Naruto and Hinata's first time

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As Naruto made his way through the streets, he had a big wide grin on his face. He was so proud of himself, as he grinned ear to ear. Onlookers were a little weary of this teenage boy walking through the street with just a big grin on his face, they found it a little creepy. Naruto didn't care though, as they muttered amongst yeah other, he had a girlfriend! She even LIKED him! All the years he spent fighting over Sakura with Sasuke and Hinata was there, all along! The things she had done to him he still couldn't believe. She saw him naked, and did things he never thought someone would want to. Girls used to find him repulsive, but apparently not her.

He strided up to Konoha headquarters, making his way to Tsunade's office. He figured he should pop in to let her know he was back from his training, he was kind of itching for some missions to test out his new skills. Granny Tsunade had always been somewhat dismissive of Naruto, but he had hoped that given the time he had been away, that might have changed.

The halls were all the same at least, so he knew exactly where she would be, at the top room of the main building of the village. As he opened the door, he could see the usual mountain of paperwork on a large desk at the center of the room. He could just make out Tsunade between the piles, sipping on a mug of coffee. The ever present Shizune standing at her side.

“Hey! Granny Tsunade! I'm back!”

“Ah, Naruto, you have returned, huh?” Tsunade stood up from her desk to greet the young Shinobi.

“Welcome back Naruto” Shizune said.

“Oh hi Shizune! Long time no see!” Naruto replied.

The three talked together discussing, Tsunade sitting back down, the others choosing to remain standing. They talked about old times, and then quickly moved onto current times.

“It seems only yesterday you left us Naruto” Tsunade said, “I'm surprised you're back so soon.”

“Yep! And I got heaps to tell you Granny, I suppose you have a bunch of stuff to tell me too?”

Tsunade took another sip of her coffee, taking a moment to answer. How much should she tell Naruto about what was going on, she wondered? Naruto was the village's greatest asset, and it was very dangerous him being back at this time. She decided not to stress him with how hard Atutski had been hunting down the various junikin lately.

“Hmm, not really,” she lied. “Not a lot has changed around here, to be honest. People have grown older perhaps, may of your friends have found their own part in the village.”

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. Where is everyone?” Naruto asked, “I have barely seen anyone I know since I got back?”

“Well we've actually been fairly quiet around here lately. I sent most of your friends off for a bit of a break. Sakura is around somewhere though, I am not sure where. How did your training with Jiraya go?”

“Oh, there was so much training, granny. Jiraya taught me so much! I'm way faster and way stronger now! You should see!”

“I think you will find many of your friends are a lot stronger too, Naruto. Sakura too.”

“Yeah, but I bet not as strong as me though! AND, I'm no longer a virgin!” Naruto boasted.

PFFFFTT! Tsunade immediately spit her current mouthful of coffee all over her desk.

“WHAT?!” she shouted.

“Yep!” Naruto confirmed puffing out his chest. “I'm no longer a virgin. I met someone, and she is the best thing to happen to me in....ever!”

“You?!” Tsunade replied, “What poor girl would want to do 'THAT' with you?!”

Poor Naruto didn't realize what he had done so far with Hinata wasn't exactly losing his virginity, but in his naivety he didn't know that. Tsunade or Shizune had no idea what he was actually referring to.

“Are you sure it wasn't a dream, Naruto?” Shizune asked, in a bit of disbelief herself.

“It's true! SHE even came to ME!”

“Was she drugged?” Tsunade chuckled.


“Well then, who was it?”

“You don't even believe me, do you?” Naruto grumbled.

“Are you sure she wasn't blind or something,” Shizune asked, now getting in on the fun.

“Or” Tsunade retorted “Maybe it was a sexy looking tree?”

Both were laughing now at Naruto's expense, taking shots at Naruto. Both firing one liners left and right as they tried to one up themselves.

You sure you weren't just doing a sexy-jujitsu with yourself?! Ahahahah!

Maybe he saw a cat! A fox smitten by a kitten?! Ahaha!

Why would anyone want to do that to someone like Naruto?! Can you imagine?!

You sure Itachi didn't catch you in Genjitsu?

Tsunade and Shizune were laughing louder and louder. Both were laughing uncontrollably as Naruto shouted at them that it was true. He felt so small again, these two adults laughing at him, Shizune too? Tsunade especially was in hysterics, jabbering about how on earth some poor girl would get roped into doing it.

They were joking so much, hurting Naruto. He even started to think to himself if he had imagined it all given how much they were ribbing at him

“Damn it Granny! You're always so mean to me! Why can't you treat me like you do everyone else!”

“Ahaahaha, Naruto.... a v....AHAHAHA”

Naruto's ears burned red. “I don't care what you think, I dunno why I even told you!”

With that, Naruto stormed out, slamming the door behind him. He could still hear the two behind him cackling away. He thumped his way back down the hallway away. Screw them, he thought! Two years later and they still treated him like a troublesome little kid! He wasn't a kid any more damn it, he was nearly a man!

Getting back outside, he stormed through the streets. His previously happy and vibrant nature, long gone. His goofy smile replaced with a glare. He would go back to Hinata's he thought. He had doubt thanks to those two, he had to know if it wasn't just some kind of cruel joke. Now he thought about it, it all seemed so out of place. Had he really changed that much? He had a different jacket, sure, but he was still the same guy. Maybe it was all his imagination after all.

It was starting to get late when he knocked on Hinata's apartment door. Hinata answered the door in just a towel, not too dissimilar to the one Naruto had been wearing a little earlier. However, on her shorter frame, it covered her chest completely, and down halfway to her knees.

“Oh…hello Naruto. I wasn't expecting you so back so soon?”

“Yeah sorry Hinata. Can I come in?” Naruto asked, noticing his female friend barely dressed.

“Oh yes of course, come…sorry I was just getting out of the bath.”

They entered her lounge once more. Hinata shut the door and turned to Naruto, seeing in his face that something was bothering him. His happy nature was all but gone. She was staring up at what was almost a frown on Naruto's face.

“Oh…Naruto. What is wrong? You look upset?”

“Hinata. Is this real? You do like me, right?”

“Oh, of course I do Naruto” Hinata pulled Naruto close, going up on her tip toes to kiss Naruto lightly on the cheek. She embraced him in a big hug, holding him around the waist. “What happened?”

The smell of Hinata's freshly washed hair, and the shampoo which lingered in her damn hair, tickling his face. It felt like home somehow. Naruto felt a little more relaxed back in her arms.

“Oh nothing…just. The usual.“ Naruto answered glumly. “They still treat me like I'm a kid. They think I am a freak.”

“Oh Naruto … I'm so sorry to hear that…some people can be so stubborn. I guess some people just don't think of you the same as I do.”

“You don't think I am a freak, do you?”

“Of course not, Naruto. You're my world.”

Hinata, pushed her hands inside Naruto's jacket to loosen and take it off, getting him more comfortable. He still stood in a Jet black t shirt and his orange pants, while Hinata stood in front of him in just a towel.

“It's just...the things they said. It made me think…this isn't all some kind of joke, is it? You do like me, right?”

“I love everything about you, Naruto. I love that you're kind, and you never give up. You believe in your friends, and even though some people treat you unfairly, you still care for them. Plus, I love your cute little whiskers you have.

“I guess…” Naruto replied.

Hinata pulled back from their hug, and poked a finger into his T-shirt where his belly button would be. “Do you really think I would have done what I did to you earlier if I didn't mean it?

She wiggled it a bit into the indent, then brought her finger to her mouth to suck on it to remind him. “I helped with you clean up too, remember?”

“That's true. But then why didn't Tsunade and Shizune believe me when I told them I wasn't a virgin anymore…they just laughed at me…”

“Um, virgin?... What do you mean?” Hinata asked, now a little confused.

“Well, you touched me, right?”

“Well…yes… I did touch you Naruto…but that isn't what losing your virginity means …” Hinata replied, smiling lightly. As much as she loved Naruto, he could still be a little dumb at times. But that was just another part of him she loved so much.

“Wait…it's not?” Naruto blinked, also now confused.

Hinata stretched up, kissing Naruto harder on his lips this time, lingering this time in each others space.

“No silly. We didn't have sex really… I just gave you a …helping hand.”

“Oh man!... Why am I such an idiot?”

Hinata chuckled. “Well, Naruto… now you're here…we could fix that…if you want” Hinata opened her eyes mid-kiss, looking at Naruto dead in the eyes, from mere inches away.

“You mean…?” Naruto's eyes bulged. For the first time he could remember in a while, he was speechless.

“Well, you got some more juice in the tank?” Hinata winked, cupping Naruto's bulge gently on the front of his pants.


Hinata took Naruto's hands in hers, pulling him to her bedroom. They shuffled back together into the next room until the back of her legs bumped into her bed mattress.

Once there, Hinata stood in front of Naruto as she placed her hand at the top of her towel at the knot.

“So...You wanna see me Naruto?”

Naruto just shook his head. Hinata pulled the knot and towel aside, letting it fall. Naruto yelped, quickly covering his face with his hands.

“What's wrong Naruto?” Hinata asked, as she stood completely naked before him.

“I... I...might get in trouble. I used to get in trouble a bunch back in the academy peeking at girls, I know it isn't right!”

“But Naruto... I want you to look”

“I shouldn't, they taught me not to!”

“Please look Naruto” Hinata asked, peeling Naruto's fingers from his face. “I saw you, remember? I want you to see me.”

With Naruto's fingers now crooked apart, he opened a single eye to look at Hinata. First at her face, then down across her body. Naruto had never seen a girl in full like this. Previously they had only been in brief glimpses, followed by a shriek and a lot of running. His mouth gaped open as he took her all in.

Her breasts were round, full, young, her nipples small, pink and delicate. Naruto had never seen a pair in the flesh before, presented for him to just gawk at like this. Something which was forbidden he now gazed upon freely, her nudity and her nakedness. It was like they were swaying slightly. He traced her curves with his eyes from her shoulders, down flawlessly to her chest, her hips and her waist, all the way down. He noticed she was completely shaven too, her slit was bare, disappearing between her legs.

“Whoa....” was all Naruto managed.

Hinata pressed herself back up against Naruto again, he flinched slightly, not used to feeling a girl's naked skin up close. Hinata could feel Naruto was already growing hard underneath his orange clothes. “Please Naruto..." She whispered, “come... I need you.”

Hinata held onto Naruto's shoulders and then fell backwards onto the bed, taking him back down with her. She was on her back, with Naruto laying over top of her. Hinata gasped as she found herself almost smothered in the warm blanket of Naruto.

“Hinata is this all real?” Naruto asked, staring down at her.

“ is all real Naruto. I am real, and so are you.”

Naruto leaned down and placed his lips against hers. They opened their mouths, and kissed deeply, inhaling sharply as they came together. Naruto tentatively placed a hand on her bare bosom. His first he had ever touched. He couldn't believe how soft it was, how his hand melted into her skin. Hinata whimpered as her man touched her intimately.

Naruto stripped off his black T, then returned, pressing his torso against hers. Their body heat intertwined as they heaved together, rubbing against the other. Her body felt hot against his. His body felt hard, and masculine against hers. She returned a hand, taking a hand of his pecs. She could feel Naruto's hard cock, still confined in his pants, pressed against her leg.

“Take it out, Naruto... I know you want to...”

Naruto pulled his pants and boxers down. She had seen his dick before, it almost felt...normal...for him to get it out again. His cock was already aching and rock hard, flat against his belly. Hinata bit her lip as she looked at his tool, then back at Naruto, his cheeky grin returning as he noticed her checking him out. Their bodies came together once more. She could feel his cock, it was like fire, rubbing, wedged between their bodies.

They looked into one anothers eyes. As real as it was, it still felt like a dream. Naruto experiencing a girl's body for his first time as she moaned and writhed beneath him. She was soft and smooth, and he could feel his dick rubbing her between her legs, almost stalking. He was careful though, a couple of times he felt it bump into her thighs, and he wasn't sure. Hinata was in bliss too, finally having the boy of her dreams panting above her, his body, and his sex, just inches away. She reached down and toyed with her clitoris as Naruto panted above her.

“Please...” Hinata gasped. “Put it in Naruto...”

“I don't know if I can Hinata....what if I do it...wrong or something...”

“I'll show you...just... I need it inside me, Naruto. Put it in me.” Hinata begged.

Naruto decided to go for it. Taking his penis in his hand, he angled himself at the crease between her legs, pressing his mushroom head against the gap.

“Lower Naruto...down here...” Hinata said, taking Naruto's hand, guiding him to her entrance. When Naruto's glans pressed against her vulva, they both new. There was something between them, more than just passing teenage lust. This was deeper somehow. Hinata mouthed the word 'push' to Naruto when she knew he was there.

Naruto gently applied pressure against Hinata's pussy, burying his tip into the snug insides of her vagina. The both moaned simultaneously as their bodies connected. Hinata's her tilted her head back, which startled Naruto.

“Did I hurt you, Hinata?” Naruto asked, pausing.

“No...keep going Naruto. I need you inside me...more”

Naruto was sweating now. He could feel everything, the walls of Hinata's insides brushing against him as he pushed in further. He watched as his shaft disappeared inside her tunnel. Hinata squealed, but told him to keep going. Naruto groaned as he pushed his last 2 inches up inside her. He could feel every ridge and bump inside her, vibrating and strumming along the length of his shaft. It was like it was gripping his cock with warm, slippery wetness.

Finally, all the way in, Hinata could feel Naruto's pubes tickling her, their bodies finally one. She could feel every inch of Naruto's cock, positioned inside her. It felt thick and hot, like nothing she had every done, or used on herself. The skin around its length rippled with every one of Naruto's heartbeats, she could feel every imperfection along it pressed against her. He was in her so deep, it felt like the spearhead was pressed against her guts. She could smell his salty sweat as he worked her, moulding her body around his cock.

“Fuck me Naruto...please...”

“I don't want to hurt you,'re the only one who cares...”

“Do it Naruto. Do it as hard as you can. Show me how much you care.”

Naruto turned his attention back, he would make her happy. He had to. It might be his first time, but he had to make it count. He had to kick it up a notch to show her. He could feel her wetness, allowing his cock to glide in and out more freely now that she had adjusted to his presence.

Hinata could feel Naruto pull himself out, then thrust himself back in, filling her once more. Each push, she could feel his girth expanding her vaginal walls. His cock was like a slow piston, picking up speed, moving in and out rhythmically, brushing against the top of her tunnel. As he would push in, she would feel the rim of his mushroom head push against her G-spot, and then his rod, pushing all the way along against it, into her sheath. She gripped the sheets in exstacy, and he long dicked her over and over again. She felt a drip of his warm sweat drop against her breast as he worked his body hard to please her.

Hinata looked up at him. Up at Naruto. There was her new man, now concentrated on his task. He was now the height of lust. The once isolated, lonely little boy she craved was now here, having his way with her. His strong foxy body, at peak sexual frenzy has he used her body to reach his orgasm. She closed her eyes as he pounded his organ into her, each thrust driving her body up and down slightly as he drilled her.

Naruto felt himself reaching climax, building up inside him like a volcano. His muscles were tense. This was it, he thought, his first time...inside a girl. He kept pumping a few more times, then lodged himself just where it felt right, where it felt best for both of them. He opened his eyes and could see Hinata's were still closed, but a look of bliss on her face. He was inside her, her warmth like butter around his meat. His cock erupted, depositing his cream inside her. It felt his cock was throbbing forever as it pump his load into her, coating her insides.

“Ohhh wow. “ Naruto groaned, slumping to his elbows. His animalist fever now waning. “That felt so ... so much better than doing it myself.”

Hinata finally opened her eyes, so see Naruto's face next to hers. “It feels like you still had a lot know...”

“Hehe...yeah... I guess I did. It's all in you now though, I guess! Man, that was so good. Did you like it, Hinata?”

“Yes Naruto, you were very good. Your... made me feel good.”

“ were great too, Hinata. That was...amazing...

“I love you, Naruto.”

“I think, I mean... I love you too, Hinata.”


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