Broken Kunai

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A little jaunt out of Konoha. ^_^

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Sasuke looked around the room to assess it. Pure habit for a shinobi in a new place. It wasn’t the fanciest room, but rustic and comfortable. He glanced at the door that led to the beach: locked. He went to the window and checked the line of sight.

Confident that the room was secure, he threw himself onto the king bed. He sighed. “Why is riding in a wagon so tiring?”

Kakashi didn’t answer. He shut the door and followed suit. He couldn’t help sighing as well. “You forget how good it can be to lay in a different bed every once in a while.”

“The sad thing is, this motel mattress is probably cleaner than ours.”

They both started chuckling. “That’s probably true,” Kakashi laughed.

Sasuke scoffed. “Now I’m wondering how the fuck do you wash a mattress?”

“Ha. Mattress pads I guess.”

They dozed for a while before Kakashi slipped his arm under Sasuke’s to lace their fingers together. That woke Sasuke up for a minute, but then he dozed off again.

As the light faded, Kakashi got up and unpacked. Sasuke sat up and rubbed his face.


“Yeah, we should go find food.”


“What you’re wearing is fine.”

Sasuke just grunted and went to clean up.

Sasuke was more awake by the time they were outside. “One of those merchants told me that there’s a large fishing port to the south of here. This place should have the freshest fish in the country. I want to try their sashimi.”

“Not tonight; it’ll be fresher at lunch.” He just really didn’t want to eat raw fish so soon before bed. Even though they dozed for a few hours, Kakashi was certain they could sleep most of the night. Sasuke was right, any sort of travel was tiring.

They may be on vacation, but they were still shinobi. Sasuke wore his sword. Kakashi wasn’t sure he’d seen Sasuke outside his estate walls without his sword since the war. He’d go to his best friend’s wedding wearing a sword on his back. But Kakashi was the same: he couldn’t help wearing a pouch of shuriken and kunai, not to mention the small arsenal Kankuro loaded his false leg with. Sasuke still never wore his headband outside of missions, that was usually on his bicep rather than forehead, so Kakashi used his as an eye patch like he used to so people knew the weapon carrying strangers were Konoha shinobi.

It was the off season and the high street was nearly deserted, but all the shops and restaurants were still open, just understaffed and quiet.

“Not a lot of shinobi here,” Sasuke commented.

“Meaning few will recognize us. The shinobi in the area will know us, but hopefully they don’t hate you.”

“That’s encouraging.”

“Civilians don’t give a damn as long as we’re from Konoha.”

“We’re being watched.”

“Without malice. A good looking young man attracts attention.”

“I should have henged.”

“I was talking about me.”

Sasuke scoffed. “You’re masked. That attracts attention too.”

They came to a normal restaurant and asked for a booth in the back. Kakashi kept his back to the room, but there were few people there and those that were there were looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke was uncomfortable; he didn’t like to be watched while he was eating. It reminded Kakashi of a dog that growled when petted while eating. A few glares and people stopped looking.

“Stop smirking,” Sasuke said.

“My mask is up.”

“But I know you’re smirking.”

“Your irritation amuses me.”


After dinner, they walked down the rest of the high street then back up the beach. Sasuke stayed close to Kakashi’s side to be available to support him if his leg malfunctioned or just got tired walking through sand.

Dinner digested, they headed for the beach door to their room. Sasuke scanned the room; no one had been in there since they left.

Kakashi opened the beachside window and took in another lungful of fresh sea air.

“So, what now?” Sasuke asked.

“You’ve never taken a vacation before, have you?”


Sasuke wound his arms around Kakashi and pulled him gently backward for them both to sit on the bed. Kakashi sat between Sasuke’s legs rather than on them. Sasuke rubbed his face into Kakashi’s neck and hair. He loved the smell of Kakashi’s hair and skin. He might be the Seme in the relationship, but Kakashi’s body was narrower than Sasuke’s. His back was lean, but Sasuke could still feel his muscles, the strength in him, even though he was retired. His solidness affected him more since he had been in love with a memory for so many years. To really have the man he loved and admired in his arms, there to lean against, meant more than sex or how beautiful he was or even how supportive he’d been.

Sasuke was happy to remain like this, but Kakashi started to caress his knee. To Sasuke, who had limited physical contact with anyone beside Kakashi and hitting people in battle or training, any touch short of a strike was intimate.

The way they were sitting, Sasuke was free to slither around onto Kakashi’s lap, pull down Kakashi’s mask, and suck at his lips. They made out like that for several minutes; Kakashi holding Sasuke just under his still tender ribs, licking at the inside of his mouth and sucking at his lips. Sasuke roughly massaged Kakashi’s scalp, tangling his fingers in his silver hair.

Sasuke finally leaned into Kakashi, forcing him down on the bed. Sasuke shucked his shirt and pulled his pants far enough to expose his erection. He turned his attention to Kakashi’s clothes, hiking the older man’s shirt up to his chest and pulling his pants down to mid-thigh. He was getting quite good at blindly unstrapping Kakashi’s leg even through his pants.

All that kissing left Sasuke’s mouth too tired for a blowjob. Instead, he grabbed their erections together and pumped them while sliding his own cock up against Kakashi and through his hand.

Sasuke leaned back, his head hanging, his jaw slack as he was overwhelmed with the pleasure of jerking off with Kakashi’s own cock. He stopped to run the leaking head of his cock up Kakashi’s hardness. Kakashi’s breath hitched as the smooth crown slid easily upward, lubricated by precum. Sasuke played his cock against the underside flair.

Sasuke steadied his own cock with one hand, took Kakashi’s cock with the other, and pulled it down so that he could touch the weeping slits of both their erections, letting their precum combine.

In that moment, Sasuke sorely wished he could bend down far enough to lick at their joined cocks. He was Orochimaru’s student and could indeed elongate his tongue like his former master, but he knew better than to do that out of the blue with his lover. He did the next best thing, using a finger to collect a few drops and taste it. He collected another fingertip of their blended fluids and put it to Kakashi’s lips. Kakashi licked the finger clean and sucked it into his mouth.

Sasuke leaned down over him. “Enough, I want you to fuck me.”

Kakashi rolled them over, kicking his pants off as he did. Sasuke did the same.

Kakashi almost lamented out loud that Sasuke wasn‘t female and was not able to self lubricate. Did he even pack the lube? He sat back to use his hands to make a clone. He occupied himself with rocking against his lover until his shadow clone could find it.

The clone grew desperate; he couldn’t find it until clone and original remembered it was in his vest. Victorious, the clone dropped the lube in Kakashi’s hand and vanished.

Sasuke pulled his knee up to give Kakashi room to work. Two fingers quickly prepped Sasuke. Pressing into his delicious body was always like the first time. He felt incredible. He truly believed Sasuke was taking on the shape of his cock. Perfection. It was like Sasuke was made to please him. With the first penetration, Kakashi’s eyes rolled back.

Kakashi forgot himself. He just rocked his body, consumed with the feeling of his cock sliding through Sasuke’s body. He forgot he had another person beneath him, someone who he had a duty to. But right now, he just felt too much pleasure to care about anyone else in the universe.

Sasuke’s pleased groan made Kakashi open his eyes. Sasuke was equally gone. A glance at their joined hips assured Kakashi that he didn’t need to worry about Sasuke’s pleasure; he looked about ready to burst. His cock was so red against their pale skin and dripping with precum. Kakashi was suddenly thrusting harder.

Sasuke groaned again and reached up to put his hand on the side of Kakashi’s neck. He couldn’t feel his pulse with the way they were rocking. He just needed to touch him.

“Ka—kash—i,” Sasuke sighed as he got closer.

Kakashi sped up again. They both needed to find completion now. Kakashi forced himself to hold back until Sasuke gasped loudly. Kakashi grunted as he came. His ejaculation felt like a hose to him. He fell to his elbows and partially curled up as he rode the waves of their combined orgasm.

Sasuke put a hand on Kakashi’s side; it was all he was capable of right now.

They were laying sideways on the bed on top of the covers. They grudgingly got up to pull the blanket and sheet down and crawl into bed properly.

They laid on their sides with just the sheet pulled up over their bodies. Kakashi nuzzled his face in Sasuke’s soft hair. The breeze coming through the window was pleasantly cool and the roar of the ocean lulled them both to sleep.


They did have sashimi for lunch. It was perfectly fresh. Sasuke was in raw fish heaven which made Kakashi smile. Sasuke was enjoying his vacation so far and that was enough to make Kakashi smile. He wasn’t working so laying about wasn’t as novel to him.

Not a whole lot for them to do, so they went back to the hotel.

There was a deck chair outside their room facing the ocean. It was sturdy wood with a plastic covered foam pad. Kakashi used a water jutsu to clean it of dust and salt and Sasuke made sure the water evaporated quickly. They sat down, back to front, Sasuke in Kakashi’s arms, and watched the waves.

They were both glad to come on the off season. The pair of fair skinned shinobi did not enjoy sunbathing. The sand and sky weren’t bright and it was quiet so they could hear nothing but the wind, the waves, and the seabirds. They were nearly alone.

Being sapient dogs, Kakashi’s ninken had permission to be here since they wouldn’t poop all over the beach. Pakkun was laying on some beachgrass, Uhei and Shiba were racing along the beach, Bisuke, Guruko, and Bull were playing and digging in the sand, and Urishi and Akino were play fighting.

Their ANBU friend was somewhere nearby, but not close enough to sense or intrude. But knowing he was around gave the pair some peace of mind.

They watched the waves and let their body heat mingle, warding off the cold breeze. Kakashi moved his hands under Sasuke’s shirt to keep them warm against his lover’s stomach.

Soon they laid down in the wide chair, Kakashi on his back and Sasuke’s side on the small piece of the chair let him, the rest of his body on Kakashi’s.

It was so nice just to be together even if they weren’t talking or even looking at each other. Just to sit and lay together for a while and enjoy being on vacation.

Kakashi realized as he was watching the low clouds move over them that Sasuke had fallen asleep. His head was on Kakashi’s chest, his right hand tucked securely under Kakashi’s side, and a leg over his. Sasuke was taking the painkillers now and his ribs were healing well enough that the position didn’t harm him. He was sleeping soundly.

Kakashi was resigned to not move for the foreseeable future. He put his hand on Sasuke’s head and petted the soft, black hair. The warm body covering his, the soft roar of the waves, and the hypnotically moving clouds lulled Kakashi to sleep as well.


It hadn’t occurred to Kakashi until now just how beat up he looked with a false leg and a covered eye. They lived in a ninja village where injuries were common and everyone knew Kakashi, knew about his Sharingan and knew how he lost his leg. He was a stark contrast to the young, healthy, completely intact shinobi at his side. They didn’t look at all like lovers, more like partners, or even father and son if one didn’t look at Kakashi’s visible eye close enough to see he wasn’t quite old enough despite the white hair.

He didn’t have to do the math on that one though. He remembered being barely fourteen when Naruto was born. That made him thirteen when Sasuke was born. He was only one or two years too young to be Sasuke’s father.

He could feel their stares. He could feel their eyes. He swallowed. Sasuke was so much younger and whole. They were so different. He was overwhelmed with the desire to put his arm around the back of Sasuke’s head and smooth his hair. He wanted to touch him and assure himself that he had this, that this was real. That Sasuke wasn’t going to slip through his fingers like smoke, a wavering mirage, or broken genjutsu.

Part of him wished it was just a genjutsu. He was tempted to end it before Sasuke could. Bow out gracefully. And earn Sasuke’s hate for the rest of their lives. Maybe even just leave, move to . . . kami knows where. Somewhere Sasuke wouldn’t find him. He wondered how much it would drive Sasuke mad. He would leave Konoha again with nothing to anchor him there. Kakashi couldn’t let that happen.

The urge to touch that duckbutt hair shot through him again.

He could never leave him. Maybe not even if he fell out of love with him. He was too concerned for what it would do to Sasuke. That tightened his gut.

Powerful shinobi had enough chakra following around them that their emotions were sometimes easier to pick up on. Kakashi’s was stormy. Sasuke was even more alert than Kakashi out of pure habit being an outlaw and a pariah. A relaxed chakra flowed out and slightly down. A flustered charka spiraled upward, like a gentle flame. As soon as he felt no one was looking, Sasuke slid his fingers into Kakashi’s.

Kakashi smiled and tightened his fingers. “I love you,” he whispered.

“You have no idea how much I love you.”

“I have a good idea.”


They both let their hands fall away before that little moment of affection could be witnessed.

It was a warm evening due to no clouds and no marine layer. The restaurant had their tables and chairs out front ready for customers instead of piled away in the back. The pair of shinobi decided to dine al fresco.

They sat not quite next to each other, but a comfortable distance away on pretty much the same side of the small round table. They looked like friends.

They ordered a la carte: large bowl of rice, bowl of miso soup, plate of picked vegetables, another of steamed vegetables, an assortment of omusubi, and a plate of grilled salmon and pork cutlets. They didn’t even bother with separate plates, just picking off any plate they wished. They did pour their own glasses from the pitcher of cold barley tea though.

They overindulged on the big meal and leaned back and loitered after they finished. Sasuke’s stomach looked a bit bloated. Kakashi laughed. “You look like Naruto sitting like that.”

Sasuke chuckled. “He has a remarkable ability to distend his stomach and then go back to normal within the hour.”


“He’s more like a snake than I am.”

Sasuke’s looks and Kakashi’s mysterious mien with the mask did attract a little more attention than they wanted; even when they were slouching with their stomachs pooched out. Three young women came up to them; local girls who probably missed the liveliness of the tourists. And maybe wanting to hook a shinobi.

“Hey, you guys want to hang out?”

“No,” Sasuke said bluntly.

Kakashi looked over at his lover. “You are a terrible wingman.”

Sasuke looked at him with an arched eyebrow.

“Sorry, girls; we’re not available,” Kakashi said.

“You’re on a vacation without your girlfriends, you should have some fun.”

Sasuke looked at Kakashi again to see if he minded being outed like this.

“Actually, we’re together.” Kakashi beat him the punch.

“Huh?” one of the girls let out, completely confused.

Kakashi leaned over and put his arm around Sasuke’s shoulders with a masked smile.

“Really?” another girl asked.

“We live together and we’re vacationing together,” Sasuke said simply.

One of the girls wrinkled her nose at them.

“Why are all the cute guys gay?” the third girl complained as they walked away.

“Did you hear that?” Kakashi asked turning to Sasuke. “She called me cute!” His one visible eye was a little rainbow of happiness.

In that moment, all Sasuke could think was how much he loved that cheerful, carefree, teasing side of Kakashi. Even if it was a facade. He wanted to rip that mask off to see that expression in full, but he resisted.

Kakashi leaned further in to kiss him, bringing Sasuke back to himself. Sasuke put out a hand to stop him.

“Not in public.”

“I can’t kiss my boyfriend in public?”

Sasuke huffed. “You’re not allowed to kiss anyone in public. You’re not taking your mask down and kissing you through it gets too out of hand.”

“Who’s fault is that? I seem to remember someone giving me the most erotic kiss in my life through my mask.”

Sasuke was enormously glad those girls were safely out of earshot at that point.

“Had to be; I was seducing a straight guy.” He pouted.

That had Kakashi’s body heating up. “Finish the tea, go back to the room, fuck.”

Sasuke smiled. They hurried to finish the pitcher of tea and set off.

Kakashi was feeling a bit possessive with so many women looking at his lover. He could feel Sasuke’s own more acute possessiveness radiating off him. They didn’t look at each other, didn’t say anything, didn’t even gesture, they both just felt heat collecting between them.

As soon as they dropped their gear, Kakashi pushed Sasuke against a low dresser, his stomach against the wood and his hands on the wall.

“Damn, you get horny,” Sasuke half-heartedly complained. “Lecherous old man.”

Kakashi pushed up Sasuke’s shirt and loosened his pants. He slid his hand over Sasuke’s clothed cock. “As if you’re not horny. You go just as long as me without sex. Right?”


“You also have all those teenage hormones.”

“They must be contagious.”

They both growled at the necessity to move apart to get the troublesome clothes off.

Kakashi pushed Sasuke right back into position as soon as they stripped. Sasuke couldn’t help smiling.

The benefit of the position was that Sasuke could not use his hands. With his waist pinned against the dresser, he couldn’t reach his own cock and he couldn’t reach around to touch Kakashi. He was at Kakashi’s mercy, especially as Kakashi put a hand between Sasuke’s shoulder blades and pressed him into the wall. Kakashi only pressed hard enough to force his head forward, he relented so Sasuke’s cheek wasn’t rubbing into the wood.

Sasuke readjusted so that the side of his forehead and hands were at the same level against the wall. Kakashi was mouthing Sasuke’s shoulder blade and shoulder. His cock slid up between his ass cheeks. It was hot and solid. He wasn’t being penetrated, but the feeling of Kakashi’s cock moving up against his sensitive skin was electrifying.

Kakashi loved the soft, smooth skin pressing around him. “Fuck,” he breathed. He grabbed Sasuke’s hips and pressed his ass cheeks together. His eyes rolled back. He leaned against Sasuke’s back, his lips right behind Sasuke’s ear. “I fucking love you.”

Sasuke let out something between a chuckle and a moan.

Kakashi moved his cock so it was between Sasuke’s thighs, pressing up against the back of his balls. Sasuke shuddered. Kakashi thrust, the head of his cock hitting Sasuke’s balls. Absolutely no penetration, but it was bringing them both close to cumming.

To prevent either of them getting off too soon, Kakashi wrapped his arms around Sasuke’s chest and held still.

“Fuck, no one else has ever made me afraid of shooting too soon.”

Sasuke smiled. “I’m close too.” He loved the way Kakashi growled.

“Why do I love you so much? I love having sex with you so much. It’s never been like this with anybody. I love you.”

“Saying this now hurts your credibility. But I believe you.”

“It makes me feel just a little bit horrible to think I’ve been with a dozen people and I was your first.”


Kakashi held him a little tighter. “That should make me feel better—and it does, I appreciate you’ve never been with anyone else—but I feel guilty even though I’ve been true to you, I’ve had sex with other people. In the past of course.”

“That doesn’t matter to me. I’ve made mistakes too.”

Kakashi laughed softly.

“What I did in the past, what you did in the past, none of that matters now.”

Without really thinking, Kakashi said, “Agreed.” He grabbed Sasuke by the neck and pushed him to the bed. They’d had time to cool off.

Kakashi ran his hand up and down Sasuke’s inner thigh and then took Sasuke’s erection in his hand. He kissed him, tried to devour his mouth.

Now, the problem with going horizontal was that gravity wasn’t helping keep their food down anymore. And leaning over someone . . .

“Fuck, this is why I didn’t want raw fish for dinner yesterday.”

Sasuke froze. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to puke on me.”

Kakashi turned onto his back.

“I am so pissed right now.” Sasuke said.

“Just need a second.”

“You better. You haven’t finished your job here. I’m horny as hell.”

“You could always jerk off for a show.”

“Fuck off.” He took a deep breath. “Truth is, I’m ready to heave too.”

They laughed together. Kakashi never thought he’d be in bed with anyone, stop having sex, and indulge in a bout of laughter.

“Maybe we should both sleep,” Kakashi suggested.

“Yeah, I think you’re probably right. I never eat like that.”

“You’re relaxed. You’re enjoying this vacation.”

“Yeah, maybe I am. It’s nice not to be The Last Uchiha, The Ice Prince, The Piranha, Traitorous Snake.”


“You didn’t hear that one? Not so much a moniker as an insult. I like Aoda. You’ve not met him. You saw him during the war though, the giant snake I used. He’s not like his father. I like him.”

“I don’t like snakes.”

“I know. We’ll shag in the morning.”

“Agreed. I’m already soft.”

“Me too. The cold air isn’t helping.”

“Want the window closed?”

“No.” He sat up to get the blanket.


Something woke Sasuke. He sat up. It was still night. It took him nearly a full half minute to become fully conscious. He’d been so dead asleep he didn’t know what woke him. It started to sink in. Chakra.

“Fuck!” He got out of bed without any grace.

Kakashi groaned. “You waking me for sex?” He was mockingly resentful.

“Get up.” He threw Kakashi’s leg at him. Kakashi’s shinobi reflexes kicked in and he caught it effortlessly. Sasuke was already half dressed. Kakashi didn’t know what was going on, but he understood Sasuke was concerned about something.

Kakashi got dressed like an experienced shinobi, even putting on his headband out of pure habit. They were both ready for battle within two minutes.

“Well, shit,” sighed a voice from the open window. “You two wake up easy.”

“Shinobi,” Sasuke said.

The ANBU captain showed his masked face through the small window. “Um, there are two teams of shinobi . . . coming here.”

Sasuke sighed.

“Yeah, I was trying to deal with it without waking you, but . . . They’re coming from the south.”

Sasuke stretched his back and unsheathed his sword. “ID?”

“Unknown. They set off the traps.”

Sasuke and Kakashi went out through the door and all three stood on the roof.

“No killing,” Sasuke ordered. “If they’re from Konoha, we can’t be killing our own. If they aren’t, we need to question them.”

Two teams, that means it’s not Root, Kakashi reasoned. Kakashi loosened up. He was going to enjoy this.

“Let’s drop to the beach,” Sasuke said. “No reason to damage the buildings.”

They jumped down to the beach and Kakashi immediately disappeared into the sand. Earth style jutsu. It brought a sincere smile to Sasuke’s face; he remembered being dragged into the ground when he was a genin.

“I’ve never seen you look so happy,” the captain commented.

“I’m getting to fight alongside my lover.” Sasuke twirled his sword. “Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

The captain froze. His expression was hidden, but he was at a loss. Even for a fellow shinobi, he couldn’t fathom what had Sasuke so happy.

The enemy were coming. There was a crescent moon. Being on the shore of a town rather than large shinobi village, there were hardly any lights in the area, but the moonlight reflecting on the water gave a little more light to the scene. Even in the dark, Sasuke’s white clothes made him a target. The ANBU mask was also easy to see.

Sasuke’s Sharingan swirled to life. Even if the incoming shinobi were nearly blinded by the night, Sasuke could see their chakra. He could see Kakashi’s under the ground.

“We’ve only fought together once,” Sasuke mused as they waited for the shinobi to arrive.

“You were being attacked then too,” the captain said.

“I’m a dangerous friend to have. Or haven’t you realized that yet?”

“You in a good mood is freaking me out.”

“I know, right?” Kakashi said from underground. “I should be a nervous wreck by now.”

“It’s not two teams,” Sasuke calmly stated. “It’s four.”

“Shit.” The captain took a few steps back. Annoyed, he stripped off his mask and tossed it aside. He couldn’t afford to have his peripheral vision impaired by the small eye holes of his mask. Sasuke didn’t look back even when he heard the ceramic hit the sand. Kakashi didn’t peek out of the ground either; these two above all others respected such privacy.

Sasuke twirled his sword again so it and he would be the main target.

They finally came.

Sasuke was ambidextrous. He dropped his sword from his right hand and threw three kunai with his left. The small amount of light glinted on the sword, but not the dulled metal of the kunai. One kunai hit an enemy in the thigh, another nicked a second man’s arm, the third was deflected. Sasuke spun around and kicked a man in the diaphragm, grabbing his sword with his left hand, surprising another attacker, slashing at his chest, but not delivering a lethal hit. It wasn’t a question of muscle in his left arm, it was purely because he pulled back so the man wouldn’t be slashed in two.

Two men from the second team attacked the captain. With so many enemies and two shinobi who he had little or no experience fighting together, the captain wanted room for them all to maneuver.

The second wave was shortly behind the first. Kakashi grabbed the ankle of one man who had hardly touched the ground. He pulled him underground using the headhunter jutsu. Then the ground exploded. The sand either flew in their eyes, surprised them, or obstructed their already limited view. Four dogs appeared with Kakashi out of the sand.

Urushi, Akino, Guruko, and Shiba were latched onto a pair of shinobi. Had there been a kill order, Kakashi’s Chidori would have pierced both men’s chests while his ninken kept them largely immobile. Guruko and Akino pawed up their captives bodies and bit the men on the neck, hitting a pressure point to render them unconscious. The ninken then went for the ankles and arms of other attackers.

Two more men broke off to face the captain after he took down one man.

Sasuke and Kakashi were in their element. Even with the false leg and the sand, Kakashi was able to move fluidly, all that training with the leg becoming instinct. He and Sasuke activated their Chidoris even though neither of them intended to put holes through their enemies.

The captain had a chance to see the two dance around the other, wielding their sparking fists expertly to light up the night and electrocute, but not kill, their foes. A few nasty burns and some disruption to their nervous systems eventually put the group down along with a the blunt back of Sasuke’s sword and a kick to the head from a wooden leg.

The fight ended a whole two minutes later with sixteen unknown shinobi on the ground. Guruko brought the captain’s mask back to him so he could put it back on before Sasuke or Kakashi could see his face.

“They’re all knocked out,” Sasuke complained.

Akino brought a headband over to Kakashi. Kakashi took it. “It’s not Konoha,” Akino said.

Sasuke bent down to see the headband on the attacker’s head. “That’s a relief. It’s business, not personal. The Village Hidden in the Valleys, Taki.”

“The Land of Rivers?” Kakashi asked.

“Yeah. They’re annoyed at me. More at Akihito though.”

“Annoyed?” the captain said. “You facilitated an assassination.”

“How do you know about that? Classified mission.”

“ANBU. It was debated whether to give the mission to you or to an ANBU team.”

“Akihito did the assassination and I covered him. Fuckers saw us as we were getting out. They came after me since I’m not protected by Konoha’s walls. We have to get word to Akihito and the others.”

“But how did they know you weren’t surrounded by several thousand shinobi?” Kakashi asked.

“Who knew where we were going?” Sasuke asked.

“No one really knew,” the captain said. “Maybe someone saw you leave at the same time as the merchant convoy.”

“More likely the merchants sold me out. I have to have a bounty. I’m probably in every Bingo Book outside of Konoha. I hope the merchant got paid a few million for my whereabouts.”

“I doubt anyone in the town would be aware enough of us or aware of bounties,” Kakashi said. He sat on the back of one of the downed men.

“You two stay with them. I’ll inform the local shinobi.” The distain was clear in Sasuke’s face and voice; the local shinobi hadn’t sensed an attack. “They can take them into custody and get a warning to Konoha that Taki is targeting my team.”

Kakashi took off his headband. “Hey, if you’re meeting with other shinobi, you should take this.” He tossed his headband to Sasuke who easily caught it.

Sasuke hesitated, looking down at the blue fabric and metal guard. He looked at Kakashi, nodded, and tied it around his head.

“Hey, doesn’t that mean you’re married now?” the captain teased.

“I do believe you’re right,” Kakashi mused.

The four ninken snickered.

Sasuke flipped them all off without even looking back.

Kakashi turned to his hounds. “Thanks, guys.”

“Always fun, boss,” Akino said and the four of them vanished.

“Seeing you two fighting alongside each other, anyone would think you’ve been on the same team the last few years; you worked perfectly together.”

“We both know the other’s skills. We know each other well. And I taught him the Chidori; though he’s taken the Chidori beyond what I taught him; I’m not sure I can stake any claim to his skills. We both have the Sharingan too, so we can ‘see’ better than other people, distinguish between friend and foe more easily. We also tried to kill each other. My heart wasn’t it in and he was exhausted from his fight with Danzo. If it weren’t for those two facts, one or both of us would have died that day.”

“I’m proud of both of you for getting over all that. What you have is too valuable.”

“Have we?”

“You’re together, aren’t you? I couldn’t live with someone who tried to kill me unless I completely forgave them. Anyone can see you love each other deeply. Are you not over it?”

Kakashi hesitated. “It’s hard to forget.”

“You don’t need to forget, just forgive.”

“I forgive him. I know what he was going through at the time.”

The captain sat beside him on the sand and they looked at the water, still aware of their surroundings, but enjoying the view.

Three teams of Konoha shinobi arrived to take the Taki ninjas into custody, bringing light with them. They carried the bodies back to the shinobi outpost here. Sasuke stood dispassionately as they worked. Kakashi was forced to give up his chair.

“I’ll go with them and help with the interrogation,” the captain said. “You two enjoy your vacation. But be alert while I’m gone.”

“We will,” Kakashi said.

Sasuke led the way back to their room. They had to clean up from the dust and salty wet sand they got on them. Not much blood though.

They didn’t turn on the lights. Sasuke’s clothes were quickly discarded and Kakashi needed only a few seconds to change from his sophisticated leg to his rudimentary metal peg leg. Sasuke slipped off Kakashi’s headband from his head and tossed it onto the bed before entering the bathroom. Kakashi followed the motion with his eyes.

It was cramped but that wasn’t the reason the two were crowding so close together. Shower sex was neither comfortable nor convenient especially with Kakashi’s leg, but they had to shower if they didn’t want sand in their bed; Kakashi’s hair was full of it. Nevertheless, they couldn’t help running fingers across shoulders and down backs, erections pressed to hips and nipples scraping backs . . .

Kakashi was ready to get out, but Sasuke held him and attacked his hair with more water to get more sand out. He vigorously scrubbed with his fingers. He was sure there would be sand dropping from his lover’s hair for several days.

Satisfied that he got all he could, Sasuke released Kakashi. After they dried, Sasuke attacked him again with the towel to dislodge more.

“Okay, damn. I get it; I’ve got sand in my hair. I don’t do this when you get back from Suna.”

Sasuke got really close. “How do you know I’ve been to Suna?”

“Dehydrated and dusty. Where else would you have been? Assassinations?”

“That was in the Land of Rivers, not Wind. And you know I can’t talk about that.” There was a playful threat in his voice.

“Seen Gaara again?”

“You getting jealous?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Then fuck me like you’re jealous.”

“I’m also going to fuck you like someone who keeps nagging me about sand in my hair. All that scrubbing hurts.”

They fell into bed.

“So, where did we leave off?” Kakashi asked.

“You were rubbing my cock and kissing me.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Forgetful old men.”

“I may be forgetful, but old men have a lot of experience.”

Lubed fingers played with his entrance, easing him open. It was too dark to see anymore than Sasuke’s paleness. He could only hear Sasuke as he panted. He followed that sound to Sasuke’s mouth. The kiss was sloppy. Sasuke was not interested in making out; his focus was on that spot inside him where Kakashi’s finger caressed. That sensation went straight up his spine and outward from there and made him gasp.

Kakashi didn’t care that Sasuke wasn’t participating in the kiss; he sucked at the loose lips and licked his chin and cheek. Despite not being able to see Sasuke in this state, hearing him and feeling him made Kakashi painfully hard.

Kakashi pulled his fingers out. He had to trail his fingers up Sasuke’s side to his shoulder and down his arm to find Sasuke’s wrist. He grabbed it and kissed him harder. Sasuke pulled his knee up; Kakashi was perfectly capable at this point of penetrating Sasuke blindly.

Sasuke cried out at the quick insertion. Fuck, that got Kakashi even harder. Partially holding Sasuke down and driving into him like this was as mind-blowing as his approaching orgasm. That he owned this, controlled this, was everything in this moment.

Kakashi came first with a growl. He pulled out and dove for Sasuke’s weeping cock. He sucked him with vigor. He wanted to bring his lover off, but he also wanted to taste him.

Sasuke came with a cry longer than the first.

Silence crashed around them, forgotten amid their panting breaths. The room was suddenly too quiet. The waves seemed hushed because their ears were numb.

Rather than moving to the side, Kakashi settled down on Sasuke, sliding both arms under him. He snuggled up on top of him. The sound of the waves grew louder.


Sasuke woke up still on his back. Kakashi had rolled off him during the night. Sasuke turned his head to the side and saw Kakashi’s headband on the bed.

Kakashi was half awake, trying to go back to sleep, but it was too bright and Sasuke’s breathing told him he was awake. He wriggled in closer to Sasuke so he didn’t have to move from laying on his stomach.

“If I was a girl, would you marry me?” Sasuke suddenly asked.

“Absolutely. The way we fuck, you’d be pregnant if not already a mother.” He pushed himself up to see what Sasuke was looking at. “I think you should keep it. Trade headbands.”


“If I could marry you, I would.” Sasuke’s hand found Kakashi’s. “Wear my headband. I’ll take yours.” Kakashi pushed himself up to kiss Sasuke’s temple. “I’ll refer to you as my wife from now on.”

Sasuke hit him in the side for that last bit.

“Sometimes I wish I was a woman. I could build my clan just with you. We could have children then.”

“I would like that. But, even with all things being equal, I’m not sure I’d prefer you as a woman.” He sucked at Sasuke’s earlobe. “I would never suck another man’s cock, I would never want to suck another man’s cock. But I enjoy sucking yours.” He moved his hand over Sasuke’s body to the organ in question. He absently caressed him, not really trying to entice him. He went back to sucking at his ear.

Sasuke chuckled. He ran his own hand up and down Kakashi’s arm. “I love you.”

Kakashi answered by flicking his tongue over the tip of Sasuke’s earlobe.

Kakashi shortly fell back to sleep without removing his hand from Sasuke’s crotch. They had been woken up in the middle of the night, fought, then had sex. Sasuke dozed, not able to sleep and not wanting to get up. Then there was a knock at the door.

Sasuke could tell it was the captain. He went up to the door. “Give me a minute.” The captain wasn’t rushed, so Sasuke dressed and stepped out. Kakashi was slower to get up and dress. The Captain’s report was more for Sasuke than him anyway.

“We should speak confidentially,” the captain said, gesturing for them to step away from the door.

“Kakashi won’t eavesdrop.”

“If you believe that, you’re as stupid as you are pretty.”

Sasuke huffed, amused. They stepped away from the building. Of course, overhearing that, Kakashi fed chakra into his ears to enhance his hearing.

“You were right and wrong about those shinobi,” the captain said. “It was a merchant who sold you out, but there are two bounties on your head and the heads of your teammates. The Taki bounty is only a million. There’s another originating from the Land of Wind.”

“The rebels?”

“Yeah. Forty million. That’s just for you. Those Taki ninja wanted to collect both bounties.”

“We have been the only team dealing with the rebels. They actually drew some of my blood this last time.”

“I hope you’re close to resolving that issue.”

Sasuke took a deep breath. “I thought it odd that people in the Land of Wind still opposed Gaara, but people in Konoha still don’t like me. It will take time to finish off the rebels. They’re being supported by shinobi from other counties who want chaos in Suna. Taki’s one of them. It will take more time.”

“Watch your back more now. Bounties show they’re pissed and desperate. They’re focused more on you.”

Sasuke chuckled darkly. “I did cause some problems.”

“Focus a little less on fun next time.”

“I admit I was reckless taking on those swordsmen. You can’t begrudge me a little fun. I’m a swordsmen, let me use my talents.”

“Just be careful.”

“I will. Kakashi will kill me himself if I’m not.”

“True. These guys are being sent to Konoha today. If you want to question them yourself, you have an hour or two. A message has already been sent to warn your teammates.”

“I don’t care to question them. Thanks.”

Kakashi threw himself on the bed so he didn’t look like he was eavesdropping. Sasuke’s eyes were narrowed at him, but he otherwise didn’t accuse or suspect him.

“Anything interesting?” Kakashi innocently asked.

“They were after my bounty and it was one of the merchants who sold me out.”

“Just as you thought.”


Kakashi had known about tensions between Gaara and people in the Suna hierarchy, but he thought all that had blown over with his performance during the war. Apparently not. So that’s why Sasuke was being sent into the desert for so many missions. He couldn’t help wondering how much contact Sasuke was having with Gaara. He wasn’t actually jealous—Sasuke was beyond reproach, totally in love with him—yet he didn’t fully trust Gaara where Sasuke was concerned.

Like Sasuke, Kakashi was more comfortable with another nation, another village targeting Sasuke. Business as usual. Sasuke and his team had done their job so well they had hits put out on them. Of course, no one should have known who was on that team, but sometimes that couldn’t be helped.

“Let’s get breakfast.”


Their vacation was at an end. They were starting to get bored anyway. No merchant convoy this time.

“You really need to learn to ride a horse,” Sasuke griped as they left the town.

“You could also fly us there.”

“You get to feed my hawks then.”

“I’ll walk.”


Neither wore any shinobi gear or insignia. Kakashi wore a scarf around his head and he wore Sasuke’s sword wrapped in cloth on his right hip like an untrained civilian—even left handed swordsmen trained with their right hands and always wore their swords on their left hip. Kakashi also used a branch as a walking stick; taken with his limp, he looked doubly lame.

Sasuke walked casually, like a civilian. His shoulders hunched, his head slightly down and with little grace at all. The clothes they wore were higher end, Sasuke’s being silk. He carried their bags which seemed like more than there really was.

They presented a pair of perfect targets for bandits.

Of course, the masked ANBU moved in the trees above them.

It was a far slower way to travel and really more tiring than their normal method of jumping through tree branches.

“Why don’t either of us have pack animals for summons?”

They even camped that night as civilians.

The second evening, the pair got what they wanted. A small group of bandits confronted them. Sasuke put his hands up and simpered in fear. Kakashi put his right hand on the hilt of the sword, but incapable of drawing it like that. Sasuke grabbed at Kakashi’s right hand in fear, further impeding any effort to draw the one visible weapon. Kakashi and the captain were in awe of Sasuke’s acting; he really looked like a frightened teenager.

As the meanest and dirtiest bandit crowded Sasuke to take his bags, he also got in close to kiss at Sasuke’s face. Sasuke ducked it, but acted terrified at the prospect. The bandit laughed. He yanked the bags from Sasuke and pulled at him.

“Sweet young thing like you should provide some entertainment.”

Sasuke cowed and turned into Kakashi’s side. There, he grabbed his sword with his right hand, turned, and slashed through the abdomen of the man who tried to kiss him.

Kakashi used a chakra thread to pull his pant leg up and pull out three shuriken. Suddenly, the two civilians turned into two well trained shinobi.

This time, these weren’t possible allies. Lethal force was perfectly fine.

Chidori sparking, clumsy fearfulness replaced with grace, the two lovers took on ten bandits. The captain stayed out it.

Like the other night, this was liberating for Kakashi. For the first time in a year, Kakashi could fight. He could let go and be a shinobi again. For his part, Sasuke enjoyed being able to fight at his side.

This was truly a fearful thing. Sasuke was an expert swordsman. Loving and depending on his sword so much, he’d learned to use only one hand to form seals. A sword and ninjutsu at the same time. Kakashi’s leg certainly hindered him, but he could take on an army with just a pair of kunai. He used the false leg as a support and pivot point and he really didn’t mind if a stray kunai hit the wooden leg either.

The captain wondered how it could be worse. If they were fighting to defend the other or avenging the other, the whole forest would burn down. That grace would hardly be lost, but it would be filled with fury. The ruthless efficiency also would remain, but sadism would replace the enjoyment the pair were having.

These two cut down ten men like they were stationary targets. Honestly, like their fight on the beach, the fight was too short and the enemy too under skilled to be much fun.

Even now, none of the men Sasuke attacked were killed. Kakashi killed two.

The man who crowded Sasuke was alive and laying on his ass. Sasuke came up and put a foot on the man’s crotch. He leaned in with a mixture of threat and seduction. “I hope that was enough entertainment for you. I had fun.”

The captain came down from the trees with his Bingo Book. “That one’s wanted for four murders, two rapes, and more than a dozen attacks on the road.”

“So no one would mind if I slit his throat?” Sasuke asked.

“Leave him. I sent up a flair.”

Sasuke backed off. Kakashi came up though and kicked the man in the balls. “Mine.”

The captain smiled at that. They set up camp more like shinobi while they waited for someone to come get the bandits.


Even though they got bored of their vacation, coming home didn’t feel good. Once again, it felt good to be done with traveling, but it felt dull coming home. They dropped their things at the door.

Sasuke had to tour the house and grounds to make sure nothing had been disturbed, that no one was stupid enough to break in, either to steal or just fuck with him.

“Secure?” Kakashi asked when Sasuke returned.

“Yeah. Not a trap set off, not a thing out of place.”

He pulled Sasuke to him. “Good.” He kissed his forehead.

“Back to routine,” Sasuke sighed.

“They would let you retire. You and your clan are important. Tsunade can’t like risking you.”

“I’d die of boredom.” He froze after he said it.

“I know.”

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