Naruto and Hinata's first time

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Naruto trudged along the windy gravel path back up towards the leaf village. He had been gone too long he thought to himself. It would have been a couple of years since he had left all of his friends behind to train with Jiraya, and he had so much to tell them all about what he had learned and seen. He had grown and he was sure they would have got stronger too. His friends flashed in his mind, like a reel of all his memories. His old Team 7, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke...Sasuke in particular locked in his brain, his first priority would be to get him back. Back to the village where he belonged.

He was almost home. Passing the buildings in the little streets, the sights and sounds were all coming back. He was fifteen now, not quite thirteen when he had left. Some familiar places were coming into view and passing him as he walked by. Some things looked different in the village too. Some things looked smaller now, or a bit more run down. The buildings looked a touch older; some were gone, others were new. So much had changed he thought, but so much was still the same. People were around, but he hadn't seen any familiar faces yet. That is until he was just reaching a junction in the path when he heard a long-missed voice behind him.

“Naruto!...Naruto! Is that you!?” called the voice.

“Ah Hinata! How have you been!”

Hinata ran up and out of nowhere embraced Naruto in a big hug. Normally known for being more withdrawn, she squeezed him tight, she had missed him so much, given that he was her crush after all. He had been gone for so long, and no one even came close to how much she had liked Naruto. In recent months she had started to wonder if she would even see him again.

To Naruto, the hug was particularly sudden, and to him seemed quite out of character for Hinata. She had always been quiet, and shy around him. She seemed shorter now..or he was taller. She also had..nice big soft..*ahem* which he could feel pushed against his chest. He couldn't remember her having those before!

Poor Naruto had only been back in the village a few moments, and he already felt like he was a little kid again. Less fond memories of bullying and isolation in his younger years started flooding back. But here he was being hugged by a girl, which was very new territory for him, and he didn't know where to put his hands. All he could think about was how soft her breasts against him felt, and her flowery feminine smell. She had her head against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. Naruto couldn't remember ever having a girls chest pressed against him like this, he stood in almost shock. Girls had always treated him as disgusting, or annoying. Ignoring him for other boys, and now here was Hinata, hugging her breasts into him! He stood awkwardly as Hinata held him tight, it was almost a relief to him when she eventually let go.

“ Naruto-Kun, I shouldn't have done that!” Hinata said blushing.

“Naw that's okay Hinata, “ Naruto replied, flashing one of his trademark toothy smiles. “It's nice to see a familiar face again!”

Hinata's heart fluttered when he smiled his big grin at her. He looked so handsome now. His round childish face was gone, replaced with the developing jaw of a young man. No stubble yet but certainly was becoming an adult. He looked tall and strong. The cute little boy she had fell in a crush with was now a strapping young man, chiselled and solid. Just as she had dreamed.

“My Naruto, you have grown up so much though! You're so much taller now.” Hinata said softly gazing up at him.

“I'm way stronger now too, I can't wait to go on a mission again! I'm sure you have grown too Hinata!”

“Oh...well...not as much as you..Naruto.”

“Yeah, I am sure you have. Where is everyone else anyway?” Naruto asked.”You're the first person I have seen from the old gang.”

“o..oh, they're around somewhere, I am sure. Sakura will be up in the office with Tsunade, Kakashi is on a special mission, I think. And Sasuke...well, I am sure you remember what happened there.”

“Yeah...I remember that alright ” Naruto said solemnly.

“S..say Naruto, you look like you have walked such a long way, you look tired. Please let me be your host, would you like to come to my place and to relax for a while. Perhaps a shower and clean up?”

“A Shower? At yours? Heck yeah, I would love one! We can catch up on everything that has happened too. I won't be in the way though, will I? Girls don't usually like me being around much.”

“You're always welcome in my home Naruto. Please, come this way.”

Hinata's heart was doing back flips now. Naruto was going to be in her house. With her alone. She was planning everything on the fly. He had been gone so long, she had even worried she might never see him again. She couldn't let any other girl get her hooks into him. They had never paid attention to him, she was first. She got to have him or at least, she needed Naruto to know how she really felt towards him.

“Naruto, I really have missed you while you were gone, I thought about you every day.”

Naruto was still recovering from the attention a girl was even giving him, never mind the thought that one might have missed him being around. Now walking down the street side by side with one after so long he felt pretty chuffed about it all.

“Gee Hinata, you're going to make me blush! I never knew you cared about me so much.”

“More than you realize Naruto. Did you think about me while you were away?” she asked hopefully.

“ be honest Hinata, I was just so busy with my training I didn't have much time to think about anything other than my training..”

“Oh..I understand..Naruto”

The two continued to chat about old times, and new times as they walked through the small town. All about what all their friends were doing and working on, and the many places Naruto had visited while away. The pair rounded a corner and up a small flight of steps to Hinata's home. It was a tidy one-bedroom apartment, along with a tiny kitchen and bathroom off to the side.

“You can go have a nice hot bath or shower in there Naruto and I'll be out here. Take all the time you need.”

“I can't thank you enough Hinata! It's so good to be back with such good friends!” Naruto replied, flashing her another smile.

Hinata was giddy. The boy of her dreams would be just in the next room, getting undressed. Naked. She could hear him moving around, taking things off, turning on the shower. She couldn't just barge in on him like that. What was the next step she wondered? Ah yes of course.

She quickly went around her living room, lighting some candles and incents, placing them around her apartment. By the time Naruto got out, their soothing smells should have filled the space. Some Lavendar, and Rosemary, and a little drink of something to maybe loosen him up a bit. Maybe a little alcoholic? Is that too much she wondered? She wanted Naruto be comfortable, to be at ease, but not go too far.

The noise of the shower and the condensation would be blocking Naruto from noticing anything she was doing which was perfect for the next thing she had in mind. Hinata crept in to the bathroom, the curtain to the shower was drawn so he couldn't see her enter. She quickly took his pile of clothes and left again as quickly as she came.

Once outside she pressed his orange/black top to her face and inhaled.

She almost fainted. Mmm, this was Naruto's scent. She wouldn't have been surprised if it smelled bad, but it wasn't. It even had a faint smell of cologne in there, clearly he was taking better care of himself. The smell was a little sweaty from his walk over, but this was a boys smell all right. His fragrance permeated her airways. It was like cinnamon, and apples, and ramen. It was a rustic male smell. She took another breath in, sucking in his aroma. Oh Naruto, she muttered, I want you so much.

“Hinata! Are you there Hinata?!” Naruto called out, panic in his voice.

Hinata jumped from her day dreaming surprised he was done so quickly.

“Yes, um Naruto, is everything okay?”

“Hinata! I can't find my clothes?” he yelled, a little panicked.

“Oh, I took them Naruto. I'm putting them in the wash as they were a bit smelly. It shouldn't take long to clean them. There should be plenty of towels in there you can use. You can wrap yourself in those”

“Oh um..yeah sure I guess that's okay. You don't me using them?”

“No, you can use them Naruto.”

Hinata waited. She could hear Naruto moving around in there once more. Her heart began to beat faster again, it was only a matter of time now. He would be back out with her again. He was moving about; she could hear him opening and closing cupboard doors and moving around the room. Finally, he opened the door, a towel wrapped around his waist. It wasn't a particularly large towel either, definitely big enough for Hinata, but it looked a little small on him. It barely made its way down to his knees, and the other towels weren't even big enough to wrap around his chest.

Hinata's mouth dropped when Naruto opened the door.

“ have been working out?” her mouth running dry. She noticed his chest wasn't muscly per-Se but there was definitely definition there. His Kyuubi seal still there, reminding her of his past, but now he had a thin strip of hair going down from his navel under the towel. There were also a couple of smallish tufts under his armpits too. God, she could eat him up.

Naruto's face turned a bright pink, noticing her starting at him. “No..this is just me, I guess. Wow it smells nice in here. Are these Lavender?”

“Yes, I like them. I thought they might help you unwind”

The two sat themselves down on the sofa. Hinata not taking her eyes off of Naruto's bare chest. Naruto started talking about the last few years of his life again but she was more engrossed in Naruto's toplessness to hear much of what he was talking about.

“Why are you still staring at me Hinata? Is there something wrong with me?” asked, a little concerned, looking down at his chest..

“, sorry. What were you saying?”

“Is there something on my tummy?” Naruto asked, frantically checking himself.”

“No..sorry..I was just thinking again how much you had filled out. You ...look... really good Naruto.”

“Oh! Aww shucks hehe. It's just my tummy. You've seen it before right, down when we used to swim at the river?”

“Oh yes, but that was such a long time ago, and you look to be becoming a man Naruto.”

“yeah, I suppose I am!"

Hinata spoke again, bringing back all of his insecurities with girls and people again. “Um..Naruto.. I was just thinking, would you like a massage? I have been training to do it properly, can I try my techniques out on you?”

“A massage? Um nah, I think I am okay” Naruto was still mostly naked, part from the towel. A massage sounded risky.

“Oh, please let me Naruto. I will be ever so gentle”

“It's just, I only have on a towel, I wouldn't want it to slip off and you saw all my bits!”

“I'll be careful Naruto; I won't make you uncomfortable.”

“Oh, alright, I guess. careful of the towel because it's not very big.”

The two adjusted themselves, Naruto lay face down on the sofa, Hinata teetering on the edge next to him as she started to work is shoulders. She noticed there were tiny little freckles on this shoulder-tops, the last remnants of his childhood clinging to his skin. She opened her palms and grasped the knobs of his shoulders, digging her fingertips into them. Apart from the freckles, there were no other blemishes back there, his crew cut blond locks, the only sign of any hair. She made her way down his back, kneading his sides, and his spine.

Naruto groaned at parts, as Hinata expertly worked his torso. Her fingers were small but precise, she definitely knew the right spots. He was usually ticklish on his sides but she knew just the right amount of firmness to use to make it feel good without aggravating his funny-bone. As she got to the base of his spine, he became a little self-conscious about the towel'splacement, reaching down to adjust it for better coverage.

“Sorry Naruto, did I hurt you?” Hinata asked, taken out of concentration by Naruto's sudden movements.

“No, just making sure the towel is still in place you know? Keeping myself covered. I'm sure you don't wanna see my ugly butt.”

“Oh I see..I am going to do your feet now, is that okay?”

“Mmm hmm” Naruto murmured, becoming more open to Hinata's work. Thank god he had just a shower he thought, he wouldn't want her put off by his normally stinky feet.

Hinata started at his toes, stretching and pulling at just the right places, scrunching and thumbing at his soles. She had to be firmer here to do the job correctly. Naruto reacted a couple of times with a sharp intake of air. Doing the feet was difficult, she knew that, she didn't care much for feet that, she wanted to get to the more interesting parts. She moved up to his legs, started at his calves, pushing up and along like a rolling pin. She took a couple of cautionary glances between his legs but the tower still covered his bum, and thighs.



“Is it okay if I go up the towel a bit so I can do your thighs?”

“Oh um, yeah that's okay. Just don't go too far up, you know?”

“Yes of course, I understand.” Hinata said. She would find a way up there yet.

She placed started with the left though, then the right. It was quite warm under the towel, even so close to having a shower, she could feel Naruto's body heat coming from him. Having her hands in there was just like sticking them under a warm blanket. She could feel the little curly springs of leg hairs all the way up, little blond curls. She was very careful when she was above his knees, she didn't have any clue how far down his manhood would go, and she didn't want to scare him off when she was so close.

“Am I doing okay Naruto?”

“Mmm, yes. It's a little embarrassing though, no one has ever touched me like that before, and not right there between my legs ya know? It does feel good though.”

“Oh, I am glad Naruto. I'll get you to turn over now”

“Oh um, so you want me on my back?” Now it was Naruto's turn for his heart to flutter. Being touched by a girl had caused his member to react in a lewd way, and if he turned over, she would no doubt see it. Crap crap, he had to stall. “Can I um..can you just give me a minute?”

“Don't be shy Naruto.” She of course knew exactly what was going on. All of her previous patients had been clothed during her massages, and this was all working out as intended.

“Yeah but..I don't want you to think bad of me. My thing. I mean, I'm um..”

“You're not the first boy I have given a massage to. I know you can't help it. Please turn over Naruto. Trust me.”

Naruto with much reluctance turned back face up, being careful not to pull his towel off, his one semblance of decency left.

Once on his back, Hinata noticed that there was clearly a pronounced ridge in the towel right where it should be, it looked like it was thick too, the bulge making its presence quite obvious.

“S..sorry Hinata. Please don't be mad.” Naruto's face now crimson.

“I'm not mad Naruto, it is quite natural. Here..” Hinata reached for the knot in his towel.

Naruto grabbed her hand. “No stop, what are you doing?!”

“Please Naruto. Let me see it.”

“What? Why!? “ Naruto couldn't believe his ears. Why would Hinata want to see that? His first day back in the village and she wanted to see his thing?

“I want to see it Naruto. I have always wanted to see what you look like down there.”

“I dunno this right? Isn't it dirty? What if you hate it, I don't want to lose you as a friend.”

“Oh Naruto, you won't. You're still so naive, this is what I have always wanted. Ever since we were little, I have admired you Naruto,”


“You are so brave Naruto. And you have such a big heart. Please. Let me look.”

Before waiting for a reply, Hinata went for the knot again, her fingers trembling. This time, Naruto didn't stop her. This was it. She was going to see it. She had fantasized over it so many times, thinking about Naruto. How big was it. What did it look like? Finally, she was going to see the real thing.

The towel pulled apart without much effort, the lowest part of Naruto's Kyuubi seal coming into view. Beneath that, the tell tail signs of a boy growing up, but it looked like he had groomed himself down there at some point too. His pubes were blond, and curly, tidied into a nice bush directly above the root of his cock. And what a cock it was!

“Wow Naruto..” Hinata gasped, it was big. It was easily 6”, a very respectable size for a boy still growing. His hard length was straight against his lower stomach, leading to a bright red tip which was engorged. Spreading the towel further his balls came into view too. They had a reddish tinge to them, full balls, with sprigs of hair sticking out here and there.

“W...what..? Is it okay? Can I cover up now?”

Hinata took her petite hand, and wrapped it around his clearly throbbing cock. It felt hot in her hand. It lurched as she touched it, it almost felt like it was buzzing in her hand. It was thick, hot and not too veiny. She looked back at Naruto and smiled. “It's more than okay. It's amazing.”

“'re touching me..”

“Do you want me to stop Naruto?”

“No but...I can't believe it. You're touching”

Hinata giggled, then explored him some more, cupping his balls in her hand. These were Naruto's balls she thought to herself. They almost felt heavy, either that or she was about to faint again. She looked back to Naruto. His eyes were closed now, but a look of contentment on his face. Hinata shuffled up closer, her hand though still gingerly feeling his penis as she turned his attention to his face.

“Naruto..” she whispered, “can..can I kiss you?”

Naruto eyes shot open again, realizing Hinata's face was mere inches from his, but he did not speak. For once he had nothing to say. Hinata, with her hand still around his cock, leaned in, placing her lips against his, tasting her man. Their lips touched, pressing against one another. Naruto's cock surged at the contact oh her stroking hand, and her soft breath ticking his face. Their lips parted, letting each other explore the other with their tongues. Hinata with more finesse, Naruto clumsily tried to copy her actions in return. Slowly they pulled back again.

“Naruto. I love you. You know that right?”

Hearing the word love was like fireworks to Naruto. A girl loved him? A girl who he thought was just a timid shy thing upon entering the village, was confessing to him. Kissing him. And still holding him in his most intimate place.

“Y..yeah..I do now. I..”

She turned her attention back to his aching cock and started moving her hand up and down his shaft now, stroking him. He knew what she was up to, but he didn't realize girls knew about this sort of thing. Naruto had always thought it was a bit perverted when he did it to himself, dirty even. He thought he was the only one. But Hinata knew? And she seemed to be good at it. It felt different to when he did it himself, she was gentler, a lighter softer touch. Her smaller hand taking longer to move up and down it's length.

“Uhhh Hinata...I love...un,mhh..”

Naruto's body lurched and heaved. Hinata giggled at Naruto's reactions as she worked his manhood. She felt a sense of pride as he made cute little mewling sounds of pleasure as she fondled, stretched and stoked his cock. She had waited so long for this. Naruto's groans and gasps of pleasure were becoming more frequent now, his cock hardening further. She knew what was coming. And she wanted it as much as I am sure Naruto did.

“Hinata..I'm gunna..”

The head of his cock was stretched to its full size, prominent, like a bulb of skin, red and twitching. His girth and spasmed in her hands. Naruto's legs were starting to shift now too as the pressure built from within him. Finally, Naruto came, sending white strips of cum over his chest. The first few were thick streams, before reducing to clear/white still oozing from the tip.

Naruto's chest was heaving. Oh, crap he thought. What had he done?

“Sorry..” Naruto said.

“What are you sorry for Naruto?” Hinata asked, taking her hand off his shaft, but still gently rubbing his now spent balls.

“I shouldn't have done that. In front of's gross..”

“It;s not gross at all Naruto, I wanted you to. I wanted to see my man cum.”


“Well, young man..” Hinata corrected, smiling back. “Did it feel good?”

“Oh heck yes..and you're still doing it” Naruto replied, now noticing she was still playing with him down there.

Hinata leaned back into Naruto's face, her hand pausing with his testes nestled in her soft palm, kissing him on the lips once more. Naruto couldn't believe how much had happened since coming home. She smelled like a girl. She smelled so pretty he thought. Like flowers, and peaches. Her lips were so soft.

“I should probably have another shower huh?” Naruto said as she pulled away after another kiss.

“No silly, that is what a girlfriend is for.” Hinata replied, dipping a finger down to Naruto's belly, smearing her finger with his load. She took her finger to her mouth, tasting Naruto's salty sperm.

Naruto's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Wow. He had a girlfriend.

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