Dear Diary

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Note: So everyone. This one is a bit of a mix between present tense and past tense. I’m not going to really explain it right here but I will at the end note just in case I failed in my attempts. I hope this way of writing the story isn’t confusing.


Dear Diary

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, age six. Bright blonde hair that is always messy and sky-blue eyes that always shine. Sun kissed skin and the most joy filled smile ever. He has three whisker-like marks on each slightly chubby cheek, but mommy says they make him look like a fox. He loves foxes and mommy doesn’t lie. She says they were a present from her from when he was born. He loves them now.

His father Minato Namikaze died when Naruto was only two. He was driving home after work when his car was hit by a truck that ran a red light. He died instantly. It had been Naruto’s birthday. So now on his birthday they celebrate both Minato’s life as well as Naruto’s. Kushina refuses to let sorrow to take her boy’s smile. When he was four he began to smile less and would talk to his stuffed animals more instead of her, starting to keep to himself. It was a bit worrying at first but soon Kushina decided to give him another outlet. A diary to talk to Minato if he wants. Naruto started with just pictures, but as his writing in school got better he began doing more and more entries. And now that smile is back in full bloom.


“Okaasan! I gotta go to class. No more hugs.” Naruto squirms out of his mother’s grip. He doesn’t want to be late and get in trouble. Iruka-Sensei can be scary sometimes.

Kushina Uzumaki is his mother. She has wild fiery hair and sharp eyes that can either scare or calm, depending on her mood. She is fiercely protective over her son. Luckily, everyone seems to love him. Of course they do. Who could look at his bright smile and say no? No one, that’s who. So, her little Naru quickly became the most popular in his class.

Kushina smiles and lets her son go. “Of course sweetie. Love you! Have a good day.” Once she sees Naruto go in, she pulls away.


Dear Otousan,

There’s a new kid in my class and he’s pretty but also seems sad. He’s really quiet too. His name is Uchiha, Sasuke and he sits next to me! He’s going to be my best friend. Believe it!


Naruto looked up from his book as a new boy was led in, a soft gasp leaving at the beauty of him. The boy had extremely pale skin, even more so than Gaara-chan. He had raven hair in a spikey fashion and dark sad eyes. The blonde frowned. ‘Why is he sad?’ He’s hiding it well, but Naruto can see. A surge of protective desire shot through his small body over the boy that looked so fragile standing there.

Iruka-Sensei cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. “Everyone. This is your new classmate.” He put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. Naruto noticed the small flinch as if the boy had expected pain. “Go ahead and introduce yourself.”

The boy stayed quiet for a minute, almost like he didn’t want to say it. Finally, his voice came out. “My name is Uchiha, Sasuke. Thank you for welcoming me.” He did a polite bow before standing quietly again. His voice was proper but there was something there. And his bow was stiff as if he’s only doing it because it’s proper and expected. As if he’s hiding himself.

Naruto’s always been able to read people. Mommy said it’s a gift from his father who could do the same.

Iruka smiled when the class all welcomed Sasuke and looked for an empty desk. He saw the open desk next to Naruto. Perfect. The blonde would definitely help make Uchiha feel welcome. “Naruto-kun.”

Naruto stood and raised his hand. “Hai!” He felt excitement at getting to be next to the new student.

Sasuke figured it out and walked over to the empty desk. He sat down at the same time as Naruto.

“I’m Uzumaki, Naruto!” Silence was the answer as the raven pulled his school materials out of his bag. Naruto knew what he needed to do. He needed to make this boy smile. Yes!


Dear Otousan,

At lunch I sat next to Uchiha-kun. I could tell he was surprised and also annoyed. He was eating tomatoes from a fancy bento. I asked if he wanted to be friends. He didn’t answer but that means he didn’t say no! I’ll win him over!


Naruto didn’t know why but it seemed like a lot of his classmates didn’t like Sasuke. They did at first but now they all say that he’s cold and rude. Naruto didn’t get it. So, he decided that today he would do it. It had been three days since Uchiha-kun got there and he still had no friends.

The blonde took his tray of food, including ramen, and headed to a certain table. A table that contained only one person. He set his tray next to Uchiha and sat down. Immediately he could see the boy tense up. Sasuke was obviously shocked someone was sitting next to him, but he soon forced himself to calm down.

Naruto saw that he was eating tomato salad out of a fancy bento box. There were a lot of tomatoes too. “You like tomatoes?”

There was no answer. Just quiet chewing.

“I guess you do since you’re eating it. I like ramen. Actually, I love it!” Naruto smiled when he saw the boy’s eye twitch. ‘So, he does have other emotions. That means he has happiness too.’ But Naruto could also tell that the boy wanted quiet. So, he started eating without further talk. Soon Sasuke relaxed all the way, and the blonde knew he picked the right thing to do.

When they were almost done, Naruto said softly. “Uchiha-kun? Um…do…do you wanna be my friend?”

Silence once again. Then Sasuke stood up with his bento and walked away.

Naruto grinned wide. ‘He didn’t say no! I can do this.’ Determination filled his young soul.


It has been a week since Naruto approached Uchiha-kun. During the week, Naruto sits next to him every day during lunch. Sasuke never says anything at first, but that’s okay because the blonde says plenty. After two days of silence, Sasuke starts grunting a few times. Then two days later he actually replies to Naruto. Well kind of.

“Sasuke-kun. I can tell you’re really smart. You always get Iruka-Sensei’s questions right. I bet you’re just naturally smart and don’t even need to study.” Sasuke doesn’t seem to mind when Naru uses his first name or when he rambles. Which definitely means they are getting closer!

After a few seconds, the other boy says, “Hn.”


Dear Otousan,

I spend all of my lunches with Uchiha-kun now. My other friends ask why since he doesn’t seem to like me. I know Sasuke-kun wants this, he’s just scared. I want to know Sasuke-kun, but I need him to talk to me. What can I say?


After spending another lunch sitting with Sasuke, Naruto was playing with his friends during their break.

“Why do you sit with him Naru-kun?” Inuzuka, Kiba asked. Kiba’s puppy was Akamaru and he’s been in trouble before for sneaking the dog into school. He had messy brown hair and dark eyes. Naruto thought he kind of acted like a dog himself. Easily excited and always in your business.

Naruto frowned. “Because everyone needs a friend. No one should be alone.”

“He doesn’t want anyone around. That’s obvious.” That was Nara, Shikamaru. Shika-kun was really smart but also sleepy and lazy. His brown hair was about to his chin when down. Currently it was in a high ponytail.

“Too bad, ‘cause he’s really cute.” That’s Haruno, Sakura. She had very light red hair. So light that it almost looked pink. Sometimes she could be mean though.

Naruto sent her a look. “It doesn’t matter that he’s cute or not. Everyone gets to be happy.” Sakura blushed and nodded in agreement. “And he just wants the right person.”

“So why don’t you go play with him now?” Subaku, Gaara says. Naruto’s oldest friend and also really quiet. Gaara-chan’s dad was mean so now he lived with his uncle Sasori-sama, and his two siblings Kankuro-san and Temari-san.

Gaara reminded Naruto of a panda. A strawberry panda. The boy had bright red hair, sea foam green eyes, and really dark marks around his eyes. Gaara-chan didn’t sleep much.

Naruto shrugged and looked away. “I’m thinking of how to ask him.” His eyes go to Sasuke-kun sitting alone on the swings. He would do it though, and soon. ‘I just need to know the perfect thing to say to get Uchiha-kun to talk back.’


Kushina glances at the unusually quiet blond as they slow at a stop sign. She’d just picked him up from school. “Naru? Is everything okay?”

Naruto blinks and looks up. “Huh?” A blush fills his cheeks. “Gomen Okaasan. I’m trying to decide how to talk to the new boy to get him to play with me.” He pouts. “Sasuke-kun is always on the swings alone. He looks sad and I want to make him smile.”

Kushina chuckles. Her boy is a true angel, wanting to save all those in need. It’s beautiful. “Well since he seems to like the swings, how about you ask if you can push him?”

Blue eyes widen as he gasps. “Perfect! Swings are more fun with friends.”


Dear Otousan,

He talked to me! I went up to him on the swing and asked if I could push him. He said, “Whatever, dobe.” Which is kind of mean but I think that’s just his nickname for me! I’ll have to think of one for him too. He also misses his Okaasan so I told him of this diary! Maybe he can try it too.


Naruto took a deep breath. “Here we go.” With one more gulp of courage he walked over to the swings and stood in front of Uchiha.

Sasuke was just sitting on the swing and not really moving. After a few seconds he looked up. He raised a brow in question. “Hn?”

Naruto smiled with hands clasped behind his back. “I was wondering if I can push you, Sasuke-kun. It’s more fun with two.” He then bowed politely and waited.

Sasuke was quiet long enough to worry the blonde before he cleared his throat. When Naruto looked up with excited eyes he said in a soft voice, “Whatever Dobe.” He had a very light blush which Naruto found adorable.

Naruto grinned and went behind Sasuke, gently pushing him. “Thanks! I wanted to play with you for a while. Didn’t know how. So I asked Okaasan and she said to play on the swings.”

“Okaasan used to push me…” Sasuke’s voice was hesitant and vulnerable.

Naruto recognized the pain immediately and started to see why Sasuke is so sad. “My Otousan is gone too…” He continued to gently push him in silence, trying to think of something to say that would help. “I tell him things through my diary.”

Sasuke glanced back with a frown. “Diary?”

Naruto smiled more at getting him to talk. “It sounds girly but it’s not. Okaasan promised.”

“Hn…” Sasuke nodded in agreement of mothers being right. “Does it help?” He was trying to hide it but Naruto could tell there was hope in that question.

“Hai. I mean, he doesn’t talk back but I know it reaches him.” An idea suddenly came to him. “Maybe you can try writing to your Okaasan.” A simple ‘hn’ was given which meant Sasuke would think about it. The rest of their playtime was spent in a comfortable silence, only broken by the bell to go back in.


Dear Otousan,

Sasuke pushed me on the swings! He was waiting by them for me. We’ll be friends soon, I’m sure. I still don’t know his nickname. He doesn't talk much but even a little is okay. I want to make him smile. He’s gonna talk to his Okaasan like I do to you.


One day during break, about three weeks after the raven got there, Naruto came out to see Sasuke already waiting by the swings. So he ran over grinning. “Want me to push you?”

Then an amazing thing happens. Sasuke shook his head and gestured to the swing. “I’ll push you today.”

Naruto got even more excited. “Really?”

The raven rolled his eyes. “Dobe, I just said so.”

He sat down and smiled as he felt Uchiha giving him small pushes. “Are you gonna use a diary?”

Sasuke was quiet for a bit as he usually was when asked a question. He seemed to always think of what he’s about to say. “Nii-san said I should. He’s getting me one today.”

Naruto glanced back at that. “I tell Otousan about you a lot.” He enjoyed seeing the blush on soft pale cheeks.

“…Really?” Sasuke’s voice was soft and possibly hesitant.

The blond nodded with a gentle smile. “So…will you tell your Okaasan about me?”

Sasuke was quiet for a few moments, blush deepening until he looked away. “I guess…”

Naruto grinned happily. “Cool! You know, I still want to be your friend.” He looked forward. A soft, “I know,” was the reply from Uchiha. He took that as a positive sign.


Note: Hey! So I hoped you liked how I did this. All the present tense stuff is what is happening outside the diary entry. The past tense is the diary entry in detail, aka how it actually went. This chapter is short as I was feeling out whether you guys would want this. All the reviews have been positive so now going to focus on the second chapter. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this first chapter!

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