Naruto discovers his true self

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Naruto stared blankly at the smoking remains.

All his personal items such as clothes, ramen, and his whole entire life savings…. gone! Burnt to a crisp! Naruto sorely regretted hiding his money in the mattress instead of putting it in a bank like a normal person….

Apparently when Naruto was out on a mission one of the residents of his apartment complex accidentally tripped and knocked over a lit candle.… and before anyone knew it the fire spread rapidly, engulfing the entire building in flames. Miraculously no one died thanks to a group of nearby chunin acting swiftly, putting it out using water jutsu….

The whole situation made Naruto want to curl up into a ball and cry.

He was now dirt poor and homeless to boot… or he would have been if granny Tsunade hadn’t forked over part of his inheritance. And oh boy, to say Naruto was pissed off would certainly be a huge understatement… but he quickly got over it once the Hokage gave many legit reasons why no one had ever told him about his badass parents.

While it was awesome that they were world-renowned shinobi Naruto would rather not have to deal with the constant assassination attempts that are sure to follow if it was revealed. Naruto knew very well that his younger self was a huge blabber mouth and would be incapable of keeping himself from bragging about something as cool as this.

The old hag then proceeded to offer him a week off to properly digest this information, along with handing him the keys to his new place. It was a small but cozy-looking home on the outskirts of the village…a home that Naruto was supposed to originally grow up in with his parents...

With the help of shadow clones Naruto spent the entire day cleaning and scouring through his parents’ belongings, hoping to find a journal or something to help him learn more about them only to be met with crushing disappointment. The old hag did say that some items were deemed too dangerous to leave lying around for security reasons, so they were either destroyed or are currently being withheld from him until he reached jounin… which sucks major balls but at least he’ll get them eventually.

“I’ll just ask pervy sage about them when he comes back.” Naruto sighed dejectedly, turning in for the night.

Next Morning

Waking up with a yawn, Naruto headed down to the kitchen ready to cook up something to eat…only to quickly realize that whatever food stored here was most likely way past their expiration date. Disappointed and hungry Naruto stomped over into the shower as his mind began to wander… imagining what life would be like if they were still around. Would they love ramen just as much as him… perhaps they would have given him a little brother or sister to play with...

 “sniff…” Naruto sobbed quietly to himself, getting out of the shower and drying off. “Fuck! ” Naruto cursed in irritation, noticing that he didn’t have a clean set of clothes to change into. They all burned along with his apartment… and the ones he wore yesterday are covered in dirt and grime from cleaning. “…I guess I can borrow some of dad’s clothes until I go shopping” mumbled Naruto sullenly, mourning over his favorite orange jumpsuits demise.

Walking to their bedroom butt naked Naruto riffled through their drawers in search of underwear only to stop once he came across a pair of his mother’s red panties. They felt extremely soft to the touch, much more so than the boxers he usually wears. As he went to put them back Naruto hesitated for a moment… glancing down at them nervously a crazy idea flashed through his mind.

“…It wouldn’t do any harm if I tried it on once just to see what it’s like... technically speaking they belong to me, so it’s not perverted…” Naruto defended to himself, as a memory of a femininely dressed Haku popped into his mind.

Making sure that his doors and windows were locked, Naruto took a deep breath as slipped on the panties. “AAhhhh…” Naruto groaned in pleasant surprise, the silky-smooth panties electing a spike of pleasure as they rubbed gently against his cock. Resisting the urge to touch himself Nauto looked down in surprise to see a small bulge growing out from under the panties, precum dribbling from his engorged penis creating a wet spot in them.

Naruto’s face turned bright red, feeling a weird combination of both shame and excitement. “…I already came this far, so why not go all out.” Reasoned Naruto barely contained excitement as he picked up a matching red bra.

Using a clone to help him strap the bra on, Naruto stuffed it with toilet paper in order to give the allusion of cleavage. Then taking aspiration from his mother’s photo Naruto grabbed a familiar white sleeveless blouse and a green maternity dress, along with a pair of green heels. Putting them on Naruto felt a rush like no other.

Wobbling unsteadily in the heels Naruto stalked towards the mirror, wanting to check out his new appearance. Starring dazedly in the reflection Naruto squirming in delight as a euphoric feeling engulfed his entire body.

Ignoring his short hair, Naruto discovered that he had the figure to easily pass as a convincing girl.

 It was hard to describe it in mere words… the magical sensation of her clothes caressing against his skin almost made him cum right then and there! For the first time in his life Naruto could say he genuinely felt happy. It was strange, Naruto never got this excited while using his sexy jutsu so why should wearing a few pieces of clothing elect such a strong response? Not even a life-time supply of free ramen could compare to the joy he felt in this very moment. Who knew wearing his mother's clothes would make him feel….what’s the word…. complete.

“mmnnn, ohh” Naruto gasped out in pleasure.

Unable to resist the urge any longer Naruto reached down and started to furiously rub his rock-hard cock through his mother’s dress. Jolts of pleasure struck through his spine as Naruto thrust his hips wildly, grunting like a bitch in heat. “OOOOHHHH” moaning loudly Naruto dropped to his knees and orgasmed, quaking intensely as he squirted an obscene amount of cum into the panties, completely drenching them and staining the dress. Overflowing the cum slowly dripped down his legs into a small puddle on the floor.   

As he regained his bearings Naruto cringed in revulsion, looking down at the mess he made in great shame.

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