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Note: So I know that the entries have been a bit more sophisticated than it would be if a kid was actually writing them. Unfortunately it has been a long time since I was 6. Though I’m glad it still seems to work and you guys find it cute. I’ll try to adjust the wording though.

Chapter 3

Dear Otousan,

I cleaned my room really good. Sasuke will be here soon. I'm so excited! Wait! Someone's at the door! I'll tell you about it later.

When Naruto gets into the entryway, Sasuke has just finished taking off his shoes and putting on the guest slippers. “Hi Sasuke-kun. Did your nii-san bring you?”

Sasuke nods and walks over, a blue bag on his back. “Hai. He has errands to do anyway.”

Naruto smiles and walks over. “I’m glad you came!”

The raven raises a brow, stopping in front of him. “You say that like I wouldn’t have.” Well when put like that it does sound silly. Though Naruto does notice a small blush appear, proving he actually is happy to hear that.

Deciding that it doesn’t really matter Naruto begins showing Sasuke around the house. He smiles once they get to his room, stepping to the side to let Sasuke in. “And this is my room!” He’s very proud of it since he got to decorate it himself! Well, Okaasan had done the painting but he got to choose the color.

Sasuke blinks as he looks around the bright room. He looks surprised at all the colors. “It’s a lot of orange in here.”

Naruto is a bit worried at that response. “Is…Is that bad?”

Luckily Sasuke shakes head. “No. Just a lot of orange.” He shrugs. “I like blue. My room has a lot of it.” He still doesn’t talk much but Naruto hopes that after this sleepover he’ll be more comfortable. The raven unzips his bag and pulls out a stuffed Tomato with a cute face on it.

Naru grinned. “That’s cute. Does it have a name?” It makes sense that Sasuke has a tomato plushie.

Sasuke nodded. “Mator. Itachi-niisan got it for my birthday two years ago.” He sets it on the bed before setting his bag down next to the desk.


Dear Otousan,

Yesterday was awesome! Sasuke’s doing morning stuff in the bathroom. We played outside and he told me about his aniki. Itachi-san sounds really nice. Then we ate and before we fell asleep he said he’ll be my friend! I decided he’ll be Chibi. It makes him blush. Though I had to promise not to say it at school. So there I’ll say Sasu-chan.

Sasuke stood in the middle of the room, looking a bit unsure. So Naruto jumped in. “Okaasan says we can play until dinner. She’ll make us sandwiches for lunch.”

Sasuke nodded. “So what can we play?”

Naruto grinned. “We have a swing in the backyard.” He figured since the other likes the swings at school he may like this too.

He got a nod and a small smile from that. “Okay.”

Naruto led him through the house, into the kitchen, and through the backdoor. The swing was rope and wood and hanging from a tree that is perfect to climb. “You first. Then we can switch.”

Sasuke got on with a little hop, his feet hanging above the ground. The blond went behind him and started pushing. After a few minutes they switched place. Sasuke’s voice was soft as he said, “…Don’t you want to do something else?” He sounded a bit off.

Naruto looked back with a curious gaze. “What do you mean?”

Sasuke shrugged but kept pushing. “All I want to do is swing…Don’t you think that’s boring?” Despite his expression being calm Naruto could tell this was actually important. He didn’t know why though.

So he smiled. “No, it’s fun. Besides, I don’t care what we do as long as we do it together.” He faced forward but not before seeing the happy look. They continued pushing each other until Kushina called them in for lunch.

Naruto noticed that Uchiha didn’t seem to want to talk around others. Just like at school. After they had their sandwiches they went back outside. Naruto led him back to the tree but this time he had a different idea. “How about this. Since we swung until lunch, how about we climb the tree and just talk until dinner!”

Sasuke looked at the tree, lightly biting his lower lip. “I’ve never climbed a tree…”

Naruto gasped before grinning wide. “I’ll teach you! Come here. You start with this low branch and then once comfortable on it you can decide if you want to go higher. I’ll be right here with you!” He saw the worried look. “I won’t let you fall. Believe it!”

That seemed to make Sasuke relax and after taking a deep breath he climbed up. He looked nervous but after a few moments of balancing his smile lit up Naruto’s world. “I did it.” He looked to the next branch and after a few moments of thought he carefully climbed to it.

Naruto was so happy he could help give the other the confidence he needed. “Great job! I’m coming up now too.” He climbed up to the same branch and sat next to him. Sasuke was lightly holding onto the trunk.

The raven smiled still. “Itachi-nii will be really proud.”

“Can you tell me about Itachi-san? You seem really close with him.” Naruto wanted to know all about him. That way when they become friends he can easily make him his best friend. Well…maybe tied with Gaara-chan. He’ll have to think about that at some other point.

Sasuke nodded. “Hai. Tachi-niisan is the best aniki ever.” His dark eyes began to shine a bit and his smile grew. “He’s always there for me and helps me. He got me the diary.” His smile slipped slightly as he remembered it. “He’s worried because I’m sad.”

Naruto gently placed a hand on Uchiha’s leg. “Well I’ll just have to make you happy.”

The boy again chewed his lip. “Is it because you want to be my friend?”

Naruto nodded but then shrugged. “Well yes. But even if you don’t want to be my friend, I still want you happy.” He loved the blush that filled pale cheeks. “I hope I can meet Itachi-san soon. He sounds amazing.”

They spent the rest of time before dinner chatting in the tree. Naruto was so thrilled that he was getting the shy boy to talk. It was more than they had ever done before. After some time they climbed down, (with Naruto helping Sasuke), and kicked a ball back and forth. Naruto missed quite a lot but Sasuke never teased him or was rude. Simply patient as Naruto had to get the ball yet again. “You’re really good at this Sasuke-kun!” Hmm…he really needs a nickname for the other.

Sasuke blushed at that with a small smile. “Aniki taught me.”

Dinner was a shock to the Uchiha, or at least it seemed like it. Kushina had made pasta with tomato sauce. “Naruto told me you like tomatoes, Sasuke-kun. So I made the sauce fresh. I hope you enjoy.”

Sasuke blushed yet again and bowed politely in thanks. Once again he was quiet but Naruto was okay with that. They ate dinner quietly but it was a happy quiet.

After dinner they played a board game until Kushina came in to tell them to get ready for bed and then go to sleep. They boys did so and soon they were in the bed under the covers. A soft orange nightlight allowing them to still see each other.

“I’ll do it.”

Naruto blinked and looked at the other, the soft statement having caught him off guard. “Do what?”

Sasuke chewed his lip and Naruto could imagine him blushing. “Be your friend. I’ll do it.”

The blond grinned wide and gave the hand he was holding a soft squeeze. “That’s awesome. And I think I know your nickname.” When the other boy raised a brow and made a soft sound, he continued. “I’m going to call you Chibi!”

Dark eyes widened and his mouth was slightly open. In other words, totally adorable. He then pouted and looked away. “Just don’t say it around others.”

That caused Naruto to giggle. “Okay. I’ll say Sasu-chan at school.”

They fell asleep holding hands and facing each other.


Dear Otousan,

Okaasan and I just took Chibi home. He has a big house! Oh yeah! I decided that Chibi is actually MY Sasuke because I want to always protect him.


Sasuke waves to Naruto and watches the car drive off. With a final wave he goes inside. “Tadaima!”

Itachi comes into the main hall. “Okaeri. Did you have fun?” He watches as Sasuke removes his shoes and puts on his house slippers.

Sasuke smiles wider than he has in a long time. “It was awesome nii-san. Naruto-kun has a swing in his backyard and we played on it. Then we kicked a ball and then we had pasta with fresh tomatoes.” He puffed out his chest in pride. “And I climbed a tree! Naru-kun helped me down but I climbed it up all by myself.”

This makes Itachi laugh with joy. “That’s awesome Sasuke. Good job.” He watches the younger’s face light up and can tell that means a lot to him.

“And…” A blush fills his cheeks. “I told Naru-kun that I’ll be his friend.”

Itachi smiles and kisses his head. “I’m so proud of you otouto. Such an amazing first sleep over.”

Sasuke giggles. “I’m going to tell Okaasan!” He runs upstairs and drops his bag by the bedroom door. He then quickly goes to his desk to start writing.


Dear Okaasan,

Naru-chan and I are now friends! It’s really cool. I wish you could meet him. He’s pretty and has the best smile. It makes me warm and not so sad.


Sasuke puts down his pen and closes the diary. He smiles softly before getting up. He pauses and tries to decide if he should put away his stuff now or later. “…later.” Right now he wants to be with Itachi. So he goes to his brother’s room first.

As usual the elder is studying. He looks up though when he hears Sasuke and smiles, turning in his chair. “Finished writing?”

Sasuke nods and goes over to the bed in order to flop on it. “Hai. Did Kakashi-sensei give you a lot of homework Friday?” Kakashi is the homeschool teacher that used to teach them both. Now, with Sasuke in public school, he merely teaches Itachi.

Itachi shakes his head once. “Iie. Just doing some extra. Did you want to talk?”

Sasuke hums. “Just want to be with you.” He looks over. “I want to teach Naru-kun how to kick a ball good. Can you show me how to teach someone?”

Itachi chuckles and stands. “Of course. Go get your ball and we’ll go in the backyard.”

The youngest Uchiha quickly jumps off the bed and runs to his room. He’ll show how thankful he is for the friendship by giving something back.


Dear Okaasan,

I talked to Naru-chan in front of his friends. Was kind of scary. But I want to teach him how to kick a ball right. ‘Tachi-nii showed me.

It was during break when Sasuke decided to just go for it. Itachi had showed him all day how to teach someone. So now Sasuke was standing a bit away from Naruto and his group of friends, holding a ball. So far no one had noticed him. He cleared his throat and that got their attention. He froze with wide eyes as all their eyes were on him. And not many seemed nice. Not quite mean, but not nice.

Naruto grinned though and that made everything better. “what’s up Sasu-chan? Want to swing again?” He then noticed the ball. “Oh. Want to play with that?”

Sasuke could only nod at first. But then he gathered all his courage. “Aniki showed me how to help you kick better.”

The girl with pink hair, “Sakura maybe?”, made an actual mean face. “that’s rude to think he can’t kick.”

Naruto shot her a look before rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. “Actually I do kinda suck at it. I’ll see you guys later!”

Sasuke felt so happy when Naruto immediately chose him over the others. He went with his new friend to a clear area and set the ball down. “Okay. So this is how you do it.”

Note: So I’m obviously using a few Japanese terms. Here’s a few translations just in case: iie = no. Hai = yes. Tadaima/Okaeri = greetings when coming home. Arigato = thank you. Hopefully I haven’t missed any of those words so far. If I have give me a notice and I’ll go fix them.

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