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Karui could admit that she’d made a mistake.

Snuggled up against the big lump of awesomeness that was her husband, encased in blankets, her hangover pounding at the forefront of her mind… Karui couldn’t have been any happier.

The second she’d gotten home, drunk and practically on the verge of passing out, Choji had snapped into mother hen mode. Coaxing coffee and water down her throat, summoning a medical nin to leach out the alcohol, but leave the hangover because this was not the first time she had come home drunk like this, and he’d warned her about the consequences before.

Needless to say, Karui was still horrified at the fact that she’d almost cheated on him. Sure, she had been angry at him before; sure, she had flirted with other men before as a small retribution, but she’d never gone that far. She’d never found herself pushed up against a bathroom wall, her dress hiked up and an impossible hardness pressed up against her.

Thank kami she’d had the presence of mind to get out of there before it had progressed any further.

Choji had readily accepted her excuses; he didn’t even know that she had sat and drank with another man that night. She’d left her jacket at the bar--an ANBU had come, saying that the bartender had told him to bring it to her. It didn’t occur to Karui or Choji how the bartender could possibly know who she was.

Her husband seemed to already be asleep, or at least well on his way to that blissful state. His chest rose and fell, and an occasional rumbling snore tumbled forth from his lips.

Karui sighed, and smiled. She rubbed her head against Choji’s chest, and allowed her eyes to close.


She grasped at the nightstand for a second, fingers finally managing to locate her phone after a moment. Karui swiped the screen.

‘Received picture from: Unknown Number’

Curiosity prickled at her.

She went to her messages, and clicked the unknown number.

The picture appeared on her screen.

“Oh my-”

Choji let out a snore, and Karui clapped a hand over her mouth. She shifted uncomfortably. Her fingers seemed to refuse to swipe away from the picture.

‘It’s so big.’ she thought, half horrified and half allured. ‘How is it so big?’

It’s silly to think that the Akimichi clan had some ‘instant get better’ jutsu that let them grown in cock size. What kind of moron thought that was actually plausible? Arms and legs, the entire body, but you couldn’t instantly sprout a thirty inch cock if you wanted to. Karui knew that fact very well, for reasons that shouldn’t be hard to fathom.

Choji was… well, he was average. In comparison to the rest of his body, though? Well… he’d managed to keep Karui satisfied; mostly, at least to a certain extent; well, enough that she hadn’t felt the urge to cheat.

At least, until now.

It was kind of hard to go back to her previous state of monogamy when she just caught sight of the biggest cock that she had ever seen or even imagined. Karui was not inexperienced sexually. She had slept with her fair share of men--hell, she’d even walked in on Killer Bee undressing once, and he was famed for his skills in bed, if not his skills in picking up women.

But none of them came close to this. The girth, the circumference, the sheer length; to call it a cock seemed an understatement, to compare it to a lead pipe seemed unfair to the cock. What kind of man could wield this kind of equipment? Karui had a sneaking suspicion as to who exactly it was.

As if there was ever a question in the first place.

Her phone buzzed once more, and Karui jumped.

This time it was a short video--thirteen seconds exactly. Her breath hitched, but her fingers seemed to move of their own accord; she had to the foresight to make sure the sound on her phone was turned off, and then she pressed play.

It was that same cock.

But this time, it was pressed up against something--wet, pink folds, hot wet and needy. She was given a second to take in that lovely sight, before the cock began to push: it entered the pussy, it was stretched, it yearned, and Karui couldn’t help but shudder.

The video ended before anything further happened, but the message was clear. ‘This could be you.’

That could be her, at the helm of the ship that was taking what was the biggest ram she had ever seen--and no, she was not ashamed of that idiotic imagery. That could be her, flat on her back, a massive cock being wedged into her pussy while she mewled in ecstasy.

That could be her…

Choji let out a groan beside her, and she quickly hid what was on her screen from view. “You still up?” he rumbled, chest slowly rising up and down.

“I am,” Karui said--gaze glued to his crotch, her mind mentally comparing her husband’s size to what could only be Sasuke’s. As if there was even a comparison.

“Everything alright?” he asked, wounding one of those arms around her waist.

And no, a couple of pictures would not break her resolve. She would persevere--she would persevere…


“I’m fine,” Karui said, and she planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Awesome,” Choji murmured. He rolled over, and within moments was fast asleep once more.

Karui lifted her phone up, and pressed play on the video once more.

Her fingers slipped beneath the hem of her pajama pants...


He hefted her up onto his shoulders. “Woah there,” Sasuke said, “you might want to loosen that grip there a little.”

Sarada grinned cheekily. “Sorry, Papa,” she said, and her fingers reluctantly let go of his raven spikes. She sat atop his shoulders--and truly, it was a sight to behold, because the young girl had never imagined being able to see things from such a height.

He had taught her some simple things that day; how to parry a kick, how to sweep someone’s legs out from underneath them--though it hadn’t gone too well. His daughter wasn’t clumsy by any means, but Sasuke knew that it would take a while longer before she got even those basic moves down.

They walked home in silence, Sarada idly playing with the raven tresses of her father--he seemed to scowl a little, but he wasn’t about to ruin Sarada’s good mood over something as paltry as that. Her fun with his hair therefore went on unmolested.

Sakura was in the kitchen when Sasuke stepped in, Sarada still aloft on his shoulders. “Hi, Mama!” Sarada said, and she waved happily.

“Sarada-chan!” Sakura said, and she smoothed out the front of her apron. “Oh… you’re so dirty!”

“Me and Papa did a lot of training!” Sarada exclaimed, and she flexed her arm. Her face was caked in dirt and mud, her clothes perhaps even worse off.

“You need to go bathe young lady,” Sakura said. Sasuke gently lifted Sarada off of his shoulders, and set her down on the floor; she continued to beam up at Sakura from behind those spectacles, unabashed at her mother’s disapproval.

“Do I have to?” Sarada whined.

Sasuke shook his head; Sakura merely intensified her disapproving look. Sarada sighed.

“Okay…” Sarada mumbled, and she padded out of the kitchen.

Sasuke waited for her to go upstairs--then…

He walked up,  and casually stuck his hand beneath her apron and skirt. There beneath lay a simple chastity belt--wrapped around her waist, serving as a plug to hold within her the load he had so generously pumped into her womb that morning.

“Get in the shower you slut,” Sasuke murmured. “I know you haven’t taken one since I was finished with you earlier; I want everything to be nice and clean for when Sarada is asleep.”

Sakura grinned. “Of course, Sasuke-kun.” She swooned. “You can join me in the shower if you want~!”

He paused for an instant.

“You know…” Sasuke murmured. “Go ahead and get in Sakura,” he said. “I’ll be up there in a moment; I think I have an idea.”


It was quiet through the morning; she felt like a soldier, perched inside of a trench, peering over the parapet and looking through the fog--waiting, beckoning the enemy to come forward. She was scared, yet she was teeming with anticipation. She kept going over the things he had already sent her… the picture of his magnificent cock, the video of him entering that woman, and she was enthralled. Captivated.

She and Choji had sex that morning. It was light, and she didn’t even cum, but it was nice… maybe. Sort of. She couldn’t help but be glad that he had pulled out of her and fired his seed across her stomach, for reasons she didn’t know. And like usual, she got up--strode to the bathroom--and casually wiped it off with a baby wipe. Nothing more, nothing less.

Karui proceeded normally until about noon. It was a typical day--she sent Chouchou off to the academy, sent Choji off with a few lunches as he went on a B-ranked mission, and then sent herself to the couch for some well earned time watching TV.

Her phone dinged.

She picked it up--and once she’d unlocked the screen nearly dropped it once again. She covered her mouth up with a hand, a flush swiftly taking over her dark skin.

Karui didn’t waste any time; on this newest video, she pressed play immediately.

The ‘thumbnail’ had been a simple glimpse of that glorious cock, but the video itself started off simply enough. There was a door. A dainty, pale hand reached out to open it, and on the other side, Karui could hear what sounded to be running water.

The redhead’s mouth went dry; it was beautiful--wonderful, amazing, and already she could feel that familiar arousal growing in between her thighs.

A man was in the shower; and though his specifics were hidden by the steamy glass, the more important attributes were more than evident. His muscled physique--everything about him seemed tone and fit, the perfect human specimen honed over years of training and discipline.

And that went without mentioning what hung between his legs, perfectly silhouetted by the glass--it was soft to be sure, but massive nonetheless.

Karui couldn’t help it… she slipped a hand beneath her shorts, and began to massage the front of her panties in an almost desperate way.

The man washed himself. He stretched, and almost as if he knew that he was being watched, his member twitched. It grew, it lifted up off of his thigh and jerked against his belly.

Her mouth watered.

Suddenly, the shower water turned off. His hand reached to pull back the screen door, and-

The video shut off.

A pause.

Then, a minute later, another text arrived in her inbox. It read: ‘There is a second half to that video. All I ask before I give it to you, is a little reciprocation.”

Karui gulped, and though she already knew the answer, she felt the need to ask for clarification. ‘Recipriation?’ she sent back to the ‘mystery’ number in a text.

‘I’ve given you quite the show so far,’ the reply read, once it had arrived a moment later. ‘I think a picture or two isn’t asking so much.’

Her chest heaved up and down, and almost without thinking, she began to lift up the front of her shirt. Karui was so horny, so aroused--sex with Choji where she didn’t cum only served to make her that much more needy, and that little video had driven her repressed mind near over the limit. She so badly wanted to see the second half, to the point where she’d do this.

Karui, as calmly as she could manage, switched to the camera app on her phone. Her hand shook slightly as she set it to the forward facing mode--and with a tap of her thumb, she snapped a picture of her bra-clad bust, perky nipples visible through the thin material.

She sent the photo to the number, then promptly deleted it from her phone; and she waited, and waited, until an agonizing three minutes later when her phone buzzed in her hand again.

The second half of the video, and it began straight from when the first one ended.

Gently, the man pulled back the glass door, and it was Sasuke--wet, hot, steamy Sasuke, a smirk on his face and water rolling down his body in a way that made him look like a Greek god. Karui’s hand went further now, it slipped beneath her panties and into her slick folds, fingers unable to stop from burying themselves inside of her slit.

The camerawoman stepped forward then--and gently eased herself onto her knees before Sasuke, so that the camera panned upwards; his massive cock alone took up half of the shot.

Sasuke leaned down.

“Unlock your back door,” he whispered, as his member gave one last twitch in front of the camera.

Then, the video went to black.

Karui froze.

Was he…?

She had never leapt up so fast. Karui felt desperate--was this what the feeling of cheating was like? It was so exhilarating, to be wet for another man, to be desperate for another man, to imagine him coming into her home and...

Karui sped through her house, and unlocked the back door without exhaling a single breath in the time since she had stood up.

Another minute passed. She was still somewhat lucid, and it occurred to her that he was purposely making her wait--knowing that her desire would only grow in his absence.

Her phone buzzed, and it was out of her pocket and in her hand faster than she could blink.

‘Take off your clothes.’

Karui gaped at the screen.

It hit her.

This was happening.

She had drank with him, made out with him, grinded against him--sexted with him, fingered herself to pictures and videos of him, even sent him a picture of her breasts. Now, she had unlocked her backdoor… fully aware of what exactly what would happen if she did.

Karui knew how wrong this was. She knew that she was throwing away her marriage, her child, her life.

And yet, she couldn’t bring herself to stop.

She padded back to the living room, her hands shaking.

Gently, she eased her shirt over her head. Unhooked her bra. Slid her shorts down. Then her panties.

Everything felt so raw and exposed--that feeling of arousal trickling down her thigh so unusual to her. Choji could get her a little wet maybe, but not like this, not to the point where it felt like her loins were literally bubbling with desire.

“I fucking hate you,” she whispered. If Sasuke had been there before her, there was no chance in hell she would have said those words--lest she deprive her chances at getting lucky. But in the brief period before he arrived, she said those words.

A swallow.

Then, she sat down on the couch, and waited.

In the distance--she felt almost like a bat, able to hear the littlest of noises--she heard the door knob turn. The soft creak of the door itself opening, and then footsteps; incredibly soft, yet she knew that it was effortless, that if he wanted her to be unable to hear him, that she wouldn’t even know he had entered her house into it was too late.

The sound of cloth being moved--when he stepped into the living room, Karui saw that he had already taken his shirt off, and that his trousers were being removed just as quickly. Dangling from a wrist was what appeared to be a rather large leather bag.

It only took him a moment to finish undressing, and Karui averted her gaze, face red as her hair, because seeing all of him in real life was a wholly different experience from seeing it on the small screen of her phone.

“Don’t do anything impulsive,” he murmured, voice let velvet, transfixing her in an instant. “I’m going to handle this, Karui. For your first time with a real man, I think you deserve nothing less but complete bliss.”

She was silent, entire body quivering before his gaze. Nude, nude, nude! She was naked before this man--she already knew that he had more than enough ‘equipment’ to satisfy her and three other women at once, but she had no idea if he would like her body. She wasn’t overly curvy, neither was she particularly thin. If anything, Karui was average, and she couldn’t imagine a man like Sasuke settling for average.

Of course, she didn’t know that there was another reason he might want her aside from her body.

Sasuke was uncharacteristically gentle as he wound his arms around her slim waist. Pale fingers danced across dark skin--she shivered, as his digits felt like cool snakes sliding across her molten body, alight with arousal and shame and a thousand other things.

He turned her slightly; then, he placed a hand on the small of her back, and bent her directly over the couch, so that her plump and luscious ass was jutted out right toward him.

“You get to decide which hole I take first,” Sasuke murmured.

Karui’s lip wobbled.

Perhaps it was one last service to her husband--or some kind of misguided belief that the other hole meant it wasn’t cheating, but Karui made up her mind rather quickly. She placed her fingers on either side of her ass cheeks, and spread them wide, so that her puckered hole practically winked in Sasuke’s direction.

Sasuke chuckled. “I see,” he said, and he picked up that leather bag he’d held earlier--from within it, he withdrew a bottle of lube. “You’re going to need this,” he said.

He was already hard, and she could hear the sounds of him smoothing the lube over his massive cock; it took much longer than she’d thought it would. Then again, she realized, he did have a lot of ground to cover with that lube...

“Now I’ve got to do you,” Sasuke murmured, as he slathered his fingers in the green colored lubricant. “It’ll be cold, so brace yourself I suppose.”

Her fingers were starting to get tired, holding her puckered hole wide for his viewing pleasure. She didn’t dare to move them away though--she wanted to present him the best view possible. Her juices steadily pooled down her thighs, the pungent smell of her arousal filling the air.

Karui jumped as she felt a finger poke her… there. It was cold, as he had said, and she groaned as it slid inside of her asshole. He worked it in and out, smoothing the lube around the sides, pumping it so that he could get as much of her insides covered in the goo.

Eventually he added a second finger, and then a third. It stung a little--she and Choji had never really done much butt stuff before--but she persevered, grinding her teeth, trying to refrain from bucking her hips when he withdrew to get another coating of lube on his fingers.

All in all, it only took him a minute or so; but to Karui, it felt like an eternity. And when he pulled his fingers out, and murmured “I’m done,” she let out a sigh of relief.

Then, she felt something massive press up against her puckered hole.

“W-wait-” she gasped, but it was too late--he had already pushed his hips forward, and begun to ground the bulbous head of his cock inside of her.

To think with all of that lube, all of that prep work, all of that time spent to prepare her for his invasion, and it was still so difficult. Her fingers grasped the back of the couch like a lifeline, and she buried her face in the cushions as he slid the head inside of her.

The head was massive--it felt as if she were trying to take four Choji sized cocks at once. “Fuck!” she whimpered, as he pushed, and he pushed, until her body gave in and the mushroom head sort of ‘popped’ inside.

His hands gripped either side of her hips. He had plenty of leverage, more than enough for his purposes. And fuck was Sasuke hard--watching his cock disappear into this dark skinned goddess’s puckered hole was a dream come true.

Most of the reason he was doing this was for the political reasons, the power he could effectively use to ensure peace--but no one in their right mind would say they didn’t enjoy the sex. Sakura, Temari, Karui… he would fuck them with glee, then use the dominion he had over their bodies to further his plans. It was a win-win situation for him.

Sasuke smirked.

And reared his hand back, so that he could bring it down and give her ass a resounding smack! She whimpered.

“I hope you know this isn’t where I’m going to stop,” Sasuke said. “Once I’ve conquered this hole, I’ll wear you down until you spread your legs and give me access to the other one.

He did not wait for a response; instead, Sasuke pressed forward with his assault and began to ease more and more of his girthy member inside of her. His hands gripped her hips so tightly as to leave her skin red--he drove himself forward, every inch a battle, every single groan she let out acting as an aphrodisiac for the Uchiha.

“Moan for me,” Sasuke urged. “Come on you little whore. You can bend over, you can spread your legs, you can clench this tight little ass around me--but you can’t moan? What dignity do you have left to salvage? Nothing. The best you can do right now… is to please me more, so I can fuck you hard enough that you’ll forget about all of your worries.”

Karui grit her teeth. “N-no,” she rasped, voice low. “I won’t moan for anyone but- but my husband.”

“Your husband?” Sasuke actually laughed--it sounded half amused, half maniacal. “Can your fucking husband do this?”

He seized her by the back of the head, and forced her face further into the couch cushion; and with the power he had cultivated through years of training, Sasuke thrust himself forward and sheathed as much of his cock as he could into Karui’s tight ass.

Which was only about halfway, mind you--she was simply too tight back there to go any further. But it was still more cock than Karui had ever experienced in her life, and it was only the fact that she’d bitten into the fabric of the cushion that she didn’t moan like a bitch right there and then.

That didn’t stop her mouth from betraying her. “Oh fuck…!” she groaned. “Oh fuck you’re so big--how… how are you so big? Gahh!”

Sasuke shook his head. He pulled out a few inches, then thrust them back in just as forcefully--once again she managed to stop herself from moaning for him, but only just.

It was pathetic really, this woman and her show of rebellion. What could she say? That all he’d had to do was dangle a big cock in front of her face, and she threw away her husband and spread her legs? How paltry, to think that just because she wouldn’t moan for him didn’t mean he didn’t own her already.

He might as well have. It wasn’t as if he was going to relinquish his grip on her anytime soon.

Sasuke continued to pump in and out of her at a leisurely pace--then, he picked up said pace. He snaked a hand between her legs, and teased that burning red hot nub. She was so close, so close, so close-

Then he stopped.

He pulled out of her with some difficulty, as she had begun to clench around him. Her asshole wasn’t gaping, but it had widened considerably--it would be at least a few minutes before it managed to return to its original size.

Karui whimpered. “W-what… what are you doing?” she gasped, her chest heaving up and down.

Sasuke chuckled. “What? You dump me in some bar, leave me blue balled once, force me to go through all of this trouble to fuck you, and you won’t even bother to moan for me either… I don’t think you deserve any kind of reward. You deserve punishment you little whore.”

He picked up his discarded clothes, and dressed quickly.

“Why don’t you wait for your precious ‘husband’ to come home?” Sasuke smirked. “Maybe he’ll be able to get you off; because I certainly won’t, not with the attitude you have. Goodbye Karui--I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other soon, once you’ve seen reason.”

She gaped at him, juices still steadily flowing down her thigh as he calmly walked out of the room. She heard the backdoor open and shut a moment later.

“He…” she whispered.

He’d given her a taste of her own medicine.

But, unlike Sasuke, Karui didn’t have her counterpart of Temari or Sakura to ease her frustration. She had Choji--boring, snoring, completely vanilla Choji who probably wouldn’t be able to get it up once he came home from his mission. He’d likely just roll over onto his side of the bed, and pass out, leaving her unfulfilled…

… like usual.

“You son of a bitch,” Karui cursed. “You- you asshole!”

Oh fuck. Oh fuck.


How on earth was she supposed to get Sasuke back inside of her, while at the same time salvaging whatever left she had of her pride?

It seemed an impossible task, yet… he left her no choice.

At this rate, Karui figured there would be nothing that remained of the old her by the time he was done.

Then again, so long as she would stuffed full of that massive cock, Karui doubted she would mind much…

She slipped a hand in between her thighs, and slid a finger into her folds.

“S- Sasuke…” Karui moaned, and there was only one person on her mind as she so desperately tried to alleviate the sexual frustration he had thrust upon her.

Too bad there was only one way to do that, and he had just walked out of that door.


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