Naruto discovers his true self

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Thinking about it long and hard Naruto decided to just say screw it!

If wearing women’s clothes made him happy then why the hell should he stop. Of course, it was only to be done in the privacy of his own home… not that he was afraid or anything like that! He’s been a social outcast since birth! It’s not like this would affect his social status all that much. It’s just that he didn’t want to change the way his friends acted around him. Naruto knows that they weren’t shallow enough to abandon their friendship over something as stupid as his fashion choices… but it would definitely make things awkward.

He did however wear them freely under the confines of his newly bought orange jumpsuits.

Even when going out on missions or hanging with friends, Naruto wore women’s undergarments. Just the thought of getting publicly exposed gave Naruto such a thrill that he made it a point to always wear only the raunchiest and most provocative linger imaginable. Though this required Naruto to start using a chastity belt to prevent himself from showing off his boner…

As the months passed by Naruto’s passion for women’s clothes twisted into something more powerful. Learning to do everything from moisturizing, shaving, and putting on make-up, Naruto felt an undying urge to do it. He didn’t know why he craved to do girly things and was too embarrassed to ask anybody about it, so Naruto did what he never thought he would ever do in his lifetime…go to the library.

After doing a bit of research Naruto learned that he is either a transvestite or a buddying transexual. That brought him some sort of comfort, knowing that it wasn’t some creepy thing that solely he did, but that there were others out there who felt the same urges.

But as he dug deeper Naruto sadly noted that if nothing was done eventually, he would slowly become more and more masculine, gaining bulkier muscles and growing facial hair…. that deeply upset him. Naruto loved being feminine! In order to prevent this from happening Naruto, under the guise of henge, found a clinic outside the village willing to sell him testosterone blockers and female hormones.

What he didn’t expect was for them to work so damn well…..

He didn’t know if it was the result of the kyuubi’s influence or if the medication was just that good… but after coming back from his training trip Naruto sported a beautiful pair of DD cup sized breast, as well as developing a sexy plump ass.

But not all changes were welcome.

As an unpleasant side effect, the size of his family jewels shrank dramatically. Now, instead of what once was a respectable 6 inches Naruto’s dick shriveled up into what could only be described as a micro-penis, measuring around half an inch soft and 2 inches when hard.

This will drastically limit his future love life…. Naruto held no delusion that he could possibly satisfy a girl with such a pathetic excuse for a penis…

It was also a huge hassle to hide his new ‘assets’ from pervy sage, yet by some miracle Naruto succeeded. Using a combination of the standard kunoichi chest binders and wearing baggy clothes, Naruto was able to hide his changes.

Though there were plenty of close calls Naruto was left completely astounded at how durable his jumpsuit was. How it held up after fighting an entire war, withstanding the assault of opponents like Madara, Kaguya, and Sasuke is a complete mystery.

Tsunade on the other hand is the only one who ever found out.

Losing his arm in his final clash with Sasuke really screwed him over. The procedure to treat his arm required him to be stripped nude, but not wanting to expose his secret Naruto tried to make a break for it, unsuccessfully that is.

No amount of protest could stop a worried Tsunade from treating him. The Hokage then proceeded to knock Naruto unconscious and strip him, and when he came to they had a very awkward conversation. Thankfully all she cared about was that he was happy with his new body…but she did severely scold him for not trusting her.

Anyways, after the new arm was fully functional Kurama did Naruto a solid and grew new skin over the prosthetic, making it look like he never lost it in the first place.

Being grateful Naruto, despite everybody’s protest released Kurama.

That the fox had suffered quite enough and after helping to save the entire world he more than earned his freedom in Naruto’s book. Though releasing the fox was not a completely selfless act on Naruto’s part.

Naruto no longer being a jinchurriki meant there is no legal way to prevent him from turning in his headband and resigned from the shinobi force.

Naruto already gained his villages’ respect like he originally wanted so becoming the Hokage is no longer necessary, and to be frankly honest Naruto just wasn’t suited for the job. He knew squat about politics, and there is no way in hell he’s crazy enough to waste the rest of his life behind a desk doing nothing but paperwork all day.

So, bidding his friends a tearful goodbye Naruto left the village to start his new life.

Two weeks later

Covering his tracks Naruto traveled far away from the 5 great shinobi villages where he would instantly be recognized. Using sage mode Naruto found himself on the outskirts of a densely populated village where he sensed only a handful of shinobi around, and initiated his plan, living full time as a girl.

Seeing no one in the immediate vicinity Naruto quickly stripped naked and ripped off the chest binders, freeing his now huge EE-Cup breast from their prison and proceeded to burn everything that he no longer needed, which included all his old boy clothes. Releasing his hair from its man-bun it flowed down to his mid-back, Naruto then used a jutsu to permanently dye it into the same beautiful shade of red as his mother’s.

Naruto then created a shadow clone and unsealed a bag of supplies in order to change into his new persona, Ezra Scarlet.

Putting on her new clothes Ezra was pleased with her new appearance.

Now standing in a short black mini-dress barely able to contain those big breasts, wearing sexy ripped stockings along with black linger underneath and matching 4-inch-high heels. Ezra then covered her now faded whisker marks with make-up, while also putting on cherry red lipstick and thick blue eyeshadow. Overall, Ezra made a sexy bombshell of a woman, if not a little slutty. The only way a person could possibly tell she wasn’t a real woman was by pulling down her panties in order to see her tiny shriveled-up penis.   

“One last thing to do.” muttered Ezra, drawing a seal on her stomach before speeding through some handsigns, “Seal!” With that done her chakra pathways were permanently sealed, meaning that Ezra by all accounts was now a defenseless civilian.


“MMMmmm….OOOHHH” came a sensual muffled moan.

In a seedy brothel we could see Ezra wearing nothing but a pink dog collar and a red ball gag, kneeling on the floor as she got fucked doggy style in the ass by a particularly hung man. Groaning in pleasure as the man drilled into her loose asshole, using one hand to pinch and massage her breast while using the other to smack around her pathetic penis. Pumping his cock erratically into her until he finally with one last plunge the man came deep into her ass, this action caused Ezra to also reach peak orgasm, squirting an absurd amount of cum into a puddle on the floor.

In an act of dominance, the man ripped off the gag and pushed her head down right into the cum puddle demanding for her to lick it, which she eagerly did. Once the floor was sparkling clean the man dropped a few bucks on the floor and left without another word.

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