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“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Her chest heaved up and down; her skin sweaty and flushed, her blonde hair having fallen from its signature ponytails long ago.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” Temari repeated, and she stared up at the man that loomed above her with a wild mixture of fascination and fear.

“You know…” Sasuke murmured. “You probably could have picked a better time to say that.” He began to roll his hips forward--and suddenly she gasped, and whimpered, and moaned against him.

After all, he was sheathed all the way inside of her in that very moment. Every inch of his rock hard, fat cock stuffed inside of her desperately wet snatch. She was like jelly in his hands, and all it took was a little maneuvering inside of her--not even thrusting--to leave her wanting… begging… needing.

Mmmmmmugh…” The sound that escaped Temari’s lips didn’t sound coherent, let alone human. There were two sides fiercely battling inside of her--one side wanted to give into her lust, and the other wanted to fight it with tooth and nail. She didn’t want to admit which side was winning… but considering the position she was in, it didn’t take that much time to figure it out.

Something glistened on her finger.

Her wedding ring. It was beautiful, elegant--a stone that her husband’s overbearing mother had passed down to him. When he’d proposed, he hadn’t even bothered to get down on one knee; instead, he had simply dropped the ring into her hand and went back to cloud watching. It made Temari smirk at the thought of it--it had taken her a good five minutes to realize what Shikamaru’s intentions were.

It had been such a nice moment… and her thoughts lingered on it.

At least, until she felt a gargantuan cock move inside of her--then, her vision seemed to white out for a good five seconds, and all thoughts of Shikamaru were temporarily banished from her mind.

She arched her back, pushing her body up so that her chest was pressed against his. “Fuck!” Temari gasped. She couldn’t get a good hold on anything, her arms and legs flailing about as he continued to grind against her. It wasn’t as if she could do anything--he wouldn’t allow her to get any leverage. Sasuke held her down with ease, encouraging his cock to do things to her that would make a prostitute flush in shame.

He was so big. It seemed almost comical how big he was compared to her husband--but Temari wasn’t laughing when he stuck it inside of her, and made her see stars. Sasuke penetrated so deep… it felt as if he was rummaging through her insides. She knew it to be a literal impossibility for him to reach her womb and penetrate it… but it seemed that Sasuke wasn’t going to stop himself from trying. Places of her that she hadn’t even known existed were being stretched far, far beyond what nature dictated to be their limit. She felt as if she were breaking--but if felt so good, it felt like heaven.

“Why are you doing this?” Temari rasped, as he began to pump in and out of her--not quite thrusting, but merely working his cock inside of her cunt, only allowing an inch or so to come out of her wet hole before plugged it yet again.

“You know why I’m doing this.” Sasuke said. “If a beautiful girl practically throws themselves at me… well, I just can’t help myself. I wouldn’t care if you had half a dozen husbands--I’d fuck you in front of all of them, so long as you spread your legs and gave me access.”

She whimpered, but didn’t respond. Maybe that was because he had hit her G-spot, and forced upon her an orgasm that equaled a dozen Shikamaru could give her, but it might also be shame. No, more likely it was the former.

Of course, Sasuke wasn’t being entirely truthful.

There was a method to this adultery. Sasuke wasn’t the type to steal a man’s woman without reason--and Shikamaru hadn’t done anything to have a bull descend upon and conquer his wife.

It was all very pragmatic; a classical application of Realpolitik if you will. Konoha was not like other villages, where the Kage ruled indiscriminately and the clans were forced to follow--it was much more ‘democratic’ then that. Though the Kage still held sovereignty over major issues, the clan heads formed a sort of congress for more minor things… things like taxation, mission distribution, the funding of research or construction, among a multitude of other things.

It’s been said that behind every man is an even greater woman. And heaven forbid the man that went against his wife’s insistence on an issue.

Sasuke’s plan was simple.

He had not given in to Naruto’s idealism. He was smart enough to recognize that if a crisis were to erupt, there was a good chance that Konoha would be too busy bickering between each other to take note and deal with it. So… Sasuke resolved to take the helm, and to secure control of at the very least a plurality of clans.

Which was simple.

If the clan head was a male… Sasuke would go after his wife. An application of Uchiha cock was more than enough to force her into submission--and from then on, she would be a mouthpiece for him, encouraging and convincing her husband to vote for what their wives wanted. And of course, the husbands would do it… they, after all, wanted to keep their wives happy. In turn, the wives wanted to keep their bull--Sasuke--happy, so that he could continue to sate their craving for cock.

If the clan head was a female… well, that was simple. He didn’t care if they had a husband--he’d simply seduce and fuck the female clan head, and then have a direct voice on the council voting for him, rather than the cuckold husbands who could (though it was a very slim chance, with their wives whispering in their ear) vote against Sasuke’s wishes.

All he needed was a majority in the council, or at least a little over, and Sasuke would have secured control over half of the village’s power structure then and there.

Of course, he had other plans. Naruto was an idiot--and Sasuke couldn’t trust him not to do the objectively right thing rather than the morally right thing if the situation called for it. Hinata would have to be seduced, and turned into another pawn of Sasuke. That was just the way the game was played.

Other women would have to succumb as well, even those that were not on the council, or married to clan heads. Tsunade was one--her influence as a future Hokage was one that Sasuke could not go without. He could even dot a few pawns in other villages, in order to keep an eye on them. Perhaps they would act as spies at first--then, if the opportunity rose, Sasuke could slowly convert the other villages to permanently be on Konoha’s side.

All of this began with Nara Temari.

Owing to his little minx on the inside--who shall be elaborated on later--Sasuke was well aware of Shikamaru’s sexual inadequacy. No, the Nara wasn’t small. No, it wasn’t that he couldn’t get it up. He was just a deadbeat, lazy ass who didn’t bother to keep his wife satisfied.

Which is where Sasuke came in.

Temari was easy enough to seduce. A carefully picked shirt that demonstrated Sasuke’s muscles. A little bit of light flirting. A helping handful of sexual innuendo. The next thing Sasuke knew, he’d been carrying Temari to her marital bed, the blonde viciously kissing him. It had taken all the way until their clothes were both off, and Sasuke to be all the way inside of her for her to have any doubts…

… and by then, it had already been too late.

Which brought them to now.
Sasuke was fairly happy with his first choice. Temari was reasonably attractive--well sized breasts that weren’t too big or too small, long legs, curvy figure, pretty face… she was more than enough to lure any man into bed with her.

Even as he ground his cock inside of her, making Temari twitch and shudder against him, Sasuke felt the tiniest nudge of guilt. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, to ruin a woman for her husbands--but it was for a good cause, he reasoned. His brother’s sacrifice could not be in vain, and Sasuke refused to allow internal bickering and indecisiveness destroy the village.

Sasuke calmly pulled out of Temari, his cock leaving her snatch with a wet shulk. She groaned… and almost subconsciously, seemed to throw herself at him, latching around Sasuke. “N-no!” she whimpered, and Sasuke couldn’t help but think how much of a departure her behavior was from her earlier objections. “D-don’t! I didn’t mean it, I swear!”

If only Shikamaru could see his feisty wife now--begging for cock like a mere whore. Luckily for Shikamaru, Sasuke would ensure that she only showed this side to him. That was the least he could do… never could Sasuke let anyone outside know of his plans. His control over the village would be withheld to everyone, aside from a group of cum addicted sluts that would sooner willingly fuck another man than betray him.

“Shh.” Sasuke said, pressing a finger to her lips. She stared at him almost fearfully--her teal eyes wide. “I was only switching the position, Tema. Don’t worry.”

She nodded, reluctantly letting go of him. So empty… she just felt so empty--that was the only way she could describe the feeling that him pulling out of her was. It was a horrid wake up call… a more than effective way for her to realize just how far she had fallen in such a short time.

Even with that lingering in her mind, Temari put up no resistance as Sasuke calmly rearranged her. He flipped her over onto her stomach… giving her luscious and plump ass a nice smack before setting to work. “I’m going to go all out now.” Sasuke said. “Bite down on the pillow.”

It suddenly occurred to her how what before had been--simply a taste. He hadn’t thrusted, he hadn’t done anything aside from gently grind against her… and she’d came like a train barreling down the tracks.

It also occurred to her that it would be a very good idea to heed his advice. Temari swallowed, and then bit down onto the pillow--more specifically, the one her husband laid his head down on every night. She gripped the headboard as tightly as she could, her teal eyes latched onto the wedding ring sparkling onto her finger.

He grasped the base of his member, gently teasing it against her weeping entrance. Wet didn’t even begin to describe the state of her pussy--it felt like a tsunami of biblical proportions, a testament to how hot and aroused she was in that moment.
Sasuke jammed himself inside of her, and let out a sigh of relief. Temari was extraordinarily tight--and though he knew Shikamaru wasn’t exactly small, it was clear the size difference between the two males. When the tip of Sasuke’s cock alone made Temari beg for mercy, there was no denying how superior Sasuke was in the bedroom.

He allowed her a mere instant to adjust to his size. Regardless of the fact that he had been inside of not a minute before, he couldn’t just bury himself all the way inside of her again--he wanted a workable pussy to fuck, not a broken one. A broken woman was fine, so long as she kept her mouth shut and her marriage intact so as to not destroy Sasuke’s plan.

Then… he began to press into her.

She quite literally whimpered, muffled by the fact that she was still biting down on the pillow. His length… it just kept going, and going--every inch able to be felt by her, owing to the fact that it continued to stretch her out even as he continued to penetrate. With Shikamaru, he had bottomed out with ease… but Sasuke had to fight to make his way into her, for her overwhelming tightness was the only obstacle to his cock for the time being.

Sasuke leaned forward, grasping her breasts for the leverage that he needed. This position offered him quite a bit more area to penetrate… but those places were unchartered territory when it came to his cock, and he needed the grip. He squeezed her breasts as he thrusted forward once more, quashing his fat cock into her snatch. It was such a lewd sight for him--her pussy seemed far too tight to take his member, and yet Sasuke forced the situation, he forced her to take it, because otherwise she was nothing but a useless set of curves to him.

He finally bottomed out. Even Sasuke was panting slightly--she was just so damned tight, it almost hurt. Even a virgin wasn’t this tight… then, Sasuke realized that she was purposefully clenching herself around him. ‘What a dirty slut.’ he thought. ‘I wonder if she does the same for her husband.’

She didn’t.

Finally… he began to thrust. This wasn’t the grinding inside of her that he had done before. This was far, far worse than that--at least from the perspective of a woman trying to keep her sanity. His incredible thickness, pumping in and out of her… stretching her out, retreating, and not even giving her poor pussy a second to recover before he had forced himself back in.

And he was still squeezing her breasts. He was still whispering dirty, filthy things into her ear. “Fuck, you’re tighter than I could imagine. I could fuck you all night.” Things that made her flush in shame and arousal, things that made her bite down harder. She didn’t--because she knew that the neighbors would coming running of they heard her moan, because she was sure it would sound like a dying woman considering the amount of pleasure he was forcing on her.

Yet… she couldn’t find the top of that plateau. She just… couldn’t… cum. Why not? Everything about this was amazing--absolutely everything, from the way his cock felt inside of her, to the way the headboard knocked against the wall from the force of his thrusts.

“Oh… sorry about that.” Sasuke said, in a way that made it obvious that he was not even the slightest bit sorry. “Could you not get all the way there? My bad.”

It hit her with a jolt.

He had been purposefully making sure she wouldn’t cum.

Her eyes widened.

All at once, Sasuke did two things: he slammed right into her G-spot, and he used his thumb to ground down on her engorged clit. It was just a spontaneous reaction to be near instantaneous--though Temari herself would unfortunately not be privy to what happened, considering she literally blacked out for the next minute or so.

But she screamed. She let out a muffled scream into the pillow that seemed inhuman, bucking her hips back against him, arching her back in a way that allowed him to penetrate even deeper if possible. If she had been tight before, it was nothing compared to what she was now--but Sasuke still continued to force himself inside of her, thrusting into Temari.

He cursed lightly, before he himself came. A thick, fat wad of cum burst from the tip of his cock and splattered inside of her--followed by a multitude more. Though he had gone through with this for mostly pragmatic reasons, there was still a sense of euphoria at claiming another man’s wife… that, combined with her exquisite tightness, culminated in a load of monstrous proportions. Ten, twenty men couldn’t match how much cum he dumped into her.

Her snatch was no match. His throbbing, sore member had practically torn it open--leaving her cervix open to his assault. His seed pelted it, pounded it, blasted it into submission… and then entered her womb.

It was so… warm- no, hot. Not even hot described it. His essence felt like magma, like liquid fire, like some kind of heavenly substance that was being pumped into her by the bucket loads. She was still practically comatose--but her body was still well aware, and it was doing everything it could to further both of their pleasure. She bucked her hips back against him… she grasped the headboard tighter and tighter, she let out a multitude of muffled moans that sounded subhuman.

He pulled out of her, and let go as well. Without his hands and cock holding her up, Temari slumped--falling forward onto the mattress, still twitching in the aftermath of her all consuming orgasm. Sasuke was entirely done with his own orgasm, and he quickly jerked out the last few strands of jizz onto her shapely rump--staining her pristine skin with his hot white seed.
Sasuke used the sheets to mop his forehead. “That was enjoyable.” he said, leaning back slightly. Though he was still hard--as he always was, there seemed to be no end to his libido--Sasuke allowed himself to soften.

He eased himself off of the bed, stepping into the master bathroom. Sasuke wet his face using water from the sink; he also used one of Temari’s fluffy towels to wipe his member off, cleaning his cum and her juices off of it. It wasn’t a replacement for a shower, but he knew that Shikamaru wouldn’t be out of the house forever.

Sasuke had already fucked his wife--in his marital bed--and claimed her womb for his own. The very least he could do is not use the man’s shower… or at least not until it was a little more safe. If there was a chance they could be caught, Sasuke was prefer to take the safer option.

He wasn’t looking to steal their wives away. Not their hearts at the very least--just their bodies.

When Sasuke stepped back into the bedroom, Temari was stirring.

“Fuck…” she cursed, rolling onto her back. Temari sat up--gaping at her legs, reaching her fingers down to pull open her folds and allow even more of his cum to spill out. “There’s so much…” Temari whispered. “Fuck, I-I feel so full… how in the…”

“I think that was a rather novel experience.” Sasuke said, causing her to jump.

She stared at him for a moment.

Then… her gaze drifted down to his flaccid member. ‘Still so big…’ she thought, dumbstruck--unconsciously licking her lips. Even when he was soft, Shikamaru looked like a toothpick compared to him. Kami.

Sasuke knew that he couldn’t immediately start demanding her to convince Shikamaru to vote in Sasuke’s favor. He would hold off on that--she was claimed, sure, but she wasn’t quite conquered yet. And plus, there was no point in conducting those votes in his favor until he had a little more influence in the council.

“Where’s your phone?” Sasuke asked quietly.

Temari seemed hesitant for a moment--before pointing a shaking hand to her purse, which had been thrown haphazardly onto the ground when they had entered the room. Sasuke crossed the room to it, crouching down and pulling the phone out of it.


She swallowed. “Shika.” Temari said, her lip wobbling slightly.
He typed it in without comment. Sasuke was still not well versed on these new damn cellphones--but he knew enough to put his phone number into Temari’s phone. Once that was done, he tossed it to Temari. She still seemed a little sluggish, and instead of her catching it, the thing smacked her right in the tit.

“Ow!” she hissed… before letting out a moan, as a particularly large glob of cum escaped her. She glanced at the phone scream. “Is this…?”

“Whenever your husband is at work, on a mission, or out of the house… feel free to call me.” Sasuke said. While she had looked away, he had started getting dressed--he was already halfway done, pulling on his shirt as he spoke. “I’ll come over any time.” He flashed her one last smirk, before disappearing out of the door.

Temari shuddered.

It was a free booty call essentially.

A free offer to have that beast of a man come up. Take off his clothes. Unveil his majestic cock. Then, persuade her to spread her legs faster than her husband could ever hope to achieve--if he ever wanted to have sex that was.

It was such a tempting offer.

His hot cum… still pouring from her snatch. She didn’t feel sore from pain--she felt sore from pleasure, like the sex had been so good to the point where it had almost hurt. She imagined that she would probably have dreams about that orgasm.

Temari let out a sigh. She flipped her phone closed, and leaned back.

She heard the front door close--and groaned internally, knowing that she would have to go down there and lock it herself in a bit.

But she didn’t want to get up. She really didn’t want to get up, not with that wonderful sensation--her womb nice and full, packed to the brim with her new lover’s cum. She felt sated sexually for the first time in her life, and that was saying something; Temari didn’t exactly take it easy on any man she fucked, but Sasuke was just so domineering… he had come in, taken what he’d wanted--her pussy and her dignity--and walked out.

She glanced at her wedding ring.

Then at the phone.

Then, the cum still steadily pouring from her pussy.
In all truthfulness, her mind had been made up ages ago.

… because there was no chance in hell Temari was going to go the rest of her life without the feel of that cock in her again. Maybe the rest of that week.

‘I wonder if he’d be mad if I called him right now…’ Temari thought, smiling.


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