Hinata's Sensual Adventure

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Kurama's Sacrilege

By the time Naruto and Hinata sneaked back onto the main shores of the beach, the inquisitive crowd had already dispersed and all seemed calm again. Poseidon hadn't destroyed the human race, and the nerd had supposedly received his mega-wedgie. Yes, all was well.

But the warrior was perturbed when the first out of many individuals approached him, gushing about his superb performance in the volleyball tournament. Most were quite curious about his and Kitami's whereabouts when the team had received the trophy and were taking photos. Naruto couldn't make any excuses for Kitami, but he claimed he had to use the restroom urgently. As embarrassing as it was, it made quite a believable story; everyone swallowed it.

"Umm. Excuse me..." a feminine voice rose in front of the couple when they had taken refuge under their umbrella again.

It was that girl from the lobby, whose friend was ogling at him as he made his way to the front desk. Hinata was beginning to miss the privacy of their suite, where she had Naruto all for herself and was the only one staring at his butt. Was that being selfish?

"You're Uzumaki Naruto, aren't you?"

"That's me."

"Oh." The girl seemed surprised, even as she studied Hinata through her peripheral vision. "I didn't think I'd see you here. I thought you'd be in the gazebo on a private segment of the beach. It's only entitled for guests residing in room sixteen."

Naruto felt a prick of astonishment and resolve. In a heartbeat, he was on his feet, standing before the young lady with enthusiastic eyes. She blushed at his friendly nature. "I had no clue there was also a private gazebo," Naruto declared openly. "Where exactly is it?"

Despite the flailing of her unruly hormones, the girl pointed out that the gazebo could be found if he walked along the shore of the beach to the west. Naruto thanked her with a wide grin, and then the girl humbly went on her way. She would regret breaking it to her friend, Suuki, that the sexy blonde with blue eyes that she admired already had a girlfriend. The girl would get over it, but the young maiden seemed a tad disappointed, as well.

Hinata rose from the blanket and went to stand behind her tall pillar of awesomeness."Naruto-kun..." her voice was soft, meek, and inquiring.

"Y'know, Hinata, I'm going to enjoy tasting those lips you insist on teasing me with," he uttered coolly, his words dripping with desire — thick and intoxicating."From there, I'll run my tongue along your neck... over your nipples... between your legs, and back up again."


Surely, Naruto was out to give her a heart attack. Hinata's eyes were dilated with abject shock, her lips parted, but she couldn't utter a single word. For a moment, carnal energy exploded inside her, burning in her belly with overwhelming intensity, rendering to ashes the wooden arch of her composure.

"When you're all wet and ready for me, I'm going to spread your legs and slowly ease myself into you... in and out, in and out." Naruto's velvet voice painted the image in Hinata's head before she could strengthen her legs for impact.

The princess fell to her knees, her bottom grounded. She looked like a remorseful maid, gazing up at her master with subservience, willing to accept any punishment he would administer as retribution. "Na-Naruto-kun," she breathed amorously. Her eyes were like crystalline, deep and needy.

Naruto was enchanted. The girl had sealed her fate, and now it was only a matter of time before he pounced on her, like a beast lying patiently in wait for prey. But unlike the ravenous beast, he had little patience.

Slowly, he inched toward her — confident, sexy, his eyes blazing. And Hinata's heart began to pound, kicking into overdrive. Her blood pumped around her body. Desire, thick and hot, pooled in her belly.

He stood in front of her, staring down into her telling eyes. "This is just the introduction to your punishment," he informed smoothly, his eyes capturing the sight of her creamy cleavage.

Hinata's eyes glazed with all forms of desire, constantly changing and growing before his steady gaze. Her body flushed, her chest heaving under the pressure of her arousal, and she pursed her lips.

He was wrong — his punishment began since this morning and, somehow, she managed to endure, but no longer. Her frustration had inflated far beyond the critical point. Now, her system needed to cooled.

Naruto offered her his hand.


"Let's head over to that private gazebo."

"U-Hn." She tentatively placed her hand in his.

In one fluid motion, he pulled her up against his hard body, and Hinata's heart squeezed into her throat, depriving her of much needed air. He was ready for her — she could feel it, and her nerves hummed a special tune.

Despite the storm that raged inside her, the princess stood quietly and watched as he folded the blanket and rested it atop the hamper. With their provisions in hand, he seized her wrist gently and led her behind him, like a child about to be disciplined for a bad deed.

She studied his footprints in the sand. Figuratively, his footsteps were etched in her heart and mind, engraved with beautiful memories that would forever change her. She followed him willingly as they strolled along the shoreline. People stared, but she didn't care. All that mattered was the small circle in which only they two reside.

As the minutes ticked by — disjointed and without regards for anyone — civilization seemed to grow distant. There was no one in sight, and the vegetation in the background only got thicker — wild and unkept. But Hinata didn't mind. There were no longer any vigilant souls to intimidate her desire. Now, she was certain they would make love. At least, she was more hopeful.

Finally, just out of their range of sight, was room sixteen's private gazebo on the beach. The wooden, sandy brown haven mounted atop four large, granite boulders that sat at right angels. The gazebo was small, but beautiful in its simplicity. There was a table accompanied by two chairs on the decking. The tablecloth was white, along with the tableware that sat in the center, waiting patiently to be used.

In the back, behind drawn paper doors, was a queen size bed, wrapped in gorgeous white sheets. It felt like their honeymoon, and Hinata wondered if Naruto felt the same. Her cheeks brightened when his gaze shifted from the bed to her eyes. Was that a suggestive twinkle she saw just now?

"Wow! This is awesome, isn't it," Naruto said as he rested the luggage aside so that he could pull out a chair for Hinata. She shared his sentiment.

His stomach protested when he sat down across from her, and the considerate princess went straight ahead to unpack the food and set the table. The aroma from their leftovers seemed to make his belly clench in anticipation. It hurt like hell. But he knew the waiting was over.

In mere moments, sitting comfortably before him were takoyaki, potatoes coated in butter, onigiri, rice cakes, chocolate-coated bananas, grapes, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and grilled squids.

"Itadakimasu!" Naruto didn't wait.

He freed his chopsticks, aiming to silence his tummy. And Hinata watched in amazement, thoroughly taking her time to chew every morsel of food. But watching him gorge like this was strangely making the girl loose her appetite — her appetite for food, that is.

When Naruto was almost content, his stomach granted him the liberty to speak. He struck up a conversation by reiterating how super amazing Hinata was with the Rasengan.

The aim of the mobile exercise was to test her ability to concentrate and forge the Rasengan while she was in motion. But it took even more concentration to strike a real enemy, whether or not he/she was mobile. Hinata nailed it, and she nailed it with style.

"I don't think Kitami will be coming back this time, not after the final beating she took." Naruto's facial expression was that of relief, but then his features sunk into grief as Nagato's words resounded in his mind.

As long as love existed in this world, there would exist hate in turn. Indeed. Having a bond left the heart prone to the birth of malice. No one wanted to lose something held precious, but everything with a form must one day perish. How would Naruto induce the great revolution of which his sensei spoke? Was it really possible to alter the shinobi system — to change the world?

"Naruto-kun," Hinata murmured, worried by the pain settled into his face."Is there something a matter?"

"Hinata." He glanced down, stretching his hand across the table, resting it over hers. "There's something I need to tell you..."

The princess felt her chest tighten, but it wasn't the work of desire this time.

Naruto took a deep breath, exhaling a small gust of morose air. "Last night, while you were asleep, I found myself doing a lot of thinking. At age sixteen, are we really ready to start a family of our own, especially with people after what's inside of me? Am suitable to be a father when there's so much left to learn? When I couldn't save a single friend or protect my village? I even made you get hurt, Hinata..."

The saddened princess couldn't find the right words to say, nor could she swallow the heat that filled her throat. She couldn't get past her own sorrow to mend that of his, and she sat frozen as he brought her off into a memory.

"Brat!" A hoarse, scornful voice rose in Naruto's mind. "Whether or not you're ready to become a parent, you're no longer able to conceive a child."

"W-What do you mean?" He suddenly stopped stroking Hinata's hair, breaking out into a fierce sweat.

The beast snickered, amused by the boy's confusion and impending shock. "Fool! Do you honestly believe I'd allow the same thing that happened sixteen years ago to runs its course again?"

"Just what the hell are you talking about, you stupid fox?"

"Ha-ha! I used my chakra to alter the composition of your semen, making it infertile. Surely, like the Forth Hokage, you would eventually contemplate sealing me inside your scrawny child. And I can't have that!"

"T-That's not possible," Naruto panicked. "You're lying!"

"I couldn't care less if you believed me or not. But I'm sure in a few months your doubts will be cleared."

All the while, Hinata's eyes were wide, grief settling into once inaccessible places. She swallowed passed the lump of dread that crawled into her throat, and then rested a hand over her tummy. "Does that mean.."

Slowly, regrettably, Naruto nodded.

Hinata's tender lavender eyes swam with a sudden rise of tears and a hue the color of cheery kissed her silky cheeks. But before she could tumble and lose herself in the bitter grip of despair, Naruto pulled out her chair and got on his knees before her.

"Hey." He gently cupped the side of her face, carefully wiping away her salty tears. "Are you crying because you don't trust me anymore?"

Hinata sniffled.

"Do you trust me?"

She nodded.

"Say it!" His voice was demanding and yet, soothing.

Hinata blinked rapidly, pursing her lips at the caress of his compelling force. "I… I trust you..."

Naruto grinned, his expression controlled."Everything happens for a reason, Hinata; most disappointments are just blessings in disguise."

"But we'll never be able to have a baby," she sobbed, her voice but a whisper.

"We will!" he corrected vibrantly, clearing her tears again."I'll learn how to control the Kyuubi, and, as soon as I do, I'll take care of Akatsuki. I thought Sage Mode was enough, but I was wrong. I learnt that the hard way, and almost ended up losing you...

"Naruto-kun." Hinata's eyes were bright, lit by his confidence and the certitude of his words. She rested a hand to his cheek, and he placed his over her own.

The princess couldn't dislodge the sharp pebble of doubt that had embedded itself under her skin. But she smiled with a perfectly schooled, perfectly unreadable expression.

"Hinata... when we have our child, I always want to be there. And I want to be strong so that I can protect you both. The entire village is a part of our family, too; I want to protect everyone."

"Naruto-kun... you're such a wonderful person."she couldn't control her smile. It spread across her face, and she used the heel of her hand to clear her eyes.

"I want you to get stronger, too. Get stronger for our friends, our future family, and for me. Never leave us, Hinata. Use your power to keep yourself safe."

"Naruto-kun... I'll always be here for you, by your side."

With a smile of relief, the young warrior coiled his arms around her waist and buried his face in her tummy. Hinata leaned forward to press a kiss atop this head, and then she began stroking his hair.

Holding him like this in her arms — she found it hard to believe that he was truly hers. But when he whispered "I love you",her swelling heart spoke the truth of it. And she whispered in return what she felt — the same potent words that swirled around in the depths of her soul. Then the princess gently clutched his head to her bosom.

She was no longer worried. Naruto's way of the ninja was never to go back on his words, to have the guts never to give up! And after three years of promising Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back to the village, he was still trying to make good on his word. He was constantly on the path to power, to clasp all that he held dear, never being blinded by what he'd already achieved.

Hinata was certain they would eventually start a family of their own. But until then, she indeed needed to become stronger. On his great endeavor to become the people's shield and sword, she needed to work toward being the sheath for that blade and the plush cloth with which to polish that shield. It was her feminine duty to keep her prince on his feet. To be the pillar of stone that secured the foundations of his resolve.

Perhaps she would ask Sakura to supervise her training in becoming a more proficient medical nin. Having the ability to heal would be a valuable contribution toward Naruto's aid. She would do anything for him.

"Hey. Let's make an oath," Naruto said suddenly, subsequent to withdrawing his face from the comfort of Hinata's chest.

The princess blinked in surprise, her eyes radiant from the rolling field of closure he had placed her in."An oath...?"

He scrambled to his feet and sat around the table again. "That's right," his voice was eager, his hands busy.

To the left, against the handrail, was a silver container propped up on a mahogany pedestal. Sealed inside was a bottle of champagne on ice, flanked by two flutes.

How inappropriate and convenient.

"Let's make an oath by means of a toast."

Before Hinata could articulate her input on the idea, Naruto popped the champagne bottle open and placed a glass before her, carefully filling it with the alcoholic beverage.

"Umm... Naruto-kun," Hinata began meddling with her fingers. "We're too young to drink. We shouldn't."

"It's cool — breaking the rules will only make this toast even more memorable." He grinned, trying to lighten the mood. "From this day forth, we hereby swear to remain true to each other in sickness and in health. We solemnly swear upon our title as Konoha shinobis to achieve great courage and power to protect all that we hold dear. We swear, together as one, to overcome all obstacles that may obstruct our path throughout our life's journey. And to concrete the foundation upon which to build our home to start our family. Hinata... let's pave the path to peace and happiness together."

Naruto was obviously adamant about having a glass. The champagne was only slightly alcoholic. Still, Hinata hesitated — since she knew she was easily intoxicated. But as her prince held forth his glass for a toast, she found herself coiling her tiny fingers around the transparent leg and bumping her flute against his. Ping!

"Hn! Here's to our unbreakable bond and our future aspirations."

Naruto moistened his lips, after they had downed their slug of drink, his aquamarine eyes alive with some unreadable emotion. And there it was… that familiar pull and charge from him. It connected somewhere deep inside her, coaxing her desire, changing her eyes.

Combing locks of hair behind her ear, Hinata pressed her tongue to and from the roof of her mouth, tasting the unusual tang of champagne again. Surprisingly enough, it was delicious! She wouldn't have refused if he offered her another serving.

Somehow, it didn't feel as though all the fluid had slid down her throat as it was suppose to. It felt as though a large volume had made its way in her head, drowning her brain, intoxicating her.

As the princess listened to the waves lapping at the shore's edge, lulling her with its rhythm, she found herself getting lightheaded. The electrical signals in her brain went in disarray. A scarlet hue kissed her cheeks. Her lips drooped. Her eyes half-lidded and she gradually felt as though she were drifting weightlessly on a fluffy cloud.

Why did everything seem so much more amazing now — sensationalized? Light seemed brighter, colors more vibrant, sound more melodic, and her desire more intense.

While Chibi-S was unconscious on the ground, her face planted, Hinata's inner-goddess quickly took a hold of the reins and assumed control. This day was about to get a hell of a lot more interesting...

"Mmm... that was tasty, wasn't it? I wonder what sake is like..."

"I've got an even better question," Hinata muttered, her voice somewhat strained and seductive. She lifted her breasts, inspecting them. "Do you think my breasts are too small?"

"Huh?" Naruto was caught off guard by her question. "Hinata... "

"Are they?" Her eyes were worried.

"Hinata, I think you've had a bit too much to drink... even though I barely poured much in your glass," he murmured to himself.

The frustrated princess folded her fingers and placed the back of her hands over her eyes, sniffling. "Naruto-kun doesn't like my breasts."

"Your breasts are perfect!" he assured quickly, alarmed by her sudden shift in mood.

She lowered her hands a tad, peeping at him, like a spoil child. "D-Does Naruto-kun really think so?" Her tone was adorable, distracting...

"Definitely. I love your breasts, Hinata... only yours."

Her face heated, cheeks glowing as if they were smeared with lip-gloss. With ardent desire burning in her eyes, the princess rose to her feet and walked around the table to him. "I think we should make this oath more memorable." her voice was low and flat.

Without a word, she pinched the center of his shirt and led him toward the bed. The instant Naruto's shadow clone closed all the paper doors and dismissed himself — leaving them in the dim lighting — Hinata pushed the enthusiastic sage onto the bed. He sat upright at the edge, watching her.

In her trance, the impatient flower made haste to pull down his sweat pants and boxer in one fell motion, eagerly taking a hold of his vessel, stroking it awake. Naruto's toes curled at the girl's finesse, and he took his shirt off and chucked it behind him as sensual energy pooled in his loins.

Hinata couldn't get enough. Hours of anticipation, frustration, and sexual tension exploded inside her. The room suddenly charged with electricity, and muscles between her legs clenched for attention.

She popped him into her mouth, like a piece of candy, taking everything inside, marveling at the pace in which he grew with excitement. Naruto clutched her head and exclaimed beneath his breath as she lingered at his tip with wet tongue and lips.

Within mere seconds, he was full, throbbing vigorously in her hand. Hinata loved the combination of him and champagne in her mouth. She licked and sucked him thoroughly, putting to memory the unique taste — a recipe she would definitely try again soon.

Naruto watched her closely, his mouth hanging open, groaning as she knelt before him, having her way like a puppy that hadn't been weaned for far too long. He frowned in delight, clasping a fistful of her hair still, as if clinging on desperately to his own control.

As his excitement grew and overflowed, Naruto could feel a premature surrender looming behind the seconds. But before his celestial goddess could throw him over the razor's edge — she had gotten very good at that — he stood, his lean, veiny length flicking from her hand.

Hinata followed the irresistible treat with her eyes, obviously far from having enough. She pouted cutely when he pulled up his boxer, concealing himself. But before she could whimper — revealing the petulance in her tone — Naruto stepped out of his sweat pants, took her into his hands, and looked down into her needy eyes.

With an amorous moan he could not contain, he captured her mouth in a possessive kiss. When they were both panting with desire, he dipped his tongue inside her mouth, tasting the silent demand of her body. Hinata relished the soft cushion that was his lips against hers, and savored the taste of champagne on his tongue as it explored her mouth.

She shivered when he allowed his fingers to slide slowly down her forearms, and then gasped, as they ducked under her dress to squeeze her buttocks over thin undies. His hands were large and warm. Each time he squeezed her fanny, Hinata felt a coinciding contraction between her legs. Each convulsion had her losing a bit more control. Her body was hot! She couldn't subdue the flames! She suckled his lips, hard, moaning his name whenever she paused for a breath.

The princess fumbled about with her hands until she found him through his underwear. She couldn't help but dip her hand inside to hold the bear length of him. But Naruto didn't give her enough time to ruin him. He cupped the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head, stunning her for a moment. The sudden upheaval stirred the scent of her arousal, and he inhaled deeply, his body quaking violently as he exhaled her intoxicating perfume.

Somewhere, along her blazing desire, the chibi of her subconsciousness had seized back control from Chibi-G.

"You've been wanting me for a while now, haven't you?"

Hinata couldn't find her tongue, but she bit her lip, her eyes gleaming with a telling glow. She knew how much anything having to do with her lips affected him, and she watched the flickers of emotions play over his face.

Naruto's gaze was intense all of a sudden, all humor gone, and muscles deep inside her belly clenched abruptly. She tore her eyes away from his scrutiny and stared blindly down at her knotted fingers. She knew what his eyes foretold, and she would willingly submit to him. It's what she wanted.

Without a word, the amorous sage eased her onto the bed and got between her legs. Hinata couldn't find her breath. She reclined her head and closed her eyes tightly, her cheeks red from embarrassment. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears, but still she wanted to take him inside her mouth again. She trembled.

"Relax," Naruto whispered against her sensitive skin, initiating a chain of hot kisses down her tummy. "It's just you and me..."

"Na-Naruto-kun," she pronounced breathlessly. "Please don't tease me."

She squirmed beneath him, but still he proceeded with much deliberation, pressing lazy kisses around her navel. "I can't help it," he muttered, dipping his tongue inside the small crevice.

Giggling, Hinata sat upright with a jolt to hold his head. "That's ticklish," she protested innocently, her eyes settling back into fiery need. She could just bite him for this bittersweet torture.

Naruto grinned and slowly began to peel back her fancy underwear. He inhaled deeply as his fingers worked, and the princess slapped her hands over her eyes the moment the first strand of downy hair was revealed.

As Naruto's nose moved through the soft, slender field of pubic hair, Hinata was aware of that delicious current running right through her, lighting her up, making her blush. She was certain her erratic breathing was audible, and that made her blush deeper.

"Agh!" she heaved a shuttering gasp, her back arching off the bed as Naruto's finger slipped inside her steamy, slick passage.

He withdrew to test her thickness on his fingers, his throbbing length eager to penetrate, stretch, and fill. The enchanted prince was even more captivated when Hinata leaned forward and closed her mouth over his wet fingers. Her eyes were amorous, and he could feel his patience melting away before their intensity.

Naruto donned her underwear, his eyes resolute. "I don't feel like having you in a bed right this moment," he said vaguely, smiling.

He held her hand and led her through the doors and onto the beach. The day was just about over Hinata noted on a whim, her eyes focused on his broad back. The sand was cool beneath her feet, and she could feel the slippery moisture between her legs as she strode behind him for the open water. Soon his steely length would be coated with her nectar — that hard, lean muscle pushing deep pass sensitive boundaries.

The princess bit her lip, fighting the urge to pull him down on top of her within the sand, demanding that he had her there and then.

She shivered when the warm tides enveloped her overheating body, eventually from her tummy down. But nothing else mattered when she saw Naruto's arms fumbling below the waves, freeing what she had been aching to have — his knightly blade, which he would use to administer discipline, otherworldly pleasure and relief. For another time, he would make her fully aware to whom she belonged, every fiber and cell of her divine entity.

"I can't wait any longer," he muttered, his eyes smoldering.

Hinata's lips raced over his face and neck, when she felt his warm fingers shifting the fabric of her panties aside, removing the barrier that blocked the entrance to her marvelous realm. She heaved a broken gasp, clinging to him tightly as his hard tip pierced her tightness.

"Relax," he urged softly, lovingly, even as his large hands moved over smooth skin to cup her hindquarters. Then — before she could form a cohesive thought — he pulled her in, hard and sudden.

Hinata screamed in explosive delight as he plunged inside her private chambers, past her double-doors — penetrating, stretching, filling what he craved. She panted loudly in his ear, her lungs parched by their rising heat. Still she managed to breathe his name, praise him, demand more, and wish that this moment would never end.

The sky was of a warm hue — purple, pink, saffron, and gold — blending together and extending down to the infinite sea. Over the horizon, the retiring sun sat comfortably between two mountains of fluffy clouds. Colors glittered along the surface of the ripping water, wrapping Naruto and Hinata in a picturesque portrait.

He held her close against him — his treasure, his goddess, his better half — delving deep within her world. Gracefully, Hinata rose and fell in his strong arms, poetry in motion, and he watched as the twilight played in her eyes and upon her flushed cheeks.

Her breath was hot in his ear, short, neat nails digging into his defenseless back, and her free hand raked through his golden hair in a rush. In her eyes, it was obvious that she had fallen prisoner to her desire; she didn't resist. Nothing else mattered but the magic they evoked.

She screamed aloud and bit down into his neck as a fierce orgasm detonated in her loins, like a land mine. The sensation surfed on the waves of her nervous system, sending her body into a violent spasm of quakes.

Naruto groaned as her teeth sank deeper into his skin. And he held her fast against his chest as her body shuttered and shook out of control.

The couple felt like they were on the ocean floor — thousands of feet below the surface — gradually being crushed by the pressure of the sea that was desire. Each time Hinata sighed, it was like taking a long-deprived breath in a pocket of air. The sound was a gentle, slow, sweet, and sure assault on Naruto's aural senses. It empowered him, and his pace never slacked.

He guided her legs around his waist, cupping her buttocks still, and she flung her head back with a whimper as the remainder of his length and width eased within her constricting passage.

Naruto's breaths came fast and heavy as he stormed in and out of her, his eyes blazing, muscles rigid. Hinata's body still quaked. She couldn't catch her breath and still he held her hand, dragging her along the road of ecstasy to meet fulfillment.

The princess loved him — sky high, ocean deep, and she sought and found his tender lips in a salty kiss, moaning in her throat as his tongue skimmed moistly over hers. She began moving her hips in his hands, stimulating her breasts and nipples against his hard, damp chest. But it was exhausting. She allowed him to thrust again, reigniting the searing flames that flickered along the highly sensitive walls of her uterus.

"Naruto-kun!" she shouted when his thrusts accelerated to a telling pace.

He was almost there. His mouth hung open, his eyes glazed with sweet anticipation, and his shaft felt like heated steel on a smithy's forge, pulling deliciously against her soft, wet barriers.

Hinata reclined her head in a fury of swirling emotions, her hair swimming atop the water as Naruto's excitement ushered in another impending orgasm. The atmosphere intensified around them, and her body charged for another explosive meltdown.

"Hinata," he uttered, his voice strained."I'm about to—"

"Let's end together," she breathed happily.

Then her body exploded in a phenomenal eruption, triggering that of her prince. She lost her voice in the overwhelming shockwaves. Her body stiffened and jerked repeatedly in shock and delight, throwing her senses in disarray.

Naruto strapped his arms around her, and she clung to him in turn as their bodies fell prone to wave after wave of pleasure — a carnal rampage.

For a brief moment, they stood together, hand-in-hand atop the pinnacle of ecstasy. As a cool wind gusted through their hair, they exchanged a smile wrought of more words than they could form on their tongue. They knew the depths to which their love stemmed and their bond rooted. This was the physical embodiment of love...

The effects of his orgasm having ceased, Naruto held an unconscious Hinata in his arms, her sleek, jet-back hair hanging into the dark blue. He watched as the final ray of light from the setting sun lifted from her forehead. With a warm smile, he looked down onto her face for the longest while, wondering if they were together in her dreams.

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