Siren Song

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Siren Song


The Fourth Great Ninja War had concluded itself, bringing with it an era of peace and prosperity unlike any time period that had come before it. Trade routes were forged, roads between the separate nations were constructed, and even the most rural parts of the world had expanded into smaller towns all on their own. 


Deep within the central region of the Land of Fire, Konohagakure thrived beyond the scope of any village in the world. A metropolis had grown from the former trade street, expanding into a full blown shopping district complete with buildings so tall that even the mightiest Jonin would fail to ascend it in one jump. Broad, technologically enhanced screens adorned the sides of the tallest building, regularly broadcasting news reports and weather forecasts from all across the world, along with the occasional financial report. 


Prosperity truly had become a part of the world at large, however, unlike the bustling metropolis filled to the brim with men and women of all ages, a separate part of town housed the single most charismatic man in the world; one whose presence in politics had brought about more changes in the world than any man who came before. 


Letting loose a low, weary sigh, nimble fingers danced across the dozens of keys on one of three keyboards situated upon a wide oak desk, drawn out in shape to represent a crescent moon. Swiping out to the right with a bandaged hand, the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure pressed his eyelids shut out of sheer frustration alone. 


With the ingenuity of men brighter than him, computers had become an everyday occurrence, so much so that every single employee within the Hokage Tower had their own machine, so long as they worked behind a desk. One was deemed too little by his advisors, though to that day, Naruto Uzumaki was unsure whether Shikamaru Nara had made fun of his predicament or not, when he had suggested two more screens, plus two extra keyboards.


Shifting through the various tabs upon his computer however, the blonde knuckleheaded shinobi straightened out his posture once more, pressing himself all the way into the back of his old office chair. 


Echoing through the hallways beyond the Hokage Tower, a set of low, barely audible clicks reverberated through the thin office walls. Somewhere in the back of his head, the blonde recounted everyone whose presence he had requested, among them Shizune, undoubtedly there to fill him in on the goings on at the Konoha hospital. With the instatement of Shikamaru Nara as the Hokage’s advisor and aide, Shizune had taken a step back, returning to her calling within the hospital, beside the blonde’s longtime teammate, Sakura Haruno. 


Every scheduled appointment or meeting was still handled by the veteran kunoichi, but that, too, was scheduled to change before long. Shikamaru had already received a separate office, further in the back of the third floor, for him to build a staff based on supporting the Hokage in various ways. By that point in time, three others had joined the support staff, leaving them at five members, counting Shizune. 


A gentle, almost unheard knock echoed throughout the office, undoubtedly from a woman rasping her knuckles against the door. “Come in,” he called out, confident enough in his raspy voice to speak up.


Gliding up soundlessly, the door to the Hokage’s office was pushed aside, allowing someone to step inside before very slowly easing it back in place. Gazing through a gap in the screens, Naruto’s big, blue eyes caught sight of something long, smooth, paler than even he was, and oh so creamy up above. Past the toned legs of a kunoichi, the blonde could have sworn to have seen a glimpse of purple, the hem of a skirt even. 


“What can I do for you today?” His hands continued their never ending routine, sliding left and right along the keyboard with audible clacking resounding from the pace of his typing. 


“Well, first, you can look up long enough to greet me properly.” A woman’s voice truly did respond, though not at all the gentle tone he had come to expect of Shizune. No, it was deeper, commandeering in a way that made his back stiffen, and even as he tipped his chin up, his eyes took in the sight that was Temari. 


Past the endless expanse that was her exposed legs and thighs, the sandy blonde hair upon her head was tied up into twintails that day; a pixie cut of sorts, spiky and defining. A sleek yukata adorned her curvaceous form, a light purple in color, but in contrast to her usual style, as he had noted the moment she stepped inside, the siren of the sand had foregone the leggings that would otherwise adorn her smooth legs. 


Lifting his hands off of the keyboard before him, Naruto folded them atop his lap, leaning back the tiniest bit within his chair to relax at last. “To what do I owe the pleasure today, Temari?” His voice remained stern however, laced with the authority of the Hokage, even towards his friend. 


Rolling her eyes at his display however, Temari took a solid step forward, putting on an overt sway to her hips that drew his attention there immediately. Stepping up towards the front of the desk, one hand slid behind her back, down into a pouch hidden from view until- 


“I brought you lunch. Figured you wouldn’t remember to eat.” True to her word, the moment her hand disappeared behind her back, Temari withdrew what appeared to be a neatly wrapped bento.


Furrowing his eyebrows however, Naruto accepted the offered food, albeit slowly, almost remorsefully. There was always a catch, of that much, he had been made abundantly aware. 


Years prior to his instatement as the Seventh Hokage, the very woman before his eyes had approached him with what had been an awkward request at the time. Back then, the sandy blonde had proclaimed that there was a man she desired, but that her experience at the time was inadequate to vy for his affections. He hadn’t pried too much, of course, only truly asking if said man was special enough to her for him to be worried; to which her answer had been a resounding no. 


They were by no means engaged, even less so dating, but over time, she had hoped that such a goal would be reached. However, standing before her fellow blonde at the time, Temari’s gaze had averted his, even as she made her request. 


Her request had been simple, or so the blonde had believed at the time. A training and sparring partner, that had been the way she had worded her request, to which Naruto himself had nodded his head fervently. Be it before or after the war, a part of him had itched to spar with the sandy blonde siren of the sand, if only just to study the differences in their techniques. 


However, years later, her request had truly sunk in as something else in its entirety. 


“Fine, fine. There is something I want, off the records.” Another roll of her sea green eyes gave the Hokage an inkling as to what she was about to request, but nonetheless, he maintained his posture for propriety’s sake.


Trailing her hands down along the silken cloth of her yukata, past the obi holding it in place, Temari’s pearly white teeth bit down upon her bottom lip. Without so much as a pause to let him breathe, her fingers enclosed around the hem of her yukata’s skirt, tugging it up ever so slightly to reveal what she didn’t wear beneath. 


Beneath the hem of her skirt, past the valley in between her curvaceous thighs, Temari had chosen to forego any underwear, leaving her womanhood, hairless and undoubtedly smooth, exposed for all to see. An untimely gust of wind would have flashed whoever was in the area, but based solely on the glistening between her thighs, the Uzumaki had an inkling that the woman before him wouldn’t mind. 


“Whatever happened to the innocent kunoichi from before?” Naruto chuckled drily, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face as his fellow blonde sauntered around the side of his desk.


It was as much of a rhetorical question as it was an instinctual one. When Temari had sought him out for a sparring match, as he had interpreted it at the time, it was instead the birth of a beautiful friendship. Be it during missions together, or perhaps off-duty, the duo had gone through Naruto’s bucket list of things to try, all the while taking the time to guide Temari along. 


To some, it was an act to be carried out with a beloved, but to others, if the exposure became too great, it would become an addiction. Temari, in hindsight, fell into the latter category. 


A slender finger upon his chin broke him free from his train of thought, accompanied by his face being slowly turned aside. “I’m sure the dozens of clones had nothing to do with her disappearance~” Temari let loose a soft, mirthful giggle, already leaning down to press her lips against the blonde Hokage’s.


Tipping his chin up to reciprocate the advance, Naruto’s left hand instinctively reached up around the kunoichi’s waist, pulling her down ever so slightly. His lips were upon hers in seconds, pressing up ferociously, swirling his tongue against her teeth for the briefest moment; demanding entry into her mouth. Unable to resist, Temari’s teeth parted ways, letting loose a whiny, outdrawn moan as her tongue was assaulted by another’s in mere moments. 


However long the duo remained like that, locked in place, melting against one another’s lips, neither one knew, but, when Temari at last attempted to pull herself back, the hand upon her waist held her down. 


Another whine, an outdrawn moan, and what felt like a panicked wheeze for air echoed into his mouth, vanishing from the audible spectrum as soon as it should have appeared; drowned out by the sensation of a hand rubbing circles against her lower back. 


Only after a solid minute had gone by, a small eternity of wheezing and breathing against the side of his face, did the grasp upon the small of her back subside. As quickly as she could muster, Temari withdrew, panting and heaving for air, tongue lolled out of her mouth with one hand already upon the Hokage’s shoulder; urging him closer, ever closer towards the glistening spot between her thighs. 


“Can’t remember the last time you stayed clothed for this long~” Naruto chuckled lowly to himself, reaching over to slide a set of fingers beneath the hem of Temari’s yukata; eliciting a soft murmuring moan when his digits found their mark. 


“Can say the same to you. No clones this time?” Grinding her hips against the fingers beneath the hem of her yukata, Temari practically purred out her response, drawing forth an eye roll from Naruto himself. 


Summoning forth a handful of Shadow Clones for their first encounter, and two dozen for their second, might have broken the youthful innocence within Temari. However, even to that day, the blonde knucklehead refused to concede the point that she had withheld information about what sort of sparring she intended to do; ignoring the fact that he had walked into her bedroom to discover her naked atop her bed.


Sliding his dripping digits up against the slit beneath the purple yukata, Temari froze for a moment, allowing her head to roll back atop her shoulders as his fingers pushed through inside of her snatch. With a loud, unrestrained moan, Temari shook where she stood, quivering like a leaf in the wind as his two fingers began to pump in and out of her twat. 


Curling his fingers within her slit, Naruto’s right hand slid down along the orange and black jacket he wore, gliding past it to approach the navy blue slacks that adorned his form. Practiced motions tugged the zipper of his pants down in mere moments, and with what could only be years worth of experience, his hips lifted themselves up enough for the blonde Hokage to free his cock from within his pants. 


“Someone’s eager~” Temari’s voice, soft and blissful, reverberated from his left, causing his cock to twitch and throb as it hardened all the more. “Mind if we take it for a-” 


Before the sandy blonde could so much as mutter out her suggestion, a knock with the sound of a million thundering hooves echoed through the room once more; a fair bit louder in the duo’s heads than what it actually was. 


“Who is it?” Naruto spoke up, attempting to pull his pants back up, while continuing to play with his drenched friend. 


“It’s Shizune. I’m coming in-” Eyes wide, frantically searching for a way out, Naruto all but yanked the digits free from Temari’s snatch, grabbing the hem of her yukata and yanking her down onto her knees. 


“Get down there!” He all but wheezed out, already pushing his chair further in, with Temari begrudgingly settling down in the hollow beneath his desk. 


A moment thereafter, the door leading in and out of the Hokage’s office slid open, and through it, a woman he had seen less and less stepped forth with a smile upon her lips. “I’m sorry for the delay. An emergency sprung up right as I was about to leave.” 


Closing the door as she entered, Shizune wasted no time at all with getting down to business, already chiding Naruto for the state of his desk. Papers that should have been approved, signed and handed off were still there, laying haphazardly upon his desk, leaving much to be desired by the eternally cleanly assistant to the Hokage that came before him. 


Briefly, Naruto pondered how it must have been during Tsunade’s reign, with the nosy, yet strict assistant by her side at all points in time. 


“... although the day is close to ending, there are still a few matters to handle.” The sound of Shizune’s voice snapped him free from the daze he had been caught up in, realizing only then that she had long since started speaking. “First, a digitalized meeting with the Daimyo is in order; a financial status report to ensure that Konoha’s growth is proceeding according to plan. Second…” 


Stiffening in place for a moment, a slight smile began to stretch out along the Hokage’s lips, his legs spread as wide as possible beneath the table as a far too familiar sensation crept up along the length of his exposed shaft.  


Temari was, by her own definition at least, a mature and reasonable woman. The duty of the Hokage was without a doubt important, as was every meeting he attended. However, from the moment she had been ushered down beneath the desk, situated on her knees between his legs, her sense of responsibility had been all but flung out the window. There, no more than a few inches before her, was the cock she had craved enough to saunter through the village without panties to have. Thick, throbbing, with a bulbous head that made her drool at the sight alone.


Trailing her nose from the base to the tip, the sandy blonde woman inhaled sharply, swooning beneath the desk to the point where her hands instinctively flew up on top of his thighs for support. Tilting her face sideways, Temari pressed her lips against the tip of Naruto’s dick, audibly making out with it for the briefest moment, even as her eyes began to roll up into the back of her head. 


Somewhere above her head, Naruto responded to his female planner, replying as curtly as she had ever heard, even as Shizune went through a list of upcoming meetings. 


Opening her mouth wide with a smug expression crossing her face however, Temari inhaled sharply, devouring the entirety of Naruto’s cock, from the tip to the base, in a single drop of her head. The result was instantaneous; Naruto, despite his unending perseverance, stiffened in his seat. His legs trembled lightly, his entire back straightened out, and even with the tip of his dick pressing up against the back of her throat, Temari’s lips were stretched into a wide, smug smile. A truly strange sight with her mouth filled to the brim with cock. 


Without so much as a moment gone to waste, Temari began her pace, slowly trailing her head up along his shaft, swirling her tongue around his every inch, before pulling so far up that only the very tip of his dick remained between her luscious lips. Her tongue swirled around its bulbous tip, her lips pressed down into a lewd, wet kiss, and even as the man above her fought against the urge to moan, Temari herself dropped down until her nose once more brushed up against her lover’s pelvis. 


Up and down, the pace continued, slowly, agonizingly teasing her fellow blonde’s cock, twisting and turning her head as her lips dragged up along his shaft, devouring his every mouthwatering inch with her hands placed firmly upon his thighs. Somewhere in the back of her head, the deviousness that was her voice of reason sent her nimble fingers higher; gripping the waistband of Naruto’s pants, she slowly tugged them downward, exposing more and more of the Hokage’s toned thighs and swollen, cum bloated balls. 


Again, the conversation above her head progressed. Shizune brought up another subject in its entirety, along with the possibility that the duo would have to form a clan head meeting in the near future. Between the sandy blonde temptress’ luscious lips, the Hokage’s cock practically wilted at the thought; an affront to the woman whose throat spasmed whenever his bulbous head bumped up against her esophagus. 


Dragging her head all the way off of his cock, Temari heaved in a silent breath, reaching up with one hand to stroke the saliva slick dick before her. Slow, squelching strokes caused her fellow blonde’s thighs to buckle, however, her eyes were fastened elsewhere altogether.




Above the table, Naruto Uzumaki’s posture remained stiffer than it had ever been before, even during his time as Sasuke Uchiha’s best man in his wedding. At that point in time, fear had overtaken his mind, worries of fumbling the ring, maybe going so far as to drop it on the podium. Thinking back upon it, that singular time had been naught if not frustrating, as well as tedious. 


However, maintaining his posture in the face of Shizune, with a woman on her knees beneath his desk, cradling his balls, stroking his cock, and drooling all over his length until his groin was a drenched mess… the challenges of a best man would never measure up to the current situation. Whether she knew or not, Naruto could only pray, but regardless of how many wet, barely audible squelches he heard from beneath his desk, the raven haired woman before him continued to drone on about his upcoming week. 


“That should be everything for next week, as far as we know today.” After what had felt like a small eternity, Shizune eventually signed off the final checkmark of her list. “Once Monday is upon us, there may be several changes in the schedule however. For these changes, we should…” 


Groaning internally, Naruto pressed his elbows down into the top of his desk, forcing himself to stay attentive, despite the throbbing of his cock beneath the desk. Between his legs, his thighs quivered uncontrollably from a wet, warm sensation snaking its way around his balls; slithering back and forth, swirling around his nuts, before popping one inside of the warm cavern he would never be able to mistake. 


He wanted to cum, to reach down and stroke himself to completion, to paint Temari’s pretty little face with so much cum that she would never be able to wipe it all away… 


… however, no sooner than that thought appeared, did another sentence catch him off guard completely. 


“... and please, remember to wear a condom.” Snapping up with enough force to slam his knees up into the underside of his desk, Naruto glanced around frantically; eyes wide and jaw agape. 


Turning his gaze up from the hem of Shizune’s dark grey skirt, up along the sleek curvature of her thighs, Naruto’s bright blue eyes slid higher until, with a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face, they met with the unflinching orbs of his assistant. 


“Pardon?” He asked cautiously, slowly reclining back into the darkly colored office chair behind his desk. 


“For the girl beneath the table? Lady Tsunade made the most horrendous messes, so please, wear a condom, or… finish inside.” Turning her head aside, the dark haired assistant feigned innocence, if only just to hide what appeared to be the faintest tint of pink upon her cheeks. 


The myriad of thoughts and questions that raced through his head were enough to put his impending orgasm to rest, much to the chagrin of the woman whose tongue danced around his cum bloated balls. Chief among them however- 


“We have replaced the chair since then, right?” Glancing around himself comically, a soft giggle escaped through the raven haired kunoichi’s lips, lightening the mood considerably then and there. 


“Yes, yes we have. I believe Lady Tsunade went through several chairs due to her… diplomacy, as she would refer to it.” Rolling her eyes openly at the mention of her mentor’s diplomatic sensibility, Shizune began to turn towards the door within the room. “For all her exploits and virtues, the woman would sooner sleep with half the world than do her paperwork.” 


With the main topic of their conversation covered, and with a small, flirtatious wink sent his way, the yukata clad kunoichi sauntered her way out of his office once more; a subtle sway to her hips that didn’t escape the half naked Hokage’s lust laced eyes. Long, sleek legs that lead up into a skirt that, in hindsight, ended just short of her- 


Shaking his head where he sat, Naruto forcibly pushed those thoughts away along with the faint click of a door being locked. Had Shizune locked the two of them in, giving others the go-ahead to call it a day?


“Interesting assistant you have,” Temari croaked, voice hoarse as she crawled her way out from beneath his desk. “Ever railed her ass?” 


The question caught him as off guard as the nudity displayed before him did. Beneath the table, the slightest hint of purple signaled what little he needed to know, for no more than a few inches to his left, Temari stood, a hand upon her hip, legs spread wide enough for him to see her glistening arousal. Her yukata had been discarded beneath the table, leaving her as naturally naked as possible. 


“What? No!” He snapped, more so terrified than aroused, all sights taken into account. “Tsunade would literally kill me if I did, with a plastic spoon.” The final bit was emphasized, an exaggeration in its own ways, but his eyes softened tremendously a moment thereafter. 


In the blink of an eye, he was on his feet, one hand wrapped around the side of his lover’s waist, whilst the other was down by the thick, throbbing shaft of his cock, guiding it towards the sandy blonde’s hairless slit. “You, on the other hand, I will rail~” It was by no means a threat, but nonetheless, Temari quivered where she stood, shaking uncontrollably for the briefest moment. 


Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto mentally shook his head at the sight of a nearby clock, noting just how lengthy Shizune’s explanation of the upcoming week had been. Close to half an hour had gone by, with a curvaceous beauty beneath the desk, teasing him to the brink and back oh so many times. Even now, pressing the very tip of his dick up against Temari’s dripping slit, he could feel the cum churning within his balls, threatening to erupt at any given time.


Rather than press his advance however, the blonde Hokage eased his dick down the tiniest bit more, sliding between the tiniest gap between Temari’s thighs until the tip of his dick appeared on the other side; sandwiched by a set of creamy, spotless thighs. 


“You idiot,” Temari practically rolled her eyes at his gesture, though her lips stretched out into a broad smile nonetheless. “Went straight for the thighs, rather than this tight cunt?” Gesturing down with one of her hands, the sandy blonde ambassador let loose a soft moan as her lover thrust his hips against her own. 


Grinding up against the underside of her slit, the thick, throbbing length of Naruto Uzumaki’s cock bumped up against her nethers ever so slightly, continuously teasing her entrance without ever going inside. Back and forth, rhythmic thrusts and slow, barely noticeable withdrawals caused her voice to spill forth as ragged moans. Had he been the only one to be affected beneath the desk? Hardly! 


All the while, her fingers had meticulously worked away at her snatch, easing it apart, stretching it wider for the gaping she knew would come, all the while caressing her clit with the butt of her palm. Years of labor towards becoming a kunoichi within Sunagakure had granted the sandy blonde a handful of things, the restraint to hold herself back had been acquired after years of tedious masturbation behind her teammates backs. 


Letting loose a soft, strangled grunt, Temari rolled her eyes as a set of strong hands caressed her chest. His grip was nothing if not domineering, reaching around to grope and molest her left breast, while forcibly pushing her down; forcing Temari to lean forward until the palms of her hands fell down upon the dark wood of the desk. 


For every thrust against her hips, Naruto let loose a soft grunt, bringing himself ever closer towards the gleaming light at the end of the tunnel; though in that case, the tunnel was the soft, unblemished thighs of the woman feigning disinterest before him. Whenever his balls clapped up against the center of her thighs, her breathing hitched, her palms clenched down upon the edge of the desk, and with a haughty grin plastered upon his lips, the palm atop her left breast squeezed down all the more. 


“Can’t just admit that you like it, can you?” He chuckled dryly to himself, slowly speeding up his thrusts until even Temari was left on the doorstep to euphoria. “C’mon, where’s the harm in it?~” 


Gritting her teeth at his poorly disguised goad, the sandy blonde kunoichi could do little more than shake her head. Naruto Uzumaki was by no means hung, but even knowing that, she couldn’t so much as bring herself to want him any bigger. However… giving him an inch would leave her on her knees for months after the fact.


For every harsh thrust between her thighs, her stance faltered, leaving them further apart than before; though Naruto himself didn’t seem to mind. Bent over the table as she were, his hands had long since left her curvaceous front, focusing solely upon her lower half. A kneading grasp upon her ass drew out another groan, accompanied by a moan when a sharp sting of pain coursed up along her tail bone. 


Despite his seemingly unbreakable focus upon her thighs, the blonde Hokage had pressed his right thumb down against the entrance to her backdoor with just enough force to push it through. Even to her, anal was something to be avoided, if only just because she knew that it would hurt to accommodate something so meaty as a lover’s cock. 




“Please just fuck me already!” Temari screeched out at last, a string of moans spilling forth from her lips as her backdoor was stretched by her lover’s thumb. Almost as if to comply with her request, the digit inside of her rear sank deeper still. “Not with that!” 


A mirthful laughter echoed throughout the room at her response, but nonetheless, the moment the plea fell forth from her luscious lips, the senseless thrusting between her legs paused. Easing out from the tight, precum slickened gap between her thighs, Naruto’s cock was as bulbous and hard as it could have ever been, practically oozing precum even before its tip was pressed up against the lubricated folds of Temari’s snatch. 


The outdrawn, throaty moan that reverberated through the Hokage’s office a moment later was without a doubt her reply. 


Without so much as an ounce of care, Naruto pressed his cock up against the weeping lips of Temari’s slit, pressing on and on until, with an audible pop, his dick slid through. Her warmth was upon him at once, forcing a moan out of his lips as his hips worked on instinct alone; sinking ever deeper inside of Temari’s cunt until his willpower made him halt. 


No more than half his length was inside, but before he could sink in deeper, Naruto withdrew his hips. Gliding back despite the wet, velvety grip that tried to tug his dick back in, the blonde Hokage continued until only the tip of his dick remained inside. Allowing his hands to fall down to rest upon his lover’s waist, the blonde held his place for the briefest moment, slamming his hips forward with enough force to rattle the desk a moment thereafter. 


Flinging her head up, Temari arched her back as her entire world was flipped upside down. No more than a few minutes before, she had begrudgingly praised his average size, but now, as her velvety walls were forced apart, she could do no more than quiver and buck against the desk. His grip upon her ass and waist was negligible, but the moment she thought herself recovered, another titanic thrust knocked the breath free from her lungs. 


Arching her back against the thrusts, the third one caused something hard to bump up against the entrance to her womb, and with a fourth thrust, Temari’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head; a gleeful, mindless smile adorning her pink, plump lips all the while. 


Without so much as a word of warning, she came, juices squirting out of her pristine pussy even as her walls clamped down along the length of the cock that tore her apart. Waves of bliss raced through her veins, her legs gave out where she stood, and hadn’t it been for the desk she now lay down upon, then Temari herself would have no doubt fallen face first onto the floor. 


However, in the midst of the euphoric bliss that made even her drool upon the surface of the desk, a different warmth altogether spread throughout her form. 


Tuning in to the sounds of the room around her, Temari gleamed the slightest grunt, accompanied by a warmth that made her eyes bulge out where she lay; half unconscious and wholly unable to resist. 


Between the harsh thrusts against her thighs and the now suffocatingly tight grip of her vagina, Naruto Uzumaki was at his limit. The sandy blonde beneath him had long since lost her voice, unable to do more than moan atop his desk as his cock reshaped her insides to fit him and him alone. Although, be it the sight, the thought, or even just the realization that he had fucked her half unconscious, the blonde would never question what set him off. Nor did he rightly care, at the end of the day.


With one final thrust, strong enough to lift the sandy blonde off of her feet and further onto the mahogany desk in the Hokage’s office, Naruto came, erupting inside of Temari’s snatch with enough velocity to take her breath away. The first spurt of cum was heavy, painting her insides white in seconds, filling her to the brink and beyond, yet even still, more was on the way. A second gush followed the first, equally potent, spraying his lover’s womanhood with its scalding liquid before a third jet of fertile sperm rained down upon the entrance to her womb. 


Atop the table however, Temari was nothing if not loud. From the first droplet of cum that splashed out across her womb, to the never ending torrent that now ravaged her form, the sandy blonde ambassador of Sunagakure cried. Loud, rumbling moans, agonizing cries of bliss and no shortage of pleas spilled forth from her luscious lips, flowing out as readily as the cum within her cunt began to flood her womb. Incoherent mumbling screams echoed throughout the room, redoubled by the quivering mewls as the sheer warmth of her lover’s sperm set her nerve endings aflame. 


Had she herself not known better, then the only comparison to come to mind would have been to be engulfed by a Majestic Destroyer Flame. If not a few, assaulting her from every angle imaginable. 


Behind her back, Naruto Uzumaki’s eyes were knit tightly together; eyebrows furrowed as his fingers kneaded the soft, supple flesh of Temari’s toned behind. His balls practically ached from that singular release, drained so thoroughly that even he couldn’t imagine a second round. 


Although, when his eyelids eventually opened themselves anew, the sight that met his bright blue eyes was one to behold. 


Pale, creamy flesh expanded along the length of her sleek, curvaceous back, ascending up towards a set of thin, soft shoulders whose muscles were blatantly visible to the naked eye. Up above however, with her face pressed down against the tabletop of his desk, Temari’s mouth hung wide agape, tongue lolled out with what could only be a puddle of drool by her side. The pristine, unblemished face of a dubious, direct kunoichi was gone, for in its wake, the only expression that remained was one of bliss. 


Bliss, with her sea green eyes rolled so far into the back of her head that the woman herself had long since passed out. 


“Well, I’ll be…” chuckling softly to himself, Naruto raised an arm to rub the back of his head; a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face at the sight before him. “So much for going home early.” 


Releasing his hold upon the ambassador’s waist and butt, Naruto unceremoniously withdrew his still achingly erect cock, bending his knees ever so slightly to wipe the excess cum off of his length on the back of Temari’s leg. Already, no more than a few moments after the bulbous tip of his swollen dick emerged, bubbles of thick, fertile cum sputtered out from his lover’s entrance, dribbling down along her inner thighs at a steady pace. 


Leaving the discarded kunoichi upon the side of his desk, Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure, returned himself to the office chair behind his desk, still naked and erect from the waist down. Between the temptation to his left and the pile of paperwork in every other direction, the blonde could do little more than let loose a soft sigh. 


Out of the corner of his eye, the blonde Hokage reached for a blank parchment, reaching off to the side with his other hand in search of a pen. He would have to write up a formal letter of apology to the Kazekage, for potentially impregnating his sister. 


Before the tip of his pen could touch down upon the parchment, Naruto straightened out his back once more, furrowing his eyebrows as if to question whether he should begin his letter with an apology, or a flippant joke. 


While his right hand began to diligently write up a letter ahead of time, his left drifted sideways, reaching up to caress and stroke the smooth thighs and shins of a woman whose brain was undoubtedly rattled from sex alone. Long, silky smooth legs that were, for better or for worse, his and his alone. 


In hindsight, had there ever been another man whose affection she adored? He himself severely doubted that their training was aimed at anyone but himself, but he would play the fool for her a bit longer.


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