Siren Song

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A/N: Now, I very rarely add extra notes for chapters, but I did want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the reviews this story actually got. Kind of didn't expect it, so I wanted to address them real quick. I'm sorry to say, but this story is exclusively Naruto/Temari, with no other pairings involved. That being said... Temari doesn't know that. 

As for other things, I've got one final chapter planned for this story, one that I'm most likely going to start working on after the second chapter of another story I've got going. Thank you very much for the interest, and as always, do enjoy the chapter! 


Second Song


A soft, subdued groan was the first and only thing to dance throughout the emptiness that was the ambassador’s bedroom at the time. From somewhere outside, the chirping of a dozen birds echoed throughout the early morning skies, and beyond it, in the wide blue sky above, the radiant sunlight shone down upon the world as yet another resplendent day had begun for all of Konoha to enjoy.


Letting loose a soft breath of air, thick eyelashes stirred, fluttering up gently at first before ramming themselves shut a moment thereafter. Even through the heavy drapes she had bought after her arrival, the sunlight still managed to penetrate the sanctuary that was her chambers, gleaming down at just the wrong angle for it to reach her head; specifically shining down upon her eyes, before the thin blanket that covered her form was furiously yanked up to hide her ruffled sandy blonde hair once more. 


Somewhere in the back of her head, the night before flickered by in a haze, appearing somewhat clear, but completely incomprehensible all at once. Wild, hazy shapes danced across her retinas, reminiscing the form of her blonde counterpart and part time lover, but even as her mind tried to piece the scene together, a dull ache not unlike that of a late night sparring session emanated from her nether region. With a soft, almost wry smile, Temari allowed her eyelids to flutter up beneath the thin, protective veil that was her blanket, only to stare directly into the chiseled side of one Naruto Uzumaki. 


Slouched across the bed with only a fraction of the blanket to cover up his form, the blonde haired Hokage audibly snored where he lay, at the complete mercy of the woman that was his part time lover and full time sex addict. 


With a sudden rush of excitement and warmth, the events of the day before slammed into her already fragile mind, practically shattering what little remained of her innocence along with the distinctive memory of taking not one, not two, but three cocks in her pristine pussy only a few hours before; an act that her body reprimanded her for with a dull ache, pulsating through her groin in waves of pain and pleasure.


The Temari of old, the one that had originally been assigned the mission of being the ambassador between Konoha and Suna, would have been appalled by the events of the evening before. A cock in each hand, two in each hole, with so many more that her body, well trained from years of being a kunoichi, still ached to the point where the act of pulling her covers up had left her muscles sore. Granted, as she gingerly eased the covers aside with a smile upon her pink, plump lips, the sandy blonde couldn’t help but trail her eyes down along her lover’s chiseled side. 


As naked as she was, he could match her inch by inch. From the pecs of his chest, to the abs of his stomach, her fingers could trace every single line of the muscles across his body. Down along a toned, yet somewhat slender waist, past his toned thighs, down along his legs, devoid of any hair… before at last, the ambassador returned her eyes to the prize between his legs. 


Even when soft, the mere sight of her lover’s cock set her groin ablaze, made her mouth water, and before she herself could even register what she did, her left hand had reached out to caress and cup the swollen length of his flaccid cock. To call him overly large was, of course, an exaggeration, but nonetheless, the Seventh Hokage was almost as long when soft as when he was hard. It hung down atop his balls, legs spread wide and splayed to either side, but with her singular hand, Temari instead set her sight upon her lover’s swollen sack. An apple would be an accurate feeling, seeing as to how his nuts expertly fit into the palm of her hand without spilling out too much. 


Squeezing her hand ever so slightly however, a soft grunt escaped through her lover’s throat, causing her grip to soften instantaneously. Although, Naruto himself had yet to awaken.


Between the balls within the palm of her hand and the soft cock that hung down upon it from above, Temari practically had to gulp in order to not drool. Already, her womanhood practically quivered from the thought of mounting her blonde lover, despite the rigorous workout it had received all throughout the evening beforehand. 


Halting for only a moment, Temari slowly nodded her head to herself, using her other hand to push aside the blanket covering a majority of her naked form. Upon doing so however, a different kind of sight met her sea green eyes; one that made her already drenched pussy quiver from arousal alone. 


From the top of her shins, up along her soft thighs, past her cum leaking pussy, up along her curvaceous stomach and tender breasts, a coating of white was splattered all around her form. From thick strands to globs of dried sperm, wherever she turned her gaze, the sandy blonde only shuddered all the more. Her pussy had been one thing, creampied with such disregard for her own fertility that she wouldn’t be surprised if she had awoken pregnant, but the rest of her body as well- 


What little hesitation had resided within her mind dissipated as quickly as it arose, for with a sly, devilish smile that stretched her pink, plump lips wide, the cum coated ambassador stealthily rolled over. Her left knee was placed on the other side of the Seventh Hokage’s muscled form, resting a mere inch away from the side of his thigh as her palms fell down upon his chiseled chest. The motion alone threatened to draw forth a subdued whimper from her lips, for as soon as she moved, the entirety of her body cried out for relief. What on earth had they even done to exercise her so vigorously…? 


Atop his groin however, the view was grandiose. Caressing the pecs of her lover’s chest as gently as she could, Temari steadied herself, heaving in a series of soft breaths before redirecting one hand down to the apex of her legs. With slow, meticulous motions, her nimble fingers enclosed around the soft shaft that was her lover’s cock, giving it a few quick pumps to rouse it from its slumber, grinding it against her slit when a pulse and a throb made it harden on the spot. The simple brush against her dripping slit made Temari clench her teeth together where she sat, so focused on not being noticed that her eyes screwed themselves shut. 


Naruto was, without a doubt, a slow starter. Especially in the circumstances she now found herself in. Attempting to turn him on without letting him see, not that he could have done so while asleep in the first place, meant that she had to play dirty. Pressing the tip of his softly pulsating cock against the lubricated hole between her legs, Temari pushed it up the tiniest bit, biting down against her bottom lip as a soft moan almost made itself known. The very tip of his dick slid inside of her slit, stretching her out the tiniest bit while clogging up the steady stream of cum that had undoubtedly stained their bed through the evening before.


The moment the tip of his dick was inside of her snatch, Temari shuddered atop her sleeping lover’s lap, pressing his length deeper inside of her slit with the aid of a hand. Every little twitch of life that coursed through it sent a shiver down the length of her spine, every throb, every revitalizing pulse that only served to harden his cock made the woman herself quiver. Before long however, the swollen cock within her cunt had hardened considerably, and with it, with its tip spreading her lower lips apart, Temari’s eyes began to roll up into the back of her head. 


A soft gasp slipped through pink, plump lips just in time for the man beneath her to let loose a soft grunt, be it of pleasure or awakening, Temari herself would never know. Rising up from her place atop his groin, the sandy blonde ambassador began to bounce her hips up and down, chewing down upon her bottom lip for some time, before tossing even that aside.


Loud, rambunctious moans reverberated through the bedroom dedicated to the Seventh Hokage as Temari happily bounced up and down atop his lap, pressing her palms down against her lover’s chest for support. His cock had hardened completely inside of her snatch, so stiff in fact that Temari herself had practically swooned, but before long, even that mattered little. She rode, bucked her hips, let loose moan upon moan until even the people on the street below were sure to hear her blissful cries. 


With a start and a soft gasp, Temari chomped her mouth shut as to not drool, quivering in place as her lover’s swollen cockhead brushed up against a particularly sore spot inside of her slit. Focusing all of her attention to hit that spot again, Temari’s legs shook around Naruto’s waist; the invisible coil within her stomach growing tighter and tighter until- 


“You’re a maniac, d’ya know that…” a half asleep voice snapped the sandy blonde free from her haze, accompanied by a yawn from below and a set of hands upon her smooth thighs. 


Flashing the still half asleep blonde a smile, Temari slowed her pace as much as her meager restraint would allow, focusing instead on grinding her hips back and forth atop his groin. The only reply her lover received was a particularly throaty moan as a gush of warm, sticky precum splashed out across the entrance to her womb. 


Rolling his eyes as visibly as he could from where he lay, Naruto’s hands shifted away from Temari’s thighs, down to gingerly pat her long, silky legs, before at last finding their place upon her bubbly butt. With a clasp that made even Temari’s back straighten, and a clasp that caused her already large breasts to jiggle rhythmically, an audible smack reverberated through the bedroom as he practically spanked the sandy blonde’s cheeks. 


That, along with a harsh upward thrust that knocked the breath free from her lungs, was the only incentive Temari needed to continue. Despite his rather weary complaint, the blonde Hokage had yet to say no to a singular one of Temari’s suggestions. In the back of her head, as her hips resumed their frantic pace of jumping up and down until her pussy audibly squelched, she vividly recalled the sensation of being filled to the brim and beyond, being forced to walk the streets of Konoha without a scrap of clothing, coated in a thick layer of cum from the dozens of clone cocks she had been set to please. 


A way to allow the original to work, the clones had claimed, but to her, it mattered little. Be they clones or not, a cock was a cock, and a creampie was still a creampie.


“S-so!” Temari began, barking out a breath of air as Naruto began to pump her up and down atop his lap. “W-what are we doing t- aaahn~ today?” Shivering atop her lover’s lap, the sandy blonde ambassador schooled her features, taking on a diplomatic tone despite the squelching of her cunt. 


“I have a meeting with the future head of the Hyuga clan in a bit- hmph,” with a particularly rough thrust, the blonde bottomed out inside of Temari’s snatch, forcibly rolling them over onto the side atop a creaking bed. “After that, I should be free~” The moment they were on their sides, with Temari’s chest jiggling against the now violently rattling bed, the blonde haired Hokage brought up the first of his plans that day. 


“Then, we could h-have some luuunch~” Rolling her eyes up into the back of her head, Temari came where she lay, her pussy squirting out its arousal around the clog that was her lover’s cock. 


Nodding his head softly from the bed, Naruto Uzumaki lowered one of his hands down to the ambassador’s curvaceous, unblemished thigh, caressing it gently, almost lovingly for the briefest moment before even his endurance grew thin. With his free hand, held in place by the side of Temari’s stomach, the blonde formed a one handed sign, summoning forth a clone of himself behind Temari’s back; equally naked and hard as the original, with a very knowing smirk upon its lips. 


“How does s-sushi s-” before she could so much as finish her sentence, Temari’s lips fell agape in a silent scream. Behind her back, the pressure of a second cock forced itself between her jiggling ass cheeks, parting her puckered rosebud in a mere moment as it began to slide its thick, throbbing cock inside her behind. In the aftermath of her first orgasm of the day, Temari’s pussy clenched down upon the original Naruto’s cock, milking it for all that it was worth as the cock within her asshole bottomed out as well. 


“Why don’t we go for ramen today?~” Naruto huskily whispered his suggestion into the ambassador’s ear, a wide, toothy smirk upon his lips as every single inch of his cock was massaged by Temari’s velvety walls. 


In opposition to before however, his reply did not come quickly, nor did the woman between him and his clone make so much as a motion to reply. Between their combined assault, Temari quivered, shuddered, moaned, groaned and squirted in tandem, hardly breathing as her tender asshole was ravaged by a particularly impatient clone. 


The notion that her lover’s clones had their own unique quirks had been a foolish thought when the theory was presented to her at first, but alas, the more of them she took, the more the theory became a reality. Some liked anal, others wanted double penetration, while some had been so bold as to only ever use her hair when getting off…


“C-cumming~” At last, Temari’s voice came out as a hushed whisper, barely audible enough for either of the Narutos to overhear it, while still being loud enough to make Temari herself convinced that she had managed to say it. 


In a flash of tightness that far surpassed the pleasant massaging that both the original and the clone of Naruto had received, her pussy and ass clamped down around their cocks, halting any and all motion as they were locked within a barrier of warmth. To the original, it felt as if his groin was underwater; drenched in its entirety by the arousal of his lover, despite his cock serving as a cork for her overused snatch. Behind her back, the clone could do naught more than grunt as its cock was locked in place, resulting in its hands moving up to grope and molest Temari’s tits.


Exchanging a brief glance with the clone behind their lover’s back, Naruto nodded his head in a silent agreement, letting go of his restraint simultaneously as his clone. The result was immediate, accompanied by a torrent of warmth that made even Temari’s breathing hitch within her throat. 


From the front and the back, both cocks all but erupted within mere moments, dumping a torrent of scalding sperm inside of Temari’s depths. Heavy, thick gushes of cum splashed up against her tenderized womb, breaking through her battered entrance to fill it to the brim, causing Temari’s arms to go limp as her eyes rolled all the way up into the back of her head. From behind, the shadow clone that had been summoned to join the fun came less, but nonetheless, its load splashed out across Temari’s already well used asshole, coating it in a lubricating river of cum. Had she still been conscious, then Temari herself might have coughed from the sudden influx of sperm; so great was its force that even her breath was knocked free from her lungs. 


However, even before the original could enjoy the reprieve that came with Temari’s exhaustion, the clone behind her back gave the original a quick salute and a cheeky grin, dispelling on its own. 


Rolling his head back upon the bed, every sensation and experience felt by the clone crashed back inside of his mind, and with the tip of his dick pressed up against the entrance to Temari’s womb, Naruto Uzumaki came again, depositing a second, much smaller load into his lover’s fertile vagina with a flurry of high pressure jets of cum. With Temari in his embrace, the blonde haired Hokage could at last relax, allowing himself to roll back over onto his back, dragging Temari along with him so that her voluptuous breasts pressed down against his chiseled chest.


Making a mental note for him and only him to know, Naruto pondered how best to convince Temari to move back into the apartment provided to her as a honored ambassador from one of Konoha’s greatest allies. Without him moving in after her. 


With the perpetually sex starved woman atop him however, that thought was hastily pushed aside as his left hand fell down to pull the blanket back across the two of them, hunkering down in bed to recuperate as much as he could before the devilish fiend atop his chest awoke for another round. 




Raising a hand up towards his forehead, glistening with a thin sheen of sweat so early in the day, Naruto Uzumaki pondered one singular thing to himself as his bright blue eyes swiveled left and right. How had he come to be in a situation like that, wherein his life had been flipped upside down by a woman he hardly knew a few years beforehand. 


In the aftermath of his rather spontaneous awakening, Temari had taken the liberty to do a second and a third round, invading his shower an hour after the fact to have her morning protein shake. Post shower, the greatest benefit to Temari living in his apartment did rear its head, in the form of her making the two of them a proper breakfast; no ramen, as she had quite stubbornly proclaimed, a spatula in hand and a handful of eggs set aside. 


Throughout the entirety of his life, ramen had been on the menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything before or after the fact. A midnight snack had been ramen, a weekend treat had been ramen, and as far as he could tell, the thought of not having ramen for breakfast had only made him want it more. Cracking a few eggs along the side of a frying pan, Temari’s voice had come out as a startlingly feminine hum, following a tune that the Hokage himself had never heard. However… 


Letting loose a soft sigh where he stood, awaiting the arrival of his companion for the day, the vivid image of a certain sandy blonde haired woman’s pale, luscious body flashed through his mind, made modest by the white, frilly apron she had put on to safeguard her unblemished breasts and cleanly shaven pussy. From where he sat, a frown upon his face and a half hard cock that just would not stop, his lover’s silky legs and bubbly butt had swayed at their own pace, either oblivious to his pain or blatantly aware of the fact. 


A few minutes afterwards, and no shortage of cheeky comments from his fellow blonde about how perverted he was for ogling a woman while she made him food, and the duo split up to go about their business. His plans were clear, but Temari… 


Somewhere in the back of his head, the blonde haired Hokage continuously looked around in search of his part time lover, half expecting her to be somewhere nearby, at most points in time. 




The moment Naruto Uzumaki had stepped out through the door leading into the wild blue world beyond their shared apartment, the half naked Temari rolled her eyes at the concept of his plans for the day. For hours, the two had made love, both in bed and in the shower, along with her feet brushing up against the swollen bulge within his black shinobi slacks. Setting aside the plates the two had used, the ambassador began the autonomous motions of cleaning up, pulling out a sponge while bringing their plates over towards the sink. 


His plans for the day had put her in a mildly sour mood, but so far, teasing her impromptu boyfriend was far too much fun for her to do anything else. Even someone like her, someone that had only lived there for a handful of years knew how many people wanted the Hokage to get together with the Hyuga heiress, so much so that it was repeatedly brought up whenever the two crossed paths. To her credit, Hinata Hyuga had repeatedly expressed that the two were friends, without any connection beyond that, but nonetheless… 


Letting loose a soft grunt of annoyance, the kunoichi from Suna clenched down upon the sponge in her hand, draining it of all moisture in mere moments. The Hyuga clan was one of Konoha’s most prominent clans, and a highly political influence within the village itself, so for the Hokage to desire to be on good terms with the clan was a matter of course. Every reason that came to mind was perfectly reasonable, logical, and some made more sense than others. Still, the more the sandy blonde thought about the fact, the more a single question arose within her mind. 


Would Naruto go out of his way to seduce the heiress, in order to keep her on his side politically? 


A few moments passed by, a few motionless moments of silence, but before long, the sandy blonde ambassador could do little more than giggle at the prospect. Naruto, the very same man that had believed themselves to have a sparring match when Temari greeted him in bed, half naked, would not be able to seduce anyone on purpose. 




Rinsing off the remains of their scrambled eggs from the plates, Temari brought over the frying pan as well, rinsing it off with warm water to remove any potential stains from it. With the plates set aside, and the pan put upside down to dry, the kunoichi tugged apart the straps holding her frilly apron in place, folding it up for later usage. Checking in on him wouldn’t hurt, so long as she maintained her distance and remained cool regardless of what she discovered. 


Sauntering into their shared bedroom with a devious glint in her eyes, Temari let loose a faint giggle upon entry, practically overwhelmed on the spot by the sheer stench of sex that lingered within the room. The bed sheets were ravaged from a long night and an even wilder morning, a chore to be done later, and no matter where she gazed, splatters of dried cum had seeped into the blankets and sheets alike. 


However, her diplomatic objective was not there, but rather, atop a dresser pressed up against the wall, beside a wardrobe filled to the brim with orange coats and jumpsuits. Reaching out with one hand, a pair of lacy black panties were retrieved, slid up along her long, toned legs with ease, whilst her other hand picked up her discarded kimono from the side of the bed. 


Heaving in a deep breath of air, Temari steeled her nerves as she arose from the bedside. In all actuality, she truly should go out to a remote training field to do her exercises, if only just to maintain her physique and skill. On the day of her last visit to the Hokage Tower, a request had been sent her way from a lumber yard, requesting additional resources for the expansion of the village. As cheeky of a request as it had been, Naruto had slid it towards her, asking for her assistance with the matter due to her particular summoning technique. 


Easing her slender arms through the holes of her lavender colored kimono, it took her little to no time to put it in place, smoothing out the wrinkles that had formed from her carelessly tossing it aside the day before. Wrapping an onyx sash around her belly to serve as the obi for her outfit, the ambassador from Suna soon stepped through the hallway leading up to the very same door that her lover had taken no more than ten minutes beforehand. 


Beyond the thin wood that separated their shared alcove of love from the rest of the world, the sun hung high in the skies above her head, shining its rays of radiant light down upon the world without a cloud in sight. Further down the wooden walkway to her right, a pair of male shinobi made their way towards the stairwell, looking up just in time to greet the ambassador with a smile. Waving her hand back with a gentle smile upon her pink lips, her feet began to move on their own accord, bringing the gale that was Temari into the bustling heart of Konohagakure.


From the moment her feet touched down upon the soft soil that made up a majority of the village’s streets, the sandy blonde haired kunoichi was forced to bring a hand up to shield her eyes from the resplendent sunlight above; frowning ever so slightly as her eyes grew accustomed to the brightness outside. The weather truly was great, more so than she had anticipated before setting foot upon the soil of the street itself. A wave of warmth washed out across the village as a whole, causing some areas to become sweltering in comparison to how they were before. One such street was, unfortunately, where she herself now stood. 


Taking but a moment to compose herself, attire aside, the ambassador from Suna resumed her earlier motions, sauntering down the streets of Konoha at a leisurely pace. 


When it came down to it, she herself hardly even knew where to begin looking for her part time lover. The bustling streets of Konohagakure were in the midst of an expansion, growing longer by the day with more and more houses and buildings rising up where there had been nothing before it. Sometime ago, the village itself had been leveled with the earth, creating naught but a massive crater in its wake. Now, however, that thought was almost as redundant as a faraway dream. 


While a majority of the ground had been leveled out over the years, the village itself descended downward slightly, smoothened out by steps dug out into the dirt itself, reinforced with stone bricks. In cooperation with Suna, Konoha’s masonries had grown exponentially, attaining experience and knowledge about stoneworking that no one in the village had had before. Some of Sunagakure’s most proficient smiths had appeared in the village as well, to learn the techniques of their allied village, and to share the bounties of their own knowledge. 


In the midst of her thoughts, a trio of Genin dashed along the rooftops to her right, seemingly in a rush towards the Hokage Tower, though what they hoped to find was beyond her. Sometime that year, the task of assigning missions had been passed off to a separate part of the Hokage Tower’s staff, giving the Hokage himself some much needed relief… to instead handle the monumental task of keeping up with the paperwork of an ever growing village.


Wherever she cast her gaze, men and women alike had begun to pour into the streets of Konohagakure, a majority of which were shinobi, either preparing to head out on missions of their own, or meeting up with their colleagues and friends for the day. Although, that was by no means the sight that she looked for. 


As cryptic as her lover had been about his plans for the day, Temari herself had assumed that the Hokage would meet the Hyuga heiress by one of Konoha’s more localized cafes. The thought of catching him in the midst of a bowl at Ichiraku’s Ramen did cross her mind, but surely, a member of the esteemed Hyuga clan wouldn’t begin their day with a meal like that. 


Continuing down the road leading deeper into the sprawling metropolis that was Konoha, Temari’s eyes swiveled back and forth, ever in search of that tuft of yellow hair, while keeping her eyes peeled for anyone else she might know as well. None of the girls from the Konoha Twelve were likely to be awake by then, unless they had official duties to tend to. 


Swirling around on the balls of her feet, the lavender clad woman took a side alley to her left, crossing over from one street to the next on her way through what had once been the original residential district. 


From what little she had gleaned from her surprisingly tight-lipped lover, the general plans for the future of Konoha involved turning the area before the Hokage Tower into a proper business area, which of course included turning the houses already built into more of a shopping district. Naturally, before ever reaching that point, a new residential district had to be built, to house all the tenants that had lived in the village all of their lives. 


Allowing the faintest smile to cross her lips at the thought, Temari’s gaze arose from its place on the dirt path before her; lighting up as that tuft of yellow hair came into view. Seated upon the chair of an outdoors cafe, with a cup of something unidentifiable in his hands, Naruto Uzumaki gently nodded his head in reply to something that his companion had said; a companion that, upon closer inspection, had deigned to wear a striped hoodie, faded pink in color and much more form fitting than what she mostly wore before. 


Halting all motion altogether, Temari pressed herself up against the wall to her right, minimizing her overall visibility as her eyes lingered upon the woman that was Hinata Hyuga. From top to bottom, the woman was nothing if not pristine, proper and perfect, as far as Temari herself could tell. Long, smooth legs ascended from a set of ladylike geta shoes, unblemished and practically radiant in the sunlight, until the view was obstructed by a pair of light brown shorts. From what little she had interacted with the heiress, most clothes were form fitting, despite the indigo haired woman trying her hardest to make them larger. Above the shorts that framed her thighs perfectly, alluringly so, came the faded pink hoodie she wore, and of course, a chest that far surpassed Temari’s own was framed to perfection, leaving nothing to the imagination, even from afar. For Naruto himself, the view had to have been fantastic. 


The two really were talking over a cup of coffee, a somewhat serious expression adorning the blonde’s face as his lips curled in a wry smile. What the two truly spoke about, Temari herself would never know, but her eyes strained themselves to try to read her part time boyfriend’s lips. 


Opposite from him however, the heiress and representative of the Hyuga clan was as neutral as ever, primly seated upon her  chair, thighs pressed together, even as she replied to a rather grave comment, based solely upon the grim expression that adorned Naruto’s face. From where she stood, it took Temari a moment to lean back, releasing a breath of air that she herself had not noticed she had held back. 


With a shake of her head so that her sandy blonde hair rustled behind her back, the ambassador from Suna questioned what she had decided to do. Naruto had spent the last twelve hours pummeling and reshaping her holes to only fit his cock, she reminded herself with a blush, gazing around in search of someone, anyone that might have seen her cheeks burn bright. 


Although, as she returned her gaze to the duo that lounged upon the pavilion of a coffee shop, Temari was greeted by a set of bright blue eyes, zeroing in on her little hiding spot around the corner of a house. 


They were no more than a few dozen feet away, on the other side of the somewhat narrow street, so to notice her from his angle should have come as no surprise. However, the moment Naruto’s eyes were upon her, a sheepish grin took over for the radiant blush she had had before. Reaching up towards the top of her kimono, with one hand placed on either side of her top, Temari flashed Naruto a wolfish grin, tugging the lavender cloth aside to expose her chest; devoid of a bra, nipples hardening from the cool air that blew through the alley. 


Across the street, she could visibly see Naruto choke, coughing upon the coffee he had unsuspectingly sipped in the midst of the day, amid a small group of people that all gazed upon him with worry in their eyes. 


From her place beside him, Hinata Hyuga began to rise from her chair, a pale hand stretched out to soothingly rub the blonde Hokage’s back; a gesture the blonde himself waved off, reaching down for a napkin to tidy himself back up. By the time the blonde Hokage had steadied his nerves, and quelled the tenting of his pants, his eyes swiveled around to shoot a glare into the alley wherein a pair of breasts had been blatantly exposed… only to pause, seeing nothing there after all. 


Temari had, as quickly as the deed was done, run off to go about her own business for the day. A light training day at one of the faraway training grounds, tactical assessment, as well as a tour around the facilities that would be used for that year’s upcoming Chunin exam. Konohagakure had been chosen as the site of the exam itself, to pave the way for the newest member of the alliance forged between the shinobi villages the following year. The Samurai nation, far to the north. 


The first order of business was undoubtedly to check in with the Hokage’s advisor, and her fellow proctor for the exams, Shikamaru Nara. Smiling softly to herself as her legs energetically carried her through the bustling village, Shikamaru had been the man she had come to talk to Naruto about, originally. Between the two of them, she had intended to ask the blonde for a favor, hoping that he might learn what she lacked, to see whether or not she would have her chances with the current head of the Nara clan. 


Although, somewhere along the way, instead of approaching the lazy shinobi about the fact, her feelings had been swayed elsewhere, along with an uncertain amount of her common sense. In hindsight, perhaps it had been a poor choice to meet a knuckleheaded ninja in bed, adorned only in the skimpiest lingerie a woman could buy? 


Due in part to the strenuous schedule of the Hokage’s aide, Shikamaru had agreed to meet up in the weekend to discuss the coming festivities, mouthing off his would-be catchphrase after their initial meeting had ended. It was, for lack of a better word, a drag to spend her days off planning for an event such as that, but nonetheless, with both an unbreakable focus and resolve, the ambassador sauntered off towards the Nara residence, not at all perplexed by the way the wind billowed around her dainty legs; causing the skirt of her kimono to rise, granting whoever was nearby a plentiful view of her thoroughly drenched panties.


On her way to meet the friend that would help occupy her time, many men and women were flashed by the kunoichi’s panties, unbeknownst to Temari, of course. 




“So… where did you run off to today?” A soft, polite tone broke through the silence that stretched on within the enclosure of an apartment, persisting in its attempt to pry the ambassador’s lips apart. “I figured we were meeting up for lunch.” 


Seated within the couch of his apartment, Naruto Uzumaki crossed his eyes, peering through the open archway leading into what had once been his bachelor bedroom. In the aftermath of his afternoon meeting, the blonde had gone back and forth between his meeting spot, the office and his apartment, half confused as to whether or not he had seen his roommate on the streets or not. Calling it his own deranged imagination, to think that he would fantasize about a woman flashing him in broad daylight, was something the blonde Hokage would rather like to avoid. 


“How’d your date go?” Temari eventually, sullenly replied, a huff to her tone as she sauntered out from within the enclosure that was his bedroom. 


“It wasn’t a date,” Naruto countered, though mentally, he chided himself for falling for the goad. “But it did go well.” 


Mentally, the blonde reminded himself about the gravity of the situations they had discussed that day, along with a matter of utmost importance to him; albeit one that his indigo haired friend could relate to with a somber look in her pale eyes. Beside the internal affairs and the process of clearing out a century of tradition, Hinata Hyuga herself had become hard pressed to find a mate, as her feral teammate often referred to it as. Summarized vaguely, she had referred to it as an issue in regards to personal preference, but when asked about it specifically, the heiress had directed his attention elsewhere. 


Passing him by on the couch, Temari allowed her expression to change from its sullen look to a more cheerful one. The blonde Hokage was a great many things, but the one thing he was not, and the one thing he severely lacked the ability to do, was to lie. Over the time they had spent together, the subject had come up repeatedly, and be it due to her upbringing or his inability to do so, whenever he had tried to dodge a subject or lie his way through it, he had been met by a scowl and an even harder, almost aggressive ride. 


“It really wasn’t a date?” Trying once more, the sandy blonde ambassador put out her feelers, enveloping the entirety of the room in her perimeter to assure herself that what he said was the truth. 


Letting loose what could only be described as the sigh of a weary man, Naruto shook his head, eventually turning his attention towards his diplomatic friend and lover. “If you’d count that as a date, then we’re practically married from that time on the monument.” 


At the mere mention of their little adventure, Temari’s cheeks burned bright, averting her gaze so as to not meet the gleaming look of entertainment within her lover’s bright blue eyes. It hadn’t been their intended place to go, but that night, Temari had been naked, on her knees atop the head of the Fourth Hokage, moaning her head off for all of the village to see. How the two hadn’t been caught by the sentries that roamed the village at night, neither one knew, but that hadn’t ever stopped her fellow blonde from teasing her about the fact. 


Everyone had their kink, as far as she was aware. Naruto was, contrary to popular belief, hesitant to use his shadow clones on just about anyone. It required a woman and a half to handle more than one cock, but to present a poor, innocent girl with a dozen of the village’s hero’s cock? It would break more people than the blonde Hokage would like to admit.


For Temari, if she were to narrow it down to a single kink, it would be exhibitionism. The surge of exhilaration and joy that coursed through her veins when doing something public, such as the aforementioned venture to the top of the Hokage monument, had drenched her panties in mere moments. Being seen by others was not what set her off, but rather, the risk of it all, the risk of being caught naked, drenched in cum, panting and heaving for breath- 


Snapping free from the lull she had been lured inside of, Temari shook her head violently, clearing away the thought that had once again made her legs quiver. Her attire at the time did her no favors when it came to hiding the fact, nor would her fellow blonde complain if she suddenly disrobed. 


From the moment she had returned to the apartment, Temari had all but tossed her kimono aside, pausing long enough to ogle herself in a mirror, before angrily stomping off in the general direction of their bedroom. At that point in time, the only piece of cloth that covered her was a thong, though whether it was intentional or not, the train of thought she had been assaulted by had begun to drench through the cloth. 


A moment of silence stretched on between the two of them from then, interrupted only by the soft clinking of glass against glass as Temari’s nimble fingers sifted through the cupboards within Naruto’s former bachelor apartment. Absent-mindedly, the sandy blonde ambassador reached out to pull aside the door of the fridge, grabbing a bottle of local wine that she had yet to identify before pouring it into their two glasses.


Between the fully clothed Hokage and the practically naked ambassador, two glasses of wine would be more than enough. Sauntering around the back of the couch however, Temari placed his glass quite a ways away, finding herself a comfortable seat upon the armrest of the couch while eyeing him up wearily. 


“What did the two of you talk about?” She bluntly asked, crossing one arm underneath her bust while the other brought the glass up towards her luscious lips. 


The only true reply she received was a frown, accompanied by a sigh as her partner stretched himself out to grab the glass on the far side of the table. “Diplomatic relations between Konoha and Kumo.” It was a vague enough answer, but based solely on what she had overheard, it was a matter pertaining to the Hyuga clan specifically.


Rolling that little nugget of information through her head, Temari allowed herself to relax a tiny bit more, eventually curling her lips into a wicked smile. “And how long were you ogling her tits after I showed you mine?” 


To her left, an audible cough echoed throughout the room as her blonde companion had been in the midst of a sip, coughing up his wine with an almost aghast expression coating his face. Naruto, however, did not comment on it further, which only made Temari’s smile grow wider. 


“W-what about you?” He asked instead, wiping away a trickle of wine with his left thumb before focusing his attention upon his mostly naked companion; her chest, in particular, as Temari herself made particular note of. The way his eyes lingered upon her breasts sent a cold shiver up the length of her spine. 


Tapping a long, dainty finger against the bottom of her chin, Temari paused for a moment, pushing her chest out the tiniest bit to lock her lover’s gaze in place. “Oh, the usual. A little flirting here, suggestive comments there. I’m sure half the village saw my panties, at one point~” Purring out the final bit, Temari spread her legs a tiny bit more, reaching down with her free hand to rub circles along her left thigh.


“Could you imagine it, if you hadn’t so thoroughly trained me back then, I might have been dating Shikamaru by now~” Chuckling to herself, Temari’s gaze shifted away from her wine. “Though I’m sure he’s well equipped. Those shadows of his, combined with his cock-” 


“You were interested in Shikamaru?” Before Temari could finish her sentence however, Naruto spoke up, dropping a bomb so obvious that even Temari had to pause, jaw agape. 


It was an innocent enough question, but somehow, the mere thought that her companion hadn’t ever noticed, nor paid it any mind, blew the jealousy within her mind away. Gone was the thought of her part time boyfriend sleeping with Hinata Hyuga, gone were the lingering doubts that had soured her mood to the point where even Shikamaru Nara had been on the receptive end, for in their place, only a sympathetic worry remained. 


Creeping down into the couch by his side, the ambassador reached aside to pluck her lover’s glass from within his fingers, setting aside both hers and his glass to focus her attention solely on him. 


“Pay it no mind. Would you be so kind as to undo your trousers, or do I have to do it for you?” Instead, the conversation and the course of action for the night was shifted away, if only to avoid the realization that the man by her side was oblivious to a fault. 


Without so much as waiting for his approval or not, Temari’s left hand slid down to undo her lover’s pants, gently tugging on the waistband as Naruto himself raised his hips off of the couch. The sight that met her eyes however, made a sentence roll off of her tongue with ease. 


“No underwear?” With a purr, Temari’s sea green eyes rolled down to behold the sight that was his half hard cock, oozing precum where he sat, twitching and throbbing before her scrutinizing gaze. 


“It was warm today,” Naruto complained out loud, not at all bothered by the proximity of his lover’s head. “I can’t control the weather, you know.” 


On her end, as her head sank closer still, Temari chose to withhold the comment that had arisen the quickest. Everyone went commando from time to time, men and women alike, sometimes for fun, other times for the convenience of it all. Although, what stood out to her was the fact that he had done so, while attending an official meeting with the heiress of a prominent. Holding that comment back however, Temari dipped her head down, lips agape with her tongue lolled out; swirling it against the broad tip of Naruto’s half hard dick.


“Besides, it’s not like she’d-” As quickly as he began to speak, Naruto heaved in a sharp breath of air, freezing up in place as a warm, wet tongue enveloped the tip of his dick. Swiveling back and forth, lathering his cock with her warmth, Temari’s breath followed suit, coating his length in the promising warmth that was her mouth. 


With an exhale to match his sharp inhale, Naruto allowed his head to roll backward, reclining in its entirety against the back of the couch; eyelids fluttered shut whilst a soft smile spread across his lips. Between his legs, Temari’s tongue was soon replaced by her luscious lips, enveloping the tip of his dick in mere moments before audibly suckling it where she lay. 


The position in and off of itself was awkward, with her halfway laid out across one half of the couch, but nonetheless, her blonde lover could hardly seem to care. From the moment her lips closed in around the bulbous tip of his dick, a hand soft pressure arose from the back of her head; a hand placed there to hold the ambassador in place. Of course, Temari herself had no such intention at all. 


With her lips sealed tightly around his throbbing cock, her tongue began to move once more, circling around the swollen tip, teasingly rubbing the slit atop his bloated cockhead, before returning to the ridge that was the mushroom shaped head of the cock within her mouth. Slowly, deliberately and teasingly so, she lowered her head, sinking another inch of his cock inside of her mouth, followed by a second and third, all the while caressing his shaft with her nimble tongue. In no time at all, her lover was as erect as he had been the evening before, stiffly bumping up against the back of her throat whilst the hand atop her head blocked off her retreat. 


Allowing her eyelids to flutter shut, Temari focused her attention upon her task and nothing else, gently bobbing her head up and down as far as the hand upon her head would allow. Gone was the lingering annoyance of catching her lover on a date with another woman, replaced solely by a deep sated arousal, and the moistening sensation of her panties growing damp.


For every inch of his cock that escaped through her pursed lips, another two replaced it when she dove her head back down, slowly but surely bobbing on and off of his cock in its entirety, all the while swirling her tongue around his tip and the bottom of his shaft. Dipping her head all the way down, Temari let out a soft retch, but still maintained her stride; sliding her tongue out of her mouth to lick at the top of his balls. 


“It’s not like anyone was killed for going commando for a day,” Naruto continued to mumble, his left hand pinching his chin whilst his right one roamed down along the length of Temari’s body. “Would give me easy access if you did it though~” 


When Temari brought her head halfway up the length of her lover’s cock, her eyelids fluttered up, eyes wide as a pressure she hadn’t felt before emanated from her behind. With his hand above her rear, Naruto Uzumaki had slid a finger down against her recently ravaged backdoor, pressing a finger through the ring of muscle there, before plunging it into the depth that was her asshole. Popping off of his cock as a result, the sandy blonde ambassador let loose a breathy moan, eyes lidded and face flushes as the finger within her rear began to pump in earnest. 


“Didn’t tell you to pull off, did I?~” As quickly as her lungs had received their reprieve, a hand fell down upon the back of her head once more, pushing her back down upon his cock, though this time, it was by no means gentle. With his hand still locked in place, Naruto dragged her head up and down along the length of his dick, all the way down to the base to hold her in place, before pulling her away, leaving only the very tip of his dick inside of her cunt of a mouth.


The moment he began to push her head down however, the blonde Hokage thrust his hips upward, meeting Temari halfway there as the very tip of his dick buried itself inside of her throat, as deeply as it could reach. Rolling his head back with a soft moan spilling forth from his lips, Naruto came, his cockhead buried against the back of her throat, all the while spewing what could only be a gallon of scalding sperm down her throat. For every vicious gush, her eyes watered, her nostrils flared, and despite the warmth that practically burned through her throat, Temari herself could do little more than quiver around the fingers that so ravenously played with her ass. 


How long she had been held there, locked in place, doing naught but shoveling down her lover’s load with her tongue, Temari did not know. A minute could have passed, an hour could have gone by without her so much as noticing it, not with a set of fingers pressing down against the depths of her ass. Yet, when her oral occupation came to its end, and when her head was freed once more, Temari’s eyes rolled up to ogle the clock on the opposite side of the living room. 


Only half a minute had gone by, thirty seconds of nothing but bliss and joy, quivering in place as her most sensitive and underused hole was pleasured, all the while devouring the first load of the night. 


“Fuck, that hit the spot~” The moment her lips were freed from the cork that was his cock, Temari let loose a satisfied moan, swiping her tongue out to lick her luscious lips clean. “Round two in bed?” Flashing him a smirk however, the ambassador hardly took a moment to recover, rising up onto her feet with Naruto’s fingers gliding out of her underused ass. 




Breathy, rampant moans echoed throughout Konohagakure, accompanied by springs so creaky that they couldn’t have come from the apartment belonging to the Seventh Hokage. Audible claps from hips crashing against a woman’s rear bounced off of the walls, and as a set of hands moved down to roughly tug at a woman’s wrists, the scenery within uncovered windows unfolded for the neighbors to hear. 


The short walk between the living room and the bedroom had taken the duo no time at all, though by the time Naruto crossed the threshold of the bedroom, his eyes had been met by a most welcome sight. Temari, bent over at the very edge of his bed, face pressed down against the bed sheets, peering back at him expectantly. Her panties were nowhere to be seen, tossed aside somewhere within the room, leaving her glistening folds on full display; smooth, curvaceous thighs spread wide in an unmatched display. 


Somewhere within the back of his head, a soft spoken voice had urged him on to claim her pussy, to ravage it and gape it until there was no doubt about whose property it was; so that, if she ever did have sex with anyone else, they would find it tough to fit in. However, that had not been his objective for the night. 


Without too much swagger behind his steps, Naruto had stepped forth, easing his jacket off of his shoulders, kicking off his pants along the way, all to stand beside her rear, as naked as the day that he was born. As the temptation to pillage her pussy subsided, and as his cock stiffened once more, the blonde Hokage had found his destination. 


Temari was, without a doubt, an experienced woman by that point in time. From gangbangs to exhibitionism, then back to double and triple penetration, she had experienced it all under the tutelage of her lover. Although, when his hands descended upon her rear, spreading it apart for his cock, even she had flinched back. No lube was applied, no more than a finger had stretched her out before, but nonetheless, the moment he could, Naruto Uzumaki pressed the swollen tip of his dick down against her unprepared, quivering hole… 


… and she had wailed all the while, crying out in euphoric bliss, flinching and squirming atop the bed from the pain that coursed through her veins, but nonetheless, her lover progressed. The tip was always the highest hurdle, followed by the entirety of his shaft in one fell swoop; a single thrust was all it took to bottom out inside of her rear, followed by a retreat that made her heave in a deep breath of air. 


That was how the duo were there, Temai laid out upon the bed, eyes rolled up into the back of her head, mouth wide agape, muffled only by the mattress and bed sheets beneath her form, arms yanked back as leverage for Naruto to thrust even harder inside of her behind. With every thrust, her breasts, pressed down against the bed sheets, jiggled, her ass clapped, and another strained moan spilled forth from her plump lips.


Her only saving grace had been the copious amount of precum oozing out from the slit atop his dick, painting her insides slick, while lubricating her depths as much as it could. His every thrust still knocked the breath out of her lungs, but Temari would endure, if only to milk another load out of her lover’s bloated balls.


“Cumming!” Naruto grunted out, not so much as giving her a moment of time to prepare before unleashing a torrent of sloshing cum inside of her backdoor. The first jet of cum practically knocked the breath out of her lungs, followed by a second that forced her lover’s cock an inch out of her ass, though the blonde behind her back made short work of that by thrusting back inside. 


From where she lay, the moment the first spurt of cum gushed out inside of her asshole, Temari’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head; eyelids fluttering as a string of drool ran out of her parted lips. A second later, the entirety of her backdoor was filled and flooded with her lover’s cum, so much so that, for each and every one of his rhythmic thrusts, Temari could practically feel his sperm spurting out of her overstuffed ass. 


When the final droplet of sperm was milked from his cock however, Naruto Uzumaki let loose a soft, weary sigh, at long last pausing his advance to breathe in. “Don’t know about you, but doing your own sloppy seconds isn’t as fun~” Chuckling at his own expense, the blonde reached down to knead one of Temari’s cheeks. 


Even as he spoke up, the blonde haired Hokage eased his hips back the tiniest bit, slowly, gently pulling his cock free from the vice-like grip that was Temari’s asshole. From where she lay, half unconscious with a delirious grin upon her pink lips, the sandy blonde ambassador could only moan softly, squirming ever so slightly as her insides were unscrewed, all until… 


… with an audible pop and a muffled outcry, Naruto’s now half hard cock slipped free from the tight embrace of Temari’s ass, freeing the torrent that was his cum. 


Before either of them could properly speak up, a soft thumping arose from the floor above, resounding through their bedroom with a growing intensity, followed by a cacophony of voices. With a wry smile upon his lips, Naruto could have sworn to have made out the words ‘get a room,’ along with a few choice remarks that would have been directed elsewhere had they known who lived where within the apartment complex. 


All but tossing himself back into the bed however, Naruto’s big blue eyes swiveled down to praise the woman beside him, a wide smile upon his whiskered face. However, a moment thereafter, it faltered, twisting into another chuckle as a most peculiar sight reached his eyes. 


In the position she had been propped up in, Temari was, for lack of a better term, fast asleep, breathing heavily where she sat with her gaping ass on full display. With as much subtlety as the blonde Hokage could muster, he wound his arms around her form, easing her down into the bed; down into his appreciative embrace. 


Laying there, in the dead of the night with the lingering complaints from the neighbors above still in mind, the blonde haired Uzumaki’s mind wandered, back to where the duo had gone that day, when diplomacy was out of the way. Temari had only been there for the beginning of the meeting, and only to flash him once. 


However, hidden from view, kept within a lockbox with more multi-layered seals placed upon it than what could be found within the Hokage Tower itself, a separate treasure awaited his and her review. The only thought that lingered within his mind, save for the innate desire to take his lover for another round, was whether or not his thoughts were reciprocated. 


Although, a moment thereafter, the temptation that hid away within his mind was fulfilled, accompanied by a sleep deprived, unconscious moan as his already hard cock was stuffed inside of his lover’s pussy for a quickie in the night. Surely, she wouldn’t mind if he came once or twice more…


After all, if he were to stop and count all the times that temari had awoken him with a blowjob, or by mounting him completely, then Naruto himself would lose track of time. Daily would be an understatement, for it did not matter whether he took a nap on a couch, slept properly in bed, or simply enjoyed his breakfast in peace. Somehow, the ambassador from Suna had become a greater nymphomaniac than any that came before her, converted from the blunt, but innocent woman that Naruto had encountered for a sparring match so many months ago. 


Briefly, as he thrust himself all the way inside of her snatch, the blonde Hokage pondered what had happened for her to change so much.

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