Their heat fused, charging the atmosphere.

"You're mine," the alchemist said without breaking the rhythm of his thrusts. "You belong to me. Do you understand?"

Second Lieutenant Hawkeye — submerged in an ocean of pleasure — could only manage to nod her head as a fierce orgasm came knocking at her door. Her hands were restless, desperate to comb through his dark hair and clutch his head, burying his face in her sensitive neck.

"Say it," he demanded hungrily, his large hands effortlessly cupping the lovely curves of her behind, even as her core pulled and tightened around his fiery shaft.

"Confused," Naruto said questioningly, by means of a greeting.

"Na-Naruto-kun!" Hinata's already racing heart almost detonated in her chest, and she closed and pushed the book aside before he approached her. "Umm... there are a lot of documents here."

"Yeah." he sat across from her, all squeaky clean and drop-dead-sexy. "When it was prophesied that Ero-Sennin would be a writer and his future book would change the word, he didn't know exactly how to start, so he began jotting down his thoughts whenever he got to thinking. All these documents compiled became an archive of his ideology."

"Oh." Hinata couldn't hold his gaze. "I've read a few pages... and I really found what he wrote interesting." her eyes swayed hesitantly. "Didn't he... eventually write that book?"

"Yeah, he did — it's called The Gusty Ninja. I actually have the first printout of it."

Hinata blinked up at him, her cheeks bright with the remnants of a fierce blush. "Really? Would it be okay... if I read it?"

Naruto raised one brow incredulously. "What kinda question is that? Of course, you can read it. I'll have you take it home later."

"Oh, thank you so much!" she beamed.

"Don't mention it," Naruto grinned, folding his arms behind his head. Then suddenly they were on the table as he sniffed at a scent wafting into the room. "Something smells good!"

"Oh, no," Hinata exclaimed, her eyes wide with panic. "I left the rice on the stove!"

She pushed to her feet, sailing past him and across the expanse of the kitchen to the stove. Naruto watched the fluid sway of her hips in the knee-length dress. The view had been tempting him for what seemed like forever now — but he had to hold back his dark lust until they both had a bite to eat. Though, with each passing minute, his resolve seemed less feasible.

Hinata blew out a sigh of relief upon realizing that the rice was cooked to perfection. She looked beyond the steam to the fluffy cloud of her creation, and then turned out the flame.

"How did it turn out," Naruto asked, a hint of humor in his tone as he watched her.

Hinata pouted — like a 10-year-old — a flush coloring her cheeks. "It turned out just fine." she couldn't completely mask the note of petulance in her voice, and Naruto couldn't help but chuckle, which added fuel to the wildfire of her embarrassment.

"Do you need help with anything?"

She shook her head. "Thanks, but I'm fine..."



"At least let me take your sweater."

His voice suddenly seemed closer, fairly within the radius of prohibiting-Hinata-to-properly-articulate-her-thoughts. The princess heard her breath hitched and felt her heart ease into palpitation as Naruto held the hem of her cardigan and raised it above her head. Her arms flew skyward automatically.

"Na-Naruto-kun!" her face was crimson, and she blinked rapidly as he slung the length of the material over his shoulder with a grin.

"Now that wasn't too hard, was it?"

She pursed her lips meekly, her blood pounding round her body, warming places she didn't know existed until very recently. Her skin seemed to glow, a beacon... highlighting the region where his seductive hands were needed most.

Naruto could feel the thick of her anticipation, and he grew a few inches behind his cotton restraints, but still held fast to the reins of his control. "I ran outta juice this morning, so I'm gonna run down to the store and restock."

"Sh-Sure," Hinata squeaked, fiddling with her thumbs. "I will continue working on lunch in the meantime."

"Okay. I won't be long."

The girl nodded shyly, and, with that, Naruto was through the door. But, even with him gone, the princess was still a tad dazed. She looked unresponsively to the chicken in the sink, as if she had forgotten how to address the raw provision. She was still nervous and high from her knight's sudden act of consideration.

"Naruto-kun." she sighed a breath of longing.

Our golden warrior sauntered down the street, his head reclined, supported by folded arms. He was looking up at the dry clouds, as if reminiscing or weaving some elaborate but harmless scheme in his mind.

The shrill of construction work echoed throughout the village. It was midday; soon this chapter would come to a close, ending another grand phase of Konoha's revival. Naruto could clearly note that the workers were almost at their daily limit; they were exhausted, but these proud patriots would not cease until their fuel had completely run dry or they were deprived of much needed daylight.

The shinobi shrugged, dropping his arms at his sides. He was so preoccupied today that he hadn't gotten around to dispatching any clones to help with the physical labor. Perhaps tomorrow he could lend a couple hundred reliable hands.

"Hey, Naruto," a sudden annoyed but familiar voice rose before him. It was Kiba, just rounding a corner. "...where's your second shadow?"

Without pause, a word, or even prolonged eye contact, Naruto continued walking until he could pat a relatively friendly Akamaru atop the head. "Hey, boy... It looks like you've gotten bigger again."

Kiba snarled, a brow twitching out of control. "Hey, don't ignore me, you bastard," he snapped. "Hinata's apart of Team 8; you can't hog her all to yourself! Since you both came back from that trip, I rarely see her anymore!"

Naruto straightened his bent and tucked his hands into his pockets, a cool Sasuke-smile stretching his lips. "I'm not responsible for how and with whom Hinata spends her time. Maybe if you were more interesting, she would actually consider spending more time with you."

"What was that," Kiba scowled, bearing his pointed fangs.

He was just about to spring from Akamaru's back and plant a solid haymaker to Naruto's jaw, when the orange ninja circumnavigated around them and continued on his way.

"Don't run away," Kiba scoffed. "I don't recall you being a sissy, Naruto!"

"Look who's talking — you're the one whining at the top of his lungs."

Kiba felt the verbal abuse whip across his face, like a wet rag. He clung to Akamaru's fur, unable to find the right words for a suitable comeback.

But, just before Naruto was completely out of range — he paused, his back still turned. "I know what you mean, which is why I suggested we all hung out at the restaurant today. I'll see you in a few hours."

He resumed walking.

Kiba looked on in silent wonder, a fang poking from his mouth. It was amazing just how much Naruto had changed since his fight with Pain — but was this genuine maturity of just plain arrogance?

He frowned, a hint of jealousy highlighting his animalistic features. Hinata was always there — engrossed within their circle, preoccupied with her training and her teammates' well-being. To think that the love-triangle would actually get resolved, that she would be taken away. But what really mattered was her happiness, right?

Naruto returned to an apartment flooded with the aroma of delicious food. He was surprised Hinata hadn't stripped down to her apron again — welcoming him with a smile and the privilege of having her before their meal. His alternative would've been the same as the last time.

She was just about done with the preparation of her spicy chicken, and, just in the nick of time, too. After getting a good whiff of the food, there was no way in hell he'd be able to endure his starvation any longer.

After storing the 4 liters of orange juice in the refrigerator, Naruto made his way around the table. But no sooner had he allowed his shoulders to sag than he was summoned by his beloved fiancée.

"Na-Naruto-kun," she called sheepishly beside a pot of bubbling sauce on the stove, subsequent to having herself a sip. She had a ladle in one hand and a tiny saucer in the other. "I want Naruto-kun to have a taste and tell me what he thinks."

Our hero's eyes hooded pervertedly. He closed the space between them, in about the time it took her to blink. He kissed her suddenly, sweeping his tongue past her soft lips and into the delectable warmth of her mouth. There was a trace of sweet spices on her tongue, but nowhere as tempting as the feel of her in his arms. "Delicious," he murmured against her unpainted mouth. "I think I might just have to eat you."

Hinata's eyes were wide, the chalky silk of her cheeks flushed. For a moment, she remembered nothing about the flame beneath her special sauce on the stove, nor could she feel the utensils in her hands. All that mattered was his lips meeting hers again, and his hands never leaving the curve of her hips.

"As much as I would love to put you on this counter right now and have my way with you, I have something even better planned once we're through eating." he stepped back with a grin, savoring her delicious shock.

Hinata swallowed, her throat too parched for words, and for a moment, she couldn't pull of a lungful of air into her chest.


She breathed, her spaghetti-like legs regaining some measure of sturdiness. She recognized Naruto's consideration as he turned around, offering her his back so that she might regain some composure.

"I'm starving. Let's eat before it gets too late." he made his way back to the table.

"H-Hn!" Hinata nodded, calming her nerves before she attempted to handle anything delicate.

With careful haste, the princess coated the chicken with her special sauce, and then brought it through to the table. Naruto couldn't help but stare and inhale deep of the wonderful smell.

Next — on a tray — she brought two bowls of rice and another with mixed vegetables: sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, and broccoli. Naruto cringed at the sight of the broccoli.

Hinata kept her eyes down; she couldn't possibly hold his gaze so soon, after what he'd said to her. She blushed. "I-I didn't make much, since it would be awful if we ruined our appetite when we have a dinner date with everyone this evening."

"Good point," Naruto agreed, reaching for his chopsticks. "We'd be in trouble if we went and didn't eat along with everyone. I'm sure Chouji wouldn't mind — so long's we bought more for him to eat — but we probably wouldn't hear the last of it from Kiba and Fuzzy-brows."

Hinata giggled softly, quickly pulling her hand away from her lips.

"So, what're we waiting for? Let's dig in! Itadakimasu," he uttered blissfully, pulling his chopsticks apart.

"H-Hn! Itadakimasu..."

Naruto started off with one amongst the many spicy, bite-sized chicken plated before him. He closed his eyes and heaved a long, almost amorous moan in his throat as he chewed. "Delicious... Hinata, this is amazing!"

The girl blinked up at him, ecstatic, her cheeks brightening. "Tha-Thank you. I'm happy Naruto-kun likes it. Be sure to eat the vegetable, too."

He made an unpleasant sound in his throat, frowning at Green… Broccoli Green — his greatest nemesis and the most evil and notorious force to ever show its face upon the earth. "Aww, do I hafta?"

"Yes. It's important that Naruto-kun eats all his veggies to be a great Hokage," Hinata said in a motherly tone.

Like a child, Naruto grunted, already surrendering to the sweet command. "Fine, I'll eat them — he chewed and swallowed another mouthful of rice — but only because you asked so nicely."

Hinata reached down to nab another piece of chicken between her chopsticks. "Naruto-kun should always make it his duty to eat his veggies — it's good for him."

"Mmm... well, since you put it that way, I guess it can't be helped. Plus, with your cooking for us, I know you won't let me skip even one stalk of broccoli."

Silently, the princess clung to the warmth of his words. Cooking for him wasn't a chore — it was a pleasure, a delicious expression of her love. "While Naruto-kun was talking with my father, I couldn't help but realize just how much he has grown…. even during the fight."

Naruto looked down into his half-empty bowl, his eyes glazed with what could only be a mixture of emotions. "I guess Ero-Sennin was right. Whenever I complained how boring it was to proofread his books, he would always tell me that there was more to being a great shinobi than just brute strength.

Like the biceps, pectoral muscles, or abs, he said the brain was also a muscle that needed to be trained. Apparently, reading didn't only widen the vocabulary and supply lots of information — it also challenges the brain and helps it to grow. As simple as it seems, he said reading can significantly enhance the speed and effectiveness of my decision-making skills, my observation and deductive skills, perception, and even my analytically and conceptual prowess in battle. On a whole, he promised I would get smarter.

At the time, I thought he was just making some brilliant excuse to have me continue proofreading, but it looks like he was right."

Hinata smiled, holding back the urge to stretch her hand across the table and rest it over his. "Jiraiya-sama is right, Naruto-kun. Some people are naturally smart — such as Shikamaru and Neji-niisan — but challenging the mind does make people smarter."

Resting his chopsticks across his empty bowl, Naruto pushed to his feet and fetched two glasses in the pantry within which he poured them both orange juice. "And challenge my mind, I will."

"Thank you." Hinata accepted the glass of OJ, watching shyly as her prince resumed his seat across from her.

"You're welcome," he grinned. "I'm not such a kid anymore that I haven't realized most fights — especially among high-ranking shinobi — are decided purely on the better strategy: a battle of wits."

Hinata swallowed, the fresh tang of orange juice lingering on her tongue. "That's true."

"To become Hokage one day, I'll do anything!"

"And I will help Naruto-kun along the way," she promised, sated and excited, watching as he downed the entire glass of vitamin C in one impressive go.

"Gochisousama Deshita!" he was done. "Thanks, Hinata... I really don't know what I'd do without you."

Slowly, in the most wondrous of transformations, his eyes changed. Hinata squirmed nervously, hypnotized by his glare, and she felt a slow flush spread across her face as she deciphered the fiery gleam in his eyes. Suddenly, she recalled their lovemaking in the morning, and the muscles in her belly does that delectable clench thing again.

While trying desperately to avert her eyes, the princess inhaled sharply. She could see the shadow of a smile cross his lips, but then it was gone. He briefly closed his eyes and, upon opening them, resumed his soft, seductive scrutiny.

"Do you remember that thing I mentioned I had planned? "Well —" he stood and offered her his hand — "I think it's about time we began."

Hinata's heart slammed against her chest, and the butterflies escaped from her stomach into her throat, cutting off much needed intakes of air.

Shyly, tentatively, she placed her hand in his, curious about this plan he had in stored, as well as the nature of it. But she couldn't find the nerve to ask such a question, even more so when he abruptly pulled her against the hard wall of his chest.

Lowering his head, Naruto inhaled the fresh fragrance of her hair. "You smell so good, Hinata. So sweet." his nose skimmed past her ear down her neck, and he trailed soft, feather light kisses along her collarbone.

The princess's breathing changed, becoming shallow, rushed, full of expectation. Desire replaced nervousness as blood pumped in her veins, and shivers raced up her spine as his hand ducked beneath her top and inched slowly up her back.

"Let's continue where we left off this morning."

Hinata didn't speak. She moved her hand over his chest with a servility that made his lever rise, and then tipped on her toes, her lips whispering a request that our hero could not deny.

He kissed her then, long, deep, and hard, his tongue dipping inside her mouth, to rediscover the remnant taste of fresh orange juice. Hinata's blood heated immediately — a fiercer boil than the former — and she returned his kiss with her own passion, his rigid steel throbbing just above her hotpocket.

Much too perfectly, her body remembered the non-fulfillment she was forced to endure at the break of dawn. And as Naruto's warm, wet tongue smooth up the stretch of her throat, she surrendered to him, reassured he was intent on making amends.

The handsome creature took his time undressing her — first her blouse and then her bra — his mouth skimming worshipfully over every inch of her skin as he unveiled the slender deity for which he hungered.

Like ripples in a pound, her whole body came alive as he pulled her skirt down to her ankles. He didn't give her the opportunity to step out of the garment before his lips were sampling the taste of her inner-thighs. Hinata clung to his head as the energy gradually seeped from her legs, every nerve ending singing softly, that electricity pulling her to him, charging between them.

Her center responded with each slow, wet kiss he pressed to her thigh, and then — without warning — he buried his nose in the heat of her damp underwear, pushing gently against her plump cheeks. He inhaled deep, winning a broken gasp, the scent of her arousal blasting a dose of dopamine throughout his brain.

"Na-Naruto-kun," she protested in her embarrassment, trying futilely to separate his face from her loin.

With a sure, fluid grace of movement, he swept her up — out of her skirt — lifting her feet off the ground and cradling her in the muscular strength of his arms. "Let's not keep you waiting any longer," he said, a lewd smile spreading across his lips.

Hinata felt self-conscious as he gingerly made his way into his room. But chibi-g couldn't care less about her nervousness — she sat on a cushion, naked, her eyes glued to an LCD screen, curious as to what Naruto had in stored for them both.

As soon as the princess's back was acquainted with his bed, she quickly concealed the plush curve of her breasts and squeezed her thighs together under the weight of his admiring gaze. But Naruto was much too anxious, much too hungry, to be satisfied with merely the feasting of his eyes.

Standing to the side of the bed, he leaned in and laid claim to her mouth in a soft, sizzling kiss. Hinata slowly withdrew her hand as he sought her chest, and a moan escaped her lips as he fondled her, maneuvering her nipples with deft hands. He dipped his tongue inside her mouth again, gently exploring the surface of hers, stirring her heat, stealing her breath.

Suddenly, frantically, Hinata found his nape and clutched him close, taking her turn to plunge inside his mouth. She was desperate, needy, drunk, caught in a wild frenzy of flames that she hoped was contagious.

She doubled his hand with her own as he squeezed and massaged her breasts to no quarter, all the while wishing his attention would veer to regions farther down south. She squeezed her thighs together.

"I never did punish you for getting your hair singed, did I?" Naruto whispered breathlessly, pushing her nipple inward with his thumb.

Hinata didn't respond; her breathing was much too erratic for words, but he spied the answer to his question in her hooded eyes, her lips swollen from their kiss.

"Then, it's about time you receive." he sounded amused, but then his tone adopted a hint assertion, even as he walked over to his clothesbasket. "Outstretch your arms above your head and spread your legs."

Hinata did as she was told, her breathing shallow, fear and longing mixed together. It was an intoxicating mix.

"Good girl. Now, just relax."

Turning on his heels — four headbands in his possession — Naruto did quick work to bound her limbs to the posts at the four corners of the bed.

Anxiety seared in the princess's veins, like molten lava, at her nudity and imprisonment. The fact that she couldn't curl herself into a ball and conceal her nakedness whenever she pleased made her uncomfortable — but in the wild whirlwind of her mixed emotions, she couldn't help but lose herself in the pleasure of staring at his torso.

His proximity was heavenly. He smelt of soup and Naruto — an inebriating mix that seemed to shun the bitter part of realty. She wanted to trace her nose along his chest, then her lips, fingers, and tongue. If only she could lean forward and…

Naruto stepped back and gazed at her, his eyes hooded, salacious, carnal, and Hinata was helpless, both her hands and legs tied. But just looking at his lovely face — reading his need and longing for her — she could feel her panties getting waterlogged, drenched by her flowing juices.

"Good. Stay there and don't move." he left the room.

Like I have a choice, Hinata's inner goddess declared in a cheeky tone, flashing her dark blue hair followed by a pout.

The princess relaxed in bed, waiting. Where had he gone? What was he going to do to her? Time shifted, and she had no idea how long he'd left her as he did… a few minutes, five, ten? Her breathing became shallower, the sheer anticipation devouring her from the inside out.

Then suddenly, he was standing in the door with a glass brimming with ice and a lean smile that foretold of pleasures — pleasures never before offered by his beautiful hands.

Naruto looked cool and collected as he assessed her — actually, he looked divine. He was dressed in a gray, loose fitting linen shirt and shorts, no forehead protector or shoes. His hair was tousled and unkempt, and his oceanic eyes twinkled suggestively at her.

Hinata squirmed in her fabric-based handcuffs and shackles as the golden sensualist, the jaw-droopingly handsome warrior, ambled into the room and rested the glass on the bedside table, an amused smile stretching his beautifully sculptured lips.

"Hmm… I could stare at you for hours like this," he murmured approvingly as he gazed down at her. "Welcome back to my room."

Clasping her chin, he leaned down and proffered a light kiss on her lips, the sensuous touch reverberating throughout her body, and her breath hitched. "Until we've both orgasmed, I want you to address me as 'Sir', do you understand?"

Hinata nodded sheepishly.

Naruto grinned. "And if you nod again, I'll punish you."

"Y-Yes, Sir!" her face glowed bright pink.

"That's a good girl."

Her center tightened.

"Are you ready for this," he asked upon fishing out a small cube of ice from the glass. His words were pregnant with an unspoken promise and everything deep within Hinata's body uncurled and then clenched in delicious anticipation — the feeling was exquisite.

"I...I—" she stuttered.


"...I want to see Naruto-kun's body, too."

He raised one brow, deliberating whether or not her outspoken manner warranted a punishment. But then, he ignored it. "If you want me to strip, then you'll have to work for it."

"W-Work?" her brain struggled through the fog of needy desire. "H-How?"

Naruto licked the droplet of water clinging at the bottom of the ice cube he held between his index finger and thumb. "If you come for me, then I'll take my shirt off. Two more times, and I'll get rid of my shorts and boxes. Then, on the fourth time, we'll climax together."

He didn't give her enough time to react to his conditions. With one knee between her legs, he slowly, meticulously, swept the cold solid across her bottom lip, and then captured her mouth with his own. His kiss was long, slow, and lazy, and Hinata moaned when his tongue seized hers.

Shivering, the princess's mouth shot open on a gasp as a cold line formed along the side of her neck. Nectar sprung between her legs as Naruto followed that same line with his tongue, leaving a delicious warmth in his wake. And even more chemical flowed as he found and stimulated that soft spot below her ear. Hinata couldn't stop groaning as the sensation registered sharp and clear between her legs — and she arched her back to force her breasts into his expert hands, his fingers squeezing her nipples as he fondled her creamy curves.

"Na-Naruto-kun," she sighed breathlessly, reclining her head as he slowly laved his tongue along the slender column of her throat. "I-I can feel something coming."

"Are you about to come?"

She bit her lip shyly, her body flushed in her state of arousal.

Naruto fetched another cube of ice. "Calling my name and failing to answer when asked a direct question... looks like you need to be disciplined."

Hinata moaned and whimpered as he leaned forward and began circling her areola with cold punishment, even as he squeezed, caressed, and pulled her other breast with his free hand. Her nipple hardened in protest against the weight of the cold ice. Then Naruto replaced the cube with his mouth, his warm lips and tongue relinquishing the numbness in an unusual wave of delicious pleasure — a sudden transformation in temperature that made her nerves bow.

The princess was standing on a narrow ledge by the time Naruto shared his bittersweet combination to her other breast — and her body arched off the bed with a helpless cry when he bit down on that sensitive nipple, the incredible sensation throwing her off the edge into an overpowering orgasm. Her body jerked violently, just before dropping back onto the bed, lifeless and alight with gratification. She couldn't catch her breath.

"I hope you've learnt your lesson," Naruto said firmly as he removed his shirt, much to her delight.

He was hard forged steel behind his shorts, as he fished another dripping ice cube from the glass and made his way back to the bed. The scent of Hinata's arousal filled the room, distinct in its message, and Naruto's muscles were taut in his eager excitement.

With a warm puff of breath against a hard, flushed nipple, the dormant flames lurking within Hinata erupted to the surface again. Invisible and potent, electricity flickered over her trembling mass, charging between her legs. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips as she tried to absorb the myriad of sensations coursing through her body. Very slowly, her prince rained small, gentle kisses atop that swollen peak, veering to the other. Then he bit down lightly and she threw her head back as her nerve endings sang.

Having elongated her pink peaks, Naruto initiated a chain of feathery light kisses along her cleavage and down her belly, heading south. She knew his destination and tried to psyche herself up for it — but when his tongue flicked at her bubble — over her panties — she cried out helplessly.

With a smug grin, Naruto manipulated wind-natured chakra at the tip of his index finger, carefully cutting away the piece of puny barrier that separated him from her juicy treasure.

Beyond the fence of blistering flames wrought of desire, Hinata's eyes popped open in shock at his erotic destructiveness. This was the second underwear he'd destroyed now. But he didn't give her enough time to think of a constructive means to have him compensate.

Muscles tightened in her belly as he guided the cube of ice tantalizingly slow about her abdomen, inducing a flavor of shakes and chills she had never tasted before. Her body beamed with heat, and cold water rippled down and over her erected button. Hinata cried out in surprise as all her nerve endings stand to attention. She pulled against her restraints. The shock ran through her, and it's the sweetest and most strangest feeling.

Inching downward — his erection rigid and aching in his impatience — Naruto continued his slow, sensuous torture, lightly laving his tongue along the length of her delicious valley, parting her open. The taste of her sweet, warm nectar slammed into his senses in a flood of roaring adrenaline. He couldn't curb his possessive growl as he suckled hard on her swollen lip, sharing his enthusiasm to the other.

Hinata closed her eyes as her insides uncoiled and melted from the tension induced by his frigid exploration. She was lost in a quagmire of sensation, and she screwed her face up adorably as her faculties attempted to absorb all these foreign feelings.

Reflexively, her body arched up off the bed as another chaotic storm brewed within her.

"Come for me, baby," Naruto murmured as he parted her with his thumbs and stuck his tongue inside her. "You can do it!"

Shifting his attention, he skimmed soft small licks over her g-spot once, twice, three times, again and again, until finally, that was it — the princess could take no more — and she orgasmed, gloriously, loudly, sagging weakly. She seemed to dissolve into the bed, mewling and whimpering as the aftershock of her meltdown consumed her.

Reversing off the bed — towering over her — Naruto licked his lips, and then heaved a triumphant smile. Hinata was motionless in the center of the bed — a mass of delicious aches and quakes. She was exhausted and teary-eyed, but the radiant gleam in her eyes foretold of her insatiable lust.

"Have you had enough?" Naruto wondered if he was misinterpreting the message in her eyes.

"N-No, Sir!" she replied hotly, a hint of petulance coating her words. She would not surrender, not until they made the kind of love she had come to know.

"Impressive," he acknowledged, pulling down his shorts to reveal the length of his hard, lean blade behind cotton. "Showing discipline... even in your fever."

The princess pursed her lips, impatient as ever, but she blushed fiercely upon noting his masculine thunderbolt, his pulsations reverberating in her own center. Amidst her embarrassment, she closed her eyes, only to miss when Naruto doffed his boxer and flung himself forward onto the bed.

Hinata felt a spasm of panic at the sudden turbulence, but her eyes half-lidded as he lowered his head to capture her lips. She identified a trace of her arousal, the taste conjuring memories that made her center clench.

"Who do you belong to?" he whispered against her mouth.

She leaned her head to the side as his lips traced the line of her neck, a cute moan rising in her throat. "Na-Naruto-kun," she breathed deeply, that uncontrollable storm stirring again. "I belong to Naruto-kun..."

"Good girl," he praised, nipping her ear lobe. "Never forget that."

"Y-Yes, Sir."

He was so tantalizingly good at this, she thought absently, consumed by heat and crackling flames. Her center tightened, and she started to squirm languidly beneath the sweet weight of his lips.

"There. Is. No. Escape," he murmured crisply, seductively, pressing a chain of kisses along her collarbone between each word.

She balled her fingers into fists.

"Relax." Naruto suddenly eased his hand downward — so that it cupped the plump curve of her center — and with one swift thrust his middle and engagement finger slowly sunk into her soft, narrow chamber. The princess groaned loudly, gutturally, and reveled in the fullness of his possession.

"This is mine," her sexy dominant uttered possessively. "All mine. Do you understand?" he eased his finger in and out as he gazed down at her, gauging her reaction, his eyes burning.

"Y-Yes," she breathed as her desire, hot and heavy, surged through her bloodstream, stirring all her highly sensitive receptors.

He squeezed her nipple at her endearing act of impudence.

"Y-Yes, Sir!" Hinata's nerve endings, her breathing, and her heart were pounding, trying frantically to leave her chest, the blood thrumming in her ears.

Abruptly, and all too soon, his fingers stilled inside and Her Highness pulled against her restraints in displeasure. She didn't want him to stop just yet; her body was still craving relief. But, all of a sudden, he withdrew, leaving her aching and hungry for more.

"No! Don't stop!" she wished she could squeeze her thighs together.

Naruto dipped his wet fingers inside her mouth. "Naughty, naughty — you're in no position to give orders."

Hinata didn't rebel. With tears tipping the corner of her eyes, she tasted her nectar and knew the potency of her arousal. She knew more pleasures would come as her carnal knight descended between her legs. His face was so close that she could feel the hot puffs of his breath against her swollen cheeks, but her embarrassment didn't have enough time to settle and clash with desire.

She cried out as his fingers found her drenched quarters once more. Nectar stirred and protested around them, trickling down and over her forbidden chambers as Naruto caressed her sensitive walls.

Hinata couldn't keep still, and she all but screamed when he introduced his mouth to her button — licking, bobbing, and sucking. The feeling was beyond exquisite, raw and consistent and mind blowing. Hinata's senses were ravaged, disconnected, solely concentrating on what he was doing to her. How he was making her feel, that familiar pull deep in her belly, tightening, quickening. Then the storm peaked, taking another violent orgasm from her.

Hinata's limbs were deliciously heavy, sated, as powerful tremors rocked her crumbling world. Her inner goddess had passed out naked in a tub of warm water, but chibi-s was still conscious — well prepared for them to truly make love. And she didn't have to wait long.

With one thrust, her golden knight was fully inside her — stretching, burning, dominating her with the length and width of his fiery rod. Hinata couldn't help but close her eyes and cry out again at the sudden magnificent assault, listening to his muffled moan above her.

She folded her fingers tightly as he pumped her, her toes curling under at the overwhelming import of gratification. He was so deep and filling, and Hinata's limbs were restless, her sanctuary tightening around him. But Naruto had no intention to be bested in this game of dominance — he thrusts again and again, his face at her neck now, his harsh breathing warming her throat. Hinata was breathless, too, nestled in the bosom of Desire. The symphony of their panting and moaning breaths seemed to meld together, swirling around, cocooning them, filling the room with a sweet, soulful song.

As Naruto kept pounding into her in what could only be described as the essence of his sensual punishment, Hinata felt the build up again, and she didn't think her body could withstand another avalanche. But she had no choice… and with an inevitability that was becoming familiar, surrendered to the elements and orgasmed again.

She used her chakra to sever the binds that confined so that she could cling to her god as he leaped off the edge to join her.

The grand conclusion was sweet and agonizing and intense. The princess lost all sense of self. Naruto followed, shouting her name through clenched teeth as he found his release, holding her in place as he poured himself deep and hot into her core. Then he collapsed, panting hard beside her, taking his time to catch his breath.

"You were amazing, Hinata," he praised after a few minutes. "Did you like that?"

"Y-Yes, Sir," she breathed, barely able to keep her eyes open. Why am I so tired?

Naruto chuckled. "Role-playing's over; you don't have to call me sir anymore."

"Yes, Sir."

He grinned. "Would you want to do it again?"

Hinata thought about that for a moment as fatigue clouded her brain. "Yes." her voice was incredibly soft.

Naruto smiled, his eyes still blazing, even as they hooded. "Don't resist; get some rest..."

Before Hinata could reply, her eyelids fluttered close, her mind easing into hibernation as unconsciousness knocked at her door. They lay together silent for a few minutes, hours, who knows, and the princess dozed off without even realizing, with her prince following close behind.

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